i could tell them what to do with their money


***Picks up when you and Hap have made it back to the clubhouse 💕 This one is pretty short. I hit major writers block half way through and I’d rather have this part be shorter than do it as long as a regularly do and give you guys work that I don’t like *** 

Part 1   Part 2


 You smiled and took the beer from his hand.

 "Thanks Hap." 

 He said nothing and nodded, taking a seat beside you on the couch. After a couple seconds of silence Happy finally spoke. 

 "You’ll stay here until we handle everything.”

 You nodded your head before narrowing your eyes in confusion. 

 "Handle what? Alex already gave Dylan the money. He paid them. It’s done.”

 Happy chuckled softly and shook his head but you could tell it wasn’t in humor.

 "It won’t be ‘done’ until those assholes are in the ground. They know where you work, where you live. Anything else happens with that shit head ex of yours and they can come after you again. I ain’t letting that happen.“ 

 You swallowed but nodded. He wasn’t lying. They did still pose a threat to you. While you didn’t want to be the one responsible for any extra problems for the club, you knew that Happy wasn’t going to let this one slide. He stayed looking at you with those eyes of stone before getting up and making his way over to Tig, no doubt to set a plan in motion. 


 The sun had already began to set and neither Tig nor Happy were back. They’d both told you to stay out at the clubhouse until they figured something out. You were still there at the clubhouse though waiting for them to return and had taken up conversation with one of the new prospects in the meantime. Just acting up on how things had been going around here in your absence. The stress of dealing with Dylan’s issues had taken up most of your time and you found yourself spending less and less time with your brother and the club. Now that you were free of that hold, you vowed that you would spend more time with the family you’d learned to love over the past few years. 

 You were in the middle of talking about the upcoming fundraiser that Gemma and Luanne were setting up when you felt a strong hand place itself on your lower back. When you turned, you found Happy standing behind you, his eyes trained on the prospect. 

 "Thanks for watching after her Rat. I got it from here." 

 The prospect nodded and stuck his hands in his pockets. 

 "No problem Hap." 

 Ratboy said nothing else and simply stood from his stool, walking away from the bar. 

 "Nice meeting you Rat.”

 He turned back around and nodded, a small smile showing for a second. 

“Yeah. Nice meeting you too." 

 Happy on the other hand stood there stone faced. He could see the way Rat was looking at you and he didn’t like it. He could see the interest in his eyes and that he was enjoying the conversation with you. As much as he wanted you to make friends and get involved with the club again, he didn’t want any of the guys getting too close to you, especially not one of the prospects. 

 He locked eyes with you and you gave him a small smile before you let out a yawn.


 "Yeah. I think I’m gonna go take a nap.”

 "You can use my room if you want. I don’t think Tigs cleaned up in a while. You know how he can be.“ 

 With a shudder, you agreed. 

 "You’re right. I’ll crash in your dorm until he gets the room ready.”

 Hap nodded and you leaned up to kiss his cheek gently.

 "Thank you Happy.“ 

 He stayed quiet and watched you as you walked away, your hips unknowingly enticing him as they swayed. The hand on his shoulder snapped him out of it.

 "Where’s she headed?" 

 Hap looked over at Kozik and tried to make it seem as if he was uninterested. He didn’t need to be raising any suspicions. 

 "She’s tired, wanted to take a nap." 

 "Good. She could use some rest." 

 Kozik left it at that and hopped up onto one of the bar stools, pouring himself and Happy a shot. 

 "Tig said you guys are trying to figure out who went after her. Did you find them yet?" 

 Happy shook his head and knocked back the shot, grabbing the bottle and pouring himself another one. 

 "Not yet. But I will.”

For any woman who decided to stop shaving, or wishes to stop, and is afraid of public embarrassment, shaming, being called out, judged, and degraded for it, here’s a list of good comebacks for anyone who makes inappropriate comment!

