i couldn't be more proud of him

excuse me while I d i e ❤❤❤

(lil bb davo taking even his imaginary hockey games so seriously why does this not surprise me)

I feel like in this new video we saw the real Dan; the vulnerable Dan; the Dan that has struggles and isn’t always perfect. This is a Dan who is no longer afraid to be honest with the world and honestly, I’ve never related to Dan more. I love him more than I thought possible and I’m so proud to see him be so brave 😌


Kyungsoo’s winning speech for ‘2017 Korean Movie Shining Rookie Award’

Thank you for inviting me to this meaningful event.
I want to sincerely thank director Kwon Sookyung, fellow actors and also the staff.
I will gain more experience and work harder to be an actor that always presents his good side.

Trans credit @/dyororo

Ok but consider this: Jason Grace looking for part time jobs because he doesn’t want to be maintained by Piper’s dad while he’s with them in California.

So he starts looking for small jobs like painting houses, walking dogs, distribute newspapers or even babysitting, all to start putting together his own money.

And then is Piper, who at first tries to convince him not to worry about money, but it does not happen too much until she realizes that for Jason it’s not just about money, and she could not be more proud of him.


march 9th 1993; happy birthday, yoongi~ since your last birthday you’ve accomplished so many of the goals you had set out to achieve, and a lot of amazing things have happened in your life; it makes me immensely happy to see your success and growth and - even more so - the absolute joy these achievements have brought you. seeing you out there shining so bright makes me feel extremely proud of the person you have always been - incredibly driven, hard-working, honest, brave, kind and warm-hearted - and even though you don’t think that of yourself, that’s exactly who you are. thank you for inspiring me and so many other weirdos out there to follow their dreams and work hard for what they want. everything you’ve been through, all the tough times, they’ve brought you exactly where you deserve to be. i hope this new year of your life turns out to be even more amazing than the last and that you keep growing and making all of us proud. i hope i get to continue to support you for all the years to come ♡ ♡ ♡  #happysugaday

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Steve fic based around this button? i(.)ebayimg(.)com/images/g/MDkAAOSwt0FZCocL/s-l500(.)jpg

Steve didn’t think something as small and inconsequential would have lasted. But there it was in a box of effects that Becca had given him (there was a shirt and a scrap of paper Steve had drawn the skyline on for Bucky and some letters with Bucky’s deliberate, heavy handwriting).  

I gave my share inside a faded red heart and the year – 1928.


He’d been ten, at the time, breathing reedy and limbs thin.  He was picking himself up from a scrap, (Bucky would be back for Steve once he’d properly run the other boys off), when he saw it, shiny and entirely not trash behind the barrel.

Fifty cents.  A whole fifty cents and Steve couldn’t believe it.  He and Bucky could split something at the diner, maybe.  

He thought of what his Ma had said about fortune and some people not having any, had thought of the fight he was in – the little girl was gone but her shoes still had holes in them bigger than Steve’s.  

When Bucky returned, Steve had pocketed the quarters and was dusting himself off.   

“Your Ma is gonna kill me.  Lookit you.”  

“We gotta make a stop on the way, Buck.”  

Bucky glared and Steve returned it, neither having the energy for anything more.  

Bucky sighed.  “Fine.”

Steve marched them straight to the Red Cross and donated the fifty cents he’d found, and the woman at the desk – kind-faced and eyes full of something Steve couldn’t describe – gave him a pin.  I gave my share, it said.  

He pinned it on his shirt and his Ma – when he stepped through the door at home she didn’t mention his bruises or the bleeding, but she saw his pin and smiled so wide, Steve thought her cheeks might ache.  


Steve left the pin in the box, needing to find a place that would be safe but visible for him to keep it.  It made him think of his Ma and Bucky and Erskine; on those days he questioned himself and his purpose, it helped him to think of his ten-year-old self, reassure himself that boy, that boy who wanted to give, was still in there.  

@district3-jj here’s another one of your suggestions. your other one has already been written by me, hope you like this one too! 

#222: aaron blushes whenever someone compliments robert when they’re out. once they were in the supermarket in town and aaron was watching him pick out some fruit, he felt a squeeze to his arm and turned to see an old lady smiling at him and telling him that he was lucky to have a ‘looker’ like robert. he just nodded, cheeks going all red and waited for her to leave before he whispered, “yeah i really am” and caught robert wink at him before walking back over.

