i could use a nice hug

Can I just say that I loved the hug and all it represented?

Like, would it have been nice if there was a kiss? Yes. But the writers didn’t choose to show us the romantic side of Fitzsimmons in that reunion.

They showed us their bond.

Fitzsimmons’ bond is unshakeable-it has been tested, true, but it has endured against all odds. Their bond is so strong, so pure that a “curse” fron the cosmos couldn’t break it.

To me, that hug spoke louder than any kiss ever could. It showcased their bond perfectly-love isn’t always shown by a Big Damn Kiss. It is shown by hugs, a silent promise to keep the other safe, a way to comfort.

To me, it represented their unconditional love/bond better than a kiss could and I can’t imagine that scene being written differently.

My “Flirting Skills” are “Rusty”

Title : My “Flirting Skills” are “Rusty”

Pairing : Castiel X Reader

Word Count : 2,958

Prompt : Castiel likes you, you like him. There is only one problem; his people skills are a bit rusty. Luckily, Dean Winchester comes to the rescue. What could go wrong?

Note from Madlee : Yes, I used some concepts from the movie Hitch, and why not, its a great movie, so if you like, go check it out! :)

“Thanks for dinner, guys.” You said, tucking a strand of hair behind your ear before you turned to fumble for your motel key.

“Yeah, it was a nice change of pace,” Sam nodded, heading off with his laptop for his room, giving you a swift hug. “See you in the morning, Y/N.”

“Yeah, sweet dreams, Sam!” You tussled Sam’s hair affectionately and he swatted you away with a smile before he disappeared into the motel room across from yours.

“Remember, we are right across the hall if you need anything.” Dean reminded you, pulling you into a swift hug with a grin. “Anything at all…”

You laughed and slapped him away. “I’m not that drunk, Dean.”

Dean pulled his lips into a pout. “Darn.”

You shoved him away good-naturedly. “You are so weird.”

“Yeah, but you love me.”

You shook your head and turned back to your key. “I guess.” You chuckled. “Sometimes.”

You almost didn’t say goodnight to Castiel. Not because you had forgotten he was standing there like a statue, but rather the exact opposite. You were hyper-aware of his presence, as always. God, he was hot. You were never sure of how much attention to give him, because you didn’t want to look like you were obsessed with him, despite the fact that you were.

It made sense, at least you thought so, but then, your brain was messed up on a major crush, so you couldn’t exactly rely on logic.

You tucked a strand of hair behind your ear, turning to Castiel. “Goodnight, Cas.”

The angel stared at you for a few moments, his blue eyes burning into yours. You were sure a blush was working its way onto your cheeks as you stared at him. He swallowed and gave a slight nod to you, his face serene as always. “Goodnight, Y/N.”

It took you a few seconds to drag your eyes away from him to go into your room and close the door behind you.

Castiel stayed still, staring after you at the number on your door.


Castiel lowered his head, his eyes narrowed at his shoes when he heard Dean’s voice. Slowly, he dragged his gaze up to meet the Winchester’s green eyes. Dean was leaning against the wall, his arms folded over his chest, his eyebrows raised in criticism. “What the heck was that?”

Castiel stared at Dean for a moment, his hands clenched at his sides. “I said goodnight.”

Castiel watched as Dean let out an exasperated groan. “Exactly.”

Castiel narrowed his eyes. “Was that not the correct response to her statement?”

“Dude!” Dean took a step toward Castiel, but then he seemed to regain a bit of his composure as he patted the angel on the shoulder. “Look, that was technically the ‘correct response’, but that’s not what I told you to do! Remember what we talked about last night?”

Castiel turned away, his cheeks growing red with shame. “I’m not very good at this, Dean.”

Dean let out a tight sigh. “Man, you are awful.” Castiel shot Dean a look, but the Winchester didn’t seem to care at all. “It’s like you’ve never flirted in your life! That was painful to watch. Did you even talk to her when Sam and I left the table?”

Cas narrowed his eyes thoughtfully. “I complimented her…”

Dean waited few seconds for Cas to continue, and when he didn’t, Dean leaned forward, prompting, “Yeah? What did you compliment? Her eyes? Her dress? Her hair?”

Castiel was quite still for a moment. He looked down, his fingers flying to his tie and he messed with it sheepishly, muttering under his breath.

“What did you say?” Dean questioned, not hearing.

“I complimented her choice in toothpaste.”

There was a minute of total silence.

Dean stared at Castiel; the angel stared back.

