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I don't know if it's just me or not but one thing I love about Yoonseok is how they managed to ground each other and change each other in a way for the better. (Does that make any sense?) because of Hobi, Yoongi became more sensitive and more in touch with his soft side and because of Yoongi, Hobi became stronger and dealt with things thrown his way in a strong manner. They both love each other so much and gravitate towards each other that it physically pains me..

have you watched this video? the sope timeline? 

i found it thanks to @1rapman​ while looking through the yoonseok tag and like i was around for all these moments i saw their friendship develop and even though i talked about it a lot i haven’t actually realized just how much they’ve grown you know????? it really hit me just now. the adoration i had for them??? it just skyrocketed. i didn’t know it could be possible to love them even more but lasmjcfdsfjkdsnkj the concept of them overcoming their awkwardness around each other, learning to accept their flaws and adjusting to them, learning how the other person works and how to make them smile, learning from them when to be softer and when to be tougher, finding strength and energy in each other..

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I don't want to seem bratty but I'm over how much focus is on noora this season. Like, her story was done. Over. She left William. The reason is season 3 was enough for me. There has been so much wasted time on her shit when we could have been given amazing growth and development in Sana's friendships with the other girls or even other people. What about Chris? Or eva? Jamilla? Isak? ANYONE?! ugh, I feel like nothing has happened even though it is episode 6 already.

big mooood. honestly, imagine if instead we got scenes of vilde realizing how she’s been behaving and turn it around, the girls and sana growing closer, sana connecting jamilla, sana and even talking, sana and chris hanging out at sana’s and chris asking her if any of the guys in the balloon squad are single……….MAN.

i remember watching the secret life of bees with my highschool bestfriend and she started sobbing at this one part in the movie. really sobbing, like heavily and loud. i didnt think much of it until we were eating ice cream in my kitchen later that night when everyone was asleep. we talked about school, and parents (at the time i was living with my abusive aunt and uncle).

then she just started sobbing again and i waited for a while until she could speak, and she just started telling me about how awful she had been feeling over the past year. she told me about how she couldn’t even cry at home because her mother was so strict and unemotional. her mother barely spoke to her if it wasn’t about school or sports or chores. she told me about how she hated being so tall (she was easily 5'10"-6ft). she told me about how she hate being so darkskinned, and how the boys she liked all thought of her as a “bro” and how she cried in the school bathroom after asking this guy to homecoming and having him laugh in her face as if she were joking.

she told me all this, and at the end she said she was glad i was her friend because she couldn’t imagine telling anyone else these things. she was so confident and extremely smart and always smiling and always had nice things to say about everyone, even if they hated her. she never hated people. it was so shocking to see her completely unfold like that.

i dont talk to her anymore. not because of any drama or anything. i just kind of isolated myself and cut off everything to do with those 3 years i lived with my aunt and uncle. i wanted to just forget. i hope she’s doing well. im sure she’s out of college by now.

😊DM Diary (Grayson x Reader)

Summary:  Hi darling ☺️ ! Could you write something about y/n has a habit where she dms Gray every night before she goes to bed telling him about her days, her problems & just venting. He’s pretty much her diary! He randomly replies one night, & every night they always seem to talk & eventually they end up meeting or something cute? I know this will never happen but a girl can dream 💕 love you!

Warnings: None

A/N: Happy birthday @scuteedolans! I love you so much and I hope I did your request justice! I’ll also try and update DLE for your present! DM messages are in italics.

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Dear Grayson, Hey Grayson. My name is Y/N and I’m such a big fan. I decided to vent to you, like you’re my diary? I know that sounds cheesy, but it’s true. Just some things I need to get off my chest so I feel this is the way to do it. Thank you for following me on Twitter. Honestly, my heart skipped a beat. I was driving when I got the notification that you had followed me. I almost wrecked the car out of pure excitement. Anyways, I just hope that you have an amazing day and I love you so much.

Xx Y/N

This was the start of many DM’s later that I would DM Grayson. He was my person I could vent to. He was like my diary. I remember when he followed me, I was driving when I got the notification. I almost wrecked the car, but I didn’t. My best friend and I would get in an argument and I would tell Grayson about it. Some coworkers being dumb at work? I would tell Grayson. I would also ask how his day was going and make sure he was doing okay and I would let him know that if he ever needed to vent that I was there for him. I did this for about three months. Every single night I would write him different DM’s and let him know that I was always as positive as I could be. My friends would always make fun of me and tease me for DMing him, but I didn’t care. Until one night I got super drunk and sent him a DM. It was the night before my birthday and I was getting hammered with all of my friends. Then Grayson came to mind and everything went downhill.

