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Jace never thought he’d be grateful to be forced to work on the day of the new Star Wars’ film’s release, all because Alec decided to cash in one of his favors so he could go on a date with that guy from last week, but turns out working instead of watching the movie wasn’t too bad.

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Another for worst-case scenarios, although I'm afraid this might actually happen: that little girl in the finale is Hook and Tiger Lily's daughter? What's one more shitty soap opera trope after last episode, right?

I'ma direct you to @lizacstuff’s brilliant answer here but also tell you–back in the day concern trolls put in a lot more effort.

Where are the overly effusive adjectives? The exclamation points? The tales of real life emotional turmoil? Perhaps a failed test caused by your inability to concentrate while studying. The way all your non-fandom friends are laughing at your real life tears.

At the very least you could have included the promise of a dramatic flounce. How you’ll never watch again. How you’re tossing your DVDs and your CS merchandise in the ocean.

Bonus points for a conspiracy theory about the storyline being changed midstream because the showrunners are bowing to the Twitter morons.

What I’m saying is–a little effort would be appreciated. 

I’m thankful for these quiet autumn days. The ones where you sit outside and all you can hear is the sound of the tree branches rattling in the wind, or the leaves gently falling upon the ground. Sitting by a window with a warm drink in your hand, watching the dark clouds float by. Walking past houses and seeing pumpkins on doorsteps, or going to a pumpkin patch and drinking apple cider.
If only autumn could last forever.
—  A.R. 
Oh, Princess - A.I.

Originally posted by ohfuckoffhemmings

Alright, so, first off….I got WAY too excited and carried away with this. It’s eight pages in my drive. Second, Daddy!Ash, and when I say daddy, I mean “I’m going to fuck the shit out of you” daddy. Third, I hope this is what you wanted anon…

Warning: Smut x10. Slight BDSM?

Four months and sixteen days. That’s how long it had been since y/n had last seen Ashton. She wasn’t usually one to keep track like that, but considering she hadn’t gotten the chance to visit during his mini tour due to her sister’s wedding and not having any extra time to take off of work, you could say she was frustrated. All she had wanted to do when he got home was have a nice day in at his apartment, watch a few movies, have a couple of rounds of sex, and call it a night, so when Ashton had called her up that morning asking if she’d be his date to a fancy dinner with management instead of staying in, you could say she wasn’t pleased.

“Hello, love,” Ashton said, grin on his face as y/n opened the door to her small apartment. Ashton dressed in formal attire had always gotten her riled up, which just added to her frustrations even more. “Why don’t you look excited?”

“If we’re being honest here, I’m not,” she said back simply to head into the living room to retrieve her heels, the white dress she had on falling to mid-thigh hugging every curve of her body with flowing sleeves making her look like an angelic version of the devil himself.

“And why not?” he questioned lifting up the shawl she had draped over the couch ready to lay it over her shoulders.

“Because I haven’t seen or touched you in over four months, Ash, so the last thing I want to do is get dressed up to go out when I could be in my room lying beside you completely naked, preferably with your head between my legs,” she said back, crossing her arms, Ashton’s jaw dropping slightly at the words that escaped her lips. She stepped closer to him running her manicured nails down the front of his button up, back to the top where she unbuttoned the top two buttons preferring to see bits of his chest hair rather than having the shirt look like it’s choking him. “Wouldn’t you prefer that, daddy? Seeing your princess naked, ready to take your cock all night long?” Ashton knew what she was doing, trying to keep himself composed to at least make it to dinner. He didn’t really have a choice on whether or not he could go, but there were no restrictions on how long they needed to stay.

“Come on,” he barely choked out, draping the fabric over her shoulders before tugging her out of her apartment, a groan escaping her lips. She thought she had him wrapped around her finger in that moment, which only meant she would need to try harder, and what better way to get a good night of sex than to tease him in front of the boys?

The ride to the large restaurant was quiet, Ashton’s hand resting on y/n’s thigh while he drove the ten minutes into Sydney deciding to valet his car rather than attempt to look for parking. Y/n had seemed to forget what had happened at the apartment, letting Ashton’s arm snake around her waist as he led her inside to a small room in the back filled with his band mates, their dates, as well as members of the management staff and their dates. A few bottles of champagne lined the table as a few appetizers scattered around, the couple finding two seats in between Michael’s date and Calum.

“Glad you could finally join us,” Luke teased as Ashton waited for y/n to sit, pushing in her chair before taking a seat next to her, flipping Luke off in the process.

“I was running late,” Ashton said letting the blame fall on him, which was true, Y/n was ready for once when he had shown up at her door, taking a minute for him to figure out how to style his now short hair, something he wasn’t necessarily used to. The group shared a bit of small talk, y/n joking with Michael’s new flavor of the month as she shared stories from when she visited the boys in Montreal.

“Can I grab any drinks?” a waitress asked, perched happily in between Calum and Ashton as the blonde turned to his girlfriend, poking at her thigh trying to grab her attention.

“Babe, I know you won’t drink the champagne. Do you want a rosé or a pinot noir? I can get a bottle?” he questioned stroking at her thigh with his thumb in a comforting way, driving y/n crazy only adding to her own issues at the moment.

“Rosé’s fine. I don’t care which one,” she said letting her own hand land on his, stopping the movements as he turned back to the waitress requesting the bottle, as well as two wine glasses instead of the champagne flutes.