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so the full story on what happened when i accidentally sassed dan at tatinof:

okay so after the hugs and the hellos dan gestured to my book and said “do you want us to sign that?” and i was accidentally a sARCASTIC ASS and said “no i actually just brought it for you to look at” and for half a second they were silent and then phil did like this deep chuckle and said “nice” and dan laughed and said “oh yeah nice object” and i said “yeah it’s alright” AND PHIL LIKE SCRUNCHED UP HIS FACE INTO THAT “i can’t believe you just said that smile” and they both laughed idk if it was at me or with me but yeah that’s how i was accidentally a sarcastic ass but i also made them laugh so worth

Imagine a hug from Dazai.

I don’t know why but the thought of a hug from Dazai is one of my favourite things.

Just think about it, resting your head on his chest with your arms loosely wrapped around him as you listen to his steady heartbeat. Imagine his arms around you, one arm wrapped around your body and the other resting on your shoulder, his hand on your head and his fingers running through your hair.

I could really do with a hug like that sometimes.

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Howdy! I Love your work ♡! I was Wondering if you could write how UT Sans, UF Sans, and US Papy react to their S.O just giving them random kisses/hugs/or just little cute things throughout the day with no context. Like, they're walking to Grillby's/Muffet's etc.. and their S.O just grabs their hand and holds it. Or they give the skelly a small kiss on their cheek when they're watching a movie! Thanks a bunch and I think you're realy talented at writing! Keep it up, I'm looking forward to it :D!!

Sans likes it a lot. It’s a nice way to show affection, and he appreciates it. Often he returns the favor, laying his arm around them them or kissing back. He enjoys it and thinks it’s a good sign that they are so comfortable around him.

UF!Sans acts like he is annoyed by it, but secretly he loves it and is relieved, that he doesn’t need to do it. He is often uncertain if it’s the right time to show affection and so it’s good, that they do it. In very rare moments he tries to show affection too.

US!Papyrus has no problem with it. It’s nice, and it reminds him to show affection as well. Sometimes, he forgets to hug or kiss them or is too tired to do it, but he will always make sure that he returns it.

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Louis, we know you love Maya as much as we do. If you're on the same flight, please give her a hug from us :) Have a safe flight both of you xoxo

I’ve got so many asks telling me to say hello to him and that we have his back, you’ve all been so sweet, but this message truly touched me, anon, the only one caring about me and what this could be for me! Thank you, you’re a real pearl. I’m safely home for a little while and that means the world <3 

Thank you, love you, hope you’re having a great day, wherever you are xx

Super Junior: When you wish him a Happy Valentines Day and kiss his neck.

I should really be studying but I couldn’t wait to do this reaction any longer (plus I need a break anyhow)! I mixed this with both funny and sexy reactions so I hope you enjoy! 

Leeteuk: Whew it got really warm in here all of the sudden! *Fans himself* If I’m warm just from that I’m going to be scorching by tonight!

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Heechul: As nice as that was I know a better spot were you could have kissed me, let me show you–*Kisses you*

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Yesung: Hmmm, I have an idea. Let’s use that chocolate you made for me for something more… creative.

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Kangin: *Grins* Happy Valentines to you to sweetie!~ Based on that kiss I can’t help but wonder what else you have planned~

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Shindong: *Hugs* You have no idea how lucky I am to have you in my life. Thank you so much [Y/n] and happy Valentines to you too, I love you~♥

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Eunhyuk: Ahh~ *Clear throat* W-Wow… You got pretty good at that, did you practice with a pillow or something? I can’t be the only one that does that right?

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Donghae: If that’s how today is going to go, maybe I should repay you with a little sneak peek of your White Day present~

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Siwon: If take was an invitation then I’ll be taking it to the bedroom–*Accidentally drops towel*… Or right here.

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Ryeowook: *Blushes* Ah, [Y/n]!–I’m supposed to be the one making you feel good right now! You gave me so much already so it’s only fair.

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Kyuhyun: I don’t know if your just being affectionate in a cute skinship way or hinting to something more sexy in a naughty way… Oh well, I’ll know by tonight.

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Zhoumi: *Shivers* Woah~ That gave me goosebumps!!!

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Henry: Heh, who knew this cologne would work out so well!

