i could stare at him for hours tbh

bailci  asked:

I don't know what AU, but please, more solangelo headcanons is always good :)

ok!!! we’re gonna go with just some regular old headcanons then instead of any aus so here we go!

  • after a few months living at camp will realizes that nico??? can’t see like at all. 
    • Will like stopped by the arena one day while nico was training, and close-up Nico seemed to be able to see everything just fine but when Will tried to get his attention he just kind of glared at him??? Turns out it was a squint and Nico actually had no idea who that was on the other side of the room
    • so will checks Nico’s eyes and his vision is very bad and the conversation kind of goes like that one scene in parks and rec (”Oh my god you drove us here!”) where Nico’s reading off an eye test chart and hes not even reading letters anymore and will’s like “oh my gods youve fought in wars and you can’t even see???”
  • since nico lost his jacket due to werewolves he turns into a jacket thief basically as soon as the weather drops below 70
    • it has to be the perfect jacket so most of the time he would take someone’s (like jason’s or frank’s or percy’s) and then return it as soon as he had worn it for like 5 minutes because it wasn’t Good Enough
    • But then???? he didn’t have to steal one of Will’s jackets because will is super nice and he noticed one night that nico was cold so he let nico borrow one of his jackets and nico just,,,, never gave it back it’s comfy and warm and used to smell like will but then nico wore it too often so now it just smells like him
  • sometimes nico will get a super minor injury like basically a paper cut and will insists that nico go to the infirmary because he is wounded!!! but then other times when nico has an Actual Injury nico always tries to play it off like he’s fine and limps around for a few hours until someone else forces him to go to the infirmary (will is usually pretty smug when nico has to admit that he was wrong and then ask for help before he bleeds out and dies)
  • those boys probably have so many inside jokes tbh like nico could just sit down across from will during dinner, straight-faced stare right into his eyes and say like two words and will starts laughing so hard he starts choking

that seems like a pretty decent list to me i guess??? i hope you think so too

if anybody’s up for some more headcanons drop an au in my ask box and i’ll make you a list!! (if i like the au enough i might even write it??? that’s incentive right)

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tbh i don't understand how some ppl don't love namjoon like he is the softest????? he's so beautiful i could stare at him for hours what a babe why would u not stan tbh

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Mukami Shitty Thing: Damn Elevator

Dunno why, I just love stories about being stuck in damn lifts XD

♠ Ruki ♠
“…” He stared at the door, but nothing happened, so he sighed with annoyance. “Why things like that happen always when you’re with me…?”
“It’s not like I’m the one responsible” you mumbled, looking away from him.
“There’s no choice then… Come here, Livestock.”
He looked at you, extending his hand to you. You raised an eyebrow.
“Do you have a plan…?”
He huffed.
“There’s nothing we can actually do. But I should punish you for making troubles.”
“… Livestock. ” You didn’t even blink as he was right next to you, pinning you to the wall of elevator. “Hold your voice or someone will hear us… Believe me, you don’t want to break free so quickly now.”
With those words he started stripping you from clothes.

♣ Yuma ♣
“Fuck!” He hit the door and the elevator shook, making you freeze. “S-stop, Yuma, it will-” With the next hit you thought that it’s going to fall and cried out, covering your head with your hands.
“Hey, Sow, what’s with ya…?”
He rolled his eyes and hit the door once again.
You jumped and reached him, grabbing his arm with all your strength (*cough* angry ameba *cough*), making him raise an eyebrow at you.
“Don’t do this!” You begged.
“Why not?!”
“It’s dangerous…!”
“We need to get the fuck out of there!”
“Sooner or later someone will fix that! We have to wait…!”
He growled, but - at least - stopped hitting the door. You sighed with relief.
“So we’re gonna bore here now…?” He looked at you. “Hey, Sow, do something fun.”
“…excuse me…?”
Suck my carrot or something

♥ Kou ♥
The idol narrowed his eyes, managing to keep calm.
“I don’t like it…” He frowned, trying to come up with any idea. He whined. “I left my phone in the car… I’m gonna be late for the performance…”
You looked at him worriedly.
“Maybe we should shout…? Someone will hear us…”
“I have a better idea.”
“We will use the time we have in there.”
“W-wha-” In an instant he was in front of you, kissing down your neck. You blushed, trying to push him off.
“W-we should think about how to get out of t-there..”
“Well, the plan is good. We will wait for a rescue~”
“It’s not like we can do something else right now…” He sank his fangs into your hot already skin, making you freeze. But you soon gave up to the pleasure of sucking it sounds damn wrong

♦ Azusa ♦
The boy looked at the door and frowned.
“It… stopped…”
“Something probably broke down. We have to wait…” You sighed deeply, sitting on the floor. Azusa looked at you hesitantly, not knowing what to say or do. You chuckled.
“Come here, we can talk a bit untill someone notices the accident.”
You tilted your head to the side, seeing his uneasy expression.
“You aren’t claustrophobic, are you…?”
“…” He stared at you. “I’m… afraid of… small spaces…”
You widened your eyes.
“Oh my god, Azusa, come here…” You approached him and wrapped arms around his body, nuzzling into his neck. “It’s alright, I’m here…”
He hugged you back, gaining the warmth of your body. You were glued to each other for almost few hours, until someone fixed the lift.
(No, Azusa isn’t claustrophobic. He’s just a damn smartass who wanted to cuddle with you.)