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Rae! I hope your day has been incredible. I want you to know that you are loved and appreciated, even on your worst days. You are worthy of the kindness you show to others. I'm always here for you and I love you lots. -Truce anon

oh truce, i love you so much. i wish i could have one of your life saving hugs right about now.

thank you love. i really needed this.

Day Seventy-Two

-For Christmas Eve Eve, I wore jingle bell suspenders. Tonight, Christmas Eve, I stepped up my game. I wore a homemade ugly Christmas sweater that my girlfriend Lauren and I had created together. Covered tastefully in pompoms, pipe cleaners, tassels, small present boxes, and more, it went over phenomenally. Plus, it worked fantastically as a deterent. No one could yell at someone who looked this tacky.

-“Here’s this. Here’s this.” A nine year-old girl handed her mother her Starbucks drink and pastry to hold. “Now I’m going to go to the bathroom, because I really need to go.” Moments later, she returned. “Now, where exactly is the bathroom?” Never before have I found a child whose struggles I knew so well.

-A man told me that we were doing the right thing by staying open so late on Christmas Eve. I would now like to cordially invite this man who waited until the last twelve hours possible to purchase his daughter’s gifts to come and do the right thing and work my shift for me.  

-Men continue to find it necessary to throw any even slightly feminine products onto the register, to distance themselves from such a girly thing as hairspray or a greeting card. I continue to find this absolutely hilarious, a very telling display of their fragile masculinity.

-In what seemed to be a sweet act of Christmas kindness, a woman paid for the items of the guest behind her. It was all ruined though, as she then turned and said, “I’m a Christian. Don’t forget that.” This was all fun and games until it turned into a Jesus fan power play.

-A baby, barely old enough to speak, saw me in my sweater and hat and came to the conclusion that I was the present man she had been told about. Her eyes widened, her hand stretched out, and her face lit up. “SANTA???” she shouted in an adorably squeaky voice. I stepped up to the plate and handed her a long strip of stickers, cementing this as the most fulfilling Christmas Eve either of us will ever have.

-After scanning a Shopkins activity booklet, an adorable five year-old girl in the cart asked me if she could hold it. I naturally acquiesced. I then heard both her father and her brother repeatedly tell her, “That’s not yours. That’s not for you.” She acknowledged this, but would not let go of it. I realized to late that she had taken advantage of my naivety and was holding the gift hostage, tearing it up more and more as her father scolded her.

-A woman attempted to use a “rechargeable gift card.” I put that in quotes, because as she found out, it was an actual credit card in the name of a stranger whom she did not know at all. She told me that she had taken a few cards out of her twelve year-old son’s wallet and that this had been among them. She does not know how he got a hold of Kevin Jones’ company credit card, but I am impressed to no end and look forward to hearing about this boy in true crime podcasts to come.

Nezumi and Shion really get me. I love them. Separately and together. What a team. Nezumi finally loses his shit to someone worth losing it for after years of trusting no one, loving no one…Shion’s his challenge and he could never overcome him. Shion, the boy is loaded with love that needs no “I love you”, he shows it to Nezumi… or tells him something else, that he’s drawn to him. They really care about each other and I’m reading the novel right now to learn about that deeper level of love and characterization behind the surface of the anime.

I really, really want Class 1-A to do a blanket fort.

Perhaps it starts just because someone dragged too many cozy blankets into the living room. Perhaps it starts because two or more of the children couldn’t sleep and huddled together for comfort. Or perhaps none of them could sleep because of nightmares, a thunderstorm, or after watching a horror movie.

One way or the other, they end up in the living room, tons of blankets, pillows and stuffed animals strewn out between them, and it doesn’t take too long for someone to come up with the idea of a blanket fort.

The more enthusiastic kids like Mina, Kirishima; Kaminari and Tooru are the ones to start building and hiding. Bakugou joins in because, heck, those idiots don’t even know how to build a fort, he can do that so much better. Uraraka is all for it and drags Izuku and Iida with her. Shouto joins, liking the thought of a warm, cozy nest to sleep in. Tokoyami wouldn’t confess it, but it’s exactly the same train of thought that bring him under the blankets, too.

