i could watch this movie on repeat for a week and not get bored

Jealousy Games 01

Description: You decide to play a game of push and pull with your ex Jungkook, bringing Jimin along for the ride. 

Pairing: JungkookxReaderxJimin

Genre: Smut (M)

Word Count: 8.4k

Index: 01, 02, 03

Warnings: breath play, dom!Jimin, lots and lots of filth.

A/N: This is chapter one of… well, I don’t know. @ellieljade and I just keep brainstorming more and more for this sucker. To the point of us joking about finishing this when we’re in our 90′s….. Anyway. I hope you enjoy. I’ll be working on part two for Room for Dessert and The Guest House soon.

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Your senior year roommate calls herself Clarity. She’s very small and rumpled and distant, and she goes for long walks in the forest south of campus when she’s frustrated. You aren’t friends, but you coexist peacefully. It’s enough.

The creature on your co-owned Walmart futon isn’t Clarity.

It looks like her. Enough to fool a casual observer, certainly. Enough to fool someone who hasn’t been soldering sterling silver for six hours. But you have, and the truth of silver lingers, and the Thing That Looks Like Clarity is sprouting delicate flowers from the skin of its bare shoulders.

It’s sitting cross-legged and perfectly, terribly still, tracking your eyes as you take all this in. When you sigh and set down your backpack, it says, “Hello, smith. There didn’t seem to be any sense in pretending.”

“Jeweler,” you say, and, “I go by Florence, these days. What should I call you?”

It blinks, languid and slow. “I’m not here to usurp. I’m a… placeholder.”

“It’s still confusing as shit, my guy.”

It considers this at length. Finally, with the air of one who has just solved a great puzzle, it says “Claire. We will know, the two of us.”

“Works for me. Nice meeting you, Claire.”

And that seems to be all there is to say. Your roommate’s been stolen by the Fair Folk, you’re living with a changeling, and there’s not much you can do about either of these things. You scroll through Instagram until it gets tired of watching you and wanders out into the hallway.

So that’s Claire.

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CAMERA || Oh Sehun

Gif taken from this source. 

Note: Cam!girl (noun) a model who performs through live webcam footage and do sexual things based on viewers request.

Content: 9k graphic smut, exhibitionism, body worship, lots of smutty things things.


Sehun cares about you more than you thought he would…

You have been sitting in front of your laptop to check at your bank account for a long time, but no matter how long you stayed there the amount of your money stored didn’t change at all. 

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anonymous asked:

Can I request for bakugo, todoroki and eijiro with their s/o spending some fluffy cute time alone at home. How do they spend their relaxing home-date night with their s/o? Thank you very much.

Hi dear! Obviously you can, I was looking forward this. What a fantastic ask you sent! I really enjoyed writing those head canons for you! I’m feeling all giddy now and really, those boys are the best.

 I hope you enjoy it!




  • You can tell that is going to be a relaxing, home-date night in the exact moment you see him. Bakugou, at the thought, can’t stop himself from showing small happy grins when he thinks you’re not looking and tends to hum softly his favorite songs.
  • He cooks, as usual since he’s really good at it, but goes out of his way to ask what you would like to eat. During the dinner, he continuously glances at you, trying to not be seen, to understand if you really like what he cooked. Not that he doesn’t believe to your praises, but it feels more gratifying to just look at your shining eyes and delighted expression while eating.
  • Usually after dinner, you wash the dishes and clean the kitchen while he takes a shower. However, on those nights, Bakugou insists to do it together with some random excuses; one washes, the other dries and both of you enjoy the silent presence of the other or tell each other how the day went.
  • Afterwards, you have the tradition to watch a movie together, while eating snacks and sweets, sometimes feeding each other playfully. He likes to pull you closer and wrap an arm around your shoulders, while you rest against his chest.
  • And you really love movie’s night, but you would really like, for once, to see the film till the end. Unluckily, it seems something impossible: it doesn’t matter which type of movie you choose (you’ve tried action movies hoping he was going to get caught by the plot and explosions, and even romantic movie to bore him to the point of falling asleep) but it’s going to end always in the same way. Before the ending, if you’re lucky, (In the middle of it if you’ve pushed his switch), he starts distracting you by caressing your waist or your tight; then he nuzzles against the crook of your neck and leaves a trail of soft kisses on the skin from the cheeks to the shoulders. Finally, those kisses become playful bites; just to be sure he has your complete attention. And, let’s be honest, it doesn’t matter how much time passes, you are never going to have enough resistance to continue watching the movie.
  • The only times it doesn’t end like this, is when you had a tiring day and so, you fall asleep before he can start tempting you. In those cases, growling complains he just switches off the TV and picks you up in bridal style to carry you to the bed. As a pouty punishment, he leaves a big hikey on you neck while you’re sleeping.
  • When you two watch romantic movies, obviously thanks to your insistence and much to his boredom, you force him to repeat and act the cheesy lines the male protagonist says. The problem is that he changes the words so much and pronounces them in a so deadpanned, annoyed or incredulous way that it always ends up with you laughing to your heart content.

“Nobody in the whole world could ever divide us.”

“I’m going to fucking kill the first who tries to divide us.”

“You’re the star of my life, the hope of my existence and the light in the darkness that guides me.”

“You’re a freaking fizzy, glowing mass of matter that I seems to love and follow everywhere like an idiot for unknown motives…Oi, s/o stop laughing! It’s not my damn fault if they’re idiots! Why the hell a stupid, far away star? Don’t they know what a star is made of? Shit, this is dumb, not romantic. I would just kiss the hell out of you and end it there. I hope she breaks up with him.”



  • Home-date nights with Kirishima are the funniest; he really loves them and becomes happy and excited as a child, continuously surprising you with sudden pecks, lifting and spinning you in the air or hugging from behind.
  • The two of you start by trying to cook together, however your experiments doesn’t always end well, even because Kirishima can be very clumsy. So, if you don’ manage to save the dinner in time, the nearer pizzeria is now used to your sudden calls.
  • Washing the dishes includes poking each other with bubbling, wet sponges and splashing with water; no need to say that this can easily transform in real water battles. If this happens, you then have an excuse to enjoy a warm bath together. Nothing is better than relaxing and floating in Kirishima’s arms.
  • Then you always do something different; sometimes you play videogames, do session of crazy karaoke, play “have you ever…” with crazy challenges, watch matches or action movies on the TV or, your favorite, playfully wrestle on the bed.
  • You two are very competitive when you fight, armed with pillows, sheets and blankets, screaming and laughing loudly. The thing that you like the most is the fact the, in any case, Kirishima always treats you with the outmost carefulness and kindness. He pays a lot of attention to hit you lightly and not hurt you, controlling his force and being sure he’s not going to accidentally use his Quirk. Even when he has finally pinned you down on the mattress, (yeah, sorry but he usually wins), you can feel that the hold around your wrists is very light; firm, because he likes to win, but kind, no bruises are going to remain.
  • Well, once he has caught you, he reasonably decides to torture with tickle and stops only when you beg for it with tears in the eyes for the laughter. He then smoothers you with kisses.

“Ne, s/o who’s the stronger, manlier hero ever?”

  • You win only when you play dirty. A sudden kiss that makes him falter, puppy eyes that make him hesitate or faking being hurt (not seriously) to make him let down his guard. Obviously, using those techniques makes the battle ending with him kissing every inch of you too.


  • Nothing is more relaxing than a home-date night with Todoroki.
  • The two of you race to come back home earlier than the other to surprise them by cooking. This usually ends with both of you arriving at the same time and deciding to cook together.
  • However, Todoroki always buys you your favorite dessert and gives it to you at the end of the dinner as a surprise. Or sometimes a flower, a cute hairpin or everything else that during the week has caught his attention and reminded him of you.
  • Todoroki is a big cat. He doesn’t ask for cuddles, he just takes them when he feels the need. Without warning, he drapes himself over you and kisses you, or hugs you from behind nuzzling against your neck, or rest his head on your lap and “force” you to stroke his hair.
  • You usually just cuddle together, talking about everything. The week, something funny that happened, searching comfort if one of you is troubled or just telling something about yourselves. You two chat ‘till you start dozing and he picks you up or guides you by the hand to the bedroom.
  • Other times, you read together or Todoroki reads aloud for you. You also watch movies: you like to choose tragic or scary ones. In the first case he’s going to comfort you with a lots of cuddles and reassuring words; in the second, you can be as clingy as you want and he is going to repeat you that it doesn’t matter what is going to happen, is always going to protect you, so you don’t have to be scared. Moreover, his deadpanned expression even during the most scary scenes and the cold, filled with common sense and perplexed comments about what’s going on are amusing.

