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A Letter to the Sherlock Fandom

You may think that this is a lot of text and too long to read but I implore you to try so that you can better understand these points of view.

I apologise if this isn’t as eloquent or measured as I intended it to be but I am honestly so angry at the Sherlock fandom right now. Not all, obviously, many are conducting themselves amazingly no matter their opinion on the episode. However, there are a large (and loud) number who are not and not only are these people making the rest of us look bad and acting as if they speak for the fandom as a whole, I fear that they are doing (and may have already succeeded in doing) irreparable damage to what could have been a great community.

There are several points I wish to address in this post so I will try to dissect each one individually to the best of the ability.


No matter what you thought of the episode it is NOT okay, or even productive, to harass members of the cast or crew in any way (whether it be through social media, through official complaints (which can actually have further effects on their professional lives also which are definitely not yours to mess with) etc.). It started with Amanda back when season 3 was announced and that was just downright cruel and now it seems the lesson has not been learnt. They have worked hard on this show and even if it did not turn out as you personally expected it or wanted it to you cannot hate them for having a different view of where things should go than you. I have seen many people on Tumblr saying things along the line of ‘it our show anyway we can do what we want and it can be what we want it to be’. No. It is their show, we merely enjoy it - they created it and they have final say on what happens. I for one would not wish to see a world where the fans get to decide what happens as that would only ever cause further divide in communities and result in one section of a fandom having superiority over the others which is already happening in the Sherlock fandom with some Johnlockers/TJLCers.This harassment also extends to the harassment of other member of the fandom - labelling someone as homophobic because they don’t ship a same-sex ship is not only detrimental to the LGBT+ cause it puts up further barriers for the normalisation of non-traditional relationships.

On a similar topic, complaining to the BBC because you didn’t like the episode is not only petty but also counterproductive - these people are not asking for change in doing so they are calling for an end to the show and a witch-hunt in which those who created it are to be mocked in a public sphere. I have seen many people proudly posting images of their complaints and encouraging others to do the same and even petitions to a similar effect and it saddens me that people have become so arrogant in believing that the show is theirs and they were owed more that they would stoop to such levels. You were not owed anything. You didn’t like it, deal with it, move on.


I cannot express how much I dislike this term. Sometimes, yes, the teasing of fans with a potentially queer couple is done in an interpretably malicious way. With Sherlock, this is not the case. The cast and crew have said from the start that Johnlock (the main ship brought up in such discussions) was not going to happen. If you missed that and were not aware - fine; but if you knew this and then continued to be upset that it wasn’t happening - that is on you.  It is not queerbaiting if there was never any potential for the relationship in the first place - especially when neither character has been canonically stated to be queer.

Fetishisation of Gay Relationships and the Anti-Straight Trend in the Progressive Community

Wow, that was a long title. I have seen many of the aforementioned complaints to the BBC, petitions and Tumblr posts claiming that by not making a ship such as Johnlock canon they have let down a large portion of the community who are LGBT+ and have not given them the representation they deserve. Whilst representation is good and everyone does deserve to be able to see someone like them on television, as I said before, we have known from the stat that this was not going to happen with these characters. If you didn’t understand that clear message - again, it is on you, not the creators who have always been honest about the future of such a ship. You can be upset that they did not become canon in the same way that you would for any other ship but you cannot claim that you have been robbed of representation, misled in any way or owed better because you were never promised it in the first place.

As for the title of this section, I have seen a common trend in fandom communities towards making canonically straight characters gay, which whilst harmless if not taken to the extreme (as I feel some members of the Johnlock community have) actually highlights a double standard and serious problem that must be addressed. If one were to take a canonically gay character, strip them of their identity and make them straight they would be called homophobic in an instant. However, when it is the other way around, no one complains. Heterosexual is an identity too and to keep classifying it as separate from the others, in a class of its own, is only going to slow down progress and make it harder for true unity to occur. By stating that two characters, one of whom has categorically stated that they are not gay (and of course only one would be enough) have to be gay because of they way they interact (via your personal interpretation - often though tinted lenses) you are not only arguing that two men cannot be simply very good friends without harbouring romantic feelings for each other, you are also denying John of his own self-proclaimed identity.