Kouda is completely content with sitting in the middle of the fort, his rabbit securely on his lap and a stuffed animal next to him while the others build a rather impressive fort around him.

When Toshinori walks into the living room, on his way to the kitchen, he almost stumbles into the fort that takes up most of the living room space. He freezes mid-motion as everyone calls out Watch out!

“Now, what’s all of this?” He asks, baffled as he takes in the walls of blankets and pillows, covered with a big blanket for a ceiling.

“It’s our fort!” Mina’s head pops up between a few pillows, expression shining with excitement.

“Ah, yes. Of course. It’s rather impressive,” the fort shields everyone rather well from his gaze, and Toshinori has to bite back a laugh as he asks, “Is… everyone in there?”

“Uh, yes,” that’s Izuku’s voice that comes from somewhere in the middle of the room.

“I think we lost Mineta somewhere between a few pillows,” Sero comments good naturedly.

“Actually, we buried him,” Jirou mutters.

Iida’s gesturing almost topples a wall over as he exclaims, “Everyone! Go look for him! Really now…”

“Sensei, come join us!” Kirishima pops up next to Mina’ waving so much that Bakugou emerges, too, swatting him over the head to stop him. “Ow!”

“Is there enough space for me in there?”


“Pleeeease, Sensei!”

Toshinori relents, crawling under and into the fort carefully. He’s too tall and lanky for this, has to basically lie on his stomach in order to fit, but since the ground is also covered in pillows, that’s not even that uncomfortable.

And honestly, uncomfortable or not, it’s so worth it just because his students greet him loudly and happily, basically snuggling up to him once he has settled down.

Once Aizawa walks into the dorms, back from his job as an underground hero, there is nothing to be seen from his students or his colleague. Only the blanket meets his eye once he turns the corner.

Aizawa stops, blinks, let’s that sink in for a moment, before, “How many hours did you all spend on this?”

There is some shuffling, before one edge of the “ceiling” gets lifted and a pair of eyes blinks at him.

“Welcome back, Sensei,” Tsuyu greets him kindly. “We did our homework first, promise.”

“Hm,” Aizawa frowns, not sure if that is enough of a reassurance.  

“It’s just that we couldn’t sleep afterwards.”

If he wanted or not, Aizawa’s reservation towards this child’s work vanishes at that, and he sighs. “Toshinori?”

“Ah, yes?” Tsuyu scoots over as the retired hero appears next to her.

“You better tell me that my sleeping bag is somewhere in there with you.”

“I actually saw it somewhere around here…,” more shuffling, and the blond grunts triumphantly, “Ha! Thank you, Tooru. You’re sleeping bag is here, Aizawa-kun.”

“Well, nothing for it then,” Aizawa crouches, carefully examining the thick walls of blankets. “Is there a door to this thing?”

“Oooh, is Aizawa-sensei joining us, too?!” Kirishima exclaims. “Sweet!”

“It’s getting fucking cramped in here, guys,” Bakugou grumbles.

“Just make yourself a bit smaller, man.”

“Yeah, you could deflate your ego a bit,” Kaminari suggests. “Lots of space would come from that.”

“You fucking little…!”

“Yikes! Help! Get him off me!”

“Guys! You will topple the whole fort, stop that!”

By the time Aizawa has been granted entrance to the fort, he is already regretting his decision to join in on this – there won’t be any escape if people start exploding stuff or electrocuting each other, and he is tired to use his quirk.

“Don’t worry,” Toshinori seems to read his mind. The blond looks utterly too childlike for a grown man, lying on his stomach and making himself comfortable amidst stuffed animals. “They will calm down soon enough.”

“If you say so,” Aizawa huffs, but relaxes enough to climb into his sleeping bag and try to get some sleep.

And really, it doesn’t take too long for the bickering to calm down, yawns to be heard and really, and shortly after Aizawa feels someone flop down next to him, half snuggling up to him.