  • do you tell that to men
  • you should start telling that to men
  • you want to tell me men and women aren’t equal? we have to shave and they don’t? (watch them try to wiggle out of that one lol)
  • i’ll start doing it when all men start doing it, every single one
  • you know what is disgusting, when men do this same thing, leave their hair as it is, I hate it, and yet you don’t see me harassing them
  • why can men walk around like this then?
  • wake up women shaving is capitalistic propaganda
  • women only started shaving in 1915, when razor companies figured they could get more money if they shame women for their leg and armpit hair
  • do you think I’m going to give my money to razor companies? to rich old men?? for what purpose? so they wouldn’t shame me? get out of my face
  • entire population of women was literally bullied into shaving and now you’re trying to bully me into it? good job
  • what would i gain from shaving my legs tho
  • not shaving legs already helped me locate the mysgonist congrats its u
  • did you ever feel the wind blowing through your leg hair ur missing out
  • it’s a new trend its called being good enough as you are
  • it’s a new trend its called who the fuck would i have to shave my legs for
  • it’s a new trend its called protecting your skin from infections
  • you just laugh, but i’m the one saving money
  • I decided to educate men they might not be aware that every single woman grows hair all over her body you’re welcome you’re smarter now
  • it’s special unicorn hair only certain women should grow it u should try it
  • do you really think if you shame me enough you can control me
  • shaving trend ended last week didn’t you hear? this must be embarrassing for you 
  • don’t be jealous, i know my leg hair is pretty but i’m sure yours could be too if you tried harder
  • add more!

also hi i have more political feelings no one cares about:

stop blaming republican states

i mean duh, blame republicans, but don’t blame the entire state because, more often than not, non-republicans in those states are the ones suffering the most

i phone banked to a lot of these states, and i heard stories. there was one man, a campesino in florida, who was incredibly excited when i spoke to him in spanish because he could tell me that he and his coworkers are voting. they organized a limo to come pick them up from work in the middle of the day, losing the money they would’ve made, because it was so incredibly important—they’re going to be the ones most targeted. he said, with so much pride, “we’re representing the poor vote. our vote. that’s what we need to do.” and yet, florida still lost. imagine how heartbreaking that must be.

it’s really fucking easy for us california liberals to sit back and blame red states for everything, but we can’t. not this time. we have to think about them as more than conglomerate identities, or we ignore the stories of oppression we claim to care so much about

tag game

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last song you listened to: Remedy, David Crowder Band

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last book you read: Chewing my way through the Phantom of the Opera

last thing you ate: An apple.  It needed something… (cheeeese)

if you could be anywhere right now, where would it be?  A library.  Nice big quiet library full of books with hidey corners where I can lurk with a book

when would you time travel to: SAVE THE LIBRARY OF ALEXANDRIA

first thing you would do with lottery money: research wise investments

character you would hang out with for a day: My characters, because that way I could get them to tell me what happens in the next chapter.

time right now: 13:12

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In honor of Transgender Day of Remembrance
I don’t love being trans.
I don’t love when people meet me I have to explain that I am Grayson and not a girl.
I don’t love that I can’t walk outside when it’s 102 outside without my shirt off without it being illegal.
I don’t love being afraid in public, knowing one moment someone can snap and I can be bashed on.
I don’t love the fact that i have to spend thousands of dollars to be happy with my body.
I don’t love that people are genuinely disgusted with me when I tell them that I am transgender.
I don’t love that I won’t have a biological baby because the only way I could do that is a way with money which I do not have.
Being transgender is over glorified.
But you want to know what I love?
I love not hiding. I love wearing boxers around family members and not just under my clothes.
I love not crying myself to sleep at night.
I love not being depressed.
I love knowing who I am.

You can find me @justanotherboi
And my other blog @fuck-yeah-transmen

Here Is What Donald Trump Wants To Do In His First 100 Days
On Wednesday, the Senate majority leader threw cold water on some of Trump's plans.

I have an issue with #4 - if they are not contract employees you can not tell them where they can and can not work when they leave (slavery went away a long time ago).

Same problem with #5

#6 is questionable - are they American citizens?  Does he mean they can not raise money outside of the country - I could support that.

I have serious problems with backing out of NAFTA and not supporting TPP.  All I see is innuendo and statements that I can not find in the document.  Trade agreements have always been good long term - that is one of the premises of our founding - free trade is a important part of a free market and capitalism.

