i could.... be okay.... with dat...

Okay, so I just noticed something.

Cody posted this pic on his twitter yesterday and it caught my attention (x):

We all know that TW isn’t the most reliable show when it comes to birth dates, but according to this Theo is 14.

Now while watching last night’s episode, when Lydia is checking on info about Claudia, we get this:

No birth year for Claudia, which is odd, but it’s the same date. Both files say November 23rd!

Coincidence? How could they both be related?


What’s Jaspis Week?

Jaspis Week is an entire week of pure lovable Jaspis!


January 5th!

Here’s the events:

Day 1.) Human AU

Day 2.) Gemling / Family

Day 3.) On a Date

Day 4.) At Night
*Could be NSFW or they could be just sleeping or out on a late-night date. Make your own idea!

Day 5.) Sunset

Day 6.) Beach Day

Day 7.) Whatever You Want!

NSFW: it is acceptable! I’ll reblog it if you have it under a read more or something along those lines. If not, that’s okay! It will not be reblogged, though.


What can you do? Is it only Art?
*Anything! Fanfic, drawings, doodles, short stories, playlists, mood boards/stimboards, anything else!

Who’s running this?
* @evanlazuli

What if my art/story/whatever isn’t good?
*Oh, cmon! I’m sure it’s great! Anything will featured!

Who can join?


Any other questions/comments, ask me/tell me!

Good luck and have fun!!

  • what she says: i'm fine
  • what she means: in the La Llorona torture scene, why did Seth Gecko tell Kate Fuller 'you've to fight it, okay? and then immediately say 'i'm sorry'?????? it was because he knew that Kate was for sure 150% stronger than Amaru or any other piece of shit demon queen could ever be, and if she gave it her all, she could definitely wITHOUT A DOUBT give dat betch the Soul Beatdown she deserved B U T he also knew that he was the main part of the reason why Kate felt down and out and just couldn't muster up the strength to fight anymore and he's been carrying that guilt around letting it eat away at him ever since 2x10 when he first found out Kate was dead so when he finally saw a chance A REAL CHANCE at getting her back again he thought 'this is it this is my chance to save her to make up for every shitty thing i've ever done to the girl i love but will always be too fucking good for me oh my God (and i don't even believe in God)' AND THEN Kate drops the bomb on him 'I DON'T FORGIVE YOU' and his face breaks and my heart shatters into a trillion billion pieces and the world crumbles into dust and is blown away by the wind into an empty void of nothingness

NAM TAEHYUN - Opening of Baby Baby on Yu Huiyeol’s Sketchbook


this was ~4 years ago today~ look at the period appropriate meme I’d made of it at the time.

anonymous asked:

Dat horrible moment when you want to console someone and you just don't know how... I wish I could help ya as you helped me, darling

It’s alright.
A moment of weakness there.
I’m okay.
I got you all to support me!
I’m so happy I have my lovely followers to help me.

I have my wonderful cat who loves me with every cell of his being.

I have friends and my boyfriend.

I have so many wonderful people who love me!

I will eventually learn to deal with this.
It might take a while.
It will be painful for now.
But it was the best choice. 
They will be much happier this way.
They have a loving partner.
I have a loving partner.
They don’t need me.
They will be better off like this.
Less pain for both of us it’s really the best.

It just is….hard to deal with unrequited feelings and the hole a person leaves if they stop being in your life.
Even if it was your own decision to make that person stop being in your life.

As long as they are happy it’s gonna be okay.
Thank you so much.
I love you all.


Okay so , Niklisson’s Inquizzy, Aerys Lavellan, is so fucking cute I could DIE.

So I kinda had to cosplay her a little bit–OMGAH IM SO SORRY I HOPE THIS IS OKAY!? I didnt ask cause I wanted to surprise you but ughhhhh. 

NGL I was super tempted to take her to Comikaze today instead of my Ellana. >_>

Okay but hear me out (I’ve been having a lot of appearance feels lately)

The first pic was around when I started high school and the second is me now

It’s like… I wish I could go back and tell myself “Yo! Mom is cray, wear and do what you want… don’t be apologetic about it.” I’d probs also add in somewhere that it’s aight to be lesbian and all. GDI what did mother do to me back then to make me accept this? I actually cannot remember and don’t really want to. Because my image now has ALWAYS been what I wanted it to be… I was just never allowed to have it til now and it’s AMAZE.

Moral: Being able to be yourself is fucking awesome. Never sacrifice your individuality, kids.