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Playing Dangerous

Joker x Reader

Request by Anonymous: you and j had a huge fight and he doesnt want talk to you at all. then you are pretty much begging him to well fuck you but guess what he just wont, then after a lot of begging he finally give up not much happy so that he is super roughly hurting you but you couldnt care less then in the morning you feel all the pain and he feels kinda bad, but I said kinda cause after all he is the joker. thats it, and i really mean it when i say i love your work!!! ur amazing

{A/N} Hope I could make your day with this nonie! Thank you! <3

Warnings: Cursing, smut, a bit of violence and the way I turned Harley into some monster for this I am so sorry.

You chew on your lip slightly as he shouts at you, the violence in his eyes is plain as day as he stares daggers back into the {E/C} pools that lay upon your face.

“Of all people on this great big hunk of earth, Batman?” He questions angrily, pushing all of the papers on his desk off the side, causing them to fly into the air around you. You two decided to stay at the club tonight while J waits for his ‘visitors’ to arrive with some dough they owed him. Tension was already high enough with him between the voices and the waiting, so when he got word through Frosts big mouth that you’d been seeing Batman behind his back, his stress levels only get worse. You jump at his sudden reaction, stepping back and wringing your hands in front of you as you turn around. Your attempt at a slow exit from his office and back into the thriving nightlife of the club was ruined when he opened his mouth again.

“Ya know,” he starts, the fake calm laid thick over his vocal chords, “I thought Harley was a whore, after what she did.. but you? Well.. fuck me..!” he exclaims, causing you to draw into yourself slightly, “for thinking you were better than that!”

Hearing those words spilling from his lips like venom from a snake only angers you, causing you to pull a knife from the lace garter he likes on you so much. You spin on your heel and throw it at him, ultimately missing as you notice him sway to the side. The audible thud rings out in your ears as the silver blade sticks into the wall behind him.

“Don’t you dare compare me to her! I’ve done everything for you! I left friends, family! I’ve killed innocent people, families! In cold blood, just to prove myself to you! To show you that I love you! You have no right!”

“And yet there you were, sweet talkin’ that god damn bat!” He interrupts.

“Whore.” He spits out shortly after. His brashness is something you’re used to when he speaks to everyone else. He has no regard for people’s feelings or how they’d react to his harsh words. He’s insane, and you know this. But even though he often blows up on you for things, whether they’re your fault or not, you’ve never seen him quite like this.

“I wasn’t trying to do anything with him! I was trying to get him to trust me to help you!”

“I didn’t need your help, doll face.” He says, his gritted teeth turning his pet name for you into something of hatred.

He slams his hand against the wall, leaning towards it as his jagged breathing fills the silence between you for a moment. You don’t like the way this is going. Not one bit. You know there’s one surefire way to get him to forgive you. It works every time there’s a disagreement, why wouldn’t it work now? You ponder briefly.

You slink over to his desk, hopping onto it and crossing your legs as you lean on it with one hand. You slide the strap of your {F/C} dress off your shoulder and run a hand back through your {H/C} hair.

“Come on, Mister J, don’t ya want me to make it up to you?” Your tone is sultry and sweet as you coo at him, hoping with all your might that he’ll bite your line.

He stays silent, an audible sigh emits from his chest as he walks past you, carelessly pushing the strap of your dress back onto your shoulder. Your brow furrows and you frown, your abrupt sigh coming off as frustrated.

“No.. come on, talk to me!” You beg, your voice hushed as you sit back up straight.

He walks towards the windowed door back into the club, peering out from behind the velvet curtain at the activity gracing its floors tonight. He sees the dancers, grinding against each other.. the patrons, drunk and sweaty, throwing dollars at the dancers and touching the girls that came to find a good time for the night when they were done at the club.

You shift closer to the corner of his desk, shrugging out of your strap again and scanning for something to throw at him to catch his attention. Your fingers lightly graze over papers that didn’t manage to zip through the air, stray pencils, pens, two tumblers from the whiskey you poured yourselves before the bad news.. the bottle! You think, picking it up. He was going to kill you if you wasted this $350 bottle of Johnnie Walker Blue Label, even if it wasn’t the most expensive liquor he kept on hand and it was stolen, but it was worth it to get him to talk to you, no matter the consequences.

You take a deep - but quiet - breath as you reel your hand back, throwing the bottle with all the power in you, aiming it next to him.

The sound of the bottle shattering and the amber liquid splashing from it next to him jolted J out of his self-inflicted trance. His eyes were wide and full of fire as he saw the bottle’s remnants scattered across the floor. He turns to you with fury radiating from his entirety.

An unhinged smile places itself upon his lips as he starts stepping closer to you.

“Ya really want a reaction from me, {Y/N}? Really, really, really, really?”

You gulp, you can’t hide the sudden fear in your eyes, but this is what you want after all.. You spread your legs on the edge of the desk, nodding in his direction as you now let your fingers trail along the inside of your thigh, teasing him with what he could be having.

“C'mon daddy.. You can’t stay mad at me..” you purr, a pang of hope settling in your stomach as he stands directly in front of you.

His hands immediately move to grip into your thighs, causing you to inhale sharply. He’s always rough with you, but the look in his eyes and the roughness of his hold on you feels different this time.

He stays silent again, and you can see the color changing on your {S/C} skin where his fingers are digging into you. He pushes your legs shut, turning around and scanning the floor in disgust, stepping onto the shards of glass. The cracking noise dancing against the quiet thudding of the music outside of the room driving you insane.

You huff, standing up and shaking your hair out again, preparing for a second attempt at seduction. You step behind him, running your {F/C} fingernails against the fabric of the white dress shirt on his back, sliding your hand over his holster and to his arm. You wrap your fingers around it, and he yanks his arm away. Defeated, you pull his shoulder back, causing him to turn to face you. Your have no other option than to beg now.

