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do you think jk could be hiding a relationship with someone?

Yes, I do! I’m almost sure at this point that he’s hiding a relationship with another idol. But, sadly, bandmates of them both don’t want to share more information. I have a secret information from a friend in Korea, it’s well known. They are quite obvious, they don’t even try to hide it anymore. I shouldn’t really say it, to keep their privacy, but… since you’re asking and I trust no one on Tumblr would ever share it outside, here’s some pictures of Jungkook’s secret S.O:

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Real hottie, right? Here they’re planning one of their secret dates:

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They tried to convince the public that they are “just friends”, but when you see them, you simply can’t deny the chemistry.

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So, yeah, I think Jungkook could hide his relationship with someone. It’s a boy, his name is Park Jimin and they are both members of BTS. But you don’t got this from me!!!

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Hey so um your post making fun of the misuse of english slang by foreigners offended those who don't really speak english that well. I know you guys are all pretty accepting of the minorities and underrepresented but i thought that your post could be very easily have been taken the wrong way.

Ah shit. Yeah, I absolutely see where you’re coming from with that. The intent of the post was more people who know American English and not British English and misuse things like ‘bloody’ as a curse word or have the characters say ‘mom’ or things like that, not specifically people who don’t speak English as a first language, but the wording’s a little too ambiguous, that’s my fault. Sorry about that, I’ll delete the post.

Julia Serano, Transfeminist Thinker, Talks Trans-Misogyny
She transitioned in 2002. Her manifesto explores links between transphobia and misogyny.
By Jeanne Carstensen

The New York Times interviews Julia Serano, trans activist and trans philosopher.

Julia has written some of the most important books on transgender, Whipping Girl included. If you haven’t read it yet, do so now! 

One of Serano’s important messages is that transphobia very often reflects misogyny and our society’s contempt for the feminine. 

She says:

If people are going to make jokes about transgender people, they usually single out trans women. The underlying theme of the joke is how ridiculous it is that someone who was a man would decide to be a woman, to be feminine. The assumption is that femaleness and femininity are inferior. That’s part of the joke.

Just as feminists have long argued that women are men’s equals, we should also be saying that femininity is masculinity’s equal.

So both feminism and trans activism must  look at femininity and masculinity as equally valid expressions, personality traits and identities.

I could not agree more!

I’m having a bit of a posing issue. I feel like my ability to portray a bust is fine, but my busts always feel very 2d and lacking in movement or emotion. I want something pose-y like something that feels like it was taken mid snapshot, but everything I try ends up being flat like: 

I suppose you could say I feel stuck. Artistically speaking I want to move ahead and make more complex shit, like the following piece by Joel Kilpatrick

In summary. My composition, perspective and just general composure feels shit. I’m having trouble figuring out bodily proportions in a way that it’s supposed to create a field of view or depth. I think the closest I had to that was this below, and it just ended up feeling meh.

Anyway. Ending with a sketch that I worked on yesterday to improve upon Tristan’s design. Or re-iterate anyway.

Pll final theory - Wren and Jenna

all the crow/pie references in the last ep got me thinking
There’s an old English nursery rhyme about crows being baked into a pie called sing a song of sixpence
Looked up and lyrics and one line says ‘a blackbird pecked off her nose’ this could relate to a physical or mentally injury??
It also says ‘they sent for the kings doctor’ what English doctors do we know?👀

And finally at the end of the poem it says 'little JENNY WREN flew down to the garden and put it back again’ !!!! Jenny = Jenna Wren = WREN

I’m sure somebody else can add to this and make it better/ more comprehensive but it’s just a thought I had

Cred to abi and Ellie they’re clever gals

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Hey i am a cis girl who is attracted to both boys and nonbinary individuals. Could I qualify as polysexual or bisexual since I have displayed feelings for more than one gender? Or is it more accurate to say that I am straight/heterosexual since the nonbinary people I have had feelings for have had a more masculine gender expression? Or I am straight because I have never experienced same-sex or same-gender attraction? I'm feeling really confused.

Hi there !! I know there’s been a lot of discourse surrounding this topic so I’ll try and address, well, everything.

