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retrouvaille | M

(n.) the joy of meeting or finding someone again after a long separation; discovery

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pairing: seokjin x reader
genre: sugar daddy au! smut, fluff
warning: rated M for this is a Mess of feelings and R rated activities.
word count: 10,824

You step out the elevator doors, high heels clicking against polished marble and echoing throughout the empty lobby as a bitter reminder of your shortcomings. To an outsider, you’re the definition of a successful young woman––makeup on point, high-end designer clothes, confident stride and a flirty smile to match.

Well, ignorance is bliss.

A grimace paints your face at the thought of life constantly kicking back your efforts to be happy and prosperous, but you couldn't––wouldn’t––give in to the pain of ineffectiveness. Not when what you wanted was looming so close to you, hovering at the edge of your fingertips.

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Here’s my submission for this week’s writing prompt from the Wolfstar Introvert Club @introvert-club​. This week’s prompt was:

“You see, Remus here has had a crush on me since first year, so he just can’t help himself.”

Reminder that prompts are posted every Saturday, and are open to everyone. Just be sure to #wolfstar introvert prompt or tag the club so we can find your work!

Read it under the cut, or check it out on AO3. Thanks for reading!

March 1976

“You see, Remus here has had a crush on me since first year, so he just can’t help himself.” James grins as he drops down onto the bed next to Remus, throwing arm around his shoulders, planting a sloppy kiss on his cheek. Remus rolls his eyes and continues in his heckling of James’ new pants. The pants with snitches fluttering across them. The pants which he is currently wearing. The pants that made Peter tease about Remus checking out James’ arse.

Sirius narrows his eyes. James is a fucking prat. Remus does not have a crush on him. That would be ridiculous. Remus does not get crushes, he’s never even had a date. Or a kiss. Sirius is basically his closest mate, so he’d know. And if he ever did have a crush, it certainly wouldn’t be on someone who once got himself charmed stuck to the Quidditch goal post while starkers. Evans is smart enough to know that James is a complete wanker, and Remus is smarter than Evans, so there’s no way he’d be daft enough to-

As James gets up to find his trousers, he ruffles Remus’ hair. Remus laughs and shakes his head. Sirius clenches his fists. As James walks past Sirius, he flashes an infuriating smirk.

So Sirius slugs him in the gut. Hard. James falls to the ground, choking and gasping. Sirius kicks him in the shin.

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anonymous asked:

Hi. I'm so worried I'm asking too much of you but after I saw your wish prompts, I couldn't resist. I enjoy mutual pining and I wish you'd write a fic about that. Please? And thankyou.

Hi there. Since you didn’t specify a ship, I went with my default otp setting, which is Shieldshock. Hope that’s okay and hope you enjoy this ficlet. :)

It had become a habit of sorts, Steve seeking her after missions. Darcy didn’t know when it started, but she liked it, liked being the first person on Steve’s mind when he returned home from the field.

He didn’t ask for much, just sat there listening to her tell him about her day, or fell asleep on the couch if he was too tired to talk. He had nightmares often but they never spoke about them. Darcy let him set the pace, never pushing him into sharing more than he wanted to, never once forcing physical comfort on him. She was happy with just being someone who was a regular part of his life. She didn’t need more.

Then, one day he hugged her and she realized how wrong she was.

It wasn’t the first time he had touched her, but it was definitely the first time he had felt the need to bury his face in the crook of her neck and forget about real life. He held onto her for long minutes, breathing steadily into her hair while she murmured assurances in his ear.

“It’s okay… everything’s okay… you’re fine… you saved the day again…” Her words seemed to calm him and, after a while, his arms around her loosened and he pulled back with a shy smile.

“What’s for dinner?”

He caught her by surprise. He never stayed for dinner.

“Um,” Darcy said, thinking fast. “Spaghetti.”


She had always thought, when she fell in love with someone, it’d be a complicated relationship full of compromises. No guy would be able to appreciate or tolerate the work she did in Avengers Tower, constantly surrounded by genius scientists, self-sacrificing superheroes and the very real danger of occasional attacks.

But when she fell in love with Steve, it was nothing but simple. She didn’t have to lie to him about her work life, wasn’t worried he’d hide things from her (because she almost always knew what he was up to) and she definitely didn’t feel like they had a complicated relationship. He had started coming over nearly every day now. They hung out, watched movies, ate dinner and, sometimes, he spent the night.

The first time he asked if he could stay with her, he had returned from a mission with a bullet hole in his gut. He stumbled through her door and right into her waiting arms.

“Darcy.” The desperation with which he whispered her name sent her heart racing. “Let me stay here tonight.”