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We lay there, in my bed, in silence, facing each other. It was a simple moment, but it was nice, to be able to share the quiet with someone. There were a million unspoken words dancing in the small space between us, and yet the nothingness of peace hugged us tightly.
I could hear his exhale as it grazed against my cheek, doing what his hands longed to. His chest expanded toward me, ever so slightly, with each breath. Every inch of his body felt like it was grasping at mine, like I was the one protruding rock on the cliff whose edge he was falling from. And yet he lay there, paralyzed, and if it was with fear, he hid it well. 
I shouldn’t have broken the moment, but I couldn’t resist. My hand seemed to move of it’s own accord, until my fingers rested on the rough stubble that felt out of place against the softness of his skin. His face was always warm, and my hands were always cold, but he didn’t flinch, not even that first time. There were no sparks, no electricity; it felt like something I’d done a million times before. Touching him felt like coming home.  
He lay still as my thumb explored the deep dark circles under his eyes, no doubt from all the long nights spent talking to me, leading up to this moment. I loved his eyes, his always-tired eyes. I loved how they softened whenever his gaze found me, the way your shoulders loosen up under a hot shower after a long day, with ease and belonging. I loved how they saw me – not just looked at, but saw – all of me at once.
But maybe that was our problem. I loved being seen, more than I loved the one who did the seeing.
—  //Somewhere between dreams and memories//

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I feel like I need to defend Andy. His show on Wednesday was absolutely amazing, he was laughing and joking with me during the meet and greet, ridiculously nice and chatty, and he was the exact same way last summer when I met him. I never once got a "don't be near me vibe" or a sad or bored or rude vibe from him at all. I mean you're not allowed to touch him but he leans in toward the fans in the pics and everything. I think he could hug us sure but he's super kind and really nice when he talked

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I've this obsession with you and this blog and it's really been liek a few months since I followed you but you're such a nice ray of goodness and all lovely things and honestly reading your analyses or just random posts and your knowledge, everything, this is so cheesy but yeah a lot of greatness resides in you and I wanted to acknowledge/praise that and I love reading little bits about you, and whatever you share with us thank you and hope you've have an amazing day and week and life *hugs*

thank you so much, love. it’s completely baffling to me that you could feel so much positivity from the things i post but i’m so happy that you do. sharing my thoughts on this blog has been such a wonderful part of the past few months for me and i will never stop being amazed at how appreciative and just *kind* all of you are. thank you so much for taking the time to message me so much generous and lovely praise. it’s been a bit of a tough week in certain ways and you’ve no idea how much it means to me to read this

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That anon has no idea what they're talking about! Your story is amazing and I can't get enough! Your sims are gorgeous and the character development you have is off the charts. Your poses are my favorite things ever and I ALWAYS use them in my gameplay. Overall you are amazing and I have no idea how that anon could say that.

thank you very much anony  for everything ♡ you’re the best!

Sometimes I hate tumblr but I’ve also made some really cool friends like when I was in 7th/8th grade I met this guy named Jeffrey and he was so cool. He always talked about muffins and would tell me that Colorado is the tundra year ‘round and he was always so nice and funny and always listened to the Moldy Peaches. One time we were both in NYC at the same time and we met in the toys r us and I hugged him and he was so tall and nice and I wish we could have eaten muffins together!!! I just love Jeffrey I hope he’s doing well.

Shower sex - optional bias

I dont write smut very often so I’m sorry if this is trash.
Also English isn’t my first language so I apologise for any grammar mistakes!
Its also my first kpop oneshot/imagine yay

