i could tell them what to do with their money

I am a volunteer patient escort at planned parenthood

This is something I just shared on FB about my experiences as a patient escort. Just thought I’d put it on here too.

Alright y'all. Prepare for a long post, but one you should read.

Some of you know, but some of you don’t, that I volunteer at Planned Parenthood about twice a month. My official title is Volunteer Clinic Escort. My role is to safely get patients and family into the clinic safely, with privacy, and with a friendly face. Not all Planned Parenthoods (PP) have these, but the clinic where I volunteer does because we have loud, abrasive, volatile, threatening, verbally abusive and dishonest anti-choice protesters who harass people in the clinic. I would like to tell you about my experiences with them and with patients who talk to me as I stand outside with my umbrella and vest.

(I would like to note that this is not the place to tell me that abortion is wrong, that I should not support PP, that I need to stop what I’m doing. I’ve heard every argument before. In fact, I’ve had every arguement screamed in my face. You’re welcome to your opinion, but I will not be acknowledging it on here, and I ask that others ignore dissenters too. This post isn’t about me and why you think I’m wrong. It’s about what I see every time I volunteer.)

When I am volunteering, I am outside and often have patients and family members talk with me. I’m obviously not there to counsel or to offer advice medically one way or another, but I am a friendly ear and people just need to talk sometimes. Also, when volunteering, patients entering the clinic are verbally harassed by the anti choice protesters almost immediately and, while we don’t encourage it, they often yell back. The protesters don’t listen.

On my very first day, I had a person head into the clinic. As I smiled to her and went to get the door, an anti-choice protester (ACP) yelled “Mama! Don’t kill your baby!” The patient immediately responded tearfully “my baby is dead. My baby is falling out of me right now. I didn’t do anything.” The ACP, without missing a beat, screamed back through her child-sized megaphone “No he isn’t! Your doctor lied to you! These murderers just want your money!” I ushered in the patient as gently as I could while my co-volunteer told her kindly that those people didn’t matter and that in a week they wouldn’t even remember what they heard here.

In the year and a half I’ve been doing this, we have had a ACP sneak into the clinic and threaten to burn the place down. The police did nothing. We had two other ACPs try and enter the clinic to tell patients they would adopt their babies. We told them to get off the property and when they didn’t, we called the police. Eventually the ACP returned to the narrow strip of lawn they stand on at the edge of the parking lot, and luckily so, because the police never showed again.

My clinic, luckily, has never faced extreme violence while I was there. But other PP and health care clinics are not so lucky. They are burned down, have bombs planted, have clinic escorts and workers physically harmed.

They are shot at and three people die.

I have had patients tell me that they will be killed by their partner if they have an abortion. I have been told that their partner will kill them if they DON’T have one. I’ve been told how people with physical disabilities cannot carry a child without side effects so severe they may not survive. I’ve had patients explain that their mental health is at risk if they go through with the pregnancy. I’ve had patients come in with a wanted pregnancy that ended in miscarriage and they needed PPs help to safely remove the tissue. I’ve seen people come in who admit to being addicted to drugs and know they cannot go through this pregnancy.

Planned Parenthood helped all these people, not just with medical care, but with helping abused patients find help to escape violent partners. Helping those who want to conceive find fertility doctors. Helping drug addicts find resources to become healthy.

All the while, the ACP stand outside, screaming and hollering, telling women that they are murderers and whores and that they will burn for murdering their babies. But it’s ok, they do it out of love. They scream at these people and tell them awful things and then beg to have the patient come talk with them.

They don’t see the hypocrisy.

It is a rule to not engage with the ACP at all. In the year and a half I’ve been doing this, I’ve said maybe a total of 50 words to the group, all of which are some form of “you are on our property, step back right now.” I may not engage them, but we can make eye contact and make them believe we are listening. We do this so the ACP begins shouting at me, and not a patient getting air outside. I would much rather be shouted at than have them scream at a patient.

When I am being yelled at, I have been called: a murderer, a nazi, a slavery supporter, a bad mother, a bad wife (they do not know if I am married or if I have children), a witch, a lesbian, a liberal, a member of satan’s army, a Muslim lover, a bitch, a slut, and evil. Some of these things are true and some are perfectly fine things to be, but to the ACP they are all bad.

Sometimes we have patient partners come talk to the protesters. They try and explain to the ACP why they are there with their partner. I’ve heard them tell the ACP every single reason, and every single time, the protesters still tell them they are wrong and a bad father and a supporter of Satan. Every. Time. And they call this love.

Since Trump took office, one of his first orders signed was a Global Gag Rule. People thought that this rule meant that no US money would go to pay for abortions overseas, but in fact, US funds have never paid for abortions and haven’t since 1973. Even in the US, because of the Hyde Amendment, no federal funding goes to pay for abortions.

What this gag rule now does, however, is prevent money from going to clinics that even mention abortion as a method of family planning. They don’t have to perform them. If they are mentioned at all in pamphlets or classes, they lose foreign aid money. This means that now they can’t provide birth control, wellness checks, prenatal care, or classes.

This will cause unwanted pregnancies. This will cause people to seek out abortions, often in unsafe condition.

This will cause people to die.

Roughly 1/3 people with a uterus will have an abortion in their life. I haven’t spoken to everyone who has had one, but I’ve spoken to more than most. No one gets an abortion out of malice. No one gets an abortion just to end the life of a fetus, just for kicks. No. One.

Planned Parenthood provides important health services, including abortion. They do this despite the risk of physical bodily harm, every day. People like myself stand outside PP to protect patients because it is important.

We. Will. Not. Stand. Down.