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Can you imagine Isak's face when he finds out about Evan's mums?Something like when Evan opened his locker in that iconic way.And maybe Evan didn't tell him, bc why it's completly normal and ok(and he's kind of bitch and loves teasing him)and when he brings him to a family dinner two sweet women rushed to hug Isak and give him kiss on cheek for greeting and Isak has that"what's happening"face( same when Evan kissed him after meeting the boy squad and "u r so hot Isak" sentence)&Evan is laughing

ok so, i lied. i made this into a (sort of?) fic. so, here’s 3k words of isak finding out even has two moms. i’m sorry.

Isak is maybe, possibly freaking out. Just a little bit. Not actual, full on anxiety that makes him feel like his heart is beating as fast as a hummingbird’s, but. He’s getting there.

Even had said it so naturally too, just what do you say we drop by tomorrow?, and he had actually looked kind of nervous, to his credit, but more about Isak’s answer than actually having him meet his fucking parents.

And of course it’s easy for Even, Isak has never once seen him uncomfortable in a social situation. Even when they were standing in the tram, stealing little glances at each other and smiling nervously, Isak too fucking shy around Even to say anything, Even had managed to smooth his way through it, awesome conversation, though. So it’s understandable he’s not nervous about hanging out with three people he loves. But Isak, he can’t even have lunch with his own parents without feeling incredibly uncomfortable, let alone his boyfriend’s. What would he even say? Hello, Mr and Mrs Næsheim, I sucked your son off in the shower the other day, congrats on the genes!

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  • Raven: Hello Brother. *Raven greeted Qrow as she removed her mask and sat next to him, waving the bartender over.*
  • Qrow: Hey Raven. *He replied finishing his glass just in time for for the bartender to refill his drink as they finished pouring his sister's.*
  • Raven: *The two sat for a moment in silence, taking sips of their drinks before Rave broke the silence.* So. What is it you wanted to talk about? *She asked only for Qrow to slide her an envelops.* What're theses?
  • Qrow: An invitation.
  • Raven: An Invitation? *she raised an eyebrow.* To what?
  • Qrow: Your daughter's wedding. *He told her while sipping his drink and glancing at her from the corner of his eye to find an actual look of surprise on her face.*
  • Raven: Her wedding? Yang is... getting married? *She said with disbelief.* Since when?
  • Qrow: Since she proposed to her girlfriend a few mouths back. I can honestly say I haven't seen her this happy since Summer as around. Not that you care.
  • Raven: Yang is getting married... To her girlfriend? *Raven mumble, ignoring her brother last words then opened the envelop, pulling the card showing her daughter's arms wrapped around the waist of a raven haired woman with cat ears. Both of women smiling, the kind of smile of pure happiest, a smile Raven hasn't since on her daughter's face since she was born.* ... Is this a joke?
  • Qrow: What? Have something against Yang marrying a woman? *Qrow glared at his sister.*
  • Raven: What? No. I actually know Blake and her parents. Good woman, can take a punch. *Raven said as she handed her brother the card.* This in the card.
  • Qrow: *Qrow took the card and read it aloud.* "Come join the bumbleby partner, the future Yang Belladonna and Blake Xiao-Long, for out purrfect day before we hive our sweet honeymoon and our happily ever after furever." ... Sigh, Goddamnit Yang. *Qrow smiled shaking his head.*
  • Raven: I blame Tai... *Raven said finishing her drink and staring at the empty glass.* Why is she inviting me?... I haven't talked to Yang since dealing with Adam Taurus.
  • Qrow: Funny you such mention that. Yang wasn't the one who asked me to give you that.
  • Raven: Really? Then w-*She question until the someone entering the bar interrupted her.*
  • Tai: That was me. *Taiyang saying as both Qrow and Raven turned towards him, Qrow giving a wave as Raven stares with a surprised look.* Hey Raven... Qrow can give us a minute.
  • Qrow: Sure Tai. *Qrow nodded as he drank the last of his drink and quickly snatch Raven's sword from her.* Take as much time as you need.
  • Raven: Qrow! *Raven growled, watching him walk out of the bar leaving her and Tai alone as she pinches the bridge of her nose.* ... Sigh. So, you wanted to talk. Let's talk.
  • Tai: Yes. About our daughter. And how YOU are going to be there for her wedding.
  • Raven: And If I refuse?
  • Tai: Remember our first date?
  • Raven: *Raven couldn't help but smirked.* Hmm, How could I forget.
  • Tai: Well it will be like that. *Tai smirked back as her walked up to Raven blocking her against the bar with his arms as his smirk disappears.* Except it won't end the same way.
  • Raven: *At this Raven's smirk only grew at her ex's words as she waves at the bartender.* Take the rest of the night Leo and put the damages on Qrow's tab... And bring us a bottle of the good stuff.
  • ~~~
  • Ruby: Yang, why did you make me try on those stupid heels if we aren't going to be wearing for you big day? *Ruby whined as she and Yang returned home from their search for dresses.*
  • Yang: *Yang only laughed as she began to fish for her keys.* Hehehe, I did it only because you looked sooo cute. *She then found her keys, unlocked the door, and opening it as they enter.* Anyway, I want to spend time with my... baby... sis... *Yang began with a smile before trailing off dropping everything.*
  • Ruby: Yang? What is i-Oh my god. *Ruby gasp at the site before them.*
  • Tai: Hey girls. How was the dress hunting? *Tai smiled, holding an ice pack against his head with a bloody tissue up his nose.* Oh we also have a guest with us.
  • Raven: Wassup. *Raven said, sipping some coffee with a black eye and a band-aid on her forehead.*
Banish [Robb Stark]

