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I didn't realize you're blog got deleted until I tried to find the prequel story you wrote for the coat thief and couldn't find it? I was wondering if you could post it again?? thank you!

(a reupload of a prequel to the coat thief)

BB-8 is the prototype of a new version of astromech, and Designation: Engineer/Creator is still debating the advantages of a completely circular design in comparison to a more traditional wheeled model, when it’s passed off to a pilot for a test run.

Designation: Master-Poe Dameron is a stocky humanoid with a T-70 X-Wing starfighter painted in a signature black chrome, which hums pleasantly around BB-8 the first time it’s lifted into the droid socket. When they’re introduced, Master-Poe kneels down, perhaps to inspect it more closely because of its unorthodox appearance, or to judge its suitability for flight.

“Hey there, little guy.”

[Greetings, Master-Poe,] says BB-8 formally. Master-Poe pulls a face, which means that BB-8 is even less impressive than expected. It tries not to be disappointed, because after all it appears that its new master can speak binary, which is a pleasant surprise.

“I… do you have to call me that?” Master-Poe asks.

[Protocol dictates terminology for a droid’s owner,] says BB-8, because this should be obvious. Master-Poe just scratches his chin thoughtfully, and then presses a gentle hand to its round head.

“Yeah, alright,” Master-Poe says, “I’ll figure out something to fix that. But for the moment, let’s see how you fly.”

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Hey, I just found your blog and it made me remember and rediscover my love for Fury Road, so thanks for that! I was wondering what your opinion was on the old Mad Max trilogy? I never saw them until after seeing FR, and I really disliked them unfortunately. I couldn't care about the characters, or the plot, or be impressed by the effects(not that that last one's the film's fault, it's just aged). Any reviews that I see view it as an epic, and I just can't see it so was wondering what you thought

Hey! Glad you like the blog. :-)

Regarding the first three Mad Max movies…honestly, I love them. But I love them more as film artifacts than as something I’d sit down and watch a hundred times over like Fury Road. They’re just so delightfully weird and absurd and different from so many other action movies. They definitely show their age at times, but I think there are really interesting things about all three of them.

(This got long so I’m putting the rest under the cut.)

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So guess who is going on child support ?! I swear this is worth the read , I couldn't make this shit up if I wanted to .....

Short version : due to being a habitual liar Justin has finally pissed me off enough to put him on child support .

The good version :

