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Could you do INFJ types? Or link if you've already done them? I looked but couldn't find it anywhere.

INFJ Bishounens~

Protective, complex, fair and intuitive; As an INFJ, your primary mode of living is focused internally, where you take things in primarily via intuition. Your secondary mode is external, where you deal with things according to how you feel about them, or how they fit with your personal value system. INFJs are gentle, caring, complex and highly intuitive individuals. Artistic and creative, they live in a world of hidden meanings and possibilities. Only one percent of the population has an INFJ Personality Type, making it the most rare of all the types.

Ni Fe Ti Se

Kaname Kuran

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Sugawara Koushi

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Vincent Nightray

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Johan Liebert

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Shougo Makishima 

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Itachi Uchiha

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Itsuki Koizumi

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Hi! Thanks for replying to my question a few days ago, and you stated I could buy the Wendy's™ rewards batch individually through paypal. I couldn't find a link, so I'm hoping you'd provide one. Again, thanks for your consideration!

You can find it now on Gumroad!

Batch Link: https://gumroad.com/l/UCYs

If you purchase & end up wanting to use any of the content in this batch, please contact me first. I’d rather not have high-res files of my art floating around, but I will deal with requests on a case-by-case basis.

flanksinatrot replied to your post “Can someone sum up the yj season 3 plot? Cause all I’m getting is…”

There’s basically nothing, but the theme is meta-human trafficking, and the conflict surrounding super-powered individuals. That’s like, literally all the plot information. And it will be on a separate, DC specific streaming service that will have a monthly subscription.

The plot sounds interesting but holy cow I hope it doesn’t cost to much cause otherwise I’ll have to find a uploaded version.

Character mixes

a list of fanmixes for individual characters from this collection



Coca Cola Shirt
from nothing, something more.
on borderland we run


Bigger Than Her Body High As The Stars

Feisty Pigmy Pouter
tears dont become us
Blue - wild thing
Electric Lady


President Cell-Phone

Gansey III
My Sleepless King
gansey (trash emoji)
safe as life.
die young: a mix for king dick
a dreamer and his king.
crushed and broken


(the world’s a nightmare)

asphyxiated, self-medicated
i know what you are
joseph kavinsky 
four dreams in a row
take this drink and this pill
what a fuckweasel






More Raven Than Boy

not death but his brother sleep
I’m Being Perfectly Fucking Civil
make way, make way
Ronan Lynch: Greywaren
A Smile Made for War
t h e s n a k e;
Bodies Electric
Ronan Lynch: A Terrible Playlist for Stealing an Old Friend’s Camaro
don’t fucking swear
leave out all the rest
Cultivated Danger
I got lost in your willingness to dream within the dream.
Ronan Lynch. the scarecrow.

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Happy 26th Birthday Kim Minseok!

It’s hard to believe that you are turning 26 today. But seeing you as the bright, positive, and hardworking man, it’s no wonder you are 26 already. I hope to be just as confident and inspiring as you have been for me and many EXO-Ls. I wish for good health and prosperity in this coming year for you and your loved ones. Xiumin hwaiting! Kim Minseok hwaiting!


Into The Wild Life
  • "I don’t have time for you"
  • "Am I strong enough?"
  • "I'll always be this way 'till the day that I'm dead"
  • "I'm a sick individual"
  • "I'm not afraid"
  • "I'm not ashamed"
  • "It's gonna take more than this for me to break"
  • "Hold your head up high"
  • "I won’t pretend that I don’t feel the way I feel"
  • "I'm so bored"
  • "I'm so tired"
  • "I'm just tryin' to find a better way"
  • "I’m pleadin’ guilty"
  • "If had to do it all over again, I’d do it again"
  • "Trusting you was no one’s fault but my own"
  • "I'll give you one last night"
  • "Give me a red hand print right across my ass"
  • "I'm gonna say what sober couldn't say"
  • "I've been doing time"
  • "I'm over this"
  • "I can sleep when I'm dead"

The 100 + The Seven Deadly Sins (insp.)

“Sin is looking for the right thing in the wrong place.” ― Augustine of Hippo


Gold medalist Simone Biles of the United States, silver medalist Alexandra Raisman of the United States, and bronze medalist Aliya Mustafina of Russia pose for photographs at the medal ceremony for the Women’s Individual All Around on Day 6 of the 2016 Rio Olympics

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I'm sorry if you've already answered this, I went back a few pages and I couldn't find it. I'm having a little bit of trouble distinguishing institutionalized and structural racism. Are they not the same thing?