I will continue to volunteer, even though since Trump was elected, the ACP have gotten more and more aggressive in their tactics, since they believe Trump supports their actions. I will continue to walk these patients inside, to get help, because it is important and right. I will continue to fight Trump the slew of anti choice people supporting him. I will continue to support choice even though I know I will lose friends and will face hatred from people I know.

Planned Parenthood is important, and we will not stand down.

My Chemical Romance Asks
  • <p> <b><p></b> <b></b> I brought you my bullets, You brought me your love<p/><b>Romance:</b> Who was your first love?<p/><b>Honey, this mirror isn't big enough for the two of us:</b> Is there a side of yourself that no one knows about?<p/><b>Vampires will never hurt you:</b> Vampires or angry men?<p/><b>Drowning Lessons:</b> Plan on getting married?<p/><b>Our Lady of Sorrows:</b> Are you religious?<p/><b>Headfirst for Halos:</b> Are you hopeful? If so, what for?<p/><b>Skylines and Turnstiles:</b> An important event that changed your life or perspective?<p/><b>Early Sunsets Over Monroeville:</b> What's your favorite horror movie?<p/><b>This Is the Best Day Ever:</b> Ever been to the hospital?<p/><b>Cubicles:</b> Where would you be without My Chem?<p/><b>Demolition Lovers:</b> Would you die for your current lover?<p/><b></b> Three Cheers for Sweet Revenge<p/><b>Helena:</b> Have you lost a family member or friend?<p/><b>Give 'Em Hell, Kid:</b> Have you ever considered committing murder?<p/><b>To The End:</b> Corpse Bride. Yay or nay?<p/><b>You Know What They Do To Guys Like Us In Prison:</b> Ever committed a crime?<p/><b>I'm Not Okay (I Promise):</b> Ever felt out of place?<p/><b>The Ghost of You:</b> Ever cried while watching a movie?<p/><b>The Jetset Life is Gonna Kill You:</b> Ever been cheated on or have cheated?<p/><b>Interlude:</b> Favorite My Chem song?<p/><b>Thank You for the Venom:</b> Ever wrote something stupid on a t-shirt?<p/><b>Hang 'Em High:</b> Ever shot a gun?<p/><b>It's Not a Fashion Statement, It's a Fucking Deathwish:</b> Who's your best friend?<p/><b>Cemetery Drive:</b> What's the hardest drive you've experienced?<p/><b></b> The Black Parade<p/><b>The End:</b> Ever thought it'd be the end for you?<p/><b>Dead!:</b> Ever wanted to die?<p/><b>This Is How I Disappear:</b> Ever done something to someone that you can't forgive yourself for?<p/><b>The Sharpest Lives:</b> Are you anxious?<p/><b>Welcome to the Black Parade:</b> What's your favorite memory?<p/><b>I Don't Love You:</b> Have you ever stopped loving them?<p/><b>House of Wolves:</b> What is your favorite era?<p/><b>Cancer:</b> Old or new?<p/><b>Mama:</b> Ever disappointed your parents?<p/><b>Sleep:</b> Any bad dreams?<p/><b>Teenagers:</b> Are you scared of people your own age?<p/><b>Disenchanted:</b> What changed your life for the better?<p/><b>Famous Last Words:</b> What changed your mind about things?<p/><b>Blood:</b> Any hidden secrets no one knows?<p/><b>Danger Days:</b> The True Lives of The Fabulous Killjoys<p/><b>Look Alive, Sunshine:</b> What time do you wake up?<p/><b>Na Na Na (Na Na Na Na Na Na Na Na Na):</b> What gives you strength?<p/><b>Bulletproof Heart:</b> Do you miss anyone right now?<p/><b>SING:</b> Who is your idol?<p/><b>Planetary (GO!):</b> Biggest accomplishment?<p/><b>The Only Hope for Me Is:</b> Do you consider yourself hopeless?<p/><b>Jet Star and The Kobra Kid/Traffic Report:</b> What's your favorite go-to outfit?<p/><b>Party Poison:</b> Do you speak different languages?<p/><b>Save Yourself, I'll Hold Them Back:</b> What is your biggest wish?<p/><b>S/C/A/R/E/C/R/O/W:</b> Biggest regrets?<p/><b>Summertime:</b> Who's got you excited for the summer?<p/><b>DESTROYA:</b> If you could save anyone in the world from danger/poverty/war/etc. Who would it be?<p/><b>The Kids From Yesterday:</b> What do you wish you could tell your past self?<p/><b>Goodnite, Dr. Death:</b> Opinions on standing for the National Anthem?<p/><b>Vampire Money:</b> What is your catchphrase irl?<p/></p><p/><
‘partners in crime’ sentence starters

Send one to see how my muse reacts. 

