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  • Draco: I've been studying Potter for years and I've condensed what I've learned into this chart.
  • Draco, holding up a pie chart: "How Harry Potter Spends His Time." You can see we have "procrastinating," "wandering around with Granger and the Weasel," "breaking rules," and this tiny sliver here, is "critical thinking."
  • Draco: I made it bigger. So that you could see it.
Across the Ages (4)

Pairing: Bucky X Reader (College AU)

Words: 2248

Warnings: Smot. NSFW gifs. Go away if you’re under 18. And use protection kids. Please. Like…please!!!

Prompt: We’re a part of a study group but everyone bailed so I guess it’s just the two of us.

A/N: I failed my final in case anyone was wondering but oh well. Fuck grad school. Permanent and Bucky taglists are closed. Sorry. Here’s the final part @jurassicbarnes. Thanks for the prompt it was cute.

Part 1 Part 2 Part 3

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Bed Hog / Tom drabble

Pairing: Reader x Tom

Featuring: Tom Holland

Warning: fluff

Request -  Could you possibly do a blurb or imagine where it’s the readers and toms first time spending the night together and she’s a major bed hog or something?? I love your writing girl! Xx

“Are you tired?” Tom asked as your eyes fluttered shut for the third time while you tried to watch a movie. Your response was a hum. His body was a giant pillow as the two of you were curled up on the couch. You were in your favorite hoodie of his and he wore joggers and a hoodie. The apartment wasn’t cold, but the both of you felt cozy wrapped in each other’s arms. It had been a long day travelling for you, and it was your first time travelling such a long distance by yourself. But you told yourself you would do it because it meant you got to see your boyfriend for the first time in three months.

“Baby,” Tom hummed. His voice lured you further into unconsciousness, your body pressed comfortably into his. His arms rubbed your back soothingly. 

You felt Tom move from beneath you and he got to his feet, bringing your body with him and against his chest, he carried you bridal-style. Your eyes were half closed as he made his way through the living room and to his bedroom. It would have surprised you more that you were going to sleep over at your boyfriends house for the first time, if you weren’t so tired.

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The Most Wonderful Time of The Year

Request: @laura-gzz Steve Rogers x Reader going for a christmas shopping day 

Pairing: Steve x Reader 

Word count: 1658

this is very fluffy and I’ll admit I don’t do christmas shopping so I found it a lil hard, but regardless enjoy!

Originally posted by mackievanstan

“You ready?” Steve asked as he leaned over the couch to press a kiss to my forehead.

“I don’t want to stop being a burrito,” I whined as I tugged the blanket I was clutching tightly around my chest. I was watching love actually for what was probably the 500th time and yet in my eyes it was still the greatest Christmas movie of all time.

He let out a light laugh, “you know that if we don’t go now, we won’t go ever.” That was true, the two of us were so bad at organising our Christmas schedules. We needed to do it on a day we were both free—which was almost never.

“Okay fine.” I let out a loud, overdramatic sigh as I pushed myself off the couch and out of the comfort of my blanket. “I wish we could just stay at home and cuddle all day.” I pouted as I grabbed my coat from the rack.

“And miss out on the best day of the year?” He smirked as he pulled me into his side. He knew I hated how crowded the mall got around Christmas.

“Oh yeah,” I rolled my eyes.  “I love getting in screaming matches with old women, long queues and endless buzzing in my ears because of the hoards of people.” The only thing I enjoyed about the day was spending time with him.

“Why are you such a Grinch this year.” He frowned—usually I was more of a Cindy.

“I honestly have no clue.” It was true—I just didn’t know where all my Christmas spirit had disappeared to.

“C’mon,” he rubbed my shoulder “I promise we can cuddle when we get back.”

I suddenly perked up, that was definitely an incentive. “Amazing, and then you can watch love actually with me.”

“Absolutely not.” He was so extremely tired of my tendency to over-watch my favourite films.

“It was worth a shot.” I laughed, knowing I would rope him into watching it anyway.

“What do I buy a super spy, with a metal arm for Christmas?” I held up a butcher’s knife in front of Steve’s face. He rolled his eyes and took the knife from me. It was my third Christmas with Steve and every year I pretended not to know what to get his best friend, but deep down I knew exactly what I was buying for him.

“(Y/N),” he rolled his eyes—he looked staunch, but I knew deep down he found it funny.

“What?” I raised an eyebrow, “for all I know his secret passion is carvery.”

“He is definitely NOT into carving meats.” Steve laughed—there it was, he definitely found it funny.

“I don’t know Steven, I’ve seen him carve plenty of meat in my time.” It was a joke, but it was 500% true.

“You know he’s sensitive about that stuff.” Steve was right, Bucky did feel bad—but Bucky also tried to gouge flesh out of my arm during the civil war.

“Fine,” I picked up a cinnamon scented candle, “he’s getting a candle.” I knew that once we’d breezed through most of the list I’d go to the journal aisle to pick up a new one for him. It was our unspoken tradition and I knew he filled them up—the guy had a lot of thoughts. After that was done, I’d get a leather bound one with blank pages for Steve, so he could sketch and on my solo run I’d pick up a whole bunch of new art supplies for him—as well as my favourite cologne of his.

“One day,” Steve muttered to himself, as I pondered my mental list. “One day you’ll get along.” He was under the pretence that because he and I ended up making amends after whatever had happened, that Bucky and I could too. It was wishful thinking, however I really wasn’t sure that the love, hate relationship between Bucky and I would ever end—the banter was just too much fun.

“Hey, we need to stop by at the kitchen goods aisle.” I quickly changed the subject. “I have to buy Tony an espresso machine cause I broke his.”

“You don’t drink coffee?” Steve frowned.

“I know,” I nodded, “I threw it at someone.” It’d been a lovely time—I didn’t take random invasions of my tower lightly.

“Wow,” he shook his head. “How are we so opposite?” Steve would never throw a coffee machine at someone.

“I don’t know but you know what they s—oh my god.” I paused as we walked past the menswear isle. “Steve.” I shook his arm so he’d turn to look at what I was seeing.

“What?” He raised an eyebrow in question.

