i could talk about that for days


I moved here from Bergen in the 7th grade. No one wanted to hang out with me because I talk so weird. You were the only one who took care of me. I couldn’t believe the most popular girls in our class wanted to be friends with me. I always really looked up to you. You’re the best friend I’ve ever had. Just the thought of me destroying that makes me feel sick. More than sick. It made me stop liking myself as a person. But I can’t continue having regrets for the rest of my life. It wasn’t going well between you and Jonas. You talked about breaking up with him every day. I know that’s not an excuse, but… I loved him. I wish I could do it all over again, completely different. But I can’t. I’m just going to have to accept it and move on. I’m saying this for the last time. Okay?


I once met a girl
who’d get excited over stars
gazing at them all through the night
she’d talk about how beautiful they are

It confounded me
how someone so wondrously​ wise
could look in the mirror
and not see the galaxies
shining in her eyes

The reason I feel a shot of pain and hurt go through me whenever anyone says I support an abusive relationship, is because I’m an extremely empathetic and compassionate person. I would never. I try not to take offence and I brush it off. But it does hurt. This weekend I attended a womens conference and a brave soul shared her story on stage and I literally was in the middle of the crowd sobbing hearing her talk of how she escaped an abusive relationship.

She said that she was terrified of him, that he dictated everything she did from who she was allowed to see and when and where, what she was allowed to wear and not wear, eat and not eat, socialise with, when she was allowed to leave the house, and how she could spend her money. Her voice was breaking as she told us all about the day he beat her so much she thought she was going to die. And she stayed. Why? Because of paralysing fear. She said that one day God helped her and she found the strength to leave him, calling up her brothers saying she was desperate to come home, and they helped her pack and brought her home. She wouldn’t go to work or leave the house without one of her brothers present protecting her, and she looked over her shoulder at every turn, her life filled with anxiety and fear. 

But she healed. In time, she healed, and she now has a beautiful husband who cherishes her and kids (and one of her sons is named after her little brother that brought her home.) I cried my makeup off through her whole story and if you know me I’m not actually one to (literally) cry. I cry maybe once in a year, its just something my body refuses to do so my emotional hurt is expressed in other ways. But my heart broke for this poor woman. And I was a mess. 

I felt like sharing this because this story in a weird way inspired me, made me sob, and also reminded me that people need our love and support. It reminded me that I’m a loving and beautiful person who deeply cares about others - no matter what anyone else tries to tell me.

 If you need anyone, ever, my inbox is open. I care about all of you.

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What would a fem/fem relationship between a Ravenclaw and a Slytherin be like?

Not my general area of expertise, but here goes…

I think they would stay up late talking about conspiracy theories, or any theories in general. They might be competitive, or work together as the ultimate team in whatever they do. Debates are a favourite activity, as are movies. They always tend to be together. The slytherin is exasperated when the ravenclaw is uninterested in achievement (”you’ve got such a wonderful brain, you could be amazing!”), but loves listening to her chatter about the things she enjoys. Often, the ravenclaw comes up with a crazy idea and a few days later, the slytherin comes back with a crazy plan to do it. When they fight, though it is rare, they tend to ignore each other until the conflict has passed. Both would defend their girlfriend to the death.


One day while Oryen was setting up a ward near their camp, Brennan approached him wanting to talk more about what he had told them the other day about the Island and Sevella’s connection to it, “Can I speak to you about some things?” Brennan asked as he approached.

“If you must,” Oryen answered, not bothering to look over at him. “But first, hand me that vial.”

Doing as he was asked, Brennan handed Oryen the vial he had pointed to and waited until he looked finished with it before beginning with his questions, “I was hoping that you could tell me more about the Island.”

“There are volumes filled with history. I’m sure your wife would be happy to show them to you.”

“You know very well that is not what I am referring to. I want you to tell me more about what we discussed the other day.”

“I have told you everything that you need to know for now,” Oryen replied. “You must be content with that for the moment.”

“I’m not. And I know you don’t know me well, but I will tell you a little something. I won’t stop asking until I am satisfied with the answers you give me. We are all in danger here, Sevella most of all, and yet you tell us barely anything. About the Island or yourself. I want some answers.”

Frowning, Oryen stopped what he was doing completely and turned towards Brennan, “And what makes you think that I owe you answers?”

“Because you are asking us to trust you, that’s why. You could at least answer some basic questions about yourself and how you seem to know so much about this place,” Brennan replied, starting to get angry. “And how you know so much about Sevella, too.”

