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Could you make a montage of all the official KuroShiro art because I can't tell if certain pictures are fan art or official

Okay but, before that, you need to know that “TOO GAY” doesn’t exist for K. 

K’s official art is gay

Hella gay

And there is no limit for the gay

(No one is straight in K)

(Woah okay)

(That blush. Guess who Shiro’s going to choose as queen.)

(Yes, Kuro is blushing here)

(Kuro’s hand though)

(Please look at where both of Shiro’s arms are)

(Yes, Kuro is blushing here too)

(Yes this is official too)

(No, you’re not crazy, they are holding hands.)

If you think “this is too gay to be official” then think again

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Hi, thedarkestcrow. What is your favorite Ciel expression? What about Sebastian? Lau? Undertaker? Edward? And Lizzy? I'm sorry about the long list. Take your time. Couldn't remove anyone from the list. Just didn't feel right.

Ohh, haha this is a nice challenge. XD But it’s not so easy to choose just one.

For Ciel, I like his evil scheming expressions when he feels like he’s the one in control of a situation. ^^

But I also really like this expression of him (from the extra chapter scanned by @funtomscandy)…

…because for once he remembered a good moment of his past without being terrified or triggering his trauma.

For Sebastian, I like his evil, demonic, superior, “I’ll kill you” expressions.

For Lau…

Undertaker when he’s showing real emotions:

For Edward these two extremes. XD

And for Lizzy… I like her badass, strong expressions but my favorite expressions for her are when she is happy.


I didn’t notice on my first play through. While you’re trying to help find a way to Sully’s plane (after the run-down of dragging him off the island), Sam lingers at each and every scenic spot behind the group that they pass.

Just taggin along. Taking in all the things he probably spent most his time in prison and before imagining would sound, smell, and look like. And then he finds he’s going to need to leave it all. Before he’ll get the chance to really take it all in, and have it stay where the struggle to get there took place.


fleeting moments when happy and toby touch each other (requested by sheisagenius)

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I hope I'm not too late for the requests, "Sorry for calling so late- I couldn't stop thinking about you.." with Kaminari please? (I had the hardest time choosing one because all those prompts are so cute ♡)

Tbh I’m surprised I haven’t really gotten a single Kaminari scenario in my inbox since I first made this blog. The same with Midoriya I thought I’d be seeing a lot more of these two in general. I’m lowkey a little sad about it

Rolling over onto your side you sighed contently, the shift in position gave you the relief and comfort you were looking for and you pulled the covers over you in your hazy state. A few moments passed and you just as you felt yourself about to fall back into the grips of slumber you heard your phone start to ring. For a second you thought it was your alarm but after careful analysis you realized that it couldn’t possibly be it because it was the weekend. 

You sat up, annoyance clear on your groggy face and you half wondered what kind of idiot would be calling at such an hour. Right before you answered you glanced at the time seeing it was around 1 in the morning. 

“It’s one in the morning what is it?” You grumbled rubbing your eyes with your spare hand. 

“Sorry for calling so late- I couldn’t stop thinking about you.” You recognized the voice as Kaminari and a little bit of your annoyance faded away. 

“You’re unbelievable…” You said with a huff. “Enough with the smooth talk though, what about me is keeping you up?”

“Where do I start? What about you doesn’t keep me up?” He sighed into the receiver. “I could go on for days.”

“You’ve got an hour at max.” You chuckled at least somewhat amused by his late night antics. 

He laughed sheepishly but continued on going to talk in length about just how smitten he was with you and how he was extremely lucky to have someone like you to love him. You listened for a while as best as you could giving the occasional response or some sort of hum of acknowledgement. But there came a point where you couldn’t keep yourself up much longer and only after pausing to hear your response did Kaminari hear the soft breathing of the other end of the line. He laughed a bit to himself thinking about how it was bound to happen eventually. Looking at the clock he mused out loud about how he should probably get some sleep as well and follow your example. 

“Goodnight, (Y/n).”

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Hi, Erin (I know, I know, I'm everywhere and can't seem to leave you alone, so sorry for that ;p) But I saw you were doing the drabbles again and, well, I couldn't resist? Would it be okay if I requested one? (If not, just say the word, I don't want to bother you). I was thinking either 25 or 36 with Dean and anything you want to do with it?