Aaron hates food shopping in general. He’s impatient when it comes to picking out what’s best and he usually just grabs the cheapest thing he can get. 

Robert’s different though, of course he’s different

“Mate, can we just get out of here now.” Aaron’s moaning, feels like a child and Robert doesn’t even raise an eyebrow anymore because he’s used to this, he’s expecting a little tantrum after the fifteen minute mark ticks by. 

“I’m just looking for the humus I like.” Robert says, humming a little to himself as he looks back at Aaron and sees his husband give him this little stubborn nod. Robert smiles, comes a little closer to Aaron and then he’s pressing a quick kiss to his cheek. 

“And before ya say anything, it’s the one with the little olive bits, not just the usual stuff." 

Aaron smiles a little at that, Robert knows him so well it’s a joke. 

He lets him go, lets his husband wander off down the isle looking aimlessly for this Finest Range humus which probably cost five quid and tastes like shit. 

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Shopping trip bonding

They’re shopping when it happens. Kara gets a text and her face lights up, Connor can hear her heartbeat pick up and the way her step gets lighter.

“Is that Lena?” 

Kara’s grin answers his question even before her nod. 

“Yeah, she’s lonely and wanted someone to talk to.”

“You two are such girlfriends.” Connor jokes, ducking when Kara swots at him, scrunching up her face as she shakes it off.

“Shut it Kent.”

He grins, holding his hands up in mock defence before sliding them back into his pocket. Kara hums as they walk and when she tells him that Winn and James are five minutes away he stops. His fingers toying with the hem of his over-sized hoodie (it was Kal-El’s that Kara talked him into giving Connor). He stops walking and Kara turns to look at him so fast, he sometimes forgets that she has superpowers.

“I know you’re scared but it’s going to be okay, I promise. It was their idea, they both want to help you out. I would but I’m not exactly a style guru.” 

He barks out a laugh as she adjust her glasses with a dorky smile. 

“No but I am. Did Lena like the blazer I picked out for you?”

“You’re lucky I can’t punch you now!” 

He grins delighting in how she blushes and mumbles for him to stop teasing. They wait around for another minute chatting quietly when James shows up with Winn. 

“Hey Kara, Little Kent.” Winn greets them first with a wave as James greets them both with a smile. Connor waves awkwardly, stuffing his hands in his pocket as his anxiety sky rockets.

“Try to relax, okay Connor. It’s just us here, we’ll get you some clothes and if you feel uncomfortable at any point just let me know and we’ll leave. Whatever you need, we’re here to help you.” 

Connor nods looking up at the genuine concern and compassion in James’ eyes. He follows them into the first shop and he can see the shop assistant watching them with a judging stare. Kara wraps an arm around him and together they rifle through some shirts hanging on the rack. Together they find two shirts he likes. As he turns around Winn hands him a pile of clothes. 

He stutters but then Kara is bouncing around excitedly telling him to go and try them on. He can’t find it in him to protest when she’s looking like an over eager puppy so he relents and shuffles to the changing room.

He feels awkward when he emerges from the changing room sporting a plaid shirt and jeans. The same assistant from earlier looks at him with disdain but Kara and James are immediately blocking his view as they smile encouragingly at him.

“I knew Winn would pick out plaid shirts! He’s so predictable.” Kara laughs as James rolls his eyes but then their attention is back to Connor.

“That looks awesome man. I have something that will go with it.” 

Connor smiles as James hands him a brown leather jacket and he pulls it on, letting James fix the lapels.

“That is so perfect for you Con. I guess James is more of a style guru then I am. All I got was this hat.”

Kara pouts, shoving James’s hands out of the way as she places the faded black beanie on Connor’s head, adjusting it - her tongue poking out in concentration as she brushes his messy bangs out of his face, twisting the hat until it sits right on his head.

“There. Now you look perfect.”

He glances at his reflection in the mirror and a smile forms on his face. It’s instantly replaced by a blink of confusion as he hears a click and then he spots the phone in Kara’s hand. 

“I have to show Lena! She’s dying to see what you picked out,” Kara reasons before he can protest and she’s clicking send before he has time to process it. When she looks back up she’s grinning more and Connor doesn’t have to ask before she’s rambling with an adoring gaze in her eyes.

