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I saw your tags on the physical affection thing with malec and I'm so glad I'm not the only one, this is the first time we've seen alec be so physical, even last episode the hello kiss was a split second and his hands were nowhere near magnus in that gentle way he was with V!magnus...I'm just very disappointed the writers did that, bc like you said it comes off as a joke and honestly it felt a little ooc of alec to suddenly be so physical and I couldn't even enjoy it bc it wasn't really magnus

yeah it definitely was not a moment that should be enjoyed and i don’t know how anyone could enjoy it or pretend like it was fine

it was meant to be a joke, which it wasn’t (mlm affection is not funny) and it was meant to make the audience uncomfortable. i definitely agree it also came off as strange because up until this point we have not seen them be that physically affectionate and we should have been seeing that

so we don’t get affection between magnus and alec, and then suddenly we do but magnus isn’t in his body. they could have had that scene but have had valentine physically avoid him, there was no need for that other than “look at this homophobe uncomfortable with mlm affection”

if they end up being just as affectionate for the rest of the season i’ll be overjoyed but that won’t stop this from being a fuck up. it’s not alright to deny a mlm couple intimacy and then suddenly give it to them under these circumstances. and obviously if they go back to having very little after this i’m going to be pissed beyond words

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As this older white guy comes up to the register to pay, I hear him asks the barista how much for those 2 and points at 2 clearly underage girls who were waiting for their drinks. The barista and I looked at him in shock with mouths open because we couldn't believe he just said that out loud. He saw us visibly surprised and those girls were backing away slowly in fear, so he claimed it was a joke but continued with said joke. We were all Asian girls, so it felt especially offensive and gross

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Wait, Touka is pregnant? And I thought TG couldn't possibly screw up anymore.

let me catch you up, my man. 

things tokyo ghoul has done

-dedicated an ENTIRE CHAPTER TO KANEKI AND TOUKA FUCKING. that is not a joke, if you wanna fap to something, it’s chapter 125 for those who want it. 

-Touka is pregnant, oh SHOCKER. who saw that coming, except ME AND EVERYONE WHO KNOWS WHAT HAPPENS WHEN YOU BAREBACK

-the only “trans” character actually isn’t trans, just a CRAZY WOMAN who’s yandere for a man, cuz you know, trans men don’t exist, they’re just WOMEN, and women are just, so weak to the opposite sex, they’re always bound to come back to them eventually.

-revealed that the person who hammered Suzuya’s testicles off is….a trans character too. a “man” pretending to be a woman.

-killed off Eto OFF screen and replaced her with a man who wants to rape a woman continuously. the fandom loves him. 

-made a guy homosexual and then had him strip naked and declare his irrelevant love for a subordinate

-killed off the other non gender conforming character who was presenting as male, possibly just as a disguise, but does it matter? ishida has made it clear that people who don’t conform to their proper gender don’t deserve to live

-did i mention the only “trans” character not only renounced their filthy gender confusion but also fucked a corpse because of “her” “womanish” weakness? ha. ha. ha. ha. ha. ha. ha. ha.

-in short? Kaneki’s still in the suitcase. Re never happened. 

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This customer told his son loudly, in front of his young daughter, that I wouldn't turn up the jukebox because I'm a girl who doesn't understand rock, even though I explained I could get in a lot of trouble (and it's a pizza place, not a bar???). Jokes on him though, I've seen several rock legends live, play bass in a small rock band, and was raised on rock. He always asks when he comes in and only believed me when my male coworker told him we couldn't.

Okay, new headcanon time, party because of that hilarious skit at the end of today’s episode (hey I’m not above cherry picking moments of hilarity for more hilarity).

Like, think of what would happen if Zaveid were to, for whatever reason, hang around with Alisha after everything goes down.  Let’s even say because of all that’s happened, she can interact with the Seraphim.  He thinks she’s got some good intentions, and a Hyland free of malevolence sounds like a nice way to not have to kill hellions and dragons anymore.  He can kind of dig it.  Besides, Mikleo’s hanging around Alisha, and Zaveid needs to make sure Mikleo’s okay after all the shit he just went through, so he’s going to hang around for a bit.