The Bad Side of TJLC

(The previous paragraph is also relevant to this section and thus again I must state that whilst shipping two characters is fine, outright ignoring their identity and labelling them yourself is not.)

On paper, TJLC (The JohnLock Conspiracy) is not too harmful, you can speculate as much as you want. Where it becomes harmful is where people delve into the realm of delusion. There are many TJLCers who wholeheartedly believe that Johnlock is already canon or has to be canon and it is these people who appear to harbour the strongest negative beliefs about the recent episode and who are doing the most damage to this community.

I have seen countless posts recently along the lines of the following: 'clearly we know more than Moftiss’, 'how could they not see it was so obvious’, etc. Such arrogance as to your own beliefs is extremely harmful to the wider community. You do not know more than the creators of the show, the show is as they intended it to be - anything that you find within the show (with your TJLC-tinted glasses) that supports your predetermined theory is simply you putting two and two together and making five. It was not intended and therefore not symbolic of your beliefs and so your interpretation is no more than that - an interpretation not fact.

Believe it or not, for those of us not in the TJLC community, JohnLock was not obvious - for someone like me, when I first heard of this ship and TJLC I was incredibly surprised because I saw no romantic connection whatsoever - just two friends; and that was all that they were intended by the creators to be. If you were aware of the cast and crews comment of the subject and still deluded yourself into believing that TJLC was true - that was on you. No one else is to blame for your beliefs not lining up with the facts of the show.

Your ship does not rule this fandom and you do not speak for the whole fandom so those of you saying they didn’t give the fandom what they wanted - you are wrong. They didn’t give you what you wanted. You don’t speak for me and you don’t speak for the countless others like me who actually enjoyed the episode and/or are not in any way JohnLock shippers.

Sherlock Holmes and the Delusion of the Fake Episode

For those of you who still believe in some way that the episode was a fake one, that a  new episode will come out and say that it was all a dream etc. Again, you are deluding yourself and this is not healthy and will only lead to disappointment. It is what it is. Failure to accept reality for what it is and move on from there, living in a constant state of denial is a serious problem.

I have so much more to say and honestly not the words to say it without going off onto too much of a tangent right now. I may add continuations (in fact I most likely will once I can formulate sentences again) to this if I think of anything.

I know that one post on Tumblr isn’t going to make a whole lot of difference and the fractures in this community may never heal but I honestly could not hold this in any longer.

You are welcome to ask questions or for clarification on any point made or any point you wish me to address.

anonymous asked:

Did you get the general vibe that Bob was holding back information and being careful about what he said?

I didn’t get that vibe, but I can guarantee he was holding back information! The one time season 4 was brought up was in relation to him and Clarke becoming coleaders again, and he deflected to how he thinks of Bellamy as more of an enforcer than a leader. (I disagree with him about that, btw, but I didn’t have time to discuss it further.)

I think everything we talked about was in s3 context—any time s4 came up at any point during the con, with any actor, they refused to answer the question (or in Sachin’s case, answered it in gibberish). I remember at one point during our M&G Bob said “I could lose my job” which I’m PRETTY SURE was in reference to telling us about season 4. We got a lot of “you’ll see” and “I can’t say right now” answers too, even when the question seemed pretty innocent.

And I do think the cast was informed of what they could share and what they couldn't—for example, Tasya said, “Echo’s a Royal Guard, I’m allowed to tell you that.” They’re keeping a tight, tight lid on anything related to s4 right now.

Practical Magic: Playing With Bubbles!

So you saw the title and thought I was talking about soap bubbles, didn’t you?

*dejectedly lowers bubble wand and bottle of bubble mix* Maybe…

You do know I was talking about a different kind of bubble, right? Like… witchy bubbles?

