i could watch this for the rest of my life


yuri on ice week ☆ day 2 - still alive
→ option C: costume (victor & yuuri wearing complimentary/matching costumes)

They asked what my favorite way to spend a lazy day was and all I could think about was you, wherever and whoever you are. So I closed my eyes, allowed myself a breath, and then I told them the truth. I am waiting for the day I can answer this with something along the lines of ‘curled between her legs and wrapped within her arms’.
The most domesticated warmth enveloping that rhythmatic beat behind my ribs.
At this time, I crave for the exploration of my life with the most striking girl I’ve ever met, so that I get the chance to spend lazy days trapped beneath comforting sheets with giggling whispers of success and fantasy.
I want our words to drip off each other’s skin as if they were paint.
We could rest within the existence of the other, reading a book together or perhaps making music, or maybe even watching tv engulfed in a wave of fluffy blankets.
If I had to say what my favorite way to spend a lazy day is, then I would say it’s well spent daydreaming about happiness. And you, whomever you may be.
—  ARH // To My Future
Well, Edward’s a very, very remarkable man…one of the nicest people I’ve ever met in my life. And he wanted to fit in. So he watched the previous thirteen films (and) decided to try and look a little like David Burke, as much as he could, bless him. So he put on a rug, I mean a toupee, and, umm - and put lifts in his heels. And the first film we shot together was “The Abbey Grange”. And we were running across a field, and he, he…these heels were too high so he was slipping and sliding. And I said, ‘Oh, Edward, take them out! I’ll bend my knees for the rest of the film!’

Jeremy Brett

(On the subject of Edward Hardwicke replacing David Burke as Watson).

“For Bogart, his feelings for Bacall were the real thing. In one of many love letters, he wrote ‘I never believed that I could love anyone again…you are my last love and all the rest of my life I shall love you and watch you and be ready to help you.’ ”
- Bogie and Bacall, To Have and Have Not. c.1944

i like the colour change bananas undergo. its amazing to watch them turn from green to yellow to brown. i think i could watch those babies for the rest of my life. i wish i was a colour changing banana. instead im just a stupid bitch with big hands. 

I love you anyway

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Derek had a gentle smile on his face, his lips curling as he flipped the page. Stiles watched as he shook his head, his eyes moving over the words.

He didn’t know what he was reading, but he looked so content, so happy, it made Stiles’ heart ache. Derek, with his feet kicked up on the coffee table and a tea cup next to him, in a cuddly sweater.

“God, I want to spent the rest of my life with you.” It slipped out before he could really stop it.

Derek’s eyes snapped up from the book, his glasses almost slipping off his nose. “Erm, I mean no pressure?”

Derek could probably hear his elated heartbeat, could probably smell his panic. Hell, Stiles could have sworn he was the colour of Deadpool’s suit.

“What did you just say?”, Derek asked carefully as he marked his page and set the book down.

“Nothing!”, Stiles squeaked, still standing in the exact same spot as before, the keys still in his hand.

Derek’s eyes fell to them as Stiles nervously started playing with them.

“You used my keys.”

Stiles nodded. “Was, was I not supposed to? I thought you gave them to me so I could, you know, use them?”

“I did”, Derek confirmed, still watching Stiles’ hands. “They’re yours to use.”

“Oookay. Cool.” He awkwardly sat down next to Derek. “So are you still up for that Star Wars marathon, or…”

“Stiles”, Derek murmured softly. “Come here.” He opened his arms and Stiles immediately snuggled into him, throwing an arm around his waist. Cuddling with Derek never got old. And he knew that they both craved intimacy.

“I want to spend my life with you too”, Derek confessed, squeezing Stiles tighter. For a moment Stiles’ heart seemed to stop beating, before it kicked in twice as fast. He exhaled a breath he hadn’t known he had been holding.

“I love you”, Stiles whispered and leaned in to kiss him softly. The world was so quiet and everything had gotten a little bit warmer and sharper. Or maybe Derek was just the only thing he could focus on.

“I know.” Derek’s eyes were dancing with mirth and he was grinning, showing off his bunny teeth.

Stiles laughed and leaned in for another kiss. “You are such a nerd.”

“But you love me”, Derek retorted, happy and carefree and relaxed.

“God help me, but I do.”