I’m just gonna choose 36 for this ;) 

36.  “Is this you trying to seduce me?”

It’d been a rough hunt, but not the worst any of you had ever been through, and thanks to Cas all wounds were healed and taken care of. Thank God. You really hated playing doctor sometimes. 

You’d claimed the shower first, letting the hot water and rare good water pressure ease the ache in your muscles. You figured you would stand there till one of the boys threw a fit about you taking all the hot water, not caring if you left any for them at this point. This time alone was the only time alone you got sometimes and you took advantage. 

It wasn’t until the water ran cold that you realized you’d been in there longer even than you anticipated and yet you hadn’t been yelled at by either Winchester. Usually Dean would have been pounding on the door, threatening to either pull you physically from the steaming water or just join you. The latter you had to admit you wouldn’t actually mind, but you never expressed that. Never expressed how much Dean really meant to you, afraid to ruin what you already had.  

Stepping onto the bathroom rug, you dried off, wringing your hair out as much as you could and wrapping the towel around your body. It was rather quiet on the other side of the bathroom door and your curiosity got the better of you. 

You opened the door and stepped into the main room. It took a moment for your eyes to adjust to the dim lighting compared to the bright lights behind you, and when they did, you noticed Dean at the little kitchenette table lighting the last of several candles he had arranged on the table. Between the two seats sat a bottle of whiskey, and not just the cheap stuff, and two boxes of pizza. 

“What is going on?” 

Your voice made Dean jump nearly out of his skin as he turned around to face you. You didn’t miss the little up and down Dean’s eyes did to your barely clothed form, water still dripping onto your bare shoulders. And you didn’t miss that Sam was gone and Dean was…well, he was clean. 

Before he spoke, another slew of questions fell from your lips. “Are you…where did you shower? Where’s Sam? What is going on? Is that pizza?” 

“If you give me a chance to answer,” Dean said with a chuckle, stepping towards you and you could see his green eyes dancing with a levity you hadn’t seen in a while. “I, um, I just wanted to, like, I just wanted to have you to myself for the night-”

“You liiiike me,” you said in a sing song voice, teasing Dean, causing a smile to break out on that ridiculously handsome face of his, his smile lines that you loved so much deepening. You took a step forward, closing the gap between you and went up on tiptoe so you could whisper into his ear. “Is this you trying to seduce me?” 

Dean cleared his throat and you felt him fidget against you, his hands landing on your hips, the towel pulling down just the slightest under the weight of his hands. 

You pulled back so you could look at him, but his eyes weren’t on your face. They were focused on the bare skin of your chest above the towel, a towel that was quickly loosening from where you’d tied it. 

Placing a finger under his chin, you lifted his face up till your eyes met his lust blown ones, his arms tightening around your waist and pulling you closer against him. “Is it?” you asked again. 

“What if I said ‘yes?’” he asked you, his voice deep and husky. 

You again went up on tiptoe, but this time to kiss the corner of his mouth before answering him. “Then I’d say it’s working,” you said against his cheek, feeling him shiver, the towel pulling down even more in front as you did and you felt the perfect knot you’d made snap completely loose. 

As Dean’s hands found the bare skin of your back and his lips found yours, all other thoughts left your head, the musky perfect smell of Dean surrounding you. 

Pizza was just fine cold. 


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Aaaah I love your blog! I think you choose the perfect GIFS for the asks!! I'm on my phone right now and I couldn't find the rules, so I'm sorry if I ask something I'm not supposed to, but I was wondering if I could request how the league of villains would be if they are drunk!

Woah, thank you very much! I did some members of the League of Villains.

Shigaraki Tomura

Kurogiri (if it possible Oo)

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I'm a newer follower of yours but I really like your writing! If I may ask for a request, could you do “Don’t give me that puppy dog face. How am I supposed to say no to that?” or “God, you always make me blush so damn much.” or “You can call me whenever you want… Even if you don’t have a reason to.” from the fluffy/blushy prompts? Gon and Killua of course~ Sorry I just couldn't choose one! Do whichever one you'd like out of these if you have the time! <3

This idea was too fun to not do. Thank you so much for following me! It makes me happy to know you like my writing, I hope you like this!

