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Three Seems To Be A Lucky Number

Okay, my sweets, in the grand old tradition of my writing history, I have nervously returned with a completely random sort of Drabble and I would just like to say in advance, I am so sorry that this is what I decided to return with, lmfao, fml. Idek, I just wanted to write something cliched and typical, and I’ve been taking my inspiration where I can get it, so I hope it isn’t as terrible as I worry it might be ^^

♡Lil’ Disclaimer♡
Genre: Smut/Fluff/AU/Might as well be a Drabble for me (less that 5k words)
Requested: My apologies, no.
Warnings: possibly crude smut, other than that, I can’t think of anything. This is a very, very tame one for me ^^)

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“Just five more push ups, and you’re free to do whatever you want for the rest of the night, I promise…“ It sounds like a nice compromise, I know it does.
But that doesn’t mean it actually is, or that it’s a manageable feat. Which it is not.
What my boyfriend, the guy whose currently playing the role of my drill sergeant, can’t seem to accept, is that my core strength happens to be nonexistent. There is no way I’m doing even one more push up. It’s a miracle I made it to the first five, let alone the even ten this torturer is insisting I achieve. What more does this guy even want from me?
I mean, to me, five seems like a nice solid number. Why try for more?
"Jeon, I really don’t think I can,” I whine, without a hint of grace. My arms feel limp, and I’m not sure my brain can convince my muscles to tense up enough to lift my upper body, even if I wanted to.
“What if I buy you ice cream, is that incentive enough for you?” He offers, quite literally sweetening the deal but I’m still not sure it’s enough, and to be quite frank I just don’t wanna.
Honestly why my lazy ass thought it would be a good idea to date a personal trainer is beyond me. Three months in, and I finally see it was a stupid idea.
“Stop sulking. You asked me to do this remember?” He reminds me, unnecessarily.
I do remember, unfortunately.

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1974 | Alecto & Belle


Alecto had spent the entire morning at the library finishing her homework and Amycus, because he never did anything, she was the one who did it for him. Sometimes she didn’t mind, like during the summer holidays because her father wouldn’t be breathing down her neck. But today was saturday and she would much rather be doing something else.

She ate a sandwich by herself at the kitchens before making her way back to the dorms. She was tired, she had woken up early and left her room when Belle and Ellie were still asleep.

She walked into her dorm and noticed that only Belle was there and she frowned as she closed the door. “Are you alright?”

After finding out Sienna had collapsed in the shower, Zach went into a slight panic. Pushing away from the desk, he got out of the chair quickly. Homework could wait, sweeping some papers off the desk, so he didn’t get attacked for being messy. Running out of the room, he quickly made his way upstairs, towards the bathroom. Running into his room, he quickly made his way into the bathroom. “Sienna” he said breathing a little heavier from running. He walked across the bathroom, and stepped inside the shower, about to help Sienna as the water ran all over him drenching his clothes.

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“You all are quite persistent! Just,” Samantha jumped over a fallen tree just in time to miss an arrow to her leg. “Leave me alone!” She finished. This group of Hunters were starting to get annoying. They were too determined about catching her. The hybrid would have attacked if she had enough energy to use her powers and her weapons would just slow her down. She decided it would be best to run and fight another day.

While continuing to try and outrun the current Hunters after her, Samantha noticed something out of the corner of her eye. She looked to see what looked like… Another pack of Hunters?! “This is not good.” She said. “Fighting might be what it’s boiling down to here…”