Trigger Warnings: violence, death, criminal activity

  • “I can’t believe we stole a car.”
  • “My ID guy can get us in.”
  • “Remember – trust no one.”
  • “You owe everything you’ve got to me. Never forget that.”
  • “You and me, we’re partners, right?”
  • “Did you get the money?”
  • “Cops are coming to pick me up for questioning. My bet is, you’re next.”
  • “We better lay low for awhile.”
  • “Just act natural.”
  • “The cops will probably talk to us. Play it cool, and we’ll be fine.”
  • “I think we’ll be okay. They can’t prove anything.”
  • “No matter what they threaten to do to me, don’t tell them anything.”
  • “Let me take the fall. You’ve worked too hard to go to jail now.”
  • “I’d NEVER rat you out! The cops were just trying to get under your skin.”
  • “What do you think? You trust them?”
  • “I remember when you still had rules. When you still had limits.”
  • “This isn’t just about money.”
  • “I won’t survive jail!”
  • “One day we’ll be rich, and we won’t have to do this anymore.”
  • “It will be so nice to be in a country where we can’t get thrown in jail at any moment.”
  • “I think every person in America would like to see us dead.”
  • “No. No! We are NOT going to jail now! We’ve worked too hard!”
  • “Shut up and keep digging.”
  • “We need money, stat. You got a gun?”
  • “God, could you get them to stop screaming?”
  • “Shoot me. It’ll make them trust you.”
  • “Okay, last resort – we kill him and dump the body, then get the fuck out of Dodge.”
  • “We can’t hide forever. Our faces are on every news network in America.”
  • “We split the profits, 50/50. What do you say?”
  • “Where have you been?! I was worried the cops got to you!”
  • “You clean up the blood, I’ll start burning the body.”
  • “There’s no escaping this, you know. We’re in too deep.”
  • “Tell them the whole thing was my idea.”
  • “Make no mistake – we’re partners, but I’m in charge. Not you.”
  • “What we need are entirely new identities.”
  • “I don’t become involved with my partners. It over-complicates things.”
  • “Don’t you think we’re a bit old for this Bonnie and Clyde business?”
  • “I don’t trust any of them. Just you.”
  • “God, what’s happened to us?”
  • “Retirement? Yeah, we’re probably not gonna live long enough for that to be an issue.”
  • “Keep your head down. Last thing we need is to get recognized.”
  • “I’ll cover for you.”
  • “Run. I’ll catch up.”
  • “Jesus Christ, we’re like a bad murder ballad.”
  • “Don’t worry. I’m not going to leave you. You and I are partners – until the end.”
Worried Sentence Starters

“Where have you been?”
“For all I knew, you had been ambushed!”
“I just don’t like it when you disappear.”
“What if no one ever notices we’re gone?”
“I don’t think I can do this.”
“There’s a lot of people between us and that door.”
“You’re injured! Sit down!”
“What if we don’t have enough money?”
“The whole plan is falling to pieces.”
“I’ve never done this before.”
“You ever get that empty pit feeling in your stomach when you’re nervous?”
“I haven’t seen them for three days.”
“Are you alright?!” 
“Stay down! Don’t let them see you!”
“If we get out of this alive, I’m going to kiss you.”
“What if it’s not enough power?”
“How many times do I have to tell you I’m scared for you?!”
“Just for once could you do what you’re told?”
“Please don’t go out there.”
“I need you here, with me.”
“Good luck. Be careful.”
“And if time runs out?”
“I thought this was meant to be easy.”
“If I lose you, I don’t know what I’ll do.”

The Ultimate Percy Jackson Characterization Masterpost

Because I have been talking about this for months and a lot of other people have too, but it’s disjointed. I want to compile it, since his mischaracterization breaks my heart and makes me want to scream with rage. Please add if you think of something I didn’t! I’m also starting the tag “#percy jackson defense squad”, so feel free to start dumping your salt and rage and theories and ideas in there because I wanna hear them!

Trigger warnings for mentions of suicidal thoughts, sexual abuse, child abuse, and domestic violence.

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Pulse Part 2

Part 1

Genre: Fluff, tiny tiny angst
Words: 1,442
Pairings: Bucky Barnes x Reader
Warnings: Mentions of stalking, self-defense fighting
Summary: Soulmate AU in which one’s heartbeat becomes perfectly in sync with their soulmate’s once they meet.

“Come on, Doll. You got it.”

You huffed, trying your best to lift the bar that was weighing you down. There were small weights on each side that were about five pounds each, and even that much was an improvement to just lifting the forty pound bar the week before.

Your arms were shaking with the effort, and when Bucky saw that you weren’t going to be able to push the bar the rest of the way up after the prior reps you had already done, he took over, taking it out of your hands and easily setting it back above you like it weighed as much as a feather.

“We can try again on Wednesday. You’re getting better.”

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Like a stallion mounts his mare

@bloodstained-porcelain-doll requested: Sup. So can I request a Sandor Clegane smut? ;D Where the reader is practicing sword fighting and it turns him on and ends with rough smut outdoors? Maybe from behind, ya know… “Like a stallion mounts his mare” NAH “Like a Hound fucks his bitch”. Thank you Ily
Pairing: Sandor “The Hound” Clegane x Reader
Warnings: Porn with minimal plot; dirty talk; oral sex; shameful smut.

Oh God, it’s my first time trying this. Please, tell me I didn’t suck, guys.

“Stop staring.” You tried to ignore Sandor’s eyes burning your skin as you defended yourself from the man in front of you.

What was his name again? You couldn’t remember. He was hired by your man  – not your husband, your man – to help you practising your sword fight abilities.

“Make me.” He drank his beer.

You and the Hound… You were something Westeros couldn’t quite understand, and you honestly didn’t give a fuck about it.  

“You’re distracting me.” You stated, defending yourself from the man in front of you.

“You’re making me horny.” He stated back.

The other man tried not to look embarrassed by the conversation, and you rolled you eyes. He was supposed to be used to that already. After all, you’ve been training with him for more then a whole month.

“You’re always horny.” You accused.

“You’re always around to make me horny.”

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okay but real talk here.
What always gets me is when Katherine asks Jack if he’s selling papers to work his way through art school. She doesn’t realize how bad off these newsies actually are. I mean, Jack can barely pay for food and a place to sleep at night. So her thinking that just selling newspapers can someone enough money to go to an art school, that just proves that no one in the upper class understood how bad these boys have it. Katherine obviously learns more and more about what they have to do just to survive, but at the beginning of the musical she had no clue. I think the moment that she realized that these boys could actually /die/ if they didn’t make enough money everyday was during Jack’s speech to convince the scabs to join the fight. Those words probably shook her in a way that no words have ever hit her before. And being the amazing person she is, she decided she was going to do everything she could do to help them.

anonymous asked:

50 pretty please~

50. “We’d make such a cute couple.”