#4 under workers rights - what happens if by protecting American workers we hurt American business - why is one more important to the other?  Our constitution is meant for overall protection of rights but no one is guaranteed a job - many of these jobs have left because of technology improvements some due to overpriced employment and the fact that people do not want to pay the higher prices. So you see it is a vicious circle and possibly the government should again not pick winners and losers as that always backfires on us long term.

#3 for security issues - can you legally do that?  Is that all funds - I mean it is our taxes and maybe we should clarify what funds or state that they can not be used for illegal aliens.  Or we could enforce federal law and take them all to court?

#2 in working with congress - I would like him to demonstrate that putting tariffs on business will help anyone as it will only raise prices - so where is the benefit.  Our country is based on freedom - we do not own business and they do not owe us jobs - I do not understand this type of thinking.

#3 - brings more government involvement - never works out well long run. 

#4 how is he going to make junior and 4 year college cheaper?  I would like to understand that - it is government involvement and being in the loan business that has caused this problem.

#6 again more government growth - this just raises our debt - is there no personal responsibility any more?  We are just trading one government program/intervention with another.

#7 I still think the statement that Mexico will pay is stupid - why don’t you stop giving them money annually as we do because of the cost they present us - that would be more then sufficient.

#10 would like to see more details as we all complain about lobbyists but in reality they allow the elected representatives access to information about specialized areas when it is difficult to know facts about everything.  If he stops the payment and monies thrown around that would be helpful but I think that business and areas deserve to be able to present their case.  Maybe we should stop foreign lobbyists as I can not see how that is helpful for our representatives.

  As usual I will wait for the details but a lot of it could do some good but I am concerned about the areas I have mentioned.

I would love to discuss this and if you have any more information that would be great also.

Reptile hobby

The more and more I get into this hobby and fall in love with every aspect of it the more depressing it is in an entirely different way. When I first went to repticon 3 years ago I saw all of these cool morphs and colors and I was kind of like a kid at a toy store.

I watched AnimalBytes tv and hung off of every word Bryan said and I had my favorite snakes and morphs. I would tell all of my non reptile friends about everything on the show and annoy the hell out of them. I would see pictures of snakes together in a cage and I thought they were cute friends. I was making plans for everything I wanted to do and how many snakes I could have and it was great! Then the more I started digging there was this small voice coming from what I assumed were ignorant people.

Then I came to tumblr and started seeing people so passionate for the first time about THE ANIMALS and not money or a snake breeding empire. It turns out that the voice that I was hearing was the voice of reason but I didn’t fully understand or comprehend the gravity of these situations until I was in reptiblr for a while. Reading blogs like @wheremyscalesslither @crispysnakes and other extremely knowledgeable people on here educated me enough to know that I had to relearn everything I thought I knew. I had no idea that there were morphs with neurological or physical health issues like the spider morph. I had no idea that people were so actively supporting something that was so obviously wrong or even by their arguments questionable at best.

I learned the proper way to house and take care of my animals and even though I cannot have as many as I originally intended, I know now that it’s better to have 3 healthy snakes with proper husbandry and enrichment than having 8 that aren’t having a higher quality of life.

I guess I’m saying that there is an extremely sketchy possibly even dark side to the reptile community that is honestly the face that welcomes you into the hobby. I just hope people that are new to the hobby come in with an open mind and do your research. Find people that are knowledgable and people you know you can trust and let them help you. No one is infallible so still make sure to read up and do your homework.

This isn’t a game, you are caring for another life and you have a responsibility not only to keep them happy and healthy but to keep bettering yourself as a reptile keeper. You never know everything and you might even need to reevaluate what you thought was law. That’s what separates the people that care about the animals from the people that care about HAVING the animals.

Do not...

Babies let me tell you something real! Not sugar coating anything here and I am going to be real as possible.

These SD,POTS, and WALES need you! You better never ever ever let these lil prick fucks ever make you feel small. You are the one in control, you have something that he wants! Yes he may have the money but they didn’t stop making money when they made his.

Do not sit and wonder oh what am I doing wrong, how could I be more attractive, or anything like that. Do you think these fools wonder how they can make you happy, how they can make your day better? Most of them don’t. They want one thing so never forget that is the prize.

