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I love your fics - you write so well! Do you take prompts? I have this idea of Derek and Stiles being together/married and they've got a little kid like 3 or so. Derek is a fireman and has a tough day in which a 3yr old gets hurt and he comes home all deflated and drained and Stiles just wraps him up in bed and comforts him? So sappy I know haha couldn't help myself.

this is such an old prompt, but hey, here’s a little something. 


Stiles answers the phone, keeping an eye on Ryan in the bath.  “Hey, what’s up?”

“Is Ryan in bed yet?” Derek asks, his voice rough.

“Bathtime,” Stiles says, frowning as he hears noise in the background on Derek’s end.  “What’s going on?”

“I won’t be back for another hour at least but–”

“What is it?” Stiles asks when Derek hesitates.

“It was a bad call.  Everyone made it out, but there was a kid and–” Derek breathes out heavily.  “Can you keep Ryan up until I get back?”

“Yeah, Derek, of course.”  Stiles drags his fingers through Ryan’s bathwater and smiles when Ryan reaches for his turtle.  “Come home safe, okay?  I love you.”

“I love you too.  And Ryan.”

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