“I must buy you that sweater.” My mouth was a literal ‘O’ as I stared down the Christmas sweater in front of me.

“What sweater, where? Oh—“ He finally noticed the one I’d been eyeing. “No way, no thank you.”

“Excuse me,” I rushed towards it— there was no way I wasn’t buying him that damn ugly sweater. It was green—the ugly Christmas green, with white stitching and right in the centre was a reindeer with a 3D nose. “But you have no say in this matter.” He was going to look absolutely hilarious in it and there was nothing I loved more than my boyfriend looking funny.

“I don’t know why I try,” he spoke to himself as I rummaged through the rack for an extra, extra large. “Aha!” I cheered as I pulled one from the back, “try it on.”

His face was blank, but he took the sweater from me regardless. As he pulled it over his head my heart began to feel so full—he really loved me. Anyone who was willing to wear a sweater that ugly for someone else had to be full of love.

“What’s wrong?” he asked when he finally got it on—probably because he’d noticed how I was staring at him with wide and loving eyes.

“I love you,” I couldn’t stop staring at him, “I really bloody love you.”

“Does the sweater make me look that good?” A small smirk played on his lips—I could’ve jumped on him right then. Even with the most hideous item of clothing on, he looked an absolute 11 out of 10.

“Shut up.” I tried to mask how loving I was feeling with humor, but I wasn’t sure I could get the stupid smile off my face.

He pulled the sweater off and placed it in the trolley. “Let’s go buy the coffee machine.” He slung his arm around my shoulder and I honestly felt at home.

“Okay,” we loaded the last of our things into the back of the car. “There’s just one more thing I need to pick up.” He slammed the boot closed. “You stay here, I’ll be two seconds.”

“What?” I frowned, “why didn’t you just get it whilst we were in there?”

“Because. ” He paused for a second, “I don’t know actually, I think I just forgot.” He scratched his head in confusion, clearly wondering what to say next.

It was a poor excuse, but I decided I’d let it slip. “Alright,” I waved my hand, “go on.”

“Be back in 5!” he shouted back at me as he jogged back in.

“I knew I’d get you to watch this with me.” I grinned as I nestled myself into Steve’s side—I always won when it came to movies.

“I only do it because I love you.” He yawned before wrapping his arm around my shoulder.

“Oh look at you,” I poked his cheek, “trying the old yawn trick on me—It’s okay Captain, I already like you.”

A sly smirk spread across his face, “do you want a hot chocolate?”

“I would love one, but I really, really don’t want you to get up right now.” I slung my arm over his stomach and nestled further against him—allowing for the ugly sweater I’d picked to scratch against my skin.

“Hey,” he looked down at me and just stared for a second. “Will you marry me?”

“What?” My mouth suddenly ran dry—surely he was not asking me that.

He slowly pushed me aside, getting up off the couch and onto the floor—of course he was getting down on one knee.

My heart was beating at a pace I didn’t think was even possible, my palms felt like they were sweating litres.

He fished for something in his back pocket and within seconds pulled out a ring. “The box felt uncomfortable in my pocket—“ he laughed lightly. “But seriously (Y/N), I’d been waiting for the right time and when you looked at me today and told me you loved me, I knew it had to be today. So will you?”

“What a stupid question!” I cried out, “of course I bloody will.” I bounced off the couch and basically pummelled him as I fell on top of him—peppering him with a barrage of kisses.

“I love you.” He placed a chaste kiss to my lips.

“Yeah?” I grinned down at him, my hair falling all over his face.

“Yes.” He nodded.

“Well I think it’s quite obvious how I feel.” I sat up, my thighs straddling him as I combed my hands through his hair and admired the man I was going to spend the rest of my life with. “I’ll even allow you to make Bucky your best man.”

He laughed, the sides of his eyes crinkling as his face lit up. “Promise me you’ll try harder with him?”

I frowned, but nodded. “Only because I’ll have to see his ugly mug for the rest of my life, not because I love you or anything.”

“No,” Steve shook his head, his stupidly beautiful smile still plastered on his face. “Definitely not because you love me.”


Hello everyone 💕

So this is it, I’m leaving in vacation for two weeks ^v^
I go visit my bro in the south of France this week and the next I’ll spend more time in the region in a holiday cottage :) 

I may have some co the first week, but no wifi for the 2nd :p
So please forgive me to not reply to messages meanwhile///////// and I won’t certainly post a lot or at all.

Concerning my blog activity, my queue will still be running, but I have to slow it down so it could cover those weeks (like 10+ posts per day). There’ll be as usual reblogs from other artblogs but also some reblogs of older posts of mine.
I still hope you’ll be able to enjoy the content/////

Anyway, I wish to everyone a very nice summer!!
I’ll try to share pics of my vac eventually when I’ll come back :)) 

Love you all, see you!!!

PS : you may have seen my signal boost about promoting arts those last days.

Some artists sent me some of their works that will be released from my queue randomly those next weeks. 

I really hope you’ll enjoy those as I did and give them support :D <3

About Town Pt. 1


Hiiiiiiii guyyyyyys, sorry! I’m not convinced I’ve kicked my funk just yet, but this prompt from @i-dream-of-emus piqued my interest, and got me to sit down and write something! It’s not done, I’ve started part 2 and sketched out where I want it to go, but I really wanted to get something out there, and this seemed like a natural pause in the story while I gathered my thoughts.

PROMPT: Rae is well-known by the staff of Town Records, and when they don’t see their most loyal customer for a couple of weeks they get worried. Some how, they find out that she’s in the psychiatric ward, and want to do something nice for her during her time there.

So, each week, a member of staff visits her at the hospital with the latest NME and Melody Maker, and the week’s new releases. Rae borrows the CDs for a week, then buys what she can afford of the ones she likes most.

And guess who is Town’s grumpiest / best-looking part-timer?

I didn’t keep exactly to the brief, and some of this will show up in the second half, but it seemed to scratch the itch of “What if?” for me. (Well, half-scratch … still got a bit of an itch.)

Not tagging anyone, but I’ll stick it on this month’s Round-Up. Hope you like it!

