i could talk about this so much

Bro i had this art teacher in 8th grade that literally sent me emails when she was literally in class with me about some shade on the other kids in class. also she expected me to send her a new pic of my cat everyday and would talk about how much she loved him. last day she asked to drive me home so i could introduce her to him. Sometimes she visits and still emails me every 4th period even though i changed schools

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Could you talk about how you started shipping supercorp?


so… i REFUSED. to watch supergirl. REFUSED. because i had been so burned by the 100 the show that shall not be named and i didn’t need ANY NEW SHOWS to take my gay heart and turn it into mangled garbage. but thennnnn s1 of SG was on netflix, and my gf was like, it’s actually really good. its harmless youll really like it. and i was like hmmm harmless you say? i doubt it very much. hmph. no thank you. no.

but then cat grant was sort of sassy and i was like not 100% really into any of the characters (i liked kara but i was happy i wasn’t in love with her) so i was like ok. i will watch this show you say is harmless. i like super heroes. i like capes. 

it was light and fun. i could BREATHE. finally! a show that i liked casually. perfect!

then s2 started. and i sat my oblivious gay ass down, happy as a clam that i wasn’t fully invested. and not even A FEW MINUTES INTO EP 1, katie RUIN MY ENTIRE LIFE mcgrath walked on my screen as luscious lena FREAKIN luthor and i had a complete meltdown. i think i might have even spilled my wine. i was like PAUSE. WAIT. im sorry. WHAT DO I DO WITH THIS? WHO AM I? WHAT IS HAPPENING? i transcended to gay nirvana right there. and i was like oh no. oh no no no. ohhhhhh dear god no. abort mission. i’m literally repeating all of my mistakes. the CW. a guest star. LESBIAN SUBTEXT. 

and i wanted to stop watching BUT HAVE YOU SEEN KATIE’S FACE???? so naturally, i couldn’t. and ive had a tumblr for a million years so i was like… why stop looking at her face on tv when it can be all over my blog?

why am i like this?

so i couldn’t quit her. BUT THEN lena luthor had to have her tragic ass back story and kara zor el had to be FROM THE HOUSE OF EL and oh god its a LUTHOR AND A SUPER THE GREATEST STORY OF ALL TIME. and lena kept fluttering her eyelashes and biting her lip and kara kept giggling and blushing and these two IDIOTS kept running around each week acting oblivious ALL WHILE FAMILY LEGACIES DANCED OVER THEIR HEADS. and i was like…tell my family i love them. i live here now.

AND THEN IT TURNED OUT THAT LENA WASN’T EVEN EVIL SHE’S ACTUALLY JUST A SOFT PRECIOUS ANGEL and that broke me. so here we are. the ironic thing is i got way more into it than my gf ever did after that, and i was like YOU LITERALLY MADE THIS HAPPEN. lmao.

THEN, on top of it all, katie had to be this magnificent person behind the character who also is one of the best actors to study facial expressions from if you want to be better writer and it all just HAPPENED SO FAST and suddenly my small new years resolution to “start writing again” turned into a CRAZY FRENZY that hasn’t slowed down since. and shes all “its art, take whatever you want from it” and VALIDATING EVERYONE and reading my writing out loud and signing it and being ~LIKE THAT~ i pretty much just sit here like: what was life even like before?

and that’s the story of how supercorp ruined my life 

Marked (Part 3)

Dean x Reader

Word Count: 2,774

Warnings: Pure smut. So much dirty talk, holy shit. Choking, dirty bar bathroom sex, complete and total porn. 

Catch up HERE. 

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I’d thought about disobeying Dean. I could wear panties and then slip them off before I went to the motel. Somehow, though, he would know. Those green eyes seemed to see me entirely too well.

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Cordelia: Ferdy, you’re an even bigger softie than I am. Which reminds me…there’s something I really need to talk to you about. It’s important. 

Ferdinand: Sure, go ahead. 

Cordelia: See, I know we agreed to no strings between us, but– 

Ferdinand: Oh my gosh!

Cordelia: –but I know that you’re the only one I could ever have, Ferdy. So, maybe we should make it official. Why not?

Ferdinand: No arguments from me! I love you so much, Cordelia.

Cordelia: I love you too, Ferdy.

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Heard you wanted to talk about Infinite/Gadget. Do you think Infinite likes to warp his tail around Gadget whenever he can? Like he can see someone getting too buddy-buddy with Gadget so he'll just go up to them, warps his tail around Gadget and pull him close as to say "This is MY wolf. Get your own :)" (btw I'm excited for your fanfic of these guys! You make them so adorable!)