Basically when Justin was at the hospital after Camille was born, I asked him if he had a girlfriend. My reason for doing this was because i wanted to make sure there wouldn’t be any drama or problems. He told me yes , but was saying they were having problems and that he wanted to break up with her. Later in the week while I was still at the hospital he brings up how he wants to try again with me and wants to be there for Camille . From then on he is telling me how he wants Camille and I to move to Columbia and how I should look for jobs near him.
He is saying this so much that I post about it on here , I talk to my parents about it , I really start to consider that which I never imagined during my pregnancy . That perhaps if I could put my feelings aside from all the shit that had happened , perhaps we could beat the odds and actually be a family . Admittedly I wasn’t so sure about the idea and was still very in love with X. But I figured it was worth at least thinking about . Justin was telling me that she had been staying with him, but he broke up with her and they weren’t sleeping together and she was just there until she got her a new apt. Well after Cam’s birth certificate arrived this week, we finally had what we needed to get her military ID . So Thursday I drive to SC. While waiting for Justin to get off work , Cam and I waited at his best friends house . We were talking and she offered that Cam and I could stay at her place for the night because Justin’s place was so crowded . So who are you wondering was at Justin’s house ? Well, he told me it was hisself ,‘his ex gf’ their friend and their friend’s son , and their two dogs . I wasn’t sure when I had taken Cam to SC how everything would work as far as if we would be spending the night or not because of the full house he had .So when his best friend offered her place I said sure that will make things better and less awkward and give Cam more time with him . Cool. So we go get Cam’s ID printed , afterwards we agree that we’ll go back to his friends place for the night, but go to his apt first to let Cam get out of the hot sun and so he could get a bag ready. His supposed ex gf is there when we get to his place , and let me just say here she was perfectly kind. I have no problem with her . She was just sitting on the couch smiling and happy and talking to me like we were old friends, which confused me but I was like hey, Whatevs . Later their friend with the 3 yr old arrive and we are all in the living room conversing naturally . Justin is being somewhat weird though , he keeps coming and sitting next to me, then to his ex and then back to me . It’s awkward . I’m ready to go. So we leave and go back to his best friends place .
This morning I’m half asleep and Justin gets a phone call from the friend with the baby, and she is all like ’ you need to explain your friendship with Tatiana to the ex gf (I’m leaving their names out of this out of respect ) because she is all hurt you left and spent the night with Cam and Tatiana’ . While we were all still at Justin’s apt the ex gf and I were talking about tumblr and about how I’ve blogged the whole pregnancy .
Well wouldn’t you know this girl looked up my blog and read it and saw where I was discussing the possibility of moving to SC?! At first Justin doesn’t tell me anything . When I wake up I ask him if everything is okay and he is like yeah , everything is good . We eat breakfast , play with and tend to
Cam and he still says nothing . Finally I ask him again what’s wrong , and he tells me about the girl
finding and reading my blog and her feelings being hurt .
I’m like, Justin, are you guys really broken up? He is all like .. Well sorta … And it’s downhill from there . He is telling me how bad she has been recently as a gf and how she was 'pushing’ him to me and Cam and how he was confused, blah blah blah . So I tell him to get up and get his shit together because we weren’t going to hideout at his friends house all day while is girlfriend sat at home feeling bad . We go back to Columbia and honestly I’m pretty pissed . I’m like I want to take Cam home that moment , but due to my taillights being out and it was approaching night time and it was supposed to rain, I wasn’t sure what to do as far as getting us home . I was beginning to consider asking my parents to get us an hotel if the weather was too bad to drive in.
We go into his apt , and his friend with the baby is there, but his active and current gf wasn’t. They talk like things are good, I just sit and feel awkward and wonder how fast I can get my ass back home. Then his gf walks in and sits across from me.
Then Justin’s genius self decides it’s a perfect time to walk his dogs and leave the three of us in the apt alone . So his gf , being the kind person she is (again I have no problem with her ) , is like hey how are you. I’m like … I’m fine how are you. She says she is okay but looks away sadly and I ask her, are you sure ? I tell her look, I’m not gonna sit around here in your apt and make things weird, I’m trying to get me and my daughter on the road ASAP. I say I just found out Justin’s been lying to the both of us, and then she and I start unraveling the bullshit . How Justin told her he didn’t want to be with me , how he told me he didn’t want to be with her . Pause : NOBODY WAS EVER CHASING THAT MAN, he came to me with all that let’s try again shit and I wasn’t even totally sure about that idea ! So what the fuck are all these lies for ? Then , get this, the mystery friend with the baby? She walks in and she is all like , ’ well I’ve been in all the roles, I used to date Justin and I know what it’s like to have a baby by someone who isn’t a good guy and I’ve been cheated on ’ blah blah blah… Wait …BITCH WHATTT?! so basically it was me , the gf who was being lied to, and the other chick was an ex as well? Well just then Justin walks in and we continue our conversation. The girl with the baby is pissing me off because she won’t shut the hell up about her life and her situation with the father of her child and her family … She keeps calling Cam , Cameron and I really just want to hit this girl so bad …. But I don’t . She fucks up tho by trying to be funny, she is like well Tatiana , we know your crazy because you messed up Justin’s car… BITCH COME AGAIN??? NO HOE IM NOT CRAZY, I WALKED IN ON MY THEN BF FUCKING ANOTHER GIRL ACROSS THE HALL FROM ME WHEN I WAS LIKE 5 WEEKS PREGNANT AFTER HE TOLD ME HOW MUCH HE LOVED ME AND WANTED TO BE THERE FOR ME !! I’M NOT CRAZY, JUSTIN IS A FUCKING ASSHOLE! After that I’m just pissed the fuck off and I’m yelling and saying all the shit justin put me through, and this dumb hoe is like oh well justin just needs to pick between me and his gf, I’m like the hell he does , I’m not a fucking choice . If his gf wants to stay with him after all this shit cool but I’m fucking good, bitch I’m sorry, but do you see me ?? I look too fucking good to be sitting here arguing over this fuck boy with you idiots . The girl was trying to play peace maker but was making shit a million times worse and I swear if it wasn’t for God and my baby sitting in her car seat sleep next to me I would have punched this girl in the face ! He then goes on to say well I think Justin wants to be a good dad and provide for his child, and I’m WHAT? THIS MAN HASNT GIVEN ME A DOLLAR FOR CAMILLE, LET ALONE BOUGHT HER A DAMN THING !!! Everything Camille has either me or my family has paid for or was a gift . I looked Justin in the eye and told him since he wants to lie all the time I no longer feel comfortable communicating with him without the aide of a legal counsel and will be pursuing child support !! He finally then speaks up and is like well, you know I’m broke Tatiana , what’s that gonna help? Um excuse me dumbass, that’s gonna provide for my child. After that I grabbed my shit and told those young women it was nice to meet them and left….