* * * * * 

It often takes awhile to notice when something’s missing. Like one of those “Can you spot the differences between these pictures?” puzzles they put in to pad out the Sunday papers. At a casual glance, it all seems the same, but when you have a think and start to really look, you see what’s gone from the scene, what’s been changed.

Finn chewed his thumb nail as he restocked the magazine rack with the shipment of latest issues.

“Dave?” He shouted to be heard in the back room.

A muffled “Yeah?” floated out of the half-open door.

“Where d’ya want me to put the Melody Maker Souvenir Issue? They sent us extras!”

Dave stuck his head out from the stock area. “They probably printed too many, the wankers.” He nodded to the counter. “Stick some by the till. Maybe we can shift ‘em as an impulse purchase.”

Finn nodded, chewing on the inside of his lip, now that both hands were occupied.

After stacking a bunch neatly on the counter, he plucked a copy from the top of the pile. Dave always let him have a couple of mags a week at no charge. For no reason he could name, Finn glanced guiltily at the open door to the back and slipped a second copy into his knapsack, then sat down at the stool behind the till, humming along to Elastica playing on the in-store speakers.

Waking up and getting up has never been easy,

Oh, oh, I think you should know.

Oh, oh, I think you should go.

Make a cup of tea, and put a record on.

Saturday mornings were always slow, but Finn liked putting things right round the shop. He’d straightened out most of the sections, filled all the magazine racks, even tidied the notice board. He wasn’t the most personable employee at Town, and he knew Rob generally liked a late night of a Friday, so he didn’t mind volunteering to come in at half-eight on a Saturday, even if he ended up bored for the last hour or two of his shift.

It also meant he could visit his nan after. Normally, he’d stop over at her cottage, which was much closer to Town than his own house, but she’d had to go into hospital for some routine tests earlier in the week, and they’d kept her over, saying they wanted to monitor some levels or something. It didn’t sound good, but they kept telling her not to worry, which she in turn told Finn, but his nails looked even more of a state than usual.

He was gnawing on another cuticle when Rob rocked up through the front door, looking rough but resigned to a full day of work.

He nodded at Finn, who nodded back, and then shoved the door to the back wide open as he went to deposit his stuff in his locker.

Finn didn’t have a locker, as he only worked about ten hours a week. His eyes flitted to the clock, and he was surprised to note that Rob had come in early. It wasn’t yet noon, and Finn was supposed to leave at one. Usually, they were ships passing.

Finn looked down at the cover of the Melody Maker special, the Brothers Gallagher staring deadpan back at him. The song changed over on the stereo system, and he could hear the clock tick a few seconds in the silence before Morning Glory (ironically) started up.

There were no customers in the shop, hadn’t been for most of the morning, but suddenly and unaccountably, it made Finn feel nervous, restless. He’d felt it was quiet for the past few weeks, really. It was like he was living the same Saturday over and over each week, waiting for … something.

Rob came out and plopped down next to Finn behind the counter, sighing.

“Y’alright?” Finn asked.

“Good as can be expected.”

Finn nodded.

“You?” Rob asked back.

Finn shrugged.


Finn sighed now. Rob was a decent sort, and there wasn’t anyone else about. “Me nan’s ill. Well, maybe not, but she’s in the hospital for a bit, I guess to make sure she’s not? Anyway.”

“Hey, that’s shite. Sorry to hear it. Hope she’s okay, yeah?”

“Thanks.” Finn shifted on his stool, still restless. “This place has been dead. Deader’n usual, even.”

“I know. Haven’t even seen that girl, you know the one, is it Mae?, come in recently. Have you seen her?” Rob asked offhand.

Finn froze. “Rae,” he whispered. That was it.

He’d kept having these weird half-thoughts, just glimpses flitting across his mind, of a figure with long dark hair, moving around the shop. But they’d been so fleeting, so transitory, he hadn’t been able to put his finger on it.

She rarely spoke to anyone, just sort of appeared, usually around noon of a Saturday, this sort of time. Sometimes he’d see her in the late afternoon during one of his mid-week post-college shifts, but she’d been a fixture on Saturdays until recently.

He furrowed his brow. “Yeah … I mean, no. It’s been a few weeks, at least. Wonder what’s happened to her.” As soon as he said it, he realized he hoped nothing had happened to her. That she just decided to spend her Saturdays somewhere else, or was out of town, even moved. Though, he didn’t really hope that last one.


She didn’t buy much, but when she did, it was something good. Something he could tell she’d thought long and hard about, having saved and researched and listened to as many tracks as she could before committing to it.

He distinctly remembered her being near the front of the queue for the new Oasis on release day back in October, though. He’d asked his dad if he could bunk off and work, so he could get his hands on his copy first thing in the morning, before the shop opened to the public.

“Remember when that last Status Quo album come out?” he asked, eyes pleading his case. “You moved your morning meeting so’s you could get it first thing.”

His dad had rolled his eyes but relented, as long as Finn promised to take the bins out for a month without his usual whinging.

And when he turned up at the shop, there was actually a line down to the chemist’s a few doors away. He’d felt special, being able to walk past the crowd and wave to Dave inside, who came over to let him in early. “Not your usual release day, eh?”

Dave grunted. “I noticed you pre-ordered one, too. You can have your pick of the discs, as long as you’re quick about it. I’ll have to let this lot in soon, or risk the wrath of Mr. Singh next door. They’re blocking his entrance.”

Finn ducked his head behind the counter and saw nearly a hundred CDs in neat stacks. Logically, he knew they were all the same, but he wanted the best one. He randomly picked the third one from the top of the second pile, inspecting the case for damage, the wrapper for tampering. It looked good–pristine, even. He slipped it in one of the paper bags by the till and put it in his own bag, in a pocket all by itself.

Even now, months later, he could remember that feeling of satisfaction after so much anticipation. Before he’d even listened to anything but the two songs released for the radio, simply possessing it—the mere possibility of how much he might like it–had been tantalizing.

He wasn’t precisely sure why his brain was hashing over that day on this day, until the memory expanded to seeing her, Rae, come in with her eyes shining and cheeks flushed from waiting in the morning chill for more than an hour. He remembered noticing her uniform, which he’d never seen her in before. She looked like she felt uncomfortable in it, but possibly a little less uncomfortable than normal, since she was getting to pick up this album.