The best part about dating your best friend (or, like, one of the best parts, because truth be told this is not the very best part) is probably that not that many people even see the fact that the dynamic of your relationship has changed.

At least, that’s how it is with Nico and Will. They sit together at lunch, just like they always have, and they spend their free period in the library with Will’s feet in Nico’s lap, just like they always have. Will still gives Nico a ride to and from school, and Nico still complains loudly about the tape stuck in the cassette player while Will tells him to put your feet down, you’re ruining the leather.

(The difference is that now more often than not they hold hands under the table at lunch, and pretty much every day they end up making out in the car in front of Nico’s house until Nico’s father comes to stand on the front steps and glare at them.)

So it really shouldn’t be this hilarious when it turns out not even their closest friends have realized they’re actually dating now.

“Okay, but real talk now”, Leo exclaims one Saturday afternoon when they’re all hanging out in his basement, Will sitting on the floor in front of a couch playing video games against Jason and Nico lying down with his head in Will’s lap. “Look at you two! You look so cute together!”

“Yeah, I’ve been thinking the same”, Piper chimes in, and Nico has to roll his eyes. “Plus, you’re both into guys, and you already have good chemistry. What would it hurt to try it out, hm?”

Nico would point out that it could hurt a lot, but since she’s not exactly wrong he doesn’t say anything, just smirks when his head jumps as Will snorts.

“Hear that, Neeks? Maybe we should try it out - you know, since we’d make such a cute couple.” There’s a laughter in his voice that everyone can hear, but only Nico knows how truly laughable the situation is.

He yawns mockingly and stretches, still looking at Will from the other boy’s lap. “I don’t know, how do I know you’re not an awful kisser? That’d totally be a deal breaker.”

Nico watches Will roll his eyes and bites his cheek not to laugh out loud. Leo is snickering in the background, and Piper is watching them with interest while Jason clearly tries to figure out if he should try to take part of the conversation or just keep playing, even if Will seems to no longer be paying attention.

“There’s only one way to find out, you know”, Leo points out, and it’s clearly meant to be teasing.

Nico thinks he’ll have the last laugh.

He lifts his arm and tangles his hand to Will’s curls, pulling his face down while simultaneously lifting himself up. Their lips meet halfway in a kind of crushing kiss, quick and playful and totally worth hearing Leo’s wolf whistle and Piper’s shrieks and Jason’s triumph as he beats Will in the game. Nico feels the grin on Will’s lips and deepens the kiss just enough for Jason to tell them to get a room before untangling his fingers and resting his head back on Will’s thigh.

“Nah, I think I could do better”, he teases with a wink and Piper giggles.

Will looks unnecessarily smug. “That’s not what you said last night.”

The embarrassment from the innuendo is totally worth it when all hell breaks loose around them in the form or Jason freaking out, Leo rolling in laughter and Piper collecting money from bets.

(thanks for the prompts, it’ll take a while to go through them!)

The Signs as Middle-Aged White Moms

Aries: Jennifer // Super aggressive soccer-mom who always wears neon-colored tracksuites // Tries super hard to be the mom everybody likes // “That bitch Carol thinks her snicker-doodles are the best? Well she’s got another thing coming

Taurus: Barbara // All her instagram posts involve her watching Real Housewives with a glass of wine // Does not know how to properly use emojis and abbrevations when they text // “I’m not saying I’m always right, but you sure as hell aren’t either, Courtney" 

 Gemini: Bridgette // Won prom-queen when she was in highschool and won’t let anyone forget it // Really surprised and dismayed her sugar daddy 90-y/o husband hasn’t died yet // "I could buy all the counterfeit bags on the streets of New York and they still wouldn’t be as fake as you are, Jennifer”

Cancer: Beatrice // Cries after every time she watches Dirty Dancing // Attempts offering her new neighbors shitty homemade cookies // “Oh son, don’t hang out with Barbara’s kids you’ll end up a druggy”

Leo: Patricia // Sour as hell since 6th grade when she got 2nd place to Bridgette in a beauty pageant // Will walk into a Spanish restaurant and say “Bonjour, Bitches” // “Listen up honey, you better step up your dick game or I’m cheating on you with Veronica’s husband, Chad”

Virgo: Alice // Hosts ‘Vegan Wednesdays’ in her house // Has a ‘world’s best mom’ bumper sticker on her mini-van // “Oh hey Kids!  You know I’m the HIP mom who whips fleeks with the nae naes :)”

Libra:  Stephanie // Calls for her child from her room to fetch her something that’s literally right next to her // Hot Single mom who has like 12 sugar daddies on speed dial // “It’s Stephanie, pronounced as in Gwen Stefani”

Scorpio: Veronica // Forces their child to start playing the piano or violin by 3 // Has an emotional breakdown, absolutely confused as to why their child doesn’t tell them anything (when every time they do, she lectures them) // “I just don’t understand where i went wrong, how could his GPA sink from a 4.6 to a 4.57?”

Sagittarius: Caitlyn // Constantly reminds people that it’s “Caitlyn with a C” // Constantly wears Prada and Dolce & Gabbana to remind everyone she has more money than them // “I don’t give a fuck about what Alice thinks, she probably hasn’t had sex in such a long time cobwebs have formed in her vagina”

Capricorn: Courtney // The one who, instead of naming her child “Michaela”, names her “Michkaeighlaugh” instead // Adamantly believes that weed is still a drug // “I don’t care what Caitlyn is saying!  More than a ½ teaspoon of salt and this chicken will just be too spicy”

Aquarius:  Vicky // For some odd reason stopped aging after 25 // Super into witchcraft and tarot reading and astrology, uses it as a way to justify everything // “Wow my child’s being such an ass because apparently I’m ‘relating everything to astrology’.  Typical Capricorn Moon in 27 degrees to be a skeptic” 

Pisces: Tiffany // Impulse buyer and big spender, will “accidentally” spend 500$ in a single sitting // has a “Treat Yo-Self” day for doing the absolute bare minimum // “I only have money for either buying food for my kids or this really cute jacket … it’s ok they can starve for the week”

The police told me there was nothing down there. I know they’re lying.