I thought you were going to tell us about a spell we could blow bubbles with…

Well, I do have one of those, but that’s for a recipe article. But the kind of bubbles I’m going to be talking about are still pretty fun!


Yeah! And they’re a great way to discretely practice working with magic!

If you’ve been following my blog for a while now, you might remember my article on practicing throughout the day - little routines that you can do in order to keep up the ability to visualize, feel energy, and cast minor spells throughout the day. If you haven’t been following for very long, I welcome you to the dragon’s nest, and humbly say that you don’t have to read that article. However, should you wish to do so, you may be able to here!

In the article, I mention that energy play is something that a witch can do in order to practice feeling, shaping, and sending energy. This, coupled with intent, is the basis for what casting a spell is. When you remove all of the ingredients, all of the tools, all of the candles, a spell comes down to the shaping and sending of energy in order to influence the outcomes of your decisions.

Allow me to provide a small example. I set up my altar for the full moon - God and Goddess statues, dragon symbols, altar cloth, stones, mirror sigil, pentacle, working candle. Once everything is aligned in a way that feels right and is aesthetically pleasing, I place my tarot cards and pendulum on top of the pentacle. Then, I dress the candle with blessed rainwater and fire-water oil before filling the candle holder with blessed salt and setting the candle inside. I light the candle, visualize, take a deep breath and then hold my power hand (generally, the hand you use to cast or write with is your “sending” or “power” hand - this is not always your writing hand, but usually is; if you’re ambidextrous, either hand works) over the divination tools. While picturing pale blue light swirling around and entering the tools, I say “By Fire, Water, Earth, and Air, your readings shall always be clear,” three times, finishing with “As I will it, so mote it be.”

I then let the candle burn down until it goes out, and keep the altar in place for the three nights of the full moon, and Friday the 13th for extra measure.

Seems like a typical spell. Fairly simple, and with all of the common elements of witchcraft. But if I didn’t have the stones, the candle, the dragons, or altar, I could do the very same spell. If I were to set my tarot cards in front of me on a table, I could consecrate and charge them in much the same way, because the key is the visualization and the feeling of the energy.

All of those extra aspects to the spell, including the incantation, are tools for the most basic form of spellcasting, which is channeling and focusing energy, imbuing it with intent, and sending it to do its work. I saw swirling, pale blue light swirling around in and around my cards and hands, held it in place and intensified it with my intent of having clear readings from the cards, and sent that energy into the cards where it now resides, keeping the deck charged and at the ready for any readings I may need to do.

That still sounds really complicated…

Well, we’ll break it down, and I’ll help you to shape your (potentially) first energy ball!

Step One - Focus and Feeling

This is the part where I let you know that my method may not be for you. Feel free to read through and take or leave what you feel works for your practice. Some witches, for instance, prefer to make use of chakras in this process whereas I do away with chakras because I don’t feel they add anything to my practice. This is merely my process. Secondly, while the process may seem long and drawn out, when you’ve done this daily for a while, it becomes second nature. Do not be discouraged. Just keep working at your method until you’re moving energy around like a witch in her crone stage! And, finally, my process deviates a little bit from most guides to energy bubbling you might find. Many will encourage you to master meditation first. In my experience, it’s energy bubbling that helps with meditation, not the other way around. Again, that’s just me.

First thing is feeling the energy. This is accompanied to some degree by visualization, but we’ll get to that. Close your eyes and hold your hands out next to one another. What do you feel when you picture the energy moving through your body? Is it fluid like running water? Does it tingle like static electricity rippling off of your fingertips? Is it cold or warm? What is its texture like? Wispy, like fog, or heavy like a silk comforter?

Then see the energy. You may have your eyes open or you may keep them closed. How do you see it? Do you see crackling electricity, or do you see light? Is it fog that hovers about your hands, or does it run off of your hands like smoke from a back-flow burner?

When you can see and feel the energy on your hands, you’ve begun the process of shaping and moving it.

