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best friends + murder mystery + teen drama

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exactly six years later, and they still only have eyes for each other. 

  • simon, iron sisters: they (shadowhunters) act like they're our allies but they don't know what we go through just to get through the day
  • TRANSLATION: I'm homeless, starving, barely surviving, depressed and I had a clan who understood what it's like to live like this but I lost them. no one at the institute gives a damn and I realized this too late
  • maia, agreeing: tell me about it
  • TRANSLATION: we'll never be equals with them
  • simon: you know, and just when I thought I was starting to get the hang of it (being a vampire) I sank to an all all-time low
  • TRANSLATION: just when I started liking my life, the clan who became family and this new version of myself, I did the lowest thing I could've done and hurt people I cared about - it's something I regret
  • maia: what happened?
  • simon: *silence*
  • TRANSLATION: let's not do this, it's still an open wound (mentally flashes back to that day and raphael's behavior since, watching him walk away again and again)
  • maia: oh Now you're quiet?
  • TRANSLATION: that bad huh?
  • maia: *deflects by sharing an embarrassing story*

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"you love me, right" zoeymau 👌🏽👌🏽👌🏽

She had wanted nothing more than to spend the rest of time with Zoey. Of course that would never happen -  since when had she ever gotten what she wanted. She wanted the chance to be selfish for once, but instead she had the one person she loved the most being ripped right from her. 

It was deafening the reality that this was the end. Not for her - no, that would be many years from now. It was the end for the person she loved the most, Zoey. Her breath’s were shallow and her heartbeat weakening. 

She tried one last time to heal her but nothing happened…not a glow, not anything. Zoey stayed just as close to death as before she had tried. Aphmau had long since given up trying to stop herself from crying. More and more tears had continued to replace the ones she had wiped away.  

“..I thought…I …though you said you loved me, right?” Aphmau whispered. She didn’t expect a reply - assuming Zoey had already passed away.  

When Zoey reached out to touch her cheek softly, she didn’t know how to react. In some ways this was better as she still had time with her and in others…it was awful. Knowing Zoey was going to waste what final breaths she had trying to respond to Aphmau. 

Still, She continued on - maybe foolishly hoping if she talked fast enough the moment would pass before she knew what was going on.  

“..I said You wouldn’t have to leave…And…Why do you have to go.” Tears were starting to come faster to her. Blinking to try and see Zoey’s beautiful face before she was gone. 

Oh” Was all Zoey said at first, soft and so clearly hurt that Aphmau had to watch her die. “..Oh, Aphmau...I- I do love you…That…T-that will…never change.” Zoey answered. Her smile never ceased to amaze Aphmau, even in a moment like this it seemed to evaporate the pain. For a brief moment, she felt fine…accepting of what was going to happen.

“..And…I…N-No..We both know…that..” 

That moment didn’t last long. She kept waiting for Zoey to finish what she was saying, but it never happened. The realization that It had happened, In the worst possible moment even. 

There was never anything Aphmau had ever wished for time to stop more than this exact moment.

It wasn’t supposed to end


HA    HA    HA.    i don’t care about anything anymore. I’m finally done with this little pet project and I wish I could’ve taken better pictures.  Oh wells, I’m pretty happy with it (:

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