Robb Stark x Female!Reader 

Summary // As you and your husband Robb are reminiscing about your past, you remind him who really has the power to banish someone

Originally posted by motherofw0lves

“Do you remember?” You asked and Robb turned to look at you with curiosity, he furrowed his brow and you chuckle as you rolled onto your back. The two of you had been Man and Wife ever since you flowered at age of twelve, it had been three year since and despite that many other houses found that the Starks were hard to integrate to, you had no issues, then again you were both from the north and had lived in Winterfell since your sixth name day.

“The day I first met you?” You continued and then he nodded, a playful smile on his face.

“You courtesied so deeply you almost fell flat on your face. Yet the next hour I found you shooting a bow in secret, you certainly were an odd little lady,” He said. “You wore a dark blue dress, correct?” You nodded.

“Exactly, it was a horrid dress, my mother forced it onto me no matter how long I protested. See, father ruled and he had lost his first daughter during the war and wanted me to be ready, mother was petrified at the idea of handing me a bow. Still, I managed in secret and that bow was so fine, it was hard to resist the temptation. Your Lord Father had said he was okay with me training when I arrived, you know, because he knew what happened to my father but when I saw you, I don’t think I have ever been more petrified.” You said amused.

“I remember that look, I’ve never seen someone that fearful in my life, of course seven years is far from a long life but you understand the main idea,” You nodded. “And then that girl beat me the next day, I had never been so jealous but when it was revealed to me that this young fine lady would be my future wife I knew it was going to be perfect.” He said with a grin and you rolled your eyes.

“No need to get so charming all of a sudden Robb, but yes, I suppose it is nice to know that I kicked your but once.” You said, you hadn’t done it ever since, beside at archery but that was never really his strength, he was a swordsman like any other man who would one day wield Ice to carry out executions and mayhaps go into war, that was the last thing you wanted to think about, especially ever since the good news had been revealed.

“Sometimes I wish we were still six.” You admitted, it had been a time you certainly missed. You felt unrest in the realm with the continuing of king Robert to ensure an early death and the word that the hand had fallen ill did not help you in assuming your worries as just a child’s folly.

The two of you immediately became close after the bow incident, you sparred together when you were still very young although Lady Stark did force you to attend lessons by the Septa, she allowed you the room to practice sparring and archery, that was the deal that was made. Only when it was your ninth nameday was the betrothal revealed to you, at first you were petrified at the thought of marrying your best friend and wondered if that wouldn’t be weird, you two grew very close by being together so much so you felt a little afraid the friendship would end.

Yet when he assured you that you two would always be best friends you realized that it would be one of the best possible marriages for you, if not the best. You had no ambition to be queen, you would be married to someone you knew and in a place you had been raised in the past few years, he was a proper northernman instead of those southerners and you would be Lady of Winterfell with Robb at your side, you could continue your practising and you would never loose your best friend who soon grew to be your lover.

“It was far from a bad time, certainly. Yet, has much changed now? Mother and Father are still Lord and Lady Stark and I understand both of us have to work a little more but we still have plenty time.” He said, a teasing smirk and you rolled your eyes.

“I loved my wedding gown, it was the first long gown that I enjoyed wearing. It was snow white because of the sun, the sleeves had been shorter than would be to my liking but over all I loved it, my hair was put in a traditional Northern style and whilst I dreaded every second I walked with the long gown behind me, I still loved every second of it. You know, you are truly lucky, you have no idea how thick and heavy those cloaks are.” You said with a chuckle, it had been a beautiful summer day which is why your gown had been made a bit thinner than normal, the fabric felt smoother but the cloak definitely weighed you down. Due the young age both of you were Lord Stark had refused a bedding ceremony, both of you didn’t really know what to do but in the end everything had ended perfectly fine and the marriage had been consummated.

“You really don’t know how much fur I’m forced to carry, do you?” You chuckled. “I suppose I don’t, still I am not a pregnant woman so I am sure you are able to find yourself a nice cot.” His face turned to outrage and it made you chuckle, he was never really mad with you but he was good at acting mad although you felt like the expression was accentuated due to the surprise from what you had said.