“Don’t you wanna fuck your little girl, J?” You ask with a frustrated pout. “Please..? You know I’m not gonna stop asking.. Just fuck me..!” Your voice sounds as though you’re about to cry, only furthering his anger with you.

He rolls his eyes and snarls, his lips revealing the silver teeth behind them as he clenches his jaw. You feel the gruffness of his tattooed hands pushing against your shoulders, giving you no time to react as you find yourself stumbling backwards onto the desk. His hand slides across the desk behind you and a glass of whiskey hits the floor as he leans into you, his fingers tangling into your hair and pulling your head back as he stares into your eyes. His touch is now on your inner thigh, sliding up slowly toward your essence as he continues to keep his eyes on yours. There’s that wicked grin again..

“It’s a reaction you’ll get then, honey.” He growls as he presses his hand onto the nape of your neck, digging his nails into it and slowly dragging his hand down your back. You wince slightly as his lips press onto yours. His kiss was suffocating as you returned it. I’m off the hook, you think as you lift the arm you were leaning on to wrap it around his neck. In a rugged haste, he yanks it away, gripping into your side as he unzips your dress. You whimper slightly at the pain of his fingertips already bruising your flesh, but getting exactly what you want means more in this moment than the pain he’s causing you.

J slides the dress off of your frame, licking his lips as he does so. “Mmm…” he groans, his eyes studying your {B/T} figure, pleased at what he sees. He tosses the dress aside, shoving you back down onto the desk with ease. Your head bounces off of it slightly, and even though the pain radiates along your back and shoulders, you can’t help but moan.

“Oh.. yeah..!” He says, a hint of what sounds like excitement tapping into his voice. “Tell daddy how much you like when he, thrashes you around!” He undoes his belt, looking at you as rage courses through his veins and vexation gleams through his blue eyes.

“Who do you belong to, {Y/N} Who owns you?” He demands, whipping his belt off from around his waist and snapping it above you, positioning his muscular frame between your legs.

“You..” you whimper, only slightly terrified now. He wouldn’t.. really hurt me.. would he? The thought fills your head, and suddenly you feel the cold side of the leather against your mouth as he sways over you, holding it down on either side of your head.

That’s right… Now tell me, why.” He prods, only slightly lifting the belt from over your mouth to hear what he’s been dying to come from your lips since he heard of your outings.

“Because I’m your.. your favorite little fuck toy..” You moan softly, the suspense of his caving killing you.

Your eyes remaining locked on each other’s heighten the tension between you, a grin slides across your features, and you reach to slide your fingers across your own sex. He slaps your hand away, slamming the bone of your wrist against the hard desk as he shakes his head.

Nah-ah-ah.. I’m the only one who gets to touch you there, baby doll.”

“Give it to me then, Mister J.. I’m beggin’ you..”

He trails the end of his belt along your skin. In a flash, your bra and panties are being ripped off of you and you and sit up slightly to undo his pants, sliding everything down with them. Seeing his taut length made your mouth water, and your entrance wetter.

J grabs you up into his arms as though you were being ripped away from him as he slides his shaft into your core. A loud, lengthy moan escapes your chest as you clutch onto his back, his body rubbing lustfully and hatefully against your skin, exhilarating every sense in you. Everywhere he touches leaves a tingling trail.

His tight, possessive grip on you would be excruciating if the euphoria he was inflicting on you wasn’t hazily clouding over it. The anger he holds only makes him tougher on you, yanking your hair back as he trails hard bites on your neck, leaving traces of blood down to your breasts. You try to pull away from his grip, but his hand connects with your ass as he pushes himself deeper into you as far as he can with a moan. “You feel so fucking good..” You catch him saying between breaths.

His grunting gets louder, only matching the loud screams coming from you now. It doesn’t cross your mind that anyone close to the door could possibly hear you. It never bothered you before anyway- you’re almost sure thats the only reason your neighbors know either of your names.

“Oh fuck..” you mumble under your breath, over and over again. You wrap your legs around his waist and he takes the opportunity, quickly picking you up. His muscles bulge around you as he turns around and slams your back against the wall. A sharp exhale from the pain is quickly mulled by a hand on your neck as he thrusts into your soaked center even harder.

“{Y/N}… Come on.. Cum for daddy, baby..” he demands in a growl, needing you to reach your climax before he reaches his own. Your fingers dig into his back, and you feel the pop of his skin breaking as you slip into your sweet, sweet desires. Your throbbing around his rigid member pushes him over the edge, and your hands grab desperately onto the sides of his face as you watch his reaction the best you can, relishing in every moan and groan he can manage.

His weight against your frame as he pins you to the wall is satisfying. His thrusts grow slower and slower until he can tear himself away from you again, pulling out of your wetness and setting you down with a thunk.

“Happy?” He asks, but his tone makes it sound more like a statement.

He’s still mad at me… You slide your back down against the wall as you sit, naked and utterly exhausted. His hair is a mess and the parts of his body that are showing still manage to arouse your senses again. You close your eyes for just a moment, panting heavily as he gets redressed. We’ll go for round two if I play my cards right, you think to yourself.

Black faux goose-down comforters and pillows surround your face as your mascara smeared eyes reopen slowly. A sharp inhale leaves your lipstick stained lips as you realize you’re not where you fell asleep last night. You jolt upward, suddenly cringing in pain. An involuntary inhale draws in between your gritted teeth. It hurts just to move, and you’re still trying to put the pieces together.

“That’s gotta hurt,” his voice rings out from the adjoining master bathroom. He must’ve heard your whimpering while you tried to recall just what he did to make you feel this way now. He steps out and walks over to your side of the bed.

See what I have to do when you let a stupid bat ruin my fun? Play with my toys?” His face is stone cold before a red smile cracks along it.

You frown, shaking your head as you stand by the truth. “It was nothing with him.”

His fingers trace along the dark purple and blue bruises that grace your {S/T} skin, putting pressure on ones he particularly liked giving you. His smile twitches as he watches you flinch and place a hand over the one on your neck that his finger had just touched. Your groan is collective from his aggravating the bruise and the movement of your arm.