“Of course, sir,” the waitress giggled, y/n’s lips curling into a frown as the girl shamelessly flirted with her boyfriend who was just too oblivious to notice she wasn’t just being nice. But, this was also the boy that needed y/n to literally strip for him the first time they had sex for him to get the hint. It was hard enough being deprived of sex for one hundred and thirty-nine days, this was just the icing on the cake. She scooted a bit closer to Ashton, catching his eye only for a moment before he turned back to Calum, engaging himself in a deeper conversation as her hand landed on his thigh, raking her nails lightly up and down as she rested her head on his shoulder trying to make the gesture seem as innocent as possible. She was going to make this experience as difficult as possible for him.

Once everyone received their alcoholic beverages, the appetizers were passed around, y/n skipping on most of them not being a huge fan of seafood, but gladly taking the bruschetta passed around, letting it sit on her small plate, her hand only leaving Ashton’s leg to grab at the large plate before passing it down on it’s way through the table. She waited until Ashton had taken a piece of the tuna bite on his plate, moving her hand down agonizingly slow to cup at his crotch, squeezing it lightly causing him to choke on what was in his mouth, moving the same hand to his back rubbing soothing circles as he cleared his airways.

“Are you alright?” Luke asked from across the table, looking at him nervous, Ashton holding up a thumb as he continued to cough into his elbow, throwing a glare at his girlfriend who kept the best poker face he had ever seen. There was so much sympathy thrown onto her face, but her eyes held that lust filled, devilish look he had grown to know from the escapades in the bedroom. This was on purpose.

“You alright baby?” y/n questioned gripping at his wine glass, holding it to him for him to take a sip, putting it back on the table once he could breathe properly once again. He moved his mouth towards her ear, keeping his face as normal as her could not wanting to throw up any red flags with the guys knowing he would never hear the end of this.

“Don’t fucking start with me, princess. Now is not the time,” he basically growled in her ear as she furrowed her brows turning to face him as if she was confused, cocking an eyebrow up slightly.

“I have no idea what you’re talking about, daddy?” she said, the name reserved only for the bedroom slipping off her tongue in fluidity as if it was supposed to be out in the air like that. “I bet I could suck you off right here and no one would notice.” His cock twitched in his pants as he became aroused at the thought of getting head in public, in front of his band mates and, pretty much, his bosses: so vulgar and tempting, enticing him even more.

“Princess, if you let one more vulgar thing leave that dirty little mouth of yours, daddy won’t let you cum tonight,” he whispered again, pulling his head away from her not letting her respond as her mouth hung open slightly in shock and disbelief, arousal soaking her panties just at the thought of understimulation and how good her orgasm will feel when he does let her cum. It would be something new for them, and that excited her more than anything at this point setting her over the edge of her frustration. She didn’t even care about dinner that this point. She wanted to go home and fuck Ashton so good that she wouldn’t be able to get out of bed in the morning.

She sighed in content before placing her hand on his thigh once again, fingers dancing atop his dress pants as she ate the piece of bread with the tomato mozzarella mixture that resided on her plate. Once she had finished that, she stood up to head to the bathroom, only to pull off her panties and return moments later with them shoved into her hand, sitting down with her hands folded in her lap.

The waitress had finally returned with the entrees, once again standing between Ashton and Calum, dropping off both entrees for the men as y/n laid her panties on Ashton’s lap, a playful gleam in her eye as the waitress caught sight of what she was doing, knocking over Ashton’s glass into his lap. He didn’t bother standing up, just looking down as his wine coated crotch, catching sight of his girlfriend’s undergarment that should be on her body, his semi growing hard, now, just waiting to be touched. He grabbed the flimsy fabric, quickly shoving it in his pocket as he stood up from the table, all eyes on him.

“Are you alright, Ash?” Michael asked, catching a glimpse of the boy’s eyes, mistaking his lust for anger as he shook his head slightly.

“We’re going to go,” he said simply, moving to the side waiting for his girlfriend to stand up, the color draining from the waitress’s face as she apologized profusely thinking it was her fault the beautiful man was leaving, having no idea that y/n had set him over the edge. Ashton liked to play sexual games with his girlfriend, teasing the other in public was one of them, but he didn’t enjoy the thought of some other guy catching a glimpse of her bare pussy due to lack of clothing. He had mentioned that time and time again. The table looked between the two, Ashton’s frowning face as y/n pouted, bottom lip jutted out, poker face hiding her excitement and nerves at once as she thought about the punishment she knew was to come. He grabbed her hand in his, pulling her to the exit without another word, handing the valet a slip of paper before the man went running to retrieve his vehicle.

“Ash,” she mumbled not enjoying the silence. As many times as she had pulled something like this in public, he was never this quiet, only earning a shake of his head, a small chuckle leaving his lips.

“Oh, princess, princess, princess,” he said, the car pulling up, parking right in front of them as he opened the passenger door for her helping her  inside of the car. That was all he had said, the entire way home, a stuffy silence filled the car as y/n shifted in her seat nervously, looking at Ashton out of the corner of her eye, his clenched jaw, hands gripping the wheel as his eyes were fixated on the road. She went to reach towards his leg, only to have him grab her wrist before it could graze the fabric on his leg. “You really don’t want to do that right now.” She moved her hand away deciding to just leave it be as he pulled into her apartment complex, helping her out of the car before making their way inside to her small apartment, Ashton escaping to the kitchen as y/n followed him slowly, now worried she had pissed him off instead.

