i could rob you

Yep, I liked Suicide Squad. Yes, the trailers promised things they did not hold to, and yes, the film could have been much more. But in the end, I still liked it. So here’s the Joker with a hand full of guards for his queen. Because while a prison break is always fun, you can’t do that every Tuesday. That’s bank robbing day. Technically he could also answer with “I got you a kitty.” since they apparently file Hyenas under feliformia. Which devastated me a bit, because all my life I thought they were caniformia. But apparently that’s what bears are. Science, people. Not even once. 

Design doll used for bases


Watching “Cold Comfort,” and I just want to know, in-story, whose idea was it for the henchwomen to not wear pants.  I mean, Mister Freeze’s hideout is literally frozen.  It’s a frozen cave of a lab.  He has kidnapped scientists there who are in heavy snow getups because, like, it’s cold.  It is fuckin’-ass cold in there.  But “Ice Maidens” numbers one through three are, like, fuck your pants.

I mean, I have to imagine it was their idea.  I don’t think Mister Freeze in his monotone robotic voice was all “I am completely broken and destroyed and nothing gives me joy so I must rob others of their joy and also could you three show off your gams.”  So these three ladies are volunteering to die of hypothermia just to look rad.  

But still wearing the snow coats, because branding.

Dinner Time Today:

My mum and Billies confused reaction and advice to me asking about how to play the lottery and how it works.

Followed by;
Bill: *grabbing my shoulders and shaking me* “Why you want the money thoughhh?”
Me: *looking intently ahead trying to pry her hands from my shoulders* “I need 15k”
Bill: *puzzled pause, allowing me to move past her and start going upstairs* “Wh- what for?”
Me: *continuing to leave and not looking back* “life

imagine drunk luke thinking he’s being really smooth like stumbling into your room and you’re in the bathroom getting ready for bed and he walks in, trying to casually pull his shirt off but his head gets stuck for a second and he moves his hands to your hips under the shirt you’re wearing and he’s certain he’s got you cause you’ve cracked a smile at how giggly and messy he is and he looks at you seriously, teeth biting at his lip and you’re sure he’s about to kiss you but he just starts singing ‘i’m burning up.. burning uuup for you baaaaaby’

anonymous asked:

I've always been curious about your vision; the lack of eyelids would allow dust and dirt to get in your eyes, which could easily rob you of your sight. I typically think of you as having poor vision, but other senses and skills making up for it. Is that accurate, or is your vision somehow 20/20 still?

My vision has remained unhampered by my lack of eyelids. Yeah, I’m not entirely sure how that works either. Everyone I’ve met seems to have a different explanation for it too:

Reach, the leader of “The Gatekeepers of the Apocalypse” (third person mentioned here) said I displayed small amounts of precognitive capabilities, so there was a good chance I was completely blind and using my precog abilities to see the world around me with a clarity my eyes couldn’t grant me. Would also explain why I have such good spatial awareness.

Rito, my former boss when I was working with The Family, believed I had poor vision and had gained some sort of super-hearing or super-sensitivity to compensate. I never believed it much. I feel like it’s something I would notice, and it doesn’t really explain why I can aim down the sights of a sniper rifle, or read and write without issue.

Alexandria, our local supernatural expert, has been insisting she wants to examine my eyes for three years now, because she thinks they’ve been charmed with some sort of protection spell that prevents them from taking damage. If that happened, I wouldn’t know where it came from, but who knows? I’ve had so many spells and curses cast on me, it might just be a side effect.

As for me? I try not to think too much about it. They work as it is, I just try to enjoy it.

My dear inspiration for everything I write,
I hope you don’t mind reading my thoughts instead of hearing them.
For you know you leave me speechless though my mind keeps talking.
You make my heart beat faster.
You make my palms sweaty and for my eyes to constantly look away
which is difficult for me because I could look at you every second of the day.
I fell for your thoughts,
your smile,
the way you say my name,
the way you make me speechless.
I ache to tell you everything I think but my fingers might be permanently bent
For my hand would never stop writing
But my mouth would still not studder a single word.
I thought there would be no pressure.
My jaw feels it though and it’s about to break.
God, you leave me speechless.
I’ll never let it go but continue to pursue my feelings you haven’t heard.
My word thief
you’ve seemed to have robbed me.
I could express it all with mind blowing phrases and figurative language but I’m stumbling half way through and falling even harder.
I’ve spent hours contemplating all the different combinations 26 letters could bring me yet I could never correctly explain that feeling you give me.
What should I say when I want to kiss the side of your neck?
When I want to feel the heat of my own breathe bounce back and warm my lips after placing them on the pieces of your body I’ve always wanted to explore.
I’ll continue to wonder
and in the end you leave me chocked
and my lips will stay locked.
I’ll proceed the pain of cramping my fingers all for you.
—  @ixnpitt

Last season I NEVER even CONSIDERED the possibility I would ever have to say this but we’re four episodes in to the second season and THIS ISN’T GAY ENOUGH



  • I Could Rob You
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  • Gossip Girl - Soundtracks [S03-E08]

The Plasticines - I Could Rob You

Love is gonna hurt tonight
If it’s alright I’m gonna try
Love is gonna kill tonight
Don’t be surprised that you’re gonna cry

I could rob you if I want to
I could rob you if I try
I could rob you if I need to
Just be alright


okay but can you imagine mingyu being your neighbor and just picture this:

you’re in your kitchen at 2am because you have a craving for the brownies that are sitting on the counter and you’re using your phone flashlight bc turning on the lights would wake up your whole family and mingyu calls you all of a sudden and you’re scrambling to answer it before someone wakes up

“mingyu its 2am what could you possibly want?”
“y/n i think someone is robbing your house”
“what the hell are you talking about ming?”
“i saw someone in your kitchen with a flashlight!!!”
“oh my god mingyu that’s me! i wanted brownies.”
“oh hahaha my bad.”
“why are you even looking in my windows anyway?”
“my window looks right into your kitchen.”
“why am i even friends with you i s2g”
“hey wanna bring me a brownie?”
*siiiiiigh* “i’ll be there in 5 minutes”