You can sit and tell yourself the lies of oh he’s a mentor, oh we’re great friends and all types of bullshit, but the moment you stop telling yourself lies and understand this is business then you will be successful. You don’t have to be emotionally attached to these men cause trust they aren’t to you. All you have to do is fake it til you make it. Understand you need to make these men feel like they can’t live without you not the other way around.

These men use money as a carrot and will dangle it in front of you and when that happens you run. No one should disrespect you like that ever. I want y'all to go into this with open minds. These men aren’t your future husbands, the loves of your life so stop treating them like it and getting emotionally attached. Ladies please protect your hearts at all times.

dan and phil need to buy a detached home


• clearly, they’re both extremely self conscious about noise and what their neighbors think of them.
• they’re so private, i think that upgrading to a detached home could really benefit them
• not as much worry about neighbors in general
• no one can tell them what to do
• they’ll have so much fun fixing it up,, someone write a fic
• domestic home improvement videos? please. on a side channel,, danandphilcrafts,, idc. just, i need this.
• dogdogdogdogdog
• they can be as loud as they want! even at 2am!
• more room, more storage,,
• they have enough money why not
• do i really need to add more??
• i’m so passionate about this f u c k
• please talk to me i have so much to say

- alyssa

I really wish I could get into people’s head space sometimes just to figure out what the fuck is wrong with them. I just got called a “bitch” for telling a customer that I don’t do white tattoos because they’ll look like trash in no time and won’t stand for that if they want to come back to complain about it or even better, want their money back. Like - who do they think they are coming into my shop to insult me? I’m so thankful that it’s Friday because I’ll need a strong drink tonight to get over this absolute bullshit.

The signs finding a lot of money on the ground
  • Taurus: smiles and sneakily pockets the cash
  • Gemini: Um who the hell managed to leave all this money here?!?!
  • Cancer: omg... I don't really want to take it... What if I get arrested *panics*
  • Leo: imagine what I could do with this money...*plans the outfits they could buy*
  • Virgo: *leaves it where it is* I feel sorry for whoever dropped this oh
  • Libra: *picks it up and gives it to the nearest random stranger without telling them where they got it from*
  • Scorpio: *Throws it up in the air* it's raining money!! Hallelujah it's raining money!!
  • Sagittarius: *rings their friend* get in loser we're going shopping
  • Capricorn: *sticks it in an envelope and gives it to charity*
  • Aquarius: I honestly can't believe my luck lets party
  • Pisces: *doesn't notice it at first and trips over it* wtf... oh
  • Client's mom: [voicemail] hey Gerry my name is [redacted] I'm [redacted]'s mom. You told me she was going to another rehab. I haven't heard from them or her. Could you please give me a call back?
  • Me: [to myself] yeah you haven't heard from her because yesterday when I called you to tell you that I found placement for your daughter after you were dumb enough to wire her money to pay for a flop house and to inevitably land back on my doorstep (because what does a heroin addict do with all of her money?!), you couldn't be bothered to look for a fucking pen to write down the treatment center or their number even though I was offering it to you! If you're high on stupidity and laziness, I'm low on compassion.

forfutureglory  asked:

Ami! My phenomenal penguin, I gift you with these asks: fairy lights, thunder, and storms. Have a ball with them!! :}

I accept the gift with great gratitude. Thank you, Kit! ^_^

fairy lights: if a crystal ball could tell you the truth about anything, what would you want to know?
Probably very mundane things. “Will the weather be good for walking tomorrow?” “Will I get that job?” “Should I buy the cereal?” Stuff like that.

thunder: what’s one thing you would never do for one million dollars?
Lots of things. If I don’t want to do something, no amount of money is going to change that.

storms: you on only listen to one song for the rest of your life, or only see one person for the rest of your life. which and why?
This WOUNDS me. Wounds me to the core. I will choose to listen to only one song because I need my loved ones. I would listen to Merry Go Round of Life from Howl’s Moving Castle (because you’ve got to have that gorgeous instrumentation). BUT. Can I PLAY other songs on instruments? Can I SING them? Can I do that???

Aesthetic Asks


“Fine. Fine! Tell me about your whores! Tell me what on earth they were giving you that I can’t.” Tears were free flowing now and you could do nothing to stop them. You had known something had been going on when Klaus started acting different but no part of you even considered what you found. Walking into that whore house, seeing Klaus surrounded by junkie hookers who were letting him feed off them for money. It made you sick.
“They needed me.” This shocked you out of your despairing state.
“They needed your money. It wasn’t about you.” Klaus, the smartest man you knew, couldn’t be acting more stupid.
“No. On some basic level it was about me. Their blood flowing into my body.” He looked you in the eye. “When I bit them… it was beyond passion. They wanted me to devour them, all of them.”
You may actually be sick. “Why are you telling me this?”
“It wasn’t real. I know, it was just physical. But the fact that I craved it… that, that I kept going back… even if it was fleeting, they made me feel such… hunger for them.” A tear now slide down his face.
“And I don’t… make you feel that way? How on earth can you compare me to that? How can you tell me you understand what those whores are feeling? You aren’t a passion to them, you are a means to make money, a job!” You exclaimed. “A willing, idiotic boss.” You waved your arms in the air, completely exasperated.
“No, I know exactly what they feel when I bite them, because I feel it every time we’re together. It’s like the whole world falls away. And all there is is you.”
“And you think that I don’t feel the same way about you? How dare you tell me what I feel?” You tried to walk away but he gentle grabbed your arm.
“You keep me at a distance, [Y/N]. You didn’t even call me when your sister was sick.” Your sister had suffered a brain tumour a few months back, she recovered but the stress had taken its tole.
“Oh, I’m sorry. You know, um, I’m sorry that I couldn’t take care of you when I thought that my sister was dying.” Sarcasm seeped through your voice.
“It’s about me taking care of you! It’s about letting me in. So you don’t have to be on top of everything all the time.” Now it was Klaus who yelling.
“But I do. That’s how my life has always been. And that’s what this is really about, isn’t it? You can’t handle the fact that I don’t need you.”

Whenever people ask me what my major is, I’m always hesitant to tell them that it’s Theater because I know the stigma toward the degree is that it won’t help me find jobs or make enough money to live a successful life, but honestly as long as I’m surrounded by people who share the same love and passion as I do for performing arts, I don’t see how I could ever be happier

I work at a chain pet store in the salon. When people call to make an appointment I ask what service they’re looking for, when they’d like to come in, and what breed their dogs is. What do I always get back? “It’s -insert dogs name-. He’s been there before.” That’s nice but I didn’t ask that. It’s also frustrating when people come in for a walk-in nail grinding and yell at you for clipping their dogs nails first. If your dogs nails are hella long they NEED to be clipped otherwise it’ll take WAY longer to grind them down. Don’t tell me how to do my job. I was trained to do this, you weren’t. If you could do it yourself you wouldn’t be spending the money for me to do it. Besides I’m doing YOU the favor of not up charging you for clipping AND grinding like I should. It’s also cute when pet parents say they brush their dogs and their severe matting or packing happened overnight. No. Matting takes a long time to occur. It’s weeks to months of not brushing your dog. Don’t get pissy when a groomer has to shave your dog down more than what you wanted. If you took care of your dog better then it wouldn’t have happened in the first place. If you need help with what tools to use for your dogs coat type ASK A GROOMER OR BATHER!! That is what we’re here for! Also don’t be shocked if we ask for 2-4, sometimes more, hours to take care of your dog. Between calls, walk-ins, and general craziness of working in a salon it takes a bit. We work as fast as we can.

Please don’t post my drawings on instagram

At least not without telling me/giving me credit. The least you could do is write my tumblr name in the description! People don’t seem to respect artists enough to actually acknowledge them and spread their work in a positive way. It makes me anxious to see my work uncredited like that and I ask you to please stop ;o; I know that fanart is a risky “business” and many handle it very poorly but I would think that people actually had respect for the artists who put time and effort into creating content for our community and enjoyment. I don’t only see my own work but my friends’ too! So I ask you to please give credit, make artists visible, or don’t post the drawings at all

No one is going to hold your hand through this. You should know from the get go to get your money up front. You should know to not go to a POT’s place on the first date. You should know not to tell them you are new. You should know when to say something if you’re majorly deviating away from what you planned to do on said date.