Grayson, I love you so much. I don’t think you know just how much I really do love you. You’re such a wonderful human and I’m a little drunk and all I can think about is how amazing you are. How attractive you are and how much I would love to just kiss you, hold your hand and rub your back until you fall asleep. And I mean if you want to fuck we can too IDC haha. But Grayson today is my birthday and it would mean the world if I got a DM from you because I love you and you’re so cool. Thanks for being so great tbh. -Y/N

When I woke up with a massive hangover and a craving for water the next day, I saw the message. I left my friends who were still asleep in the house as I scurried to my car to go home. I still can’t believe I sent that. I groaned at the sunlight as I started my car and drove to work. I just shudder at the message I reread over and over and over again in my mind. I parked in the front of the mall and I walked to Forever 21. I was hungover and wanted to leave. I groaned as I folded some clothes and dealt with some grumpy customers. I could feel my stomach churning.

That night was the first time I didn’t DM Grayson. I didn’t DM him for awhile after that. I was so upset about what I sent him the night of my birthday. However everything changed whenever I was handing some swimsuits up before we closed for the night.

Hey Y/N! Haha thank you so much for all of your positive DM’s! I’ve noticed you haven’t messaged me in awhile :/ are you okay? Sorry it took me forever to respond, but I enjoy reading your messages so much! Haha and if we ever met, maybe we can work out that kissing deal? You’re really cute tbh and I hope you had such a great birthday! Ethan and I have been working our tails off for the new videoes. Hope to hear from you soon! What’s your snap? -Xx Grayson :)

“Okay Y/N you can–” My boss started to say, but I cut her off.

“GRAYSON DOLAN JUST DM’ED ME HOLY SHIT I NEED TO LEAVE!” I screamed in my manager’s face as I quickly typed my message back to him.

My snap is @your_snap_name_here123 and you’re honestly so great! I was just so embaressed about my drunk message to you…

Don’t be nervous. Trust me I’ve read way worse lol. And I added you :) wow 10,763 points? WEAK!

I saw my friends Cassie and Miranda walking out of Torrid laughing. They were walking my direction.

“Hey Y/N did you–” I cut Cass off as I flashed my phone in front of her face, causing her to drop her pop.

“GRAYSON DM’ED ME YOU GUYS!” Miranda then took my phone as she read through the message over and over.

“Nah it’s whatever I wasn’t thirsty anyways.” She muttered.

“Holy shit.” She gasped as Cass took the phone. Just then my phone buzzed with a snap from who I assumed was Grayson. I snatched my phone back as I saw Snapchat from Grayson Dolan across my screen. Grayson Dolan just snapchatted me. I was doing my best not to freak out in the middle of the mall. I opened the snap which revealed Grayson drinking some coffee.

 That started our 241 day snap streak. We played multiple games of truth or dare trhough snap and we just became super close. We told each other so many things that I didn’t ever repeat. Not even to my groupchat. We would even do silly dares like I remember I had to take three shots of maple syrup while I dared him to eat a Vegemite and ketchup smoothie. This was the beginning of our talking until I went out to LA with my friends that summer and Grayson and I met up. We all went to the beach together and we had so much fun. Grayson and I made smores while Maddi and A’ishah  hung out with Ethan and went skinny dipping, but they didn’t tell us they went skinny dipping. Grayson and I talked about anything we could think of. I talked to him about moving all over and he talked to me about youtube. I honestly had the greatest weekend with him.

“Okay so truth or dare?” He asked me as I smirked.

“Truth. I never do dares with boys.” He chuckled.

“So how has this weekend been on a scale of 1 to 10?” He asked as we walked along the shore of the beach.

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“11.” I chuckled with him. “What if I said dare?” I asked throwing his arm over my shoulder as he laughed.

“I would have dared you to kiss me. Like you said in your DM. Remember?  I would love to just kiss you, hold your hand and rub your back until you fall asleep. And I mean if you want to fu–”

“Yes yes I remember Grayson Bailey.” I said with a chuckle which made him cackle.