“You shouldn’t have seen him, at all,” he states, clearing his throat, “Or you wouldn’t end up looking like a fucking leopard.”

He wasn’t sure about the stirrings happening in his inner workings. The voices were all laughing now, praising him for a job well done on you. But he felt something, seeing you this way.

“I could have killed you.” His tone is harsh, as though overcompensating for whatever softness that was running through his emotional wiring. Or lack thereof, really.

“I’m sorry,” you say quietly, noticing the change in his demeanor.

The night you just had was amazing on your end of things, but you hadn’t realized the damage he was truly causing on you from his own rage. Caught up in the heat of the moment, you didn’t really care. You lift a hand to cover your body with the comforter, wincing again at the pain.

“Ugh.. Shit..” you mutter, “I’m not moving until it doesn’t hurt anymore.”

“Well,” he turns around, running a hand back through his green hair as what could’ve possibly been the beginning of guilt fades, “take a coupl'a Advil honey, we got work to do.” He says, eliciting a huff from you.

He cocks his gun, turning back to you with a large grin. “Those mother fuckers didn’t show last night, so it’s time to bring the circus to them.”


Imagine attending the Padalecki’s Halloween party with Jensen

Jensen’s eyes popped when you stepped out of your apartment. He knew you were going as Harley Quinn, the whole thing had been his idea so you could match with his Joker costume. But when he’d suggested it he never imagined you look this good.

“So we gonna get moving or you just going to stare at me all day?” You smirked at him before briefly brushing your lips against his, careful not to mess up either of your make up.

“I’m sorry you just look… woah.” He coughed slightly, a blush forming on his cheeks even through his white face paint and you couldn’t help but giggle. 

“Let’s get going Puddin’” You winked at him, getting into character as you linked your arms through his. “We have a party to get to.”

Once you got to the Padalecki’s you were amazed by the amount of effort Gen and Jared had put in. The lawn was decorated with various pumpkins of all sizes and the inside was the most elaborate haunted house you’d ever seen you life. 

It didn’t take long for the house to start filling with guests, a few familiar faces within the crowd such as Misha Collin’s and his family. You felt at ease with these people, once you’d started dated Jensen they’d welcomed you into their lives with open arms, each of them being beyond kind and now you couldn’t imagine life without their smiling face in it. 

As the night wore on you found yourself doing a number of different things with Jensen. Dancing until you were out of breath, singing badly, laughing til your sides hurt, drinking a little too much, chasing Tom and Shep around until your legs hurt and eating so much candy that it turned your stomach sick. 

After a few hours you found yourself feeling tired as the group began to thin out and you’d decided to flop down on the couch with Tom and Shep on either side. They practically begged you to tell you them some Halloween stories and of course you happy obliged. Within minutes they were both drifting to sleep, the excitement of the party getting the better of them. 

“Have you seen Y/N?” Jensen laid a hand on Jared’s shoulder, he hadn’t seen you in a while and was starting to get worried.

“I think she’s in the living room with the boys.” He smiled at the bond you had with the kids as he nodded towards the living room.

Jensen grinned at the sight once he find you curled up with the boys. Shep’s head was on your shoulder, Tom’s legs on your lap, all three of you asleep.

His smile grew wider, stomach filling with butterflies as he imagined you in that position with your own kids.

His kids.

Roman-Fleuve (M)

Originally posted by peruni

» xiumin x reader
» 2.8k
» kim minseok smut with lots of body worship
» warning: smut

“What was that, sorry?” you asked, realising that you’d yet again zoned out whilst listening to Minseok talking. He simply chuckled, laughing off the moment and sweeping his fingertips over the curve of your cheek.

Minseok had the kind of face – and body – that one could just stare at every day of their lives and never get bored. You could look into his eyes for hours upon end but each time you blinked there’d be something new capturing your attention. It was just the kind of person Minseok was, whether it be when he was talking, sleeping or just sitting, people were always interested in him.

“It doesn’t matter. I was just saying how I missed spending time with you.”

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Pairing: John Laurens x reader

Words: 371

Warnings: none?

Request: Requested by anonymous: Can you do a join Lauren’s x reader, where the reader is hurt, but stubborn about letting him help her.

Tears flowed down your face, dripping onto the bed sheets you sat on. You gripped the sheets around you until your knuckles turned white as you stared at the empty wall. Your mind kept drifting to memories where you could’ve done better, thinking of all the times you messed up.

A sudden knock at your bedroom door startled you out of your daze.

“Y/N, you’ve been holed up in your room all day. Are you ok?” John’s voice was muffled as he knocked urgently.

“I-I’m ok.” You stuttered, slowly lifting yourself to your feet. The knocks stopped, the only sound in the room being the faint footsteps disappearing down the hallway.

You collapsed onto the bed once more, sighing heavily.

A few minutes passed before the knocking came back, violently banging against the door.

“Y/N, can you let me in?” John’s voice was laced with concern, the knocking becoming more urgent.

Slowly, you stood, walking to the door. You pulled it open, revealing a disheveled John Laurens.

He stared at you for a moment, taking in your tired eyes and tear stained cheeks.

“Oh my god.” He breathed. “Are you ok?”

You frowned. “I’m fine.

John continued to stare at you for a moment, before quickly rushing out of the apartment. You were left alone in the apartment, tears stinging your eyes once more.

Thoughts swarmed your brain, worry flowing through you.

He left because he didn’t want to help you.

He doesn’t want to be around you.

He hates you.

Almost half an hour passed by as you sat on your bed, tears flowing freely down your face.

As you sobbed quietly, you were oblivious to the door slowly creaking open. You didn’t hear John’s quiet footsteps followed by the rest of the group.

A pair of arms wrapped around you, causing you to turn around in surprise.