Like there are literally tons of blogs on here to get information from on nearly everything sugar related. Read them. Learn them. Ask questions. Don’t go into this lifestyle fucking blind and giving the excuse ‘oh im new’ because it could very well cost you your life. I know money is tight but it shouldn’t be worth your life. If this isn’t for you get out of the bowl. Or at least take a break and reevaluate things

In [date redacted] she took the Rockefeller Foundation Course in Practical Philanthropy, a highly selective program for extremely wealthy individuals who wish to become more responsible philanthropists.

I’m updating profiles and came across this gem, which I put in a report last year. It will never not crack me up.


We just received this email. We’re hoping to see Paypal screenshots but since we’re about to sign off for the night we figured we’d post it now and add to it when possible.

Okay, so first off I want to say I’m not doing this for fame or scandals.   That’s why I want this to be totally anonymous.  I’m not doing this to add to the drama either, I just want people to have a clearer picture of how much Alex embezzled.

I thought I still had the asks but they’re not appearing in my inbox.  I still remember them pretty clearly so here it goes.

Around the first week of accepting donations, I messaged Alex on Tumblr asking what I could do to help.  She immediately replied, telling me how much each packages costs to ship and that money would be the main resource they were scouting.  I didn’t have a job, just a bit of savings, so I asked if I could just buy some new clothes/makeup and send them instead.  Alex said no and that money was more important.  Okay.

We didn’t talk until the end of February, when I got some extra cash and decided to donate.  I messaged Alex a couple of times and she didn’t respond.  A week later I sent something along the lines of “Hey I’m sorry if I’m annoying you but please respond about the project I contacted both Tumblrs” and then after that “I have money and I want to give it please”
Alex replied almost instantly. We talked for a couple minutes and I asked for the estimations again.   Each cost was significantly higher but I assumed supply and demand and donated almost 600 dollars.  I asked if she could include a note in each box for me, she said she couldn’t do that.

A week later I asked Alex if there was anything I could do to help further.  She said more money but that’s basically it in the message.   No thank you for 600 dollars, no mention of how many people it should have helped.  I swallowed my pride and tried one more time to send money.  Before I did, I told her I had a question.

The conversation went something like this: “Why is it so expensive now?” “Because not many people are donating.”  That’s it.  I felt bad because I felt like I was being nosy.  So I gave her another couple hundred and stopped messaging Alex because I felt like she hated me, although I was a nice follower who was just trying to help.

I found out a week or so later that this was going on but ignored it because I didn’t think someone could stoop so low.  I found out a couple other people – no, a lot of people were donating – and felt like shit because Alex said no one was.

After a while I got back in her good graces because I put money in her donate box whenever she needed anything.  This number is a bit unsure but I would say I donated an estimated 700 or so dollars between the end of February and now because of how much I liked the blog and wanted to help someone live.

Here’s the thing.  I don’t want fame.  I don’t like drama and I know Alex is getting what’s coming to them, but this was just to show how much money she actually STOLE.  Money she manipulated out of people.  I am completely sure I am not the only one who has donated well over 1k for the project and for Alex themselves.

*I know I keep going back and forth from pronouns but on her FAQ it says she/her is also okay.

Please leave out my url, if I find any information I will definitely send it over.  I think she blocked me too.  I just don’t want people to hate me for trying to be nice and helping a good cause.

Also, if Alex ever reads this: I trusted you.  I thought you were a good person and I thought you weren’t full of shit even when everyone said you were.  I ignored all your pretentious faults because I thought you were cool.  You are manipulative and you are cruel.  You embezzled thousands out of niave little kids because you thought it would be an easy way to make a buck.  I hope you are ashamed of yourself.  I hope you don’t even come back to Tumblr for an explanation.

This same type of story keeps coming up about Paypal donations. One person said they donated a whole paycheck. Another said $500. This person donated over $1000. They had way more money from this than we thought and that doesn’t include cash from RHPS or bake sales or companies that sponsored.