“So is it a dare?” He asked with a smirk.

“I don’t kiss on the first date. But I can give you a kiss on the cheek.” I giggled which he shrugged.

“That’s fine. That means more dates in the future?” He asked as I nodded. I started to lean in to kiss his cheek.

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That was when he turned his head and pressed his lips to mine. “Grayson…” I groaned with a laugh.

“Oh well that was our first kiss. Guess we can have multiple other ones now.” He said pressing his lips back to mine as we shared a laugh.

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“I hope your birthday was just as amazing as you are.” He smiled. I smiled with him.

“Nope. It was as amazing as you.” We laughed at our cheesiness as we continued kissing.

Okay I really need Julie to get a grip. She did so much research about teens for the previous seasons and bipolar disorder for the last, is it so hard to do some proper research for a season that could either change people’s minds for the worse or better about a faith that has already been demonised by the media.

I don’t know who she’s been talking to, but she needs to check her facts before announcing statements on a show which has gone international. She’s been making Muslims look sexist, intolerant, anti-Semitic and now down right predatory pervs.

FYI the 72 virgins thing is NOT PRMOISED IN THE QURAN!

For the love of God, Julie, you’re supposed to be educating people, not feeding into their ignorance.

Why is this season such a cluster f*ck?!

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Hi, i'm really interested in your analyzing stuff as they make sense so much. So what is your opinion on Noora's character development? It does not seem consistent to me. It's like Noora season 1 is a different person from Noora season 2, 3, 4. Well, to me, SKAM is such an exceptional series because it feels so real. I love it a lot so the Noora's inconsistency just bothers me too much. Hope you could help me with this way-into-deep fangirl problem haha. Takk

hahaha aww hello angel and thank you so much! <3

see I totally agree with you! Noora is so different from season 1…it’s interesting 

I wonder if this could have anything to do with the pov concept. 

How each character is perceived differently depending on the main. 

in season one…to Eva, Noora was this completely cool, mature, wise, kind and badass girl who came out of nowhere and helped Eva find her balance in the world when all she could do was stumble. 

but then in Noora’s own pov, she actually saw herself as someone who had to be strong and put together all the time. she wouldn’t let herself give in to emotions and break or ask for help…to her she almost had to be the “effortless strong mature social justice warrior” everyone perceives her as….so when she begins questioning her own morals 

and can’t seem to swim in the deep waters without a lifeboat… she beats herself up even more because she has always relied on herself…depending on someone else would almost make her weak in her opinion…but her season taught her that that’s not the case and just like everyone else, Noora needs people and it’s okay to ask for help. 

It was a good development in my opinion (if you take out all the willhelm stuff)

but then in Isak’s pov she became more of a passive character…who we only really saw when she was discussing her break up with willhelm..i think this is because Isak was struggling with his own boy problems so when it came to Noora he perceived her as a girl heartbroken and struggling over a boy…almost like self projection

and now Sana….Sana is struggling so hard to maintain her two seperate worlds and fit into this one that she is seeing how easy it comes for others. And Noora kind of represents that no matter how much they can be alike…Sana won’t always be treated the same because of their differences appearance and faith wise. But also Sana and Noora are truly so similar and Noora struggles with opening up and accepting her feelings (as explored in her season) so I think we kinda see this in Sana’s pov somehow? we are reminded of how much Noora struggles with things like Sana and how alike we are, but we also see how easy things seem to come for her that aren’t easy for Sana. which ends up making Sana annoyed influencing the perception of Noora to be different again. 

So maybe it is a pov thing? 

or maybe it could also be a really realistic thing….because Noora was 16 when we met her in season 1 and since then so many things have happened, and she’s had her heart broken, morals questioned, and she’s faced assualt…so it makes sense that Noora’s character would twist and turn quite a bit. She is learning just like all of us….and still growing and becoming the person she is. 

she’s still there but I think perception influences it a bit. 

I dunno I miss season 1 Noora too because she seemed so different…but maybe this is better because we are being reminded that she is not perfect, or completely wise, or with all the answers who can do no wrong. 

she is real and human just like you and me and I don’t think that came out so much in s1 because in Eva’s eyes she was this beautiful heroine saving her from isolation and loneliness and giving her someone she can turn to. <3 

kinda like how Even came across as this mysterious uber cool perfect handsome confident guy with no worries in the first half of season 3…..oh boy were we wrong. 

