i could relate to her soooo much

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Omg reading your rant about your mum and the hair thing I could relate soooo much. Not necessarily the hair part, but sometimes im in like a great mood and I just ask my mum a simple question in a polite way. And she just goes full on crazy at me and starts yelling at me. Like i didn't even do anything wrong and I have to suffer through her screams... lol completely ruins my day afterwards.

Right! And with my she’ll get mad at me so like you said you’re day gets ruined! And when I get in trouble I’ll just shut down afterwards and not want to talk at all and I get in even more trouble for that! If I talk I’ll say something rude and I just can’t win 😭😂

My thoughts on "How the A Stole Christmas"

As always with PLL this episode left me so confused my head literally hurts.

First off, I LOVED seeing Rosewood all done up for Christmas!!!

I need to stop reading all the Aria is A theories (but I won’t) because she seemed non too happy anytime anyone mentioned that Spencer might not be framed for Mona’s murder.

So Mrs. D is responsible for Ali’s flawless lying skills AND for Bethany’s love of the color yellow. I get this is super important I just can’t think of why yet. Side note: yellow can symbolize happiness and optimism, or the opposite side of the spectrum cowardice, betrayal. Also in the Great Gatsby yellow meant fake (gold).

Toby you’re creeping me out buddy.

Did Hanna just tell a little girl that “bitches get buried”??? In a church?? Whatever, that bitch deserved it. LOL!

When did Lucas and Spencer become thisclose?? They really need to stop spacing out seasons bc I can’t keep up.

Aria go up to Ali and Santa and just see who it is for Gods sake! Sometimes these girls are worse detectives than Rosewood PD, I swear.

Lucas feet dangling in the air as he sat in the Santa chair had me rolling.

Cece is back and they want us to think she murdered Mona for Ali. So obvi she didn’t.

So Ali and Bethany knew each other. Ali sent her a yellow top. Bethany was ready for a normal life presumably after she was released from Radley. How are these two related and why would Ali’s dad be mad if he found out Mrs. d was buying stuff for Bethany. Idk could Cece be Bethany or Bethany’s twin?

WHY didn’t A hurt Hanna?!?!? Not that I wanted them too, I love my Hanna BUT this confused me soooo much! Instead of using their knife they knocked her out, drug her up the stairs, laid her on the floor and then jumped a few stories out the window (I know this last part didn’t happen but the girls bought it)??? Not suspicious at all.

If Ali dies in the season finale like the scene with Mona foreshadowed wouldn’t it be overkill to bring her back from the dead just to kill her off?? Ugh that thought makes my head spin. AND Does this mean Mrs. D is black veil? Bc my brain needs major time and sleep to process that.

I get its a show but the lack of parental supervision and involvement just irks me. Especially since a girl their age who they went to school with was just brutally murdered.

When did it become completely ok for a teacher to date their student so openly??? The nursing home seniors, other student, detectives..everyone knows and could care less. Also, how do you take your English teacher seriously after seeing him in Santa boxers??? Good thing there was enough to go around so the guys/Paige could make their gesture. Weird.

This crew has to be the most unobservant group of 8 in the history of the world for A to be able to decorate with a full blown tree, star and all, and holiday light messages without anyone seeing.

All in all it was a good episode and I was so happy to have my show back!!!

Thanks so much for reading and I hope you all have a safe holiday, filled with loved ones and lots of goodies under the tree. Ya know, complete opposite of the Liars Christmas!😜