“Oh Rao! Lena’s here, she just text me and said she was with Winn- she thinks you look great by the way. I should go say hi, maybe she can help us out. Lena has a great style, she can totally help me out…I mean you, she can totally help you out. I’ll go grab her.” 

Then she’s whizzing off in a mad dash. Connor chuckles as James shakes his head with an amused smile.

“You’ll get used to her doing that.” James laughs.

“Somehow I don’t think I’d be able to talk her out of it even if I wanted to.” Connor simply shrugs with a content smile.

Lena does help them, she takes one look at Connor and then she’s pulling Kara to a different rack with a determined smile on her face. They return moments later followed by Winn, with Kara giggling as Lena smiles affectionately, handing James some clothes before her attention turns back to Kara. 

Connor takes the clothes watching as Kara giggles again, playfully shoving Lena’s shoulder as the woman throws her head back with soft laughter. He nods to James who gives him a knowing look before proceeding to go back to the changing room.

He tries on five different outfits and eventually decides on a pair of navy jogging bottoms, a mixture of different t-shirts, collared shirts and two pairs of jeans as well as the leather jacket James picked out and the beanie that Kara chose. He’s concerned about the money and it shows on his face when he hovers by the counter. It’s James that wraps an arm around him this time and leads him to the counter, nudging him with a smile. Connor smiles back albeit nervously and shyly pushes the clothes towards the cashier.

“Are you sure they’re right for you? These are very masculine clothes.”

The shop assistant has a patronising smile and Connor stiffens at her words. Looking away as hurt floods his face.

“Excuse me?!” Kara exclaims, gaze cutting into the woman, her nostrils flaring as Lena’s hand grips her arm, the touch calms her but only a little and Connor can tell that the Kryptonian wants to say and do a lot more but what surprises him is who speaks next. Watching with wide eyes as Lena moves infront of Kara, her arms folded as she stares down at the woman behind the counter.

“Here’s what is going to happen here: I am going to hand over my very expensive credit card and you are going to give us what we came here for. You will not utter another word unless it is to apologise to my friend and you will smile because if I have to speak to your manager you will regret it. Is that clear?”

The woman lets out a weak nod, shrinking under Lena’s gaze. Lena looks at her with disgust before she steps back, looking back to see four open mouthed expressions. She gives them a satisfied smirk before turning back to the cashier who hastily passes her the bags and her credit card. 

“We’re still waiting on that apology.”

The woman apologises and then Lena is strutting out of the store as the others trail behind her. They are out of the store when Kara speaks.

“Lena that was amazing!”

“Kara’s right, that was fierce girl.” Winn agrees and Lena laughs, shrugging it off as she speaks again.

“Don’t. No one deserves to be disrespected like that. I may not know exactly how it feels but I know a lot about being judged. Are you okay Connor?”

“Yeah. Thanks Lena.” 

Lena’s smile in response is soft and Connor can only smile back, he thinks that if Kara were to start dating the CEO he wouldn’t mind. 

“I can’t believe you paid for it all  though, you didn’t need to do that!” Kara is persisting, completely ignoring the amused looks as she addresses Lena. 

“Well I am rich, that money has to go somewhere.”

“Still…” Kara pouts and Connor watches as Lena shakes her head and actually leans in to tuck a piece of hair behind Kara’s ear.

“Fine, if you insist then you can buy my lunch and we’ll call it even.”

“You got it!” 

Kara’s excitement is contagious and Connor follows the two watching with a proud smile when Lena links her arm with Kara’s, bringing them closer as they lead the way. James bumps his shoulder and Connor lets himself relax, content with listening to the chatter around him, feeling more comfortable with each moment. 

Another one for you Quinn<3 @lenaluthorsbitch hope you liked it <3


Four years ago [London, 2012] Neymar lost the Olympic football final against Mexico and ‘won’ the silver medal.

Now - 4 years later - he has finally won the gold medal in his home country. Also a historical medal, because it’s the first gold medal in football for Brazil.

