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I drew more Reverse AU Viktor, cause I really can’t stop XD

This wasn’t based on any of the fics, though I do want to do some art based on them, it was just my mind thinking stuff.
He was probably doing late night practice idk.

This Au was co-created by the lovely @narootos and @wbtrashking

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Hi, sorry to bother you... I've been looking for a gifset for ages and thought you might know where to find it again? It's of Benedict's graceful movements as Sherlock, jumping over a fence, maybe also turning around in his coat and walking, probably 8 or 10 gifs? Thank you!!

Dear anon, this could never be a bother…but sadly, though I remember the gif set, I can’t recall where it came from. So I’ll throw it out there to any followers who might know the source, or can access it from their own blogs.

There’s one exceptionally lovely gif from A Study in Pink; I just spent nearly an hour looking for it, to no avail. The lighting is soft and ethereal around him as he swirls in his Belstaff, at the crime scene of the dead woman in pink. 

In the meantime (’cuz I’ve no skill as a gif maker) do enjoy the work of some lovely, creative bloggers…

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and bonus, ‘cuz no one works a costume like the ‘Batch.

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ユーリ!!! on Ice - TV & BD/DVD Comparison | episode 1

ep 1 | ep 2 | ep 3 | ep 4 | ep 5 | ep 6 | ep 7 | ep 8 | ep 9 | ep 10 | ep 11 | ep 12

so if you guys wanted to know what I did over winter break


Hayden Christensen being a national treasure.
Attack of the Clones Blooper Reel

honestly if you don’t like hayden christensen then you can get out of my face.

Alolan cafe drinks! :D Brought on by a sudden urge for hot chocolate. Already see some errors but I’m otherwise quite happy about the result! Which drink would you order?


My first Zootopia art…(extra festive) Christmas style, BECAUSE WHY NOT?! :D

I was listening to “All I want for Christmas is you” (the extra festive version)…and my hand slipped 😂

To be completely honest…The hardest part for me is making the eyes, wither it be a characters or human eyes, I suck at it..well, here’s your first dose of my art style. I try to keep it in the original art style, which is another reason why it isn’t MY technical style

which P.S.: I haven’t figured out yet, unlike @helthehatter and @trashasaurusrex becuase they have an amazing art style and gave me courage to start posting my art on my blog XD


Here or gone, we’ll meet again in our dreams and memories, for our souls are eternal and transcend lifetimes.

I had an entire set of individual pieces planned but realized I wouldn’t get them done in time, and this was the most motivation that I could muster at the time.  Combined all the prompts, and then some.  This is the first time I’ve actually completed an Ereri Week theme..even if it is “cheating” a bit. :)

(also got a hint of canine au in there but yeahh)

Tickly Massages (SouMako)

Author’s Note: I never realized how much I loves this pairing until I finished writing, wow. Anyway, this was just an idea I had and I wanted to write it out so yep! Here it is~! I kinda changed up my original idea and it turned into this. I’m happy with it though!

Description: After a long day of practicing, Sousuke and Makoto are exhausted and pretty sore as well. Seeing them like this, Rin wants to help them out with a massage. But that turns into something else after a while!

Word Count: 1,163

   “Haahh… Good work today, Sousuke,” Makoto breathed as the two of them walked through the door. Iwatobi and Samezuka had just held a joint practice, and now they were both fairly tired. They hadn’t even bothered to put their shirts back on; they had slipped their sweatpants over their swimsuits and left. Sousuke lazily flopped onto the couch as Makoto sat on the floor beside him, his knees hugged to his chest.

   “Yeah. You too,” he replied.

   “How’s your shoulder treating you? Is it alright?”

   “Mm, it’s all good. Don’t worry,” he nodded. “I’m pretty sore, though.”

   “That’s expected, though,” Makoto said. “But I’ll admit, I am too.”

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