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There’s a saying in Africa, if you give a woman empowerment, you empower a community, you empower men, you empower man. When women become empowered and live in their strength it’s beneficiary to others, and I think as young women today we sometimes forget that we are standing on the struggle of other women. Those women had to stand up to make a change, and they were not popular, and now we’re making them unpopular again.


If I was making one for another Claus blog, it only makes sense that I make one for you too. I love your art and your blog is so pure!

 Now please stop me :^)

I don’t know if anyone wants more, but if anyone does, shoot me a message and I’ll see what I can do.

Someone just take my computer away.


Assassins Creed III - The Fresh Prince of the Brotherhood (Music Parody Video)

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