Camp Camp Hybrid AU

So, since I didn’t get any backlash to the idea of making my own hybrid AU, I decided to write up some ideas. Please note that yes, I’m aware other people have made hybrid AUs too, this is just my take on a popular idea c:

Hybrid types {according to character}

David - red squirrel

I went for something energetic and chipper, that also coincidentally matches David’s hair colour. He’s always sort of reminded me of a squirrel anyway, with the whole tree thing. {animal body parts: tail and ears}

Gwen - New Forest pony

New Forest ponies are wilder and more temperamental than domestic horses, but also tend to stick together in groups and are wary of other animals. Gwen kind of reminded me of one in that sense? {animal body parts: tail and hooves}

Daniel - American mink

While mink are usually brown, domestic mink that have escaped from captivity can be white/blonde. They’re also ruthless killers, and have endangered the water vole. Tell me that’s not Daniel. {animal body parts: tail, ears and canine teeth}

Jasper - blue hare {also known as the mountain hare}

Hares are pretty quick, robust and adventurous? That sounds like Jasper. Blue hares specifically are brown in the summer and white/blue-grey in the winter, so perhaps Jasper’s fur was brown while he was alive, but is white now. {animal body parts: ears and tail. He can also run really fast if he goes on all fours}

Max - Havana brown cat

Idk, I always thought that Havana browns in particular looked kinda… grumpy. They’re really pretty cats, though, and while they’re independent, they love affection. {animal body parts: ears, tail, retractable claws, and cat-eyes}

Neil - fallow deer

They’re tall, lanky, awkward, shy… they even have the same fur colour as Neil’s hair. {animal body parts: ears, tail and hooves}

Nikki - timber wolf

A lot of people seem to think she’d be a dog hybrid, but I think she’s too wild and independent for that. Wolves are also incredibly social and active, and they can become depressed if they’re kept in captivity. {animal body parts: ears, tail and canine teeth}

Preston - Mandarin duck

They’re really fucking loud, and huge show-offs, with flashy colourful feathers. Need I say more? {animal body parts: tail feathers, and some wing feathers lining his arms. He also has a smattering of small feathers on his neck and cheeks, and webbed toes, though he’s self-conscious about them}

Harrison - leopard gecko

Because what else could he be? He’s a literal gecko son. {animal body parts: tail, and sticky pads on his hands and feet which he can use to climb impossibly steep surfaces. Maaaagic. Not really}

Nerris - sheep

I struggled with Nerris and was going to put her down as a dragon hybrid, but I didn’t really want to use mythical creatures. So. Sheep. Her little floof of hair reminds me of a sheep’s wool. Sheep are also kinda wary and act defensive until they trust you, then they’re really sweet and cuddly. {animal body parts: ears, tail, hooves, hair floof is wool}

Space Kid - chocolate labrador

C'mon, have you ever met a chocolate labrador? They’re really dopey and sweet, love food, love affection, and seem like they wander around in a dreamy daze until they smell food. Then it’s all systems go. {animal body parts: ears, tail, and canine teeth}

Dolph - striped skunk

No reason for this one except he REALLY looks like Flower from Bambi. {animal body parts: ears, tail, and small canine teeth} (NOTE: This AU is FREE FROM OFFENSIVE JOKES. Get that shit outta here)

Ered - peregrine falcon

The stunt-divers of the bird world, the fastest animal on the planet. They’re pretty cool. {animal body parts: tail feathers, some wing feathers lining her arms, talons on her feet. Also, like Preston, a smattering of small feathers over her neck and cheeks}

Nurf - pitbull terrier

Bred to fight, but naturally very sweet-tempered. If they’re taken care of the right way, they can be really friendly and affectionate. However, look after them the WRONG way, and all hell breaks loose. {animal body parts: ears, tail, canine teeth}

Sasha - red-backed shrike

A really pretty little bird… that impales its prey on thorns. {animal body parts: tail feathers, some wing feathers lining her arms, and again, a smattering of small feathers over her cheeks and neck}

Tabii - canary

I… thought she looked like a fluffy lil canary. Tell me I’m wrong. {animal body parts: tail feathers, some wing feathers lining her arms, and small feathers over her cheeks and neck}

Erin - hyacinth macaw

They’re bright blue and really intelligent, even if they just tend to repeat what others are saying. {animal body parts: tail feathers, some wing feathers, small feathers over her neck and cheeks}

