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(OMFG THE ASK BOX IS OPEN *sings the ode to joy*) Do you remember that ask about volleyball dorks falling asleep alone and then waking up with their partner sleeping with them and hugging them from behind? Could you write the same headcanon but this time with Ukai, Iwaizumi, Terushima, Akaashi, Kenma, Lev, Kiyoko, Yachi, Saeko, Aone, Futakuchi and Moniwa? I know I'm requesting quite many characters so please take your time answering ^_^

Ukai Jr. would think that something wasn’t quite right the moment he woke up. Usually he was the big spoon and although he didn’t hate the feeling of their warm body pressing against his back, he’d get the urge to fix the situation. However, his stirring would wake up his significant other and when they looked up at him with drowsy eyes and in a sleepy voice asked him what he was doing, he’d feel wide awake all of a sudden. There was no way he could go back to sleep when they were looking at him with such an alluring face. A grin would appear on his features, before he would roll on top of them and capture their lips in a hungry kiss, deciding to alter his plan just a tiny bit.

Iwaizumi would tense slightly, the sensation of his partner’s breath tickling the sensitive skin at the nape of his neck, and them clinging to him something he hadn’t expected to wake up to. A deep blush would spread on his face, but eventually he would lace his trembling fingers with theirs and, using one of their arms as a pillow, he would try and go back to sleep. It would, however, take him a good while.

Terushima would be overjoyed if he woke up to his partner hugging him from behind. He’d turn around in one swift motion, almost knocking them out of the bed in the process. Catching them just before they tumbled over the edge, he would pull them close to his body, and in between peppering their face with kisses, he’d tell them over and over again how much he loves them in a loud voice brimming with excitement, making it impossible for them to go back to sleep anytime soon.

Akaashi would be a bit surprised, as he’d clearly remember having fallen asleep alone, but he’d lie if he said he didn’t like waking up to their pleasantly warm body pressing against his. He would shift his weight in order to scoot closer to them before closing his eyes once more, listening to their slow breathing and the soft sighs that occasionally left their lips.

Kenma would stiffen and his cheeks would take on a light shade of red. Of course he would be happy they wanted to be close to him, but being this close would make him a bit uncomfortable, as he could feel every inch of their front against his back very clearly. He wouldn’t really know what to do as he would be afraid to wake them up from their peaceful slumber if he moved even the slightest bit, and so he’d most likely just stay in this very position and try his best to go back to sleep.

Much like Terushima, Lev would be pretty much over the moon. He would roll over and give them a hug so bone-crushing that his significant other would immediately wake up and, in a raspy voice, would have to tell him to let go, as they couldn’t breathe with his arm so tightly wrapped around them.

Kiyoko would never openly admit it, but she would love the sensation of her significant other hugging her so tightly to their body that she could hear every soft sigh and feel the steady lifting and lowering of their chest against her spine. It would make her feel incredibly secure and loved. Careful not to wake her partner up, she would snuggle closer to them while a calm smile tugged at the corners of her lips.

Yachi would get all flustered and, in her agitated state, try to wriggle out of her partner’s arms. Not that she wouldn’t like it, she’d just be too nervous to actually enjoy it. However, when her significant other would unconsciously hug her even closer in their sleep, she’d stop squirming and just stare straight ahead, with her face burning, and unable to go back to sleep for a long time.

Saeko would probably not even realize she was being hugged by her significant other from behind, as I imagine her to be a person with a really deep slumber. She’d unconsciously move closer to her partner though, and if they were still in the same position when she woke up in the morning, she’d tease them about being so lovey-dovey, although she’d secretly be really happy about it.

Initially, Aone would be a bit overwhelmed by the situation, unsure of how to react and what to do. But it wouldn’t take long and his insecurity would be replaced with affection, the joy of knowing his partner wanted to be so close to him at all times of the day almost too much for him. He’d most likely still feel a bit sheepish when he closed his eyes again, but their body heat and steady breathing would soon lull him back to sleep.

A teasing smile would appear on Futakuchi’s face the moment he felt his partner’s body pressing against his back. He would turn around to face them, waking them up with little kisses on their cheeks, the corner of their mouth and their neck, which would quickly turn more fervent as soon as they groggily blinked open their eyes. There was no way he’d let them get away with their surprise attack without properly punishing them.

Moniwa would turn a bright red, but at the same time a happy grin would spread on his face. He’d be elated that they felt so comfortable around him, and would take their arms to wrap them even tighter around his body, while holding their hands for the rest of the night, even when he was fast asleep once again.

~ Bekki

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With the mistake of what stuffing is during Thanksgiving, Mon El plans to try and make it up to Kara on Christmas but has no clue what Christmas is. But when finding out, what is he suppose to get for the Girl of Steel when: 1) he doesn't have money and 2)doesn't really know what Kara likes besides potstickers

Hope you like! (and yep there is a total classic superman reference thrown in there which you supernerds will understand when you read it).

Title: Winn’s Guide To Gift Giving

Pairing: implied/mentioned Karamel.

