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Worried Daddy [a Sebastian Smythe imagine]

Request: Do you think you could write an imagine where Sebastian has a kid with special needs? I hope your day goes better tomorrow too <3

a/n: we all need some daddy seb i feel like shit tbh

send me snippets from your imaginations

Big bright hazel eyes stare back at Sebastian and he frowns. He wishes you were here right now. “Come on, mon trésor (my treasure).” he coos, forearms resting against the car doorway; black suit jacket pulled up to his lower back. Logan just grunts, pointing at him.

A sigh falls from Sebastian’s lips. This is always how the day begins. Pushing himself off the car, he runs his hands through his slicked back brown hair before ducking his head. “Where did mommy put your chart…” he mumbles, more to himself than his son.

Grabbing the spongebob backpack, Sebastian unzips the large zipper, stray strands of hair tumbling in front of his pale face. His striped tie (very similar to the one he wore at Dalton) hangs mid air. “Da!” Logan beams, opening and closing his mouth, but not making words.

The dad snaps his head up, smiling widely. He loves hearing that one simple syllable. “I know, I know, I'm…” Sebastian stops when his nimble fingers find the laminated thin book, yanking it out with a smirk. “Dad knows.” he tuts proudly, handing the book to his son. “What is it, killer?” he asks, using the nickname for Blaine he had.

Logan points to the picture of you (right next to a picture of Sebastian; labeled ‘mom’ and ‘dad’), grunting. Frowning, the green eyed man scruffs his dress shoes on the ground. “Aw, bud, I know you want mommy.” he mutters, raking his hand through Logan’s short, uneven locks. “Mommy and I are gonna pick you up after school, alright?” he coaxes, watched his son slide out of the car. “There’s my big middle school boy!”

Grabbing Sebastian’s hand, the small boy hops, letting the lawyer pick him up slightly. Even though it kills his shoulder, the graduated Warbler laughs, walking into the building, book in hand. A teacher meets them at the entrance, grinning. “Hello, you must be Logan! I’m Mrs. B! It’s very nice to meet you!” the young blond smiles. Not condescending. Good.

The tiny brunette hides behind his daddy’s black dress pants, clinging to his long legs. Sebastian peers back, lips pressed in a tight line. “Logan…it’s okay, bébé (baby).” he hums, bending down to his son’s level. Logan grunts, pointing firmly at the door. “No, baby, you can’t go with me. Daddy’s gotta work.” he frowns, readjusting the small blue Transformers t-shirt. “Hey, why don’t you go play? Look, she has a chair like Mr. Artie!” Sebastian encourages, leaning close to Logan’s face.

Excitement bubbles in Logan and he dashes off, arms flailing. A sad yet proud smile appears on Sebastian’s plump lips and he stands up. “Here’s his communication book; if he doesn’t use it today…he needs time.” he whispers, handing the book to the women. “The nurse has his meds; helpful tip, mix it with his Gatorade. And he has his cup in his ba- oh! And an extra set of clothes, actually, my wife packe-”

“Mr. Smythe.” Mrs. B interrupts, hands in front of her dress. “I’m sure that we can handle another student. If anything comes up, we will call you immediately. But, it looks like Logan already made a friend!” she beams, pointing to the arts and crafts table.

With one last tip, Sebastian thanks her before strutting out of the school, shoving his hand in his suit pocket and taking out his phone. His fingers tap the screen quickly, lifting the phone to his ear. “Hey babe, just dropped him off.” he says, making his way to the car, licking his lips in the process.

You sigh on the other line, “How was it?” you ask, voice strained.

“It was…better than I’d thought it would be.” he admits, popping the door open. “We’re getting him at 3. I would go sooner but that’s the earliest I can get out of the firm…” Sebastian sighs, “I love you.”

“I love you too. Don’t worry, he’s going to have so much fun.”

the tudor dynasty in a nutshell tbh

anime-trash-me-up  asked:

MC who has major resting bitch face and its super bad in the mornings? How would the RFA+Saeran+V+ Vanderwood react? (Its okay to skip Jahee I also find her the hardest to write for)


  • He was kind of worried when he first noticed
  • “Uh, babe? Are you- I mean am I…. doing something wrong?” 
  • You thought you just looked at him normally, but the look on your face proved otherwise
  • He knew you weren’t naturally a very smile-y person when relaxed, but this was just ridiculous 
  • You raised you eyebrows, braking your bitch face for a split second
  • You then remembered how your face is kind of intimidating in the morning, and tiredly smiled at him
  • You had to reassure him that you weren’t mad at him though 