I have two affidavits of parentage , a birth certificate with his name on it , her military ID,SS Card, I have his address phone number birthdate and SS card number … Not to mention the DNA test his mother was soooo kind to spend 300 fuckig dollars on…He is lucky Monday is a holiday , but I’ll be filling for child support first thing Tuesday morning …

five reasons why you should watch tnt's the librarians immediately

Okay, so everyone is aware that I’m an SPN blog, but recently I’ve been posting more of this show called The Librarians. Basically the easiest way I can explain it’s plot is that the show is an American version of Doctor Who combined with Merlin and Supernatural aspects, such as magic and ‘monster of the week’ cases. It has easily become one of my favorite shows in the few weeks it has been on, and now I’m going to try to convince you to watch it in five reasons. 


1. Eve Baird, the leading lady and mother hen to the LITs, is a badass who will not be tamed.

She’s a soldier who gets called to protect the infamous “Librarian” Flynn Carsen, and ends up becoming the protector of his “trainees” called the LITs. She’s snarky, amazing, and is always looking out for her trainees. Which leads us to reason two…

2. The LITs, or Librarians in Training. 

These three are Ezekiel Jones, Cassandra Cillian, and Jake Stone. If you’ve never experienced the joy that is having an OT3, then you will with these lovely characters. They are all unique and are extremely entertaining, and bring the comedy to this drama. When these three are on screen together there is bound to be laughter and mayhem, along with lots of feels. They are the core of the show, but they would not be here without reason number three. 

3. Flynn Carsen, the Librarian. 

 If you ever wanted a Tenth Doctor/Gabriel from SPN/Flynn Ryder combo, you will find it in Flynn Carsen. Even though he is the Librarian, he is not a main cast member. The Librarians is more about the LITs and the future generation of the Library than Flynn, but he will pop up on occasion and bring lots of one liners and fun. Also, his relationship with Eve is adorable and you will probably be shipping them in the first episode. Even though he is not part of the main cast he is probably my favorite character on the show, and I adore everything about him. 

4. If you’re looking for a show with mythology and magic, the Librarians is the show for you. 

This show is like Doctor Who in the fact that the Librarians are a lot like Timelords in a way, jumping between dimensions and the like, but it is also very rooted in old mythology and magic. This past episode featured Greek mythology, and the one before that talked about King Arthur and Excalibur. It is a great combination between magic and the supernatural. 

5. This show is a great way to just have a lot of fun! This is only a few reasons behind why this show is awesome. There is Jenkins, the researcher who lives in the Library who is always getting the LITs out of tough situations, the villains who grace our screens every week, the monsters, the plot, and the overall sense of going to a different world.

Basically, if you aren’t watching this show then you really need to! It is on TNT on Sundays at 8/7c. You can also watch episodes on TNTs website. 

Well then, what are you waiting for? Go watch it and tell me what you think! I’d love to listen to your thoughts about this amazing program. :) 

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carol's birthday

On Madison Avenue (Early April)

On Madison Avenue, the telephone rang. The floor of the living room was strewn with bits of cardboard, bits of paper, photographs, drawings, and the beginnings of a new model for a new set. In the middle of it, Therese, home alone, lay sprawled on the floor, fingers fiddling, feet jiggling to the magnificent music. When the record stopped spinning, she got up and played it again. It was Billie Holiday’s latest record: Billie Holiday Favorites. Therese had found it on the kitchen counter that morning. The note had said, demurely: You’re my favorite. It was from Carol, of course. Of course.

Billie Holiday had been singing for Therese all day. The music surrounded her. It wound its way through the apartment, soared out through the open windows, out onto the balcony. It hovered over Madison Avenue. A keen pedestrian may have heard the last of its melodies. It spun Therese a vast, glistening web. From its strings, she drew her walls, her rooms, her palaces. She saw them suspended above her, around her. She was beginning to make the apartment her own.

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