Step Two - Activation

This isn’t entirely needed for everyone, but I know that sometimes people require a little bit of activation to get the process of moving energy going. Some witches may clap their hands once or twice. Others rub their hands together. I found that breath works particularly well for me when I have those off days where I have difficulty getting my energy up and going. However you need to, visualize and feel that energy from your hands move in circles in your palms, rotating and flowing in whichever direction you feel comes most naturally.

Step Three - Molding and Moving

Continue visualizing and feeling the movement of the energy. Begin shaping it and molding it like putty. The first few times you do this, you may feel a little silly - childish, even. However, it’s this childish nature that you want - that innate bit of wisdom that everyone has in his or her heart. As children, this kind of process came much more easily to us, but that ease often needs to be relearned.

Form a ball. Make it grow, or make it shrink. Try lifting it off of your hands so it remains suspended in the air. Move it about the room. Then bring it back to your hands. Allow your practice to come naturally.

Step Four - Charging and Sending/Drawing

Here’s where the witchy part of the magic happens (at least in my eyes). It’s one thing to feel and move energy. It’s another to give that energy purpose. The simplest way of doing this is using emotional needs or intents. For instance, when holding your energy ball, concentrate on something that makes you incredibly happy - sharing a kiss with your sweetheart, or holding your child, or savoring your mother’s home cooking. Hold that feeling, sending it into that ball in your hand. Focus on having that feeling more often. When you have held that feeling as long as you can, you have a couple of options for what to do with that energy. The easiest is drawing it back into yourself. You can do this by either visualizing it being absorbed into your hands again, or pulling it back into your chest, or sending it into your forehead with a finger.

Another thing you can do is send the energy into the world or into an object. For sending it into the world, I invariably end up making a motion like setting a bird free. You might push it into the earth, or allow it to dissipate. What’s key is the visualization and the knowledge that the energy is headed out to do its work. If sending it into an object, such as when charging or consecrating altar tools or stones, your visualization is going to be key once again. Use your finger to channel the energy into that object.

Taking it Further

Once you get the hang of doing this, try playing around with different energies. Happiness, sadness, anger, love, fear. Every emotion has its place in our lives. Try working on sensing the energy in other objects. Can you feel the energy radiating from crystals, plants, or animals? How can you work with those energies?

Then incorporate it into your spellwork. Going back to my example from earlier, this is how I saw and felt the energy through every part of the process:

As I laid out the altar cloth, I gathered energy in my hands - flowing like water, yet warm. With this energy, I pushed away any residual energy that may have been on the surface beforehand (a process some of my friends and fellow witches would call “energy blasting,” it’s a method of cleansing). I chose dragons because draconic energy has always felt protective and pleasantly warm to me. I arranged them all so that they are looking inward, toward the center of the altar space. That way I could sense that energy being directed and focused. The stones I chose based on what I felt in them - quartz serving as a sort of battery, agate for cleansing, lepidolite for love, lapis for foresight, citrine for intuition, selenite for cleansing and empowerment, rose quartz for love and comfort, angelite for divination. The sigil I placed facing inwards once again, reflecting and adding to serene and calm energy.

With the addition of salt and the pentacle, I could feel the energy being more rooted and stable - at this point, I was beginning to see the energy swirl clockwise on my altar space - a whirlpool of soft blue light focused by the stones, tools, and my own activity. When dressing the candle, the rainwater loosened the energy a bit more, making it cleaner and more fluid. The fire-water warmed it up, giving it more passion. At this point, the energy was now swirling faster and with a slightly darker blue. The lighting of the candle gave my visualization more glow - the flame bringing passion and vibrancy to the energy on the altar. My divination tools were placed in the center. My hands were used to channel even more of my personal energy into the little vortex, and then when the incantation was done, funneled all of that into the tools.

For the next three days, anytime I saw the altar, I saw energy swirling into the altar and into the tools - full moon energy drawn down after the altar was “activated.” When the moon began to wane again, the energy began to lessen up, and I ended the spell after feeling my cards and sensing whether or not there was enough charge to them (though this wasn’t entirely necessary, as the deck had cut itself and exposed a card - self-reading like that is often an indicator that the cards are talking and ready for action).