(This story is very very long, be warned.)

I never wanted to be a mother. A child happened to me, I didn’t ask for it.

After you’ve had a child, you never get peace and quiet. I don’t mean that in a resentful way, just a fact. There’s the crying phase, the screaming phase, the yelling phase, the “NO!” phase, et cetera. And you never get time. You don’t have time for hobbies and distractions. Raising a child is two full-time jobs.

It’s not that I didn’t try to do everything I could for him. It’s not that I didn’t try and be a good parent. I did, I gave it everything I had. But deep down, I think he could tell that I didn’t want him. Kids know.

I had a part time job. I didn’t get paid very well, but it was enough. It was just office work, nothing exciting. My sister would look after him when I wasn’t around. I didn’t really have the money for daycare.

I knew that things weren’t working out like they should have. And I did what any self-respecting human being would do - I bought a book. I’d always heard that you should read to your child every night, and that doing so would make them smart and well-adjusted. Well, I had nothing to lose.

I’m not really an Amazon person, so I paid a visit to my local bookstore - a dark, slightly grubby independent place that shuns all but the most obsessive of bookworms. Standing in the narrow, dimly-lit aisles, surrounded by towering bookshelves jammed with volumes at every angle, I wondered, briefly - what do people normally buy for their kids?

The Very Hungry Caterpillar?

He was a bit old for that. Besides, I think that’s one of those books that parents buy because they think it’s kitschy, not because their kids will actually enjoy it.

Amongst the slightly destroyed second-hand Roald Dahl books and Dr. Seuss anthologies, I found a book that stuck out. It was old, and bound in what looked like real leather, but it was in surprisingly good shape. It wasn’t too long, but it proclaimed its suitability for for children aged 4-6 (he was five). It was called ‘The Trap Door’. No author, no other details. I picked it up and skimmed through the first few pages, and it seemed an ideal fit. It was written in an irregular rhyming meter, and it was festooned with colourful, scratchy illustrations that depicted a boy strikingly similar to my son. The picture was already forming in my head - we’d read it, we’d bond, and we’d smooth over the cracks.

I know it was just a book, but for the first time in my life, I realized I was excited to spend time with my son.

That night, after I’d tucked him into bed, I sat down on his shark duvet (he liked sharks), and I sprang the book upon him.

Once, long ago and far away

There lived a boy of five or so

With a rounded face and hair like hay

And a mind that yearned to learn and grow

The boy lived in a mud-flecked land

Of rolling hills and sheep and styles,

And brooks and trees and miles and miles

Of hinterlands and ranch hands

Long ago there was a war,

Of petty kings and border-lords

The earth did drink the blood of those

Who died for honor or a rose

The boy was happy as could be,

In the cottage on the hill

His mother his only company,

Who loved that boy with all her will

It’s challenging material for a five-year old. But it was educational, it was stimulating. I had only a faint idea of what the war of the roses was actually about, but I did a good job of pretending that I did.

We said our i-love-yous and I closed the door. Things were going to be okay.

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For any woman who decided to stop shaving, or wishes to stop, and is afraid of public embarrassment, shaming, being called out, judged, and degraded for it, here’s a list of good comebacks for anyone who makes inappropriate comment!

  • do you tell that to men
  • you should start telling that to men
  • you want to tell me men and women aren’t equal? we have to shave and they don’t? (watch them try to wiggle out of that one lol)
  • i’ll start doing it when all men start doing it, every single one
  • you know what is disgusting, when men do this same thing, leave their hair as it is, I hate it, and yet you don’t see me harassing them
  • why can men walk around like this then?
  • wake up women shaving is capitalistic propaganda
  • women only started shaving in 1915, when razor companies figured they could get more money if they shame women for their leg and armpit hair
  • do you think I’m going to give my money to razor companies? to rich old men?? for what purpose? so they wouldn’t shame me? get out of my face
  • entire population of women was literally bullied into shaving and now you’re trying to bully me into it? good job
  • what would i gain from shaving my legs tho
  • not shaving legs already helped me locate the mysgonist congrats its u
  • did you ever feel the wind blowing through your leg hair ur missing out
  • it’s a new trend its called being good enough as you are
  • it’s a new trend its called who the fuck would i have to shave my legs for
  • it’s a new trend its called protecting your skin from infections
  • you just laugh, but i’m the one saving money
  • I decided to educate men they might not be aware that every single woman grows hair all over her body you’re welcome you’re smarter now
  • it’s special unicorn hair only certain women should grow it u should try it
  • do you really think if you shame me enough you can control me
  • shaving trend ended last week didn’t you hear? this must be embarrassing for you 
  • don’t be jealous, i know my leg hair is pretty but i’m sure yours could be too if you tried harder
  • add more!