Dave was running the till; Finn was bagging the CDs. It only took them about half an hour to get through the line, but the moment when Rae was at the counter seemed … well, memorable. After all, here he was, remembering it.

“Yours was the third name on my list for this, love,” Dave chided Rae as he took her bills and made change.

“Yeah?” she asked, “Who was ahead of me, then?” She was in a good mood, all smiles. Finn couldn’t remember ever seeing her smile that big.

“Just this one,” he hoiked a thumb in Finn’s direction, “And Rob, of course.”

Rae turned to look at Finn, probably reflexively, and their eyes met. “Felt like today’d never come, eh? Been waiting for this for months.”

That might have been the first time she’d spoken to Finn without him speaking first. And the only time he’d initiated conversation was likely to be part of a transaction.

Finn nodded. “I know! It seems like I’ve been waiting forever, but their first album only came out last August.”

Her lips closed over her teeth, but she was still smiling. Then she said, “Hard to believe—feels like I’ve had those songs in me head for years.”

It was his turn to smile. How was it he could remember this moment so clearly?

That was when the moment ended, however. The man behind Rae cleared his throat in irritation. “Could you two hurry it up?”

The smile fell from Rae’s mouth; Finn handed her the bag with her new music and, as she turned, he said, “Hey, lemme know what you think of it, yeah?”

The corners of her mouth lifted a fraction and he would have sworn she nodded as she turned to leave.


He’d known something was missing; how could he have not realized?

He supposed she had always just been there, in the background of the shop, quietly … existing. He was intrigued by her, sure, but she seemed pretty private, and he wasn’t one to press anyone. He was more of a hang back and let them come to him sort of bloke. She seemed cool, and he liked to idly speculate about her, but that had been good enough.

Rob sighed. “It is bloody dead in here, isn’t it?”

Finn nodded, feeling a little disoriented. It was, but he was wrapped up in wondering.

“You can leave early, if you want. I’m here now, and there’s no reason for the both of us to be bored senseless.”

“You sure?”

“Yeah, escape while you can. Go see your nan.”

“Thanks, Rob. Have a good one—hope business picks up.”

Rob smiled. “Usually does.”

Finn shrugged on his jacket and slung his bag across his chest, then waved to Rob as he headed out.

His walk to the hospital was fairly short, and he was so distracted by thoughts that it seemed like he arrived in less than a minute. 

He started to walk down the hall to the nurses’ station to check in, when he saw a flash of long dark hair down the corridor off to his right. His head turned instinctively, and there she was, like he’d conjured her with his jumbled thoughts. She was standing next to a younger girl, head bent down to listen to the girl whisper in her ear.

When the girl was done, Rae straightened up, flipping her hair over her shoulder as she did. The hallway was dim, but for the spot they were standing in, an open door let the light from the courtyard windows in, and the light played across the sweep of her hair.

He was staring at her, mouth open, when she spotted him. He watched as she went from noticing him as a presence, then as a person, to the second she recognized him. Her shoulders hunched up, and she looked down immediately, as if not looking at him could make him not see her.

She didn’t last long before glancing up to make sure. He held up a hand in greeting, and she nodded. Her little friend looked up at her, her expression bordering on incredulous, before shoving Rae in the small of her back to propel her towards him.

Rae shot the girl a dirty look before dragging her feet down the hall.

As she approached, he began to smile. He was glad to see her, see she was … well, she might not be okay, as she was in hospital, and he could see her tag despite her long sleeves. But she was here.

“Hiya!” he said, brightly, his usually mumble gone for once. “Funny running into you, we were just wondering about you at the shop.”

Her eyes flew to meet his. “What? Why?”

“Well, we just … hadn’t seen you in a while. Sort of got used to you coming in every week. Saturday mornings are pretty boring without you.”

The expression on her face was impressive, but still hard to read. “Really?”

“Well … yeah. Sometimes you were the only customer I’d see before noon.”

She scoffed under her breath, and half smiled to herself. Then, suddenly, asked, “What’re you doing here?”

“Oh, visiting me nan. She’s … they’re observing her. For, like, levels, or summat.”

Rae nodded, like she understood. “Sorry to hear it. I won’t keep you. Nice to … I mean, thanks, or … whatever.”

She turned to walk away, and Finn found himself protesting. Out loud. “You’re not keeping me. I’m early this week. It were so dead, Rob said I could leave before one. I—“  

Rae pivoted cautiously to look at him while he floundered.

It was then he remembered the extra copy of Melody Maker. “Oh, hey! Do you, I mean, is it alright if I …” He fumbled with the clasps on the front of his bag. “I just happen to have an extra of this week’s …” He held it out to her, hopeful. “If you want it, that is. It’s a special edition, that’s why I grabbed an extra.”

Her eyes widened, then narrowed in suspicion for a split second. “You sure? It’s not for someone else?”

“No!” Why had he practically shouted that? “No, sorry. I just … grabbed two instead of one. I can always get another; they sent us loads.”

She turned to fully face him, but snuck a glance over her shoulder at her little friend, who was grinning down the hall at them.

“Well, thanks, then. I’ve been starved for news of these two for weeks now.” She gestured to the brothers on the cover.

Finn grinned. “They’re still the same old arseholes, far as I know.”

“Arseholes who can make some bloody great music.” Rae smiled back, holding the magazine close to her chest, like it was something precious.

“It’s good to see you, Rae,” Finn said. “Hope we’ll see you at the shop soon.”

Her eyes softened at that, and she nodded faintly. “Yeah, hopefully.”

He wanted to ask her why she was there, what was going on, but he had no right, and from the little he knew her, he knew she wouldn’t want him to pry.

He waved again; this time in farewell.

When he got to his nan’s room, he still had a smile lingering on his lips.

“You’re happy about something,” his nan teased, before he even saw her.

He dipped his head, shaking it in denial, but said, “Well, yeah, happy to see you!”

