i couldn't choose so i posted both

Let’s play a game?
Sunday SinDay, I have two nsfw sketches, sketch A and sketch B.
I have time to color only one.

Each sketch features only one character, both VLD of course, there’s male and there’s female, I won’t tell you which is assigned to what letter.
Choose a letter, write a comment (just ‘A’ or ‘B’ is enough) and let’s see where it leads ,)


Thank you all! Results in next post

anonymous asked:

I once got pretty drunk at magaluf and was talking to these two hot Scottish guys who were both being flirty and I was flirting back. They asked me which one I liked more and I said I couldn't decide and that they were both great so why should I choose they looked kinda spooked by the idea of a three way but invited me to their hotel room nonetheless all three of us had our first threesome and it was great