I hope you enjoy it!
You just came home after a long day at work and you could really use a long, relaxing, hot shower. “Oppa I’m home!” You yell after opening the door. At first there was no response, then you heard a pair of footsteps coming your way. “(y/n)-ah I missed you! How was work?” Your boyfriend came running up to you and hugged you tightly. “Stressful” you just mumble as you enjoy his embrace, his soothing scent filling your nose. “Jagiyah you do look stressed, how about we do something about that?” You just hummed in agreement. ____ took your hand and softly dragged you to the shower. “How about we take a hot nice shower together jagiyah..” With each word he undid another button of your blouse, placing a soft kiss on your face, making you smile. When you were both completely naked he stepped into the shower, turning on the hot water. “Come” he purred in a low voice when you still stood outside the shower. You quickly stepped in and let out a sigh as you felt the nice hot water streaming down your back, soothing your skin. ____ smiled at you as he grabbed a bottle of shower gel. “Let’s get you nice and clean (y/n)-ah.” He began massaging your shoulders, rubbing the soap up and down them, then down your back. “You’re so tense jagiyah” his hands went from you lower back to you stomach and them back up, slowly and softly caressing your breasts, earning him a soft moan. You could feel yourself relaxing, enjoying the feeling of his skin against yours as you leaned back against his chest. ____ started to attack your neck, slowly sucking and nibbling at the skin. You can feel lust taking over, like a hunger that couldn’t be controlled. You quickly washed of the soap and turned to ____, kissing him with so much force you were sure your lips would be swollen the next day. ____ answered hungrily, grabbing your face as the kiss deepened, his hands grabbing your body everywhere. After a while you had to break apart, both gasping for air. He rested his forehead against yours, looking deeply into your eyes. “You’re so hot jagiyah, fuck.” You giggled at his words, planting a featherlight kiss on his nose. “Now it’s your turn ____-ah.” You grabbed the shower gel and started to soap up his upper body, slowly caressing the hard muscles on his stomach, admiring them. “Like what you see (y/n)-ah?” “Always” You ordered him to turn around so you had access to his toned back. When you where done you let him wash the soap away, staring at his perfect body. Your eyes went to his member, wanting to touch it so badly. Unaware of biting your own bottom lip ____ growled,  “Don’t do that please, you know what it does to me.” His voice was low and husky, causing shivers down your spine. You could feel yourselg getting wet already, knowing what would follow. ____ shoved you against the shower wall, kissing you roughly as his hands roamed over your glistening body. With one hand he held your arms above your head, while the other went down your stomach and even lower to your sensitive clit. His long fingers slid up and down your folds, occasionally slipping a finger in. He hummed in approval,  “You’re already so wet for me jagiyah”. At this point you just wanted him so badly. He slowly slid two fingers inside you, teasing. You gasped at the feeling, wiggling your hips for more. “Please oppa, I need more” you begged him. He just smiled and kissed you again, his fingers pumping in and out of you in a steady pace. Soft moans left your mouth as his mouth suddenly attacked your breasts, circling your nipples with his tongue. His pace grew faster and faster, almost pushing you over the edge. As you were about to cum he stopped. Before you could complain he shoved you up the wall, tossing your legs around his waist. He slowly lowered you onto him, causing you to gasp. As he let you adjust to his size his hands grabbed your ass, holding your body up as he started to push in and out of you. His pace was slow, teasing, making you beg for more. Your fingers entangled with his hair and when you almost couldn’t take it anymore he finally picked up his pace, slamming roughly into you. Faster and faster, deeper and deeper. As your eyes rolled back in pleasure you started moaning his name over and over uncontrollably, like a mantra. You could feel your orgasm coming closer. “Open your eyes jagiyah, I want you to look at me when you cum.” His breathing was heavy and you knew he was close too. You felt his thrusts becoming sloppier. As you looked him in the eye you felt the tension building up in your stomach, about to burst. He pushed you even closer to the wall, letting go of you with one of his hands. He started rubbing your clit with it, quickly sending you over the edge. As your head rolled back you could feel him cum too, your orgasm sending him over the edge, making him moan your name. He gently slid out of you, putting you on the ground again. You both leaned against each other, panting heavily and smiling like idiots. “I love you jagiyah” “I love you too ____”. When you stepped out of the shower he softly rubbed you down with a towel and carried you to the bed. As the two of you lay down he takes you in his arms, kissing your forehead. “Now go to sleep (y/n)-ah”. You manege to mumble something like “We should do this every time I’m stressed” before you happily fall asleep.

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I love Thomas, i love James and i love them together (they are my OTP). But I don't know why, maybe i'm stupid, but the -not enthusiastic- reaction of part of the fandom to the mere chance of Thomas being alive is preventing me from enjoying the thought of a possible flinthamilton reunion. I could be happy but i'm upset. I don't know what this ask is, i just felt the need to tell this. Anyway you seem a really nice person and i love your blog.

Awwww nonnie, you are absolutely not stupid! -hugs- <333

It’s a very emotionally charged situation and everyone’s emotions are flying every which way, it’s understandable. I would say, just start blacklisting/blocking and ignoring them (which I’m going to do as well). if it turns out to be true, we potentially have so many wonderful things ahead of us! Potential I thought you were dead kisses and hugs and clinging!! Potential walking away from the sea together!! Reading books by the fireplace and having tea and cuddling in bed and never letting go!!  (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧

Thank you very kind nonnie! I think you are very wonderful also! <33 ^^ And you’re free to come to my askbox anytime (that also goes for anyone here!) Or my messenger if you ever feel okay to come off anon! ^^


Happy 40th birthday, Benedict Cumberbatch! (July 19, 1976)

It’s Valentines Day and @sukikobold​ had a great idea! So yeah, send in some hug requests and I’ll see about sketching them out for the day!! I…could draw shipping if you happen to suggest something that I actually ship, but mostly I’m up for platonic hugs here :’) 

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i love your art style so much!!! it's so warm & so friendly?? it just radiates the word nice?? i really would love to give Nick Nelson (best name ever. unbeatable.) a hug!! he looks like he could use one!! excellent update (poor charlie!) and good luck editing with the Book 3 Notes!! :)

oh man thanks so much, that’s such a lovely compliment!!! i’ve really been working at trying to get my art to feel soft and natural, you know?? so that’s so cool to hear :D

nick is gonna need so many hugs throughout this chapter ;_; this is gonna be a very confusing and scary time for him!!!!

and thank you!!