She gave him a knowing look, but didn’t question him, just held her thin arms out for a hug.

wow another rubiam high school au i'm so creative

i guess we’re kinda upgrading to college now??? idk

•the first time ruby does poorly on an assignment in college she cries for 4 hours about how she’s gonna be a stripper for the rest of her life

•liam tries to calm her down to no avail like “this is the first time ever in your life you’ve done bad on something it’ll be okay soon you’ll learn to do poorly and take it in stride like the rest of us” and she cries harder bc that indicates she’s gonna do terribly again

•when he asks what she got he has to physically hold himself back from laughing when she looks up at him with tears running down her face and says “B minus”

•she’s been crying for the last hour and a half over a B minus. she thinks her fate is stripping because of a B minus. this bitch.

•chubs ends up being the one who calms her down because in typical chubs fashion he just gives it to her straight and slaps the sense back into her

•"well if you don’t want another B minus, why are you wasting time crying over the one you can’t change? go spend the time you’re wasting right now on the rest if your work and make sure it doesn’t happen again.“

•she stops crying, nods and gets up to go do her work

•liam just stares in shock at the fact that chubs just did in 3 sentences what he’d been trying to do for 3 hours

•"sometimes you make me feel like a really shitty boyfriend, chubs”

•one night they set up a study date and liam’s like “what are we gonna study” and she goes “i don’t know…i need to work on biology” and he thinks he’s about to get lucky but that hope quickly dies when she actually brings her giant binder of notes and her textbook and falls asleep next to him at 10:30

•all his friends make fun of him for being whipped and he’s just like “wow i love and respect my girlfriend you really got me good what a burn 🙄🙄🙄”

•when she was on her period in high school she used to be able to kinda avoid him if she wanted to be left alone but now they live a floor apart and spend a good 70% of their time together so he kinda has to learn to handle her when she’s hormonal, cramping, and angry at him because he’s a man and has never had to go trough this

•he learns pretty quickly but the one thing he never quite figured out is if she actually wants him to touch her or not

•like sometimes when she’s laying in bed cramping he’ll try to cuddle and she nearly bites his head off but half an hour later she’s crying because he doesn’t want to touch her

•he’s mortified the first time she sends him on a tampon run

•not because “ew gross tampons periods disgusting” just because there’s SO MANY and he doesn’t know which one to get

•he calls his mom, naturally

•when she doesn’t know what kind ruby uses he calls ruby’s mom

•"Liam! how are you sweetie?“
“um hi mrs daly i’m good. but um, this is a weird question but i was wondering if you know what kind of tampons ruby uses. she sent me to the store and i don’t know what i’m doing.”
*queue ruby’s mom laughing for 12 minutes*
“the black box with the pink swirls honey”
“thanks mrs daly”

•they move in together after liam’s 3rd and ruby’s 2nd year

•they invite chubs to move in with them but he moves out after six months because “i’m tired of third wheeling in my OWN HOME”

•it was one thing to be sexiled from a dorm room he could just go to vidas and spend the night but to come home to your roommates having sex on the kitchen counter, where you eat off of,, no.

•they agree to wait until after they’re both done with college (which ends up being the same time since ruby took so many ap’s in high school) to get married bc that’s a lot of added stress and marriage is really just a title they live together and do all the things married couples do anyways by the end of college

•but by second semester senior year liam starts getting //really// impatient he knows what they said but he bought a ring last year and has carried it around with him all the time since then

•as soon as they’re out of the building where graduation was held he’s down one one knee and ruby rolls her eyes because wow impatient much but when he asks she says yes

anonymous asked:

What is your opinion on the Activision patent about messing with matchmaking in order to encourage microtransactions?

The patent in question was granted to Activision. In it, they wanted to be able to weight certain criteria while matching players for multiplayer games, such as matching non-playing players with players that have spent money on microtransactions in order to encourage them to play.

I got a lot of people asking questions about this and it’s taken a bit for me to formulate my thoughts on this. I realize that this is a hot button issue, especially in the wake of all of the talk about loot boxes and the presumed ill intentions of (certain) publishers. But, ultimately, it comes down to how you view potential. To me, potential is like a really sharp knife. I can cut myself with it (accidentally or on purpose) or I can use it to prepare a delicious meal. How it’s used is up to me. That’s how I see it, anyway. This matchmaking algorithm has a lot of potential, both for good and for bad. If you automatically assume that the developers and publishers are always going to do the bad thing, then proceed with the doom and gloom. It certainly has a lot of potential for a really bad player experience. There probably isn’t anything I can do or say to change your mind. But if you’ve got an open mind, or at least think you do, read on.

Here’s the first thing about this patent - it’s an extension of marketing. You really need to understand marketing’s primary goal. A lot of what marketing is actually isn’t trying to trick people into buying things. It’s trying to tell as many of the right people as you can that your product exists. If your customer doesn’t know your product exists, they won’t ever buy it. This is called the problem of discovery. It applies to all products anybody ever tried to distribute - people must be told somehow, and that requires somebody to spend time and effort to spread the word. Not everybody knows that these microtransaction goods exist.

One of the biggest questions all players have when offered DLC is “What does this DLC actually add to my game?”, quickly followed by “Is it worth it?” Much of the time, you might get a text description, maybe a short video clip, and that’s it. In something as experiential as a video game, that’s not a lot to go on. Maybe, if you care enough, you’ll remember to check for it on youtube. For developers, this can translate to losing a lot of potential customers simply because it’s too much trouble for players to learn what the new content is like… customers who might otherwise actually like what we’re offering if they knew what it was and how it played. “So just spend more effort showing it off” you might say. What do you think this kind of matchmaking algorithm is?

This patented matchmaking algorithm would help with that by showing off the microtransaction items being used by other players. The hope is that we could show a player who’s willing to spend a little and has a real interest in the game something that they would find worth a couple of bucks. Players who were previously unaware of its existence get to see the stuff in use and then they can decide for themselves whether they feel it’s worth purchasing. 

“Sure, dev. That sounds great for you, and maybe even those guys out there who have extra money to spend, but I’m not made of money. I don’t want to spend any more on the game post-launch, and I don’t want you waving your microtransactions at me. What’s the benefit for me?” you might ask. You’re not one of the extended customers. That’s fine. We still want you to play anyway.