“Before coming here, we were in New York and we were getting waken up every morning, getting kicked out of every place we were sitting. It gives me a feeling of being garbage. I don’t want to be garbage. I’m not garbage. I’m a human being.
It’s not as bad here but it happens in every city. They just make up something like, ‘City ordinance says you can’t be here.’
I’m tired of being pushed around. You can’t just tell us to go away. We’re going to be here no matter where you decide to stick us. If you tell us to get out of the park, then we’re just going to move to another spot.
We’re They don’t want to deal with us. They just want us to disappear even though we haven’t done anything to them. I can’t disappear. I’m a living, breathing organism. Most of the time I think they wish that we would just die and bury ourselves. They want us to dig our own graves, lay down and cover ourselves with dirt. That would be their preferred way of dealing with homeless people—if we could just bury ourselves alive.
But if I tell them that, they would deny it. Because they are good people. They are good to regular people. They are not good to the undesirables.
And The whole ‘get a job’ thing: I have a job. But I’m still homeless. I’m trying to be a good person. I don’t ask for money, I work for my money. I’m doing what I can to get by the right way. I smell bad because I’m pouring concrete and lifting heavy shit all day. Then I don’t get to go home and take a shower. I’ve got to go lay down in a bush. It’s hard to have a job when you’re homeless.
And just because I have a job doesn’t mean that a house is going to fall in my lap. The only places that are doing rentals are for J-1 students or professionals. And I am not a professional because I am dirty and live outside.”

Persona 5 AU

What if instead of Goro’s mom succeeding in killing herself she fails and is place in a psychiatric ward? She’s heavily medicated to keep her stable and has lost custody of Goro but he can still visit her even while in the system. While he’s going through all these horrible homes and families that don’t actually care he doesn’t tell her because who wants to worry their mother who’s already mentally troubled? So he tells her he’s in a really loving home and he’s doing fine when he’s really not. Eventually when he falls into Shido’s hands, he’s fighting tooth and nail against this rotten son of a bitch, but the suddenly he says something that breaks Goro’s resolve.

“If you don’t do as I tell you I’ll stop paying for your mother’s hospital bills.” Or something along those lines.

Goro really can’t fight. He never thought of who was paying the bills for his mother. It’s not like she had the money herself. And like hell he could afford to pay them himself. So, he does what Shido says. He becomes his puppet, killing off who was seen as Shido’s adversary all to keep his mother safe and healthy.

Out of all his targets Wakaba was the hardest. It killed a part of him to do this to her and her daughter… but he had too. He had tried to convince Shido that it wasn’t necessary to kill this woman, but as soon as he mentioned Goro’s mother and her medical bills… he complied. He knew nothing after her death, nothing of what happened to Futaba and it was a weight on his shoulders for so long.

Later on, throughout his interaction with the Phatntom Theives, he beings to feel whole again. Now when he told his mother that he had a family that loved him it wasn’t a lie. And she could tell, especially when he talked about a boy named Akira ((or whichever theif you ship him with I don’t judge)). She saw a spark of life in his eyes that had been gone for so long. And life went on happily. Studying with his friends, stealing hearts, enjoy meals, having team bonding moments. But of course all good things must end. Shido gives him the order to destroy the Phantom Thieves, saying that if he did this he’d free him from his hitman position and still cover his mother’s hospital bills. But how could he choose between person he’s spent his whole life protecting and the people who gave him a home and more love than he deserved?

So he doesn’t.

Once inside Shido’s palace, after having beaten his shadow, he gives Akira((or whoever you ship Goro with)) a kiss. And Shido starts to laugh. He tells them everything that he had done. To Wakaba, to Haru’s dad, to all his victims. But the thing is, he already told them. And they understood. He had even taken them to meet his mom before they infiltrated the palace. Shido had nothing on him… except his mother. He said that he had a fail safe, that if he ever ended up in jail everything outside of his business’s assets would be frozen and canceled. The first one on the list was Goro’s mother’s hospital bills. Even as a shadow, even with a changed heart, this man used his mother as collateral against him. Goro begins to panic. He would never hurt his friends, his family, but how could a high schooler pay his mother’s medical bills? Even as a junior detective he was barely supporting himself. But he didn’t have enough time to think about it as the place crumbles around them.

Once out of the palace and the metaverse he begins to have a full on panic attack. It takes everyone to get him to collect himself. And something surprising from Haru. She had told him that she was willing to have her company foot the bill. Even if the board was against it she wouldn’t back down from it.

And so the story continues, with Goro included. And once Akira’s year is up he joins them on taking him home at his mother’s request, no, demand.

And the Theives drive off, all getting the happy ending they deserve.

((Sorry if this was out of left field. It’s about 11:36pm and this was stuck in my head. Hope you enjoyed it!))

Assassinations and Feelings Guide!

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Individual Works:

“We really shouldn’t have done this,”
ao3 | tumbr
“James,” Aleks set the controller down, “I need to tell you something.”
ao3 | tumblr
Aleks had been shot three times in his life.
ao3 | tumblr
“What do you mean you lost the money?”
ao3 | tumblr
Sometimes things between them could get awkward.
ao3 | tumblr
James was loud all of the time.
ao3 | tumblr
Joe was the honeypot.
ao3 | tumblr
The past was the past, and it didn’t interest him.
ao3 | Tumblr: chapter 1 – the rat | chapter 2 – the butterfly | chapter 3 – the lizard | chapter 4 – the bear | chapter 5 – the shark | chapter 6 – the rabbit

(Please note my understanding of divorce law is BUPKIS yet I’m afraid to look it up bc I don’t want Google to Get Ideas) but here you go: Ransom and Holster got married the summer before their sophomore year to fridge both FAFSA and immigration laws / fuck the heteronormative patriarchy, friends can have weddings to celebrate their lifetime commitment to each other TOO! / sure Shitty, now sit down, and it’s worked pretty well for them. They didn’t change their names so their jerseys stayed the same. They already lived together in their freshman dorm, and then they moved into the Haus together, and they were going to graduate together. Annnnnd then came the Consultant Conversation.

And Ransom expressed his worries about financial stability. Holster…. well, Holster has been as invested in Rans’ studies as can all be, has vociferously defended him in coral reef mode, has cheered him on as he ACTUALLY REACHED his goal of a 4.0. So for Rans to turn aside from the pre-med track that he’s fought himself bloody for, just for something as fixable as ::money::, well, Holster can’t stand it.