AAAAA you heard correctly, i do!! thank you so much for sending the ask in, does this answer your question?

ive had this wip for like weeks now and its not the best drawing ever buuuut seeing this ask motivated me to finally finish it lmao. infinite wrapping his tail around gadget is one of my favourite things ever t b h !!

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i totally understand you. as a gay latinx myself i wasnt really mad when they casted flo coz i thought that they would do the logic thing and make her italian to have some kind of...logic, but they went with the stupid route and like really, you cant just make a character latinx by making them say two or 3 words in spanish (havent seen the ep nor i think i will, so idk how much she talked but i cant imagine it going farther than dad)

Yeah, ‘cause even when she said she was “non-white” like, could have just been like, oh well, i’m italian but im darker so people still came after me, ‘cause i know stuff like that happens, but they really tried to go all in but it kinda flopped because like. there’s nothing about her that ever given any sort of credibility to that. 
i don’t think there was a way for them to give credence to it without it ending up being racist, or just badly done( as it kind of was in the ep) 
so it really would have logically just made sense to make her italian 

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idk what the other anon is talking about michael is such a smiley boy around jeremy i love it like any other scene with michael in it he has his hood up and is tuned out its such a stark contrast i love him

this made me so happy i love all the mannerisms and habits so much esp the hoodie thing because MOOD MOOD MOOD. michael never goes still and he’s smiley and touchy and bouncy and i didn’t think i could love him any more than i already did until this fuckin BOOT

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Um, I'm really sorry to ask this, but could you maybe gif a little bit in the newest episode when Dean is talking to Asmodeus (dressed as the bartender) and they talk a bit about fathers, getting Dean to open up a bit? Is that okay? If it's not that's okay.

Hey anon! You never have to apologize for a gif request. That’s why I’m here! How else will we collectively yell about how much we love Dean without gifsets? I loved that moment so much. Not only did Dean get a chance to voice his anger at John (always here for that), but it was also pretty interesting that Asmodeus talked about a Mom not being there and I’m pretty sure that was Dean agreeing with that too. I knew he wasn’t over that yet, and I’m glad. Anyway, here’s the set and hope you enjoy it. 

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Why do you think Louis is so attached to the song "home" and leaked it himself? Why don't you think the record label would let him release it? It's a beautiful song and it would've fit perfectly on the album. If it was following Larries theory of because it was to "Larry" they wouldn't have let perfect, a love song Louis and Harry wrote together, go on the album. So why were they so strict and why was Louis so attached to it? Could it possibly be about Eleanor?

I’m not sure I understand the question here, as your ask covers a couple of varied topics, but you said a couple of times that Louis seemed attached to Home and I don’t see why. Yes, he gave out the song but has he really spoken about it or his feelings about it? Not that I recall. For example, in contrast, he’s talked multiple times about how much Love You Goodbye means to him, and Liam - - LIAM, who co-wrote Home with Louis - - is the one who has talked about Home and been the most effusive about the fan campaign to promote Home, not Louis. Given those facts, I wouldn’t assume that Home had any particular or special meaning to Louis or that it is about Eleanor or anyone else personal in Louis’s life.

So, a better question might be why was LIAM so attached to Home, and why is it perceived that Louis is more attached to it than Liam?

I can’t believe last night was a real thing that happened. I love Taylor so much. She made me feel so special and happy and I just want every single fan to feel like that at some point. My heart hurts thinking about how much I love her, honestly. I could have talked to her forever.

Pregnant or Not

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Prompt: Hey! Could I please get an imagine with Dennis Severs? Reader thinks she’s pregnant, so tells him she might be, then they do the test together and it turns out she isn’t, but they talk about their future and kids and its all cute and fluffy? Thanks so much! (Anonymous)

Pairing: Dennis ‘Asbo’ Severs x Reader

Warnings: Swearing

Word Count: 1196


The cold porcelain of the toilet bowl sent shockwaves up your arm as your contrasting warm body came into quick contact with it, your stomach tightening as you heaved yet again during the night. You tried to be quiet while doing so as Dennis was fast asleep in the next room. He had been so drained recently while working with the Watch and he definitely deserved a good nights sleep for once. However, this proved quite a challenge as you began to cry out in pain from the stomach pains and the burning sensation that rose in your throat. It was the worst sickness you had had in ages and it was definitely taking a toll on you.

Soon after, you felt a hand gently caressing your back while simultaneously holding back your hair as your body began to shake. You quickly glimpsed to the side to see Dennis, his face mixed with confusion and fatigue.

“Go back to bed, I’m fine.” You managed to say, voice trembling and barely above a whisper. He didn’t listen though, he just continued to rub your back.

You eventually finished up, flushing the chain and brushing your teeth to get rid of the vile taste while Dennis stood in the doorway. When you had finished, you gave him a thankful smile while pressing yourself against his warm body as he wrapped his arms around you. Suddenly, while in Dennis’ embrace, the realization of the situation hit you like a ton of bricks.


“Hmm?” He hummed in reply, tilting his head to look down at your now pale face.

“You don’t think I’m pregnant, do you?” You mumbled, almost hoping he didn’t hear you. With Dennis having only just kicked off his firefighting career and you still looking for a new job, the thought of having a baby while you were this young and unstable terrified you, and you knew it terrified Dennis too. You were living with his mum for gods sake, you didn’t even have your own home. But it was so obvious, you had missed your last two periods and you and Dennis were always intimate whenever you could be. What you were experiencing was most likely morning sickness.

“I don’t know.” He replied almost as quietly as you had asked. The room suddenly went silent, yours and Dennis’ somewhat clam breathing the only sound filling the air. You could sense the nerves in his voice and your heart began to race with worry. What would happen if you were? How was this going to affect your relationship? “We can get a test tomorrow and find out, but for now you need to rest.”

He took your delicate hand in his and began to lead you back to his bedroom which you shared. Curling up under the warm covers, you sighed deeply as you felt his body press up against your back as he softly whispered in your ear. “Don’t worry, love. Just get some sleep.”

But all night all you could do was worry.

Your eyes fluttered open and you were met by a sudden bright light that hurt your eyes. You immediately squinted, turning your head away and burying your face into the pillow that smelt faintly of Dennis. You felt the bed shift beneath you and as you looked over to see Dennis’ concerned face, you were hit with a sharp pain in your stomach and a severe wave of nausea that you managed to hold back.

“How are you feeling?”

“Not too bad. Are you off to work?” You lied, knowing that he wouldn’t have left you on your own if he knew just how bad you were feeling. He loved his job but he loved you more.

“Not until later, babe. I got you these.” He held up a few pregnancy tests, watching as your expression changed from pain to worry. “Thought we better find out.”

You took the pregnancy tests with you to the bathroom, looking back as you saw Dennis follow you. Quickly shutting the door behind you, you pulled down your pyjamas along with your knickers and began to open the packaging with Dennis knocking on the bathroom door while you did so.

“You’re not coming in. Just give me a minute.” You laughed slightly. After using all three of the sticks, you stood up and unlocked the door, sliding down the wall and sitting on the floor. Dennis copied your actions, looking at the pregnancy tests that were face down on the bathroom floor.

“You know, if you are pregnant, it’s all gonna be alright.” He reassured you as he wrapped an arm around your waist and pulled you into his side. Your heart was in your mouth and your breath was shaky while your eyes were fixated on the sticks. “I’ve got a job and you know mum would help in any way she could. We could move out of this shithole and get a nice place. I’ve loved you for ages and I’ll love you for a long while more. I’ve thought about us having a family of our own and if it happens now, so be it.”

You smiled softly at his words. While he continued to speak, you began to turn the tests over to reveal the answer you’d been thinking of all night.

“I’ve always imagined us having 2 kids. One girl and one boy. The girl would look like you of course and she’d obviously be a mummy’s girl, always wanting to dress up like you and wear your makeup. The boy would be so interested in being a firefighter like his daddy and no matter how much you put him off the idea, he’ll always find a way to convince me to let him wear the tunic and the helmet.” He rambled on, a sweet smile on his face. You could see the glimmer in his eyes and you knew he’d be a wonderful dad, but as fate would have it, he’d have to wait a while longer before he could begin to teach his kids the world of firefighting.

“They’re all negative.” You told him. He turned to you and his smile grew as he took your face in his hands and kissed your forehead, breathing a sigh of relief as he did so. It became clear that he was just as anxious as you were but was able to keep level-headed through it all. “You’re relieved then?”

“Fuck, of course I am. We aren’t ready for a kid yet, (Y/N). But when we are, I know you’re gonna be the worlds most amazing mum.”

“I love you so much, Den. I’m sorry about the scare.” You said, nestling your face into his neck as he hugged you. You pressed a light kiss to the skin just under his earlobe, which earned a tighter grip around your waist.

“I love you too. The thought of a future with you is never a scare. You’re the one I’ve always wanted and will forever want, pregnant or not.”

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I love Airplanes so much, not even joking it gives me life every time I see an update. Thank you for giving Theo the story he deserves not that half baked "enemy turned ally", he's honestly one of the most layered characters in the show and I was rewatching season 6 Thiam scenes, everyone talks about Theo's heart eyes for Liam but did people also notice when Liam says hurtful things as a reply to Theo there actually is a tiny flash of hurt on Theo's face after? (Props to Cody's acting too tbh)

Thank you so much :D

Theo is such an amazing character and although I LOVE his character development in the series I wish he got more time to explore his character because we could have had so many fun scenes of Theo kinda finding his humanity. Cody did a fantastic job with Theo.

Yes!!! Theo’s tiny flickers of hurt when Liam’s being a bitch are fabulous and heartbreaking. Especially because half the time they come half a second after Theo giving hm major heart eyes.

That 3Mintute Got7 Jaebum talking before he leaves for the jungle was really the needle in the coffin for me😭😭 i really thought my emotional breakdown was over but i see Jaebum had other plans for me😭😭 Im gonna miss him so much😭😭 and gah the last minute or so when he is just talking about how worried he is about whether or not he will do well and not make any mistakes broke my fragile little heart omg you could tell how excited he is but you could also see he is really so so worried😭😭 but Jaebum my king you are going to do amazing sweet angel for you always do amazing please dont doubt yourself please dont worry they will all love you and you will slay this just go and have fun okay🖤 we are all cheering for you and waiting for your safe return forever and always I’m proud of you my dear king🖤🖤

sometimes “doing your best” is being top of your class, straight As, etc. sometimes “doing your best” is just showing up to class without your homework and sleeping through half of it because that’s the best you can do. be proud of yourself either way.


super self indulgent but because it’s my birthday here are some sketches of my DnD character, Sherry! She’s a dwarf paladin, team mom, and will absolutely kick your ass.

Can we please talk about Hunk’s empathy?

Contrary to the fandom’s popular belief, Hunk isn’t actually all that empathic towards everyone. He clearly doesn’t empathize much with people he doesn’t know: he was willing to leave Shiro to the Garrison, he was willing to let Arus get blown up by Sendak, and he was incapable of grasping how freaking HUGE his responsibility was as a defender of the universe, simply because he couldn’t empathize with those under Zarkon’s rule.

Hunk’s empathy basically works like this: if he knows you, your life, and can see you as an individual with a life, he will empathize with you and try to help you. You can see this most prominently with Shay, whom he only casually cared about until their private talk, where she revealed that she had never seen the sky. Hunk now knows something about her life, and is able to connect with her on a personal level, which means he now wants to save her at all cost. 

This is also why he starts caring about fighting Zarkon: Shay’s lifestory is simply one of many stories, and there are literally millions like her throughout the universe. Hunk realizes this, and connects Shay’s story to the millions he wants to leave behind to go back to Earth, and realizes that no, he can’t do that. That’s when he starts to care: when Shay has given the people that Zarkon oppressed a face and a voice.

In short: Hunk is only able to empathize with you when he sees you as an individual, and Shay gave the millions under Zarkon a voice, causing Hunk to see them as individuals, now, too. And honestly? I love that so much.

“My mom went off when she found out I was gay. It’s not accepted in Jamaican culture. I had to pretend I was ‘over it’ just so I could stay in the house. I didn’t really have anyone to talk to about it. I was always getting in fights with other kids. I didn’t even have a real friend until I was seventeen. I joined my school’s volleyball team, and the coach paired me up with a boy named Winnie to work on drills. I was still in the closet. He was much more flamboyant than me. He’d make me laugh. We’d talk about other boys on the team. He showed me how to not take myself so seriously. And we had similar backgrounds too. Winnie lived in a single parent home. His mother didn’t accept his lifestyle either. Sometimes we’d talk on the phone at night. Or we’d get a slice of pizza after practice. These were things that I’d never done with anyone before. I never pursued anything romantic because I couldn’t risk the friendship. It was the first time I didn’t feel alone.“

Water signs: I want to spend hours together talking about nothing

Air signs: I want to spend hours together talking about everything

ok but like? griffin mcelroy’s style of DMing has taken so much pressure off the thought of DMing. i mean i could have npc’s just being like ‘yo dude, sup’ and it will be totally fine. players totally fuck up the a to b of a quest and get lost in some woods? just make up some random shit monsters and call it good. bs the fuck out of these games yo, don’t worry about npc’s talking all fancy. just fuckin go for it


The crew explaining that  X-Men: First Class  is actually a romance between Charles and Erik.