“Why she should open that door if she knows all the others are dead? Ah, she’s also without any weapon, she should have taken that baseball bat. I bet she’s going to die.”

  • Depending on the season, you curl against one or the other’s side of the boy, who finds it very amusing.
  • A bath together is a necessity. A long, warm, bubbly bath to relax and enjoy the intimacy.
  • When there’s the right weather, you take a blanket, some pillows and sweets, and exit on the balcony. There you sit down, Todoroki caging you between his legs and wrapping his arms around your waist, and you two look at the stars together, telling made-up stories about the constellations.
  • Todoroki always remembers to give you a goodnight kiss.
Nct Dream Reaction: When Yuta and Jaehyun have “The Talk™” with NCT Dream

Requested? Yup!

Summary: Yuta/Jaehyun/Yuta and Jaehyun would witness the Dream members’ outward display of affection towards you and in turn decide to prepare them for future intimacy.

Y'all this is long brace yourself. Admin Starburst helped me with most of this so it’s by both of us!!! I hope you don’t mind that I shortened the prompt anon! -admin nine and admin starburst

(In no way is this meant to sexualizes our babies, this is simply out of interest to imagine their reactions to this embarrassing topic I’m sure we’ve all had to discuss.)


Jaehyun would find out about Mark’s new relationship when he had introduced you to the members at the NCT dorms. The two of you would be connected at the hip for the entirety of your visit, holding hands and every so often kiss each other’s cheeks. After you left, Jaehyun would try to be a responsible hyung and would sit down with Mark to have “the Talk”. Trying his best not to embarrass Mark, Jaehyun would speak rather quickly about the in’s and out’s (pun intended) of safe sex. Surprisingly, Mark would handle this talk very maturely, yet with slight remorse. Never the less, he would hold on to every word, making sure to remember how to make sex as comfortable and safe as possible if the event ever occurred. He wouldn’t have any ulterior motives other than to make these future intimate moments with you as special as possible.
“So that’s actually how you ‘do it’? Ugh this is so gross why are you teaching me this…”

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Yuta would be getting coffee at a local café for the hyung line when he spots you and Renjun laughing in one of the corner tables. Enjoying your pleasant conversation with your boyfriend, you reach your hand over the table and grab Renjun’s, putting the back of his hand to your lips and placing a soft, loving kiss upon it. When Yuta encounters Renjun back at the NCT dorms later that night, he would sit him down on his bed, and slowly explain “the birds and the bees”. Renjun’s face would light up at the realization of what was happening, and mentally agreed with himself to get out of this conversation ASAP. With his face bright red, Renjun would continuously shake his head, exclaiming “I don’t understand what you’re saying, Hyung”, quickly exit the room, and rant about his embarrassment later to Chenle.
“CHENLE I CAN’T STOP BLUSHING HELPPPP! Yuta hyung won’t stop talking about dirty things aHHH.”

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[ couldn’t find a good gif :(( ]


You and Jeno would be at the mall, shopping for Jaehyun’s birthday present while holding hands. Jaehyun would spot Jeno’s face from across the store and walk over to say hi, just within earshot of hearing what exactly you were going to get him. Knowing the surprise would be ruined if Jaehyun had heard, Jeno hurriedly pulled you into an awkward kiss, startling both you and Jaehyun. He would later drop hints about how fast Jeno and you were moving in the relationship, signaling that he would give him the baby talk soon. To avoid the long, awkward, and embarrassing talk™, Jeno would research scientific facts about sex so he could get it over with as quickly as possible. When the time finally came, Jeno would blurt as many facts as he could, as quickly as he could, and dashed out of the room.



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You would be teasingly kissing Haechan in front of the NCT 127 members to try and embarrass him. When you were somehow able to pin his hands together so you could successfully kiss him, his face would suddenly turn from embarrassed to stoic, looking at you with slight wonder and affection. After a short pause, Haechan would slowly move his face towards yours hesitantly, as if he was about to kiss you, before he instead gently head-butt your forehead. To see if you were alright and make sure you weren’t mad at him, Haechan would move over to you and plant a sweet kiss on the sore area, whispering (so unintentionally loud that the other members could hear) that he loved you. When Yuta realized that you would be withHaechan for a while, he decided to prepare Haechan for a deeper relationship. Yuta had prepared a small essay to make sure he had covered all the bases about responsible sex before finally confronting Haechan. Before he could truly educate him, Haechan had laughed with a noticeable voice crack, showing his slight discomfort, and explained that Taeyong already talked with him at the beginning of his relationship. Haechan would be slightly condescending, but thankful to Yuta none the less for being a responsible “Dad”.

“HA! Who do you think I am? Jisung? Of course I know what this is, hyung. I’m a mature adult now!”

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Jaemin would be gushing about how adorable you were to Jaehyun. He would rant for hours on end about how perfect and special you were to him. After their third conversation, Jaehyun would grow bored and think of a way to stop the conversation. An imaginary light bulb appeared over his head, and a small sly smile grew on him face. Interrupting Jaemin, Jaehyun began to ask if he knew about the more intimate parts of a relationship. Before Jaehyun could start talking, Jaemin would say he knew all about THAT for a number of years. With Jaehyun’s smile turning into a disappointed frown, Jaemin began the flow of his adoration once more, and continued on throughout the night.

“Hyung, I’ve known about this for years. Anyway so Y/N was so cute today…”

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Chenle would have invited you over to the NCT dorms for a dinner and movie date. Unfortunately for him, Jaehyun and Yuta would be hidden in the kitchen, eavesdropping and occasionally butting into your conversations. When they emerged from the kitchen during your dinner date, they had discreetly witnessed your “Lady and the Tramp” moment with Chenle. Right before you could complete this romantic moment with your boyfriend, two extremely high pitched squeals echoed from inside the kitchen walls. Excitedly, after you left, Jaehyun and Yuta would drag in Renjun (from who knows where) and hastily tell him to translate everything they said. Renjun would blush profusely, shyly repeating in Chinese this intimate concept. Chenle would laugh nervously, a big awkward grin on his face. It wouldn’t be too long before Jaehyun and Yuta would talk at the same time, making translating impossible for Renjun. Instead of translating, Renjun and Chenle would talk about mundane topics, trying to erase the massive blush on both their faces.

“So uhh, how do you say ‘Get me out of here’ in Korean again, hyung?”

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Jisung would have brought you to watch him and the NCT members’ dance practice for “Black on Black”. During one of their breaks, Jisung would play a romantic song, and invite you to a slow dance. You danced clumsily, every so often moving your foot the wrong direction and collide with his. Jisung’s loving smile would turn into embarrassment once the other members began to coo at their maknae’s cuteness. Later that week Jaehyun would show Jisung a rather detailed PowerPoint. Jisung would be so flustered that he would shut down his ears, staring at the ceiling blankly in horror. When Jaehyun asked if he understood the basics, Jisung would nod his head quickly and walk out of the room, bumping into things every so often.

“Thank you for the, uh, interesting conversation, but I think I’m just going to go now.”

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birthday grays?

Alright, so in honor of Tyler Hoechlin’s birthday and my headcanon that Derek’s birthday is the same day, here’s a Derek birthday fic! (also on ao3)

Stiles had originally planned to wake Derek up with a nice, long blow job. But seeing as Derek was nowhere in sight when he woke up, he had to scramble to come up with a new plan.

Rays of pale sunlight were filtering in through the blinds of Derek’s bedroom window, warming the sheets left cold by the early autumn chill and Derek’s premature departure. The sky outside was still dark, only a slender band of pale pink rising over the horizon with the sun.

A smattering of stars still lingered overhead, twinkling in the early morning light like a herald of the dawn. Soon they would be swallowed up by the sunlight but at the moment they were shining as brightly as they would in the pitch black of midnight.

The moon, nearly full, had long since set, disappearing behind the wisps of cloud hanging in the sky. The coo of a mourning dove sounded from outside, a soothing aubade to welcome the rise of the sun.

Stiles raised a hand to block out the bright sunlight as he slowly drifted into consciousness, luxuriously stretching out with a content sigh. A smirk spread over his face as he mentally patted himself on the back for his wonderful plan.

Derek would only turn thirty once and Stiles had every intention of making his boyfriend’s birthday the best he had ever had. Of course, that meant he would wake up his sourwolf with a nice blow job to start the day.

Afterwards, following some cuddling and slow, lingering kisses, Stiles would slip out of bed while Derek continued basking in his afterglow and wander downstairs to the kitchen. There, he would whip up Derek a breakfast feast fit for a king, or rather an alpha, complete with pancakes, bacon, sausage, eggs, and hashbrowns.

