i couldn't even believe in what i was hearing

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Can you please do #76 if you are taking requests for the drabbles? I read that prompt and I honestly couldn't stop laughing. Thank you!

76. “Please put your penis away?”

This, was not the first thing Lance expected to hear when he answered the phone. Well, maybe Keith he could believe that. He’s said some weird fucking shit over the phone. But answering a phone call and hearing Hunk’s voice say that? Nope. Didn’t expect that at all.

“Hunk, buddy? Keith you didn’t take Hunk’s phone did you?”

“Wha- What are you and Keith having conversations about even? You know what never mind. Lance save me. My car broke down and now I’m in a BDSM club and really uncomfortable and I need you to save me and please I’m not interested in men or anyone right now. I’m taken. Please sheath your sword.” Lance had to smother his laughter as he fished for his keys and stumbled out of bed at a beautiful four o’clock in the morning. Lance shook his head. The weirdest shit always happened to their friend group

“Hang tight bud. I’ll be there in a sec.”

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i was about to message you but i couldn't so i'll send you an ask instead. thank you for sharing what kfans think about kaisoo. now that i read all of that, finally after stanning them since debut everything becomes clear (especially the 2nd box thing, the only thing sm gave us). but seriously thank you, i know we shouldn't believe it directly but i've been shipping them since forever so i guess my mind just comes believe in them naturally...

Hey there, 

I’m happy to hear that. Kfans are really happy to share these with us tbh. They are really happy about it. They even asked me how does ifans react to kfans thoughts? I can’t stop smiling about it.

Kfans are like ifans as well. We watch them, talk about them, come out of theories and discussed their interactions. The only difference between kfans and ifans is they are in SK while we’re out here, somewhere looking over Kaisoo onscreen. The way they described kaisoo is really different from how we described kaisoo. They said it’s impossible if there’s nothing going on between kaisoo. There must be something happens between them. They have seen kaisoo for more than 10 times and kaisoo never failed to amaze them with their aura/atmosphere. Even though they’re not talking or just standing next to each other, there’s this special atmosphere hanging around them.

All I can say is just believe in what you want to believe in :))))