“Does it bother you that I know something about her that you do not?”

“You know that it does. And I would suggest you decide to tell me what you know. And soon. She may trust you, but I don’t. Not until I know more.”

“Humans are so insolent,” Oryen snapped. “Always thinking they deserve answers just because they demand them. I will tell you what you need to know when you need it. Not before. And suggest you emulate your wife’s actions and trust that I know what I am doing instead of spending time questioning me.”

“Not until you tell me what I want to know.”

Ya’ll today this lady had me ever so fucked up. A six top sits down and as I’m taking their drink orders, the last person’s phone rings. Just as I’m about to take her drink order. This bitch answers the phone. Even though she knew she was next to order.

I don’t want to make two trips, so I politely ask her, “Ma’am, for your drink?”
She then does that finger shit. The, “Hold on” finger. You know the one I’m talking about. So I wait there thinking she’s about to end the conversation. 

Ya’ll. She starts talking about her whole day to the person on the phone! The fuck. I go to leave and she physically grabs my arm so I can’t leave. She then continues having a fucking conversation with this woman on the phone! 

i was so heated, they could probably sizzle a steak on my forehead. 

She left me a $50 tip…so yeah, uh, my anger went away real quick. My attitude change broke records. 

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i find your marcel really ooc and not really realistic tbh? cuz like he's supposed to be a villain?

So there was a couple ways I thought to approach you about this, Nonnie. I could talk about the media and PoC in traditionally “bad” roles and the stigma surrounding that trope. I could talk about Marcel’s onion-like layers and his relationship to the Mikaelsons. I could just block you…I don’t get much (I think this is like my 3rd or something) but that’s usually the action I take.

But instead, I’m going to thank you.

I was having a pretty shitty day (not anything dramatic I’m just not feeling well and am literally a toddler when I’m sick) but your anon hate (because this isn’t constructive criticism) allowed me to take a moment, step back, and re-evaluate my own griping. If your day is SO BAD that you felt the need to stumble through my blog, make an opinion, and then actually take the effort to send something like this because you can’t deal with your own unhappiness, my day ain’t so bad after all.

Every mun has a different take on a muse’s motivations. Because I understand I explore a lot of things the show just doesn’t have the resources to explore, I DO label my account as canon divergent/flexible. I thought about turning this into a positive, and recommending some other really great Marcel’s out there, and I almost did, but thinking about it – I don’t wish this kind of negativity on them. So I don’t really want to send you their way when you’re just an unhappy little bean that wants to complain about stuff rather than DO something about it. Like maybe make your OWN Marcel. He’s not played enough in the community, and maybe some people would really like to play with a villainous Marcel!

IF you’re looking for a lesson on constructive criticism, my suggestion would be to point out what you feel is lacking, and make suggestions on where someone might improve. For instance, you could say: Looking at your portrayal of Marcel, it seems to me that he’s far too good, or too kind, when I feel the show paints him in more an antagonistic light. Would you be interested in doing darker plots where Marcel is the villain?

To which my response would be: Thank you very much for the feedback, but I play my Marcel in specific ways for my own reasons; the paramount being that I enjoy playing him against the Mikaelsons a lot, and I feel in many ways that family is their own worst enemy, such as in their own faults and a millennia worth of decisions. As such, my Marcel (I feel) works better as a grounding force, a reminder of humanity and all it’s beautiful trappings, and that people are essentially born GOOD, and a reminder that bad decisions doesn’t mean you can’t be forgiven or that you don’t deserve love. But let me suggest some other Marcels that I feel might fit your ideal…

what is it with this day and white people pissing me off lmao. this mayo jar asked if i had watched iron fist and i said i did and i didnt like it, plus they shouldve cast an asian lead. and he was like “but the girl is asian” and i. i deadass laughed at him and i just smiled at him until he turned away like um? dont speak over asian people about asian representation, aka smthn we barely even get in western media. you could argue about an asian lead going against source material but lets be absolutely real here, no white character’s story is tied to their race. if youre gonna argue that its “hard to find someone who fits the role” well then thats just fool talk theres tons of buff asian men that could’ve been chosen (ludi lin, harry shum jr, fucking jackie chan for fucks sake). having one (1) asian character in a show isnt going to solve our lack of representation, and its definitely not going to stop my bitterness. dont speak over us when it comes to this issue thanks

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danny boy i need help,,,, inspire me 2 make oc

this is what I do when I want to create an OC
-think about the type of series you would really want to see and try to make said characters of it
-take a color palette and try to make something out of it
-just take that silly idea you might had one day and make into a character
that’s how Atolle, my weeaboo semi god came to live

u could take two opposite things and try to mash em up into one chara
or redesign an old OC~

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so this girl (that i know likes girls as well) i like messaged me and was all flirty the whole time we texted. she even called me cute twice. then the next day she seemed totally different. she wasn't mean but she seemed kind of uninterested. what do i do?

you can talk to her about it or just let it be. maybe she doesn’t feel the same way or she could just not think she’s acting any different. i can’t tell you what she’s thinking you will just have to talk to her.