“You  can’t banish me, this is my bed too.” He said in protest and you crossed your arms, defiantly. Despite him trying to sound genuinely angry it made you laugh but you had just enough restraint to keep it in, he always looked like a small child as he could never be really angry with you but you always applauded him for his effort.

“I am the pregnant one here. I am bringing an beautiful son or daughter who will be the eldest of the next generation of Starks, I can keep the bed as reward, don’t you agree, husband?” You said, your arms still crossed. It was something quite water solid, would this have been an actual argument.

“You can’t just banish me.” He said again and you laughed as you moved over and started to play with his hair, it made his fake frustration turn into a pout. “You should be happy I am a merciful ruler then, for this night I will allow you to stay, after all you have a Lady to please now.” You said, smirking and he certainly turned flirtatious, a smirk also came to his face.

“What my Lady says, I shall do.”

“Oh yes, my Lord. You certainly shall.”

Hangovers and Potential Regret

Pairing: Harry Osborn x reader

Request: we drunk-kissed but you forgot about it and i don’t know how to act around you anymore wtf with Harry Osborn (because I always read the tags)

Word Count: 2,521 (aka why the fuck can i do this with no problem but still struggle to write a 1,000 word essay for school)

Warnings: Terrible hangovers and the things that come with them (i.e. nausea and headaches.) and a lot of cussing because i no longer have any self control.

A/N: I’m SOOOOO happy someone requested this bc im in actual love with Harry Osborn. Also, this is the longest fic i’ve ever written let’s celebrate my productivity (actually dont bc the only reason i finished this today is bc im avoiding homework)

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anonymous asked:

I was reading a discussion on OUAT board re: Lana & "white passing". When I first started watching OUAT, I thought Lana was white & talking to other people in fandom, it looks like I wasn't the only one. Obviously now I know she's Latina, but I couldn't have guessed it just by watching her as Regina Mills. So, what's the problem with saying that she, especially as Regina Mills, looks white, when that's the truth? Are we supposed to pretend she doesn't look white& you can just guess her heritage?

Let’s get to what you asked: So obviously I wasn’t on the same message board as you, and I can’t speak to exactly what you saw. That said, there seems to be some conflating of terms going on in your ask, and I want to clarify our terminology first and foremost.

  • First: “I thought Lana was white/ Regina Mills looks white”
    • It’s understandable that you thought Lana was white upon first seeing her, and it’s understandable that Regina Mills looks white to the average GA member (and many in fandom). We’ve gone through this a few times, but for the sake of education let’s do this again: Lana is a mixed race Latina. She is half white. 
      • Even if Lana wasn’t mixed race by her parental lineage, Latinx people come in all  races. I’m a black Latina. Lana is white and Latina. I have cousins who are white Jewish Latinas. There are Asian Latinas. 
      • There’s a fancy academic term for Latinx folks and how they are understood or read in the United States called “ethnorace”(x).
        •  I usually avoid using academic jargon on my Tumblr, because they are not accessible. But I think this one is helpful. You don’t have to ever use the specific term “ethnorace” to follow and apply and understanding of it.
          • The base understanding is that: Latinos and Latin Americans come in a variety of races, but in the United States the Latinx ethnicity is often socialized and treated as a singular race. What does that mean? That means that Latinx folks can be black, or white, or Asian, etc- and still be understood as Latinos in this country. 
        • TL;DR: Lana is a white Latina. Those are not opposites. She identifies as Latina. She considers herself a woman of color and is vocal about it. She still can appear white on camera or to a person who doesn’t know her ethnic heritage. That’s ok, as long as they don’t erase her identity once they know better. 
  • Next, (you did not mention this term directly, but I think you might have meant to or needed to): “White Washing”
    • So in your ask, you question: “What’s the problem with saying that she, especially as Regina Mills, looks white, when that’s the truth? Are we supposed to pretend she doesn’t look white& you can just guess her heritage?” And here is my answer to that: 
      • There is a VERY BIG DIFFERENCE between pointing out the institutional implementation of racist practices (in this case- the white washing of Lana’s character as Regina Mills) and blaming you, a fan, for casually consuming the results of those practices.
        • It’s important that as an ally, or a fan engaging in these issues, that you understand the difference.
      • When people complain about Regina appearing white on television, they are complaining about systematic production choices that have erased Lana’s heritage on camera. Want to know more about what those practices look like? Check out this other ask I got a while ago, here: (x).
        • I doubt that anyone was blaming you- or anyone else- for not noticing these white-washing practices before, but the question becomes: Now that you have been made aware of it, what are you going to do about it? That’s the work of allyship. 
  • Last, but not least: “White Passing”
    • So “white passing” is the term that you used in your ask, when I think you meant to be using “white washing” (see above ^^^). But I want to address this anyway!
    • White passing is a term, often but not always controversial, used against people of color who have light enough skin and fine enough features/hair textures to “pass” as white in everyday American life.
    • Maybe you are asking yourself, why would anyone want to do that? But whiteness comes with a lot of privilege in the United States, including credit scores, housing opportunities, beauty and social standards, job opportunities, among others.
      • Lana herself has copped to manipulating her looks (cutting her hair short, thinning and straightening it) to be more “racially ambiguous” (read: white) to have better, more varied audition opportunities. It was the only way she could get consistent work.
      • These choices are NOT the same as the systematic white-washing of her character on the show. Just to be clear.