I don’t know if this made any sense or if I just ranted…but maybe Julie is just trying to capture a more complex character in Noora…but yeah I agree it’s a lot different to s1. 

What if noora and yousef are just meeting bc they’re trying to find a way to get money so that the girls can get their own bus?

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as someone with social anxiety disorder I just wanted to say that your tags about your sister's anxiety/awkwardness being weird were a bit off putting. You seem like a very compassionate person so I don't think you'd maliciously make fun of people who do "weird" things because of anxiety but a lot of people do. I'm being oversensitive I know but you were posting about Mental Health Month so I thought it would be ok to mention this.

oh fuck i’m so so so sorry. i sometimes forget people actually read my tags and i used the word ‘weird’ because it’s how my sister and i talk about that particular tendency of hers and i know that it actually helps her when we make light of those sort of anxious tics together. she doesn’t watch dnp very much but she loves that dan video because she relates to it a lot and loved that he could find the humor in this somewhat ‘weird’ trait and that he was able to talk about it in a comedic way himself. i totally understand that not everyone who shares in that habit would be comfortable with the word ‘weird’ and i’m so so sorry if reading that  made you feel badly. there’s absolutely nothing weird about you and nothing that deserves ridicule and that was absolutely not my intent. you’re not oversensitive at all and i’ll definitely be more mindful about the words i’m using in the future when talking about something like this! i wish you the very best and hope you have a lovely day <3 sorry again!

Eyyyy, it’s me. Good ‘ol cat-dragon-hater. And I’m back at it again. First of all, I just want to say thank you for all the notes on my 2nd rant. It seemed like an above average amount, at least, when compared to the other stuff posted on here. And that makes me a ‘lil happy. Secondly, I’m going to talk about the responses to that post; they could essentially be summarised as “op needs to chill” and “stop playing the game if it bothers you so much”. Tsk, tsk, tsk, guys. You honestly think I give a shit that some of the FR breeds look like crap and couldn’t even pass as actual dragons? Welp, I kinda don’t. All I have to do is only collect the breeds that look good. The purpose of these posts was, 1. to see some salt and have a good time watching peoples' responses, 2. to see if anyone could actually prove me wrong. And, lemme tell ya, both worked perfectly. Not one of you could actually disprove any point I made, and I knew you couldn’t - WHICH IS WHY I WROTE IT. I just wanted to point out that the majority of FR doesn’t like “dragons” as much as they think they do. Go play a cat game instead, guys. Anyways, I have a lot of other ideas for future posts, but I think my next one will probably be a more tame and fun roast of every dragon breed (maybe including the ones I actually like). Then I will roast the general cringy nature of the FR community as a whole, the community’s obsession with apparel and retired things, and also raffles/giveaways. Not necessarily in that order tho. But, of course, this is unless I get too bored and decide not to do any of that. This place is for rants, so imma rant (and you’re all going to listen to me and probably get triggered, lol). Soooo, please stay tuned, I guess ^^

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This is the Animal Farm anon from a while ago. About a week be fore tech week I decided fuck it and talked to as many people as I could. I had a real blast and would like to thank you for your advice. I got to know a lot of people and I participated in my school's hazing ritual (it's so much fun it shouldn't even be called hazing. It takes place at an ice cream shop with a playground). I really focused on putting on a good show and enjoyed myself immensely!

1.) I’m proud of you.

2.) “Hazing?” Sounds more like “gettin’ some fuckin’ ice cream and chilling.”


This race was miraculous. My big goal was a 2:15 finish, which would have been a 4 minute PR for me. Mostly, Heather @littlebean-jellybean and I just wanted to run, talk, and enjoy hanging out for 13 miles.

But then.

All of a sudden by about mile 9, we were just behind the 2:10 pacer. And we stayed there. And stayed there. And even though I was DYING the last two miles, Heather was the peppiest, cheeriest, sweetest person you could ever hope to run with. And the last tenth, we hit it and crossed the finish line so freaking fast and happy. So I finished with a NINE FREAKING MINUTE PR today and I got to meet one of my best online friends (who is now also one of my best real life friends) and even though I almost passed out/puked in the gutter after coffee (I guess sugar and my stomach aren’t great friends after running that far that fast…), I would not trade a single second. Perfect weather, beautiful city, incredible friend. ❤😻🏃🏻‍♀️❤

“What Does God Mean to You?”