“John..? Why’d you come back I thought you-” John cut you off, resting his head on your shoulder.

“Y/N… I love you. I couldn’t just leave you alone.”


[[ Request: Imagine Jax and you getting into a heated argument about Tara ratting and he almost hits you ]] - Let’s assume Tara really is planning to rat, for the imagine’s sake hehe. 😜

“She’s a goddamn rat!” you screamed. You watched as Jax’s eyes flamed. 

“You don’t have any idea what you’re talking about,” he snarled, his voice stern.

“I do know.” You took a few steps towards him, your body tense with anger. “She hates the club. She’s always hated the club. She’s wanted you out from the second you met her. And now she’s ratted to try to save her own ass.” 

Jax stared hard at you. His face looked like it was made of stone. “That’s not true,” he said through gritted teeth. He could argue in Tara’s favor all day long, but he knew you were right. Tara had always hated SAMCRO. She didn’t understand this life, and she didn’t belong in it. She had wanted Jax to step away for as long as she had known him, and she was especially pushing for it now that he was president. So she had struck a deal with the DA. If Jax wouldn’t leave the club on his own, she was going to force him to stay away by turning in the Sons for gun running. 

You laughed bitterly. “You are so blind.” Jax had been one of your best friends since you were a kid, and you refused to let him fall into this girl’s trap. She was a rat. You knew it, and Gemma knew it. Hell, Jax knew it, deep down. He was just being too stubborn to admit it.

“Blind to what?!” he screamed. “The fact that you’ve hated Tara since we were kids?” He let out a condescending scoff. “Don’t think I haven’t noticed, sweetheart.”

“It’s not about hating her!” you yelled back. “It’s about her ratting on the club, putting you all in jail to save her own ass!” 

“What the hell are you talking about?” he demanded. 

You crossed your arms over your chest and started at him. “Otto.” 

His face tightened and he silently watched you for a moment. “Shit.”

You nodded your head. “She made a deal with the DA. Her freedom in exchange for the Sons.” 

His eyes narrowed. “How do you know that?” 

You sighed. “Saw DA Patterson at St. Thomas about a week ago.” You turned your eyes to the ground momentarily, knowing you were going to set Jax off again with what you were about to tell him. “She was coming out of Tara’s office, apparently been there awhile. Tara came out a few minutes later, and she was pretty freaked out to see me there.” You paused. “I asked around the station. They’re all saying the same thing.” You looked up at him. “She ratted, Jax.” 

“You’re lying.” He stated it matter-of-factly, refusing to believe anything you said.

You looked at him with a look of disbelief on your face. “I can’t believe you could be so stupid.” 

“I can’t believe you’re such a jealous bitch.” 

You clenched your jaw. You knew Jax was only speaking out of anger. He didn’t mean a word he was saying. But it was making you more and more angry that he refused to believe what was so obvious to everyone else around him. You stomped closer to him and pointed a finger in his face. “She’s a rat, and you fucking know it.” 

Jax’s face was red now. His entire body was tense. He roughly shoved your hand away. “She wouldn’t rat,” he snarled. “She loves me, and she loves the club.”

You scoffed, feeling the anger bubbling up inside you. You ran your tongue over your teeth, trying to hold back the words just begging to spring from your lips. But you knew it was no use. You were angry, and when you were angry, there was no such thing as holding back.

“Yeah.” You rolled your eyes. “She loves you so much, she ran away from you for 11 years and only came back so you’d off her psycho boyfriend.” 

You watched as Jax’s jaw clenched, his hands balled into fists. Before you could blink, one of those fists was mere inches from your nose. Jax caught himself right before his fist collided with your face, but you were stunned. You stood there, eyes wide and mouth agape, your hands still held up in an attempt to protect yourself from Jax’s hit. 

You stared at him. “What the hell is wrong with you?” 

He lowered his fist, staring down at it as if it had a mind of its own. As if he hadn’t just tried to punch one of his best friends directly in the face. “I - “ He looked back up at you. “I’m sorry. I don’t know - I don’t know what I’m doing.” 

You furrowed your eyebrows and shook your head. You began to walk out of the room. “I don’t know who you are anymore, Jax.”

I love people

I love looking at different races of people because like they’re just so beautiful

Like black people your skin so smooth and such a rich beautiful color and the structure of your face is just gorgeous to me, you have amazing smiles too

Irish people/red heads have such nice ivory skin and their your hair reminds me of embers and of the sun, your eyes are so pretty and I’m envious of your freckles

Middle eastern people have such big amazing eyes and wonderful jaw lines, you’re just naturally good looking honestly. I love your smiles

Asian people your eyes are so amazing, such wonderful perfectly tan skin and your smile is beautiful

Latino people I could stare into your eyes all day long, you have a wonderful smile and it seems like you put your soul into everything you do

Like I could go all day about how people are so absolutely wonderful and unique ugh


Requested by Anonymous

Eric called for your friend Louise to fight, but you knew instantly she’d lose, especially because she’d be fighting with Ian who is already a skilled fighter. “No,” you rushed out as you sped towards Eric, “I want to fight today.”

“Well too bad Amity,” Eric said, crossing his arms over his body and facing the platform where the fight would happen. Louise stood on top of it with a petrified look on her face, only hardening your resolve.

“Come on Eric, you never let me fight! For all you know I could be the next big thing.” You’d moved uncomfortably close towards him and he stared down at you with that same moody put on his lips.

What you said as true, since day one he hadn’t let you fight at all other than the punching bags. You had no idea why but all your friends put it down to Eric just being downright rotten.

He eventually sighed reluctantly, nodding his head, “fine. I hope you’re right Amity.”

You weren’t right, you knew from the start that you were wrong. You had absolutely no idea how to fight but the Amity part of you wanted peace nd you knew a wallflower like Louise would never feel peace if she had to go through this fight. And it came to no surprise when you found yourself laid on the floor being kicked in the stomach repeatedly.

“Stop!” Eric demanded, watching you being beaten half to death with almost pained eyes. Ian didn’t listen, he just kept on kicking you. From the very limited vision you had, you watched as Ian was pushed off of you by a silhouette… and then you fainted, too exhausted and too overwhelmed.

When you awoke the only thing you felt able to do was groan and moan, “oh come on, the pain can’t be that bad.” A familiar voice said.

Realising that it was Eric you instantly at up, “Am I factionless now?” You asked, panic clear.

“What, cause of a few broken ribs? Of course not,” he laughed, an evil sort of smirk appearing on his lips, “if anything this just means I have to spend more time training you.”

“What happened to Ian?”

Unconsciously Eric began to rub his knuckles you now then realised were actually covered in scabs, “he got his punishment.”

“Why?” You asked quietly, after everything (aka Eric’s constant moodiness) you couldn’t understand this sudden change. 

He shrugged his large shoulders at the start of his response, “I guess I must just really like you Amity, a lot.”

“My names Y/N,” you sighed, annoyed that he could act so sweet and yet simultaneously still piss you off.

A/N: I’m currently in the midst of writing a fanfiction for this so y’all can whoop about that

I could talk all day about how you make me feel but it will always fail to describe what exactly I’m trying to say. You are like a magic to me. You make impossible things happen. The noises in an infinite silences. Thousand words in a stare. No voices need to be heard only breathing. Only sighs. Only look in your eyes. And then the world stops right on the moment. The touch of your hand pressed against my cheeks will always reminds me that I don’t know to face this world alone. The life may be cruel and people may throw stones at me but you will be right beside me. We may be apart or next to each other, no distance will be felt. Because there’s this kind of security in your sincerity that promises me you’ll be mine for the rest of our lives.

Because I AM YOURS. I am. Always be.

Afire Love

Bucky Barnes aka The Winter Soldier~ Marvel Cinematic Universe

Another song imagine

Requested by: No one

Written By: MrsStankfa ~ Anna

Reader: Neutral possibly

Warning: Angst

A/N: All good in da hood


You continue to stare at Bucky through the glass of the holding cell at Avenger’s tower. Tears stream down your face as you stare at his unmoving body, all the memories of the past few days flood back into your head.

Things were all good yesterday
And then the devil took your memory

Bucky had had one of his Winter Soldier moments, he almost killed you and the others in the tower.

And if you fell to your death today
I hope that heaven is your resting place
I heard the doctors put your chest in pain
But then that could have been the medicine

If Steve hadn’t have found you when he did, you would’ve died a few seconds later.

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Just words

(You have a fight)

“Maybe you should be more considerate! Maybe listen to what I say and how I’m feeling, ” you yelled, your body leaning forward. Justin rolled his eyes which only sent another burst of anger through your system.
“Well maybe you could stop bitching all the time and realize that I work hard day in and day out for not only myself but for Damion and you too!” Ouch… that hurt your feelings and it rippled like a stone thrown in a pond, all over your face. You couldn’t even say anything, you just stared and Justin was silent. His expression was unreadable. Suddenly feeling another presence in the room, he turned his head to the left and you did the same. There stood your 4 year old son, Damion, in spiderman pajamas and with his stuffed zebra pressed against his chest. His face was easy to read. Terrified and nervous. Confused and shocked. It broke your heart but before you knew what to do, Justin scoped him up into his arms and carried him into the living room. You hesitated but followed. He sat your little one down on a couch with his back to you.
“I’m sorry you had to hear that bud,” Justin said in a much softer voice than what he was using minuets ago. Damion pushed his zebra Into him tighter. A sign that he was nervous.
“I know it was scary, but nothing bad happened. Sometimes people just disagree. Even mommy and daddy, ” Justin said rubbing his back a little. Damion relaxed. “Do you love each other, ” he asked slowly.
Justin chuckled a little and looked back at you. “More than words can describe,” he said. Your heart felt warm and you smiled small. “And we love you to the moon and back,” he said turning back to your son and tickling his belly. He giggled.
“It’s important to communicate baby boy. Always remember that,” Justin kissed his head. “Give mommy a kiss and I’ll take you off to bed.”

Columbus Pride 2016.
“What does your sign mean?”
I was interviewed by the press four times, and they all asked the same question. At first, I didn’t know how to answer; how much more straight forward could it be? Stop. Killing. Us.
One woman asked me what message I was trying to get across. I stared at her, “Stop. Killing. Us.” I almost snapped as she shoved a microphone in my face for the third time that day, asking me the same question, none of them actually listening to my response. “But what does that mean?”
I took a breath, “It means I’m tired of being told to ‘be careful’ instead of 'have fun’ when I go to Pride events. I’m tired of seeing my community’s names as hashtags,” I flip my sign around. The back is covered in names of the Orlando shooting. All of them, “This is too many names,” I say to her, “And this is just one shooting. This number happens every day. Suicide of LGBTQ+ teens, murders of transgender individuals, bombs in bathrooms, Matthew Shepherd. Leelah Alcorn. These are just the ones who made the headlines,” I look at the reporter, “I want you to stop letting us die silently. Stop Killing Us.”
The Columbis Dispatch today has my picture in it. Underneath it is my name, 'She traveled from Cincinnati to celebrate pride!’ Is the caption.
I guess they thought that was safer.


You felt yourself blush slightly as you noticed Gale staring at you, ducking your head and smoothing your dress so you had something to do with your hands.

“Is there something on my face?” You joked, feeling surprisingly self-conscious. You didn’t wear dresses often. After all, you lived in District 12. Days where you could wear a dress were rare when you were just trying to get by. But it was your birthday, so today was one of those days.

“No, no, you look great.” Gale assured you quickly, smiling crookedly at you. “I just don’t think I’ve ever seen you wear a dress before.”

You chuckled quietly as you sat down carefully next to him, not wanting to get your dress dirty. After all, it was the only one you owned. “I know. Awful, isn’t it?”

