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Happy Valentine’s Day - Kai Parker

Valentine’s Day smut!

Warnings: Smut, so much smut. Mentions of mourning.

Pairing: Kai Parker x Reader

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Kai Parker was fucked up, after a really long time mourning his death you came to that conclusion. You always knew he was fucked up, but you tried desperately to see the good in him, the best parts of him that no one else seemed to look hard enough to find. You still love him, of course you still love him, you used to have dreams about him coming back and seeing him again, but after a while when he didn’t come back… you decided to grieve.

At first, you cried, you cried for hours. You cried by yourself, curled up in the darkness of your bedroom, trying desperately to convince yourself that when you woke up Kai would be back, sleeping on his side of the bed and drooling on his pillow. And then, when you went outside to get groceries, no one approached you, no one asked you if you were alright, if you needed a hug. And when you went home you friend some more, now you really felt alone, without Kai, who even were you?

After crying as much as you could, you tried to move forward. The world isn’t going to stop because the person you love is gone, people die all the time, and the only way you’ll accept that is when you understand that he won’t come back. Damon buried him in an unmarked grave, but you put a wooden tombstone there anyways, with his name carved into it with a butter knife.
No one ever came to visit you, they had no reason to, and you didn’t mind. Bonnie stopped by once, asking for a place to lay low, but you told her to fuck off and find someone else’s basement to hide in. So yeah, no one came to visit you. Which is why the knock on your door made you jump.

You weren’t even fully awake yet, you were wearing baggy pajamas, your hair was a mess and you dragged your feet even as you walked to the door. You opened it with a yawn.

“What the fuck do you want?” You open your eyes slowly and then rubbed them, standing right in front of you is Kai, holding a bouquet of roses and a heart shaped box of assorted chocolates.

“Hi.” His voice is low, and his eyes meet yours for less than a second.

“What the fuck?”

“That’s what I thought. I uh- I bought you flowers, and the chocolates you like, it is Valentine’s Day after all.” Your hand launches forward before you can stop it and you backhand him right across the face. He moves his jaw as he looks back to you.

“I deserved that.” You grab his jacket, yanking him inside before he can say another thing.

“When did you get back?” He sets down the flowers and chocolate on the table beside your door.

“Two days ago.”

“How did you get back?”

“I don’t know.”

“Why are you here?” You cross your arms over your chest, angry beyond belief as you stare him down.

“Because when I was in hell, all I could think about was you. I was so stupid, Y/n, I never should have gone after my sister, I never should have fought with you before I left. God, I was such a dumbass-” Kai takes a step closer to you, you take a step back, “what I mean to say is, can you forgive me?”

You feel at a loss for words, he looks so sad, so tired, and all you want to do is throw your arms around him because yes- of course you forgive him. But you don’t, you stare up at him in silence, your eyes meeting his blues, your arms still crossed over your chest. It feels like and hour before you bring yourself to even take a breath. But when you do finally breathe you take one big step towards him and pull him into a hug, he’s bigger now, his shoulders are more broad and his arms are stronger as he hugs you back. You start crying, silent and happy as he breathes you in.

“I missed you so much.” Your voice comes out broken, but you don’t care.

“I missed you too.” You pull out of the hug and bring your hands to his cheeks, pulling him down for a kiss. He leans into it, pushing you back a little as his hands pull you even closer to him.

Your back hits the wall, it doesn’t hurt you, it’s gentle and then you realize that kai’s being gentle. He’s going slow, his mouth moves over yours passionately, your tongues don’t battle for dominance, his hands aren’t grasping you tightly, they’re smoothing themselves firmly over the skin of your lower back and hips. Your hands push his jacket away and you break apart only to take our shirts off. He lifts you up and presses you even more into the wall, your hands gripping onto his shoulders and neck tightly as he kisses you again. You take a deep breath when his lips leave yours, only to gasp again when he leaves kisses on your neck. He leaves wide open mouthed kisses on your neck before leaving a hickey just below your ear, his tongue runs over the slowly forming dark purple bruise as you lean your head to the side to give him more access. You grind your hips don as well as you can with his hands on your thighs and he moans when you grind onto his half-hard cock through his jeans.

In flash you’re in the bedroom, pressed against a wall again. Kai seems to lose some of his control, because he uses his vampire-speed to get your remaining clothes off. He turns you around and you put your hands against the wall.

“Kai, don’t tease.” He kisses your bare shoulders as one of his hands finds its way to between your legs, his fingers running lightly over your clit. You moan and push your hips back, his own moan exciting you more than ever before.

“I wouldn’t dream of it.” Kai keeps his fingers moving in a quick but soft motion over your clit that makes you moan. It had been so long since you’d been with anyone and even then none of them made you feel the way Kai did.

Your nails scratch into the wall, probably leaving marks in the paint but all you could think about was Kai, his hands on you, his mouth, his hard cock pressing into your back. You tried to keep quiet, you didn’t need to hear your snobby neighbors talk about you having sex literally ten feet from where they sleep, but Kai didn’t seem to be having any of it because his hand immediately went to your boob, twisting your nipple, successfully making you whimper loudly and pant harder.

“Don’t you go all silent and shy on me, I’ve been without you for far too long.” His voice is a low growl in your ear. You turn around and kiss him, walking him backwards to the bed.

He flops down, very ungraceful, which makes the both of you laugh as you straddle his waist. Kai’s hands fall to your hips, just like every time before, and you feel the coolness of his rings against your skin. He looks up at you and you meet his gaze, still smiling about his ungraceful flop onto the bed. All you can see are his stupid heart-eyes staring up at you like you’re a goddess.

“I missed you so much.” His hand loops behind your head as he talks. You let him pull you down to a deep kiss.

“Good?” You asks when you sit back up, this was how you asked for consent.

“Absolutely.” You give him a smirk as you sink down onto him, loving the way his eyebrows furrow and his eyes screw shut. You put your hands on his chest, and tilt your head back to moan.

The first lift of your hips has you whimpering and Kai gripping the sheets, it had been far too long for the both of you and you knew immediately you’d last as long as a teenage boy. You try to speed up but you don’t go fast enough, because Kai’s bucking his hips up and swearing loudly. His hand return to your hips, guiding you up and down and letting you grind your hips. With no warning, to Kai or yourself, you’re coming undone. The sudden feeling makes you arch your back and cry out, your hands pressing Kai even further into the mattress.

“Fuck, fuck, yes!” Kai throws his head back, his own back arching off the bed as you bounce through the last remnants of your oragasm, panting and whimpering.

You fall beside him, also very ungraceful in your fall, as he pants loudly beside you. Kai’s head tilts towards yours, a sated smile on his lips as he kisses you. A loud bang on your wall makes you jump and then laugh; neighbors.

“Fuck you!” Kai yells as you laugh, he laughs as well, his shoulders shaking as he does so.

What a Valentine’s Day this had been.

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Newt has the Giggles

“How do I look?” Newt asked as he gestured at himself. You adjusted the strap on your deep purple coloured dress before walking into the room to see. Newt stood in the centre of the room. You immediately saw his freckled face that framed his green eyes which were partially covered by his reddish brown hair.  He was wearing a mustard coloured waistcoat, white shirt, dark trousers and bow tie. Though it was pretty much what he usually wore daily, the big difference was that it was impeccably clean. 
“You look great.” you reply smiling. Newt’s eyes widen and his mouth opens slightly as he sees you.  “You look beautiful.“ he tells you, a light blush filling his cheeks. Smiling, you look back at him as you also blush. 

Looking at him with that goofy smile he sure was cute but it was always clear that your friendship was platonic. He never seemed to be particularly interested in anyone in that way and you were no exception. You’d been best friends for a couple of years and friends since Hogwarts. You travelled over to New York with him from the UK. It was one of the best decisions the pair of you had made as you had become friends with fellow witches Tina and her sister Queenie in addition to a muggle called Jacob. 

Excitedly, all five of you enter the bar and sat at a table, you all start congratulating Newt. The special occasion was to celebrate the completion of his book draft of ‘Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them’. You were so proud of his accomplishment. So everyone insisted that they bought him a drink each. Though you only had the one glass. You didn’t really drink alcohol much, so one glass was enough. Newt initially protested having so many glasses of giggle water but Queenie encouraged him, pointing out that it was rude to refuse gifts. 

Slowly the drinks went down as you talked about anything and everything, the contents of the book, plans for the future and how glad that you were all celebrating with everyone. It felt fantastic just to relax in each other’s company. 

“And that’s why you should never stand behind an erumpent for too long.” Newt chuckled. Everybody laughed in response to his funny story. Completely encouraged he excitedly asked “Shall I tell you the story about the murtlap in the toilet?” knowing that disgusting story, you collectively answered ‘no’ before everyone started to burst out laughing again. You stared at Newt’s smiling face as one of your fingers traced the rim of your empty glass.
He was being rediculous. The giggle water had definitely made him more confident, that was for sure. He was suddenly the head of the conversation rather than saying the odd comment like he usually did. 

Catching your gaze, Newt looked at you with a playful grin. "Look at (Y/N). Isn’t she amazing.“ he said proudly to everyone whilst pointing one of his empty glasses at you. His kind words causing a collective “Aww” from the Goldstein sisters.
“I was so lucky to find her. She makes me happier than a niffler counting its gold collection.” he continued enthusiastically.

“Newt please, you’re embarrassing me in front of everyone.” you smile whilst blushing. Not to be discouraged as you nervously fidget in your chair, he continues. 
“Just look at her.” Newt said as he nudged Jacob’s arm with his elbow. Jacob looked at you with an ‘I’m sorry’ smile. A serious expression flashes on Newt’s face. 
“Hey, hey Jacob don’t look at her that much.” he said playfully waving his arms. 
You giggled, which was quickly joined by everyone’s laughter. 

Despite Tina attempting to change the subject, Newt’s eyes were glued on you as he said loudly with glee “She’s so smart. Helping me out with all my creatures every single day. I won big with her didn’t I? Didn’t I? Got brains and beauty. She’s like the gleaming stars that brighten the night sky. Look at how she sits there, effortlessly gorgeous.”
The conversation went quiet. You gazed at him in surprise as he looked at you with sparkling eyes and a wide stupid grin.  He had never spoken about you like this, not even in private. You could tell that Queenie was reading Newt’s mind as she was staring at him with a huge smile on her face. His thoughts must be hilarious as she quietly giggled. Newt looked at you with intensity in his eyes and a mischievous smirk. Still staring at Newt, Queenie’s eyes widened and she almost choked on her drink. You wonder what thought he had to give her such a reaction. 

“Ooook it’s pretty late, maybe we should start heading home. You can all crash at our place, right Tina? It’s the closest home from here and I don’t think that some people are in any state to apparate anywhere.” Queenie said as Tina nodded in agreement. 
Newt shakily stood up, staggering forward as he tripped over the legs of chairs as he walked. Darting forward, you reach for his hand and quickly grabbed it to stop him from falling over. 
“Thank you” he yelled as he wrapped his arm around your shoulders for extra support, unintentionally putting all of his weight on you. Seeing you wince in discomfort Newt whispered “sorry” whilst removing his arm and settling for gripping your hand firmly instead. 

The walk to the Goldstein apartment was hilarious. Newt had created a song made of the names of all the creatures in his book. He kept asking the gang to join in, despite none of you knowing the words. Gently he’d squeezed your hand signalling to you that it was your turn to sing. Which you reluctantly did. 

After fumbling around in her bag for the keys, you all finally entered their apartment. "I think I’m going to go to bed. Thank you for a great evening. There’s tea and coffee in the kitchen if anyone wants it.“ yawned Tina as she made her way down the hallway. After kissing Queenie, Jacob led her into another room. Which left you and Newt alone in the living room. You looked around, eyeing up the kitchen. A mug of tea is just what you needed. Before you you start walking there, Newt strutted to the centre of the room. 
“I know what this celebration needs.” he said whilst grinning. He leant forward and started to produce a low and loud snorting sound. ‘Oh no’ you thought to yourself, he is totally going to do the full erumpent mating dance.

“Umm Newt… Perhaps we should just sit down and drink some tea or coffee” you say, quickly grabbing his jacket and pulling him onto the sofa. You sit next to him to make sure that he doesn’t get up and start dancing again. You both sit there staring at each other and giggling. Newt raises one of his hands and gently brushes your cheek and then carefully tucked a loose hair behind your ear. His eyes were intense as they focused on yours. His face looked as if he was concentrating, slowly memorising every detail of you. You unintentionally bite your bottom lip a little and tremble slightly because of how close he was to you with those beautiful gazing eyes. 

“I’m such an idiot.” he says in a serious tone. 
“Why?” you asked with a confused giggle.
“For never doing this.” he answered. In one swift movement he wrapped one arm around your waist to bring you closer to him, whilst the other gently lifted your head up. Hesitating for a second before he gave in to himself and started to cover your neck in soft kisses.
Suddenly your breath hitched and you could feel your face growing warmer as you blushed. This quick and unexpected action took you by surprise and it all felt like the most wonderful dream.  You didn’t know how much of this was Newt or how much of it was the giggle water that he had drank but honestly you did not care. 
Shyly he pulled away. “Sorry I just could not resist.”
You chuckled at his words. 

“Maybe I should make us both a nice strong cup of tea.” you say, about to stand up.
“No!” Newt yells as he pulls his arm closer around you with such force that you both fall backwards, so you are now both laying side by side on the sofa. You both giggle. Judging by his firm grip it looks like you are now not going to be going anywhere. So you nuzzle your face into his chest as he starts to gently stroke your hair.
Exhausted from the eventful evening, Newt yawns and begins to close his eyes. 

“Can I tell you a secret? But you must promise not to tell (Y/N).” Newt asks in a mumble as he slowly starts to drift off to sleep. 
“Of course.” you answer whilst trying to stifle a laugh. 
“I love (Y/N). I really, really do.”

