i could spend the hole day talking about him

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leonard snart, who is NOT dead, most definitely has discovered and renovated an entire network of tunnels and hidey holes in the walls/ducts of the waverider, complete with cozy nests/pillow&blanket piles, books, and snacks. The others all know about it, but none of them realize how far it extends. Theyve all only been invited into one or two of the holes. Theres like 8.

I rly like the implication that he invites ppl in there with him. Like, I could see him chilling in there with just Mick Jax and/or Sara at first, he probably wouldn’t bother telling the rest about his hideouts just bc he’s a Cat and he’s very selective on who he spends his time with, especially in his Own Special Place
he didn’t invite ray at first bc that’s his Quiet Chill Space and he figured ray would just keep talking and never shut up and intrude on Leonard’s Quiet Chill Time but one day Ray ends up following him into one of his more secluded hideouts and to Leonard’s surprise, after the initial questioning about it and why it exists, Ray doesn’t say a single word and actually starts coming there himself if he needs a nice cozy place to think and sometimes Leonard will find him in there and will join him and they just sit together in comfortable silence. They leave snacks for the both of them to share in there too. It’s quiet and cozy and they both rly enjoy it.

I’ve Changed: IKON’s Bobby Scenario (REQUEST) - Part 3

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A/N: I’m sorry you guys had to wait so long for this!! I hope you all enjoy it! So i tried to mix it up, there is still angst in the scenario but does have some “happy” parts….. the ending is bittersweet D: Enjoy my loves! 

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