Ok, hopefully you will find some clarity and helpful information in these notes that I jotted down! Have a good day! Let me know if you have any other questions :)

Hey Nonnie, I think you sent me this a few days a go (Sorry!). Hope you are still around to see this answer! I’ll make you a deal, and promise to also post it again tomorrow just in case you miss it the first time around.

Some Kind of Courtship (Cassandra x f!Adaar)

For the Dragon Age Remix Fest, for @sqbr‘s fic A New Ideal, a truly adorable Cass x f!Adaar fic.  The idea of the Inquisitor bonding with Cassandra through fandom and squeeing over Varric’s writing was just too perfect to pass up.  This is intended to be a sequel to that fic, so I highly recommend checking out that first!

Remix title: Some Kind of Courtship

Remixer name: @fanfoolishness

Pairing(s): Herah Adaar x Cassandra Pentaghast (OC used with permission)

Rating and warnings: PG-13

Summary:  Cassandra takes a nasty knock on the head and is forced to take some time to recover.  Luckily, Herah Adaar proves lovely company throughout the healing process.

Original inspiration fic:  A New Ideal

Original author name: @sqbr

Cassandra was… displeased.

She felt as if it was a reasonable emotion to entertain, given that she was laid up in Herah’s spacious quarters with a nasty hit to the head.  Herah had insisted she take the room for her recovery.  Cassandra had been helpless to resist the look on Herah’s face and the way she laid her lips gently against the back of Cassandra’s hand; she had acquiesced with only a few minor grumbles.  Herah’s large, soft palms around Cassandra’s hand were too great a comfort to deny.  

Part of that lack of resistance was the injury.  She had taken the occasional hit before, of course, but never one quite this ringing.  She did not remember it well, but from Vivienne’s abstractly concerned expression she had gathered it was a bad one.

So bad, in fact, that Vivienne’s healing – normally sterling – had not been enough to remove all aftereffects.  “Bed rest, dear,” she’d said in clipped tones.  “And I do mean rest, not simply destroying a single practice dummy a day instead of three of them.  You’re to rest and relax in all ways, including mentally.”  She raised a stern eyebrow.  “Our dear Inquisitor has told me of your love of literature, and I’m afraid the close concentration required for reading is absolutely out of the question while you heal.  There’ll be no reading until the symptoms pass.  I suspect it may take a full week, even after my ministrations.”

“A week!” Cassandra had exploded, or at least, attempted to.  But then there’d been a pounding in her head and a faint swimmy feeling, and she had settled back down amongst the blankets reluctantly.

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You’re Not Mine

A/N Thank you @frenchybell for the beta. Thank you @impala-dreamer for the idea

Quick Info - Dean makes a confession while drunk
Pairing - Dean and Rachelle (Mentioned)
Word Count - 1567
Warnings - Angst/Fluff…I think…Written after some wine…

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You’re Not Mine

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you’re what i’m looking for

Based on this giftset from 1.09 “Unity Day”. Things go a little differently.

This prompt has literally been written by 100 different authors 100 different ways, but I am pretending s3 doesn’t exist, so. Here you go. Title comes from the Rooney song of the same name.

“I need you to follow us,” Clarke tells him, her face illuminated by the fire. He’s still so angry, so so angry that Finn would go behind all of their backs to set up this meeting, but he tries to push those feelings aside and listen to what Clarke is telling him. “Be our backup.”

Bellamy narrows his eyes. “Does Finn know about this?”

Clarke hesitates, but then meets his eyes. “Finn doesn’t need to know.”

Bellamy is suddenly hit with a wave of want so hard that he’s surprised he doesn’t stumble. When he looks back on this moment, he imagines he’ll remember it as the first moment he truly wanted to kiss Clarke Griffin.

She’s almost smiling too, and he finds himself unable to stop the smirk from spreading across his face. There’s something unnervingly intimate about the way they’re looking at each other and the conversation they’re having. 

What they’re planning is a secret, something only known between the two of them, and he thinks it’s the newfound trust between them that’s making him feel this way. It’s nice to be the one Clarke goes to when she needs something. It’s nice that she’s the one that she’s trusting with her life. It feels precious, this trust she’s instilling in him, and he’ll be damned if he lets her down.

Not this time.