Psycho (j. jk ft. k.nj)

Summary: It could be hard identifying madness, for no one ever truly knows what’s normal and what’s not. Who to believe and who to ignore. But even the most twisted tales can get untangled.

Trigger Warning: mentions of physical abuse

Pairing: Jungkook x Reader

Based on this prompt.

Day 1

You woke up with a pounding headache. A musty scent filled the room, and a constant dripping noise resonated around. You groaned and sat up. You tried moving, only to find out that your hands were tied together. You moved your foot and heard a chain rustling. A sense of panic and dread filled you. You tried opening your eyes, the light making your head throb.

When your vision cleared, you saw a small flight of stairs at the corner of the room, leading to a door. You looked around, finding nothing else but a table with a chair tucked into it. You sat on an old mattress, one of your feet in a shackle which was connected by a long chain to the wall. A worn-out pillow was next to you and you figured that that’s where you’ve been laying on before. There were some pipelines on the ceiling. One of them was leaking, which led to a small puddle in the room. A basement. You were in a basement.

The door opened with a creak. You snapped your head towards it, your heart beating faster by the minute. A boy wearing a hoodie went in. He was looking downwards as he went down the stairs, but as he reached the bottom, he focused his gaze on you. 

His height told you he was at least twenty, but his face seemed younger. It was angular, but also rounded in all the right places. He had a mischievous glint in his eyes, and this just added confusion to your mind. He smiled at you, showing two front teeth slightly larger than the other ones. 

“Hello. I see you’re awake.” he said, rather calmly. Under different circumstances, you would’ve swooned over him. He was undeniably cute, and his face looked innocent. But the way he casually said that sentence, as if there wasn’t a stranger in his basement, sent shivers down your spine. He took a step closer to you, and you inched back. 

He frowned, noticing your uneasiness. “Hey, talk to me. I didn’t bring you here for nothing.” he said, lightly kicking your leg. You didn’t know what to say. What did he expect? For you to say ‘hi’? For you to greet him with a bubbly attitude? All you knew was that you woke up somewhere unfamiliar, with a teenage boy who could potentially kill you. 

“Talk!” His voice boomed. A sharp pain made its way to your cheek. You stilled for a moment before you felt a tear slide down your now stinging cheek. “P-please don’t hurt me.” you managed to whisper. He stared at you with an unreadable expression. With a sigh, he sat in front of you.

“That’s the first thing you say to me?” he cracked his knuckles, making you flinch. He noticed the action and smirked. “Darling, don’t be so scared. We’ll have an amazing time together.” The sweetness he put in that word made you sick. You wanted to scream, to lunge at him, but you feared for the consequences. If he could slap just for not responding, who knows what else he can do?

He stroked the cheek he had slapped. “I’m Jungkook. You’re lucky I’m in a good mood right now, or else I would’ve done more than that.” You cried harder at his words. He tsked, and you thought he was going to slap you again. But then he paused and then leaned back. “I suggest you build up a chattier attitude before I get bored of you and put a knife in your neck.” he said, lazily rocking back and forth.

You looked him in the eye. He gave you the same blank stare, and something told you he was being serious. “W-why?” you sputtered. Why did it have to be you, out of all people? You have always been unlucky. Missing the bus numerous times, getting lost in cities often. But this was the final nail on the coffin.

He breathed out loudly. “I don’t know actually.” he shrugged. “You just seemed different from the others. Usually, most people would’ve screamed right now or try to tackle me. Then I’d pull a gun out and boom, end of story.” He mimicked a gun with his fingers, brought it up to your forehead, and pretended to shoot you. You squeezed your eyes shut, tensing as he made contact with you. “But here you are, being silent as ever. Damn, I knew I was right.” He said, raising a fist up, basking in his small victory. 

Jungkook got up and began walking away. “I’ll let you rest more. Maybe even calm down, if you can. Dinner’s going to be ready in an hour.” He reached the door and turned back at you. “Goodbye for now.” he shot you one last smile, and disappeared behind the door. Dinner never came.

Day 8

The only time he’d unchain you was when you needed to go to the bathroom. You’d call for him and he’d drag you towards a door behind the stairs. From your position, it wasn’t that visible, unless you stood up and walked over to the other side. He always made sure to secure the chain after. He wouldn’t want to lose you. Not when you were his favorite toy.

Jungkook often came down to talk to you. The most he got out from you was a few short replies and nodding. Jungkook didn’t mind though. He still seemed annoyed that you wouldn’t respond the way he wanted you to, but he was content to get a reaction. 

He would still hurt you when he found an excuse. He tugged your hair harshly once, his reason being “You were staring at the wall for too long”. Still, he fed you twice a week with some leftovers. Even though the food obviously wasn’t the best kind, you were thankful you received it. You’ve heard of cases like this, and most of the victims were starved by the captor. 

You couldn’t really accept everything happening to you. It was just so surreal. You even remembered carrying a bag of groceries the night before it happened. Your boyfriend, Namjoon, even sent you a text, telling you to wait for him at the bus stop. He was supposed to pick you up. 

Now you couldn’t help but wonder what he was doing. Did he call the cops? Is he looking for you? Does he know where you are? Even you don’t know where you are. All you knew was that you were in some psycho’s house and you were going to end up either dead or locked up forever. 

“Hey. I was talking to you.” Jungkook tugged at your hair again. You whipped your eyes to him. He looked pissed, and you didn’t want to get hit again. “S-sorry, can you repeat that?”

He sighed but gave in. “As I was saying, it’s just so boring. We go to school, work, and then what, die? Just like that? When you drop out of school, everyone’s going to tell you that you’re wasting your life. Joke’s on them though. They’re the ones wasting their lives. Slaving away like the ignorant fuckers they are. Do you get my point?” he paused and looked at you, making sure you were hanging onto his every word.

You nodded briskly and he continued. “You see, no one believes me. I’m creating fun here. I’m putting thrill in other people’s veins. You feel the thrill right?” you nodded again. “Good. Anyway, I just see the world differently. And I want you to see it the way I see it. So, no need to thank me for helping you.” He got up again and wiped his hands on his jeans. 

“Y-you’re going al-already?” you peered curiously at him. You didn’t like him, not one bit. Sure, he was handsome, but underneath that pretty face laid a demon. However, it calmed you more with him in the room. You could see everything he does, meaning you’d notice if he makes a move to kill you. 

He looked at you, confusion written over his eyes. Then, he gave you another chilling smile. “Do you want me to stay, darling?” You didn’t know how to respond. A long silence hung over in the air. He stopped by the door again, but this time he didn’t face you. “I thought so, Y/N.” He disappeared behind the door again.

How did he know your name?

Day 11

You couldn’t stop the tears that poured out each time he went out the room. You desperately wanted to go home, wanted Namjoon to find you, wanted anyone to find you. You even thought Jungkook’s craziness started to rub on you. It might’ve been anxiety, or pure fear, but you swear you saw some figures at night.

“Guess who’s on the news?” he said in a sing-songy voice. You looked over at him with puffy eyes. They were starting to get strained from crying so much. “M-me?” you said weakly. You were slowly obliging to his request, and you hated yourself for it. You just wanted to get on his good side, until he gets close enough for you to escape. 

“Mhmm. Your boyfriend’s looking for you, I see.” Your eyes widened. ‘No.’ you thought. ‘No. Not Namjoon. Anyone but Namjoon.’ 

“Don’t you dare fucking hurt him!” It was the first time you’ve yelled. Your throat hurt from the sudden action, mostly because it was more used to hoarse whispers. Even Jungkook got taken aback. He soon regained his composure, and smiled down at you. That stupid smile. You wanted to punch it out of his face as soon as you got out of this place.

“Oh, I won’t. That would be too much of a hassle. I wouldn’t waste my energy on him, darling.” He sighed as he looked at you. “I didn’t know you could yell. How rude of you, when all I was doing was helping you keep up with recent events.”

“You’re a sick bastard.” you spat. He gave you another blank stare. “Rude indeed. I guess someone’s not getting food then.”

Day 22

The amount of times he fed you decreased instantly. Twice a week went down to once a week. You grew weaker than before, even starting to lose hope, and your will to live. Somewhere along that period, Jungkook decided to untie your hands. You didn’t have the strength to move anyway. Even when you so wanted to escape, you can’t. You didn’t want to hear his stories anymore, and you doubt the police were doing shit to find you. 

That night, you heard a knock on the door, and at first you thought it was your savior, but then Jungkook came in, wearing black clothes that were becoming too scarily familiar. He had a paper bag with him, and what almost looked like guilt in his eyes. “Hey. I’m really sorry. I really am. I’m so sorry, I’m going to help you, I-” he rambled on. 

As soon as he sat in front of you, he broke down. He was balling his eyes out, fiddling with the paper bag. You couldn’t understand what he was saying. It was all a jumble of ‘I’m sorry’s’ and ‘I’m going to get you out’. It was as if he was an entirely different person. As soon as he calmed down, he moved closer to you, automatically making you tense. He flinched at your actions, but understood why you did it.

He inspected your the chain that held your foot. He tugged at it, and pulled. It was useless, you knew that. You’ve tried it yourself countless times. “Listen”his voice wavered. 

“There’s something wrong with me, okay? I’m a sick man, keep that in mind, and I fully understand that you hate me. But I’ll get you out, okay? Just give me time, please. I’m so sorry.” He scampered up the stairs, and was out as fast as he came in. 

You looked into the bag he left. It was some takeout, and the first proper meal you’ve had ever since he dragged you into this hell. You were still confused as to why he acted that way. Maybe it was just a joke. Knowing, him, he loved to toy with you.

However, you didn’t think much of it, letting your hunger take over as you scarfed down your food.

Day 30

He didn’t visit you everyday anymore. On some days, you could hear him upstairs, talking to someone. Maybe even himself, you presume.

“What the fuck?! Why would you do that?”

“I should be asking the same to you!” 

“You have no right to be down there. No fucking right!”

“Well, you have no right to keep her prisoner. You’re such a piece of shit, that’s why everyone left you.”

Was he actually talking to himself? It had to be. There was no one else in the house except from you, and there was no way he had any friends over. His words from the other night rung in your head.

“I’m a sick man.”

You recalled the guilt, the remorse laced in his voice, and you wanted so badly to believe him. Instead, you kept quiet when he had his sudden bursts of anger. You just prayed that Namjoon would be safe. 

Day 36

You knew the difference between them now. The Jungkook you could trust, and the Jungkook that would hurt you without blinking an eye. The Jungkook you could trust always knocked first before entering. The Jungkook you could trust promised you a way out. The Jungkook you could trust even sang you to sleep on nights you felt like you were going to lose your sanity,

He often took over, ever since he burst into your cell. He carried the same paper bag full of takeout for you to eat. “You aren’t giving me false hope?” You were more comfortable talking to this side to him, than the other. “I’m not. I swear, I’m not. I’m going to help you, before he takes over again.” He said firmly, conviction filling his tone.

“In case he comes back, don’t show any signs of relaxation. Don’t be confident around him, or else he’ll know. I tried to reach Namjoon once, but the next thing I knew, when I woke up, the computer was destroyed with a bat.” You wanted to cry, You didn’t want to bring Namjoon into this anymore. He noticed your surge of sadness, and awkwardly reached over to pull you in for a hug.

You tensed at first, but when you felt the warmth in his embrace, you slowly hugged him back. He let you sob on his shoulder for a good while before pulling away. 

“I’ll get you out, okay? I promise.”

After he left, you noticed a piece of paper lying on the mattress. You took it and read what was written on it. It was a home address. You assumed it was the house’s address. It confused you why he’d leave you such information, then you read the note on the bottom.

‘Tell them to find you here.’

Day 44

You had a theory why Jungkook’s bad side didn’t come to you anymore. Maybe he was preventing himself. You noted that the last time you saw him, there were rope marks on his wrists. You didn’t know how he could tie or untie himself, but whatever he did worked.

You just held on the last sliver of hope you had, which was the same man that imprisoned you. He never did anything sexual to you, but he marked your body in other ways. A grip that was too tight, or a slap that had too much force. But having two personalities was the final nail on the coffin. He wasn’t even physically abusing you that much, but what he did to you mentally was a whole other story.

“I’m a sick man.”

You don’t know if he’s playing more of his games with you. If he was putting on a show, it was a pretty damn good one. At first, you acted like you believed his ‘good’ side. However, little by little, you started to get convinced by him. He was far from sane, and you didn’t want anything from his twisted mind. The things he had told you still stuck to your head, and the more you thought about them, the more you saw his point.

“Even butterflies get to do whatever the fuck they want. They eat, then they grow wings and go wherever they please. And their lives are shorter than ours. Simple animals, such as butterflies, outsmart us just like that. And we’re supposed to be superficial.”

“The point is, humans are useless unless they realize the truth. We’re a shameful species driven by greed and power-lust and the only people that can stop us are ourselves.”

“You should thank me for helping you. If I hadn’t seen you in that coffee shop one day, then you wouldn’t have known the truth.”

“I’m not mad. Everyone else is. You see, the difference between me and them is that I admit the crazy shit I do. They don’t. Plus, I’m doing this for a good cause. I’m an eye-opener. Them? They’re nothing. Do you think all those businessmen can pay their way to heaven? If they’re going to hell with me, then at least I sinned for a good reason.”

“Darling, you’re honestly so beautiful. Strip someone off their luxury and you get their purest form. Strip someone off their ‘knowledge’, ‘moral code’, or whatever they thought were right, and to see them so vulnerable is a pleasure. A blessing.”

“You’re fucking insane.” you snapped at him. He was in the middle of one of his speeches, and you just didn’t want to listen anymore. You wanted to get the fuck out of this place. You wanted your bed, back in Namjoon’s place, where you weren’t slapped or psychologically attacked. 

“Darling, I never denied it.”

Jungkook’s voice kept repeating itself. The Jungkook you could trust. The good side. The side who always knocked before entering. 