  • He might worry he did something wrong, or that it is his fault you look so annoyed
  • It would also take him some time to get used to, even more so in the morning since he is easily intimidated
  • When he did get used to it though, he would be totally fine with it
  • Also, if anyone commented on it he would definitely say something in your defence
  • Or… He would try. The boy isn’t very intimidating but he tries
  • “Hey! Don’t say that in front of MC! They are actually a really nice person!”
  • Yoosung no stop
  • It doesn’t really matter to him, as long as he knows you actually do care about him


  • He doesn’t really know how to feel about it??
  • Like, he can be pretty stoic himself, but you just look straight out pissed
  • But at the same time it looks like you don’t care?
  • MC are you okay
  • He wouldn’t judge you for it, but he might bring it up just to be sure. He wanted to make sure he wasn’t bothering you in any way, so he decided to bring it up the next morning
  • Not a good idea Mr. Han, not a good idea
  • Your bitch face was a million times worse in the morning, so he was literally so intimidated he forgot to ask
  • He got over it though, and he knew you were still the same kind person he fell in love with


  • He knew you weren’t actually mean so he was completely understanding 
  • It really didn’t bother him at all
  • People would raise their eyebrows looking at you two, ‘cause theres you, who look like you’re about to murder someone, and seven who might as well just have “lolololol” written all over his face
  • You make it work though
  • He would probably have you help him with some pranks too, like pushing you over to Zen so he could make some sly romantic comment, only to be met by your judgemental and harsh stare
  • His reaction was priceless
  • You both smile and high-five as you watch Zen walk away in despair


  • He has the sassiest bitch face to ever exist, and anyone would be jealous of it
  • When he noticed you had a pretty major resting bitch face yourself, he was pleasantly surprised
  • At least now there would be any creeps trying to flirt with you
  • You could make them run off with just your deathly stare
  • You two looked like the most intimidating couple to ever exist
  • Can you imagine you two, who both could possibly pass as serial killers, just sitting around innocently eating ice cream?
  • Because I can
  • Also, he doesn’t care about how your face looks in the morning, because he is too busy trying not to kill anything within a 100 meter radius
  • (Re: he is not a morning person so you don’t have to worry about that)


  • He would also worry if he had done something wrong
  • So worried in fact, that he had to make sure pretty much every time he looked at your face
  • You had reassured him several times that it was just the way you face looked, and that he had nothing to worry about, but he just couldn’t let go of the thought that he might be bothering you in some way
  • It would take him a long time to get used to
  • Its not like he could see it a lot anyways
  • When he did finally get used to it, he didn’t really mind
  • He might still worry from time to time, after all he just want you to be happy, but he has accepted that it is just another part of he will grow to love

Vanderwood: (yaaas)

  • He totally has a resting bitch face himself, he has nothing he can say about it
  • You two actually bond over it, because people always think you’re annoyed about something but in reality you two could just be enjoying a comfortable silence
  • He totally understands as well, especially in the morning since he too is not a morning person
  • He might still be a little worried though
  • “You sure you don’t… uh… find me annoying?”
  • Don’t worry Vanderbabe. Nobody finds you annoying.
  • You two also tend to stare at people in the streets, to see who can intimidate the person the fastest
  • (relationship goals tbh)

anonymous asked:

headcanons for how to tell if shiro has a crush! its probably p hard to tell for an s/o bc is he just being Shiro or does he like like u? how does this nerd try and figure out if his crush likes him back? u bet ur bottom dollar this poor boy is gonna weigh his chances b4 he makes a move

I could write essay after essay on Shiro tbh he is a beautiful creation

The first sign is before he even knows it himself. Whenever he listens to them, he just ends up staring. It’s probably not until someone points out, that he is spacing a little, that he notes his odd behaviour. He doesn’t make the link because they’re one of his closest friends. Then, one day, they’ll turn and smile at him and it’s the purest thing he has ever seen. His heart just swells in a way he can’t comprehend because the moment passes - he realises and it clicks. It’s all downhill from there. Shiro falls more for friends to lovers, so he is in deep and he knows it. Every time he sees them, his mouth and lips will go dry just from watching them walk into the room. When they lean forward to read something on a screen, he can’t help but watch how their figure curves as they bed over. He’ll have to swallow thickly before even beginning to form words again and boy does he know he has got it bad.

As a reaction, he’ll try and suppress his feelings. He knows he’s a little bit broken and he doesn’t want to just dump it on them. Just thinking about it, he would end up trying to convince himself that they wouldn’t enjoy being with him, even if they did reciprocate his feelings. It would just be easier if he could break away from it - little does he know that he is overcomplicating things. He just gets himself into a little bit of a tizzy when he gets the chance to think about it. That all falls apart, however, when he actually speaks to them. He scolds himself because he is the team leader and should be thinking about the most obvious problems at hand. That doesn’t stop him from weighing up his chances when he can.

