i could see him saying this in game

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OTP: harry/cisco :)

Oh my Harrisco.  :)

  • Which one cried during a fucking disney movie?

I was going to say Cisco, but Up totally got Harry.  Cisco also dragged Harry to see Zootopia with him and they had a very good time.

  • Who put a goddamned fork in the microwave?

Harry.  He wasn’t paying attention, thinking about some equation or other.

  • Who does the silly hands-over-the-eyes “Guess who” thing?

I could see this for both of them actually.  Harry often bats at Cisco’s shoulder when he tries it though.

  • Who puts their cold hands/feet on their partner?

Harry.  Cisco is very vocal in his complaints about it, but ends up cuddling him anyway.

  • Who had that embarrassing Reality TV marathon?

Is Mythbusters Reality TV?  Harry got totally hooked on that cause his earth doesn’t have it.

  • Who laughs more during sex?

Hmmmm, probably Cisco?


CISCO.  He demands all of the snuggles.

Guess who found a new POT to pay rent on time!!! Haha I literally played a risky game almost not being able to pay rent on time. We had gone on one date and literally talked for hours. I’m going to call him English. English says he can see us very long term. We went out on our date Sunday and discussed so much and how he would never leave me hanging. For someone reason I felt like I could really trust him. I mean he’s very google-ble and he’s very genuine. When I said I needed help with rent yesterday he told me to give him my bank info and he’ll have it in within an hour, and he did! He also seems fine that I want a 6000$ allowance. Trust me I would love to ask for 10k off the bat but I didn’t want to scare him off, he’s rich enough to give me 10k allowance but I just want to start easy. English is really excited to mentor me and wants to start a lot of plans for me. I really think he’ll be my SD soon rather then my POT.

  • What I say: I’m fine
  • What I mean: Skandar Keynes is one of the best humans of our generation, and I will never understand why he didn’t get any more acting jobs after Narnia. He has the talent, the looks, the accent, and the general awesomeness that would make ANY director want to cast him. I could see him in a British drama series or really any show like Game of Thrones, Doctor who, or Sherlock. He’d be absolutely fantastic in them. The fact that I will never get to see Skandar’s beautiful face on TV again hurts my delicate heart.

Anders and Justice

*lazy title is lazy*

The more I think about it, the more it seems like such a loss that they didn’t bring Anders back in DA:I. It would have been interesting to see what happened with the progression of Justice taking over Anders. I know Anders says Justice is now so much a part of him you couldn’t separate the two, but that’s not actually what we see in the game, there are several instances where you can clearly see Justice taking Anders over. I just think it would have fitted in with parts of DA:I’s story. I mean first you have Solas saying you can befriend spirits, then we meet Cole, it would’ve worked. You could’ve seen Anders become more unstable, or maybe a mission like Connor’s mission in DA:O.

(And yes, I know Anders can potentially be dead at the end of DA2, but they brought Leliana back as well, and it would be much easier to explain Anders’ survival than Leliana’s.)

I tried to make Anders more like he might have been in DA:I, and I was heavily influenced by lilianangel‘s Anders-Inquisitor. (Might have made him too pretty, though.)

Anti's next actual appearance (???)

I think it’s safe to say that a lot of us were expecting Anti to make another appearance today, myself included. I also think that there could be many different reasons behind him not making any appearances. It could be that Jack wants to wait longer and drag out the tension and anticipation, it could be that he has something else planned, or even the fact that he simply didn’t want to post two horror games one after the other. We all know that Jack likes to appeal to everyone’s taste, hence the variety in his updates. Resident Evil 7 is updated every 2 days and, based on the previous posts, we were led to assume that Detention was to be updated every 4 days. However, that lead us to the point of having them both be due to update today, which would mean that both of Jack’s uploads would be horror games. But that wouldn’t appeal to everyone and it’s just not how Jack works. That being said, I think we may see it tomorrow rather than today… At least I hope, anyway.

say what you wanna say while you have the chance to do so. be honest. swallow your pride. talk about your emotions. everyone is playing games nowadays and i can’t stress it enough: be honest. don’t be scared of being vulnerable, it shows that you are strong. tell him you love him, even if it might not be reciprocated. tell her you’re sorry. tell her you miss her and you wish you could see her again. be honest, especially when it comes to your emotions.

prompt list challenge - #12 “Don’t touch her.” - C.H.

requested by anon :)

masterlist // request

I scream as our team scored yet another goal. We were killing it tonight. Cal scored another goal and his reaction was to look towards me, and he winked at me as I showed off his jersey in which I wore every game.

Easily, our team had scored 2 more goals before the game was over, and I waited at the gate to meet my boyfriend of 1 year.

“Excuse me,” A guy says and I turn towards him, “But I sort of lost my number. Can I have yours?” He smirks at his own dumb pick-up line.