Firstly, if the matchmaking algorithm is successful in boosting sales, it means more free content for everybody including the players who don’t spend. Lots of games get continued free content support in addition to new microtransaction content, because the microtransaction sales pay for that continued support. You should know this by now.

Secondly, it makes load balancing easier. Let’s say that there’s a bunch of non-paying players and a bunch of paying players of varying levels of skill and gear in the queue for a team objective-based game. I could keep them separate and wait until I have enough in each pool to launch a game, but that would result in longer queue times. I could just match them up willy-nilly, but that could easily result in a lopsided game. If power users don’t get evenly spread around with non-power users, the non-paying players often get steamrolled. One of the added benefits of Activision’s matchmaking algorithm is that it purposely takes those users and factors into account - to the point I’m surprised somebody else hasn’t done it already. It’s just that Activision went ahead and patented it so nobody else can use it. Remember, the patent used microtransaction spends as example criteria. Other criteria could easily be used with the same algorithm, such as player skill and experience, rank, character level, gear score, etc.

Finally… if we do our jobs right building the game, you probably won’t be able to notice the algorithm at work. How many of you have played Overwatch? Can you tell which of the random players you played with paid for microtransactions and which didn’t? Overall, it comes down to a couple of things - how obstrusive the microtransactions are, how much they affect gameplay, and how good the gameplay is in the base case. That’s on us as developers. If we don’t balance it right, it won’t be a fun experience and players will probably take their money elsewhere because the game isn’t fun… as they should. If we can craft fun and engaging gameplay for players that don’t spend any additional money as well as those who do, I’d say it’s a win all around. I’m not saying that everybody is going to be happy about this - plenty of people have already made up their minds and aren’t budging, after all. And there’s definitely a chance for somebody to screw it up really badly and make a bad game. But I don’t think it’s impossible to do it right, and I think that Activision’s algorithm has some real potential for usefulness. Whether we can get it right is up to us.

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Juicy Tonkatsu Sets at Tonkatsu by Ma Maison, Mandarin Gallery, Singapore

After a slightly disappointing tonkatsu set at the previous Ma Maison I mentioned, the Bottomless Pit and I decided to go to their tonkatsu specialty restaurant for our monthversary, and it definitely did not disappoint. It might not be the best tonkatsu ever, but it definitely satisfied my tonkatsu craving!

The restaurant gave us an appetizer of grated radish that they recommended having with some soy sauce. It was refreshing and definitely helped us to work up an appetite.

The katsu set without the sauce is a special kinako pork, named so because the pig was fed on soybeans, and this is the loin, or “rosu” cut. The waiter recommended this, so we took it. I still prefer their kurobuta (black pig) katsu though, but this was pretty awesome. Here’s how to enjoy it according to them:

It was pretty good on its own though, and I also liked to put a bit of mustard on it for extra bite.

The one with the sauce doesn’t need more sauce, and is a Nagoya specialty (that’s where the franchise hails from), Miso Katsu. I got it in a fillet “hire” cut that doesn’t have a huge lump of fat, but it was still tender and juicy. The miso sauce is really thick, flavourful and slightly sweet. It went well with the cabbage but sadly I couldn’t/didn’t dare ask for more of it. The side with the sauce gets soggy fast though, so eat it quickly if you hate soggy food. I suppose it’s traditional to eat it with the sauce already on (the one we had in Nagoya had it all over the katsu), but I have a feeling locals (who generally hate soggy fried food and can’t understand why someone would double-cook a perfectly fried pork cutlet in a sauce and egg), would prefer it to pour it over themselves. (And that will be my suggestion if I go there for a stagiare /shokugekinosoumareference)

Overall, the pork wasn’t greasy, and I’ve been to places where the tonkatsu was crispier but rather oily, so I guess this is a balance between texture and taste?

And yes, they do have katsudon on the menu, but I was really hungry and wanted the full set because it comes with a free flow of rice (brown or white), tasty and thick tonjiru (pork miso soup with lots of other ingredients), and cabbage. There was also a seasonal jelly to end the meal (not pictured). Maybe I’ll go back to have it another day for lunch!

We went there rather early, so we got a table, but the last time we went later, we had to queue and only got seats at the counter, where we could watch them frying the cutlets up close (behind a glass window). The staff are also really nice, going to the extent of asking us if we wanted to move to a warmer place because I kept switching seats with the Bottomless Pit (to take photos of the food). I forgot exactly how much it cost, but prepare to spend at least ~SGD $70 (USD $50)  for two.

Gadge Day Reflections: My Journey with Gadge

This might be a bit of a rambling mess (I’m running on so much anxiety and so little sleep), but here goes:

I’m the kind of girl who sees romantic ships everywhere - the stray word, the slightly too-long look, the almost-unnoticed touch - and pounces on them. Which is why it’s rather painful to admit that I didn’t see Gadge as a ship till it started cropping up in the fanfics I read, and even then I didn’t understand where the pairing had come from. (This was circa 2012, by the bye. All three books were out and the THG movie was in theaters.) I remember wondering at one point why people would ever put Madge and Gale together and being mortified that Madge bringing the morphling after Gale was whipped hadn’t given me proper shipper pause. It wasn’t so much that I’d overlooked the scene or its significance; rather, I identify strongly with Katniss and she hated the implication (made by Haymitch, who I’ve never been able to stand) that something might be going on between Gale and Madge, and somewhere between that and the wretched post-whipping Galeniss, the notion of any sort of relationship between Gale and Madge vanished like wisps of vapor. After all, Madge was Katniss’s friend, so it made sense (to me at the time) that she would make a courageous gesture to help Katniss by helping Gale.

At this point in my little shipper head, Gale was little more than an obstacle to Everlark, especially since I was still in that purist “T-rated canon post-MJ fics only” stage, which meant at the very best, Madge might show up in Katniss’s nightmares. My very first fic - which started as a joke with my sister and quickly turned into a legitimate premise - was Something Good: a gender-reversed (canon post-MJ) Everlark story loosely based on The Sound of Music - naturally, with no Madge whatsoever and Baroness!Gale as a major obstacle.