“I’m a sick man.”

He never did deny it.

Day 50

A rushed knock. The familiar squeak of the door. Footsteps hurriedly padding on the stairs. You didn’t know what time it was, but you were sure it was somewhere during one to three in the morning. Jungkook shook you frantically, but gently too. For some reason, you weren’t scared. The knock comforted you more than anything ever did.

“Jungkook, it’s late. Is something wrong?” It was odd how you cared for him. It was definitely not love. More of a worried kind of thing. You didn’t think it was possible for him to get well, but when you considered the little things he did for you, you thought that he still had hope.

“I found this. Keep it. Don’t let him know you have it. I need to go before-” he had handed you a small taser, but abruptly stopped talking. He stood up quickly, then tripped, landing backwards. He was silent for about a full minute, and during that time you had hidden the taser within the top of your jeans and the hem of your shirt. You had your back completely pressed to the wall, alert at whatever move Jungkook made. He may have just helped you, but he could switch personalities anytime.

His head cocked to the side. He snapped his head to your direction. The look in his face was menacing. There was nothing but pure anger, and this time he didn’t look like he was going to hold back. “You’ve been talking to him, haven’t you?” He was on his feet again.

“That little bitch never knew how to keep his mouth shut.” It took him two large steps, and now he was kneeling in front of you. He grabbed your face and forcefully brought it in front of his own. “What did he tell you?! What?!  Spit it out!”

Jungkook slammed you on the wall, and with a quick jerk of his hand, you felt your cheek sting again. “Did he give you anything? Talk to me!” His hands finding their way to your throat, and you needed to act fast. Without thoroughly thinking it through, you spat on his face.

He instinctively moved away from you, but not before giving you another smack across the face. You fell to the mattress, clutching the spot he had hit. Pain ran throughout your body. It was the hardest he’s hit you, and you couldn’t find the energy to move.

“See? This is what happens when you talk to him. Now do both ourselves a favor, and tell him to fuck off.” He said, his voice low, almost sounding like a growl. You flinched as he slammed the door shut.

Then something else hit you. Jungkook’s personalities were aware of each other. They coexisted, but they didn’t share memories.

Day 56

You saw the key. It was in his pocket the whole time. He was back to his original state when he visited you again. His hands were tucked in in the large sweatshirt pocket, and when he pulled them out, the key came tumbling to the floor. 

“Shit.” he muttered. He picked it up and put it back in his pocket. You just wanted to laugh at how stupid everything is. 

A young man, who loved wearing hoodies and sweatshirts, who basically worshiped the color black, who you would’ve had a crush on if you saw him at your school, was holding you hostage in a dingy basement and was manipulating you with his impromptu speeches, with your path to freedom being in his pocket.

You had to act now. He knew you saw his little mistake. If you didn’t act now, he would’ve hidden the key somewhere else, and you’d have to kiss everything goodbye. Even Namjoon. 

You felt the outline of the taser on your shirt. It dug into your hips, begging to be used. You waited for Jungkook to sit on his usual spot. “About the other, I just want to clarify-” he started off. 

You pretended to listen to him, while also slowly edging your way closer. You never lost sight of his face, and couldn’t help but notice his features. He had soft brown eyes, adorned with long lashes. His lips were plump and light pink. His nose was sloped perfectly, and everything about him screamed beautiful.

“Darling, you’re honestly so beautiful.”

He paused, taking the sight of you in. You’d grown much thinner when he first saw you. One side of your face was swollen, and purple marks riddled your wrist. The clothes you were wearing were dirtied, but for him, you still looked amazing in them. He still remembered seeing you in that cafe.

Your hair framed your face perfectly, and the sunlight had hit you just right. That’s when he decided that he needed to save you. He didn’t want you to waste away just like what happened to the others. 

“Darling, you’re honestly so beautiful.”

You lunged at him. The chain restraining your foot was just long enough for you to tackle him. You took him by surprise, and you quickly pulled out the taser, turning it on. With all your force, you drove it to his side. His body shivered violently, and you had a few seconds before he came to. 

Quickly, you slipped your hand in his sweatshirt pocket and grabbed the key. You drove the taser to his side again, before slipping the key in the shackle. It opened up, and you bolted out the stairs.

You shut the door behind you. You looked for the nearest object you could block it with, and pushed a table on it. You spotted a bookshelf to the side, and it took you multiple times to bring it down. 

On the other side, Jungkook banged on the door. “Y/N, open this damn door right now!” His fists pounded against the wood and he kept yelling. “Why are you acting out like this?! We could help people together. We could save them!” 

You ignored his shrill cries and looked for a phone. You found your way to his living room and so one on a table. Your hands shook from your panic-filled state. You dialed Namjoon’s number and prayed for him to pick up. He did, on the first ring.

“Jagi? Oh my God, I was so worried about you. Where are you? I’ll alert the police right now, jagi send me your location.” With a quivering voice, you read the address Jungkook gave you out loud. He was still screaming in the background, and it sounded like he was almost out.

“Shit, I’m coming jagi. I’ll be there. I’ll bring you home.” 

“No you won’t!” Jungkook’s voice rang from the doorway. He stood outside, the table and shelf both parted. 

Day ???

“Mr. Jeon, you need to understand that my patient is extremely traumatized. Seeing you would only trigger her.” Jungkook hated hospitals. He hated the chemical scent they had. He hated the white walls peering at him all the time. But asylums were worse. Way worse.

“She’s my girlfriend! She’s been missing for months now, and I’ve never been so fucking worried before.” he exclaimed. The doctor stopped walking and turned to him. “Mr. Jeon, your girlfriend has been manipulated to believe that you were her assailant. If she sees you, she will break down again.”

Jungkook pulled at his hair and tears pricked his eyes. “Didn’t you explain everything to her? Did you miss out the part where the police found Namjoon strangling her?” He felt nothing but rage towards that name. When you got taken away from him, all he ever felt was fear and worry. “She would’ve been dead if it wasn’t for that call. And the worst part is he’s not even going to jail. He’s going to get locked up in another place like this, instead of paying for what he did to her. What he did to us.”

“Mr. Kim pleaded insanity at court. They have no choice but to oblige, especially since his personality disorder was confirmed. I’m really sorry, Mr. Jeon. We’re doing everything we can to cure Ms. Y/L/N, but based on what she recalls, everything is still jumbled to her. Until she’s gotten through enough counselling and enough medication, she’s going to remember you as her attacker, and Namjoon as her boyfriend. Please be patient.” with that, the doctor left him at the hall. 

He slid down the wall, feeling his knees give up on him. He felt like screaming until his lungs burst, punching something until his fists bled. He felt nothing but pure rage towards Namjoon. He didn’t even want to think about what happened to you. You looked so unhealthy when they found you. He even got to beat Namjoon up before the police had the chance to pry him off.

But he had to accept the fact that he can’t do anything to help you. All he can do was wait. Wait and pray that you sort the mess out in your mind. That you can be back in his arms again.

The Robron Break-Ups : A Definitive Guide (Part 3/Save Me)

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As we kick off with Part Three, we move out of the Pre-Manslaughter era and firmly into the… you know… the part where someone dies…. Warning: may involve a lot of yelling things in Robert Sugden’s general direction. Maybe there’s some name calling. It’s all done out of love.

But really, we’re getting to the juicy stuff now. I’m sure it will be great.

After all, you can’t spell ‘manslaughter’ without ‘laughter’.

I’ve made that joke so many times at this point, I’m sorry.

(I’m not)

Thank you, as always, for your incredibly kind words and likes and for reading these posts. This took… longer than expected. *cough*

Warning for discussions around outing queer characters, attempted suicide and self-harm. I’m mostly assuming you’ve all seen the storyline and know what to expect, but if you do need any specific things warned for, here or in future parts, please don’t hesitate to send me a message.

Anyway, without further ado, have 6,000 words of feelings…

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anonymous asked:

Hi even thought akafuri is my otp I'm a little hormonal at the moment so I gatta ask or prompt you can you make a sweet aomine and momoi moment that and can you add them like squabbling over potencial threesome partners sorry and thanks live your D:M series btw thanks bye!!!

Momoi likes tormenting Aomine with talk of potential threesomes, because it’s such a reliable way to torture him. He gets huffy and jealous and sulky, and really, these are all traits that he should experience every now and then considering all that she has to put up with in terms of his laziness and gravure magazine obsession.

“If only Ryou-kun was here,” she sighs, fanning herself, “He’d be a much more attentive boyfriend.”

Aomine just snorts. “You don’t actually want to date Ryou.”

Momoi keeps herself from scowling, although he isn’t cooperating this time. But he’s right—she doesn’t particularly want to date Sakurai Ryou, who is very much like her brother, any more than she actually ever wanted to date Kuroko. (She probably likes them for similar reasons. They would both be very considerate boyfriends.) “Or Seirin’s coach,” she says mercilessly, “I’ve always thought that only another girl would truly understand me. Or maybe even Wakamatsu-kun, he’s kind of sexy when he—”

Aomine moves—quick and yet languid like a panther; he’s on top of her, with his hands braced on the floor. He’s not touching her, but he does have her pinned and they’re so close she can feel his body warmth. And he’s looking oddly serious, for Aomine, staring deep into her eyes and he says, “Am I not enough for you, Satsuki?”

And oh that is not playing fair at all. He is super close and sexy and it’s doing terrible things to her pulse.

So she does the only reasonable thing and shoves a hand in his face and pushes, practically knocking him to the ground, getting up and storming away saying, “Stupid Dai-chan!”

A/N: Hope this helps, anon-friend! Sorry for the slight delay and the shortness– I wanted to write you something quickly and thus super short was all I could manage. Have a wonderful day!! =D

I've Got a Bad Case of Lovin' You (Kyungjeong one-shot)

Title: I’ve Got a Bad Case of Lovin’ You
Rating: T (language and implied sexual situations)
Pairing: Kyungil/Yijeong
Length: 1,800+
Notes: Um…. Hi.


Kyungil furrowed his brows and shifted in bed with an irritated moan, keeping his eyes shut against the light streaming in through the window. It sounded as if someone was waging a war in his bedroom, a war complete with spaceships and laser guns or whatever the hell that damnable zapping sound was. He moaned again and turned on his side, pulling the sheets over his head. It was loud and annoying and for some reason everything seemed louder and more annoying than usual. His squeezed his eyes tightly closed and realized that his head was throbbing, his body was aching, and he couldn’t breathe properly through his nose.

“Gotcha, sucker!”

At the voice, Kyungil slowly opened his eyes underneath his sheet-tent and after listening to another series of animatronic beeping noises, he sneezed. Then he groaned loudly, because it felt as if his head had just exploded.

“Kyungil-hyung?” The noises stopped and he took a deep breath, reveling in the silence despite his throbbing head. The sheets were pulled down and Kyungil growled softly, trying to shield his eyes from the sun, which was obviously an evil that was bent on blinding his already aching eyes.

“What?” he grumbled, attempting to burrow into his pillow. He felt a hand pressing his shoulder down so he couldn’t hide his face and then another one pushing his bangs aside to rest on his forehead. He was still for a minute since the hand was cool and soft and felt quite nice.

“You’re not as warm as before. I’m a better doctor than I thought!” Kyungil certainly felt much too warm yet at the same time too chilly. Finally he cracked his eyes open and focused blearily on none other than Jang Yijeong. Of course. Who else had the balls to be making such a racket in his room? Definitely not Jaeho since he scared the life out of the boy the last time he as much as dared step a foot inside Kyungil’s sacred dwelling.

“What are you doing here?” Kyungil asked grouchily, still foggy with sleep. Yijeong took his hand away and leaned down for a moment before straightening with an armful of the fluffy comforter that Kyungil must have kicked off sometime in his fitful sleep.

“You don’t remember last night?” Yijeong walked over to Kyungil’s chair and dropped the downy mass into it. Kyungil frowned. Chairs were for sitting, not for discarded bedding, especially bedding that could be to hide underneath from the satanic sunlight.


“Really? Well, in that case, here’s what happened: we went clubbing then you got drunk off your ass and went onstage. Embarrassed yourself by singing some really bad karaoke and then we ended up back here and we had some really kinky sex which involved some rope, handcuffs, and a whip.”

Kyungil paused for a minute, processing what he had heard, a good amount of that didn’t seem right at all. “Uh… yeah,” Yijeong said, nodding quickly at himself before continuing on. “I figured you wouldn’t be too happy waking up tied to the bedposts, so I untied you when you passed out.” The older of the two stared at him, deadpanned. Yijeong was a terrible liar.

“Uh-huh. That’s real cute, Yijeong. Now stop bullshitting me and tell me what really happened.” Yijeong wasn’t even old enough to go into a club. Kyungil wasn’t one for clubs anymore, whenever his friends would invite him, he’d tend to turn them down more often than naught. Yijeong plopped down on the floor with a grin and picked up his video game controller—so that’s what was making that horrid noise—before continuing. “We went to dinner since everyone else was out, you got drunk off your ass and then took a walk afterwards, and of course it rained right in the middle, but we didn’t care so we got wet. You said something about kissing in the rain being horribly romantic.”

“I did not,” Kyungil objected. “I’d never say something stupid like that.”

“Did so.” Yijeong whined. Kyungil scoffed in return. “Well, then, it was your fault—you probably made me drink too much.”

Yijeong giggled into his hand, “Alcohol seems to bring out the true you,” the younger says with a cute smile. Kyungil sat up and promptly sneezed before he could get his retort out. He rubbed his nose and scowled, then sneezed again. He said something in a half-mumble, half-moan as he pulled the sheets up and slipped back down in his bed, giving Yijeong the evil eye.

“You got me sick,” he complained, then gestured with a finger. “Why’d you bring that crap in here?”

Yijeong spluttered. “You’re calling my PS4 crap?”

“It’s noisy. Have you no respect for the ill?”

“You know, I think I liked you better last night when you were all drunk and cute and stuck on kissing in the rain.”

“I’m sick and I have a hangover,” Kyungil lamented. “And you’re an idiot.”

“Sihyoung-hyung says hangovers aren’t so bad, just drink some more alcohol and you’ll be fine.”

“That would be something that asshole would say.” Kyungil buried himself under the covers, sniffing pathetically and cursing his stuffy nose. He half-expected his good-for-nothing boyfriend to resume playing his mindless video games, but instead he felt a hand poking at the sheets. Kyungil lowered them slightly and peered out, his face set in a frown.

“Is widdle Kyung-illie feeling sicky-wicky?” Yijeong asked innocently in baby talk. He was kneeling at the bedside and all Kyungil could see was his head staring at him with enormous coppery eyes. If it wasn’t for him not being at the top of his game and his terrible weakness for Yijeong’s puppy-dog eyes he would have punched the younger boy in his stupid cute baby face.

“Why aren’t you sick?” he asked crabbily.

“I have something called an immune system. It works really well when you don’t lock yourself in the dance studio at all hours of the day and night and try to live off coffee,” he scolded lightly, then his eyes lit up. “I know! I’ll make you soup.”

“Oh, please don’t,” Kyungil moaned, picturing the kitchen in flames, he assumed by how quiet it was outside of his room that no one was around to supervise Yijeong’s cooking. The younger had already trotted off, oblivious to Kyungil’s severe apprehension.

The dancer heard him rummaging through the pots and pans and apparently picking the heaviest one he could find, for it landed on the stove with a huge bang. Kyungil pondered pulling the sheets over his head again and simply attempting sleep in a blissfully ignorant state, but knowing that Yijeong was about to cook made it impossible to do that, since only visions of the dorm in flames is all he could think about when closing his eyes. So Kyungil dragged himself out of bed and trudged toward the kitchen.

“What are you doing up? You’re supposed to get plenty of rest,” Yijeong admonished, tearing through the cabinets in search of noodles. Kyungil made a face. “Stop it, you’re making a mess.” He would end up being the one to clean it up later since he lived with a bunch of children and slobs, since Dokyun took one for the team and cleaned the bathroom this week.

“I haven’t started yet, hyung.” Yijeong spoke as if he were speaking to a slow child. “If I could just find where you keep the noodles… and those little bullion cubes…”

“Don’t try to cook,” Kyungil sighed. “Who knows how long it would take the company to find us a new place to live.” Yijeong turned the wounded kitten look to him, “I can cook!” His lower lip was trembling and Kyungil knew it was just for show, it was all an act…. One that he always fell for. So he just sighed and said, “Okay, but how about you try when my head doesn’t feel like someone sat on it?”

Yijeong’s features immediately brightened but he paused for a moment, eyeing the older boy, taking in the wretched look on his face. “Well…” Yijeong comes close and put his arms around the older boy and promptly snuggles his face into the crook of his shoulder. “You need me more than you need soup.”

Kyungil was about to say something kind of bullshit he knew would make Yijeong happy but he was cut off by being dragged further into the kitchen. Yijeong pushed himself up on his tip-toes, flung open a cabinet and groped around inside for a bit, ignoring Kyungil’s questions of ‘what the fuck are you doing?’.

“This stuff really works,” he said, holding up a bottle of blue liquid. Kyungil stared. “I haven’t taken liquid medicine since I was six. ” Yijeong pouted at those words up he unscrewed the top of the bottle anyways, “You’re going to take this!” He wandered over to the cutlery drawer and pulled out a tablespoon. He poured the thick bright colored liquid onto the spoon, then made airplane noises as he flew it around the dancer’s face. Kyungil made sure to give him his scariest glare when it finally reached his mouth, even though his glares only really work on Jaeho. He opened his mouth reluctantly and took the medicine, then proceeded to gag and hack up a lung in a gross sounding cough.

“Oh hell no! That’s fucking disgusting!” Yijeong looked at him blankly, “It’s medicine, what’d you expect?” Yijeong started to pour another dose, “One more~” But when he looks up Kyungil had made a mad dash out of the kitchen like the devil was after him. Yijeong shouted after him, dropping the spoon into the sink and making quickly after the other boy. “You only have half of what you need to get better!” He yells as he trails after Kyungil. The dancer was about to go to the bathroom and stick a finger down his throat to rid himself of the vile medicine he had just taken, but Yijeong ambushed him. The younger pulls him away from the bathroom, ignoring the sound glare Kyungil throws his way. He can only smile back the older boy for his antics, pink lips curling into a grin and eyes turning into cute crescents, Kyungil’s glare fades quickly at Yijeong’s bright smile. “You’re so crazy when you’re sick,” The younger laughs.

“I only get crazy when you give me horrible concoctions and claim they’ll make me better!” Kyungil shot back, then stopped when Yijeong brought his face close and gave him a kiss on the tip of his nose then promptly sweeps back in to give a gentle kiss on the lips. Kyungil’s eyes slid shut and hands immediately find Yijeong’s small waist, his annoyance dissipated for the most part. He tilts his head, going in a bit deeper and Yijeong’s opens up willingly, Kyungil takes the opportunity to slid his tongue. The leader’s hands tightened around Yijeong’s waist as they kissed as he leaned down, moving further into the kiss. He was already feeling lightheaded due to his wretched fever-hangover and when they finally broke apart, it took a moment for Yijeong’s face to come into focus.

“Ugh,” Yijeong said unappreciatively, grimacing dramatically. “That medicine does taste terrible.”

“Suffer more,” Kyungil said, pulling him back and capturing his lips again.

Joshler (with a hint of Kellic)

Word count: 2, 123

‘He’s such an adorable human,’ Tyler thought dreamily, head resting on his hand as he stared at Joshua Dun, a goofy smile on his face. 'He looks so cute with that red eyeshadow. I wish he wore it everyday, and that I could see it better.’ Tyler always had to sit at the back with the rest of the 'cool kids’ whereas Josh sat around the middle, not super eager, but also taking notes and rarely chatting to anyone.

“…Joseph. Mr Joseph!” The teachers stern voice called out. Tyler snapped out of his daze, his head shooting up, the sudden moving jerking him off balance, so he nearly fell out of his chair. Everyone was looking at him, including Josh, which probably meant he had seen him staring at him with a stupid, love-struck expression on his face. “If you are quite done staring at Mr Dun, you can answer question 5.” Okay, Tyler was pretty sure teachers couldn’t say things like that. He could feel a blush rising up his neck as the students around him sniggered. Josh looked embarrassed as well, but he was smirking almost confidently. Tyler could be confident too - he was expected to be confident.

“What if I’m not quite done? Frankly, I could stare all day,” Tyler said before he could think twice, ending his comment with a wink directed at Josh. His classmates seemed both amused and confused. Tyler didn’t blame them, nobody knew he was gay. Hell, Tyler didn’t even know if he was gay. Josh was just really pretty.

The teacher wasn’t amused by his comment and gave an irritated 'humph’ before speaking up again. “Mr Joseph, I’m sure everyone would appreciate it if you separated your personal life with your school work, and you answered question number 5!” The teacher seemed mad. And it didn’t seem as if she was going to calm down - the page Tyler was on didn’t even have questions.

“Er… What page are we on?” Tyler asked sheepishly, the teachers glare becoming furious.
“Which page are you on, Mr Joseph?” The teacher demanded, and Tyler quickly checked his page number.

“Number 263?” He hoped he wasn’t too far behind. From the snickers that followed his accidental question, he assumed his hopes were moot.

“We’re up to page 394. We changed unit during class, as we finished the unit on World War II, unless you’re still having trouble with that, Mr Joseph,” the teachers voice had gone scarily calm.

“No, sorry. I was, um, distracted,” Tyler said, cringing. The class were amused by the scene, and Tyler could feel himself beginning to blush. He was meant to be the cool, confident guy who hung out with the jocks and dated the hot girls. He was meant to be pro at everything, and answer the teacher cockily when called one. But really, he was only a pro at imperfections. He was insecure, and couldn’t handle speaking out to teachers. He cared to much what people thought.

“Lovely display during History, dear Tyler. I thoroughly enjoyed it,” Vic said, smirking, as he slid into the seat opposite Tyler in the cafeteria. Tyler groaned loudly, resting his head on the table as the rest of the guys came over.

“Shut up,” Tyler moaned, his voice distorted slightly due to the table. “I couldn’t help it. He’s so cute, I wanna lick his face.”

“That’s really weird,” Jack commented, snagging Alex’s Apple juice and switching it out for his orange.

“Why don’t you just ask him out?” Vic asked, craning his neck to try and spot Josh in the sea of students spread out through the cafeteria.

“Don’t be ridiculous, there’s no way he would say yes. I barely even know him.”

“Dude, you’ve been pining over him for months now. Don’t even try to deny it,” Vic added on when he saw Tyler raise his head and open his moth to interrupt him. “Ask him out.”

“Yeah, right,” Tyler huffed. “I’ll ask him out if you ask out his friend that you keep talking about.” Tyler was sure that Vic wouldn’t ask out Kellin. He had had the opportunity enough times, and never did. There was no chance.

“Fine,” Vic said stubbornly, standing up. “Only to prove how good of a friend I am. I am facing possible rejection to get you a boyfriend.” With that, he marched over to where Kellin and Josh were sitting, having spotted them when trying to seek out Josh.

“I can’t believe this,” Mike, Vic’s brother, muttered. “I try for weeks to convince him to ask out Kellin, and you manage it in one sentence.” Nobody was really paying attention to Mike though. All eyes were on Vic - and not just from their table. Vic had, for some crazy reason, decided that a dramatic serenade was key to Kellin going out with him, and was in the process of thoroughly amusing everyone on the surrounding tables. It wasn’t that Vic had a bad voice - his voice was actually quite brilliant. It was just that Vic seemed to think that 'Never Gonna Give You Up’ by Rick Astley was the perfect choice for the situation. Kellin looked horrified, whereas Josh seemed to be trying to contain his laughter, unlike everyone at Tyler’s table, who were nearly crying with laughter. Tyler wished he could see the funny side, but this meant that Tyler had to ask out Josh.

Vic came back not too long after, a smug look on his face, although Tyler hadn’t heard him finish the song.

“Guess who has a date this Friday,” he said, not even bothering to phrase it as a question.
“How did you manage that?” Jack demanded, wiping away the last of his tears from laughing so hard.

“He said that he would go on as many dates as it took for me to stop.” Tyler snorted, unable to help himself, making Vic turn to him.

“Your turn, lover boy. Get your pretty ass over there and ask Josh for his hand in marriage.” Tyler’s stomach dropped, the nerves too much. He never should have made that deal.

“Not now,” he said cautiously. “Not with everyone around. I don’t want it to be too embarrassing when he says no and crushes my soul.” So the rest of the guys allowed Tyler some time to figure out how to get Josh on his own. Although, as it turns out, that wasn’t difficult in the slightest.

“Hey, wanna make out?” Josh asked, Tyler only noticing him when he closed his locker, having just pulled out his maths text book. Tyler just stared at him for a moment.

“What?” He asked, sure he had misheard.

“Well, you know, you kept staring at me during history, so I figured you would be cool with skipping maths as well. At least this time you can actually act on your impossibly unending lust for me,” Josh smirked.

“I - I don’t have an impossibly unending-” Tyler spluttered before being cut off.

“Anyway, there’s an empty janitors closet not far from here, not to be cliche or anything, but I’m totally up for going there to make out. You up for it?” As if Tyler could say no.

“Fuck,” Tyler groaned as Josh bit his neck slightly, running his tongue over the mark immediately after. “Lips, now.” Tyler knew it wasn’t the hottest thing he could be saying during a make out session, but he needed Josh to go back to kissing him. Which he thankfully did. Josh nibbled on Tyler’s bottom lips, making Tyler groan into his mouth. Tyler fought for dominance as Josh pressed his tongue into his mouth, but gave up quickly and let Josh do whatever he wanted. He wasn’t objecting to anything that was going on. Tyler was suddenly very aware of Josh’s hand, which was inching towards Tyler trousers. He ran his hand over the bulge in his trousers, making Tyler let out an embarrassing whimper. Josh grinned at him and moved his hand to undo the button of his trousers. Tyler nodded slightly, letting Josh know that it was okay.

The door burst open as Josh was pulling down Tyler’s fly. The vice principle burst in, face purple with rage. “You two!” He yelled, pointed a threatening finger towards Tyler and Josh. Tyler was horrified, and scrambled to do his pants back on, whereas Josh looked bemused. Nothing really seemed to bother Josh. “With me!” The vice principle marched out of the janitors closet, Tyler and Josh having no choice but to follow him. It was painfully obvious what they had been doing, with their ruffled hair and partially unbuttoned shirts, and the giant hickey Tyler had left on Joshed neck. He had been quite proud of it at the time.

To make matters even worse, the classes had been dismissed, so most, if not all, students were in the hallways, and got to watch as Tyler and Josh were marched to the principles office. The vice principle led them through a route that passed right by Tyler’s friends, who were obviously able to put two and two together, and let out loud wolf whistles as the two students passed by them. Tyler was quick to flip them off, an act that was thankfully unseen by the vice principle.

They soon reached the principle, who seemed unreasonably appalled by their actions.
“I’m going to have to call in your parents,” the principle said, seeming almost sorry about it. For the first time since meeting him, Josh looked uneasy.

“No, please, Mr Henroach, my parents don’t know that I’m gay. I don’t want them to find out this way,” Josh pleaded. Tyler hadn’t even thought of that. He didn’t know how his mother was going to react to the fact that he was caught making out with a guy. He could only hope she wasn’t too mad.

Tyler’s mother may have been the most embarrassing parent that anyone could ever have. She had sat there, with the principle, her son, Josh, and Josh’s parents, and laughed herself into a state of tears when she heard what Tyler had done. Tyler hid his face in his hands, groaning weakly.