“Sorry,” I smile apologetically, “But my number’s taken.” I tell him, rolling my eyes. How could he not see it? I was wearing a jersey that literally had ‘Hood’ on the back.

“Oh, come on, sweetie.” He whines and grabs ahold of my hand, “Your boyfriend’s not gonna miss you for a night. Besides, I don’t see him.”

“Don’t touch her.” I hear behind me and I rip my hand from the kid’s hold, jumping into Cal’s arms.

“Oh, baby, you did so good!” I exclaim and Cal’s hands briefly wrap around me before putting me down, and heading up to the guy, who still stood there like the asshole he was.

“She obviously told you she was taken. Touch her again, and I’ll make sure you never even think about my girl. Got it?” Cal growled and the guy tried to hold his stern look but I knew he was frightened. Cal knew too, and to throw the guy off a bit more, he shoved him out of the way, and that’s where I stepped in.

“It’s whatever, Cal. Come on.” I smile, leading him to his car.

“Babe, I gotta go get dressed. I stink and I’m all sweaty.” He whines.

“Oh, Calum Hood,” I sing, “Don’t worry about it. You’ll already be covered in sweat tonight.” I wink.

Matt Duchene #1

Requested by Anon(s):

1.  Could you do a fluffy Jeff skinner x reader imagine or Matt Duchene x reader imagine? XD thank you [You’re welcome and thank you!! I chose Matt Duchene!!! I hope it’s okay, mostly because I already have a few Skinny drabbles queued and nothing of Matt. Enjoy!]

2.  when you have time could you do a cute little fluffy matt duchene imagine? where he drops his gloves because someone on the opposing team was saying rude comments about you which gets him kicked out of the game and you go to the locker room to comfort him and see what happened? thank you! :) [Hiii! I hope you like this one! Really cute kinda angsty? Enjoy!! And thank you. :)]

*Last non-Christmas drabble!!! If I stick to my schedule (which you know that sometimes I don’t), I’ll be done with all the Christmas drabbles BEFORE Christmas. Woohooo!!*

Word count: 1, 031

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He’s going to get suspended. Fuck. You saw the hit, you saw the helmet flying to the other side of the rink – !!!!! – and you saw the linesman literally having to carry your boyfriend off of the other guy, blood staining the ice. Thank goodness for the linesman. If it weren’t for him, Matt would still be pounding the other guy to oblivion. He probably wouldn’t just be suspended, he would be traded to Africa or something.

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Parasite AU facts
  • It soon becomes a daily ritual for Fee to help Lance get ready for the day, using its tentacles to grip a toothbrush to clean Lance’s teeth while he does his hair.
  • Fee has no gender. It is an asexual organism that can reproduce through mitosis.
  • It is not uncommon to see Lance arguing with himself or to see a blue tentacle wiggling from his back, gesturing angrily at him as they fight.
  • Hunk is Fee’s favorite and will always wave at him when he walks by. At first Hunk is bit weirded out by this, but it soon turns into a fun game between them and they quickly make various gestures to the other that only they understand.
  • Pidge makes Fee uncomfortable. Fee fears that Pidge will rip it off from Lance and experiment on it like the Galra did, so it’s not unusual to see Lance sporting sharp teeth when around Pidge. It’s Fee’s lame attempt to say, I could make Lance bite you if you try anything!
  • Fee is fond of Shiro. It can feel the Galra energy coming from his arm, but still is drawn in by his space dad charm. When Fee see Shiro have a panic attack and display similar trauma that it suffered for the first time, it instantly makes Lance go into super protective mode and drive away any attackers or triggers until he is safe.
  • For some reason Fee rarely if ever has any interaction with Allura and Coran. Pidge summarizes that this could be because of their Altean heritage, but other than that they have no idea why. 
  • When Lance and Keith finally get into a relationship and start sharing a bed at night, it’s really awkward, considering Lance has to sleep as a giant fish monster. Yet as the days go on, Keith wakes up one night from a nightmare and is surprised to see a blue tentecle creep up from the covers and curl around his finger gently.
  • Lance finally gets to be human for the majority of their off time in castle with Keith when they’ve been dating for three months. However when their out in the field Lance is usually in his monster form, as Fee has become attached to the other paladins and wants to keep them safe just as much as Lance.
  • Fee HATES the green goo. Despises it. Still thinks is some kind of torture or poison no matter how many time Lance eats it.
  • Lance and Fee grow close to one another at night, when their consciousness intertwine and they can see each others dreams. Lance gets to see what Fee had to endure during its time with the Galra, yet at the same time Fee gets to experience the love of Lance’s family from his memories . This is what ultimately helps Fee deal with it’s PTSD.
  • Its because of this that Lance decides that even if there was a way to remove Fee from him safely he wouldn’t do it.

Can I just say right now that Ghirahim could very well have he highest death count of any Zelda villain?