This can technically take place in canon? I’ll tag it as an au though.

“No,” Killua said flatly. 

“Whaaaat? C’mon, Killua, it’ll be fun!”

Killua looked from Gon’s pouting face back towards the ride. He let his eyes slowly roam over the heart-shaped tunnel, the swan boats, the blinking neon sign:

‘Love Tunnel’. 

Well fuck that.

“There’s no way,” Killua said through clenched teeth. “That I would ever get into that thing.”

“But I want to do it!”

“Tough shit! I’m not giving into you this time, no way in hell.”

“Killuaaaa.” Gon’s brow puckered and his lower lip trembled.

“Oh, no. Don’t even start, Gon! Your stupid puppy dog face won’t work this time.”

Gon tried to intensify the look, making his eye large and glossy. Normally Killua would’ve caved by now; whenever Gon made that face something in his gut twisted painfully.

Not this time.

“No,” Killua said again. “I’m not doing it.”

Gon dropped the act immediately. “Why not?! We’ve gone on every other ride together so far, this one’s not any different!”

“There’s nothing you can say to make me go in there!” Killua snapped. “That thing is for couples and lovers, and-”

“What if I told you I liked you?”

Killua froze, mouth hanging open wide. He glanced back at Gon. He had to be joking, right? There was no way he wasn’t.

But Gon wasn’t smiling. His gaze was steady and clear, and Killua could even make out the slight red tinge rising to his cheeks-

“I-I don’t believe you,” Killua stammered.

Why?” Gon asked with a frown.

“I- you- just, because! There’s no way you could be serious about something like that, you’re probably just saying that to manipulate me to going on the ride!”

Gon’s eyes darkened. He roughly grabbed Killua’s wrist and pressed their joined hands to his chest.

“Do you feel that?” Gon asked as Killua stood immobilized by shock. 

Killua could. The rapid and heavy thudding of Gon’s heart raced under his and Gon’s fingers. Killua could tell it was beating at twice its normal rate because he could feel his own heart responding in kind.

“I like you, Killua,” Gon said again. “I wouldn’t joke about something like that. And I know you like me, too.”

“You can’t just assume something like that,” Killua argued weakly.

Gon smiled slightly. “Your face is bright red, Killua.”

God fucking damnit. How was this his life? He wanted to bang his head against the nearest trash can until he couldn’t think straight anymore-

“So, can we go on the ride?” 

Killua zeroed in on their hands as Gon interlocked their fingers. He looked suspiciously at Gon who was now beaming, swinging their hands back and forth like they were kids.

“…fine,” Killua said finally and Gon’s face lit up. 

“But, Gon, that means no funny business, okay?! I’ll die before I fall into that shitty boat water-”

Gon laughed joyfully before quickly pressing his lips to Killua’s.

“You think too much,” he whispered as Killua’s brain internally shut down.

Gon had kissed him. Kissed him. Him, Killua Zoldyck. He’d been kissed by Gon-

And then he was tugged forward and he numbly followed his friend (boyfriend??? what the hell had just happened?!) onto the swan ride he had just sworn he would never in a million years go on.

Well. There was a first time for everything, right?

Follower thank you!


💖 Some Daiya no Valentines in the last few hours of Valentine’s Day ‘16 💖 

I would’ve loved to draw more of the baseball sons + lame pick up lines, but this is all I had the energy to crank out. Kuramochi’s is my favorite. Who would you choose? (*^∀゚)

Waterfall [Cas]
Acapella by Teza
Waterfall [Cas]

Oh hey. It’s been a while since I wanted to share this. I fell in love with this acapella cover by Teza Belmond and couldn’t help but add lyrics (by Aria R.) on it. (also made another version with actual instrumental and I really fought to choose which one to go with)

I imagine Frisk singing this while being in Waterfall with the skelebros, but really, I don’t know where or when they would be able to do that.

Don’t laugh at my childish voice. Please.


Gryles Roadtrip AU:

“Don’t choose the one who is beautiful to the world. But rather, choose the one who makes your world beautiful.” 

Happy birthday @intrepid-lens!

I know you really wanted a picture set for a Gryles roadtrip, so I did my best. I hope it looks good even though I had a lot of trouble finding pictures to work with the theme.