“Well,” Kelly said, wiping under her eyes and attempting to fix her make up. “I suppose I owe your father $5.”

“You bet on - oh my god,” Tyler muttered, sliding down further in his chair. Josh’s parents didn’t seemed amused with how Kelly was acting.

“I’m disappointed that you didn’t tell us you have a boyfriend,” Josh’s mother said. Josh looked guilty, and shot a look at Tyler, who knew what it meant. No need to make the situation worse by telling Josh’s mother that they weren’t dating, they just nearly had sex in a janitors closet. Tyler caught his mothers eye, who seemed to know exactly what was going on somehow, and found it hysterical.

“I insist on having - Tyler, is it? - over for dinner soon. If he’s important enough to miss school for, he is obviously important enough to meet us formally.” Great. Tyler would have to go through an uncomfortable dinner with Josh’s family, who assumed they were dating.

“Well, that’s something that can be arranged another time. Tyler and Josh won’t be facing a suspension, but this is their first and only warning, and they will have to partake in a weeks worth of detentions,” the principle explained. Tyler thought it was a little harsh, and his mother seemed to as well, but Josh’s father was nodding, agreeing with what the principle was saying.

The parents thanked the principle and left, bidding their children goodbye, and having a discussion on their way out, most likely about Tyler going to Josh’s house for dinner. Tyler and Josh were dismissed and instructed to go to their classes - actually, this time.

There was a slight awkward moment as the two boys made their way to their respective classes, which were thankfully close to each other.

“So, uh, we might as well date now, mightn’t we?” Josh asked, slightly nervously. Tyler nodded slightly.

“Yeah, I mean, our parents already think we are. The school has some information. May as well,” Tyler shrugged, trying not to look too eager. Josh looked relieved. They arrived at Tyler’s class, and stopped outside the door.

“I’ll give you my number next time I see you,” Josh said, and Tyler nodded. There was a slight awkward moment before Josh pecked Tyler’s lips and turned. Tyler grinned and turned towards the door, hand on the handle. “Wait, Tyler. Why did you keep staring at me during class?” Josh was smirking again. He obviously knew some variation of Tyler’s answer, but seemed to be seeking confirmation.

“Because you’re a really fucking adorable human.”

He’s A Keeper (Minho x Reader)

Character: Minho

Fandom: Maze Runner 

Categories: Reader Insert, Female!Reader

Title: He’s a Keeper

Requested by anonoymous: 

Minho oneshot pease? Maybe like they flirt and are really sassy with each other and it’s a fun relationship, all the gladers see how he likes her and so on. One day he’s helping her train with combat and running and stuff in general. Maybe they have the kinda cliched fall over on top of each other or something?. And then like cuteness and maybe a glader interrupts their adorkable moment and the teasing starts worse than ever or something?


A/N: Sorry if this one’s short and it kind of sucks. I’ll hopefully edit it later to make it better. I hope you like it!

I was calmly carrying a crate of onions to the kitchen, leaning the box in my waist, when someone picked me up from behind.

It scared me, so I let out a long high-pitched scream.

“How is my favourite girl doing?” That slinthead Minho…

“Having a shuck heart attack!” I exclaimed once he put me down again and clutching my hand to my chest.

Minho smirked at me, his expression of pure pride because he managed to surprise me. It didn’t happen often.

“You dropped this” He bent down to pick up the onions and handed them to me.

“Really, Minho? I didn’t notice” I sarcastly said, quickly filling the crate again after I snatched the onions from his hands.

Minho chuckled and helped me steady the box as we both stood up.

“Minho!” Thomas called him from the Doors.

“Gotta run” Minho gave me a wink and jogged to join his fellow Runner.

I watched him until he reached Thomas. I was surprised to see him pushing Thomas in annoyance, so hard that he actuallly fell, and leaving him in the floor as he ran into the Maze by himself.

Thomas stood up and brushed himself off before he followed, and I wondered what Thomas said to madden Minho.


I helped Alby gather the last of the supplies sent by the Creators, but for some reason I was eating my head. I knew Minho could be a little hot-heated at times, but Thomas was one of his closest friends, why would he react so aggressively towards him? It didn’t seem like the usual horseplay.

“Are you listening to me, Y/N?” Alby asked me, waving his hand in front of my face to catch my attention.


Alby patiently sighed and handed me a little transparent box that contained medical supplies.

“Med-Jacks” He repeated thoroughly.

I nodded and put the box aside, separating it from the supplies from the Cooks, Builders, Track-Hoes and the rest.

“Are you training with Minho today?” He asked me of a sudden, handing me the last box.

“Oh, yeah, I forgot about that” I slightly shrugged. “I guess I am”

Minho and I trained every day. 

It was his idea, he insisted on teaching me how to run and fight. He said that not only it would keep both of us in shape –like the Keeper of the Runners needed to train to be in shape, but whatever- but I could use some extra practical knowledge on the subject.

I often told him that it was not necessary, that I could defend myself even if I needed to, that I didn’t. Nothing ever happened in the Glade, luckily.

Honestly, I thought it was a waste of his time because he could only train with me after his daily run, and he was exhausted then. But no matter how many times I told him I didn’t want to tire him even more, he was insistent.

Alby grinned a little and then nodded at me.

“Then tell Newt to help me finish, Minho should be back soon”

I stared at him, suspicious of the tone he used. Like he was so amused by our routine.


As I walked away to look for Newt, I saw that grin still plastered on Alby’s face. What the shuck was going through his head?


“Are you a Runner?” Minho giggled before he could even finish the sentence. “Because you’ve been running through my mind all day”

Lately, he had been telling me stupid pick-up lines, trying to get me to like any of them.

I would have laughed at that one if I didn’t notice how tired he was. His movements were slow and I could see he felt heavy and clusmy. He was even a bit out of breath.

I just wanted him to go the shuck to sleep, but there he was, still training with me. The slinthead.

“Get it? Because I’m literally a Runner?” He insisted, laughing at his own made up pick-up line.

“I get it, I’m not stupid” I huffed at him, leaning my fists over my waists and staring at him. “Will you focus on the training?”

“Why are you so damn grumpy, Y/N?”

“Because you’re exhausted, that’s why” He rolled his eyes at me, fed up with my constant tries to stop. But I was used to that kind of behavior from him, so I just continued speaking. “And you keep wanting to train with me”

“I just want to make sure you’re ready for whatever the shuck could happen, shuck face!”

He put a hand up in the air, his palm facing me. I knew he wanted me to throw a kick to his hand, as usual, to test me.

So I did, exerting all the strength I could in the motion.

Minho opened his eyes wide, taken aback by the way I kicked.

“Other leg” He just ordered, still with the same hand up.

I shifted the weight of my body from one foot to the other and prepared to hit him again. I looked at him for a moment, noticing he had been acting weirdly.

“If you were a Griever, I’d let you sting me” Minho snapped, he probably just thought about that one literally a second ago. He smiled at himself for that pick-up line.

I frowned at him, trying to figure out what he was thinking. Boys were so weird sometimes…

Somehow, that one phrase had surprised me. Maybe I was just too centered in my own thoughts.

“Yeah! That one shocked you!” My friend curled up the corner of his mouth and threw his fist up in celebration.

Just at that moment, I had swung my leg towards his hand, but he had moved it and I stumbled forward.

Minho’s quick reflexes saved me, though. He was fast enough to hold on to my hips to try and steady me, but my strength threw him off balance. Not to mention his reflexes weren’t at his best being so tired.

We wobbled a litle, trying not to fall, but it was useless. The both of us landed on the floor, me on top of him.

“That was one hell of a kick” He laughed, putting my hair away from his face.

“What the shuck is the matter with you?” I snapped at him, hitting my palms against his shoulders.


I knew that he would have scolded me for losing concentration and for putting too much energy into one simple movement. He always did that, why not now too?

“You’re acting differently to me” I sternly stared into his dark eyes to pressure him into telling me.

“Nothing!” The Runner quickly mumbled, shaking his head.

With a sigh, I rolled my eyes and supported myself with my hands on the ground at either sides of Minho’s head to stand up.

“Do you really want to know?” His hands tightened around the small of my back, preventing me from standing up.

His voice finally sounded serious.

“Yes” I comfortably leaned on his broad chest since I felt his hands firmly holding me down.

“Are you sure?”

“Yes!” I exclaimed, attempting to express through my glare how sure I was.

I squealed when his hands squeezed my hips whilst his lips attacked mine in a passionate kiss.

“You’re too dumb to realize how much I like you, shuck face” Minho finally said once he was satisfied with the length of the kiss.

“I’m… I’m not dumb…” I managed to babble despite the surprise. “In any case, you’re the dumb one!”

Minho smiled at how flustered I was and brought one of his hands up to keep my hair off his face. He leaned in again and I noticed this time, so I did too.

Our lips were brushing each other, and we smiled in anticipation. But something stopped us.

“I knew you liked each other, but you’re literally all over Minho, Y/N” Thomas towered over us, admiring the scene with a delighted smile.

“I thought I told you to watch it, you shank” Minho only told him.

Then I realized why Minho had pushed his friend like that. 

If the reason why Minho behaved differently towards me was because he liked me, the reason why he pushed Thomas could be the same. Thomas must have been teasing him about liking me, it all made sense now.

I jumped to my feet so Minho could push himself up too. I stared at Thomas, knowing he was going to get it if he didn’t stop it.

“I’m not afraid of you, slinthead” Thomas mockingly told his friend. “And you seemed too busy with Y/N there to bother-“

He shut up when Minho threw him that mean glare he usually reserved for Gally. And Thomas started running fast, honoring his Runner title.

“I’ll be back in a while and we’ll carry on with that” Minho calmly held on to the straps of his usual running attire.

“With the training or the kissing?” I laughed, absently watching Thomas far ahead already.

“The kissing, obviously” And then, he went after Thomas.

Of course, he caught up with him in no time.


‘You may not be Alby, but you sure are the leader of my heart’ I laughed out loud at the cheesy note Minho left for me.

We had been going out for around a week now, and he used to leave me notes before he went into the Maze. Minho knew it upset me to wake up without him there with me, so he’d just scribble a quick note to remind me that he actually lied next to me even if I was too slept to notice.

And since he left when the Doors opened, which was really soon, it reassured me to see a note first thing when I woke up.

I saved that note with the rest and, like always, smiled when I saw the one from the day before. ‘Minho was here ;)’

Most of the times, he’d leave me a sappy pick-up line ironically. Sometimes, I knew he enjoyed the sappiness of a few of them even if he wouldn’t admit it.

“Which bloody corny one was it this time?” Newt was at the door, waiting for me to get out.

“This one was actually really cute” I passed him the piece of paper with Minho’s rushed handwriting and he snorted through his nose in laughter.

“He’s a Keeper after all” Newt assured with a loop-sided grin, giving me back the note.

“Did you just…?” I began, but he smirked and I knew that pun was intended. Damn Newt.

I started laughing out loud along with him.

“Yes he is” I agreed as I followed him into the Glade.

I’m with you, doll (Sebastian Stan x reader)

Originally posted by suicidessquad

Note: Now, I know I don’t usually write for celebrities, etc. But I’m doing this for a good reason, alright? And it’s for my friend, my lovely @whotheeffisbucky​, so yeah. Babe, I know you asked me to write a Bucky drabble for you, but I was doing my daily visit to your blog and I can tell that you’re having a bad time lately so I decided to write this using Seb instead of Bucky, hope you don’t mind. Also, feel better soon, we’re here with you, and we love you (and when I say “we” I’m talking about me, your readers and Seb).

Sebastian entered the room with a couple of medicines on his hand and a glass of water. He gave you the tablets, a tiny smile and crawled in the bed, lying next to you.

“I just ordered a pizza for us. It will be here in about 30 minutes.”

You nodded, taking the medicines, drinking the water and putting the glass on the nightstand. You then curled on Sebastian’s chest, hiding your face on his neck. It was a lazy Saturday, and for your luck, Sebastian was at home due to an event that was cancelled. You had been with a flu for the whole week now, not to mention how bad you were feeling lately about everything, so you were needing someone to be with you. You were needing him.



“Do you wanna talk?”

You sighed. No, you didn’t want to talk. You didn’t know how to.


“I don’t know… about everything, I guess.”, he said. You looked at him, only to find him staring the ceiling. “You’ve been a little stressed and sad for a couple of days now, and you’re sick. I thought we could talk about this.”

“First of all, I’m getting better, alright? It was just a stupid flu, plus autumn just arrived, so there was nothing I could do!”, you exclaimed, sitting on bed. “Second, I’m fine. I mean… yeah, I’ve been down lately, but I’ll be okay. I promise. I can handle this alone, I think.”

Sebastian looked at you, his face filled with concern. His fingers went to your back, caressing your skin slowly.

“You know you don’t have to, doll. I’m with you. I know you’re stubborn enough to handle this all on your own, but you don’t have to. Whenever you’re feeling sad, stressed, anxious, or whatever, just remember that I’m here, okay? You can count on me. You can count on a lot of people, actually.”

You smiled, playfully rolling your eyes.

“I’m just sick, stop making look like I’m having a breakdown.”

“It’s totally okay if you are.”, he laughed. “But I know you, (Y/N), I know something’s up. You don’t have to tell me. Just… just know that I love you.”

You blushed, lying on bed beside him again, cuddling Sebastian and closing your eyes.

“I love you too, Seb.”

skaikrubbellamy-deactivated2015  asked:

Can I just request a Bellamy x reader imagine? Something where maybe she goes out searching for something and he panics because he can't find her? So when she comes back he's a wreck, and he has to keep himself from yelling at her because he was so scared? Just a really cute, scared, worried Bellamy

Loved your request! The feels are strong with this one. Poor Bellamy.


Losing you (Bellamy x Reader)

“Where is (Y/N)?”

Abby didn’t even look up from her work. “I”m busy Mr. Blake, come back later.”