I mean, we were given insight into how horrible he war between Hylia and Demise was, and really, he’s the only survivor. Demise doesn’t really count.

Judging from his sadistic manner and blatant bloodlust we see from him in game, who knows what atrocities he had committed as Demise’s right-hand man? He probably even rivals his master in that area.

In conclusion, Ghirahim is definitely the scariest and most dangerous villain in the series.

And I love him for it

story time

Did I ever mention just how much I love Xu Minghao? I probably have but I’ll say it again anyway.

I really really do love him and it makes me so happy to see him happy and his picture just makes me feel so…at peace.

I really do love him so much, I know that if I were to play destiny and fate’s cards right there could be something (but I’m not hoping, I’ve always been bad at games)

I know that I’ll treat him right, I’ll support him and cheer from him at the back, I’ll be at awe with his talent and give him bottles of water and towels in case he gets tired. I can tell him that it’ll be okay and that a lot of people are rooting for him.

I can hold him close and keep him warm and pepper his face with kisses and make sure that he eats everyday, I’ll smile for him and try my best to make him laugh.

I’d learn two languages for him. I’d learn how to dance so that I can move with him. I’d put less sugar in my cookies cause he isn’t a fan of sweets. I’ll travel with him to places that he holds close to his heart and make good memories.

I’ll run my hands through his hair and cup his cheeks and just gaze at his doe eyes and tell him that I love him even if he’s heard it for the nth time.

I’ll carry him when he’s exhausted and try my best to not be a bother, I’ll take in his interests and discover even more reasons to love him.

As someone who has infinite possibilities he needs to be with someone who can be just as infinite as him;

there is a huge to an absolute possibility that its not me, and that a luckier special someone is out there for him and it’ll be okay because as long as he’s happy, I’m happy.

I can never stop saying how much I love him cause I really do, I really really do.

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A scenario where Yurio plays Mystic Messenger.

“Why are you making me do this?”

“It’ll be fun! Besides, it’s just a phone game.”

“(y/n), it’s a game about texting fictional characters.”

“You sounded like Yoosung’s bad end now…”


“Oh, no one, you’ll see once you start playing!”

Yuri could only stare at his girlfriend in disbelief, wondering why exactly she was making him do this.

In the end, he couldn’t refuse her, and ended up starting the prologue.

“Ah, I like this option”

Yuri muttered, clicking the one that said ‘But I’m not a girl.’

“Why did they put that option if the red-head would just say I’m a girl anyway?!”

By now Yuri looked ready to throw his phone into the wall.

“Don’t sat that! Seven’s the sweetest character anyway.”

Yuri paused for a moment, feeling a strange feeling bubble up in him. 

It was jealousy.

(y/n) felt two arms wrap around her waist, pulling her into Yuri.

“But I’m better than him, right?”

The girl could only giggle as she leaned up to peck his lips.

“Of course. You’re the best.”

He is proposing

Tonight is the New Year! We will be standing outside watching fireworks together. When I say ‘we’, I mean me and Harry, and all our friends we are having a party with. But the thing is, Harry is acting really weird today but I tried to put it to the side.
We were sitting in the living room playing some games. It was one hour until midnight, Harry seemed very nervous. “Harry are you alright?” I asked him “Yes, totally fine.” he smiled, and it wasn’t a fake smile. So I just continued to play with the others.

-Ten minutes until midnight-

We were all standing outisde. It was a pitch black outside, you could barely see. I sew Harry whispering something to Louis who noded and walked away. I was curious why are they two acting really weird all night but I didn’t say anything.
I looked at my phone 11:55 PM, just five minutes until the New Year. I looked up and saw Harry, I smiled. He smiled back and cleared his throat like he is about to say something very important. “Um, Y/N.” he started “Yes Harry?” I asked happily. “Could you please close your eyes for a second?”. I was confused but got with it and closed my eyes. Immediately everything went quiet, like when you are alone in the forest and can hear just birds singing. After some time I heard Harry saying “Okay Y/N open your eyes.” I opened my eyes and saw something really beautiful. Christmas lights were everywere and it was very pretty. And just then I noticed Harry was in front of me on his knee with a big smile on his face. My hand immediately flew to cover my mouth and tears already started to escape my shocked eyes. “Y/N we have been together for three years and I couldn’t be happier. You made me be a better person. I would say so much more, but these people are getting impatient.” he glanced at the group of our friends as they all chuckled, including me and Harry. “I just want to say that I love you so much.” he took a deep breath and reached for something in his pocked. He pulled out the most beautiful ring I’ve ever seen “Will you do me a honor and become my wife?” he asked as tears came into his eyes too. I was crying from happines. “Yes! Yes! A milion times yes!” I said jumping up and down. Harry stand up and put ring on my finger. Then he hugged me so thight I thought I was about to explode, he kissed me with so much passion and love. We pulled away and I saw our friends cheering and just after, we saw fireworks. I thought I couldn’t be any happier than this. My life was perfect.