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By: zeebeey

For: its-pixiesthings

Based on confession: My biggest Loki fantasy: I’m a spy sent by the Avengers to infiltrate Loki’s base. I am caught and Loki sees to the interrogation… personally 

You blink, head pounding as the light hits your face. You cringe in the intense light, attempting to bring your hands down to shield your eyes. You’re unable to, your hands are shackled tightly to the wall above you.

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anonymous asked:

possessive!oliver jealous!oliver I'm so here for this

Yes, okay, let’s talk about that! (Unestablished timeline because I suck, but Ollie’s still CEO okay? okay, good)

So they start dating, and for a while, it’s cool - they spend most of their time together, just the two of them, all wrapped up in their little bubble in Oliver’s apartment away from the rest of the world. So it’s not until Oliver takes Barry out to a party that jealousy rears its ugly head. 

It starts off well enough. It’s a formal social gathering - something to do with drumming up business for the company, Barry doesn’t really know. All he knows is that he needs to make nice with a bunch of rich guys for the sake of his boyfriend’s company. So he plasters on his most dazzling smile and shakes hands with every potential client, ensuring to talk Oliver up to the best of his ability. 

Of course, this doesn’t go quite as planned. A few of the guests take to him a little.. too well. Barry doesn’t notice it - but Oliver certainly does, and he’s livid. The women, he can deal with. They’re not quite as forward. They’ll linger their gaze a little longer, flutter their eyelashes, play with their hair and laugh along with Barry’s jokes. 

It’s the guys, though. The ones that let their eyes trail all over his boyfriend’s body appreciatively, leer in his direction, make suggestive comments and grip onto his handshake a little too long. That’s when Oliver finds himself clenching his jaw, trying to control his anger so that he doesn’t ruin everything for the sake of something that doesn’t really matter in the long run - it’s not like Barry would even take them up on any possible offers. Still, he can’t help the curl of jealousy that festers inside him.

The worst of it is, Barry just continues to be polite - to smile at the guys and carry on with amicable chat, unaware of the extra attention, because apparently Barry Allen is unaware of exactly just how gorgeous he actually is - all long eyelashes, gorgeous cheekbones and dazzling smiles. 

So when one guy stands a little too close, gives Barry the bedroom eyes, and rests his palm on Barry’s upper arm, Barry’s barely able to stumble through the flustered rejection he’s attempting to give the guy before Oliver’s yanking him to the nearest coat closet in favour of pressing him against the door, sucking bruising marks into his neck, and claiming him right then and there. 

They stumble out about half an hour later, hair askew and clothing well and truly rumpled, and it may or may not take Oliver a couple of seconds to realise that his fly is still down as they make their way through the deserted hallway and back to the party. No one says anything, but it’s painfully obvious what they’d been doing. Thankfully, a few of the potential clients have a good sense of humour, and arrange to meet with Oliver the following week, providing that he can drag himself away from his boyfriend for an evening. 

If he makes sure to lay his claim on Barry in the moments before he leaves for said evenings, well, no one really needs to know. 

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anonymous asked:

Can you do some family fluff (at least 2 kids please, or more) for my forged wedding, or kissed by the baddest bidder?

Sorry this took so long, this isn't very fluffy but I hope it will do. Thanks for the request and I hope you all enjoy :D


The whole store has been closed specifically for you and your children. It’s their birthday and instead of giving them a regular present Eisuke has decided to give his twin daughters a spending spree in the largest toy shop in Dubai. Akira and Kayo are giddy with excitement as they enter the store each with a large trolley to fill with toys and all sorts of other goodies. “Daddy can I get one of everything?” Kayo, the younger twin, clutches onto her father’s hand and looks up at him. 

“My little princess can have whatever she wants.” He says softly in a voice reserved for only his children and on the odd occasion yourself. You let out a low sigh as the four of you start to walk around the store, the twins are filling their trolleys with toys they don’t even need. “There is a jewellery store down the road we should go there afterwards and pick out a few necklaces. They’ll need new jewellery for their party.” 

“They have a room full of jewellery Eisuke. You shouldn’t spoil them so much.” You say to your husband. You’re trying to raise your kids to be good and thoughtful and you didn’t want to turn them into spoiled brats - but Eisuke didn’t see it from your perspective, he had made a vow the day they were born to give them the world and that was what he intended to do. “They don’t need all of this stuff.” 

“This makes them smile and their smiles are priceless to me, I would spend all of my money and more to make them happy.” He says softly. Akira and Kayo come running up to the pair of you, their trolleys already full with toys. Eisuke’s eyes warm when he sees them, and he kneels down to their level. “Have you got everything you wanted?”

“Yes and more. Thank you daddy.” Akira runs into his arms. The four of you head to the checkout with trolleys full of toys and your jaw drops when you hear how much they’ve spent, but Eisuke hands over his credit card like the sum of money is pocket change to him, which it probably is. “You are the best daddy in the world.”

“Oh I know.” Eisuke grins down at his two children. As you leave the store, the pair of them latch onto his hands with little bags in their grip. He looks down at Kayo with a look of pure love in his eyes as she idly squeezes his hand.  Although you don’t agree with him spoiling them so much you have to admit that Eisuke is a wonderful father.

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I couldn't stay away (Matt Espinosa)


“y/n come on! you can’t stay in your room forever! plus, you used to love these parties, all your friends will be there, you will have fun! I promise” my best friend Kristen nagged me. You see, the past couple of weeks haven’t been easy, me and my boyfriend Matt recently broke up, in a way that included screaming, crying, slamming doors, and more. There was no doubt that I still love him, but obviously if he can’t trust me to go out without cheating on him, he doesn’t feel the same way, so I decided to move on, easier said then done I guess.

“ I’m sorry Kristen I’m just not feeling up for it” I sighed, did I mention I was also fighting to keep myself from flipping out and having a panic attack?

“y/n you never feel up for things anymore, please just one night, then I will let you go back to your room and sulk for another month.” she smirked at me. I twiddled with my thumbs and looked around the room, trying to think of something that could get me out of this situation, but in the end, we all new she was going to drag me there anyway.

“fine, but I don’t want to stay long ok? I already feel like I’m going to throw up” I rubbed my head.

“y/n you and I both know thats the anxiety talking, you’ll be fine, its not like its a huge frat party with drunk people and drugs, its just a little get together with some old friends, its no big deal” she smiled at me.

So with that I started getting ready, applying only a little make up and and not really dressing to impress seeing this is people I’m comfortable with. I put on my converse and walked out the door, getting into the passenger seat of Kristen’s car.

When we got there I was actually pretty excited, I saw some faces that I haven’t seen in a while and I got to catch up with some new people to. Everything was going way better then I could ever hope for, no anxiety, no nerves, just a good time with some friends, until I saw him, Matt.

His eyes locked with mine and I swear I could feel my stomach drop, I turned in the opposite direction to find Kristen. I found her finally in the kitchen

“hey girly are you having- y/n whats wrong” kristen pulled me aside

“ he’s here” tears welled in my eyes “ Kristen Matt is here, he saw me, we need to leave” I frantically explained to her. My stomach felt empty and I thought for a second that I would pass out

“ y/n ok hold on, everything is going to be ok, we can leave” she soothed me

“ I can’t breathe” I choked out

Kristen grabbed my hand and pulled me through the crowd and up the stair case, Matts eyes never leaving me. We went into a spare bedroom and I sat down on the bed, tears already beginning to stream down my face as kristen locked the door.

“y/n its ok, this is just anxiety, you’ve been through this before, you can beat it” she held my hand

I tried taking deep breathes but just choked on my sobs

“I can’t do this” I stood up 

“y/n please try” she tried to sit me back down.

then there was a knock at the door

“y/n can I come in” 


“ Matt, seriously this is not the time” Kristen yelled

“ make it stop!” more and more tears came and I thought that I would never be able to calm down now.

“Kristen please let me in, I can help her, I used to help her get through it all the time.” Matt pleaded through the door

“Matt you may make it worse” Kristen pulled at her hair

“I just want to try, I can’t stand for her to be in so much pain”

Kristen sighed and ran and unlocked the door, Matt running in.

Matt’s POV

I ran over to y/n and cupped her face and wiped her tears away with my thumb, but more replaced them.

“y/n baby its ok, your fine, breathe with me”

“I-I can’t-t” she gripped my shirt as I lead her to sit on the bed, I kneeled in front of her taking her small shaky hands in mine

“yes you can, come on I will do it with you, 10 seconds in 10 seconds out” I rubbed up and down her arm

I started the breathing exercise and she tried to join in but kept choking on her breathes 

“Maaaaatttt” she whimpered

I cupped her face in my hands “ y/n, look at me” her eyes focusing on mine “you can do this, I know you can, this will pass, it always does, please try” I continued to lead her through the breathing and eventually it calmed her down

By now y/n was curled up on my lap, her face in my neck, soft sniffles every now and then as I held her close, rubbing her back and whispering sweet nothings in her ear until her soft breathes filled the room, knowing she was asleep.

“Matt I’m sorry I didn’t let you in sooner, its just that-” kristen began

“Hey, its ok, you don’t have to apologize, I completely understand, you wanted to protect her” I whispered so I wouldn’t wake y/n “do you want to take her home so-”

“Matt, you take her to your place” kristen smiled “its obvious who she needs right now”

I nodded, thanking her as I carried y/n out of the house and into the passenger seat of my car

When we got to my apartment I placed y/n down on my bed, tucking her in and kissed her forehead, I was about to walk out when I felt a small hand on my wrist, I turned around

“please stay” y/n whispered, her eyes remaining closed.