In Conclusion…

This is a basic practice that continues into everything magical we do as witches. It’s not often talked about in such a context where it’s linked to spellcraft in this way. However, it is the core of what makes a spell tick. Practicing energy manipulation every day is something that helps increase the ease at which we can visualize and sense energy, and bubbling is a discreet way to protect yourself or cast spells when you need to do so. I’d mentioned in my previous articles that I do this when I’m having coffee, turning the drink into a sweetening spell so that my day goes well and I don’t speak ill or snap out in anger or frustration.

And even better is that you don’t need a whole lot of time in the day to do this kind of practice. Five to ten minutes is all you need each day. If you feel so inclined, you can do more, but for me, that five minutes just helps warm me up for the day!

May your spells and bubbles be always charged!

Blessed Be! )O(


Hello everyone✌️
We get a lot of questions about being sexually attracted to one gender and romantically to another and what this means, so I thought I could answer them all right here,
Right now.
Split attraction is a term used to describe “being sexually attracted to one gender and romantically to another” ex: You identify as female and being attracted to girls romantically and guys sexually would be homoromantic heterosexual.
Hope this helps :D

things you should definitely 100% not think about when you think about philip shea (except do because philip shea is perfect and you should always think about him)

- Okay, first of all, don’t think about how Philip was literally almost shot and actually did literally beg for his life for a moment and allowed himself to be scared about that for approximately .5 seconds before sucking it up and remaining seemingly calm for pretty much the rest of the show (except for when he realized tommy and tracey were in danger. because philip shea cares about other people. but once they are gone, he accepts it quickly and moves on. that is philips’ like number one skill. accept and move on. don’t think about why that is).

- Don’t think about how he somehow got to the city in the middle of the night and then didn’t even risk going inside. Don’t think about how he just curled up on the couch outdoors as if this was a common, acceptable place for him to sleep and passed out, alone, after almost being killed.

- Don’t think about how he goes from saying “I’m done. can’t go back, can’t go back there” to accepting he can’t live with him mom again in approximately ten seconds. He doesn’t argue too much about it. Doesn’t beg or plead or threaten to run away. Just says “I know” and gives his mom cigarettes and then sits and comes out to her because she wants to hear nice things about him and to him, lukas liking him back enough to kiss him is a nice thing.

- Don’t think about how when given the opportunity, Philip will sit next to a man who has almost definitely abused him and just do nothing but pretend the guy likes him.

- Don’t think about his honest confusion when he asks “Why not” after Lukas says he didn’t have sex with Rose.

- Don’t think about how Philip is so calm and willing to do or be whatever the person he loves (read: his mom and Lukas) needs him to be. I mean, yes, he tells Lukas no that one time and calls him on his shit other times, but really, overall, the kid is willing to put himself on the line for those he cares about: “Had to be cool for my mom—I can be cool for you to.” “What do you want me to say? I’ll say whatever you want.” Ugh, he just—he tells Lukas not to drink the hand sanitizer but then three seconds later he does the same thing, no questions asked, because Lukas tells him to. Don’t even get me started on the whole Rose debacle.

- Lukas freaks out when Philip hands him a condom, Philip minimizes it and says “It’s okay. it’s okay, it’s fine” coaxes him back down and no more pressure to do anything. Philip tells Lukas he told his mom about them, Lukas says “There’s nothing to say” and Philip just nods quickly, “Okay.” Doesn’t argue. Doesn’t call Lukas on anything. Just says okay and then offers to take Lukas into the city cause he thinks that will help him.

- Philip won’t get Lukas drugs, but he will help Lukas look for things to sell when he asks and go with him to the pawn shop and wait outside while he does it.