Institutional racism means racism perpetrated by larger systems than individual people. 

Structural racism is the intersection of several layers of institutional racism and the way that racism becomes normal.

They are both part of Systemic Racism.

What makes them different? Here’s an example…

According to the Wall Street Journal, prison sentences of black men were nearly 20% longer than those of white men for similar crimes in recent years.

Why? Well… part of the reason could be that the Prison industry is a form of a business. [x] This is a form of “Institutional racism”.

Court systems sentencing Black men to serve longer prison sentences meaning it feeds the prison system. When they get out, the chances of them re-entering prison increases because there are people who wouldn’t hire former felons, no matter the crime. And if they don’t go back to prison, unless they luck out, they will probably have bottom rung jobs for the rest of their lives, while Whites in the same position are more likely to get rehired.

Also, while in prison, voting rights are taken away while in prison… with the exception of Maine and Vermont (hmmm…) and all voting rights are totally stripped, even if you fulfilled your sentence in Florida, Iowa, Kentucky and Virginia. [x]

And all of this (and other items that I more than likely miss) creates “Structural racism”… which means, it’s so multi-layered… that you don’t know it exists.

And this is an example of what systematic racism is consist of. 


Almost two and a half years ago, I bought my first copy of The Fault in Our Stars (yes, I have more than one copy. Don’t you dare judge me), and slowly made it my An Imperial Affliction. I’ve hightlighted, underlined, and marked so many lines, that by now I have no idea why I’ve highlighted, underlined, and marked each individual line. I’ve written in it and I’ve doodled in it. And as of Tuesday (just in time for the DVD to come out!), I’ve completely covered every single page. It’s an art project I’ve worked so hard on and would so love for the original artist to see… I didn’t mean to make this sound so sappy.

Read More to see all of the pages.

(And can we make John Green find the thing?)


au: Parineeti Chopra and Ranbir Kapoor as ZAK & Jini  in battle for bittorar (by Anuja Chauhan)

Twenty-five-year-old Jinni lives in Mumbai, works in a hip animation studio and is perfectly happy with her carefree and independent existence. Until her bossy grandmother shows up and announces that it is Jinni’s ‘duty’ to drop everything and come and contest the upcoming Lok Sabha elections from their sleepy hometown, Bittora.Of course Jinni swears she won’t. But she soon ends up swathed in cotton saris and frumpy blouses, battling prickly heat, corruption and accusations of nymphomania as candidate Sarojini Pande, a daughter of the illustrious Pande dynasty of Pavit Pradesh. And if life isn’t fun enough already, her main opposition turns out to be Bittora ex-royal,Zain Altaf Khan – an irritatingly idealistic though undeniably lustworthy individual with whom Jinni shares a complicated history…

Royalty Schmoyalty || Open!

Naveen, Prince of Maldonia. It didn’t have quite the same ring to it when out of Maldonia, in a country where nobody knew where the country even was. While he did manage to make his arrival known through a local newspaper, the royal man was very disappointed with the people that came to welcome him to Swynlake, which sounded like a terrible town filled with old people. Only a few people with cameras showed up, and nobody even wanted him to kiss them or autograph some part of them. It was a total failure.

And now, it was cold. The town was certainly annoying so far. It wasn’t even London or anywhere interesting, and it wasn’t very pretty either. There didn’t appear to be that many night clubs around where he could party, so he would have to take a closer look around. Either way, while he thought about all that, the Prince lost his valet. Yes, that stout little guy actually seemed to have wandered off with all of the luggage, and Naveen didn’t know where his new home even was.

With a sigh, he looked around and, at the sight of a slightly presentable and potentially attractive individual, he puffed out his chest and cleared his throat, before walking in their direction. “Excuse me! Excuse me!” he exclaimed out loud in a particular accent, flashing a smile at the other as soon as they turned to face him. “How do you say…? Oh, beautiful! I am sorry to be bothering you. I am… looking for a short man. He was carrying a lot of bags and was supposed to take me to my home, but I do not know how to get there yet, so… I do have to find him.”