I pulled my shirt over my head and crawled under the covers, y/n’s arms then laced around me, her head buried in my chest, I held her close, kissing the top of her head.

“why did you help me?” she mumbled

“I couldn’t stay away”


Thank you so much for reading! 

PART 2??????

Gen-Swap Kakasaku: "Pupil"

So this started out nsfw, then it became very NSFW. And yet you’ll still hate me. Also, contains some experimental pseudo-poetry in the beginning because I had started out with a different direction at first.

This is going to be for Serenity, because I would’ve never been into glasses as much if it weren’t for her. Look what you’ve done. And also for Neon, because she’s Totes-Magotes cute and I keep promising her smut and this is as close as I can get right now. (Soon, my dear. Soon…

Last fic of 2013, guys! So hype!

Title: Pupil
Summary: There is always something more to learn.

Set after “Growth Spurt,” but before “Anachronistic.”

He knew everything about her.

From her shoe size to her favorite shampoo, to the way she walked too. Down to the exact moment her weight distributed to its next step, to the flying interchanging swing of her fingertips.

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shezzalovesmolly  asked:

Hey! I really love your potterlock fics and could you write Molly as Hermione at the Yule ball where Sherlock couldn't ask her to go with him and Molly is looking all pretty and he's just gobsmacked. Thank you :)

Initially, John had thought that Sherlock would do everything he could to get out of having to go to a ball, but as it so happened, Sherlock was actually rather enthusiastic about the prospect of dancing.  The only trouble was finding himself a date.  Because people.  And Sherlock.  The Ravenclaw decided that he wouldn’t worry about that until he really had to.  He kept putting it off and the Yule Ball was getting closer and closer.

It eventually occurred to Sherlock that he should ask Molly.  He was extremely fond of her and he doubted that she would have already secured a date for herself.  Well, he was dead wrong about that.

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day five of yatoriweek
title: ten firsts
pairing: yato/hiyori
word count: 2,309
summary: the first: promise. confession. kiss.
                  break up. get back together.
                   anniversary. "first time."
                        date. fight.
                    "i love you."

i. promise.

her first promise was told in an alleyway with stray cats and moldy bricks. the rain kissed the ground and yato’s bangs his forehead as he sat next to a trash can with fish bones and rotten banana peels, but all that he could concentrate on was hiyori sharing her umbrella with him, bowing a bit so they would both be protected.

“i’m not like you, yato! i will keep my promise! i will never forget you..!”

stupid hiyori, he’d thought. she held her umbrella in a way to completely cover him and so the back of her hair had rain tangled between strands, coat on its way to five shades darker and school bag with beads on it. yato’s cheeks flared red; he’d been made a promise by a human instead of making a promise to a human.

he’d granted wishes to stay alive, for a few days of remembrance, a window for him to find more clients, more wishes.

he hadn’t granted hiyori’s wish yet, but she promised more than a few days, she promised an eternity to remember him–him, someone that used to kill to survive, someone that hadn’t quite gotten his footing steady in who he wanted to be.

and yet she still promised him.

she promised to never forget him and it was the first.

the first of many promises she’d keep.

ii. confession.

he walked her home after school, took a detour and blurted out ‘i like you.’

spring coaxed cherry blossoms from their branches, little petal boats flowing down the gentle stream. lawns were pink and green, pavement scattered with the soft hues. 

light blue peacoat and soft pink scarf, her leather school bag was held with both hands in front of her. yato stared at her, his cheeks red to contrast his blue eyes and the blush on hiyori’s cheeks matched her eyes.

“i like you.”

and then moments later because his racing heart took hold of his tongue…

“…a-as a friend!”

but he saw disappointment flicker in hiyori’s eyes before she covered it up with a laugh. her lips moved with words he couldn’t hear because he suddenly blurted out…

“…as more than a friend. i… like you. i really, really like you!”

she stared and he stared back; cherry blossoms met ice and forever passed before she smiled so shyly that his heart felt like it would burst.

“…i like you too.”

iii. kiss.

he’d gotten a tad bit drunk and she’d come home a tad bit late. yukine was right next door and she knew the sound of her body to the wall would get his attention, but she’d have a few seconds to kiss him back.

his lips tasted of beer and hers of raspberry, feeling of his fingers pulling her hair more prominent than the pain of her head to the wall. yato’s palms were sweaty and her palm to his chest had his heart drumming to her; noses pressed together and teeth clicked, tongues didn’t know where to go or what to do but their first kiss couldn’t have been anymore perfect.

breath was stolen and lips were bruised, eyes half lidded as yato stared at her and she stared back. both were at a loss for words but hearts raced with words tongues couldn’t form.


he asked.

he smirked.

she smiled.

she nodded.

his body to hers.

her hands to his.


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