So, imagine Zaveid just chilling at a ball, shirtless, because That’s His Style.  Imagine Alisha being totally mortified that someone’s going to see a half naked man standing in like, the ballroom or some shit.  Imagine him just hearing all the dirty laundry and rumors and secrets and just dishing it all afterward, with Alisha being properly mortified - she is still a bit of a Proper Lady after all.  Zaveid also shares all this with Rose, who uses the Scattered Bones to leave messages to the nobles - Kill Alisha, and all of your dirty laundry/secrets are going to be aired.  All.  Of.  Them.  Someone tries, fails, gets assassinated for it (because Rose’s not completely out of the business despite being the Shepherd now), and all of their dirty secrets gets aired.  No one else tries again, lol.

Imagine Alisha being stuck in a meeting, trying to work out a treaty or negotiate a trade deal.  Mikleo’s helping her out with the general what’s known about this country bits, but Zaveid, he’s listening on the wind and hearing the other end of the negotiations, helping her get the best deal she can for Hyland.  He’s also on the look out for assassins, because, hey, just because they have all the dirt on the Hyland nobles, it doesn’t mean the other countries won’t try to kill her.  Alisha eventually gets a reputation for being one of the shrewdest politicians in Hyland despite her kindness, and nobody knows what she does when she retreats into her room to “think”, but all they know is that after every one of those moments, she comes up with something to secure the deal.  In truth, it’s because she had a little behind the scenes meeting with Mikleo and Zaveid.  And occasionally Rose, if she’s around and sneaks by, lol.

Imagine Alisha being forced to get married (think arranged marriage), because She’s Still Royalty, and that’s what she’d have to do, so Zaveid gives her some of the worst dating advice known to man (Mikleo knows this too and is facepalming in the background) but he also hears a lot of stuff on the wind so he helps keep her away from the worst of the suitors.  But when she does meet someone who’s actually really nice and kind, he’s also not above helping her a bit with a nice gentle breeze to make her look extra pretty for her suitor.

And also, Alisha would buy him a new shirt every week, and he will come up with a reason to lose his shirt that same week, and this continues for years and years, and it just becomes this sort of running joke/game with them.  It also goes down in history as one of Lady Alisha Diphda’s quirks, but hey, she did plenty of good for Hyland, so they’ll excuse her for needing to buy a men’s shirt once a week for, like, ever.

I Know I’ll Get It From A Good Friend (Update: Ch 5/7)

Clarke swears off dating for 6 months. Bellamy needs to get laid to move on from a bad breakup. The usual nonsense ensues.

Chapter 5 up now: Clarke joins the Blakes for Thanksgiving. Things don’t go exactly as expected.

Bellamy’s apartment was small, and sparsely decorated, but Clarke immediately felt at home there. The living room walls were lined with mismatched shelving, absolutely covered in books. The living room furniture was faced around a modest television set.

“God, Murphy, you’re so rude!” Octavia was reclining on the couch facing toward the kitchen, her injured foot elevated on a stack of cushions. “Sorry about that, Clarke. I’m so glad you could come!” Octavia’s smile could have lit up any room, Clarke was sure.

“Thanks for inviting me,” she replied. 

“Hey, friend.” Clarke turned behind her to see that Bellamy was standing in the middle of the kitchen, a dish towel thrown over his shoulder, holding a large mixing bowl. It was almost certainly the most endearing thing Clarke had ever seen. 

“Hey,” she smiled at him, “I brought wine. And cake.”

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There's an old (as in, from 2007) LJ post of yours here: [trapezzoid(.)livejournal(.)com/169277(.)html]. I occasionally get the urge to show it to people, but the image that was a large part of the joke has been removed. Would you make a Tumblr version of it, so I can reblog it? I could do it myself, but I feel wrong doing that without asking permission, even with credit. (If you don't have the image anymore, it does actually show up on a Google Image Search for "Mufasa Suit.")

simba takes his father’s death in stride and comes home with a mufasa suit

GOT7 working in a bakery

Mark - the ‘face’ of the shop. Works behind the counter, wooing customers into buying the entire cake rather than just a slice of it. Keeps a bookmark folder of cake recipes and designs on his phone that he thinks Jaebum will like