“No, no, it suits you.”

You grimaced slightly, “Ugh, don’t say that. You know I prefer pants, jacket, and a bow over my shoulder.”

“Yeah, but it’s nice to see you relax. Oh, I almost forgot, here.” Gale reached into his pocket and pressed a small piece of cloth into your hand.

You raised an eyebrow as you carefully unwrapped the gift, revealing a small, polished stone that had been carefully strung onto a thin piece of leather. You turned it over in your fingers, a smile curling your lips as you glanced at Gale. “Did you make this?”

He nodded, grinning proudly, “I found it in the mines and thought of you. Do you like it?”

You carefully tied the necklace around your neck before pulling Gale into a hug. “I love it.”

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Josh WashingtonXReader oneshot

So… I have been working on this for a few days.. Give me some leeway because I am really bad at second person POV. 

Prompt:  reader accidentally sends josh nudes and they send sexts to eachother but josh is hanging out with chris??

Pairing: Josh and Reader

Word count: 3,441

Warning: There is sexual content… Poorly written but still nsfw. I am new to the tagging and I hate it. So, if you are sensitive, sorry for ya if I missed anything.

You could feel all the color leave your face as you stared down at your phone’s screen. This couldn’t be happening, sure you had had a lot to drink the night before, but Sam and Hannah had promised they wouldn’t let you drunk text… But this was worse than that, you had sent pictures, and not the drunk girl selfies that you find a ton of after a night out either. No, these were nudes, you sent nudes to your best friend’s brother. You weren’t sure how you were going to even be able to look him in the eye. What if he showed them to someone, he wasn’t the type but guys showed their friends things like that all the time. You were startled when someone knocked on the door.

“Han, is that you in there? Get out I need to use the bathroom.” It was Josh, you had been hoping to leave the house without seeing him so you could avoid him for the rest of your life.

“Uh,” You clear your throat when your voice breaks, “Just a minute.”

“Oh, [YN], I uh, I didn’t realize you were still here.” He sounded a bit embarrassed as well. “I’ll uh, I’ll just use the one downstairs then.”

You waited until the sound of his footsteps retreated before exiting the bathroom, you quickly made your way to Hannah’s room. You could feel the embarrassment bubbling up, you want to cry. You most likely wouldn’t have done it if you hadn’t had all that teasing from your three friends and a large dose of liquid courage.

“[YN] what are you doing up so early?” Hannah mumbled form her spot on the bed. “You were pretty sloshed last night so I had assumed you wouldn’t be waking until well past noon.”

“Han… I did something bad…” You really don’t want to tell her, Josh is her older brother after all and it is a bit awkward since you have only been crushing on him since you realized boys weren’t gross and carriers of cooties. “I may have… Sent your brother some pictures of me.”

She eyed you suspiciously, “Like selfies?” Hannah was clearly beating around the bush.

“No Han,” Sam cut in from the bundle of blankets on the floor, “She sent him nudes.”

You and Hannah gasped, yours was more in confusion, Hannah was genuinely shocked. It was like she had never expected it of you. Hell, you never expected it of you, but that didn’t answer how Sam knew. “How did you know?” You felt tears welling up in your eyes, you wanted a hole to open up in the floor and take you away from this hell. “D-did Josh tell you… Oh God! Did he show you?” Your voice broke on the last bit.

“[YN], girl, calm down. You told me.. It was after I found you two practically eye fucking each other. You disappeared and when you came back you giddily told me that you sen Josh some pictures that he could add to his, ‘spank bank'” Sam air quoted on the last part. You then proceeded to tell me how much you loved him and how you wanted to name your first son D'artagnan… I suggested something easier to spell. You settled for Joshua Jr.”

The longer Sam went on the better that hole in the floor was starting to sound. You hadn’t even given your friends a chance to prevent this… You felt your phone vibrate, quickly glancing down at the screen you see it is a text from Josh. There was no avoiding it now, he was probably texting you to tell you how offended he was and that he never wanted to see you again. Instead of looking at it you shove your phone in your pocket and go to grab your overnight bag. “Well, it is nice to see that I am such a slut when I’m drunk. I’m going home now… I have lots of wallowing in self pity to do and if I want to get it all done tonight I am already behind on my schedule.” You laugh humorlessly, pulling your bag over your shoulder and saying your good byes. When you got downstairs to leave Beth stops you.

“Are you leaving so soon? I had assumed you would be staying another night, if you want we could watch chick flicks… Force the boys to watch with us… I’m sure Josh wouldn’t mind spending time with us.” She grinned at your obvious discomfort, “I could even convince him to sit next to you, all snuggled up. Maybe we can watch a horror movie it would be a great way for you to get close.”

“Beth, I..” You didn’t need anyone else to know about your snafu, “Fine, just let me go put my bag back upstairs.”

“Oh, [YN], text Josh to let him know what the plan is. He went to go hang out over at Chris’ house. I just want to make sure they are back by dinner so we can eat before the movie.” Beth had a glimmer of something that could only be described as mischief in her eyes.

You decide that you want to be alone, and it wasn’t because a certain unread text message was making your phone burn a hole in your pocket. So, you let Hannah and Sam know the plans and tell them that you are going to nap for a bit in the guest room. Saying that you had a headache and hoped the quiet would help. When you are alone you throw yourself onto the over sized bed and fish your phone from your pocket. You’re a bit anxious, but in the end, if you had to you could always ignore whatever he said and do what Beth told you. Just go on forever pretending nothing ever happened. That your biggest crush has pictures of your exposed breasts among other things.

Josh: I didn’t mean to embarrass you… I just didn’t know what to say. I have been thinking about you all night.

Your a bit shocked, even if his thinking about you could be bad, you plan to see it as a good thing. So you text back.

You: I wasn’t embarrassed, I was just caught off guard. They were all good things I’m hoping.

You didn’t need to wait more than five seconds for a response.