Short Answer: Same gender attraction is not the basis for identifying as bisexual or polysexual, identifying as straight when you’ve experienced attraction to nonbinary people is exorsexist.

Long Answer: Nonbinary people are nonbinary, regardless of presentation / gender expression. To categorize nonbinary people by default into one of the binary genders based on presentation / gender expression is invalidating of our identities and furthers the idea that presentation / gender expression and gender / gender identity can be conflated. Furthermore, even though some of us won’t mind, it can be misgendery to squish nonbinary people who are male-aligned/solarian/nonbinary boys/etc in with binary guys by default and contributes to this idea that nonbinary people are somehow Binary LiteTM. Not to mention, there are plenty of nonbinary people who might present in a way typically associated with one binary gender and still experience no alignment whatsoever, or alignment with the other binary gender. In addition to this, the lack of same gender attraction doesn’t automatically make someone straight (same goes for “same sex attraction”, which is more explicitly based in TERF rhetoric as you cannot be attracted to one’s “biological sex” and is just another way to misgender people and erase intersex people), and to qualify nonstraightness on the basis of same gender attraction erases nonbinary people. This comes directly from REGs who argue that attraction towards nonbinary people inherently requires fetishization or disregard for our identities, which in itself propagates more exorsexism, and the argument that same gender attraction is a mandatory requirement and part of mspec identities which is, again, invalidating towards nonbinary people as quite a few of us don’t have a same (or similar now) gender to be attracted to, and that does not suddenly makes us straight, nor does that disqualify us from using our own orientation labels. Honestly, as a nonbinary person, if someone were to identify as bisexual or polysexual for the sole purpose of respecting my gender, I’d be thrilled. Unfortunately, the opposite happens too much and I get lumped under “basically male” or “basically female”. 

All in all, if you experience attraction to nonbinary people, I’d very much say that to consider yourself straight would be rather invalidating (and misgendering) to the nonbinary individuals you mentioned unless you have been explicitly told by each and every one of the nonbinary individuals you have experienced attraction to that they are okay with being considered and lumped together with binary men. 

Hope that helps !! Nonbinary followers, please feel free to add your thoughts !! ^-^

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Hey Maddy do you really thing kataang was really aspulled? I know people prefer zutara and all and that's cool. But I really dislike when people say that kataang came out of nowhere...what do you think?

No I don’t think Kataang was an asspull, at all. I just think that it was a very generic route to take.

Katara and Aang were hinted at regular intervals in the story so it definitely didn’t come out of nowhere. In fact, they were given far more explicit romantic development than Zutara were, and I say that as a very big Zutara fan.

It’s just that to me, Zuko and Katara had far more interesting chemistry, dynamics and potential for their relationship. With Zuko’s past transgressions, scars, and Katara’s status as a metaphorical healer - it would have made for a very interesting tale and could have created a powerful image. But alas… :(

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Okay I just realised something, Isak freaking out over driving reminded me so much of that Eva's Instagram video from season one where Isak is freaking out because he couldn't find something on the menu when they went out to eat! (I hope that makes sense, I'm obviously not very good at explaining haha)

hey lovie! hahaha, yeah, I’ve seen more people say that. kind of like the old Isak, right? can you imagine season three Isak yelling, hahaha. a grumble was all people could get out of him then.

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Why does Jun need to care a lot about Nino? What a waste of effort and energy. I hope he would just stop already.

I sincerely hope you are trolling. He does care a lot about Nino, and why is that a waste of effort? It’s never a waste of effort to care about someone else’s well-being. Everyone in Arashi cares about Nino. How would you feel if someone said that it’s a waste to care about you? Pretty fucking shitty, right? This is probably the most disgusting anon I’ve gotten. I cannot fathom how someone would think that its okay to say that it’s a waste of effort to take care of someone. What the fuck. Why would you want Jun to stop caring about someone, especially someone from a group you more than likely care about seeing how you are sending this message? I cannot understand that, anon.

I could end this message with “I hope no one cares about you”, but I won’t because I’m not a total asshole unlike yourself and actually do hope you have people who care about you, despite the cruel message you sent. You really should think hard about what you said. That was one lowest things I’ve seen someone in this fandom say.