Like the wonderful boyfriend he was, he would gather up all the food and carry it upstairs to his handsome half-asleep boyfriend along with a cup of Derek’s favorite silver needle white tea. And, like the romantic sap that he was, he would also bring Derek the bouquet of flowers he had gotten him the night before; a beautiful arrangement of red roses, dahlia, and ranunculus.

Following breakfast, he would draw Derek a warm bath filled with as many bubbles as possible. He had a pack of lightly scented vanilla tealight candles tucked away under the kitchen sink so he could set the mood for Derek’s bath.

While Derek soaked in the tub, Stiles would sit on the edge of the tub and wash his hair. For whatever reason, whether it had to do with Derek being a werewolf or Derek being Derek, the alpha absolutely adored it when Stiles ran his fingers through his hair, sometimes letting out an almost feline purr low in his chest.

He would let Derek linger in the bath tub for as long as he wanted, neither of them having any other obligations to worry about until much later that evening. When Derek finally decided to leave the tub, Stiles would wrap him up in a fluffy towel warm from the dryer and lead him back to bed where they would spend the rest of the day snuggled up together doing whatever Derek wanted whether it was watch one of his nature documentaries or read one of his books or do something a little less innocent.

Both of them were off work, Derek by chance and Stiles because he had requested off so he could celebrate with Derek properly, so they had the whole day to themselves up until eight o’clock. Because at eight, they would be heading over to Stiles’ house for dinner with the pack and a few others who had been honored with invitations.

There they would gorge themselves on a nice homemade meal courtesy of Stiles and Melissa’s joint effort to make enough food to satisfy a pack of ravenous werewolves with the metabolism of hummingbirds. And after dinner, Stiles had a decadent chocolate brownie cake drizzled with a thick chocolate ganache for dessert.

He figured that over cake and glasses of Derek’s favorite red wine, Derek could open his gifts. That would inevitably take a while, mostly because of the pack’s penchant for overindulging where gift giving was concerned.

Hell, just a month ago on his own birthday, Stiles had left his dad’s house an entirely new wardrobe, various little trinkets, movies and CDs, and a wallet full of myriad gift cards. Oddly enough, Peter was the worst offender. He had a strange affinity for showing his affection through weird, though strangely very meaningful, gifts.

After that, Stiles had plans that strayed as far from innocent and family friendly as possible. He had a bowl of fresh strawberries along with some melted chocolate and a tub of whipped cream hidden in the back of the refrigerator at the loft.

He didn’t plan on leaving their bed for days, until they had finished the chocolate and whipped cream he intended to lick off of Derek’s unfairly toned abs, until neither of them could get it up again, werewolf stamina be damned.

He had spent weeks carefully formulating his plan, debating whether or not he should try for something more adventurous like a short road trip or a sex-nic in the preserve or stick to something more domestic. He had asked Boyd and Erica and his dad for their input and wound up with more questions than answers: Boyd had suggested he do something subtly romantic, Erica had frankly urged him to break out some sex toys and try something kinkier than usual, and his dad had simply told him to follow his gut.

So, with the help of the internet and his own extensive knowledge of what Derek enjoyed on his days off, Stiles had carefully constructed his plan. Hell, he had even jotted it all down in one of his notebooks so he wouldn’t forget anything.

All in all, he thought his plan was a rather good one. But it was pretty hard to put it into action when Derek wasn’t in bed.

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Black and White - Chapter 4

Characters: Baekhyun x Reader

Genre: Bad Boy AU // University AU // Fluff

Word Count: 4039 words

Plot: Baekhyun is the typical heartthrob that always gets what he wants.. until you came along.

Black and White: Chapter 1, Chapter 2, Chapter 3, Chapter 4, Chapter 5, Chapter 6, Chapter 7, Chapter 8, Chapter 9 (M)

Baekhyun stepped into the lecture hall and spotted you taking a nap. He noted that the seat beside you was occupied by a guy who was chattering with different girl next to him.

Striding up to him, Baekhyun planted his books on the table and jutted his head to the side. Understanding what Baekhyun was trying to convey, the boy immediately packed up his things and left his seat to search for another. He tried to hide the subtle roll of his eyes directed at his intruder but Baekhyun saw and chose not to comment on it because after all, the boy wasn’t in the wrong.

He plopped down on the seat next to you. Unfortunately for Baekhyun, the girl that was initially speaking to the boy whom had been shooed off seemed to have misunderstood the situation. She probably thought the shifting of seats was Baekhyun’s method of getting his way with her because she started an act of seduction.

She casually tugged her tank top lower and bit her lip provocatively. “Hey oppa, are you going to the party this weekend?” she questioned flirtatiously.

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Sickness Ruins Everything

Request: “Can you do a Pennywise & Reader Imagine where the reader is sick with the flu or something similar like that and her mother refuses to let her get out of bed and threatens to duct tape her to the bed if she has to. But the reader feels bad because she was supposed to see Pennywise. But then he knocks on her window and sees she is sick and keeps her company watching Disney movies and then she has to take her medication the grape flavor and makes her drowsy and pls include sleepy cuddles? Thanx =3″

Pairing: Pennywise x Reader

Warnings: None

A/N: I’m now accepting requests for Stan Uris, the rest of the Losers’ Club and Pennywise as some of you may already know :)

You were supposed to meet your neighborhood clown Pennywise today. Keywords: supposed to until you got sick and could literally not get out of bed. It started with a sore throat but then it got worse. Your muscles started hurting, you got chills, a fever, congestion, runny nose, chest discomfort, a headache, shortness of breath, phlegm. Overall it was horrible and you felt like you were dying although you weren’t you just had the flu.

Thankfully your fever had gone away, your muscles stopped hurting, your headache stopped and you chest didn’t hurt all the time only when you coughed hard but that was about it. Now you were left to deal with the rest of the symptoms on your own. It would take almost a week for you to be fully back to normal, boy you couldn’t wait. You hated being stuck in your bedroom the whole day away from your friends and the outside world.

“Mom can I please go outside I’ll take my medicine and some tissues with me.” You said trying to convince your mother to let you go out for the 3rd time.

“No you will stay in this room until you get better. I’ll duct tape you to your bed if I have to.” Your mom threatened.

“But mommm.” You moaned annoyed.

“But nothing missy you’re staying here end of discussion. I’ll check up on you every now and then.” She said kissing your forehead.

“Don’t bother.” You murmured into your pillow as she closed your bedroom door. 

Minutes had passed and you had fallen asleep laying on your side with your covers on you. You hadn’t even noticed that Pennywise had came into your room and was now sitting on your bed. 

“Y/N.” Pennywise whispered as he tapped your shoulder trying to get you to wake up.

“Y/N.” He said once again shaking you lightly. 

This time you had woken up, you rubbed your eyes and yawn lightly. You opened your eyes realizing who it was a big smile appeared on your face.

“Penny!” You shouted excitedly as he gave you a hug. “Oh I’m so sorry I didn’t go see you I’m really sick and my mom didn’t let me go out.” You explained.

“Yeah I could tell right when I came into this room. Sorry I woke you up.” Pennywise frowned.

“Don’t worry about it all I’ve been able to do all day is eat, sleep, watch TV and repeat. It gets boring after a while.” You sighed. 

“But you need your sleep I know you’re tired so come on off to bed again.” Pennywise said.

“No Penny that means we won’t be able to spend time together.” You pouted.

“I’ll be right by your side making sure you’re safe and have everything you need technically we will be spending time together.” 

“Are you sure?” You asked as you yawned.

“Yes now come on sleep child.” Pennywise pulled your covers over you.

He sat next you running his hand through your hair. Oh I forgot to mention he was in his human form (he looks like Bill in his human form because I figured since he plays Pennywise that will be his human form, himself) 

In his human form Pennywise was tall, attractive, and fairly well built with lean muscles. His skin is pale; he has full, lush lips and dirty blonde hair that sometimes appears browner. His eyes are a green/hazel color. He is always clean shaven and very well dressed at all times. (Like the gif below. That will always be his human form when you read my Pennywise imagines)

Immediately you fell asleep again, the feeling of Pennywise’s fingers running through your hair had soothed you into a deep and peaceful slumber. Pennywise heard footsteps approaching your room he sat up ready to attack anyone that wanted to cause you harm. That was until he saw your mom enter, he laid back down knowing that everything was alright.

Thankfully adults couldn’t see Pennywise no matter what form he was in giving him a huge advantage. He saw your mom kneel down and place a kiss on your forehead as she moved a strand of hair away from your face and smiled.

“That’s my beautiful little girl. I hope you feel better.” She smiled.

“She really is beautiful that’s why I’ll always protect her. She deserves the world.” Pennywise whispered although your mom could not hear or see him.