9. “I had a nightmare about you and wanted to make sure you were okay.”

with Cato

At first you thought some of the other tributes had caught up to you and you were going to die right here. You began to panic, your heart rate increased and you could feel it hammering against your chest like it was about to explode. In your fear you called out to Cato.

“Shh it’s me, don’t be scared.” Cato says when he noticed you were awake and scared, seeing him standing above you.

“What are you doing it’s the middle of the night, you scared the hell out of me.” You hiss at him.

“I had a nightmare about you and wanted to make sure you were okay.” He says and you look startled. You really did not expect that.

“I’m fine go back to sleep.” You sigh and he lies down close to you, wrapping his arms around you. It wasn’t typical for Cato to act like that but you didn’t complain.


A Liam Dunbar imagine

“Hey you going to the game tonight?” Scott asked me.
I closed my locker smiling at him.
“Obviously Scott your my favorite player. But shh don’t tell Liam.” I laughed.
Scott chuckled, “I promise I won’t.”
“Aye well I’ll see you later. Have to find Kira.”
I nodded saying goodbye as I walked towards the parking lot. As I got closer to the buses I could hear a weird noise. Not bothering to pay any attention to it. But it kept getting louder. My heart was pounding, I was getting scared and fast.
I picked up my pace trying to find Liam’s car as quickly as possible. But that noise it was getting louder and louder. And that’s when it hit me, it was coming from the buses behind me.
I turned around to face the four yellow buses, looking between the first two buses I saw. And then I peeked over the bus my heart sanking and breaking into a million pieces.
“Liam what if someone sees us?” Hayden giggled.
“I promise no one will. We’re way behind the bus no one comes this way.” He reassured her.
She smiled kissing him, Liam kissing back harder. I grew angry walking towards them.
“Are you sure about that Liam?” I asked him.
Liam pulled away, Hayden scared out of her mind.
“I I.” He stuttered.
“Save it.” I replied back trying not to make a scene.

Days past and I still have not spoken to Liam. He would send me multiple texts and a thousand of missed calls and voice mails. I didn’t answer one of them. They were all lies, if he was sorry he wouldn’t have cheated on me.
I sat in the living room watching TV, when the doorbell rung. Thinking it was Mailia I answered the door. But instead it was Liam.
“Bye.” I snapped trying to close the door.
He stopped it with his foot.
“Please can I talk to you?” He pleaded.
I rolled my eyes moving to the side of the door to let him. He walked towards the living room, I sighed this isn’t going to end well.
“Look I’m sorry I really am.” He began.
I smirked, “REALLY?! If you were so sorry why were you kissing her Liam!” I shouted.
He grew quiet fumbling with his hands.
He shrugged, “ I don’t know.”
“Unbelievable. And to think that I was going to take you back if you asked.” I admitted.
He glared at me, “ Take me back? Who said I wanted you back?”
I was stunned did he really just say that to me?
“What do you mean? Why did you come here then?” I asked him.
He rolled his eyes, sighing in annoyance.
“Look I came here to apologize for lying to you. But I don’t want to be in this relationship anymore. I love Hayden… Not you.” He answered.
“What?” I asked shocked.
“I said-” he started but I cut him off.
“No I heard what you said. I just can’t believe it.”
He shrugged, “Well believe it.”
I shook my head, I was getting more pissed off than before.
“Your breaking up with me. And you thought it would be okay to cheat on me and then come to my house and tell me you love someone else! So everything you said was a lie. Everything we WENT THROUGH ment nothing to you!” I ranted.
Liam stood still not saying a word.
“You think your in love with her, yet she’s only been here for a month. But of that’s what you want then so be it.”
He frowned walking past me.
“ At least now you can’t say I didn’t apologize for my mistake.”
Liam left, I slammed the door behind him. Falling to the ground sliding my knees towards my chest. Why does everyone I love leave me in the end.

so i’m writing and thinking a lot about draco and his upbringing and stuff and like

he’s pretty good at flying right?? he was pretty natural during the first flying lesson and probs the best on the slytherin team seeing as how they went way down hill after he left in sixth year

so like who taught him how to fly when he was a babe? lucius? maybe but he always seemed super stuffy to me and i just cant see him darting around on a broom. they could have hired someone sure but what about

what about narcissa? is there anything that says she’s a bad flyer? she could have totally been on the quidditch team and been super badass and feisty as a kid. imagine lucius at a game and she just whizzes by and he’s all, “she’s a black and she’s a boss on the field? done!”

and then they have draco and when he gets old enough they get him the best toy broom on the market and shes in the gardens all day teaching him to fly and

yes. yes. this is my new fave headcanon. [more here]