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You say you don't trust Boris, but I'm more worried about Alice tbh. Like, this is pure speculation at this point, but I could totally see a scenario in which she gets you to the exit, tells you to leave, and if you decide to stay behind and help Boris she'll try to kill you to keep you from meeting the same fate-worse-than-death Sammy and the other employees met.

You never know with the cartoons, but I really doubt Henry would turn down an opportunity to leave this hellhole when that’s been his goal for the last entire chapter.

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“if you were about to die, and you could only say one more sentence to one person, what would you say and to whom?”

To Evan: Hey, I love you, don’t let anything get in your way, you are perfect and I love you so much, stay safe… I’m sorry I died.

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Souji,Kondou and Kazama. Would you rather be blind or deaf? Why?

“Well, either one would be the death of me as a warrior, so I’m gonna have to say I’d rather be deaf,” says Okita, grimacing. “Sight’s at least a little more important for fighting. I might not be up to my usual standards, but I could still be useful to the Shinsengumi.”

“I’d choose blindness,” says Kondou slowly. “I need to be able to speak and hear in order to carry out my duty as leader. Even if I couldn’t fight anymore…” He trails off, his gaze becoming distant. “I could always rely on my men to fight my battles, I suppose.”

“Demons’ senses stay sharp well into old age,” says Kazama, narrowing his eyes, “and our injuries heal quickly. Therefore, it is unlikely that such a scenario will ever come to pass, and therefore my choice is irrelevant.”

Note: Looks like somebody isn’t quite familiar with the concept of Would You Rathers…

My first official Bump picture.

I’m technically not 16 weeks until tomorrow but one day won’t change much.

I’m not exactly sure what to say during these, So I apologize. Nausea ended around 10 weeks which is fantastic because my morning (all day) sickness was crazy. I’m slowly getting more energized but still pretty sleepy most days and I just feel over all better. No weird cravings yet, however I could drink milkshakes and eat hamburgers all day so I usually do. No movement yet, but we should be finding out baby’s gender soon which is super exciting. I think both Louis and I are hoping for a girl but I know we’ll be happy no matter what.


just imagine…
the moment Lance learns how to unlock his bayard  :’)

slightly older Lance with different guns like, Pistols? Long Sniper rifle? pow pow 
Lance would ACE bc he is a fantastic sharpshooter.


Izzy and Alec are the best we’ve got.

something i don’t see a lot in tumblr’s rhetoric about mental illness and recovery is a distinction between recovery through suppression and conformity and recovery through coping.

suppression and conformity is not recovery.  it implies that you are simply repressing the symptoms of your mental illness or disorder and causing yourself more pain.  suppression implies that you are ignoring your mental illness, not acknowledging your symptoms, and conformity implies that you are putting on a neurotypical facade.  so many people assume that’s the end goal of therapy and medication (should people choose to do that) or general recovery. that people are trying to “cure” you.  it’s where i think a lot of the “i shouldn’t need to get better” rhetoric comes from.

but that’s not what recovery is.  recovery is coping.  it’s learning about yourself and how you tick.  it’s learning to recognize and acknowledge symptoms so you can better understand them and, ultimately, not let them control you.  it’s understanding that being “wired” differently isn’t a bad thing, but it can make things harder, and learning to recognize those distinctions and address them so you can make your life easier.  it’s recognizing that for some people, therapy and medication are the path to coping, and that the end goal of them is to make that learning and self-discovery process easier so that those people can do it independently in the long run.

recovery is not changing yourself to fit the world.  recovery is learning how to look the world in the eye and say “i now know how to coexist with you now.  i now know how to thrive.”

kill the stigma against female muses! 

kill the stigma that a woman is only as good as her ship. kill the stigma that if a female character has ships on her blog it means that she’s immediately gonna jump ur characters dick / vag. kill the stigma that if a female character has a flirty personality it means she’s immediately gonna jump ur characters dick/vag. 

kill the stigma that if a female character has ships it lowers her character value / development. 
kill the stigma that if a female character cries it means she’s weak. 
kill the stigma that a strong female character is a mary sue / self insert. 
kill the stigma that if a female character doesn’t have f/f ships she’s not well rounded. 
kill the stigma that if a female character isn’t interested in ships @ all then your character will be the one to destroy that.