- And, like, I’m not saying this to say Philip is a pushover or weak, he’s not- he’s just contained. All the time. He is the stable one. The calm one. He is careful not to push too much. He thinks of solutions and waits to see if they will actually be listened to but is very, very cautious with actually being assertive with his ideas/wants/needs. He is just so much more attuned to everyone else.

- Oh, ALSO, don’t think too much about how Philip overheard Gabe and Helen arguing about him and chose to step out and put himself in that line of fire anyway. He could have just hung back and waited a little. Or, fuck, run off until things cooled down. But Gabe was being yelled at and they were arguing and so he decided to step in. Cause Philip wants to keep everyone happy.

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Are you Kidding Me

Okay so I was messing around with a scenario generator. Where you input characters and it comes out with a scenario. So for fun I put in Bugs and Daffy as the two characters and of course the first thing to pop up was…



This is scenario is just too preposterous. 

Like, that’s never gonna happen.

Why would-

Either of them


Dress in drag. 


You’re drunk, scenario generator.

 It is so obviously so out of character that these two would dress in drag together. 

guys, viktor and yuuri KISSED.

hi everyone, i’ve decided to write a little something about the latest episode of our beloved anime series, yuri!!! on ice. it seems that some fans are rather critical of the way the kiss was handled and therefore sceptical that it even was a kiss, ‘cos of how viktor and yuuri landed on the ice. as such, i’ve decided to attempt to alleviate these doubts a little. 

allow me to point ur attention to this line:

“This was the only thing I could think of to surprise you more than you’ve surprised me.”

please notice that viktor said SURPRISE, an emotion that’s used for events that are unexpected or unforeseen. so seriously, are u arguing that a mere hug was unexpected and unforeseen in spite of all these other ones that’d already taken place in the previous episodes – that were also PUBLIC, if i might add???

it’s a very flawed argument, frankly, so i’m debunking it this minute.

what happened after yuuri’s performance in episode 7 was NOT just a hug. THEY KISSED. DRILL THAT IN UR HEADS, ALRIGHT? besides, realistically, if viktor landed on yuuri while still kissing, don’t u think that’d hurt their teeth quite a bit?

and listen, i understand that many of us are extremely tired from all the years of queerbaiting in anime, so i do empathise with ur pain and inclination towards scepticism. but for the love of god, yuri!!! on ice has pushed its boundaries by cleverly finding a way around japan’s censorship laws and taking advantage of context to help convey what actually happened. let’s give them a little well-deserved credit here.

so please, rest assured that this is not queerbaiting. it really is happening; viktor and yuuri are really canon, and we lgbtq folk are finally getting the representation we’ve been waiting painstakingly for.

so let’s celebrate this viktuuri together instead, okay?

edit: ok i’ve been informed that it’s “censored” not because of legal issues but rather it’s an artistic choice. i apologise for the misinformation! but even so, i think we can appreciate how it was handled with the help of contextual cues. *fingers crossed for an uncensored kiss later on in the series*
Maybe our paths will cross again in a few years time and you’re breathing will become shallow because you forgot how much you loved my smile and I’ll tell you how in love I was with you back when I was just figuring it all out and you’ll nod and smile and I’ll tell you that breaking my heart was one of the stupidest things you could have done and you’ll nod but you won’t smile this time. Because you’ll realize I’m right. You’ll realize that no one has appreciated you as much as I did and you’ll study my face and wonder why you left because everything was so good, you’ll wonder if you could take it all back and start again, wonder why you thought you could find someone better but those are questions you’ll have to live with because  you know it’s too late for us now, but you really wish it wasn’t.
—  unknown

anonymous asked:

Hey Jax Since you always do Analytical battles? who do you think would win. Korra or Aang?

Oooohhh wow haha I have to think about this one lol. I know I’ve answered this before. So I take it that when one dies the other one isnt reborn haha and Aang has a killing Intent. and i also take it we are using Aang from the ending of the Last Airbender when he was 12 and Korra right now when she could walk lol Both Avatar states grant them all the avatars and korras still intact with all her past lives….we’ll say besides Aang for this situation.

