i couldn't find a good one that would work with the format

I’ve been reading a lot of webcomics lately so I just wanted to say:

Paranatural is on another level with its humour and facial expressions, and everyone should read it. Right now. DO IT. (also the outfits omg i want them all especially the insolent children hoodie but also isaac’s clothes shirt)

Cucumber quest has probably my favourite villain in anything ever, Rosemaster. (Chapter three is so good that all other comics are gonna need to step up their game with complex and loveable villains)

Monster pulse is an amazing read, and the simplicity of the style works amazingly to combat the arguably dark themes. Also all the characters are children? Like, realistically? They act how children would act but they’re not obnoxious or annoying? A+ characterization there.

ahaha i said arguably dark then showed the part where four children are watching a woman beat a man to death with a rock

Ava’s demon is so pretty, you’re hard pressed to find a more gorgeous comic. Also the single panel a page format makes it almost seem like you’re watching it rather than reading it.

Sleepless domain is like madoka magica crossed with x men? idk its really good and the characters are adorable. 

anonymous asked:

do you think cartoon network is gonna permanently switch to the episode bomb format? bombs are nice once in a while but i like weekly episodes more. i know we can't have both at the same time, but couldn't they at least make the bombs more infrequent?

hard to say, CN seems to be favoring the episodebomb format, especially for SU, but they’ve also been doing weekly premieres for most of their shows. So I don’t really know what they plan on doing. I don’t even think CN knows what they want to do. They’re trying to find the right schedule to get them good ratings, and I appreciate that (they need ratings to stay on the air and keep making good shows) but I feel like part of what’s dragging down their ratings is a lack of consistency. I know I’m not the target demographic so I don’t fault them for focusing on what works for kids, I just feel like consistency works better for kids too. I know when I was a kid, the longer a show I liked was having reruns, the more likely I was to forget about it altogether.

I prefer weekly episodes myself, too. I like being able to speculate and get excited for episodes each week, I like being able to look forward to my favorite show every week. Its comforting and its nice to be able to get new stuff of my favorite thing every week. Having 5 episodes in one week makes it harder to focus on and enjoy each individual episode and its just kind of exhausting to have so much at once and then slam on the brakes and have nothing. I think episodebombs work best when there’s enough cohesion between the episodes to feel like its ramping up to something. They’re best for events. The first Stevenbomb, which was the season 1 finale, was perfect, each episode added more tension and built up to the conclusion. The Week of Sardonyx also worked as an episodebomb since it was a very specific plot arc that started with the first episode of the bomb and was resolved in the last. While I think it would’ve worked fine as weekly episodes, it was benefited by being shown all in one week. Both of these episodebombs had a build from the first to the last episode which made it feel like it was meant to be watched in one week (impressive, since they had no idea CN was going to do episodebombs when those episodes were made)

I loved the other two Stevenbombs, but they didn’t really need to be episodebombs. “It Could’ve Been Great/Message Received/Log Date 7 15 2″ worked well together but they could’ve easily worked for weekly episodes (”It Could’ve Been Great” has a great cliffhanger). The second Stevenbomb (”Sworn to the Sword” through “Chille Tid”) has some of my favorite episodes, but absolutely did not need to be in an episodebomb format, it was not at all benefited by it in any way. And it makes sense, since the episodes (and really, all the episodes produced so far) were made with the idea it would be aired weekly, not within one week so they’re not written to build up over a week. As a result, some of the episodebombs fall flat because people are expecting them to be ‘events’ like the season 1 finale or the Week of Sardonyx. They’re still exciting and entertaining, because its SU, but they can’t live up to the expectation of being a full 5-episode event. And so, as a result, people care about episodebombs less than they did when they first started, because they’re catching onto how they’re just 5 weeks worth of episodes shoved into one week.

But mostly I just like consistency, if they really want to do episodebombs it would be nice if there was a reliable pattern of them. Like, once a month or something. An episodebomb is 5 episodes, which is equivalent to 5 weeks of episodes, so spacing bombs 5 weeks apart would round out to the same episode usage as having weekly episodes for that amount of time. What bugs me is that they have episodebombs and then entirely random lengths of time between them. I know the show is coming back, but without any solid indication of when I can’t really look forward to it so I’m stuck reeling in this uncertainty of just waiting for it to come back again. I could deal with month long, or even multi-month long, gaps if I know when to expect it to return. But its like will it be one month from now? Two? Three? Who knows. Its hard to look forward to it because its so vague, so I’m less looking forward to anything and more just waiting. And waiting is no fun.