i could swear i was going to study tonight

Kasperi Kapanen - Stressed.

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Hi! I wanted to say that I love y'all’s writing a lot! I was wondering if I could get a fluffy Kasperi Kapanen one? I don’t see nearly enough about him and I kinda love the little bean. Thanks!

A/N: im so sorry if this is poorly written or too short or even both! i had one of my exams this morning and i have another tomorrow so ive been studying like crazy these last few weeks, hence the theme of this, so please forgive me for any mistakes! -Jas

As summer was slowly creeping upon you, it came with the dreaded fear of all students, high school or university.


It’s not that you were a bad student and didn’t pay attention to any of your professors, you just never learned how to properly study.

So here you were, at two am sat in the kitchen of your shared apartment with your boyfriend hovering around.

“(y/n), baby, please put your books away and come to bed” he mumbled into your head.

“Just let me go over this last section of the text book kappy, then i’ll be right in” you sighed.

“You’ve already said that twice tonight (y/n). I’m serious. You need sleep to pass too” He said in a firm tone.

You snorted at his statement. “i think studying so i know the information is more important”

you heard him sigh for what felt like the billionth time tonight and felt your chair being moved.

“Kappy what-” you were cut short by your boyfriend picking you up and throwing you over his shoulder.

You smacked his back in protest. “Kasperi Kapanen i swear to god if you don’t put me down babs will have to call up a new player!” you could feel his shoulders shake from laughter.

He tossed you down on the bed and laid himself across you so you couldn’t get up.

“Now, you are going to study, then tomorrow me and you and a few of the guys and their girls are getting brunch. Then and only then will you be able to study when we get home.” you gave in and allowed your body to relax because you knew this wasn’t a battle you would win.

“whatever, just cuddle me for now please” you looked at him with pleading eyes.

“don’t gotta ask me twice” he said as he latched himself around you, playing with your hair.

Sleep came easy after that.


Family Sentence Starters

“So, there’s this girl/boy…”
“Could you help me with my homework?”
“Could you help me study?”
“Where do you want to go for vacation?”
“Can I go? Please?”
“Don’t worry, I’ll do the dishes tonight.”
“Hey. Did something happen at work/school?”
“No way. You’re off the clock. Tonight you’re going to relax.”
“You know you can talk to me, right?”
“I felt the exact same way at your age.”
“Hey! Quarter in the swear jar! Right now!”
“You’re grounded.”
“Just wait ‘til your father/mother/etc. gets home!”
“Don’t take that tone with me!”
“Of course I still love you.”
“Goodnight, sweetheart.”