Josh: Defiantly good. Well… depending on your definition of good. ;)

You: I don’t know, you would have to give me some examples…

Josh: I’d much rather show you, but seeing as you aren’t here I guess I can just tell you. When I got your message last night it was instant hard on. I didn’t realize what you were hiding under those hoodies and jeans. I wanted to know what your skin would feel like under my hands. The sounds you would make when I used my tongue.

You fell you face heat, you were not expecting that. You reread the text three times, you couldn’t think of what to say, you wanted you say something sexy but your experience was a few fumbling make outs with Mike in the back of his car freshman year.

You: Well, I’m not one to brag but I do have a pretty banging body. ;) And I would love to find out what those big hands would feel like all over me. What are you doing right now?

Each second it took for him to reply felt like an eternity.

Josh: Jesus! How am I doing to explain my erection to Chris? He is going to wonder why I’m hunched down like this. You have no idea what you do to me.

You laughed, you didn’t think you would have made such an impression on him. Before you could text back he sent you another.

Josh: What are you doing? Are you alone?

You: Yes, I went to lay down in one of the guest rooms. Claimed I had a headache, so I’m just lying here… Talking to you.

Josh: Really? Well, what would you do if I was there?

You: Oh, I don’t know, I’d probable ask you to lay here with me. Any excuse to get closer to you. What would you do if you were here.

Josh: Well first, I crack a few jokes, something to lighten the mood. Then while we are laying in that big 'ol bed I would cuddle up behind you. Maybe rest my hand on your hip as I kiss along your neck.

You felt heat pool in your stomach, you could almost feel his lips on your skin.

You: That does sound awfully nice.  I would most likely tilt my head a little to give you better access and push my hips back a bit to feel you flush against me.

Josh: I would already be so hard for you, would you be wet for me? [YN], just the thought of you all hot and bothered makes me so hard I could hammer nails. I would move my hand up, under your shirt, touching along your stomach and then I’d stop over your bra.

You: I’m not wearing one. I would moan when your fingers brush against my nipples. But I would want you over me… On top of me. The though of your weight over me, the skin on skin has kept me occupied many nights.

You send it before you loose your nerve, not sure if you had gone too far. You weren’t lying. He was the only thing you thought about when you were lonely late at night. Even the times you fooled around with Mike you thought of Josh… That was why you two ended it, Mike didn’t take too kindly to you moaning another man’s name when he was trying to get you off. You could say Josh was the reason you never really dated anyone since. He was taking too long to respond, he couldn’t leave it like this. You needed to know he was just as into you as you were him. But right before you could send him another message he replies.

Josh: That is so fucking hot! Are you touching yourself now? Hoping that it were me? If I was there I would touch you nice and slow, with my fingers and then my tongue. [YN] do you want me to taste you? I think about it a lot… What it would taste like, my tongue buried in your pussy as you came.

You did know what to say, you could feel your clit throbbing, your hand made its way down and stopped at the button of your jeans… Should you be doing this? What if Hannah or Sam or Beth came looking for you? You got up, locking the door, you took off your jeans before laying back in the bed. At least now they would have to knock if they needed you. You get back on the bed, deciding that you are going to send Josh a picture as your answer. You bring your hand down letting your fingers slide under the waist band of your panties. You snap a few quick pictures choosing the best before attaching it to a message.

You: Wish you were here.

Josh: I’m coming home… I will be there in ten minutes. Wait for me.

Your heart felt like it was pounding, you set your phone down next to you, were you ready for this? Did you really want to go through with this? You knew deep down that this is all you’ve ever wanted. That he was everything you have dreamed of. You were even saving yourself subconsciously for him. You start when your phone dings. It was a picture message, and in that message was Josh… Well, a part of Josh’s anatomy. You almost swallowed your own tongue, he was larger than average. That was at least what the picture would lead you to believe, but you were going to find out first hand very soon.

There was a knock on the door. “[YN], hon, are you feeling okay? If you are feeling better Josh and Chris just got here. Hannah and Sam are downstairs talking to them, we were going to eat and start the movie if you are feeling up to it.” It was Beth, you stomped down the disappointment that bubbled up. You had hoped he made good on the open promise he had sent you.

You sigh, “Yeah, I’ll be down in just a minute.”

Dinner was agonizing, you couldn’t make eye contact with Josh without blushing or making a skeptical of yourself, it also didn’t help that Hannah and Beth kept making sly comments about it. Asking you why you were blushing, and then they made sure you and Josh sat next to each other when you started the movie. You could feel his leg pressing against yours, it was becoming hard to concentrate.

“Hey, [YN],” Beth whispered, “A really scary part is coming up… I’m sure Josh would love to comfort you is you were to get really scared.”

“Shut up Beth,” You stiffened when you heard Josh chuckle quietly, but Beth wasn’t lying, the next scene one of the monsters jumped out causing you to let out a yell and turn to bury your face in Josh’s shoulder. You realize a bit too late that that had caught everyone’s attention. “I… I’m sorry.” You stood quickly leaving the room, you couldn’t stop the heat that flared in your cheeks or the pounding of your heart from the embarrassment. “I’m so stupid!”

“I don’t think so…” Josh’s voice makes you jump, you had not heard him follow you out of the room. You had hoped to escape without having to face him. “I rather enjoyed that you turned to me in your time of fear.” There was that stupid smile, the one that you found irresistibly attractive.  

“Why would you follow me?” You ask, “They are going to think something is going on between us.”

“I’m sure the girls would be delighted that their efforts have been working.” His smile grew wider. “Come on, [YN], don’t tell me you haven’t noticed that they throw us together every chance they get. Even last night, you would have talked to me if Han and Beth hadn’t abandoned you in the kitchen with me and Chris. As for the result of that skillful planning, I should that them…”

You made a disgusted noise, “I have never sent pictures like that before! I wouldn’t have sent you those either if Sam had taken my phone like we agreed upon at the beginning of the night.”