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jesus, we could talk about newtina the whole day if you liked, then the haters could screw themselves. how does that sound?

LOL, that sounds pretty damn amazing but…well. Clearly I just piss people off doing that.

But yeah, sounds like an idea perhaps!

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Just curious...I've been watching TheStrawHatNO! for about a good three years now, and I've always enjoyed your commentary when your on. So I've been wondering...how did you meet and get involved with Thorn and the others?

When I was like 14, I was a big fan of Sgt Frog Abridged, the abridged series Thorn Yoshi and Travis did. One day I just asked Thorn and Yoshi if I could add them on Skype, and they did. Yoshi and I made fast friends, but Thorn and I didn’t start talking consistently until like….3-4 years ago? Something like that.

I’ve known ‘em for seven years, they’re my oldest internet pallies, and I’m very happy to know ‘em <3

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Noo my friend and i were just talking about this the other day like Scorpio+Virgo relationships are basically Hades and Persephone and its one of my favorite relationships in greek mythology 😢

wow u really just made me want to read an bts hades/persophone au n jimin can b hades since he has scorp venus n jungkook could b persephone since his virgo mannnn ion even like jikook like that but i would fr read that so much ydek 😰

goldenqueengalaxia replied to your post:

*patpats* Those books broke my heart for the same reason. So many directions they could have gone, so many choices Butcher could had made, and instead we get the half-baked mess that is his cosmology and ‘strong female characters’ these days. I introduced friends to the series, but now can’t even stand talking about it.

His fandom is hit-or-miss when dealing with RL, like trying to find people for a tabletop game, but through your Tumblr and others I’ve seen the spitefic and it is glorious. I’d love to see some of the better works get the ‘serial numbers filed off and published treatment’.

Fuck, that fic was so good, man. I’m not sure how much of it could stand independently of the fandom, though - a lot of it was deep character analysis and twists that relied on a shared understanding of the canon. Like, goddamn, the quality and variety of takes on sexuality, gender, history of trauma, understanding of free will. It got real fucking deep in those kinkmemes.

I know how you feel, though. I got friends into it too, but I am so glad I don’t even own the books anymore. It was a real weight off my chest to let go of The Shelf Of Shame And Loathing. Cold Days was the final straw for a lot of people.

But yeah, on general principle, I am all for queer urban fantasy. Have you read Iron & Velvet by Alexis Hall?

“One night I was talking with my wife about how perfect our life was. It was twenty-five years ago. We had four children. We’d just saved enough money to buy a new house. We felt so lucky. I remember she said: ‘What if God takes something from us?’ The next day I came home from work and found my wife screaming. She was holding our oldest son. He’d stuck his hand in the washing machine andelectrocuted himself. We couldn’t revive him. We rushed to the hospital but the doctors said there was nothing they could do. I begged them to try. My friends from the church came and we all started to pray. And the doctors were able to bring him back to life. He became a case study. Today he’s 29. He has learning problems. He can’t read or write. But he has a job as a security guard. He enjoys his life. And to this day, I believe in miracles.”

(Valparaíso, Chile)


yoi stuff from my rpg au~ basically viktor is a prince who is the only one who can wield a little ice magic and comes to find out that there is another! So he goes on a quest to find this “terrifying sorcerer” causing havoc in the neighboring kingdom and realizes he might actually need to help the poor guy out a little? 


Can we talk about how great it was to see Sam lounging on Jody's couch?

He was clearly so comfortable there. He felt safe and at home, and he was happy to just be there with Jody and Dean, eating pizza and having some down time.

He was practically lying on that couch, he was so comfortable, resting his pizza on his tummy.

The little grins he kept sharing with the two of them were so great to see. I know the scene was short, but it means so much to me to see them like that.

We haven’t seen this side of Sam in weeks, months, and I love that we were given it, no matter how short it lasted.