Figuring him out is difficult. He barely has himself together as it is, so they would probably have to just take a chance and go for it. However messed up he is on the inside, he somehow keeps the face that everyone relies on and that would be the hardest bit to see behind. He’ll really try to figure them out too, but its gonna be no game for either of them. It would probably take a loss of patience or something serious for him to realise that he has to do something. But those are really stories for another time.

Her Having Her First White Christmas With Them: EXO

| BTS |


Would hug you around your shoulders as you two sat on the window cell, staring into the white street and the falling snow, wrapped up in blankets and drinking hot chocolate snuggly.



“I’m glad I wasn’t the only one excited for this day, then.”


Would plan something romantic for the day as he saw the snow falling. In the evening would probably lead you to some high building’s roof so that you could enjoy the view from high up.


He would tease you excited, tbh. But in a good way, not crossing the line.


This puppy would be so surprised that it’s your first ever white Christmas that he would drag you outside and teach you all of the fun that can be done with snow; from building snowmen to making snow angels.


Would calmly invite you to eat at some side-tent so that you two could stay warm while enjoying the view.


Would sing you some classy Christmas songs as you enjoyed your day indoors.


External image

*low-key hiding the fact that he was also excited af*

“You’re so childish to be so excited for snow…”

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     Indigo sighed. If he had been having a better day, he probably would’ve humoured the human staring at him. But he wasn’t having a better day, so he wouldn’t humour them. He allowed them a couple more seconds to reveal themselves, clenching and unclenching his fingers in the dirt. Ugh. He could already feel the dirt invading the space in-between the digits. It felt so weird.

Are ya gonna stare at me all day, or join me?  Indigo meant for the phrase to be inviting, but it came out the slightest bit venomous. With a sigh he relaxed back on his hands, spreading his toes in the water to further allow it to pass through his thin bones.

     The water was was a bit warmer today.

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Hi. Could you maybe write a blurb where you are trying to sext Luke, telling him you were waiting for him only wearing mascara and he just doesn't get it??

oh my god I laughed a lot at this

send me requests kids


You did a final sweep of mascara, blinking rapidly to relax your eyes. You smirked to yourself, thinking of Luke’s reaction to your little escapade.

Grabbing your phone, you sprawled out on your bed, naked and on your way to arousal.

(y/n): Hey baby, when are you gonna be home?

(Luke): Prbly in a half hour :-) i miss u thoooo!!!

(y/n): I hope it’s alright if I’m only wearing mascara.. ;)

You twirled a strand of hair around your finger, eagerly awaiting his reply.

(Luke): Lol thts fine babe

(Luke): Tbh when u wear lipstick it gets in my teeth and i cant taste anything else for days

(Luke): and like i love u but lipstick has a weird taste :-(

You stared at the screen, giggling at his faux innocence. You decided to play along.

(y/n): nooo Lukey…. I mean I’m ONLY wearing mascara ;)

It took him a moment to respond.

(Luke): U just told me that?

(Luke): Oh babe u arent afraid ur ugly without makeup right :-(

(Luke): Cos ur literally so beautiful and you could be wearing absolutely no makeup at all and u would still take my breath away ♡ ♡ ♡

You stared at the screen, unable to formulate a reaction. He was being completely serious. A part of you found his words endearing, but that part was muffled by “Sexy (Y/N)” who wanted to sext and masturbate five times a day.

(y/n): Oh my god Luke I’m naked

(Luke): OH

(Luke): OH WOW

(Luke): “just mascara”

(Luke): I get it now babe ur so naughty ;-))))

You audibly scoffed, rolling your eyes at how ridiculously adorable this Dorito-boy was.

(y/n): oh my god just come home Luke

(Luke): right right u just wait for me

(Luke): wearing only mascara ;-)))

(y/n): I’m literally going to set myself on fire

(Luke): no need babe ur already a fire hazard ;-)

(Luke): cos ur so hot ;-)

(Luke): lol get it babe?

(Luke): (y/n)? :-(

(Luke): ill go down on u if u stop ignoring me

(y/n): COME HOME

missspecter​ mentioned Zoom kidnapping Iris, and well…there are theories out there regarding Zoom’s identity so I thought I’d do a quick write up on it!

The point of her involvement isn’t that Barry’s girlfriend is part of their team now - it’s not. Iris wants to prove her place, even if there isn’t anything left to prove after the countless times she’s solved their cases.