“Ash,” she said barely above a whisper as she watched him pull out a glass from her cabinet, heading towards the freezer to fill it with ice.

“Go lay down,” he said back simply not turning to look at her as she bit down on her lip, shifting her weight between her feet.

“Look, I’m-,”

“Daddy said to go lay down, princess, so I don’t know why you’re still standing here,” he said cutting her off, finally turning to face her, his eyes clouded with lust. The look he was giving her was something new, and it had her knees weak. She quickly made her way towards her room, sitting on the edge of the bed knowing better than to do anything she wasn’t told to do. She had already worked him up enough for today. “Such a good girl,” he muttered watching her from the doorway, her eyes shooting up to meet his, taking her lip between her teeth as he moved to set his glass on the stand next to her bed before beckoning her onto her feet, his body replacing hers on the bed. “Strip.” She hesitated, but only for a second before pulling down the zipper on the side of her dress, letting it slip from her shoulders and pool at her feet leaving her in just a bra and heels before unclasping the bra, tossing that to the side as well. She stopped, not sure if he meant the heels as well when he said to strip, watching his eyes rake up her body. They had been together for a little over two years now and, yet, he could still make her feel insecure and vulnerable with just once glance. “Want me to go over the rules, princess? Daddy’s added a couple of new ones for tonight.” She nodded her head slowly, arms crossing over her bare chest as he quickly pulled them away, revealing her body to him. “Words.”

“Yes,” she squeaked out, Ashton raising an eyebrow, smirk tugging at his lips.

“Yes, what?”

“Yes, daddy,” she mumbled, her hands intertwined with his as he pulled her hands to his lips, placing a soft kiss on each knuckle.

“First, and foremost, darling, I am in charge. You do not tell me what to do, you ask, yes?”

“Yes, daddy.” His hands let go of hers, placing them on her hips softly and slowly, trailing them up her sides.

“Number two: what’s our safeword, princess?”

“Red.” His hands started to trail back down her body as slow and soft as they had going up.

“And when do we use this safeword?”

“When I’m uncomfortable or am hurting.” A chill ran down her spine as goosebumps coated her skin at the feeling of his skin on hers. He lifted a hand to her mouth, his thumb tapping at her lips for her to open, sticking the digit in for her to suck on it as he watched her.

“Number three: you ask permission to cum,” he said watching as she nodded her head, tongue swirling around the tip of his finger, teeth grazing lightly as he bit down on his bottom lip. “Number four’s a new one princess. And this is only for tonight, okay?” She nodded her head once again as he moved his finger from her mouth, standing up in front of her, only to lift her up and turn her around to place her on the bed. “Don’t you dare cum until I say so.” He pressed his lips to hers roughly as she returned the favor, hands running through his hair as he grabbed at her thigh, pulling her leg up to wrap around his hip while the other hand pulled out the panties she had taken off at the restaurant. “Arms up,” he commanded against her lips watching her eyes flicker with excitement, more than ready to lift her hands above her head for him as he dominated her. He tore the fabric at the seams so it would be easy to tie through the posts of the headboard, y/n’s eyes widening in shock. “You know how I feel about you not wearing panties in public. So next time, we’re going to keep them on, yes?”

“Yes, daddy,” she said, a blush on her face as he slipped her wrists through one loop, twisting the fabric before tying her tightly to the headboard, but not enough to cut off circulation in her wrists. He climbed off her body, making his way to her closet where he knew she kept her toys for when he was away. “Daddy.”

“Yes, princess?” he called out, pulling down the box on the top shelf, settling for the vibrator he had gotten her for her birthday the past year.

“What are you going to do?” she questioned, watching him return with the bright green toy, his shirt now unbuttoned as he pulled it from his shoulders onto the floor.

“I told you. I’m not going to let you cum,” he said turning it on to a medium speed, sticking it in his mouth to wet it before rubbing it lightly over her clit causing her hips to buck up towards him. “Hips stay down, princess.”

“But I didn’t say anything else bad,” she muttered, Ashton pressing the toy down harshly on her clit causing her to moan loudly before pulling it back to teasing her once again.

“You’re right, you didn’t baby. You were such a good girl until you went and took off your panties in the bathroom. So, now, I’m going to punish you.” He pressed down a bit harder on her clit, circling the vibrating toy over her nub as he turned it up another speed, letting the toy drop down to her opening to collect some of her juices, letting it trail back up rubbing over her. He legs started to shake as she tried as best as she could to keep her hips down, whimpers escaping her lips as she tried to hold it together. “You close, princess?”

“Y-yes, daddy,” she moaned, her hands pulling on her restraints as she cried out. “Can I cum?” she asked quickly, only to have the toy pulled away from her, a loud whimper escaping her lips as she breathed heavily trying to catch her breath.

“Why isn’t daddy letting you cum?” he questioned letting a finger trail up through her folds collecting the wetness spilling from her as she shook from the sensitivity.

“As a punishment,” she responded, eyes closed as she heard the vibrator turn on once again, bracing herself.

“And why is this your punishment?” he questioned pressing it to her her clit again as she moaned loudly once again, back arching off of the bed.