Sometimes he wondered how he had gotten so lucky. How they had ended up here.

Sterek Christmas Countdown 2016


Almost two years ago, I was blogging everyday on tumblr documenting my journey through depression. I had no idea that the love of my life..a stranger then felt a connection through only my words. She had never met me. I had never met her. In this lifetime rather.

We met once, and the rest has been history. I watched a woman love me when I couldn’t love myself, and took the time to help me heal from emotional, and mental wounds. This past weekend she proposed to spend the rest of her life with me, and All I could think about was the first day meeting her at the park.. and knowing then that she was meant to be my person.

God orchestrated her into my life to remind me that it truly does get better, and pure love does exist.


Here Comes the Sun (F) - Kim Namjoon

A/N: This wasn’t requested, I just needed more Namjoon fluff in my life. -Admin Grace

Summary: A picnic day with you and the rest of BTS reminds Namjoon just how much he loves you- as if he could ever forget.

Genre: Fluff

Length: 1.1k

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jimin is beauty, jimin is grace, i love to watch him do his Contemporary Thing i feel so calm

i could watch him dance contemporary every day for the rest of my life and never get sick of it he’s mesmerizing 

hufflpuffs replied to your post “I’m moving back into my college room in the city tomorrow”

I had a week off but now i gotta go back and think about dissertations and exams on top of thinking about skam every day. Something needs to go and it has to be uni

ugh I know right. Uni is so laaaaame. I am an English major so I have to read all these books and watch all these movies and all I really wanna do is read evak fanfiction and watch skam over and over again (which is the only thing I do now anyway)

phanniecorn replied to your post “I’m moving back into my college room in the city tomorrow”

ahhh good luck! i’m sure you’ll be just fine. <3

Awww thank you my love <3 It’ll be fine because I’ve got you guys to talk to whenever it gets stressful <3 I’m so lucky :) 

True Humiliation Isn't the Act Itself

I have learned the past few months what it feels like to be humiliated, but last night I realized just how far I have come.
As anyone that have read any of my post knows, I have not had sex or passionately kissed my wife in a very long time. Last night started like most have since the 4th of July, me watching my wife get used by another man. Last night she was giving Mike, an amazing, blow job. It looked like she was making love to his dick. I could write 10 pages about the bj alone. But I will simply state I have never gotten a bj like that ,ever in my life ,nor have I ever seen a clip that sexy. I would happily pay a thousand dollars to get my dick worship like that.
Anyways, when he finally started cumming she aloud two shots of cum to plaster her lips and face, before letting the rest shoot straight inside her mouth. Watch shot after shot of cum shoot straight into her mouth and dribbling down her chin was almost more that I could take. My dick was straining inside my pants and throbbing to explode. I was on the verge of cumming in my pants when my wife turned to me and crawled on top of me. My heart raced, that was the most intimate my wife had been with me in months. She then leaned down and passionately and sloppily kissed me, spitting his cum in my mouth and smearing his cum around my face. As she kissed me and gave me Mike’s cum, she squeezed my dick through my pants and for the second time in my life I came in my pants. When she broke the kiss she she patted my cum fill pants and said,“You’re pathetic cumming in your pants, like the little boy you are. You may be a good provider, but you’re just a cum loving lil bitch. His cum looks good on you face! Does his cum taste good?” And to my horror and surprise, I lowered my eyes and quietly said, “yes mam” They both had a good laugh. Then she said, “at least you’re learning your place, next time I will feed you some black cum. I know you will love it.” After a little smirk she returned her attentions to Mikes pleasures.
Now a man might thing making out with your wife while she is cover in another mans cum,and having to swallow that cum, is the most humiliating thing a man could do. But it isn’t! The most humiliating thing is, I felt honored to have finally go to kiss my wife and I looked forward to her promise of her feeding me black cum, because that means I get to kiss her again. I am rock hard and look forward to her next blow job, because I may get another kiss. That fact humiliates me more than even when I sucked Mikes dick, because now some how I feel a cum soaked kiss from my wife is a reward. What has happened to me?

i live for height difference!nabriel

  • smol ball of anger nathan and his tol bf
  • nathan has to stay on his tip toes to kiss gabriel who is enjoying it very much and will even raise his chin higher while looking v pleased with himself
  • forehead kisses whenever nathan has doubts
  • nathan might be short but watch him be the big spoon and hold gab so tight he could suffocate 
  • when hugging, gabriel rests his chin on top of nathan’s head to which nathan usually complains but still buries his face in gab’s chest bc he likes listening to his heartbeat
  • nathan being ready to fight anyone who calls him short but gabriel is the one who’d actually punch them
  • when nathan transforms into his wolf-like animal form he stands on his back paws so he’s the tol one
  • gabriel doesn’t mind bc he loves cuddling that big mass of fur 

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If you could only watch one anime for the rest of your life, what anime would you choose?
