Maybe, just maybe her motivation is in part fueled by how quickly everyone takes to Patty upon the revelation of Barry’s secret. It isn’t something she tries to dwell on, except for the few times she catches Patty in the lab working easily beside Cisco and Dr. Stein.

Iris doesn’t know what Patty’s role in all of this is. She’s a smart girl, insistently sweet and funny in a way that reminds her too much of Barry. Still, it seems like she has no more a place in their labs than Eddie ever did.

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so, like, the gangsey friendsgiving headcanons? yes lets do thisss. (i know i know thanksgiving was yesterday but vic is vERY bAd at getting things done so whatever we’re doing this now

  • i don’t know where to start tbh but i’m just gonna say this: ronan morally objects to eating turkey bc like its a bIRD and he’s a bird nERd. like he’d probs eat it any other day of the year but like..the fact that all these birds are being killed for this dUmb holiday…stubborn!ronan likes to make an appearance this time of year ok ok
  • also chainsaw stares them all down super judge-y like ‘UR EATING A BIRD??! RUDE.’ 
  • adam’s like ‘shut up ronan and carve the damn turkey’
  • ronan does it. of course. how could he not i mean. it’s aDAM. 
  • Gansey cooks the turkey. it turns out exactly how you’d imagine. 
  • THEY THROW FLOUR AT EACH OTHER (is there flour in pies?? i don’t know i don’t cook stuff. i’ve never baked in mY life) 
  • ok like now i’m thinking about alternate thankgivings like theres one where its just the core gangsey 
  • but then like also one with all the 300 fox way ladies and ronan’s fam and probs like helen
  • they probs have like 2 thanksgivings
  • for now lets just stick to the gangsey thanksgiving tho. so like gansey insists on cooking the bird. he’s gOT this. and blue’s like ‘babe r u sure u know what ur doing??’ and he’s like yES YES *flips thru furiously thru cook book* 
  • blue doesn’t offer help bc fuck if she knows how to cook a turkey! all she knows is yogurt and baking. 
  • ronan definitely knows how to cook a turkey. but. he’s Against It. so, he doesn’t offer any help either. 
  • while the turkey’s cooking, they all go out into the parking lot outside monmouth to play football. ronan, blue, and noah vs gansey and adam. But noah mostly just watches and cheers and passes the ball to ronan and blue. 
  • and ronan and blue are like So Competitive and determined to cRUSH their boyfriends. 
  • they lose track of time playing. the turkey is…well…
  • ‘noooo it’s ruined! oh god i’ve ruined thanksgiving’ 
  • ‘gansey chilll.’
  • ‘guys i’m so sorry…i can…fix this..maybe?’ 
  • ronan locks himself in his room and everyones like??? adam tries knocking but theres no answer and like they start to get super concerned but then!!!!!!!!!!
  • he emerges from his room with a perfectly cooked turkey 
  • ganseys like ‘oh my god ronan’ *ronan shrugs* ‘couldn’t let u losers not have ur bird’ 
  • and then he eats this one bc its tECHNICALLY not a real turkey. it’s a dream turkey so like. its fine. 
  • ok now i need a minute to talk about ADAM PARRISH on thanksgiving hold on im about to get SUper Emo. 
  • so like. this is kind of a bittersweet holiday for him bc like. it’s a Family holiday. (i guess all holidays are but like. he feels it more with thanksgiving) 
  • and like he’s never really had a proper thanksgiving?? like not the kind all his friends would have had growing up like with a million relatives super loud and chaos and hAPPy. no. his thanksgivings were just him and his parents. they ate in silence. his dad would get more wasted then usual. it would not end well. no one ever went around the table saying what they were thankful for. no one baked pies or laughed or played music. thanksgiving was always something he dREADED. 
  • BUT NOW!!! now he has this new family. this family he CHOSE. And they chose HIM. and he has ronan. and he finally feels. he feels thankful for something. for THEM. and they make it happy. they make it a good holiday. they manage to replace his sad horrible memories about this day. 
  • So when Ronan and Noah start blasting the murder squash song while they bake he doesn’t even groan. 
  • when they all dog-pile on top of each other after their football game he can’t help but grin So Wide. he’s surrounded by the best people in his life. 
  • and when they go around saying what they’re all thankful for, he just looks around at all of them and quietly says: “This.” 
  • and they all go ‘awwww’ and noah ruffles his hair and gansey smiles SO BIG SO SO BIG. and blue pretends to wipe tears and ronan just gently touches his hand under the table. 
  • this is getting so long im gonna need to make another post about thanksgiving 2 with the fox way ladies + lynch fam