“Because you don’t like to hurt me,” she said quickly, panting heavily as pleasure took over her once again, her orgasm building up quickly from being denied the first time as she moaned loudly over and over, Ashton loving the way her body thrashed against the mattress trying to relieve herself. He’d rather watch her like this than watch her ass turn a bright shade of red, spanking her harshly. “Cum?”

“That’s not a full sentence,” he said, turning the speed up once again as she screamed trying desperately to hold it together, only to have him deny her orgasm for the second time. Her body fell back to the mattress, sweat starting to coat her body as she looked at him through hooded eyes. She could tell he was enjoying watching her beg, but knew he wouldn’t last much longer, especially when it started to become painful for her. He knew her body just as well as she did and what her limit was. He placed the toy down next to her body, situating himself between her legs, face level with her pussy, eyes gleaming at the amount of her arousal dripping from her onto her satin sheets. “Such a pretty pussy, baby,” he muttered letting his tongue lick a stripe up collecting some of her juices in his mouth before diving in, her arms tugging desperately at the restraints now, wanting to tug at his hair and push him deeper into her pussy. It didn’t take long for her orgasm to build up for the third time, now hanging on by a single thread as she tried to get the words to flow from her mouth.

“CanICum? CanICum? CanIcum?” she practically chanted, her words flowing together as he pulled back from her, another whine escaping her lips. “Fuck, Ash.”

“I’m sorry, what’s my name?” he asked gripping her face in his hand. “You didn’t seem to have any issues calling me daddy in front of the guys and management? Why not now in the comfort of your own bedroom?” She didn’t respond, letting her brain process what was going on. She desperately needed a release, but her cunt was so sensitive at this point, she wasn’t sure she could handle anymore. “I’m speaking to you princess.”

“I’m sorry,” she muttered looking into his eyes before looking away once again. “I’m so sorry.”

“I know you are, princess,” he said leaning up to press a kiss to her lips. “You’ve been such a good girl, handling your punishment.” He crawled off of her, feet touching the floor as he pulled off his pants and briefs, his cock standing at attention as he rubbed over his tip looking at her carefully. “You’ve done such a good job, it’s my turn to please you.” He didn’t bother with a condom, crawling back onto her before slowly pushing inside of her, letting out a moan from how wet and tight she felt around him.

“Fuck,” she moaned, her legs wrapping around him once again as he started to thrust into her at a quick pace, his hips snapping against hers harshly as one hand dug into her hip most likely going to leave bruises the next morning while the other held him up as she moaned loudly with each thrust. Her orgasm was approaching quickly, he could feel her tightening around her as she struggled to form coherent words, digging his face into her neck as he left love bites along her flesh.

“You can cum, princess. All over my cock,” he let out in a raspy breath, her body shaking from the orgasm as she squirted, the sight setting him over the edge as he pulled out, releasing over her sweat coated stomach as she caught her breath. They both took a minute to calm down, Ashton retreating to the bathroom to grab a towel using it to clean himself off of her before untying her wrists from the headboard, kissing at her skin repeatedly before peppering her face with kisses. “Was I too rough?”

“No,” she mumbled kissing his lips as she struggled to stay awake, Ashton catching the hint as he settled in next to her, cuddling her body tightly to his.

“I love you so much, baby,” he whispered in her ear as she nestled into his body even more than she already had.

“I love you too, Ash.”

How Do You Want To DnD This

2 Ao3 

Max Kante, who was mostly known as the guy to go to if you needed numbers crunched, had a dream of being a fantastic writer. So in-between his homework and self teaching himself various computer engineering, he would write a short stories. He would even write things for his classmates, especially when they were feeling down. Just last week he wrote one for Chloe, having sent it to her anonymously, and the next day she was a lot nicer to everyone around him.

He had an idea one day. Statistically, there was 73% percent chance it could lead to utter and absolutely chaos. He liked those odds.

Max stood before his class who watched him intently (well most of them: Chloe was scrolling through her phone but that was to be expected).

“Hello, acquaintances and friends!” As he said friends he looked to Alix, Kim, and Marinette, “I was wondering if you all would like to join a class bonding project I thought of the previous day? I believe that it will allow us to become closer while practicing our improvisational skills against the fate of luck–”

For some reason, Max noticed, Adrien and Marinette sat up a little straighter on the word luck.

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Keep Going

Title: Keep Going

Paring: Dean x Reader x Cas (Non-Destiel threesome)

Word Count: 1,918

Smut Appreciation Day 2017

Anonymous said: Hello! Your writing is amazing so I was wondering if maybe you could do a fic where Dean is teasing the reader under a blanket but Cas finds out and it leads to a threesome? Thank you!

A/N: Stick it out, the last line is fucking gold

Dean fucking Winchester. One wink from that man and you were feeling all funny in the pants.

Curling up under a blanket to watch the movie Dean sat back down on the bed, shifting you into his arms, covering you both with the blanket.

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Turn That Frown Upside Down.

Originally posted by undercoverrockstarjensen

Pairing: Dean x sister!reader 

A/N: This was me last Wednesday. I was so gutted the rest of the day :( So, I wrote a fluffy Dean drabble to make it all better!