Honestly I would probably go with Korra and heres why. Aang had to learn all the new elements besides Air in a short amount of time and he just became Adept at them. Korra had years of practice for 3 out of the 4 elements and I would say has better skills with them. Though Aang most definitely outclasses her in Air-bending and dodging. Korra also is a physical fighter

, she can kickass without her elements. Aang could too but it was more of a kung fu way of fighting without really fighting

which is all good but not all that for a death battle. Also comparing their Avatar states especially that Book 3 Finale fight they both had Korra’s is just monstrous. Aang always seemed stable

which is good to keep your head clear but Korra felt like a FORCE OF NATURE

when attackin Zaheer

In my opinion I just think Korra would overwhelm him since she has a higher killing intent when fighting , SHe also can Metal bend

and technically has more experience at this point.

christmas party | a.i.

with all the bullshit going on right now, I thought you guys could use a little distraction and something to cheer you up. this is one imagine in my holiday series. from now until the end of the year, I will be doing loads of holiday-themed imagines. if you don’t celebrate christmas, be patient, I have plenty coming for you :) I love you, be strong.

summary: it’s you and ashton’s first christmas as a couple. 

warning: smut

The two of you stumbled down the hallway, holding back giggles as you escaped the party that was still in full swing. Ashton lead you by the hand into one of the spare rooms in the house, silently closing the door behind you and wasting no time as he pressed his lips so gently to yours. Your back pressed against the door, hands grasping onto the soft material of his ugly holiday jumper, pulling him closer by the threads as you both kicked off your shoes.

Ashton slid his hands under the fabric of your knit sweater, beginning to pull the top off of your body. “Let’s get this off of you, yeah?” 

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Thank youu!

I remember now that Impossible performance in X Factor. I remember now how I felt the first time I saw it. I remember now how I became Harmonizer thinking that it would be the best thing that I could do… I was right. I remember now all your performances before you released Better Together. I remember now when you won your first VMA, no one could believe that,how such a small fanbase could win, but the thing is we would do anything for our girls, the ones who inspire us everyday. I remember now now Reflection and 7/27. I remember now all the OT5 moments we had and that made us fall in love with your friendship. All the Caminah,Normila Camally and Camren moments we had. All these things are memories but these memories are possible bc you were there too. We won’t have more of this. I want to thank you for everything you have done,all the memories you gave us, I’m going to support y'all and I hope what you’ve decided makes you happy. I love you, @waakeme-up.


“I fell in love with the idea of the ‘One Bad Night’ video becoming a story of human compassion,” explains Kiyoko. “With the issues going on in our world right now, it’s important for us not to turn our backs each other. Anyone we come across could be an unlikely hero. Even the simple things in life can make or break your night, whether it’s a smile at the grocery store, an acknowledgment of support… just being seen. I wanted this video to be a reminder that humanity is looking out for you.”

Maybe our paths will cross again in a few years time and you’re breathing will become shallow because you forgot how much you loved my smile and I’ll tell you how in love I was with you back when I was just figuring it all out and you’ll nod and smile and I’ll tell you that breaking my heart was one of the stupidest things you could have done and you’ll nod but you won’t smile this time because you’ll realise I’m right. You’ll realise that no ones appreciated you as much as I did and you’ll study my face and wonder why you left because everything was so good, you’ll wonder if you could take it all back and start again, wonder why you thought you could find someone better but those are the questions you’ll have to live with because you know it’s too late for us now, but you really wish it wasn’t.
—  one day it’ll be your heart that’ll feel heavy and hollow instead of mine.

the thing about falling in love with your best friend is you think they will never hurt you.  How could someone that you know so well hurt you, right? Thats where it all goes wrong.

