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Assassins Creed III - The Fresh Prince of the Brotherhood (Music Parody Video)

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There’s a saying in Africa, if you give a woman empowerment, you empower a community, you empower men, you empower man. When women become empowered and live in their strength it’s beneficiary to others, and I think as young women today we sometimes forget that we are standing on the struggle of other women. Those women had to stand up to make a change, and they were not popular, and now we’re making them unpopular again.


Memorable FCB Goal Celebrations → 27.04.14, Lionel Messi vs. Villarreal (away)

It was the game nobody in Barcelona wanted to play, after the passing of Tito Vilanova. Sergio Busquets was in tears during the minute’s silence before the kick-off. It was clear football was the last thing on any of the players’ minds. But Messi, one of the players Vilanova coached as a teenager in his first spell at the club, got the winner that enabled Barça to come back from being two goals down against Villarreal. Before his customary goal dedication to his grandmother, he pointed to the sky alongside his teammates to dedicate the goal to Tito.

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Title: Fresh 

Pairing: E’Dawn x Reader

Genre: Kinda Smutty kinda Angsty not really fully either. 

Warning: Sexual references, swearing, mention of murder, mention of attempted suicide. 

Request: yo i want a super duper steamy edawn fic plz and thanks brah 😉

A/n: So this is based off 365 Fresh by Triple H. The reader is pretty much Hyuna. (Hui isn’t in this though) Ever since I saw the music video I have been kinda wanting to write something based off it so here it is lol. Thanks, anon, you are lovely and I know you will be happy with the outcome since I know who you are and that E’Dawn is your bias lol 

Good lord finding a gif that would match up with what I wanted was a pain so..since I couldn't find a gif on here All Credit goes to the owner of this gif.

Cigarette smoke lingered in your nose as you walked through the hallway of the motel, the sound of elevator music could barely be made out as you stopped in front of the room you and the stranger you had just met were staying in.

He was an odd one, didn’t say much except that his name was E’Dawn. But good lord was he attractive, his eyes always seem glazed over like he was in deep thought, his body was lean but fit, and for some reason, you just couldn’t help but bite your own lip thinking about his plump pink ones.

Opening the door you walked in to see him look over at you lazily. Nodding slightly as he turned back and focused his attention on the tv as you took off your shawl and sat on the bed next to him, pulling your focus from his face to the tv he was watching talking about a murder that took place in the next city over. You quickly grabbed the remote and switched the channel.

You murdered the man, and E’Dawn knew this, but he didn’t seem to care for some reason. You didn’t want him to hear about what you did though.

His glance looked over at you as a small smirk spread across his face, seeing the uneasy look on your face as you tried to find another show to watch.

“Why did you do it sweetheart?” he mumbled, moving his face closer to your own.

You chewed at your lip as you stopped on an old black and white western movie, throwing the remote down behind you as you leant back and looked up at the ceiling. His eyes looking down at your now bare neck, your collarbone visible from your tank top before he looked back up at your face.

“He tried to touch me, I was minding my own damn business doing my job and the bastard tried to touch me.”

He chuckled darkly as he continued to inch closer to you. “Touch you how sweetheart?”

You glanced over at him to see his eyes, meeting with yours. His eyes were dark and sinister but for some reason, it didn’t scare you.

“He tried to rub up against my thigh, and I didn’t like it so I pushed him away and he charged at me, so I stabbed him with my razor,” you say as you looked back up at the ceiling closing your eyes.

“So it was self-defense.” He licked his lower lip as he waited for your reply.

“Yeah, it was but I was too scared to just call the cops so I ran. Only to almost kill you in the process because you’re dumbass decided to try to get run over by a car,” you said coldly as you leant your head to the side to look at him more clearly.

He was pretty close to your face now, his breath fanning over your face as a hollow chuckle broke through his lips. “Well you know, I really didn’t have much to live for,” he said as his eyes travelled down your body again, resting on your neck once again as he bit down on his lower lip.

“Didn’t? What changed?” You watched his eyes as he looked over your body, not trying to be subtle at the fact that he was hungrily biting his lip as his eyes landed on your neck. Clearly he was checking you out, in fact, he had been ever since you almost kicked his ass after almost running him over. “Ah, I see. You met me, how cliche,” you rolled your eyes as you looked back up at the ceiling.

He smirked and shrugged his shoulders. “Who cares sweetheart,” he mumbled as he slowly places his index finger on your thigh, running it in circles as he watches for your reaction.

The room was stuffy already, but when he touched you, you felt like you may suffocate. Why did his touch feel so electric? You looked down at his finger tracing circles on your thigh then looked up at him.

His eyes looked at yours, as he slowly inched his face to yours, his forehead hitting yours softly. He bit his lip and looked down at your lips as if asking for permission to kiss you.

You both sat there for what felt like eternity, before he growled and crashed his lips into yours, not waiting for you to give him permission.

Kissing him back you slowly moved to straddle him, pinning his legs in between yours as you deepen the kiss.

He trailed his hands up your arms slowly, causing you to get chills. His one hand trailed its way up past your neck and into your hair while his other snaked down and wrapped itself around your waist and pushed you closer to him.

Breaking the kiss he smirked at you, not saying a word as he gently pulled you by your hair moving your head to the side so he could plant kisses on your jaw, trailing down to your neck as he bit down harshly, causing you to whimper. A low chuckle escaped his mouth as he heard you, only to bite down again, this time to cause a soft moan to leave your lips.

He continued to move down to your collarbone, marking you all the way down until he reached your collarbone and kissed it sweetly, before he stopped and looked back up at you, quickly reconnecting your lips before he slowly smirked and laid down, allowing you to crawl on top of him.

You placed your arms on each side of his face and kissed him as he placed his hand on your hips.

You grinded down against him, feeling him groan underneath you, he broke the kiss and looked up at you for a moment before he smirked: “Don’t rush us baby girl, we have all night.”