Workings of the AU

  • Hybrids of different species’ can be in relationships and mate, but they’ll be unable to have children unless they adopt.
  • All hybrids are equal. No matter the species, everyone tries to get along and be tolerant.
  • Predator and prey hybrids will often clash, but they are encouraged not to.
  • Camp Campbell was created in an attempt to get young hybrids to connect better with their species, and make new friends belonging to other species, but gradually developed into specific activities and hobbies.
  • Hybrids with hooves will usually go barefoot, since it’s difficult to fit normal shoes over hooves. However, horse/pony hybrids like Gwen will wear horseshoes.
  • Hooved hybrids tend to kick if annoyed or startled.
  • Canine hybrids usually get along well and love to socialise, while feline hybrids are usually more aloof and prefer to be alone.
  • Rodent/mustelid hybrids are usually targeted by predator hybrid bullies, but mustelid hybrids have a better chance of defending themselves and earning some respect.
  • It’s very soothing for a mammal hybrid to have their tail brushed or stroked.
  • Conversely, touching their ears can result in annoyance, unless they’re a dog hybrid, in which case, go ahead.
  • Reptile hybrids need to be kept warm at all times, due to being cold-blooded. This means that Harrison has to be swaddled in blankets over the colder months, and can’t participate in outdoor activities during cold weather.
  • Squirrel hybrids like David can rocket up a tree in five seconds flat, and often do when startled or upset. If David’s in a mood, Gwen can usually find him in a tree.

Any more questions about this AU? Feel free to ask! c:

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Louis can't stop saying how proud he is of his boy and I want to cry. IMAGINE what he is feeling, it's his baby right there. He was right next to him at 16, holding him tight when they thought everything was over because, of course, he couldn't let Harry be upset. Now he is seeing him conquering the world with his music and his acting, and Louis was right next to him every step of the way :')

they’re both so successful as a unit and individuals name a more powerful couple

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Imagine Bucky having a daughter who, in honor of her father, trains and perfects herself to become an avenger. She does it all on her own and he couldn't be more proud and is even prouder when she shows him she got a full sleeve tattoo of his arm on her left arm. "I want people to see this arm and remember the true hero behind it dad."

Oh my goodness yes and maybe she’d put his name somewhere

Daddy Wednesday™

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Hi dearest, I hope you're doing well! Can you do some hcs for judar, kouen and muu meeting their future s/o, but s/o doesn't know they are..well, who they are, so the boys tell things abt themselves to try to impress them. Example: kouen tells them that he "grew a goatee to match the imperial prince, and the prince looks great w it"; judar tells them that he heard stories abt how "judar is the greatest magi of all",etc. I hope I managed to make sense lmao I couldn't phrase some stuff right >. <

All good, what a fine request!


> He’s not proud to tell them this half-lie. Then again, he can’t help himself from finding their clueless and impressed mimic to be ultimately cute and for Kouen, that’s all that matters in that moment. He might even think about ways to use their cluelessness to impress them even further, teasing them just a bit more about it, but if they agree to go on a date with him, it’s very likely that the beans will be spilled soon anyway


> For Judar it’s not even considerably wrong what’s coming out of his mouth. After all he’s very much convinced from himself, so he keeps his bragging without others involved, or well, not needed. He also has no shame on feasting on their ‘Oh!’ and ‘Ah!’s, encouraging him to continue. One thing is sure: The meeting will remain in his thoughts for quite a while, even if his behavior might confuse his crush. Why would he be talking about a different man the whole time anyway?


> He actually gets embarrassed whilst trying to brag, realizing that it sound so strange to say these kind of things about oneself. In the end his tries to impress get more vague and sound more like questions really, but Muu can probably impress his crush with way different things than the fake compliments to himself. The big smile he’s wearing whilst talking to them is probably enough to make their heart flutter too

Lift up your hands for our brightest star! 🙌🏻⭐️️💖

Thank you for two months of absolute brilliance. Thank you for touching so many souls with your endless talent and kindness. Thank you for your incomparable Hedwig. ✨DANKE ⚡️