Self Care Tips for Students

So, this is something we all struggle with. Self care is incredibly difficult to do, and to figure out how to do. Sometimes you think you’re taking care of yourself but what you’re doing is actually unhealthy and unproductive, and other times you think you’re being healthy and productive but you’re actually just overworking yourself and not letting yourself rest.

I struggle with remembering to take care of myself all the time. I am a varsity athlete and I spend a lot of my time in the gym, but I often forget to let myself rest. And I often also forget that lying in bed watching tv is not good for me and that I have stuff to do!

So here are my ten tips for a healthy, happy, productive student life.

1) MOVE. I always advise sweating for 30 minutes a day. That could be a long walk, a jog, a bike ride, a session in the gym, yoga…literally whatever works for you! I have a friend who gets her movement in every day by playing aggressive games of Wii Tennis. It is super important to move your body, exercise is the answer to a focused mind and a productive day!

2) EAT. Eating food is very important, obviously, but it is also so important to eat healthy food that will fuel you through a good day. I try to eat protein, veggies and whole grains throughout the day. Unless I am in season, I don’t count calories or anything like that. You don’t really need to. Just make sure that you’re eating what works for your body to feel happy while you’re working hard.

3) BATHE. I am a strong subscriber to the idea that showers and baths are healing experiences for the soul. I play music, I take care of my hair (which requires tons of care it is very curly), I sing loudly. It is a time where I am completely by myself without a screen or a page in front of me, and that time is so valuable!

4) DRINK. Drink water!! I drink 3-5 liters of water per day. But that is also what works for me, not everyone can drink that much. I recommend getting a cute water bottle and decorating it with Redbubble stickers, and keeping it with you all day and refilling it. You’ll have to pee a lot, but the energy and alertness you feel from being hydrated is completely worth it.

5) RELAX. Time out your day so that you have time to relax every day. My mode of relaxation changes every single day. Sometimes it’s online shopping, sometimes it’s painting my nails, walking my dogs, bathing, reading or watching tv. Sometimes it’s eating chocolate and raspberries. It really just depends on the day and the person, but whoever you are its so important. Let yourself rest!

6) SLEEP. Now here is where I don’t follow my own advice. I am a bad sleeper, I have horrible insomnia and I wake up a lot. But if you follow tip one and exercise, you will sleep better. Your brain needs it to function! Go to bed early and wake up early to maximize the benefits of your day.

7) STUDY. I am currently on summer vacation, and in my breaks from work I time out study sessions. It’s just like training a muscle, your brain needs a work out! I always review the languages I’m learning, and I write practice essays to stay in writing shape :) it’s the trick to being a good student!

8) LOVE. Self love!! The thing that I and every single other person in the world struggles with at some point. Negative self talk gets you absolutely nowhere, and I know sometimes you can’t help it but at least try to recognize when you’re doing it and stop yourself. It is insanely pointless and insanely unproductive. If you are confident in yourself, you will have a better life.

9) CLEAN. Clean your dang room kids. When I get stressed, it is almost 100% of the time because I am in a messy environment. Cleaning is one of those adult tasks that you realize is just monotonous enough to be meditative and satisfying. Organize your drawers, organize your desk, go through and throw out old makeup and toiletries, get rid of clothes you don’t wear, vacuum your room, change your sheets. Do it! Trust me. You will love the results.

10) BE SOCIAL. Now this is the worst, I am introverted and I love being alone. And being alone is great! But I also love the days when my best friend and I go to the gym together, or go browse the bookstore. I love the days when my boyfriend and I watch movies or go out on a hike. I love the days when my teammates and I do something as a group. Positive social interaction cheers you up, gets you out of your own head, and helps with productivity!

Good luck everybody, happy studying! :)