Your mother walked out of your room shutting the door quietly behind her. Leaving you under the protection and care of your friendly (only to you) neighborhood clown Pennywise, who was currently in his human form. 


A/N: Guess who’s back? Back againnn.. It’s been awhile because I moved to Florida about two weeks ago and I’ve been getting adjusted to school starting and working for Mickey Mouse. So I’m finally starting on my requests.

Request: Can you write peter parker calling reader “babe” accidentally bc he likes her and gets all frustrated and embarrassed after that? or I would really like to read about a fluffy first date imagine with him either.. whichever you prefer! thank you <3 (So this will be the first half of the request; I might also do the second half.)

Even when you’re next to me
It’s not the way I’m picturing
I’m just feeling low, feeling low
You wanna be friends forever?
I can think of something better

But at least I got you in my head, oh yeah
At least I got you in my head, in my head
Sleepovers in my bed, oh yeah

You approach Peter’s locker like you have a million times before. Like you have every day since middle school. Gone where the days of uncertainty, of whether or not you felt like asking Peter to hang out. Peter was your new normal, your source of comfort after a long day of High School Bullshit™. So, like any other day, you approached Peter’s locker. It was open, as Peter was retrieving any materials that he would need for his homework. As he slammed the locker door shut, you shouted, “BOO!” hoping to get a rise out of him. He jumped back, muttering shit under his breath. 

“(Y/N), was that really necessary?” At this point, you were grinning from ear to ear. Nothing gave you more joy than catching Peter Parker off guard. After all, your best friend was a superhero. Being able to sneak up on Spiderman? Priceless. “I just thought someone with spidey senses would be able to detect their best friend.” You shrugged, pouting as he rolled his eyes at you. He stepped past you, beginning to walk away. He stops, checking over his shoulder to ensure that you were following him. You give him a soft smile, joining his side. 

“Sooo, I was thinking…sleepover at my place?” You questioned as you fell into step beside Peter. “Unless you have some superhero business to attend to.” You added, filling in his silence. He gave a small chuckle, wrapping his arm around your shoulder. “My schedule’s all clear. Should I bring pizza, or Thai?” The feeling of Peter’s arm draped over your shoulder is enough to bring heat to your cheeks, making you feel flustered. You brushed aside your feelings of longing, reminding yourself that this was your best friend. “Definitely Thai. We had pizza last week.” You lightly nudge him and he looks over at you. He gives you his signature heart warming smile and you swear he knows how to make your heart stop. 

“You’re right, we can’t have the same things every weekend. Then you’d definitely get bored of me.” It’s you who rolls your eyes this time. “Parker, I could never get bored of you.” As the two of you approach the school exit, he removes his arm from around you, and then holds the door open for you to walk through. “After you, your majesty.” You giggle at his remark, wondering how you ended up with having such a dork for a friend. “Are you walking me back to mine, or do we need to go back to your place first?” Peter shrugs, taking a moment to think it over. “I’ll walk you over, then I’ll swing by my place to get extra clothes. Oh, and pick up the Thai food.” He nods his head, cementing his plans in his mind. 

“Sounds like a plan, Parker.” You grin at him as you begin to walk towards home, slowly leaving him behind. You glance back at him, wiggling your eyebrows. “Keep up, loser!” He jogs forward, grabbing your hand to stop you. You glance at his hand before looking up at his face, which flushed with red. “I-uh, sorry.” He removes his hand from yours, but you slide your fingers back between his. You shrug, “I don’t mind.” The two of you walk hand in hand back to your apartment, and he drops you off at your front door. “Don’t take too long, or I’m starting High School Musical without you.” You warn Peter and he throws a hand to his chest, putting on a face full of insult. “But I can’t miss the Start of Something New. It’s my song, (Y/N). Don’t do that to me.” You can’t help but burst into laughter, and he can’t help but melt at the way your face lights up when you laugh. 

You notice that Peter is staring at you, which interrupts your fit of laughter. “What? Is there something on my face?” He runs a hand through his hair, a nervous habit of his. “Oh, nothing. I should get going, though. I’d hate to miss a minute of High School Musical.” You nod, heading into your apartment to set up for the night ahead. You pass by your mom on the way to her room, letting her know Peter would be spending the night. She nods, already used to you and Peter’s sleepovers. By the time you prepared a space for Peter to sleep on the floor and had HSM set up on the television, Peter was walking in with his backpack and a bag of Thai food. “Delivery!” He shouts, setting his stuff onto the desk in your room. 

“Just in time, Parker. I was about to start the movie without you.” Both of you plop down in front of the television, eating Pad Thai and singing along dramatically to every song. From the Start of Something New to We’re All in This Together, the both of you sang until the credits rolled. Once the movie was over, and the mess the both of you made was cleaned, you both laid on the floor, trying to determine which movie you’d watch next. “I feel like the obvious choice is High School Musical 2.” You state, rolling on your side to get a better look at Peter. He rolls over as well, bringing the two of you face to face. For a moment, both of you are silent, taking in each other’s features. Your heart pounds in your chest, and you are aware Peter can hear it. What you aren’t aware of is that his is pounding as well.

“Well, if that’s what you want to watch, babe.” Peter lets out a yawn and a stretch before realizing the word that fell out of his mouth. You are still repeating it over and over in your head before he rolls over onto his stomach and buries his head in one of your pillows. “Did you just…?” You trail off, and he groans. “I’m s-sorry, I didn’t. I didn’t want to make anything weird.” He mumbles into the pillow and you gently nudge his shoulder. “It’s not weird. It’s okay.” He turns his head to look at you. His nose was scrunched and his cheeks were tinted red. “Are you sure? I feel like I messed things up, (Y/N). I just…I really l-like you and -” You cut him off there, wrapping your arms around him and pulling him close to you. “I like you too, idiot. Why do you think I invite you over every damn weekend?” Peter sighs into your arms.

“I just thought you wanted to watch movies with me.” You laugh, snuggling closer to Peter. “Well, I enjoy that. But I enjoy this way more.” He places a kiss on your cheek, and it sends shivers down your spine. Your face flushes red, and you find yourself burying your face into Peter’s chest. “Did I do something wrong?” He asks, and you shake your head. “No, Peter. You did everything right.” 

Shadowhunters is Finally Getting Good: A Writer’s Perspective

This is going to get long, so basically this is where I’m going:

1. Shadowhunters is still finding itself, similar to how Buffy the Vampire Slayer kinda sucked until it grabbed onto its “Monsters as Life Metaphors” structure halfway through Season 2.

2. Because The Mortal Instruments series is such a catastrophic narrative failure, Shadowhunters doesn’t have compelling plot points to string their own original story between, the way True Blood was able to do with their own sub-par source material.

3. The strong character writing is just starting to free the show from the restrictions of its source material.

Where We Are Now

-The company that owns the rights to The Mortal Instruments is using Shadowhunters to return on a damaged investment. They bought the rights to a popular book series, and made a movie that bombed so hard that when the numbers came in, they stopped production on the sequel within weeks. They lost a shit ton of money on what should have been a good investment, and were unwilling to throw too much good money after bad, which is why there wasn’t much investment in the first season. The first season’s low budget affects more than the special effects. It plays into who they can hire, how long they have to rehearse, how long they have to shoot, every element of production.

-The source material is shit, and it’s an albatross around the show’s neck. The movie sucked so hard because it was a pretty faithful adaption of the books, which are torturously long, and full of one note characters who only exist to spout faux-clever dialogue, or facilitate CC’s incest fantasies. They are driven by entirely by plot, not character, which makes for flat fiction.

-The first season had to be, to an extent, experimental. They had to figure out the right mix between what they had to keep to engage book fans, and what they had to add to make it possible for it to be a TV show, because the book doesn’t have enough material to be a couple seasons of TV.

-The first season worked to clear the very low bar of of being less racist, tokenist, slut-shaming, girl-hating, bi-phobic, and all around disgusting than the books.
They succeeded.

-Successfully moving past the tragedy of the movie into an expanded episode order and expanded budget mean that season two is essentially a brand new show.

- That season is trying to fight its way free of what it had to be in the first season, and the failure of the movie, and the ball and chain of the books.

The Problems

1. The Show Has Turned Every Pointless, Cardboard Dialogue Spouter from the Books into a Compelling, Nuanced Character, and Now There Are Too Many

The book characters have interesting things on their character sheets, but never become interesting. The show has recomposited characters out of the character elements used in the books, and created complex, compelling, nuanced characters, who have ties and relationships to eachother, who are impacted by the world around them, and who make decisions and affect the world around them and eachother, instead of just waiting around for Clary to discover her special rune magic, or for Magnus to portal them somewhere.