“Winn!” The computer tech looked up from the game he was playing while he pretended to work (the DEO was rather quiet on alien threats this week), to see Mon-El striding over to him with a worried expression. “Winn, I need your help. I believe that this Earth tradition of Christmas is coming up but I’m not sure what it is about. I don’t want to make a stupid mistake like I did with thanksgiving. Can you help me?”

Winn felt a tinge of pity for the alien in that moment. It must really suck to find yourself on a foreign planet with foreign traditions. He would find it hard enough in a different country and a new culture, let alone an entirely new planet. “Sure, dude. Of course I will help you. Christmas is the biggest holiday of the year but it’s also the most fun. I think that you’ll enjoy it”. Winn patted the seat next to his at the work station beside his own, nodding his head at it in indication that Mon-El should sit which he did.

“So what sort of things am I required to do for this Christmas?”

“Well since you live at the DEO I think you get to skip the whole decorating part. The only thing you need to do is to turn up at Kara’s Christmas dinner which is cooked by her mom so of course that’s another thing to look forward to. You might want to get Kara a present since it’s traditional to exchange gifts with each other’s friends and family and also singing ridiculous songs completely out of tune. Then I know that you’ll love the part where we all get drunk as the night goes on”.

Mon-El tuned out the rest of Winn’s diatribe as he focused on the first part of his speech. “A gift? What sort of gift?” His stomach turned anxiously. He was not aware that it was tradition to bring a gift. He wasn’t sure what he could give to Kara since he didn’t have much Earth currency to purchase anything nice and then there was Alex and her mother and Winn and James were both of his friends…but Kara was the most important.

“It doesn’t have to be expensive”, Winn assured him, sensing the inward panic that Mon-El was experiencing. He knew what that was like since he used to have the same struggles before Catco and then the DEO. “You could even try making something for her”.

Mon-El slumped dejectedly into his seat, completely at a loss. “Like what?”

“You any good at knitting?”

The alien looked at the other man completely baffled. “What is knotting?”

“Knitting and it’s…never mind”.

“What about a poem? Maybe I could write her a poem?” Mon-El suggested, perking up.

“Sure! Why not give it a shot?!”

An hour later, Mon-El came back to show Winn his ideas to make sure that it was something suitable for the girl that he liked.

You may come from a planet of snobs,

But you shine above them all.

You’re just and fair and your beauty is beyond

Comparison of all the stars.


Ode to Kara Zor-El and her strength and grace.

Ode to the girl who has saved me multiple times since I fell from the sky.

Ode to Kara, the first Kryptonian that I’ve ever liked”.


Winn gaped at him and Mon-El mistake his expression for awe, grinning. “That’s good right? She’ll like it”.

“Mon-El, I say this with the utmost kindness but that was completely terrible”.

His grin immediately vanished as he stared glumly at the sheet of paper in his hands. “What, was it the part about her coming from a planet of snobs?”

“Well yeah that didn’t help but also the part about her being the only Kryptonian you like. You may not want to insult her people when you’re writing her heartfelt poetry”.

“This is hard. I don’t know what else to do for her!”

“Can you paint?”

“Do stick people count?”


“Well what else do you suggest? You know Kara, you know what she’d like”.

“Kara likes heartfelt gestures more than anything, dude. That’s all I can tell you”, Winn sighed and rubbed his neck. “Maybe…maybe you could use your powers to make something for her…”

Mon-El was quiet for a moment before he shot up. “Wait, I have an idea. Stay here”.

“Yeah I’m not going anywhere…”

Winn watched as the alien sped out of the DEO and didn’t remerge until it was almost time for Winn to pack up his things and go home. Just as he was heading out, Mon-El strode in with a smug look on his face. “What have you done now?” he asked, hoping that he hadn’t caused any fires that needed putting out in his wake to find Kara the perfect gift.

“I thought about what you said and it gave me an idea. I went and dug up some coal from the nearest mine and used my powers to make this”.

Winn almost choked on air as he eyed the real diamond ring in Mon-El’s palm. “I don’t think you can give Kara that as a present!”

“Why not?” Mon-El questioned him, confused. He was the one who had suggested using his powers to make something and he did. He had gone and used his super strength to turn the coal into diamonds, melding them together with his heart vision onto a silver band that he’d melded, by again using his heat vision. He’d seen the beautiful diamond rings that the Earth women admired so much and thought perhaps Kara might like one of her own.

“Because on Earth that’s typically what you give a woman when you ask them to marry you”.

Mon-El’s eyebrows shot up in understanding before a smile spread on his face. “You said Kara was not mated to somebody so perhaps she would not mind if I asked her to marry me”.

Winn looked and felt as though he was about to have a heart attack. “You…you can’t…you can’t just-“

“Thanks, Winn for the great idea,” Mon-El praised his friend gratefully. “You were a great help. I can’t wait to give this Kara and ask her to marry me!”

Winn could only watch in dismay as Mon-El cheerfully walked away into the night. Kara was totally going to kill him.