And just before I could post the first chapter of that fic, in a twist that even I couldn’t have predicted, I was unexpectedly, abruptly, intensely inspired to write an Everlark version of “East of the Sun and West of the Moon.”

“What has this to do with Gadge?” you may ask. For starters, it was the first time I had to be a grown-up and write Gale (in spite of my feelings) as Katniss’s friend, however briefly, as they part in the woods in Ch 2. And then I wanted Madge to come over and say goodbye in Ch 3, which meant that someone had to go and tell her that Katniss was leaving. And that’s where all the trouble started. ;)

Gadge exited Stage Left of the WtMiverse at that point (some four years ago) but they were still dancing around the fringes of my fics, for those with eyes to see. I’d discovered a passionate fondness for AU!Gale, who was easy to make a relative of Katniss and therefore no longer an obstacle-to-Everlark, so I had no trouble writing said Gales as attractive and deeply fascinating (i.e., the gamekeeper cousin in The Threshing Floor and Eomer!Galen in The Steward and the Bow-Maiden), but of equal importance, I think, was the fact that I was starting to envision and even imply Gadge relationships on the fringes of those fics. In Threshing Floor Haymitch accuses Peeta of never noticing Wessex girls till Katniss showed up in the field and makes a special note of “Viscount Undersee’s girl [riding] across your field in her petticoat at Midsummer,” which I always assumed was something to do with Hawthorne the gamekeeper (be it to impress him, get his attention, or meet him for a lover’s tryst), but as I never went back to write the epilogue I’d intended, the question was never answered. Bow-Maiden was supposed to have an epilogue too (”The Bride of Ithilien”), in which a Tolkienesque wedding night would be preceded by Eowyn!Katniss receiving new bride counsel from Queen Anniwen and - guess who? - Madriniel, princess of Dol Amroth and new wife of Eomer!Gale. (Heck, somewhere in there I was determined to write my own version of Marion Chesney’s delightful Six Sisters series, in which Regency era social divide!Gadge was very much on the docket, particularly as Madge would be the only one with prospects for a decent society marriage!)

And then a whole dump-truck of very bad life stuff happened to me (there’s no other way to say it :/) and all things writing fell away for a very long time. I managed to produce a little more WtM from the mire but trying to write anything at all was like trying to walk on a broken leg. (It still is, for the majority of the time. :( The prolific enthusiasm has never come back.) But some way, somehow, from the depths of that morass, I got an impulse to write Six Months to Strawberry Time, or rather, what I thought would be the entirety of the fic: one quick spiky Gadge oneshot to show Madge becoming Gale’s hunting partner (something I’d intended for the WtMiverse almost from the beginning but which wasn’t supposed to come up till Everlark visited the district in spring, by which time Gadge might also be in a romantic relationship…). 

I felt pretty good about the oneshot (for so I thought it would remain) and figured I’d leave the fic in-progress in case other quick oneshot-esque chapters presented themselves…and then this July, as I was trying desperately to work on Honey-God (and binging on adaptations of Jane Eyre, for which we might be partially able to blame my roommate), Strawberry Time suddenly roared to the forefront of my mind in thorough, lavish detail and demanded to be written. Which put me in an awkward place all around, but these were the only words that had come to me in many months and so of course, I had to chase them.

Three months later Strawberry Time is sitting at just under 40,000 words (and counting), and I can only be grateful to the Gadge devotees for letting me crash their party so late in the game and apologetic to my Everlark readers, to whom this fic (and especially my Gadge Day queue) must feel like a massive betrayal. I most assuredly didn’t plan to start a massive multi-chapter Gadge fic but I’m curiously glad that I have - in part to finally explore these characters and their dynamic (and let me tell you, having to write Gale honestly telling Madge about his feelings for Katniss was hard as nails) but also because opening the door in the other direction - into Twelve rather than the woods - has provided a delicious opportunity to follow all the parallel rabbit trails, from Primko’s windowsill courtship to Rooba’s mythical bacon buns. Strawberry Time has already given me opportunities to drop hints about future (and significant past) stuff in the WtMiverse that would never have fit into WtM itself, and of course we’ll soon have Gadge kisses (and very possibly Gadge smut ;D) as the icing on the strawberry cake.

Will I ever write Gadge outside of the WtMiverse (ex. Jane Eyre, Beauty and the Beast)? I truly have no idea. Depression is relentless and brutal, and I had to claw my way to the surface just to produce this Gadge Day queue. But Gadge presents a delicious dynamic all their own (as do Marko/Prim and Jack/Raisa, if you’re me :D) and once they’re a part of your shipping lineup, you start getting besieged by plot bunnies you would never previously have thought twice about - bunnies that could be made to serve other pairings but into which the perfect pairing fits like a key in a well-oiled lock. Which gets you wondering if maybe you should start spending more time with that pairing that fits so well into all these wonderful plots…

I know this isn’t really a “why I ship Gadge” piece - I tried to write one such and this is what came out, and I’m far too tired to try again - but I really hope it will suffice, if for no other reason than to begin to explain to folks following me why I crawled out of my dark hole and spent an insane amount of hours tagging and scheduling over 100 Gadge-centric posts for the blog I haven’t worked on in many months. Thanks for letting me ramble. *hugs*

Life's Greatest Blessings

A little fluffy scenario for my baby Jooheon’s birthday; wishing him the greatest day filled with blessings & love 

Sunlight poured in through the cracks of the swaying curtains as my fingers absentmindedly weaved through the smooth locks of Jooheon’s hair. Nothing could wake this guy up and I softly chuckled at the thought of his pouty, dimpled face staring up at me in confusion for waking him up. Somehow that came about quicker than I thought.

“Mm,” I heard a soft groan from beside me as well as felt his face snuggle into the side of my stomach while his arm swung over to hold me tight. “Don’t tell me the birthday boy is finally getting up,” I say sarcastically as I prod his head away from me with my index finger.

Something about being a man and not a boy came out of his mouth and the only reason I was able to decipher that gibberish was because I had been his wife for just over 5 years now. Sometimes the members still look at me baffled when I’m able to translate his nonsense and they’re not even though they’ve known him longer.