“Bro. Live with me.” Holster tells him that night, back when they’re safe and alone in the (their) attic. “I’ll get a job wherever, and you won’t have to worry about the bills. Just…don’t give up on this for money, not when I can take care of that.”

“Bro, I literally could not ask that of–” Ransom starts to protest, but Holster cuts him off.

“Bro, you’re not asking, I’m literally offering. Look, I’m not going to tell you what to do. But, please? Don’t give up on that dream, not when I can help?”

“…Bro–” and they hug it out and rewatch the 25th anniversary PBS production of Les Mis and neither of them admit they’re crying for anything other than Valjean and Fauntine.

And Ransom gets into Columbia, and Holster gets a job as a corporate drone off Wall Street, and they get a shitty studio walk up way too far from the nearest train, but they live.

And Holster gets promoted, and Ransom’s studying for boards.

And Ransom gets a residency in the City, and Holster gets head hunted by another company ON Wall Street, and they move into a little better of an apartment closer to Ransom’s hospital, because ain’t no one gonna fuck with that schedule jeeeezus.

And Holster brings Ransom to the some of those douchey networking cocktail hour functions (when Ransom’s schedule allows) and his coworkers start asking after him, and Holster is just so. proud. of Rans, I mean, did they know he was doing his residency in the best pediatric ICU in the City? ::So. Proud::.

And then they’re at Jack and Bitty’s wedding as each other’s plus one, and they look around…. this is their life, and even with the crazy hella stress, it’s still pretty great?

Ransom finishes his residency and it all collapses.

He tries to say he can’t keep bumming off Holster, that he’ll get out from under foot, that he’ll start looking for a place of his own, and–

Holster catches him and bear-hugs him. “Bro, BRO. For richer, for poorer, remember? I’m always gonna be there to support you.”

“Yeah, but bro, that wasn’t for real. But now I got us stuck in NY, and we’d either have to move til we got residency in a different state, but I don’t want you to have to live in fuckin ::Jersey:: man, and I’m so sorry, but I’ll fuck up if you need to, and we can get around those ‘no-fault’ laws somehow– I mean, I just– I don’t want to be in your way when you finally do want to lock it down wi–”

And fuck it, Holster kisses him. Ransom, for all that he’s so smart, can be really dense sometimes. Holster, who hadn’t gone on a date with anyone else in the last two years, who hadn’t NEEDED anything else in the last two years, tried to put all that into the kiss. And then Ransom kissed back.


“Bro. I know.”

Then Ransom locked him in a headlock, and they collapsed into a wrestling match on the floor.

(its a bit long but) I almost got fired over Funko pops

I work where to stop to buy games. About a year ago, I noticed we were supposed to be getting in some Black Widow (Marvel) pop figures at some point. They were pre-orderable, in fact one was already pre-ordered​ by someone, but I decided to wait and see what they look like before putting any money down on it. Despite having a release date for it in the system, Funko pops never seem to actually arrive by that date.

Eventually I come into one of my evening shifts I find 3 of the Black Widow pops on the back counter, along with some other new ones. And it doesn’t take long for a pop…“collector” to show up. I greet her, ask if I can help find anything and she says “yeah how many songbirds and vault boys do you have? I want all of them.” I asked if she was getting multiples for friends, but ’m they’re all gonna be mine" which sounds real shady (scalpers do this kind of stuff all the time) but okay. I check the system and start hunting for all of the requested characters, which ended up being like 4 and 3 respectively. My store at the time had pops scattered around (even some in the back room) and there was a heck-ton of ‘em. It was just me at the store front at the time, so it was already a bit stressful. I manage to find 3 of each (gave up on the last songbird after a good 10 minutes) and bring them all to the front counter, at which point she sees the Black widows and asks to buy them as well.

My co-workers have a bad habit of leaving product that isn’t past it’s release date out on the back counter after processing them, and again, pop release dates are messy as hell, so I go to the back to ask my assistant manager (who was on break) if I could sell them, to which he says yes. So I go back to the front and ask her how many she wants, which is also 'all of them’. I start up the transaction and try to make small talk while scanning, like “Oh yea I’m glad the Black Widow figures have finally been released, they’re so cute.” But that’s when I remember that one was pre-ordered. I double check and up, I apologize and tell her that I need to keep one because someone already put money down on it and we just got them today. She gets passive aggressive at this, saying “you know you can buy those at other stores, I know the manager of the stop for games across the street I bet he has some too”. Cool, so not only are you gonna accuse me of withholding product, you’re gonna tell me to do something you could go easily do yourself as well?? I tell her that I wished it was mine but it’s for someone else. She keeps mumbling about it but finally pays for what she got and left.

Fast-forward to the end of my shift, and my manager calls me to the back room. He asks me if someone was trying to buy the widow pops, and I explain the entire thing and emphasize that the assistant m said I could sell them (i was afraid I broke the release date). He tells me the customer left a nasty comment on my survey, saying that I was withholding product from her and that she will never shop at this location again. The district manager was the first to see it, called my manager and demanded that he fire me on the spot. Fortunately my manager knew that I would never do that and told the DM that he’d have to hear my side of the story first. The AsM backed me up as well, saying he noticed her attitude and regretted not helping me with her. I kept my job, but I still went home in tears because that was the first (and so far only) time that had ever happened to me.

I’ve seen her come back to my store at least twice since then.

Dirty looks.

Pairing : Past!JaredxReader, Jensen, Genevieve
Word count : 2,193
Author :Mel
A/N : More parts for @bigdaddymongoose. Only one more part!

Part 16 of ‘My son, Bringer of Storms.’