Y/F/S: Your favorite singer 

“What’s on your mind, Y/N?” Dean couldn’t take this anymore. He was watching you mope around the bunker and stare down at your phone clearly annoyed. He was eaten up with curiosity just as to what you could be upset about now. 

“Nothing, Dean.” You gritted through your teeth. You didn’t want to bother Dean with your teenage drama. It was just one of the many of your mid-life crises. 

“It’s gotta be something, Y/N. I can read you like a book.” He did have a point there. Dean knew you through and through. You couldn’t say you were the same way. You knew when something was troubling the minds of your two older brothers. 

“Alright fine. I tried winning tickets to go see Y/F/S in concert by calling in to a radio station but I didn’t win and I actually listened to the bitch that won the tickets.” You muttered, picking at your thumb not exactly looking Dean in the eyes. 

Dean sighed. He knew that feeling. The number of times he has tried doing that when you were his age. “Trust me, sweetheart. I know that feeling.” Dean snickered to himself. “Really?” You asked looking up at him with big eyes. Dean nodded his head. 

“Hell yeah, Y/N. When I was your age that was the one thing that made me a teenager.  I  tried to doing that the number of times my dad wasn’t in the car or whatever. I never won one.” Dean formed a thin line with his lips. You and Dean were related, but this had to be one of the first things you could actually relate to one another in a situation. 

“I’m glad to know I’m not the only one.” You chucked lightly. “See, if you talk about you feel so much better after.” Dean slung his arm around you and pulled you in a for a big brother hug. “I guess you’re right.” You shrugged midway through your little love fest going on. “ Did you say I was right?” Dean asked holding his hand to his ear pretending not to hear what you said. 

“You know what I said.” You pushed him out of a hug, giggling. “Hey what do you say we go out for something. My treat.” Dean played with his  eyebrows. It wasn’t too often just you and Dean went out together. “I would love that Dean!” You exclaimed excitedly. 

“Put your jacket on and write a little note for Sammy. We don’t need him worrying.” Dean winked at you and grabbed his jacket as well.  

“Hey Dean?”

“Yes, Y/N?” Dean looked back at you in the motel doorway. 

“Thank you. And hey can I drive?” You puckered out your lower lip and gave Dean your best puppy dog eyes. Dean rolled his eyes at you and shook his head side to side. 

“No!” He exclaimed holding the door for you on your way out. 

Just when you thought he was going to say yes. 

The End! 

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Last night I dreamed that I had forgotten my sister’s birthday so I rushed home (where neither of us actually live atm) to congratulate her before realizing I hadn’t gotten her a gift. Then it turned out that Fleur Delacour (who was also there and my sister’s girlfriend) also had her birthday that day and on top of all that, it was also her and my sister’s one year anniversary and I didn’t have gifts for any of the occasions.
So as a last minute resort I decided to buy them stuff on Netflix: Modern Family for my sister and Rise of the Guardians for Fleur. Because in this universe, apparently, you had to pay a fee for every single thing on Netflix before you could watch it. Which in retrospect makes it probably the worst nightmare I ever had.

And they didn’t even like the gifts.

Warmer Now?

Pairing: Murphy x Reader
Requested by @all-time-foes - Hey I love your writing and portrayal of Murphy! I was wondering if you could do a one shot set after he escapes from the grounders and you believe everyone deserves a second chance. So you help clean his wounds, and he sleeps in your tent, and it’s all together really fluffy!!
Warning/s: Blood, illness, injury, FLUFF
Word Count: 1,029
Thank you so much! This was actually harder to write than expected because the angst kept taking over! Hope you like it love x

With having barely any sleep last night, Bellamy’s decision to have you on watch all day wasn’t the brightest idea. Your eyes were aching, threatening to shut at any second. However, the sound of a trip wire being set off couldn’t have woken you up faster. You pulled out your knife, walking quietly towards the sound. You heard groaning, realising immediately that it was a human.

A grounder.

You wanted to call for backup, but that would only alert the grounder that you were there. You had to do this alone. Taking a long, steady breath, you turned the corner and peered around a tree. You didn’t recognise him at first. You prepared to charge at the person on the ground, but then he lifted his head. What you saw made your chest cave in on itself.

It was Murphy.

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the equation of love (pt. 7)

Pt. 1 | Pt. 2 | Pt. 3 | Pt. 4 | Pt. 5 | Pt. 6 | Pt. 7 | Pt. 8 | Pt. 9

→scenarioWhen you met Yoongi in a club, you thought it was fate that brought the two of you together. But after you walked into your college math class for the very first time, you weren’t so sure anymore.

→genre: smut | fluff | angst

→word count: 12,021

→warnings: sexual assault

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A collection of wholesome memes collected and created via watching bbc’s the musketeers:

- mushroom joan of arc

- I CANNOT BE LIEEEVE you sLEPT with the Q U E E N11!!!!!!!1!!1

- queen anne number one sav question mark❓❔❔❔❓

- dad aramis, or dadamis,

- alternatively: dad aramis (dadamis)

- you would go by your last name all the time too if your first name was CHARLES

- The Baby™

- The Jeweled Crucifix Of Destiny™

- your visions are from soup, not God

- constance bonacieux could punch me in the face and id thank her

- “he’s your baby isn’t he you swashbuckling piece of shit”

- factoid that the average musketeer makes 38 bad choices per day is incorrect. the average musketeer makes 1 bad choice per day. aramis georg, who makes 47383 bad choices per day and slept with the queen of france, is an outlier adn should not have been counted,

- [athos voice]

- long suffering single dad captain treville

- God is aramis’s lawyer

- king louis is lord farquads good twin

- [youth pastor voice] “I promise u mushroom joan of arc, the Lord IS on fleek,”

- queen anne’s elaborate genius plans to hide The Baby’s paternity include making dumb curly wigs vogue and couture

- let 🔊 aramis 🔊 hold 🔊 his 🔊 kid 🔊

- every time rochefort talks u hear the sound pacman makes when he dies in the background

Feel free to add ur own this has been a PSA

The Bus

This week felt as though it was never ending. Long would be an understatement in describing it, I mean it didn’t help that I was due for vacation in the coming weeks. Well here it was finally Friday and the day was winding down, only after what seem like an 18 hour day. In essence it was probably more like 10 hours though, but let me tell it; it was 18 and nothing less. I often took the mass transit system to and from work and today just happened to be one of those days.

I usually played on my phone and watched YouTube clips the entire ride, providing I had enough juice. Not today though the bus was not as full for some reason, even so I decided to head to the second to last row. I always did, because those windows were tinted. As I sat I reconsidered and went all the way to the last row in hopes of being able to stretch out a little bit more. It worked in my favor because before we could make two more stops the long work week coupled with my slow jams and the smooth ride of the coach bus had me out like a light.

I was good and in it when I felt a little discomfort or at least I thought it was discomfort. Okay now, a little back story. I’m single been doing that whole thing for about a year or so. Though I am not a bad looking guy, I am extremely picky. So sex hadn’t been regularly on my things to do list. I say that to say this from time to time he would just wake up on his own accord.

Now mind you I’m in the back of the bus all sprawled out, like I said the bus was empty and I was worn out from the work week. Man all I know is that I began dreaming about doing the deed. I mean the shit was vivid, well at least the feel. I couldn’t put a face on the character as her face was well seated in my lap but this dream felt awesome. I knew it had been about two months since I had last got some ass in my life. This here dream was like that dream you never wanna wake up from .I hadn’t had a wet dream in forever, but I was bound to happen at this rate.
This shit felt hella real from the sensation to the small slurping sounds that echoed through my ear canals. I had to wake myself up before I made a scene or better yet a mess on this bus. It was such a tough task but it had to be done. I slowly peeled my eyelids up and glanced at my wood which was fully erect toand exposed for all to see. My hand was grasped around the base of my dick; while the head still pulsated indicating I was just about there. The only thing I couldn’t fathom is why I still heard that faint slapping, slurping sound. I looked up to see I had company…
This caramel beauty had her dress hiked up two fingers deep in her succulent honey pot. Our eyes met with a fire I hadn’t felt in years. We had to be locked in this staring match for at least three minutes, when the bus came to a halt. My dick was still hard as a rock as she subsequently stopped thrusting her fingers about her pussy. Eyes still in a tug of war she slurpped her fingers and leaned into me.
“Same time next week daddy. Thanks I needed that… I needed you” she adjusted her dress and made her way off the bus to her awaiting car.

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Thank you for sharing details on your customs! I had no idea what "sitting shiva" was, and as both one who has lost and one who loves to learn about culture I think it's beautiful. You have helped me learn something today, and that's an important gift to me so thank you :)

Today is the second day. It is one of my favorite things about Judaism and it’s one of my favorite funeral customs period. The actual funeral is kept to thirty or forty five minutes. Short and easy. But the Shiva lasts for days. Being a Jew is less about the religion for me. It’s about food, community, family, and taking care of one another. And that’s perfect.

Lol you should have seen me yesterday. We were crying our eyes out so me, my sister, and my cousin all went to the couch to watch something funny so we could have a laugh. I took out my phone and they chose an episode of Bob’s Burgers. And after about ten seconds of the thing streaming, I had two girls fast asleep on me in a huge family snuggle pile.

That’s sitting shiva lol

#26. The Power of Two - Damian Wayne x Reader

It’s day 26 of the 30 day challenge! I like to call this one “The smol birb That Became Tol”. For the full list of the prompts I will be doing for this writing challenge and the ones I have already completed, go here. Enjoy!

You were really determined to get that damn cereal box. To you it was the holy grail of all cereals and of course it was the last one and had the nerve to be on the top goddamn shelf at the supermarket. I mean, you could just get another type of cereal but it wouldn’t be the same and you didn’t want to subject Damian to your complaints the rest of the day if you couldn’t get your favorite brand.

“You’re in quite the predicament aren’t you? You could - just putting this out there - choose something else?” Damian said with an amused smile as he watched you struggle. He crossed his arms over his chest and leaned against the shelves, his eyes filled with bright amusement.

“We both know that’s not going to happen.” You rolled you eyes. You’ve been trying to get this stupid box down for far too long to give up now. You had declared war and only victory would appease you. “You know, Wayne, you could help me.” You huffed.

“Humility is the solid foundation of all virtues.” He spewed out his learned wisdom with a smirk.

“Shut it Confucius.” You retorted. You decided to try a new approach to your predicament and tried climbing the shelves like a ladder. It was very unstable and you regretted your decision immediately.

“Alright Tiger, let’s not hurt yourself shall we?” Damian said pushing off the shelf he was leaning and holding your waist in his hands to stabilize you. He picked you up and pulled you away from the shelf. He briefly set you back on the ground before effortlessly lifting you upwards to your desired height. You grabbed the desired box and held it up in victory.

“Ha!” You laughed triumphantly. Damian brought you back down and carried you bridal style in his arms.

“Happy now?” He asked with a quirked eyebrow. You gave him a quick peck on the side of his lips.

“Immensely, darling.” You answered.

Somedays after the cereal incident you were minding your own business eating your victory cereal when you heard Damian’s struggled grunts in the other room. You walked into the room and leaned against the doorframe quietly eating your cereal as you observed the scene in front of you.

Damian was clearly struggling. From what you could gather something fell behind the home entertainment set up and he was struggling to fit his muscular arm into any crevice to retrieve whatever was lost.

“You could move it, you know.” You comment munching on a mouthful of cereal.

“I’ve got it covered, [Y/N].” He responded stubbornly. You shrugged your shoulders and walked over to sit cross legged beside him to get a closer look at his struggles. After a couple more minutes of his labors you decided to take pity on the poor man.

“Would you like some help?” You ask.

“I’ve almost got it.” He insisted.

“Sure you do … There’s no shame in asking for help, Damian.” You remind him. He contemplated for a few moments before sighing.

“With your small stature you can probably fit your hand underneath the furniture far better than I can.” Damian relented reluctantly. You set your bowl aside and effortlessly slipped your hand under the low sitting cabinet and pulled out the gadget he had been after. You handed it back to him with a proud smirk which he returned with a playful scowl.

“We make quite the pair don’t we?” You asked crawling over sit in his lap. His form practically consumed yours when he wrapped his arms around you. The size difference between the two of you was almost comical if it weren’t for times like this when you needed each other’s height and size advantages.

“What would I do without you?” He asked softly cupping your cheek. He wasn’t necessarily talking about your conveniently sized assistance anymore.

“You’ll never have to find out.” You whispered bringing his lips to softly meet yours.

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#3 from 'try growing on for size'? (One of my absolute favourites!)

Thank you!

3. What’s your favorite line of narration?

I have two deep faves from this fic (i’m cheating):

He hadn’t expected it. Hux had been acting weird all day since they’d driven to school and Ben had told him what had happened at dinner the previous night with his parents, and at the end of last period he’d physically dragged Ben out to the back parking lot so Ben could crouch on the stairwell and watch Hux chain-smoke four cigarettes in a row while ranting about something he’d just read on Reddit, and when Ben had said something stupid about dank memes, Hux had laughed—a bit hysterical—and then leaned in and kissed Ben full on the mouth, with all five of his fingers fisted in the front of Ben’s shirt like maybe he’d been thinking about punching him, instead, and gotten confused on the way in.


His heart feels, suddenly, very, very warm and overly-large in his chest. Something in the region of his ribs hurts, like the first shaking, gasping breath you take after getting the wind knocked out of you—your body telling you you’re still alive, but maybe you should still be panicking.

- from trying growing on for size


send me a title of one of my fics and a number!

Forever and Always - Sebastian Stan x Reader

Word Count: 1,372

Genre: Angst

Trigger Warning: This deals a lot with depression so be wary when reading it, if you do and feel a tad sad after reading it, I’m always here to talk to.

Request: I love your writing. Could you maybe do one where Sebastian finds out and helps the reader through one of her depression/self-loathing days?

Author’s Note: I wrote this while watching The Black Cauldron; it scared me way more than it did when I was a wee baby. Reckon I might be able to write one or two more of these before I get to bed. Then more tomorrow after I finish the last of my homework off.

You laid under all your sheets in bed, trying desperately to get warm from the cold winter air, you stared out your window with the snow falling behind it and thought to yourself, how did I let myself get this way?

This had become an often occurrence, everyday you’d wake up and decide that your bed was the best place for you to reside, and then at night you’d tell yourself that tomorrow will be different, tomorrow you’ll get out of bed. But it never happens, not for the past two days at least. It made you feel terrible, like you couldn’t function, like you were pathetic.

And yet, despite all these things, the one thing that made your heart break just a little more was how your boyfriend Sebastian always peaked his head through the doorway to look and see if you were fine with a sad and sympathetic grimace, and every time without fault, he would whisper a gentle “I love you” and leave you be.

Each day you spent in your room gave you time to think about everything. About how much of a burden you must be to Sebastian. Every day he would go to your house to check up on you, and since he knew you weren’t necessarily in the best state of being, he helped you with everything you needed. If your house needed a little cleaning, he would pick it up. If you hadn’t eaten in a while, he made sure to get you food, and most importantly, he always made sure to talk to you even if you couldn’t reply or didn’t want to.

When you heard Seb open and close the door on cue like always, he yelled out a “hey babe,” as he carried the groceries in his other hand. He did his usual routine as he entered the house, and when he walked into the room to check on you, he light-heartily smiled at you and softly said, “Hey.”

You sat up in your bed and brought up your legs so that you could your chin on your knees while you held onto your legs, and when you looked over to Mark you smiled at him and said, “Hello.” He felt invited by the little smile you had and walked over to you so that he could kneel before you with his hands wrapped over yours while you both smiled at each other. He looked out to the window and said, “It’s a beautiful day today,” and as you looked out the window to the beautiful snowflakes that flew floated down and spread outside, he looked at you subtly and softly muttered, “Just like you.”

You looked back at him, and for a moment the both of you just sat there smiling at each other, forgetting about all of your stress and worries as nothing else mattered. Not while you looked at Seb. You could help but study his face and notice every little thing. The little crow’s feet at the side of his eyes from all those times you guys used to smile and laugh at each other. Those sneaky dark circles from all those days spent sat in a room doing multiple interviews for Civil War. That smile that never left his face, and the cute quirks at the end of his lips; but behind all of that was something deeper than skin, you could sense his stress and worry underneath everything, and something more… sadness? Anger?

You held his face in between your hands as you looked deeply in to his eyes, and as tears rimmed around your eyes you bit your lip. “I’m sorry,” you muttered from trembling lips.

He shook his head at you and began to wipe away the tears streaking down your cheeks, “there’s no need to be.” He told you, his voice gentle and yet with a resolved tone.

When that wall that you had been trying to hold together broke and released all the guilt that you had been feeling, you broke down right in front of him as you tried to hide your face in your hands with broken sobs. He got up to sit right next to you and grabbed you in his arms as he rested you against his chest while rocking from side to side; he began to whisper in your ear, “it’s alright, I’m here, and I’ll always be here.”

After all the tears dried up and there were no more for you to shed, your hold on Seb’s shirt lessened a bit as you sniffled and felt his fingers comb through your hair. “I’m sorry,” you apologised once more.


“Why not?” You scoffed at his question, “I’m nothing but a burden to you and I bring nothing but sadness. You’re here every day to help me and I’ve nothing to offer you back.” In the midst of your talking, he let go of you so that both of you could look one another face to face and then waited for you to finish.

When you were done, he took a deep breath and fixed you with an intense stare. “Look I know times has been tough. I come here every day because I want to, I help you with the little things and I try to talk to you when I can because I miss you, I miss you so goddamn much. I miss your voice. I miss your laugh. I miss your smile. I miss that little gleam in your eyes. I miss your touch. I miss everything about you. And what sucks is that you aren’t even gone. But I understand, that every day is a battle and that right now a smile probably feels like running a marathon. But I need you to understand, you will never be a burden to me and you want to know why? Because I love you, I love you more than you’ll ever know and even through a tough time like this I love you the same. I hate to see you like this. I hate all of it not because I want you to get over this, but because seeing someone so precious to me in pain is more painful than anything I could possibly go through, and what makes it more painful is that I can’t do anything about it other than just stay here with you. So I’ll stay here with you till the end of the line and no matter how tough things may seem right now, I know they can get better and I will be by your side to see that bright end of the tunnel with you.”

While he was speaking, his voice began to break as his lips quivered. Tears streamed down your cheeks as the guilt inside you was replaced by the realisation that none of it mattered in that moment, so you gently wrapped your arms around Seb, and pushed his head to your chest as you rocked from side to side, shushing him as he held onto you tightly.

Once the both of you had settled your emotions and the tears were subsides, you moved over with Seb so that you were lying in bed holding one another until sleep finally took over you.

The next morning, you woke up to find that Sebastian was no longer in bed with you but you could hear him rattling around in the kitchen. You weren’t cured in a day, depression didn’t work like that. But today you finally had the energy to push through the struggle and stand up from your bed, when you entered the kitchen you saw Sebastian placing some breakfast on a tray which he was probably about to bring you. When he saw you a massive grin filled in his face, “it’s nice of you to join me.”

Don’t mind me, just been enjoying way too much Kung Fu Panda. I’ve been listening to the soundtrack for the last two weeks, which has resulted in a nearly instantaneous 40+ page fanfic which will never see the light of day.

This was part of a much bigger sketchdump, but these two are the only ones who turned out ok. For some reason I cannot draw anybody else from this franchise. Probably because this is one of my first forays into anthropomorphic animals…

Kai’s horns are hella fun, btw. And Shen is a smug bastard who’s too pretty for his own good. They did such a good job animating him!??! I could honestly watch him move all day and it’s not fair.

Tag Game!

I was tagged by @tamaction who fully understands the astroturf of coyotes

1. Last movie you watched on DVD: Pretty sure it was either a Barbie movie or Catching Fire

2. Theatre: Shakespeare’s Hamlet

3. Last song you listened to: it was either “Halleujah” by Casting Crowns or “Love Will Take You Places” by Danny Gokey. I had a playlist on in the car and I don’t remember which it ended on because I’ve been singing both of them all day

4. Last book you read: Embassy Row by Ally Carter, but am currently reading Heartless by Marissa Meyer

5. Last thing you ate: a Moe’s burrito with all the fixin’s (like so many they had to wrap it with two tortillas because the first one split open)

6. If you could be anywhere right now, where would you be: sprawled out with my best friend watching LOTR and eating lots of junk food while quoting the majority of the movie and analyzing the rest

7. First thing you would do with lottery money: Don’t gamble, so not gonna happen, but tithing would be the first thing

8. Fictional character you would want to hang out with: Peggy Carter or Captain America or Aslan or Wonder Woman or…..

9. What was the last fandom you joined: Idk what it’s gonna be called, but whatever one is created when @tamaction publishes her book

10. Time Right Now: 11:20pm


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