“You better wake up before your child does in exactly 3…2…1.”

Just as I reach 1 the door of our room swung open and a toddler in a blue onesie barged in with a toothy grin. My eyes moved away from Jooheon to see our little boy run up to the bed and jump right on top of us.

“Up, up, up!” He thrashed wildly. His hands found the side of Jooheon whilst being careful not to hit me in the process; all I could do was laugh as I watched father and son fight for dominance. Jooheon was abruptly awake as soon as his son flung himself on top of his stomach with his hands resting on his chest. His toothy grin was on display again, but so were those dimples which he inherited from him that Jooheon couldn’t resist.

“Are you up?” He asked with a slight lisp.

“If Daehyun wants me awake then that’s what he’ll get…but he’s gonna regret it!” As soon as the words flew out of his mouth, Jooheon had Daehyun in his arms and out of bed as they whizzed around. Screams of laughter mostly came from Daehyun but you could also hear Jooheon having the time of his laugh.

“Mum, help me!” I heard my little boy shout over their shenanigans and took it as my queue to haul my arse out of bed too.

One hand rested on the forming baby bump on my tummy whilst I sat on the edge of the bed. “If you carry on like this, how are we going to spend the rest of daddy’s birthday?”

Jooheon didn’t stop spinning immediately, it was only when Daehyun screamed shouts of happy birthday did the big baby finally stop. “Happy birthday, dad! ha, ha, you’re old now and I’m still little,” he said cheekily; his tongue out to tease his dad in what he thought was taunting.

“Oh no, I’m meant to stay young forever for my little baby! What to do?” He asked while burying his face in Daehyun’s belly making him squirm about in fits of giggles.

“Alright, alright,” I say as I come to stand in front of them, “don’t make me jealous. Daddy looks like he has more fun with you than me,” I fake pout while my boys look at me.

“But,” Daehyun began but doesn’t finish his sentence.

“What is it, baby?” I ask as I take him in my arms this time.

“Daddy is going to spend more time with the new baby now,” was all he said before wriggling out of my arms and padding out of the room.

“What was that about?” I question, turning to face Jooheon, my smile no longer visible and instead replaced with a worrying look. His face mirrored mine as he turned away from our son’s retreating figure to simply offer me a shrug. “Well don’t just stand here gaping! Go after him!” I hiss as I whacked his arm.

“Ow - gosh, woman, I’m going.”

Jooheon moved away from me but I walked right behind him to see what was going on. Daehyun hadn’t gone far, he was sitting by the faux plant pot next to the double sliding doors that led to the garden and fiddling with his fingers. Instead of tantrums like most 3 year olds, Daehyun preferred to simply sit and sulk and all I could think about was the adorable pout on his thick lips - this too he inherited from Jooheon. At this rate I was praying that our next child shared at least one of my features.

“Daehyun,” Jooheon’s voice travelled through the quiet air of our home as he struggled to take a seat next to Daehyun. Meanwhile I made myself more comfortable by sitting on the sofa and watching them. “You do know that when the baby comes, I’m still going to play with you, right?” His arm swung around Daehyun and picked him to place him on his lap, earning him a protesting whine in the process. “Nothing changes just because there’s going to be more of you.”

This caught Daehyun’s attention while I mentally praised Jooheon for the choice of his words. “More me? The baby will look like me? Speak like me?” Suddenly the mood had shifted and Daehyun was now bouncing about in his dad’s lap, anticipation mixed with excitement evident on his features. Jooheon and I both laughed at this.

“Do you know what will be the greatest gift on my birthday today?” I quirked up at his sudden question. “To have more of little Daehyuns to love forever.”

“How much more?!”



“Though that probably won’t happen,” Jooheon says whilst giving me an assuring look from my outburst at the sound of having 100 kids. Well, that wasn’t the problem; the problem was going into labour 100 times over. As if.

“So you’re not going to forget me?” He asked with a little pout as his fingers fiddled with the collars of Jooheon’s shirt, his eyes not quite meeting his dad’s.

“I think your mum will kill me before that could happen,” he scoffed. Meanwhile I smirked in reply. “Your mum and you are the greatest blessings I have in my life and there’s no one else I’d rather share my birthday with than you two,” he says placing a kiss on Daehyun’s forehead.

Suddenly a little gasp escaped from Daehyun as he jumped out of Jooheon’s arms. “I’m going to tell Uncle Kihyun that you don’t want to spend time with him!” He shouted in giggles before speeding off to jump on the sofa beside me. My arm wrapped themselves protectively around the little bundle of joy before connecting eyes with Jooheon. If his smile didn’t show how happy he was, his eyes certainly did.

Just a thought...

I love Christmas. I love that Christmas stuff goes up on November 1, and that the holiday music stations start playing that early. 

Why do I get shamed for that?

Halloween decorations and candy and whatnot is out on September 1, or earlier–it goes out in stores as soon as they pull Back to School. That’s how retail seasons works. They always run ahead, and it’s a good thing. Black Friday would be even crazier if you had people running out in a panic to buy holiday decorations because nothing had been in the stores yet. Instead, we can stock up through November and spend the weekend after Thanksgiving decorating. 

I’m not a big fan of Halloween, and I’m not really fond of seeing it for two months running everywhere I go. But I don’t tell people who love Halloween that they shouldn’t be celebrating it two months early, because you do you. 

So I’m gonna do me, and that means I’m listening to Christmas music now. The fall queue has mostly been switched out to winter, with occasional Christmas posts mixed in. Because that’s what makes me happy.

I Don’t Do Weddings

Pairing: Yoongi/Jimin
Rated: T
Author: Sofz98
Length: 12k

Yoongi hates weddings with a passion. And he has his reasons for it. But he’s found himself as Namjoon’s best man and at one point, he’s regretting agreeing to it. Until he meets an unlikely guest that Yoongi thanks the god that he was a part of this wedding.

- A short fic where Yoongi spends the entire night getting to know the mysterious “Jimin” and ending it without getting a kiss. But of course, his friends (being the nosy asshats they are) force him to find out who Jimin really is.


Reccer’s Note: