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Apparently i’m hosting this (or at least i’m gonna try) and i have no actual idea what to do, so let’s go!

Okay after looking around on the wikipages a bit, i’m thinking that NejiTen week should be from Neji’s birthday (July 3rd) to the 10th (no data on Tenten’s birthday, who wants to headcanon 6-10 is it?), which is conveniently a week. And uh, yeah okay here’s my plan…

I’m gonna ask everyone reading this to send me what they’d like to see as a prompt in NejiTen Week, and i’ll compile a list of what i think would be best fitting or something, then try to put them in a nice order for each day. Or maybe we could do one of those strawpolls vote things??

Gonna tag everyone that i know would probably enjoy this;
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Also please reblog, would be disappointing to try getting this started for our tiny community for it to not really go anywhere. Thanks everyone!

Kurt Wagner head canons

These are my head canons for from Kurt Wagner  x-men, if you don’t agree with them thats okay! Everyone has there own, just please don’t shout at me;;
Also feel free to use these in fics or head canon posts too if you believe/like them!! I have no problem with that these are just my thought’s! If you do use these could you tag me, not because I’m mean i just love to see what people create about Kurt! 

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