Jaebum - the manager and head baker because I’m a thirsty hoe and needed to imagine him shouting orders in the kitchen #sorrynotsorry. Specialises in hand-making tiny cake decorations. Enforces the ‘clean up as you go’ rule with an iron fist/spatula

Jackson - in charge of bread making. Comes in at 5 am every morning to start and always stays behind late to help prepare for the next day. Sometimes works with Mark behind the till, charming women and men alike. Has ‘WANG’ printed on his apron (obvs)

Jinyoung - keeps the accounts. Is sometimes drafted into the kitchen on busy days. Burns everything to a crisp but covers it up (literally) with artfully placed icing sugar in order not to be scolded by Jaebum

Youngjae - designs new cakes for birthdays, weddings e.t.c. as well as managing their website. Under the ‘employees’ tab on the webpage, lists Coco as the ‘Big Boss’ and the others as Minions 1 to 7

Bambam - waits the few tables they have inside the shop. Contrary to his stylish image, diligently cleans up after customers at the end of the day, sweeping crumbs away with a passion. dat boi always sweepin. y u gotta?

Yugyeom - confuses sugar with salt on the regular. Always, without a doubt, ends up with flour on his face, even if not working with flour that day. Frequently comes in early under the pretense of baking practice, but actually just doesn’t want Jackson to be lonely

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Shouto's s/o was invited to the family dinner at the Todoroki household and they witness Endeavor being a huge asshole, but not only to them but also to Shouto and his siblings? Maybe he brings up the topic of Shouto only ranking as second at the Sports Festival and his s/o just snaps and defends Shouto and his siblings? Someone has to stand up to that asshole -.-

((This got suuuuper long, so I’m putting it under a cut. Let me know if you can’t see it!))

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SPN Family Text Message at Hal-Con 014
  • Misha Collins: Hey guys! I just wanted to say, holy shit, that 200th episode screening party was the BEST corporate function I've ever been to. Not only was it just plain fun, but on a business level it felt like magic was happening. I haven't had that kind of creative synergy with the producers and writers in years. So glad we could make it!
  • Me (Mark Sheppard): I'm dead then.
  • Jared: I agree, Misha; what a magical gathering of talented artists and erudite minds. I felt truly satisfied upon going to bed that night, and subsequently waking the next morning. I hope to recreate that EXACT event in years to come.
  • Jensen: Couldn't agree more! It was like the culmination of ten years hard work realized right there on stage in front of an adoring crowd. The synergy between us certainly tangible. How great! Glad I didn't miss it.
  • Me (Mark Sheppard): Fuck off, bastards.
  • Misha Collins: I honestly think the four simple words "once in a lifetime" sum it up best. Oh shoot, Mark, are you getting these? I must have posted on an old text thread. Sorry about that. Disregard.
  • Jared: Mark? Who? Anyways, either "once in a lifetime" or "un-fucking-believable" would be an apropos 4 word phrase. All joking aside, if I'd missed that party, I'd have killed myself.
  • Misha Collins: Don't even let yourself go to that dark place. You would never miss something like that.
  • Jared: That's true. I'm not an asshole.
  • Me (Mark Sheppard): I'm on Reign now.
  • Misha Collins: I think Mark fell asleep and he's dreaming now. Everyone be quiet; he needs his naps.
  • Jared: That's true.
  • Jensen: Who is Mark?
  • Jared: No idea.
  • Misha Collins: I think he played Lucifer on the show a few years ago. Good job on that role, by the way, Mark. Very spooky.
  • J?: Yeah, yeah he was great! Best Mark for sure.
  • Me (Mark Sheppard): I've left for Halifax. There's nothing for me here.
  • Jensen: There's probably not much for you there either.
Current AC stats be like

this inspired me to write valdangelo bc I’m a nerd

nico and leo both seem to like puns + my not-so-secret love of puns = valdangelo fanfic. what’s better than valdangelo and bad puns, after all

I guess it’s not outright valdangelo but I wrote it with them in mind so

set sometime after they rescued nico from the jar~

as usual feedback/constructive criticism would be appreciated ty!!

fandom: Percy Jackson/Heroes of Olympus
pairing: Leo Valdez/Nico di Angelo
word count: 1,329

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