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Protection (Scott McCall Imagine)

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Request:Hey. Can you do a Imagine where Scott breaks up with Y/N because he thinks it’s saver for her and because Theo knows this he taunts him by saying he will ask her out on a date? Have a beautiful day. X

“I heard you broke up with Y/N.” Scott turned around to see Theo’s cocky face staring at him. “All the school is talking about how you broke her heart.”

“Shut up Theo.” Scott snarled, still hurting from his stupid decision to end his long-term relationship with you. “I did it to keep her safe.” Scott said turning towards the young man. “I don’t want you to have any reason to hurt her.” Theo tutted at Scott’s remarks. “I think you hurt her more than I ever could.” He shrugged. “But what the hell, I can still hurt her anyways.” He smirked, watching as Scott began to fume. “It’ll probably hurt you just as much as it hurts her.” Scott slammed Theo into the lockers, glad the corridor was empty. “Don’t come near Y/N.” Scott demanded.

“What if I’m already close to her?” Theo cocked his head. “I’m planning on taking her out for a date. Dinner and a movie. The night will probably end with Y/N in a grave, and a new chimera well on it’s way.” Theo teased, watching as Scott tensed, his hands curling into fists by his side. Theo’s phone pinged and he pulled it out in front of Scott. “Look’s like I’m picking Y/N up at 5.” Scott pushed Theo closer to the locker, knocking the phone from his hand. “You wouldn’t dare.”

Theo pushed Scott off of him, both of the werewolves ready to attack each other.

“I can and I will.” Theo hissed, glaring at Scott one last time before stalking off down the hall, leaving Scott alone in the school corridor, regretting his stupid decision to break up with you. Even is you weren’t dating, Scott still loved you, and he would protect you. Protect you so you didn’t leave like the last girl he loved had.

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