So the other day I was talking with one of my physicist friends who is atheist but nevertheless has always been interested in my faith.

We were talking for awhile about my experience in the church and what it means to have a relationship with Jesus, when she asked me, “So what does God mean to you?”

Now, I had to pause for a second, because I didn’t have a nice soundbite-y answer to the question. (Although maybe in the future this would be good to have.) God means so much to me that it wasn’t easy to distill down to a single, succinct answer on the spot.

But then, before I could answer, my friend realized that her initial question was really broad and asked a second question: “Why do you believe that it was God who created the universe?”

These two questions struck me because together they illuminate so much about how other people perceive our faith. I have always, first and foremost, seen my faith as about my relationship with Jesus, as a savior and a guide and a friend.

But my atheist friend immediately jumped to the conclusion that my faith was primarily about trying to explain the universe. She has always wondered why I would so strongly believe in God, when (in my own admission) “in the beginning there was God” is not really any more compelling than “in the beginning there was Schrodinger’s equation.”

I am the first to admit this. I don’t believe in God just to explain the origin of the universe; I believe in God because of how They have worked directly in my life and the lives of those around me. I believe in God because I know the power of a personal relationship with Jesus.

Almost all Christians I have talked to feel the same way about their faith. Yet so many nonreligious people I have talked to are convinced that Christians (and other people of faith) only believe in God to “explain science.”

If we want to bring more people into the light of Christ, this is a myth we absolutely need to dispel. Ken Ham isn’t helping with this. Instead, we need actual scientist Christians to step forward and talk about what our faith really means to us. The scientific method isn’t what points us to God – it’s the cross of Jesus.

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[1/2] Hello! I'm a big fan of yours (but sorry I'm more faithful to KM lol) I really like them so much. I saw that people are talking to you about them. And I hope, that I can also share. Been a big fan of SuJu and never thought that I could still love someone after them. So, shipping's been around even back then, but never saw such dynamics like what KookMin have. Wow! They're so full love. That something which I only see in Kdramas. I can also say wow~

[2/2] It really annoyed me on how they saw the early KM dynamic as one-sided. Been a fan since pre-debut and I’ve watched every vlogs since then. You can tell JK was a shy bun but whenever he’s recording one with JM, you can see that he’s very comfortable. FYI, JM was the last one to join and it just took a short time for them to be like that. Maybe coz they’re both from Busan. And that he confided to JM about not debuting as an idol but a dancer like Sondeuk-saem. IDK bout you, but that’s love.

Hello! And ofc you can talk with me about jikook :-) I’m kind of the same way, with the whole switching from an old ship thing! But damn I’ve never been /this/ invested in a ship. You have been a fan since pre-debut?! Wow! I can’t believe that you were around for those first vlogs :’) Yeah I never really thought about that much, how they had the shortest time to get to know each other yet still became so close. He did say Jimin was the easiest member to talk to ^-^ Jikook is just something short of amazing 

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Hii! Could i request a headcanon for a depressed and suicidal reader x Embry (And the pack) and how they would react to her cutting and her talking about it like its no big deal? I love him so much and i die out of fangirling everytime i read your em x reader fanfic XD Thanks!

Thank you sweetie, glad you enjoyed my other Embry bits :)
I’ve done this based on my personal experiences with depression.

- His first reaction is one of anger, because he doesn’t understand. Isn’t he enough to make you happy? Is this his fault? How could you talk about hurting yourself like every word wasn’t stabbing his heart.

- He spends a few weeks taking you out on day trips and picnics because he thinks it will ‘cheer you up’, again because he doesn’t understand.

- surprisingly its Paul who calms Embry down and hands him literature on depression (his mum suffered after giving birth to his younger sibling)

- once he understands a bit more he’s less angry because he realise its nothing to do with him and he has to stop being so self centered

- The pack tries to control you at first, locking away all sharp objects and obsessively stalking you but it makes you feel worse and they quickly realise treating you like that won’t help

- Leah offers to go with you to a support group instead and helps you learn tactics

- they teach you to draw when you feel like cutting, you are an amazing artist after all and Leah will always offer you an arm to draw on when you need it. You cover it in wolves.