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5SOS Preference #31: Hockey
  • Calum Hood: "In your dreams, Calum." I say with a smirk, walking away from him. "I don't take no for an answer (Y/N)." Calum calls out, skating towards my direction. His practice starts in ten minutes and he's supposed to be warming up with his team. The glass wall separates the two of us. I ignore him and continue walking. Typical cocky Calum. "Let me-" "Calum, please," I say, stopping and facing him through the glass. "You wouldn't have time to take me out even if you tried." He rests his forearm above his head on the glass. "You sure about that?" He asks with smirk. I roll my eyes and begin to walk again. "(Y/N), wait!" Calum calls again. I turn on my foot and sigh, facing him again. "If we win this Friday, will you go out with me?" He asks, almost implores, with hopeful eyes. I shake my head a bit, but my heart tells me different. He breathes out before swallowing and then nods his head. "Alright." He says before skating back to his team. I bite my lip while seeing his buddies pat his back in sympathy. Calum just stares at the ground. Why would I say no to that hockey hunk? I walk up to the glass and bang on it a bit to get his attention. He looks up, sees me, and then skates over. "I'll think about it." I say confidently with a smile once he comes back. He smiles widely while nodding his head.
  • Ashton Irwin: "C'mon baby." I whisper under my breath while watching Ashton skate next to the offense man with the puck, trying to steal it from him. I bite my lip as the crowd cheers for Ashton to defend the guy. Then all of a sudden, after stalling, Ashton shoves the guy hard to the glass and steals the puck from him. The crowd cheers even more. Ashton slides the puck across the ice to his open team mate, who waits by their goal. No one defends the Ashton's team mate and the crowd whistles and hollers once he gets the puck. While the opposing team skates to get him, he skates closer to the goal and then flings the puck into the goal, winning the championship game. Ashton helped assist the final goal. The crowd roars and everyone jumps out of their seat. I sigh in relief as my heart beats quickly. Ashton and his team skate together to join in victory. They did it. My man did it. After the boys smack each other's backs and helmets for congrats, Ashton turns around and immediately searches for me. Once he found me, he smiles. I smile widely at him while giving him a thumbs up. Then he pokes his index finger to his heart twice and then points it at me with a smile, indicating that that was for me. It's his normal gesture to me when he does a nice play or when he scores. I smile at him and mouth an "I love you" to him and he does the same to me.
  • Michael Clifford: "How'd it go?" I ask, leaning against the hallways wall while watching Michael lean his hockey bag on the wall. His entire body is sweaty. His muscle shirt is soaked with sweat and his prominent biceps are as well. His wet and sweaty hair is hidden under his SnapBack, which sits backwards on his head. And yet, he still takes my breath away. Michael sighs and slides of his shoes. He looks up at me and smiles a bit, but tiredly. I open my arms out for him. "But I stink, baby-" He starts. "I don't care. Just hug me." I say with a smile. He smiles and pads his way over to me, embracing me. "I'm exhausted," He whispers, nuzzling his head into my neck. "Workouts suck. Plus, I'm hungry." I chuckle at his words and squeeze him tight. "But you're still cute." I admit quietly. He chuckles. "The boys and I are getting so much better though. I bet we'll get that trophy Saturday." He says, rubbing his nose on my neck. I nod in agreement. Him and his team have improved a lot over the season and I couldn't be more proud of them. "Hit the shower, Clifford. You smell. Supper should be ready when you're out." I say, kissing his cheek before pulling away from him. But he brings me closer to him. "Why don't you join?" He asks quietly as he begins to kiss my neck lightly. "And you said you're tired." I tease with a smile and then hum softly as he begins to suck.
  • Luke Hemmings: "Luke!" I shout, running towards him after he got escorted off the ice by referees. He got kicked out of the game after knocking out the asshole who kept taunting Luke during the game. Luke's face was bloody due to his nose. I feel like my heart droops and tears begin to sting my eyes. "(Y/N)." Luke calls out as the refs walk him to the locker room. I follow the three of them. "I got it, thanks." Luke says to them, removing his arms from their hold once they reached the locker room. They let go of him and walk back to the ice. "Are you mad?!" I ask, walking up to him. "That could've been the end of your season right there, Hemmings!" I shout, poking his padded chest. He smiles down at me and shakes his head. "Since when did you become coach, baby?" He asks with a chuckle and I then smack his arm. He flinches before sitting down on the bench and untying his skates. "You're much better than that, Luke." I admit quietly, watching him. "Baby-" "You need to think before you do, damnit." I admit, infuriated at him. "He was talking about you, (Y/N)," He yells before looking up at me. "What else did you want me to do? Let him continue to talk shit about you to me? Huh?" I bite me lip a bit. Luke shakes his head before returning back to his skates. "I wasn't gonna let him do that. Not about my girl. No way in the fires of hell." He mutters, angrily.