i couldn't be more proud of him

if anyone needs me i’ll be in my bed sobbing over michael’s growth of confidence and ability to be shirtless in public with the biggest smile on his face, it’s obvious he’s had past issues with his body and seeing him smile like that having the time of his life with his friends on a well needed vacation makes me want to hug him and tell him how proud i am of him

Lift up your hands for our brightest star! ๐Ÿ™Œ๐Ÿปโญ๏ธ๏ธ๐Ÿ’–

Thank you for two months of absolute brilliance. Thank you for touching so many souls with your endless talent and kindness. Thank you for your incomparable Hedwig. ✨DANKE ⚡️

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“I will do my best in order to get many people to love Furuya Satoru.” [x]

Which Pokémon Go teams the APH Nordics are on

Norway: Mystic and proud of it

Denmark: Would have been Valor, but Norway “accidentally” bumped him when he was choosing, so he’s Instinct. Super into it anyways, probably runs around in a full Spark cosplay while yelling

Iceland: Valor (as a total “fuck you” to Norway)

Finland: Instinct, but fights like a Valor. Probably’s won more gyms over than the rest of the Nordics

Sweden: Mystic (because he liked the colour blue.) Usually only up for catching Pokémon unless he sees that Denmark’s claimed a gym. Then he will fight it. (Finland’s he leaves alone).

Bonus: Sealand: Valor, but forced to be Mystic because he uses Sweden’s phone. Complains about it often.


this took way more effort than i thought it would and most of it went into zaweeid’s hair and edna’s umbrella
worth it tho i am Proud

please do not repost, edit, or reupload to any site without my permission!
thank you


Four years ago [London, 2012] Neymar lost the Olympic football final against Mexico and ‘won’ the silver medal.

Now - 4 years later - he has finally won the gold medal in his home country. Also a historical medal, because it’s the first gold medal in football for Brazil.



“Any character that you create is ultimately the product of your imagination and the writers’ imagination. So, they’re aspects of myself, but I wouldn’t say they’re all aspects of myself that I exercise in my daily life, they are just certain aspects of my imagination.”