- Still, you have slip ups and it hurts Embry to see you bleeding as he bundles you into his arms whispering about much he loves you

- Together you make plans for life and make a 'motivation board’ full of pictures of things you want from life and stick them around your room. It doesn’t stop the bad thoughts but it helps you make choices based on what you want from life.

- On days when you can’t get out of bed Embry gets in with you and you binge watch cheesey werewolf films

- And legally blonde, because every one needs to be Elle in her 'fuck men phase’. Embry does the bend and snap until you laugh your drink out of your nose.

- Sam likes you to text him whenever you feel like you’re about to relapse. He mothers you quite a bit but you actually don’t mind it.

- Embry buys you a bracelet with a silver wolf on it, and when you lift your arm to hurt yourself it reminds you of your handsome wolf

- When he catches you starting off into space, when he can tell you’re trapped in your own thoughts he kisses your face rapidly until you pay attention to him

- You all know that its not something that just disappears because you had a good day but Embry and the pack love you until you because you’re wonderful, unique and loveable no matter what your head tries to tell you


Provence- That was exciting! You seemed much more interested in today’s challenge, too.
Marigold- Definitely! There’s something about space and the stars that…just captivates me.
Provence- You’re pretty captivating, too, Marigold.
Marigold- Do you really think so?
Provence- Of course. I could barely keep my eye on the telescope, I kept wanting to look over at you.

Marigold- Talk About Recycling
Provence- Compliment Appearance

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Hi there! If it's not too much to ask, could I request your thoughts or head canons on what you think a child would look like between Sidon and a Hylian s/o? Would there be difficulties with the pregnancy and so on? Would cross-breeding even be possible?

(A very interesting question that I’ve been wondering about myself, but I have finally come to a conclusion~ Hopefully this is good~ Enjoy!~)


(warnings: pregnancy talk I guess, anatomy stuff, I have no idea what I’m talking about X3)

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ive been following you for such a long time, and when i accidentally deleted my blog, you were the first person (outside of friends) i followed, because you are such a neverending fountain of positivity and goofy humor that my dash would be nothing without. i sincerely love how happy everyone seems to be whenever they talk to you, and how great you are at expressing your own happiness, and even when you make serious posts about a negative thing, youre so respectful. i hope i can be like tht <3

nonny this is so lovely thank you so much for sharing your thoughts with me!! im so happy that i could have a positive impact upon your life.. ilu nonny. thank you ❤

Learning various languages to me is really important because like idk I guess I could just rely on English potentially. Obviously there are privileges to having English as my native language. But like… Idk. A few years ago I met a Kurdish guy who was living in Syria online, and we tried to talk to each other, but his English wasn't​ very good, and I speak neither Arabic nor Kurdish so there was only so much we could get across…

Well recently we got in touch again and he’s now living in Germany​ and taking intensive German language classes, and we’re currently having a discussion in German about the politics in Rojava. And like I’m so happy that I can speak German even though I don’t “need” to and was mostly learning it for fun. Like it’s a hobby for me yeah, but I think it’s also something really important for me because I can communicate so much better with more people if I don’t just rely on everybody knowing some English.

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Can I just say Jungkook has one of the most beautiful noses in the entire universe? Like HOW?!! And not to mention the fact that he's a goddamn walking, talking, breathing piece of perfection!!! Someone out there is lucky.

I live by those words 👏 Jungkook’s nose is more worthy than any art you can find at your local arts museum. 😻 His nose bridge is so perfect and it has so much dimension 😭I could give him Eskimo kisses for the rest of my life with no regrets because his nose is so adorable 😭❤ Who are you kidding , his future wife might be lucky but his future children are even luckier because they’ll get to have his amazing genes 👌 #I’ve been thinking about this , but if jungkook ever had a kid with a Caucasian girl , their children would be gorgeous 😍 #just saying, because my friend is half Chinese and half french and she’s so pretty sgdhjdjd

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Hi! I'm going to be a freshman in college next year, and my long term goal is to apply to law schools. I went into high school ignorant of most of the steps for the college application process, and suffered because of it. Could you explain to me a little about what applying to law school is like? What courses they expect / extracurricular activities/ what the timeline is like? Thank you very much!

Heck yes I can! This is going to be long but it’s all under the cut

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