“Well, I was the one that suggested you give me a preview of what you had going on…” He shrugged his shoulders. “I contemplated sending you something back… But I hear women do not appreciate dick pics and you were pretty out of it. I didn’t want you to become scandalized when you woke up to the return message.”

You are blushing again, “I haven’t really done anything like this…”

“Are you saying all those times I heard Sam and Beth talking about you and Mike he never.. You know?” He seemed to be embarrassed as well, like he had made assumptions.

“Well, we fooled around a bit.. He is Mike, what do you expect.” You laughed at the look on his face. “Are you saying that you were jealous?”

“Pfft! No…” He looked away, “Well, lets just say I did give Mike a lot of shit while you two were together.”

“Aww, look at you, big bad Josh, jealous of-” You were cut off when Josh kisses you. You don’t respond at first because you are taken off guard, but after a second you snap out of it. Your eyelids droop closed and you part your lips to allow his tongue access. One of his hands came up to cup your cheek, the other pulled your hips to his.

Josh pulled back, “Yes, I was jealous, I didn’t want him to ruin you. But that was what you wanted.” He smiled sadly, “And I just wanted you to be happy.”

“Josh..” You whispered pressing your lips to his again. He kisses you back like this is all he has ever wanted. It didn’t take too long for him to work his hand under your shirt. “Josh, we can’t do this here, someone could come in here.”

“You’re right,” He gripped you by the hips hoisting you up, you immediately wrapped your legs around him and grip his shoulders so you don’t fall. He carries you to his room, kicking the door closed behind him before dumping you on his bed. The room is a bit of a mess with clothes on the floor and the bed unmade but you don’t have much time to observe anything else before he is kissing you again. He pushes your shirt up past your bra leaning back to admire the view. “I think we should get rid of these.”

You could only nod, this is more than you can handle and still be able to speak in full sentences, but you sit up and pull your shirt over your head as he discards his own. You had seen him without a shirt before, usually while swimming or when you had stayed with the twins, you would always blush and look away quickly. Now you stair as he leaned in kissing your neck, nipping a bit. He reaches behind you working open the clasp of your bra, sliding it off, using that distraction to kiss down along your neck while he lays you back down.

“[YN] you’re beautiful.” His voice is husky, it sends a shiver down your spine and you could feel heat pooling in your stomach.

“Josh,” His name came out as a moan when he took your hard nipple in his mouth, scraping his teeth along the sensitive skin. His hand skimming a path along your stomach to the button of your jeans, popping it open he made quick work of the zipper and then his hand disappeared inside.

“You’re so wet.” He mumbles against your skin when his fingers dip inside your panties. He might have said something else but you couldn’t hear anything past the blood rushing in your ears when he brushed against your throbbing clit. It didn’t take him too long to have you sobbing out his name as you climaxed around his fingers. “This is okay?” He sounded unsure, you don’t know when he had taken off his pants but now he was as naked as you were. He was settled in between your legs waiting for your answer before he enters you.

“Josh this is what I have always wanted… It has always been you.” Your voice is breathless, you lock eyes with him. “You are all I want.”

He grinned, “This may be uncomfortable at first… It will get better.” He wasn’t wrong, when he first entered you it was uncomfortable. It didn’t hurt like everyone told you it would, it was more the feeling of being overly full. He gave you time to adjust to the intrusion before he started to move. His pace was slow at first and it wasn’t doing much to ease the discomfort, but then he hit just the right spot and you gasped. He took is as his queue to pick up the pace and soon you were seeing stars, gasping out his name and trying to stifle your moans in his broad shoulder.

He came shortly after you did your name coming out as almost a growl. When he collapsed on top of you you relished in the closeness before he moved situating it so he was spooned behind you. “So, what does this mean for us?” You ask him almost wanting to hit yourself for ruining the mood.

“I’d say this means we are together… What do you want it to mean?” He sounded almost unsure of himself.

“I want that. I want to be with you.” You turn in his arms, kissing him on the jaw before he rested his chin on the top of your head.

“Good,” He whispered before you drifted off to sleep. You were almost sure you heard Hannah knock and ask something through door but you were too busy listening to the rhythm of his heart as you drifted off.

Way Too Pretty To Be Punk

KuroTsuki Week Day 3: Work || Chapter 1 - I Know That Name…

Fandom: Haikyuu!!

Pairing: KuroTsuki

Rating: General

The surprise on the blond’s face is quickly replaced by a scowl. “It’s rude to eavesdrop.”

“Er…” Tetsurou clears his throat and grins. “Don’t get so defensive, I won’t tell your boss you were slacking off or anything.”

Perfect Face Perfect Voice smirks and his beautiful face becomes a whole new level of attractive, like, exaggerated cartoon gulp level.

“Considering my boss is me I hardly think he’ll mind.”

“You own this place?” Tetsurou questions, because now apparently instead of an inability to talk he has no control over his words. “You’re so…”

“Young? Tell me something I don’t know.”

You’re really fucking gorgeous and I could literally stare at your face all day, Tetsurou thinks in response but obviously can’t say that out loud.

Kurt Wagner x Reader

Summary:  23 with Kurt please

Prompt: 23. “How are you so…perfect?”


You sat across from Kurt in the courtyard. He was resting against his arms, with his head tilted backwards, eyes closed as he soaked in the sun.

You smiled as you admired how the sun shined against his skin, and how his lips curved upwards at the feeling the sun gave him.

You could stare at this beautiful blue boy all day, and never get tired.

He was just so…

“How are you so…perfect?” You had said out loud.

You hadn’t realized you said it out loud until he opened his eyes and looked at you blushing.

“V-vhat?” He asked.

“Did I just…say that out loud?” 

Kurt slowly nodded his head embarrassed by your compliment.

“I zink you are perfect az well.” He said, tail twitching behind him indicating he was nervous.

He looked back to you nervously, but calming down slightly once he noticed the smile on your face.