Unfortunately, a bunch of cardboard cutouts creating obstacles to, and eventually enabling brother-sister fucking don’t suck up too much plot time, but 11 suddenly worth-while characters (Clary, Simon, Alec, Isabelle, Jace, Maryse, Jocelyn, Luke, Raphael, Maia, Magnus) plus a few new additions we are invested in to some degree (Lydia, Aldertree, Iris), and a few random additions that don’t seem to do much but create more dialogue and scoot plots along (Valentine, Meliorn, Raj, Max, Dot, Gretel, Suspiciously Important Girl With Glasses) all end up battling for screen time, to the detriment of each other.

For every charming interaction between Maia and Simon, we don’t get to see Luke dealing with Jocelyn’s death. When we get a glimpse into the tenderness of Magnus and Raphael’s relationship, there’s less time to see Magnus and Alec learn where they cross and divide. When we see that Alec and Maryse still love each other, even if the have so much shit left to work through , that takes potential minutes away from someone trying to talk to Jace about being abducted and tortured. There is so much potential, and it’s not possible to turn all of it into plot when there are only 45 minutes a week to work with.

1A. Except Valentine, Who is A Spectacularly Shitty Villain

Valentine is one long HHHHHHHZZZZZZMMMMMMMHHHHHhhzzzzmmmmhhhh on an evil kazoo.

A good villain is the hero of their own story, but they have to be more than that. A good villain has to taunt you with the possibility that they could be the hero of your story. They have to want something in a way that you can understand the wanting, even if what they want isn’t something you would want.

Kylo Ren is a good villain. He wants to be a super powerful Jedi and big deal leader in the Empire and the movie shows you that he wants that because he’s actually a pathetic little snot streak, drowning in his inability to live up to the standards of toxic masculinity around him, while wearing a silly helmet. The desire makes sense.

Spider-Man Villains are good villains. They are typically super smart scientists trying to solve a problem, but their science gives them some sort of mutation that casts them out of the society they were trying to improve.

Magneto is a great villain. A holocaust survivor who believes he sees the writing on the wall and won’t let history repeat itself.  

(Quick fact about Oncethrown: I went to go see the Johnny Depp version of Sweeny Todd in theaters in college and didn’t realize he was the villain until the very last scene. (The last last scene. Even after he throws Mrs. Lovett in the oven) Because he was unfairly jailed by a man who wanted him gone so that he could rape Sweeny todd’s wife to be raped into insanity and leave her out on the street to rot, and I was totally onboard with the quest for vengeance up until the moment the blood started pouring out if his neck.)

Valentine is just generically evil. He was born into the most powerful class in his world, was annoyed that his society wouldn’t let him become even more powerful, and now is experimenting on a class he already could kill with little to no repercussions, and working to eradicate them… because he can?

He doesn’t love or care about anyone either. There’s nothing to hold onto about Valentine. He’s just an opposing force. He could be a block of wood with angry eyebrows and the effect on the plot would be about the same.

1B. Except Aldertree, Who We Were Promised Would Be And Interesting Villain is Just A Random Force For Bad.

Aldertree came in to bring the erratic New York Institute back under Clave control. And he started out doing that. He threw the downworlders out of the Institute, he left Jace to rot in jail because he wouldn’t swear total fealty to the Clave, he nearly let Alec die because he threatened very important Shadowhunter traditions by refusing to marry a suitable woman in order to date a man, and a downworlder.

The yin-fen plot line originally was in this same functional but boring vein, until the last episode (spoilers) where he was clearly trying to get Izzy to trade sex for drugs (end spoilers). Generic Rapist Evil not interesting either. All he ended up doing was giving Alec a “Reclaiming the Institute Plotline” which would have been a really, really good piece in that whole “Effects of Institutionalizing Discrimination” theme… if any time had been devoted to it at all this season. Like… Alec originally ceded his authority to Lydia. The way he came for Aldertree just wasn’t given the building blocks to be satisfying.

2. The Books Didn’t Have Layers, and the Show is Trying to Graft an Interesting Theme Onto the Book’s Pocked and Diseased Foundation

The books are just an excuse for incest. The show is attempting to develop a narrative about institutionalized discrimination and oppression, and how characters are influenced by the way that affects their societies, upbringings, relationships and lives.

There is a really underdeveloped attempt at this in the books which more or less boils down to “Shadowhunters are mean to downworlders, and it’s not totally fair, but they are still the heroes, because they are all described as sexually attractive.”

The show is running into a lot of complications as they try to smoosh this theme onto the source material they have to work with.

-The main plot of “Evil McEvil is a Racist Who Wants To Start A Genocide Because Of Evil and Overt Racism”is sucking up all the air in the room for more compelling and important elements of the show,  such as every idea presented in Maia and Simon’s conversation about how Shadowhunters pretend that everyone is on the same team, but don’t understand what the daily existence of downworlders is really like in a world that Shadowhunters essentially rule.

Or Alec’s struggle to be both a Shadowhunter and a gay man falling in love with a downworlder.

Or Isabelle and Lydia’s season one speaking out about Law vs. Justice in the Shadowhunter world.

Or Clary’s 10 minute plot about not being trained well enough to be a real shadowhunter, but knowing too much to ever be a mundane again

The adherence to the main plot of book one and two is one of the things turning Clary into a mess of a white savior who doesn’t learn from her mistakes. She’s the entry point character, she’s bringing us into this world, and she’s the hero of the story. So… she’s white and straight with magic powers, trying to solve racism and homophobia in a story where the whole society she enters into is built around it, and has been for centuries.

3. The Clusterfuck of Potential We Are Working Out Of Now

So 2.08 and 2.09 I think prove that we are watching a show that is just about to get there. Both of these episodes had insular plots solved within the confines of the episode while also having consequences in the season stretching story.

Good characters are interacting with each other in interesting ways. (Except Lydia. Where is Lydia? I love her and I want her back) There are some growing pain failures (everything Izzy has said and done all season), some serious fuck ups (the lack of consent before the lack of malec sex scene) and a lot of unfortunate leaning on shitty and easy tropes (Izzy and Raphael fall into a drug fueled affair, Alec pushes Magnus into sex in a 3 minute side plot, Valentine exists and we have to watch him) But they are setting up more and more really solid pieces with places to go and I’m excited to see it happen.

4. The Things They Need to Fix (this is mostly rambling)

-Give fewer characters better plots per episode instead of trying to give everyone a couple minutes of screen time.

-Give characters goal and personality and development driven season arcs that create plots instead of having them constantly reacting to plot elements that are not character driven (purely from a writing standpoint, this is the biggest flaw with Isabelle’s plot line. The addiction drives her plot, not her personality, and Aldertree doesn’t have a character based reason to give her the drug to being with. “Just because I’m an asshole” isn’t really good enough. That’s why Alec is the best part of season 1. Everything he says and does is driven by a couple easily defined elements of his character.)

-If you are going to sell the diversity aspect of your show, be aware of the full context of the plot lines you are assigning your actors. It’s not great that there are 4 latinx actors, and the two of them with accents are in a drug dealing/addiction/sex for drugs plot line. It’s great that your only canon couple is a gay interracial couple. It’s great that they got a really sweet build up, and they have great communication scenes and they are really building a strong relationship. It’s not great that they do not touch while a lot of totally gratuitous sex is happening around them.

-Figure out who you really need, and jettison the dead weight.
-Why is Raj still on this show? All he does is say nasty shit about women. He’s disgusting, he’s boring, and he’s pointless. Literally every single time he’s on screen he could be replaced by someone we care about and it would tighten the episode.
-We ditched Robert because as far as the impact on the main characters goes, he’s a redundancy on Maryse’s storyline, and she has all the good elements.
-Aldertree is pointless. Maryse could have had Aldertree’s “WE ARE REALLY FUCKING GOING WITH WHAT THE CLAVE SAYS” storyline and it would have been a lot more interesting with the rest of the plot.Lydia could have had that plot too. “You fucked up at the wedding, reign in this nonsense or we are shipping you our to wrangle island”

anonymous asked:

Hello~ would it be alright if I requested an angsty nfsw? The RFA reacts to MC saying another RFA member's name other than theirs during the fricklefracklfricklity?

Hellooo, I’ll only really be doing their reactions for this, I’m not all too comfortable writing smut, sorry;;

Hope you’ll still like it ^^

In parts due to its length. Dunno when I’ll upload PART2 lolol


Request Killing: 11/30

Saying Another Member’s Name During… PART 1


  • The one thing he looks forward to the most during the nights you spent with him was the sound of his name leaving your lips
  • It was so sweet and intoxicating, he always wanted more. He wanted to hear you scream your love for him more.
  • One night, you were drinking together, after you’d challenged that you could outlast him. He had scoffed, knowing very well he could hold his liquour better than you.
  • Halfway through your competition, you were already drunk, and grew bored of the game—rather, you’d lost focus.
  • You hugged Zen’s arm as you stared up at him with wide eyes and pouty lips. “Zenny~ I don’t feel like playing anymore,” you whined, batting your eyelashes at him innocently
  • He caught on, hearing the playful tone in your voice. “Are you sure? That would mean I win this drinking contest, jagi,” he drawled, smirking. “You know that I means I deserve a prize, don’t you think so?”
  • You giggled, finding it funny in your drunken haze, and planted a sloppy kiss on his lips. “But I don’t wanna go home yet…”
  • “We can get a room here,” he reassured you, chuckling as he gently led you upstairs by the hand.
  • It wasn’t long before the two of you were all over each other, moans and gasps escaping your lips without pause. He was leaving a trail of kisses up the inside of your thigh when he suddenly heard you moaning loudly for him. He listened carefully with a smile as you continued,
  • “Oh, baby, please… mmn, touch me already, I-I need you, Jumin!!”
  • Zen’s eyes sprang open in shock. What?
  • You didn’t seem to notice he’d stopped for a second, and Zen tried to dismiss your earlier words, continuing to shower you with kisses. Maybe he had heard wrong.
  • Yes, he pretended not to have heard it the first time, and ignored the fact that you never said his own name throughout the rest of the night. But it would weigh on his mind for the span of the next 3 months he continued to date you, and eventually he couldn’t hold it in anymore.
  • He’d suddenly say it out loud during a movie marathon together: “Let’s break up.” When you stare at him in surprise, he repeated the words, as if to confirm the end of the relationship for the two of you. “Let’s break up, MC.”
  • He’d get up from the couch, throw on a jacket and head for the door, letting you watch him. “I’ll stay at a friend’s for the week. Please move out by then. I’m sorry.”
  • He’d leave without an explanation. He never wanted to blame you. Had this been about anything else, he would’ve talked to you about it instead. But he had always been insecure about himself, and he didn’t want to hear you confirm if you really loved someone else. He wouldn’t have been able to take it if you loved the man he called his polar opposite, someone who was born with everything. It would only hurt.
  • Although the fact that you had been silent the entire time he was leaving hurt more than enough.


  • She had come over to your place when you called her, feigning sickness. When she arrived, worried about your health, you surprised her by wearing a sexy set of lingerie.
  • Jaehee reacted positively, taking you into her arms and slowly moving towards the bedroom in the midst of hot kisses.
  • But she froze when she recognized the name you called was not her own. And you didn’t even seem to realize it.
  • “Mmn… Saeran,” you sighed quietly, loving the feeling of the hands on your body. But they left, and your eyes snapped open in confusion.
  • “It’s because I’m not a man, isn’t it,” Jaehee murmured softly, realization reflected in her eyes. “You should’ve just told me sooner… I would’ve understood. Then you wouldn’t have had to waste all those months with me. You could’ve talked to me, MC… You don’t trust me?”
  • It was then that you realized your mistake. You opened your mouth, trying to explain.
  • But she cut you off before you could speak. “I wouldn’t have minded just being a best friend to you. I know not everyone is comfortable dating the same gender. I don’t blame you for it. And well, Saeran is pretty hot… I wouldn’t have minded listening to you ramble about him, and I would’ve fully supported your relationship with him.”
  • Dread filled your heart as you held your breath in anticipation of her next words.
  • Jaehee turned to face you properly, tears in her eyes. “There are so many things I would’ve done instead if you would’ve just talked to me, MC. But no, I just had to find out the truth while we were supposed to be having a romantic moment instead. My god, MC, I’ve given all of myself to someone who was never able to love me in the first place, just because I’m not a man.
  • You didn’t know what to say. So you didn’t.
  • You just let her leave, until she’d walked out of your sight the way she had come only hours ago.


  • He was crying. You had only walked into the living room to find him in tears.
  • “What’s wrong, baby?” you asked softly.
  • He raised his head from his arms briefly, directing a tear-filled glare in your direction. In truth, you knew exactly what he was crying about. You were only pretending not to know. But every detail of last night was clear in your mind.
  • “Zenny,” you moaned, your eyes squeezed shut in pleasure. Yoosung’s ears perked up at the sound, picking up the fact that it wasn’t his name.
  • He had suddenly let go of you, his movements slower and less intimate. After the two of you had finished for the night, he turned to his own side of the bed instead of cuddling like you normally did, and he didn’t say anything to you.
  • “Yoosungie~?” you questioned him, pouting on purpose. Your voice was sickeningly sweet to his ears, and he wanted nothing more than for you to shut up.
  • He closed his eyes, trying to dismiss the jealous thoughts whirling in his mind. You had clearly said ‘Zenny.’
  • ‘Even though she said she loves me?’ he thought. ‘I know we’re not dating, but she told me that she’d wait until I was ready for a relationship… Why is she moaning another man’s name during OUR time together, then? And Zen, of all people. Does she even really love me?’
  • He fell asleep to those thoughts, and he tried to avoid talking about it with you for the next day as much as possible, but it got to the point that he couldn’t take it anymore, leading you to the situation now.
  • Yoosung looked at you with pained eyes. “I know I’m not as handsome as Zen, and I don’t have his height, his muscles, his fame, or his acting skills,” he began. “But I really believed you when you told me you loved me and that you’d wait for me. I believed you when you said you were attracted to me even though I’m a crybaby, immature and unreliable… And yet, you’re calling the name of someone who’s the exact opposite of me.”
  • You let him finish speaking before you revealed it: “I did it on purpose.”
  • When he looked at you in confusion, you repeated yourself, “I don’t love Zen. But I said his name last night on purpose.”
  • “…Why?” he asked, eyebrows knitted together as he only grew more confused by the minute.
  • “To put it simply, revenge. You broke my heart, so I broke yours. Well, I don’t even know if you even care about me enough to be hurt by what I did. After all, I’m not the one who’s been unfaithful, Yoosung,” you murmured lowly, a flash of resent in your eyes. “You probably don’t remember but, on our first night together, after we finished, it wasn’t my name you said as you fell asleep.”
  • His face grew pale as he dreaded your next words.
  • “It was Rika’s.”
Never The Same. (Bucky Barnes x Reader One-Shot.)

Summary: It was a boring day, so Y/N turns to whipped cream and her boyfriend to make it more interesting.

Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Reader.

Warnings: Mentions of smut, pranking people…

Word Count: 732.

A/N: Thank you to the lovely Anon who gave me the idea for this!

(Not my gif.)

It was a quiet day in the tower.

Tony and Bruce were dong something in the lab, Natasha was with Clint, visiting his family, Wanda and Vision were out on a date, and Steve and Sam were off doing who knows what.

Thus, Bucky and Y/N had the tower to themselves.

Currently, they were seated on the couch, watching some movie Bucky had mentioned wanting to see a little while back. Y/N was sitting with her legs crossed and Bucky was laying down with his head in her lap.

Y/N swore she never met a man as affectionate and cuddly as her boyfriend. If his arm wasn’t around her shoulders or waist, (which it almost always was) then his hand was locked with hers.

Y/N had been gently running her fingers through Bucky’s hair when she heard his soft snores. She looked down and saw that his eyes were closed and noticed the heavy rise and fall of his chest. She smiled softly and turned the TV off.

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Making A Change

Lafayette x Reader

Note: so I took the suggestion that @coololdsoulpoetlove gave me and took it a lot further than I think anyone really expected. I hope you guys enjoy it and let me know what you think!

Warnings: I don’t think anything needs a warning

Word Count: 3,421

Life had become boring.

You thought that after finishing college, moving to the city of your dreams and finally having the chance to live alone that you’d feel accomplished and fulfilled. You thought that you could live the life of a writer that you always dreamed of living. You got a job, it payed decently enough and it helped you get buy while you spent as much of you time as possible writing, trying to get something finished so you could attempt to get it published.

But soon enough you started working more than you first intended to and your job became your first priority. All your old notebooks, the books on writing and the poetry books you read over and over again to feel inspired were packed away. Your jeans and sarcastic t-shirts were put away in favour of slacks and blouse’s that were more suited for the more professional office job that you had taken, mostly for the better pay.  

And now every day seems the same, you wake up alone in your big bed, go through your usual morning routine of showering, drying your long locks, putting on your makeup and then spending 10 minutes picking out an outfit that makes you look kind of decent before heading to work and then repeating the same again the next day.

Each day is tiring and boring, and even though you would rather do anything but sit in your apartment alone all night, you can’t bring yourself to go out with your friends when they want to get dinner or catch a movie. It’s been like this for a while and you’re well aware of the hole you’ve fallen into, but you’re not sure how you’re supposed to get yourself out.

It feels like you need a spark, something to brings back all your creativity and your love of life and new experiences that you lost.

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The Sister- Chris Evans One Shot

*This imagine was lost on here, so it has been reposted*

Pairing: Chris Evans X Reader

Prompt: You are Tom Holland’s older sister and go to visit him for a few weeks while he is filming Captain America: Civil War. When you arrive, you catch the eye of his costar, Chris Evans.

Word Count: 1430


Living in the US by yourself meant that you weren’t able to see your younger siblings often, especially since the Atlantic Ocean separated you. When your brother called to tell you he would be filming the latest Captain America movie in Atlanta, you were eager to visit him. Your boss allowed you two weeks off from work and you flew out to Atlanta the moment you could.

“Y/N!” You heard someone shout at you in the airport. You looked up and smiled, seeing your younger brother.

“Tom!” You smiled, letting go of your suitcase to give him a hug. You hadn’t seen him in months, except for on the movie screen. You let go of him and he chivalrously took your luggage.

“How have you been?” He asked you.

“Better now that I get to see some family. I get lonely over here.” You replied, “How about you? You’re Spiderman now.”

“It’s so surreal. I can’t believe it’s really happening.” Tom admitted, loading your two bags into his rental car. You got into the passenger seat and he went into the driver’s side.

“How was your flight?” He asked.

“Not too bad. I had the window seat and no one else in my row.” You shrugged.

“I’m excited. You finally get to meet everyone.”

“Everyone? All those celebrities?” You asked with a laugh. You still couldn’t believe that your own baby brother was on the road to being a big time movie actor. You still saw Tom as the dorky little five year old and now he was twenty and filming a Marvel movie.

“Yep. All of them. I told Scarlett that you were a fan, so she’s looking forward to meeting you.” Tom explained.

“Anything I need to know before meeting them?” You asked, “Any touchy topics or weird personal space issues?”

“There’s no personal space issues. Everyone is really friendly.” He assured you. Although you were the older sibling, you were the one who got nervous about meeting people, especially if those people happened to be celebrities. Tom pulled into the studio’s parking lot and put your bags into his trailer. He then took you inside to where they filmed most of the movie.

“Who’s your friend?” Anthony asked, seeing Tom and you standing together. Your brother had his arm around your shoulders as you took in everything around you.

“Anthony, this is my sister, Y/N. Y/N, this is Anthony Mackie. He plays Sam in the film.” Tom introduced. You smiled as you shook Anthony’s hand.

“Nice to meet you.”

“I didn’t know you had a sister.” He said, turning to your brother.

“That’s because whenever I start to talk, you tune me out.” Tom replied.

“I’m sorry. Can you repeat that? I wasn’t listening.” Anthony joked, making you laugh. The older actor soon left you alone with Tom again. The directors called action and they began to film a scene between Steve and Tony. You watched with Tom from the side as Scarlett Johansson interacted with Robert Downey Jr.

“Tom, I think I left my phone in your trailer.” You informed him after not feeling the device in your pocket.

“Okay. Do you want me to go with you or do you know your way around?” He asked, not knowing if you felt comfortable in the large studio or not.

“No. I think I’ve got this down.” You smiled, heading off towards the trailer. He went over to begin talking with Elizabeth after you left.

You successfully found his designated trailer and your phone inside it. You came out of the trailer and began to retrace your steps. You turned a sharp corner and instantly ran into someone. The person caught you quickly, resting their hands on your hips to steady you. You looked up and were met with the bright eyes of Chris Evans.

“I’m so sorry. I wasn’t looking where I was going.” You stated, awkwardly clearing your throat after you realized his arms were still around you. He looked down and then let his hands slowly fall to his sides.

“It’s no problem. I haven’t seen you around here before.” Chris said, “I’m Chris.”

“Y/N. I just got in today. I’m visiting Tom for a couple weeks.” You replied with a shy smile.

“Tom?” He asked. Shock and confusion seemed to flash across his face.

“Y/N, there you are.” Tom said, coming around the corner, “I was worried you’d gotten lost. Hi, Chris.”

“Hey.” Chris replied, still trying to process what exactly was happening.

“Mackie suggested we all go out tonight for drinks. Are you coming?” Your brother asked his costar, casually putting an arm around your shoulder again. It was something he loved to do. He was younger than you, but he liked feeling as if he could protect you. He also liked acknowledging the fact that he is now taller than you.

“Of course.” He nodded, “Will you be there as well?”

“If Tom drags me along.” You joked.

“Y/N, let’s go meet the rest of the cast.” Tom said, pulling you away.


By the time night came, you had met 90% of his cast mates who were filming that day. You also met people from the crew, including the directors.

“No drinking tonight. You’re underage.” You stated, remembering how young your brother was. You two were in his car on the way to the club, where you’d meet up with everyone else who decided to go out tonight. One of his costars knew the club’s owner and, therefore, Tom would be allowed inside.

“But I can drink back home.” He defended.

“You’re not twenty-one yet. The law’s the law, Tommy.” You replied as he parked the car in the parking lot. You two got out and made your way towards the entrance.

“Geez, I thought you were visiting me so we could have fun together, not so you could be a bore.” He said, playfully upset.

“You don’t need to drink to have fun. You stick with your soda and sippy cup.” You stated, ruffling his hair.

“Hey!” He exclaimed, quickly sending a hand up to his hair to fix it, “I may be younger than you, but I don’t use a sippy cup.” You two showed the bouncer’s your IDs and were allowed inside.

“No alcohol.” You informed him in your strict, motherly tone. You two went over to the VIP section, where Chris, Sebastian, Anthony, and Elizabeth sat.

“Thank God Y/N’s here, I’m not alone now.” Elizabeth exclaimed as you sat beside her. In the few hours of knowing her, you became friends with Lizzie. She was glad to have a girl her age around set for a few days.

“Oh please, I have four brothers.” You replied, looking over at Tom. You could see Chris sitting across from you with a cold stare on his face as he glared at the empty bottle of beer on the table in front of him.

“I see you four have already had a round.” Tom laughed, acknowledging the glasses and bottles around the table.

“Tom’s underage so no giving him alcohol.” You explained to everyone.

“Aw, yeah, Tommy the itty bitty baby.” Anthony teased, reaching over to pinch your brother’s cheek.

“I’m going to get another beer. Anyone else want one?” Chris asked, standing up from his seat.

“I’ll take one.” Elizabeth said. Anthony and Sebastian nodded in agreement.

“I’ll go with you.” You offered, standing up and walking to the bar with Chris.

“Four beers.” Chris ordered from the bartender.

“Five actually.” You added. You two sat on a barstool as you waited for your drinks.

“So, you and Tom?” Chris asked, quietly.

“What about us?” You replied.

“Are you two together? Or?” He was looking for another option. His breath hitched in his throat when you began to laugh.

“I hope Tom and I aren’t together. Chris, he’s my brother.” You said.

“Oh,” was his embarrassed reply.

“Did you legitimately think we were together?” You asked.

“Well, you two are very close. I didn’t know what to think.” He said. The beers arrived, but neither of you moved.

“Were you jealous?” You teased.

“Maybe a little.” Chris replied, “But I don’t know much about you, other than the fact that you’re extremely attractive.”

“You think I’m attractive?” You asked.

“I’m not blind.” He laughed.

“I’m flattered.”

“I’ve got tomorrow morning off. What do you say we grab breakfast together? That way I can get to know you.”

“Breakfast sounds great.” You smiled. You two grabbed the beers and made your way back to the table. No one seemed to really notice the difference between you and Chris, until he whisked you away to the dance floor.

“They make a cute couple.” Elizabeth admitted, watching you and Chris from afar. Apart from Tom, she was the most sober one out of the group.

“Do you think he asked her out?” Tom questioned.

“Maybe.” She shrugged.

“At least it’s just Chris.” He replied.

Redamancy [Six]

Author: b0blegum

Pairing: CEO Yoo Kihyun x Reader

Rating: G

Genre: Romance, Drama

Status: On Going

Part: Pilot | One | ch. 2 TEASER | Two | ch. 3 TEASER | Three | ch. 4 TEASER | Four | Five | Six



He was so broken and afraid of Love. Never thought he would return one’s love in full anymore.

a/b  you might realised that this part is much shorter compared to the other chapters, it was mainly because the story will come to an end really soon :’) I’m sorry for saying this, but don’t worry. The end of this series, doesn;t really mean the end.

Hearts beat fast as the skin brushed against each other. Fingers intertwined, tightly as it was glued. Eyes closed, mouths opened, breathing heavily as two beings made love to each other. Lust was taking over, while love was almost forgotten.