He ignored her response and walked further into the medical room. “I’m not leaving until you tell me where she is.”

“What makes you think I know?” Abby asked, still focused on disinfecting a patient’s wound.

Bellamy ran a hand through his hair, his voice shaking with worry. “Because I’ve been looking for her for hours and Raven told me she was helping you. If she’s not with you, where is she?”

“I have no idea, I’m sorry. She did spend some time assisting me this morning but I haven’t seen her in a while and she didn’t mention where she went.” She answered calmly. “I’m sure she’s perfectly fine, there’s no need to worry.”

Bellamy stormed out of the room, too angry to argue further. No need to worry? Really? You were missing and everyone seemed to brush it off like it was nothing. What if you’d been captured or worse, killed?

The mere idea of it brought tears to his eyes. He couldn’t stand the idea of living without you. You were the only thing that made life on the ground bearable. No matter how bad a day he had, it all faded away if he could hold you at the end of it.
Images of you flooded his mind. Your smile, your sleeping form next to him, the way you danced around the fire on your first night on the ground, immediately catching his eye…what if he never saw you again and you died not knowing he loved you? To be fair, you probably knew it, but the thought that he never said the words to you made him want to hit himself. How could he be so stupid?

“Bellamy?” The voice made him freeze, putting a stop to his frenetic pacing. He turned around, staring at the face he thought he’d never see again. “Bells, are you okay? What happened?”

Anger washed over him and he had to use all his strength not to shout. “What happened? You disappeared (Y/N)! I’ve been looking for you all day, I thought something happened!”

You were filled with guilt at the sight of him. He looked like a complete wreck. Was it really all because of you?
You stepped closer and wrapped your arms around him, resting your head on his chest. “I’m so sorry, I had no idea…I just went to look for medicinal plants for Abby, I saw she was running low. I should have told you. I’m sorry.”

You felt Bellamy nod before burying his face in your hair, breathing in deeply. “I love you (Y/N). I love you so much and I was afraid I’d never get to tell you.”

You raised you head and pushed your lips against his in a rushed, passionate kiss.
It didn’t last long enough for his taste but as you pulled away, your forehead still resting against his, you finally said the only words he wanted to hear.
“I love you too.”


This was requested by an anon. It’s a Hotch x Reader where reader has to bait an unsub and she gets shot and afterwards in the hospital Hotch feels guilty because he was the one who suggested she baited the unsub. I hope you like it! Thanks! :)

“Well, y/n looks a lot like the unsub’s previous targets. What if we use her to lure the unsub out?” Hotch suggested to the team

“You mean like bait?” You asked

He nodded, “I guess you could call it that.”

You were very hesitant of the idea. It was a good idea and all, but if it were to go wrong somehow, it would end very, very badly. You had profiled the unsub as ruthless. If he found out that you were a Fed that had been sent out to catch him, he would most definitely kill you in the most painful way possible as some sort of message to the rest of the team. You had to be very careful.

Eventually, you reluctantly agreed. It was the most structured plan that had the most likely chance of working you guys had come up with. You were still worried, but you decided to take one for the team and do it anyway. Besides, if you did get in some sort of trouble, you could handle yourself pretty well.

JJ and Emily helped you pick out a bright red party dress that sparkled and accentuated your curves. It would definitely catch the unsub’s attention, and that was what you wanted to happen in order to catch him.

The team met in Hotch’s hotel room to discuss the plan one last time and to make sure that everything was in place so that nothing would go wrong.

You, Emily, and JJ all walked to his room together. The other two girls wore all black to disguise themselves against the dark night. Your vibrant outfit was a stark contrast against their dreary clothing. When Hotch opened the door to allow the three of you to enter his apartment, you noticed him stop. His eyes raked over your stunning appearance before he caught himself and returned to normal, welcoming you and the other girls into his apartment. The action did not go unnoticed by you or the girls, but nobody said anything about it.

Soon, all seven members of the team, excluding Garcia, had arrived in Hotch’s room. You discussed the plan, making sure that there were as few kinks in the plan as possible. By the time you completely reexplore every single aspect of the plan and everybody is as confident as possible with it, it was time to finally set the plan into action.

Everybody loaded into an inconspicuous company van and rolled to the club that you had deduced the unsub would hit next. You were wired and ready to go. Your pulse was racing and your nerves were on fire. You had that fiery, uneasy feeling that you get when something bad is going to go down soon pooling in your stomach. Nevertheless, you ignored the troubled feeling, and nervously exited the van.

You were jumpy and anxious, but your uneasiness was masked by a heavy facade of confidence that you did not actually feel one bit. You took one poised step after another, head held high in the air. As you walked to the front of the boisterous club, a number of men wolf-whistled as you passed. You could hear your team members whispering to one another in your ear on the microphone while they sat together in the van parked out front.

You entered the club, ducking in and out between clusters of people packed inside the club, heading toward the bar. You signaled the bartender and ordered a gin and tonic, and slowly sipped it, scanning the loaded room surrounding you in search of the unsub.

You waited for nearly an hour before you caught your first sight of him. He was scanning the crowd just as you were, only he was searching for his next victim while you were searching for exactly the opposite.

It was time to move in.

You fixed your dress and straightened your hair down one last time before approaching the man. You sauntered up to him, dramatically swaying your hips. The sheerness of your dress was hit by the light in just the right way. You looked glowing, radiant. It was inevitable for the unsub to notice you. After all, you were exactly his type and you looked amazing.

You danced over so that you were only a few yards away from him. You looked over at him and batted your eyelashes, taking a slow sip of your drink. Soon, his gaze rose and met your own. You immediately wanted to throw up. You felt so dirty and gross just looking at the belligerent being. But you had a job to do.

You looked pointedly at him as if to question if the man was actually looking at you. Then, you looked down to your feet timidly as if you had not expected that very person to notice you at all. He carefully made his way over to you and offered you a drink which you politely accepted.

The two of you sat down and started to strike a conversation. You tried to get him to admit to something, anything. After a little while, he started to question your constant inquiries. He leaned in as if he was about to whisper in you ear.

Then, he threatened you, letting you know that he had a gun held to you underneath the table. You felt your bones chill, your body shiver. You straightened up and spoke back, lacing the code into your sentences, letting your team know that they needed to get into the club. Now.

Within only a few short moments, agents were storming the club. Innocent party goers shrieked and ran amuck, scattering like cats in water. Your team located you and carefully approached the unsub. He now held the gun to your head and you could feel your heart beating in your throat, pumping faster and faster. You knew that you had had that troubled gut feeling for a reason. This was that reason.

Hotch took a brave step toward the unsub and he pressed the gun harder against your temple, daring anybody to take just another step closer. But Hotch did. He moved closer and closer, speaking confidently yet slowly and calmly. He somehow managed to convince the unsub to lower his weapon away from you for just a moment. But then, he realized what he was doing and moved to bring the gun back up to your head. In an instant, a shot rang out in the now empty club.

The unsub crumpled lifelessly to the ground. You tumbled with him, clutching onto your arm and shrieking in pain. Hotch immediately rushed toward you to make sure that you were alright. You weren’t paying attention, though. All that you could do was stare at the lifeless body collapsed on the floor beside you.

The next few hours were a long blur, induced by the drugs given to you by the doctors and the trauma from the situation. You were handed off from doctor to doctor, nurse to nurse, where you finally landed in a hospital room surrounded by your friends. As soon as you were settled in, you drifted into a dreamless void of sleep.

When you woke up, there were much fewer people filling your hospital room. The only person was a sleeping Hotch who lay fast asleep in one corner, slumped down in a chair. You cleared your throat, testing your strength. At the noise, Hotch awoke, surprised to find you awake and well.

You smiled happily at him as if you had not just been shot. He smiled back sadly at him and you instantly knew that something was wrong. The sad individual that was slouched in a hospital room was a stark difference to the man that had been discreetly checking you out earlier that night. He seemed so much sadder, so lessened.

“What’s wrong, Hotch?” You asked him, concerned

He shrugged and gave a not-so-convincing smile in response, “Nothing, y/n. I’m fine. Really.”

You narrowed your eyes suspiciously at him. You wanted to know the truth about his sudden drastic change of feelings. You did not move. You knew that if you just stayed quiet he would be too discouraged not to talk. So, you just stared defiantly at him, waiting for him to notice.

Sure enough, the disencouraging sound of your silence quickly caused the absence of noise to cease.

“Well, y/n, I guess I just feel really guilty for not saving you in time. Because of me, you are jammed into a hospital room.

"Hotch, there is absolutely no reason to apologize. Really. I get it. You have nothing to feel guilty for.” You smiled encouragingly at him. Then you smirked mischievously at him, recalling the moment in the doorway of his hotel room. Your inhibitions were virtually nonexistant due to the drugs you had been admitted. You were braver than usual, more susceptible to doing stupid things.

You reached a hand up and cupped his cheek in your hand, still grinning, “Maybe you can make it up to me one day by taking me out to coffee or something?”

He was thrown off by the unexpected answer. At first, he said nothing, just stared incredulously at you in disbelief. But then, his face lit up. “I would love to, y/n. It’s the least I could do. After all, I got you shot.”

You were both smiling like idiots. You did not have another care in the world.

The next day, you had marginally less drugs in your system and most of the day was spent being awkward, not quite sure if you still wanted to go dinner or if you even remembered it. But you did, you remembered it so well and you were so glad that you did indeed ask him out. Under normal circumstances, you were to shy to start anything with him.

Over your first date, you and Hotch had a blast. You had a long, honest chat about why he should not feel guilty for your pain. In reality, he had saved you. You may have been in minimal pain, but if you were completely gone, dead, then you would not have had been feeling much pain at all. You much preferred the former.

Despite Hotch’s regrets, you felt no repentance toward him. You cared for him and he cared for you and the incident brought the two of you closer than ever before. It was a good thing that you had been bait.

You got the bad guy and you got Hotch.


Kawaii Kitty [Kota x Reader]

Lemon ahead. Lemon ahead. I alert you lemon ahead. Kind of long. If you do not enjoy reading sexy stuff don’t read this!!!! XD

I fiddle with my pencil as I stare at my empty notebook on my desk. Hmmm… . I retied my hair up in a bun and sighed, standing up from my chair. I’ll just lie down and think. Good thing it’s only 2:38 P.M. I spread my arms open and jump on the bed like a starfish. I sighed into my blanket.

“Uh… ?”

Huh? Who’s that?! I crane my head towards the door and see Kota there, staring at me with an expression that literally reads ‘WTF?’.

“K-Kota?!” I sit up properly and felt my cheeks burn.

“Did I just see you become a starfish?” He questions teasingly. I awkwardly laugh and scratch my head.

“I guess?”

“Pfft!” Kota chortles, his shoulders shaking violently. He bends down, holding his stomach, laughing hysterically?

“So what if I want to be a starfish?!” I say, crossing my arms, pouting. “At least I’m not a cat…an evil, tsundere cat… ,” I mutter under my breath.

“What was that?” He sharply asks. I sit up straight and smile innocently.

“Nothing… .” I stand up and clap my hands. “So, watcha doing here? Need help with rehearsing?” I question, waving my arms around.

“Ugh, Revance does not need another jellyfish,” Kota mutters.

“Jellyfish?!” I shout.

“You don’t need to shout… .”

“What?!” I shout again.

“Be quiet.”


“I said-” I cut Kota off.




“Oh my lo–!”


“I’m leaving,” Kota mutters and leaves. When the door closes, I crack up silently to myself while clapping.

“Oh my lord, that was fun. Hahhh,” I happily sigh and get back to my desk.

-4 hours later-

“STOP! DON’T TOUCH ME!” I jump at the sudden shout and look around.

“But, Ko, you have to if you wanna make her happy!” Nagito’s voice shouts childishly. I move some hair that’s stuck to my face and rub my face, tiredly.

“Ugh. Let me go check downstairs,” I mutter, walking out of my door and down the stairs, quietly.

“She could come any minute!” Kota shouts.

“Even better,” Nagito replies. I silently walk into the living room and yawn.

“Well, she’s here… ,” Takashi mumbles.

“Yea, why are you guys sh–!” As soon as I look at Kota my heart begins to race. Oh. My. God.

“Oh, [Name]! What do you think about my outfit for Kota?!” Nagito questions, but his voice seems so far away. I stare at Kota and could feel my heart literally thumping out of my chest.

Kota was in a kitty costume, whiskers painted on his handsome chiseled face.

-Day dream-

“Kota, let’s go for a walk!”

Kota takes my hand and his tail wraps around my waist. Just me and my neko boyfriend. I smile lovingly at Kota, who also smiles back. His face draws closer…

“[Name]!” I flinch and find Kota in front of me, his cheeks pink. “Stop daydreaming about stupid things!”

“I-I’m not. It’s just you look so kawaii,” I blurt, poking his cheek. His ears and face turned all red, making me laugh a little.

“Hey, don’t leave me out of this! What do you think, [Name]?” Nagito jumps in, excitedly. I smile and poke Kota’s cat ears.

“I think it’s really kawaii…maybe too kawaii. You can’t look, Nagito!!!” I shout, turning Nagito around.

“But, Takashi can?!” Nagito yells.

I crane my head towards the kitchen where Takashi is eating Froot Loops, listening to his headphones. “He doesn’t even care.”

“Hey, [Name] you’re still touching Nagito… ,” Kota mutters sourly. I nod.

“Of course! If I let go, he’ll turn around and get to see my kawaii boyfriend!” I say and pout.

“H-hey, you don’t have to say that!” Kota says, embarrassed.

“Fine, I promise not to look. Happy?”

“You better not, Nagi!” I let him go and he face plants on the couch. His left hand waves at us as if to say 'go away’. “We’re going upstairs, Kota!” I announce and drag Kota along with me.

-In Kota’s room-

“Hey, you didn’t have to embarrass me back there… ,” I mutter, sitting on the bed with his head on my lap. I play with his cat ears that look literally glued onto his head. “Did Nagito glue this onto your head?” I ask, snickering.