We used to spend nights on the phone for hours just laughing and talking about the most pointless things. it seemed like we could never run out of conversation.. Its funny how things change, because now here we are 6 months later, and I can’t even think of a sentence to say to you.
You were always there when I needed it and you were the only one that could ever understand me.
And I thought we crossed the line between friendship and lovers because of all the nicknames and all the flirting and all the hearts and touching under tables and words that you spoke so smoothly. I thought that was all so beyond friendship. but the thing is, just because someone acts like they want more, does not mean they want more. and just because someone seems to be everything you are looking for in a person does not mean that you are also that person for them.
And I used to think that you were so stupid for not seeing what was right there in front of you but the truth is you saw it, you just didn’t want it.
the thing about falling in love with your best friend is, it will destroy you and you won’t even see it coming.
The truth is, you never know anyone. You can, think you know a person but people will always always always surprise you. and you surprised me in all the worse ways.
because you didn’t love me, and you weren’t even a friend to me to start with but I was too blinded to see any of it, even after you continuously proved it.
You never felt a damn thing for me,  you just didn’t want to be alone, you just kept me there for when it was convenient for you.
We haven’t spoken in months and you don’t even care, you don’t even realize any of it.
and I just don’t understand it, I don’t understand how its possible to go from talking to someone day after day, to not even texting them to ask how they’ve been. I don’t understand why you said all these things if you didn’t mean any of them.. and I don’t understand why its been months and I’m still in the same state you left me in, I’m still always thinking about you and you don’t give a damn.

—  its always going to be like this

“Hi there little one! Think you could help me out? I think I’m lost.”

“Sure. Where you going?”

“Viridian City. I haven’t been in this area for a long time and a lot has changed.”

“We’re going to Pewter City right now. Viridian is next to it if you want to go with us.”

“Really? That would be wonderful.”

“Are you gonna fight the gym there?”

“Oh, no, my trainer days are over. I’m much too old for that.”

“So no catching Pokémon either?”

“Hah, I’ve spent most of my life up until now chasing Pokémon. I think it’s time for me to prioritize.”

“What are you going for? There’s not too much in Viridian other than the gym.”

“I’m just hoping to get some answers from someone. And perhaps find someone else that I lost.”

“You lost someone?”

“My daughter. I’ve been looking all over but the world is just so big, y’know?”

“She must miss you a lot. What’s she look like?”

“You wouldn’t know her. She’s much older than you. But… you look like her… when she was younger.”



“What happened to her?”

“Ah, I’d rather not dwell on it.”

“That’s okay! I hope you find her. And I’ll tell you if I find an older lady that looks like me!”

“Thank you… uhhh…”


“Thank you, Tomoe. And my name’s Miyamoto for future reference.”

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Can we just appreciate Martin Freeman for a moment and what he gave the fandom in that scene where he cried? He showed us John's broken shell of a body. You could hear his throat trembling. Even with his hand covering his face, you saw the tears falling! You heard the whimper he let loose right before Sherlock embraced him. Martin is a marvel to expose such vulnerability in such a repressed character. Broke my heart and amazed me all in one.

Omg yes dear nonnie.

Martin’s performance in this episode was spectacular. John goes through so many different emotions, and it would be really hard to play considering John is normally so reluctant to show emotion.

Like… I’m been almost twice days and I’m not over it.

His breakdown breaks my heart every time, and the quiet, nervous way Sherlock approaches him omggg.

Give the man all the awards!

jonghyun, on a date: well this was fun

jonghyun’s date: do u wanna come back to my place

jonghyun: haha yeah that’d be cool but idk i feel awkward when it’s just me you know since i’m so used to being around the members all the time. man i really miss the shinee members right now, would’ve been great if they could’ve come. oh hey did i tell you this one funny thing minho said once anyways

“He’s not the one for you, I know you and that’s not you.” I laugh coldly and stare hard into the green eyes that I used to love so much.

“Really? You’re going to tell me who’s not right for me now? This is the first time you’ve spoken to me in months, after you left me. You left me for my best friend and you think you’re in the right place to tell me who I can and can not be with? I loved you and you broke me. There’s no other boy who could hurt me more than that.”

—  Excerpt from a book I will never write #1132