Once in a while you fought for a dominance, took in the sweet taste of his naked self, before you took turn, giving him the full control of yours.

That night, was heated. Moonlight shined in from the gap of the thick curtain of the window, shooting lights to the fabrics that was scattered on the floor.

Clock was ticking, intentionally not reminding the two beings what time it was until they passed out of exhaustions that sent them into a deep slumber with arms wrapped each other tight, under a blanket they shared.

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This City Never Sleeps (When We’re Dancing)

Word Count: 5043

Pairing: Eventual Peter Parker x Female!Reader

Warnings: Mentions of blood and light cursing.

Summary: Part Four of This City Never Sleeps. Just as you’re coming to terms with your feelings for Peter, everything falls apart.

Tags: @seargantbcky@darlin-you-bitch@emily-ily2@rosep16@comics-and-stuff@t4rt-deco@octopishisahybridanimal@slythergirlimagines​  @philipshaaayyyy @catwoman2502@minimalistxx @sophiatomlinson23@johnsonxstilinski @raindancer2004 @vanessly@newyorkrebel @letstrysomefanfic @half-superhero @mermaid-princess-wannabe @mmmaff @spideysensesparker @ttholland

“Did you take Peter’s suit away?!”

You stormed into the workshop, where Tony was working on something or another. He had been spending a lot more time at the penthouse during the limbo between moving the Avengers from the Tower to the new facility upstate.

“Yes, I did.” Tony said plainly, not looking up from his work.

“How could you do that?” you asked angrily. “Peter loves being Spider-Man more than anything! He’s found his calling- you can’t just take that away from him!”

“I can, and I did.” Tony replied, finally meeting your eyes.

“That’s not fair!” you shouted. “Peter doesn’t deserve–”

“People almost died today,” Tony cut you off. You could tell he was starting to lose his patience. “Peter almost died today. He’s been throwing himself recklessly into danger, and I can’t have that on my conscience.”

You put your hands on your hips and took a deep breath. Getting in a fight with Tony wasn’t going to help the situation. You needed to be the supportive link between him and Peter. And honestly, you could see where Tony was coming from. After Rhodey getting injured and all the fighting between the Avengers, he was just trying to protect someone else he cared about. Too many people had already been hurt.

“Look,” Tony said. “I know you kids like to think you can save the world, but the adults can’t do it either, so we have to keep you guys safe for as long as we can.”

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inell  asked:

“I accidentally called you my girlfriend/boyfriend today.” Stiles/Derek

Stiles lets himself into Derek’s apartment, calling out a hello as he dumps Derek’s mail on the side. It’s not an unusual habit, Stiles spotting Derek’s scant bills and correspondence in his mailbox and grabbing it for him on the way up. What is unusual is Derek not rolling his eyes when Stiles comes through the door with his post. He likes to complain that he might have something private in there and that Stiles is too nosy for his own good. Stiles always taps his nose, says it’s too cute to be an annoyance, and Derek rolls his eyes again, turns away with a fond smile.

Stiles likes putting that smile there, likes seeing Derek happy, revelling in something as easy and light as gentle bickering. To some people it might seem like nothing, to Stiles and Derek it’s a damn miracle. After everything they’ve been through, survived, to come out the other side and still have some sort of lightness inside of them; Stiles is endlessly grateful. He’s glad to be alive, glad that Derek is, too. He likes getting into the semantics of whether or not having a cute nose gets him a free pass when it comes to rummaging through Derek’s mailbox. Besides, it’s not like he ever reads it; Derek doesn’t get anything particularly interesting. That’s not the point, it’s just a habit, now. The same way Derek always reminds Stiles to take a sweater with them if they’re headed out, or Stiles picks up Hershey’s kisses at the store because he knows Derek likes them, but won’t buy them himself on pain of death.

Not, that he’s using that phrase literally. 

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anonymous asked:

Hey there awesome. Since you're so good at writing poly and you write for Dc comics, would you mind writing poly headcanons for the outlaws and a female reader.

I’m back! Sorry that it’s been more than a week since I’ve updated. It was not my intention. My computer broke down and I had to go get it fixed, so it took all week. I repeat, I LOVE THE OUTLAWS. I added Kori’andr in these because she’s a member, too. Sorry if you don’t like her or if you’re not about girls. 

  • Movie nights are a must. Roy has a tendency to pick really bad B-rated horror movies like Thankskilling, Killer Clowns From Outer Space or Zombeavers. Jason likes action movies and won’t admit it, but he won’t fight you on watching chick-flicks. Kori likes period movies or scary ones. 
  • Jason and Roy are those two guys who will comment on every single part of a movie. 
  • “He should’ve run out of bullets by now.”
  • “She can’t run in heels, can she?”
  • Roy is the biggest snuggler in the world. He will wrap around you whenever he falls asleep or does anything. Expect him to have his arms wrapped around your waist 24/7. 
  • Jason is the type to put his arm around your shoulder casually with a light blush on his face. This boy needs to work on expressing his feelings more often. 
  • Kori just loves holding your hand and swinging it as you walk. 
  • This is the type of relationship that just sorta happens. There’s not really a talk about everyone’s feelings. Kissing each other becomes a normal habit and everything else just normalizes after that. You were pretty certain it was a friends with benefits type thing for a while until Kori referred to you as her “first girlfriend” and you understood that it was an actual relationship. 
  • Jason does most of the cooking. Since his parents were basically useless during his childhood, he learned how to cook just about everything before Batman picked him up. 
  • Don’t let Roy or Kori near the stove if you want to keep your house. Kori thinks her star powers can cook food, but it just disintegrates it. Roy is the type of guy who thinks, “It says cook it on 350 for 30 minutes. So if I cook it at 700 degrees, it’ll only take 15 minutes.”
  • Be prepared for everything to turn into a gadget or weapon. Roy gets bored at home, so that’s how you end up with a lot of his strange inventions. Some things are pretty handy and cool, but others just make an even bigger mess or destroy things. 
  • Whenever there is a special occasion, Roy will make his own gifts. The most embarrassing time was when it was your birthday and he made you a vibrator “for those times when we’re all away”. It is kept in a box underneath your bed. 
  • If you request to join them on missions and what not, Jason and Roy will fight you on it. They know you could probably kick ass, but they’re afraid of possibly losing you. Kori is totally on your side with everything, but she warns you to be careful and not throw yourself in harms way. 
  • Meeting the parents is a huge, awkward ordeal. Kori doesn’t have parents really close by, but she’d eventually like you to meet Blackfire. 
  • Roy doesn’t want you to meet Oliver (Green Arrow), at first, still hurt by the past. You convince him otherwise, though, and Oliver is a bit touched that you’d want to see him. Although, it ends in you assuring Oli that if he puts Roy out in the cold again, you will have something to say about it. 
  • Jason is, surprisingly, pretty open to you meeting Bruce. He’s hesitant at first, not sure what Bruce or you would think. It’s a pretty awkward family dinner, considering his brothers kept asking some pretty prying questions. 
  • “Do you all sleep in one bed?”
  • “Have you killed anyone?”
  • “Have you seen Jason kill anyone?”
  • “How likely are you to dump him for me?”
  • “Dick, stop being a dick.”
  • Kori was actually the first to ever initiate a sexual encounter, never having touched a human woman’s body before. It got pretty intense, with you teaching her about your body and vice versa. The second time it happened, Roy walked in and was super into watching this go down. 
  • Fourways are a real work with all of you. Most of the times it’s just switching people off during the event. Every now and then you’ll partake in an act that involves all four of you, but that doesn’t happen super often. 
  • Jason loves having you sit on his face and then having someone else ride him. 
  • Roy is totally into hair-pulling. I mean, how can you not with his beautiful hair? 
  • Kori personally likes scissoring and using toys, fascinated by how your body reacts to each thing. 
  • Even outside the bedroom, Roy can get a bit handsy, but that’s just him. He teases you about wearing his hats all the time. 
  • Jason will scold you for wearing his leather jacket, but he can’t resist you when you do. 
  • Kori loves sharing clothes and having another girl around. It’s all pretty loving and there’s a lot of joking around. 
  • It’s amazing if anyone can get Roy to shut his mouth. 
  • You better be up for random tropical vacations because those three have an alien space ship for transportation.
Take It Out On Me | 5
  • Genre: angst/smut
  • Pairing: Hoseok x reader x Yoongi
  • Warnings: cheating; language; smut
  • Words: 4,5k
  • A/N: I know this was supposed to be posted at midnight but I was so excited I couldn’t wait lol. Please don’t let this flop :(

Chapter 1 | Chapter 2 | Chapter 3 | Chapter 4

Original story by: @btsfiles

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