You were sitting on a plane, River was excitedly looking out the window. “Are we in Texas yet?”

“No, River. Probably not for a few more hours. We’ve only been in the air about an hour, and it’s a 4 ½ hour flight.”

“Aww.” He pouted. “Do we have to stop somewhere?”

“Nop. You got spoiled with a non-stop flight.”

“Uncle Jensen is my favorite uncle.” River grinned.

“You’ve never had any other uncle.” You pointed out. “Maybe one day you’ll meet your fathers siblings. You actually have an uncle and an aunt.”

“Yeah!? Will they be at this Barbecue too?” You shrugged and he looked back out the window.

You let out a sigh, wondering how you’d ended up on a flight to fucking Texas. But you knew how. Jensen had fucked you over. And by fucked you over, he’d played it smart. Made it so you couldn’t say no. “Asshole” You mumbled, looking down at your phone.

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The boys want to buy u food (Rajigaze 3/31)

Uruha (reading mail): “I really don’t like being treated. It may because my father once said to me, ‘who do you think is paying your bills!?’ but I just feel this pressure like if someone is paying for me, I have to do what they tell me. Of course I know it’s not really like that, I’m sure not everyone who gives you money is expecting you to do as they say. But I still feel pressure, and I avoid being treated. If I go out to eat with that weight on me, I can’t even enjoy the food, and it’s really just a waste in so many ways. But I heard that not accepting someone’s offer to treat you could be taken as you trying to distance yourself from them, so I thought maybe it was bad that I was doing that, so, this was many years ago but, I decided to try to let my boyfriend at the time treat me. But sure enough he ended up thinking he could tell me what to do. Maybe he had always been that kind of person and I just didn’t notice, but since becoming a full-time worker, I thought it would be bad as a subordinate not to let my superior treat me, so I let them, but it was obvious that –” huh?

(people are starting to get giggly at this point cause it’s getting so long)

Uruha: “It was obvious that he had other motives. But I w–

(now Uruha is giggling too)

Uruha: “I wonder if as a subordinate and a woman it’s better to just genuinely say ‘thank you!’, and I’m sure the person treating me would feel good about it too–

Ruki: *snoring*

Kai: (giggling) don’t fall asleep!

(everyone starts giggling again)

Uruha: “But it just puts too much pressure on me and I really don’t like it, so I don’t want to accept it. Food that I buy with my own money is less stressful, and it tastes better…Is this my Dark Side?”

(everyone especially Kai lOsEs iT)



Uruha: Man that was hard even tho I was the one reading it I didn’t get it…

Reita: Okay so it’s like because of some trauma she has from her dad she thinks being treated equals you have to do what they say so she doesn’t wanna be treated–

Ruki: *snoring*

(Everyone dies laughing)

Aoi: Yep.

Reita: Okay but where she lost me is like, when she says she can’t enjoy the food, but do you already know if you’re getting treated or not before the end of the meal? …..What y'all think

(Kai and Uruha laugh)

Uruha: What, like, “you pay today”?

Reita: Well like, don’t you usually find out after eating who’s gonna pay?

Aoi: Well, yeah, you’re right

Reita: So wouldn’t she not know she was gonna get treated?

Kai: Yeah, but I think she already has that feeling

Reita: She’s in treat mode!!!!

Kai: Treat mode!!!

Uruha: Hmm…..

Aoi: Well, it’s kinda rude [of Reita] to say it like that.

Reita: Yeah I kinda…thought that too

(Kai dying in background)

Reita: I thought, that’s rude!

(Everyone laughing)

Aoi: I mean, she must have been treated a few times before, right?

Reita: Yes…

Aoi: Let’s just leave it at that.

Reita: I’m sorry!

Aoi: The radio is something we make together, you know. 

Reita: I’m sorry!

(there’s a pause and then Ruki says something but I can’t catch but everyone starts laughing, it’s something like u done fucked up on the last show)

Uruha: So, does this person have a Dark Side?

Aoi: I think she was just surrounded by bad people. The people around her were just that kinda person [who thinks they can tell u what to do bc they pay for u]…like, I don’t feel that, I feel like that’s arrogant

Reita: Right!? Like, I don’t even need u to thank me!!!

Ruki: Ah-! I just remembered something kinda similar…u know like…when you go out to eat with a kohai…you pay right?

Hoes: yeh

Ruki: But they try to pay too, you know? So I was like, show me ur wallet fam…and I looked and there was nothing in it… (why is this man so savage)

Kai: Oh, he just wanted to make the gesture kinda thing?

Uruha: That’s cute though!! …But is it really important that kohais offer to pay anyway..? Should they…? I mean, if a senpai is there…

Aoi: Well, I don’t need them to, but…

Ruki: Idk, in some cases is might come off as rude? [if they don’t offer]

Uruha: Ahh ur right…

Reita: But also I hate going back and forth a bunch of times.

Ruki: Ahh yeh

Reita: Like if I offer to pay just lemme pay

Uruha: Just be like “thx” right?

Aoi: I think it depends on the first time you go out. If the senpai was like, “let’s split the bill,” I’ll keep paying [next time]

Reita: Oooooh

Uruha: Aaaaah

Reita: I see

Uruha: Yeh for sure

Reita: Man it’s hard eh

Uruha: But isn’t it cuter if the kohai’s just like, “thank u!!!!” [just accepts]

Reita: Aww ya, when they depend on u like, “pls cud I have some more food???”

Aoi: Yes well we want them to eat lots until they’re full~!

Reita: Yes~!

(I translated what Rei said as depend on but another meaning of the word he used is when u act like a spoiled baby lmao so I guess he thinks that’s cute)

(LADIES if papa aoi n rei take u out to eat ask them to order lots of food for u and then let them pay)