“More like nailed it through my skull,” he mutters, his cheeks tinting red. I pull the cat ears and his eyebrows twitch. “… .”

“You’re so cute, Kota. You’re my kawaii kitty,” I gush tracing his facial features. My index finger traces his eyes, his nose, his jaw, his cheeks, and finally my favorite, his delicious lips. (I realize I just removed the whiskers on his face…oh well.)

“Kawaii kitty?” My index finger moves when his lips move, making me feel a bit excited. Now, I’m wondering, getting excited over this? What the fu**? “What’re you looking at…?”

I shake my head and feel my face flush a little. “I was looking at your…lips,” I honestly answer.

“…!” Kota blushes. “A-are you trying to seduce me?” I shake my head and trace his lips again.

“. . Can I kiss you?” I ask. Oh my god, did I just ask that? He didn’t reply. I blushed. “Ah, forget it!” I avert my gaze to the blanket and move my hand away from his face. Kota grasps my wrist and stares at me with a gentle gaze.

“…Do whatever you want. After all, I am your…y-your… ,” he stammers, “k…kawaii kitty!” I smile gently and nod.

“Okay, kawaii kitty.” I lean down and kiss his lips, his soft lips. Our lips move in sync and our kiss deepens. I gradually remove his head from my lap and hover over him. I can feel that Kota is a bit shocked. I’m a bit shocked myself. The room was silent, but our deep, passionate kisses and heavy breathing was all I can hear. I slip my hands under his shirt and caress his skin, feeling the muscle under.

“Mmn… .” OMG. DID KOTA JUST MOAN? Hell yeah, point for me!

I continue caressing him and pull away from our intense kiss to catch my breath. I stare in Kota’s eyes and smile. “I love you, kawaii kitty,” I softly say, cupping his cheeks, my elbows on the bed, and my body pressed against his. A small smile rises on his lips and he nods.

“I love you, too.” I kiss him again with intense passion and savor this awesome moment. Kota’s hands wander under my shirt and fondle with my breasts.

“Ahh!” I squeal, breaking the kiss. Kota smirks at me and flips me over, hovering over me. He slips off my Revance shirt and stares at me, making me feel embarrassed. “You gonna stare all day or what?” I ask, pouting.

“Just enjoying the view.”

“Mmm!” I moan as he buries his face between my breasts. He kisses up to my neck and blows on my collar bone.

“You’re all mine tonight. Give me all of you,” he whispers huskily. I nod and gasp when I feel Kota suck on my neck. “This proves your mine.” I was going to boost him up a bit.

“But, I don’t see your name on it,” I say with a small smirk.

“…Oh?” A fire ignites in his eyes. “I’ll show you that Kota Igarashi owns your body.” He smashes his lips against mine and his hands go for my sweat pants, sliding them off expertly. Kota parts from our kiss and goes for my breasts, massaging them gently. I sigh in pleasure and rake my fingers through his brown hair. Kota slips his hands behind my back to unclasp my bra and struggles. “Ugh… .” He grunts, impatiently. I begin to laugh and sit up to unclasp my bra myself.

“There,” I say and let the straps lower a little, Kota’s sultry gaze on me. Kota pushes me down on the bed and traces my collar bone and then down my chest. He pulls down the bra and throws it off the bed and bites his lip. I watch him with half lidded eyes as his fingers brush against my perk bud. I moan a little and arch against him. He covers one bud with his lips and sucks on it, lightly biting them. “…!” I turn my head to the side and close my eyes, gasping.

His other hand kept my other breast company while he continued his task. I pull on his hair and moan helplessly. After he was done with my breasts, he kisses in between my breasts and left kisses down to my belly button. He softly leaves wet kisses on my stomach and pulls on the band of my panties. “Kota… ,” I whisper.

“[Name]… .” Kota comes up and kisses me passionately.


I kiss back with much passion and wrap my arms around his neck, grinding my hips against his. I could hear his breath hitch in his throat in surprise and smile in satisfaction. Suddenly, he roughly grinds against me hard making me shout, “Ahh!” Kota pulls away from the kiss and looks at me sexily.

“That’s what you get,” he mumbles, his hand sliding in my panties. I stop his hand and pout.

“But, you’re not even half naked!” I say, pulling at his shirt. Kota sighs and takes off his shirt and then his pants. He was about to take off the tail, but I stopped him. “Leave it on!” After all, the tail can only be sticky for a day, so I’d rather him wear it while we have some…moments. He leaves it and kisses me again, his hand slowly sliding in my panties. I arch my body against his when I feel his finger softly brush against my clitoris.

He begins to rub my clitoris quickly, leaving me a panting mess. “A-ahh! Ko-Kota!” I moan, thrusting my hips against his finger. I throw my head back when he enters two fingers inside me. He pumps in and out in an incredible speed, his fingers brushing against my walls, sending waves of pleasure. “Ah! Ah! Ah!” I moan loudly, forgetting where we were. Kota stops his thrusting and slowly licks his fingers, making me flush in embarrassment. It was so sexy, the way his tongue lapped off the juices and the way his eyes looked. He lowers his face down and kisses my inner thigh, then blows on my core.

“Kawaii kitty… .” As soon as I say that, his tongue begins to ravish me. His tongue expertly flicks against my clitoris and he sucks on it. “Kota! Kota! Kota!” I scream. He hums and pulls back, looking at me and licking his lips.

I pant heavily and try to catch my breath. “You scream so cute,” Kota whispers huskily and kisses my neck. I bring my knee up and rub it against his groin, making Kota groan on my neck. “You make me crazy,” he whispers, lightly pinching my perk bud. He hurries to take off his boxers and his 'friend’ stands straight and tall.

My god, how the hell does that thing fit? I wonder. He positions in front of me and puts my left leg on his shoulder. “Ready?” He asks, gently. I nod and feel his member rub against my slit and then enter inside me.

I let out a long moan, as his member stretches my walls. “Mmm…!”

“You’re so tight… ,” Kota grunts, entwining our hands and giving me a kiss. “I love you, [Name].” I nod at him and tightly squeeze his hand as he moves out and then thrust back in.

“Mm—ahh!” I squeal. Kota begins to thrust wildly, driving me over the edge. The pleasures he’s giving was almost unbearable and unexplainable. I toss my head side to side with my eyes shut tight and moans singing from my throat. “Ah! Kota!”

“[Name]… ,” Kota grunts and adjusts his angle, finally hitting a special spot that sent me over the edge.

“A-ah! Ri-right there!” Kota puts my leg down and I wrap my legs around his waist. He lays his forehead on my shoulder and begins thrusting faster than before (if that was possible). I can tell that he was close to his climax, and I was also.

“I-I’m almost there,” Kota grunts and kisses my collarbone, his cat ears brushing my chin. Our hands were still entwined tightly. I nodded and lift his head up with my hands and kiss him. The knot in my stomach grew tighter as Kota continued his thrusting. I pull away and moan wrapping my arms around Kota’s back.

“I-I…! Kota!” I scream and scratch his back as I release. Kota moans quietly as he also releases inside, spilling his semen inside me. The room was only filled with our heavy panting. Kota lays down beside me, still inside me and kisses my cheek. “Kota, you’re not gonna slip out?” I ask, confused.

“Of course not. This is only the first round,” he answers. “I just need to lay down for a bit then I’ll continue doing it with you.”

I groan, “Oh my lord, I’m gonna be all sore tomorrow!”

“Yep, get prepared.”

“Ugh, maybe you aren’t a kawaii kitty at all. . ,” I say, pouting.

So, then, there was a second round…and a third round…and a FOURTH ROUND… .

-Meanwhile downstairs with all the Revance members-

*all of Revance hears moaning and stuff from upstairs*

“…I will pretend I don’t hear anything,” Iori mutters.

“Kyohei, I’ve been telling you, LET’S JOIN IN WITH THEM!” Nagito whines.

Kyohei raises a brow and shakes his head. “No, I don’t want STDS or something,” he answers.

Takashi sits on the couch with a scary look. “Kota has a lot of work to do tomorrow…I have plenty for him,” he says, crossing his arms.

“Oh sh**,” Iori, Kyohei, and Nagito simultaneously say.

Note: YES! I FINISHED! This lemon was a but long lol but I enjoyed writing it.

Protection (Scott McCall Imagine)

THIS WAS REQUESTED my masterlist is ready to go here. If you want something written you can request it right here!

Request:Hey. Can you do a Imagine where Scott breaks up with Y/N because he thinks it’s saver for her and because Theo knows this he taunts him by saying he will ask her out on a date? Have a beautiful day. X

“I heard you broke up with Y/N.” Scott turned around to see Theo’s cocky face staring at him. “All the school is talking about how you broke her heart.”

“Shut up Theo.” Scott snarled, still hurting from his stupid decision to end his long-term relationship with you. “I did it to keep her safe.” Scott said turning towards the young man. “I don’t want you to have any reason to hurt her.” Theo tutted at Scott’s remarks. “I think you hurt her more than I ever could.” He shrugged. “But what the hell, I can still hurt her anyways.” He smirked, watching as Scott began to fume. “It’ll probably hurt you just as much as it hurts her.” Scott slammed Theo into the lockers, glad the corridor was empty. “Don’t come near Y/N.” Scott demanded.

“What if I’m already close to her?” Theo cocked his head. “I’m planning on taking her out for a date. Dinner and a movie. The night will probably end with Y/N in a grave, and a new chimera well on it’s way.” Theo teased, watching as Scott tensed, his hands curling into fists by his side. Theo’s phone pinged and he pulled it out in front of Scott. “Look’s like I’m picking Y/N up at 5.” Scott pushed Theo closer to the locker, knocking the phone from his hand. “You wouldn’t dare.”

Theo pushed Scott off of him, both of the werewolves ready to attack each other.

“I can and I will.” Theo hissed, glaring at Scott one last time before stalking off down the hall, leaving Scott alone in the school corridor, regretting his stupid decision to break up with you. Even is you weren’t dating, Scott still loved you, and he would protect you. Protect you so you didn’t leave like the last girl he loved had.

A/N: I hope this is what you were looking for! Have an amazing day xx

Anon asked if I could write a cinderelle story with Andy. I might have gotten carried away with this one ^w^ """

