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300+ Follower Art Raffle

Thank you all so much for following and supporting my art! If you are interested in participating in the raffle, read the rules and guidelines below:

- No NSFW. Requests for these will be denied.
- No mecha ((machines)). Requests for these will be denied.
- Must be following (I will check!)
- 1 Reblog = 1 Entry (You can LIKE it if you want! Though it won’t count)

1st Prize:
- Watercolor painting
- Bust (head to shoulder / chest)
- 1 Character ONLY, of your choice

2nd Prize:
- Traditional pen line art
- Can be head shot, bust, half-body, or full
- 1-3 Characters (1 minimum, 3 maximum), of your choice
- OPTIONAL: Include in request what you’d like characters to be doing

3rd Prize:
- Paper child / Bitty
- 1 Character ONLY, of your choice
- Any size ((keep in mind, most are made from 4 x 5.5 piece of 8 x 11 paper))
- OPTIONAL: Include in request how you want to interact

Winners will be chosen randomly and announced in three weeks, August 11th. Please contact me either through adding a reply to the announcement OR through personal / direct messaging on Tumblr about what you would like within a 5 day period. If I do not hear from you within this time, another person will be chosen in your place!

Again, thank you SO MUCH, and GOOD LUCK!

  • Daroga: Tell me, Erik. Exactly what you were doing before I got home.
  • Erik: Alright, well I was upstairs.
  • Daroga: Okay.
  • Erik: I was, I was sitting in my room.
  • Daroga: Yes.
  • Erik: Reading a book.
  • Daroga: Go on.
  • Erik: And uh, well this guy walked in.
  • Daroga: Okay.
  • Erik: So I went up to him.
  • Daroga: Yes.
  • Erik: And I, uh, stabbed him 37 times in the chest.
  • Daroga: Eeeeeeriiiikk, that kills people!
  • Erik: Oh, oh, well I-I-I didn't know that.
  • Daroga: How could you not know that?
  • Erik: Yeah, I'm in the wrong here. I suck.
Detective Conan 999 [Japanese to English Translation]

Chapter 999! 

  • Everything is for the School Field Trip… He’s desperate!

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I live for this panel. Everyday from now on I’ll look at this piece of heaven so I can survive the day. I’ll print this and give it to every human being on earth. I’ve never felt more alive. What a beautiful life god bless i’m so happy thank you i’m also crying send help

Debunking Staron rumors!!!!

I hate y’all for making me make this because I don’t have a lot of Cap comics in my collection so I really had to scour for these so read this shit and weep alright

ANYWAYS here’s me breaking down some rumors like I did with buckynat because y’all love lying too much I guess:

1. Peggy is more imortant/more prominent/more ANYTHING than Sharon in regards to Cap: DEADASS WRONG!!!! I can’t believe y’all even think this what is WRONG with y’all. Their whole relationship is literally described as a “brief flame.” How do y’all translate that to Peggy being ~the one~. Hayley was way out of line, acting like Peggy and Steve’s relationship was more than just a glorified fling. They literally worked on like three assignments together, max. I literally can’t even FIND more comic proof because that’s how little they were actually together, so this is all the proof y’all need. Bye.

2. She’s not his equal: FALSE. She’s literally saving his ass most of the time, giving him a run for his money, keeping him in check. She’s constantly seen fighting beside him rather than behind him. She calls him out when need be, and she makes it very clear when she doesn’t want his help, and frankly, she rarely needs it. 

3. She can’t hold her own: FALSE. She’s smarter than the winter soldier, as fast as black widow, as strong and as durable as hawkeye. Some of her skills even match Cap’s, who is literally superhuman. She spars with him to be able to peak her skills. She literally beats out almost any other human character and has a pretty damn good arsenal. She doesn’t need a sidekick because she has shit handled. 

4. Steve and Sharon aren’t personal/in love/flirty: FALSE. READ A COMIC, MY DUDE. He tries to flirt with her all the time on the job. She killed a dude for him. She’s there for him whenever he needs to talk. She literally loses her shit when she figured out that she’s the one who killed him. He’s fiercely protective of her. He trusts her more than he trusts his best friends. She’s IT for him, just like he is for her.