I walked down the hall way at school holding my books as tight to me as I could. The poster were plastered to all the walls announcing the senior prom. I sighed wishing that I had a normal enough life to be able to go. I took a deep breath in and tried to smolder the feelings away. They would eventually make me weak. I continued walking towards my locker only to be pushed out of the way by my sister. “Get the fuck out of the way!” She spoke while walking up to one of the boys in our class.
My sister, Amy, was the type to wear pink and have the short shorts on. She was in the swim team which meant that she had an awesome body of course, while I was in show choir. I was the weird one who wore too much black and carried around composition notebooks with doodles and music lyrics.
The boy that Amy walked up to was Andy. He didn’t want anything to do with her but she only persisted because she knew that I liked him. She thought that if she could get to him then maybe it would make my life miserable enough to most likely end it. “Get off me Amy!” I heard Andy say as him and his friends tried to get away. Even Ashley, Andy’s friend didn’t even want anything to do with her.
I walked my way home that day feeling like shit. Amy gets to stay after school and get out of the house while I have to go and try to take care of mom. She drank….. a lot. It was a good day if she got off the couch and went out side but other than that. She sat there drinking and yelling to us about how we were failures and whores. I walked into the house and started things for dinner trying to get everything ready in between the phone ringing.
I let it go a couple of times figures that it was some bill collector but after about the fifth time I was annoyed. “Hello?” I asked with a bit of tone in my voice.
“Yeah, Hi! Is (y/n) there/” some guy on the phone said.
“Yep, this is her.” I responded slowly afraid of what this could be.
“Awesome, umm, this is Andy. I was just wondering, well, if you like… Would you like to go to the prom with me?”
I had to stop and think about what he was saying. “What?” I asked.
“Only if you want to!” He said sounding a little worried. “ It’ll be fun! We’ll dance and make fun of all the stupid people we go to school with and eat way to many cookies… ” Andy went on as a smile started to stretch across my face. He painted a very sweet picture.
“Umm, yeah. Sure I’ll go.”
We talked for a couple more minutes and then got off the phone. I made dinner in a daze thinking about all the possibilities that this night could hold. Amy walked in to the room after a while and immediately sat down at the table. “What’s up freak. ” She asked trying to be decent. “Well, I got a date to prom.” I said hoping vainly that she would be excited for me. “The fuck!! WHO? ” She asked staring at me angrily. “Uh, Andy” I said a little afraid of what her reaction might be.
“Why the hell would he go with you?” She yelled. She got up from the table and threw her plate in the sink breaking it. “You’re some little piece of shit! And, if you know what is good for you, you wont go with him.” she said then grabbed her gym back and went up to her room locking the door. I sat down at the kitchen table and started crying. She was right. Why the hell did he want to go with me?
The next day at school I sat at my usual table at lunch doodling in my notebook all by myself, thinking about how stupid I could be and wondering why he even wasted his breath talking to me on the phone the other day. Then I heard someone sitting down in front of me. I looked up to see Andy with a tray full of tacos. “Hey!” He said looking at my with a smile that nearly made me faint. He wasn’t normal.
“What’s up?” I asked staring at him a little bit confused.
“What do I have taco on my face?” He asked looking for a napkin.
You laughed allowed and shook your head no.
“So what color is your dress?” he asked. There was one dress I had been thinking about but I wasn’t sure.
“Should we do this Andy?” I asked as I saw Amy walk into the lunch room. She looked at me pissed off and walked over to sit beside Andy. “ Hi Andy, why are you sitting with her?” she asked staring me down. He picked up on of his tacos and put the saggy mess down on her purse. “Here have a taco.” He said patting it down further into the fabric. She looked down horrified. “That was a hundred dollar purse!” She nearly yelled grabbing it and walking away with cheese still clinging to the thing. “Isn’t she your sister?’ he turned back around and asked me. "Sadly. ”
“So what color?” He asked. Okay I was going to humor him. “Black and silver lace.” I said laughing. “What?” He asked.
“Okay, now you have taco on your face.” I said as I handed him a napkin.
When I got home Amy was waiting on me. I guess she had skipped practice. “You little bitch!” She said as I walked in the door. She grabbed my arm and threw me down onto the stairs as hard as possible. I hit my side on the stairs with a loud crack. She continued to wail on me hitting me in the face and chest when finally she grabbed my hair and pulled my face to look at hers. “Okay this is what you are going to. Yeah, you’ll go with Andy but you are going to leave early at about ten, breaking his heart. Then I’m going to swoop in and steal his heart. if you don’t do this so help me god, you will be in a lot worse pain than you are now.” She spit on me then and walked around me up stairs to her room. My phone buzzed in my pocket then and it was a text from Andy. “Hey, what’s up?”
Sooner than I wanted prom night came. I had an alarm on my phone set for ten and was ready to go when Andy pulled up to my house. “Wow.” He said when I opened the door and he gave his heart breaking smile. I blushed as he took my hand and wrapped the little flower around my wrist. “You look so beautiful.” He said and with that he took my hand and lead me out to the car.
The gym was decorated with streamers and balloons. Lights were strung up and flashing everywhere as loud pop music played. “Oh my god, it’s so tacky!” I laughed with Andy. We made our way to a table and sat our stuff down. Andy’s friends made their way to us. We exchanged greeting and pleasantries before making our way to the dance floor. A couple kids had started a train and were making their way threw the crowd. Others were slapping balloons around and into the huge crowd of dancers. Our little circle of friends was amazing. We all jumped up and down to the beat of the music, and even had CC trying to show off his moves.
Then a slow song came on. Andy wrapped his arms around my waist and pulled me close to him. I was nervous but loving this. He was really amazing. “So why me?” I asked curiously looking up at him. “Well, if you think about it were perfect for each other. Were both into music, creepy things and, your just … your lovely.” He said. I blushed again at his words and he smiled. How could he be thinking this now. He began to lean towards me letting his eye fall closed. I stretched up wanting nothing more than to kiss him when I felt my phone buzzing. I looked over to the clock hanging in the gym. It was ten o'clock. I saw Amy walking into the gym in a bright red dress. I pulled away from Andy. “Are you alright?” He asked looking at me concerned. “Umm, yeah. I need to go. This has been amazing Andy, but I’ve got to go.” I said before walking away. I ran back to the table and grabbed my stuff as quick as I could with Andy following behind me calling for me. I tried to ignore him as I ran from the school. I only looked back to make sure that Amy had grabbed him before he could come after me.
I ran to a little park a couple blocks away and sat on the little swing in the night air. I felt like Cinderella, having to run away from the ball knowing what was good for here, and not wanting to bring pain onto anyone. I looked down at my wrist and saw that my little flower was gone. And with that little reminder it was like the whole night was gone. Nothing to keep me from thinking too much about it.
Soon the sun was coming up and I decided to walk back to my house I didn’t mean to stay out all night long. I had walked back to my house barefoot to avoid getting blisters from my heels. The bottom of my dress was ruined from dragging across the ground and my hair was wind blown and damp from the humidity. When I finally reached my house Andy’s car was out front. Oh lord, please tell me he didn’t stay the night with her. I took a deep breath and walked inside the house. Mom was passed out on the couch and Andy was sitting in the arm chair passed out as well. I looked him over for a few seconds before setting my shoes down and walking up stairs. I was to tired to even get out of my dress I fell down onto my bed and fell asleep for a little while.
I only awoke when I heard my door open. I figured it was Amy coming in with some other reason to beat me up. “(y/n)?” I heard him say. I shot out of bed. “Andy, you cant be here!” i said panicking. He held his hands up. “Don’t worry Amy told me everything.”
“She did?” I asked confused.
“(y/n), why didn’t you tell me?” He asked.
“I was scared.” I said.
His face fell soft as he moved into my room. He took my hands and pulled me up off the bed to my feet. “You owe me a dance.” He said and wrapped his arms around me pulling me close. That is when I felt it. I was safe here in his arms. He knew me more than others did, and he liked what he saw.
“(y/n), I love you.” he said.
I looked up into his blue eyes. His face was calm as he looked over my own face.
“I love you to Andy.”

anonymous asked:

i love you blog so much i just binged omg hahahaha okay anyway can i ask for one? in class we did this thing where we had to stare someone in the eyes for a full minute without looking away or talking. how would the hyungline + maknaeline react if they were doing that with their crush?

Thank you so much! hyungline +maknaeline = Got7 teehee, that’s cute.

Jaebum - At first I think he would be a bit giddy. But then once the exercise started he would stare into his crush’s eyes with such an intensity that the crush would have to look away. It would be impossible after that to not know he liked you.

Mark - He would probably stare at your nose or the space between your eyebrows. Direct eye contact would make him uncomfortable.  If you were to call him out on it, his eyes would briefly dart to yours.  It would be short, but would definitely melt your heart.

Jackson - He would make a huge joke out of it. He would stand far too close, make his eyes go cross-eyed and say stupid things throughout the whole encounter. You wouldn’t be able to keep a straight face and it would make it all the more fun.

Jinyoung - He would probably be the best out of all of the guys with eye contact. He would compliment his crush’s eyes.  He may even make a comment like he could do this all day. You would be blushing by the end of it and wanting to stare into his chocolate pools for some more time.

Youngjae - He would be a mess. I think it would take a bit of courage to go through with it. When he does, he would be super happy. It would be like staring into the eyes of a puppy who is happy it get your attention.

BamBam - He would be a little flirty.  He may move your hair from his crush’s eyes, just to have an excuse to touch his crush.He would suggest holding hands to make the encounter more intense and moving. He would make sure you both had a lot of skinship.

Yugyeom - He would just have fun with it. He would make a joke that he has to bend down to make good eye contact since he’s so tall.  He would wiggle his eyebrows and tell his crush how nice they look that day. He would blush every now and then, which would be your clue that he has feelings for you.


when i said it back

a/n: this is a different ending to @drivehood‘s imagine “when i told you i loved you,” which is an amazing read so definitely check that out first! after reading it, i got inspired and this is the result! please don’t be too harsh on me since this is my first time writing in a while

Calum stood in front of her feeling the most intense sensation of desolation he could feel. All he wanted to do was reach out to her and pull her in for a hug. He took a step forward and she took one back.

“Don’t you dare. I am so sick of you thinking you can push me around like this.” She wiped her eyes angrily.

“I love you.” He choked out past his own tears.

“I love you, okay? I’m sorry I couldn’t say it sooner but you know I’m shit at talking about feelings. I’m saying it now though. I. Love. You. I love you so much that my chest hurt seeing you with that jackass and I know I fucked up but I just want you to know.”

The silence stretched out for what seemed like years. Her tears dried completely, leaving only smudged makeup and a fire starting in her eyes.

“Are you fucking kidding me? Do you really think this will fix everything?” she whispered incredulously. 

She barreled at him, giving him the darkest look she could muster and jabbing his chest. “You don’t get to act jealous when I spent weeks getting over you. You don’t get to say ‘I love you’ and expect me to feel happy. You don’t get to fix what happened that night. What changed, Calum? What changed?” 

Just then, the rush of anger left her and a heavy tiredness filled her body. She looked him right in the eyes when she murmured, “Because I can’t go through that again.”

She turned away from his dumbfounded face and continued in a bitter tone, “Did you know that I thought you loved me too, back then? Everyone was so convinced and I believed them. I can’t believe I was so stupid. ‘We’re not on the same level,’ remember? So, Calum, what changed? What makes you think you love me?”

His chest felt tight at her words. He really was an idiot. She wouldn’t believe him, would she? But everything that built up over the months he was gone and the time he spent back in her presence was going to unleash that night, just for her to hear.

He made sure she was looking back at him before he started to speak. “Everything. Every damn thing about you that I found myself looking for when I was on tour that wasn’t there because you weren’t there. I missed your little smile when you were having a moment to yourself. I missed your humming and off-key singing when we blasted music on the bus. I missed your rants about how women’s jeans should have bigger, usable pockets or whatever was pissing you off that day. I missed you hogging the blankets and taking my pillows. I missed you spending time just laying next to me and it still being the best part of my day. I missed how you could always know what to say and what to do at the right time. I missed how you were always just there.” 

He shook his head and sighed deeply. “When we talked while I was on tour, I knew something was wrong but I thought when I got back, everything would go back to normal and we’d be us. But I knew it wouldn’t, not really. I kept thinking about what you said and what I said and I knew that wasn’t right. That wasn’t how it should’ve gone. We’ve been friends for so long, how was I supposed to react when you told me you loved me? Dammit, I feel fucking stupid just thinking about what I said because you didn’t deserve that.”

He held onto her arms gently, hoping that she wouldn’t flinch or run away, and nearly sighed in relief when she stayed, only glancing at him warily. He looked encouragingly at her, wishing with every fiber in his body that she was listening and understanding what he was saying. 

“When I said ‘We aren’t on the same level,’ I meant that you were so far beyond me. I was—and still am—a fucking kid that doesn’t know what to do with himself. Everybody’s already got an image of me, some kind of idea that I’m an asshole who doesn’t care about anything but I just don’t know what I’m doing or what I want. My feelings were all over the place and I didn’t know what love was, not like I know now.” 

She shook like a leaf, fragile and open and emotional. Gently sliding his hands up to cup her face, he rested his forehead against hers and spoke, letting the emotions from the bottom of his heart and the thoughts in the back of his mind burst from his lips. “I know I love you because you’re the person I care about, worry about, think about the most. You’ve been a constant in my life and I can’t imagine how it would be if you’re weren’t in it. I could be with you all day and it still wouldn’t be enough. You know me, inside and out, despite the fact that I’m shit at actually talking about things. It’s a miracle I’ve said so much now. But I want you to know I’m serious and I’m sorry. I never wanted you to feel like you weren’t good enough for me when it’s the other way around. God, I’m so stupid. I hope you’ll forgive me.”

They stared at each other for a moment before she took a step back, letting his hands fall from her face. Her arms curled around herself and she stared at her feet as she whispered, “You know it’s not that easy, Cal. It’s never that easy.”

Her eyes skimmed from his shoes up to his legs and torso, trailed up his neck, and brushed across his lips and nose before finally meeting his eyes. Her eyebrows furrowed as she thought about his words. How would they go on from here? Would she really forgive him? After putting both of their hearts on their sleeves and confessing such things, they’d think they would have been much happier, but the timing and place were all wrong. They were somewhere on the verge of drunk and standing outside a house where a party went on without interruption. One had a mending broken heart and the other was about to know what a broken heart would feel like if she didn’t say anything soon. 

It was while later before she said, “I think we need to have a talk. A good, long talk,” and walked away. When she didn’t hear his footsteps, she stopped and looked back. Beckoning with her head, she simply told him, “Come on.”

He hurried and caught up to her, still a little confused, and matched her steps as they walked down the street and away from the noise.

Youth Culture

Rated PG, no warnings. Artemis returns from camp with a surprise for Oliver. Felicity stands back and laughs. Part of the Artemis & Felicity Verse, takes place after The Peanut Gallery. Artemis & Felicity Verse: Not That Kind of Hero || Not That Kind of Hero || Responsible Parenting || First Day of School || Saturday Morning TV || Moving Blues || Carnival Dreams || The Peanut Gallery

His ribcage only hurt a little when he climbed off of the motorcycle, and Oliver was going to count that as a win. Every year that passed brought another, stronger reminder of the hell he’d put his body through. The hell that he continued to put his body through. Maybe it was time to let somebody else take up the mantle and wear the hood for a little while. If only so he could get a full night of sleep in peace, curled up next to Felicity and not having to be cautious about how he moved because of bruised ribs or scrapes or a litany of injuries that just added up to nothing but pain.

“You’re getting old, old man,” Felicity had told him the last time he’d voiced these thoughts. “I mean, not even taking into account the fact that basically we’ve got a teenager. You’re essentially two seconds from shaking your bow and shouting ‘Darn kids! Get off my lawn!’ like Mr. Randall down the street used to do to me and my friend Harrison.”

“Shut up,” Oliver had said, though he’d laughed.

He hadn’t been laughing when Artemis had called him the same thing during their last sparring session before she left, but then, maybe the women in his life had a point.

Speaking of Artemis…he collected his things from the saddlebags and took the front steps two at a time. He’d handed off the night patrols to Roy for a reason, though he was later than he’d have liked thanks to a little issue. Some idiot had tried to rob the store while he’d been in line, which was why the cops now had reports of a hooded man taking out a hooded gunman and why the gerbera daisies he carried were a little wilted. He figured Artemis would enjoy them more knowing that he’d hit some guy in the face with them.

“In here,” Felicity called from the kitchen when he came inside, unzipping his motorcycle jacket. “Hey, there’s something on the news about a random citizen stopping a robbery at Mack’s. Know anything about that?”

“Nope.” Well-aware of her allergies, Oliver set the flowers down on the foyer table before he entered the kitchen. Felicity stood up on her toes to give him a kiss. “Where’s Artemis? Surprised she’s not down here supervising.”

“Hey, I only burned the meatballs once and I have made this dish multiple times since then, so you can keep your ‘I grew up with a Michelin-trained chef’ comments to yourself.”

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i hope you like the stars i stole for you

i love galaxy hair and so does calum in my mind

Calum had fallen in love with Michael when he had had his natural, dirty-blonde hair. He’d not seen it as anything special but not seen it as any particular big deal, not like Michael made it out to be, tugging at strands with a grimace and going look, Cal, isn’t it disgusting? When I turn eighteen, I’m going to dye it- and then listing a myriad of colours.

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