Cracking one eye open, he regards his students – especially Mina, who is basically falling asleep on his arm – with a calculating look before he huffs and goes back to sleep.

He has to confess – this fort is really good work from these kids.

A Good Reason

Pairing: Crowley x Reader
Words:  1225
Requested by Anonymous:  Could you do a supernatural fic where the reader and Crowley are in a huge fight and they both love each other but neither knows and the reader says something like “ why would you do that?!” Anything really and Crowley just screams out “Because I love you!!” I’ve always wanted a fic like that but I can never find one. If you could do that I would be forever grateful :) 

          “You are infuriating!” You screamed, pointing at Crowley, “I cannot even believe you right now!”

           “What do you expect from me, Y/N?” he growled back at you, “I’m the King of Hell!” he reminded you for the millionth time.

           “I’m so sorry, Your Highness,” you bowed mockingly, “Let me serve your every need, My King,” your words dripped with sarcasm and disdain, “Get out of my sight, Crowley. I’m done with you.”

           “I’m not done talking!” he said.

           “Yes, you are!” you screamed, “I’m so sick of you swooping in unannounced and freaking pulling me from hunts. I’m so tired of you getting in the way. I get that you hate hunters, but geez, let me at least somewhat do my freaking job!”

           “You’re sloppy when you hunt. I’m saving your ass every single time I take you from one,” Crowley insisted.

           “Oh, shut up,” you rolled your eyes, “Just leave me alone.”


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me: okay, i wrote as much as i can of your lil hot single dad and broke babysitter thing, n–

brain: what pairing

me: lams, now, can i pLEASE

brain: hold up, i found a thing

me: *groans*

brain: aw come on, don’t be like that! i promise it’s a really good one

me: you can tell me, but i’m not writing it for you

me: i’m tired and i just really need to get one or both of my prompts done

brain: ok so it’s an au where supernatural beings exist–

me: great

me: i’ll write it when i’m done

me: right now, i could give less of a shit

brain: oh no

me: what now

brain: you’re writing it

me: i will hit you over the head with a plate and see if it breaks

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I've been feeling very uninspired lately but I really want to write. I admire you and your writing a lot, so I was wondering if you could give me some nice, sliiightly challenging prompts? I need them. Thanks!

hey love. i know this feeling better than i’d like to admit and it…isn’t fun. i have a “prompts” tag on my blog which you could look through, and it’s almost 2am right now & i’m wrecked but here’s what i can think of:

one word prompts:

  • hunger 
  • bruises
  • purple
  • noise
  • nails
  • shadow
  • wings
  • rust
  • memory
  • hollow

surroundings prompts:

  • the sky inside out
  • this road leads to nowhere
  • follow the cracks in the pavement
  • the air you breathe is molten
  • find where the horizon meets itself
  • there are lies in the person beside you

feeling prompts:

  • when the wind outside opens your skin at the seams
  • nostalgia for something you’ve never experienced before
  • falling in love with the ugliness of true love
  • searing isolation amidst company
  • aching body home to aching bones
  • the desire to do something, to live

theme prompts:

  • abandonment / fragments and mirror shards / escape / running around in circles / fairground music / white eyes / smiling with teeth
  • twilight / coolness / wisteria and willow trees / the moon behind clouds / damp grass / dewdrops / the colour lilac / soft darkness
  • blood / silence / concrete and cement / a heavy heart / muscle turned to stone / flash photography / the body used as a weapon
  • warmth / curling flames / smoke screens in amber / headiness / dreaming in the daytime / filtered light / shafts of golden dust 
Baby, Please

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Pairing: Steve x Reader, Implied Bucky x Reader

Warnings: Angst, swearing (I think), really shitty writing!! 

A/N: Hope you guys like it!!

It has been almost a year since you and Steve broke up, the breakup was nasty. The two of you picked a fight one night, the entire team woke up because of the two of you yelling, they heard the whole thing.

It was late, Steve still wasn’t home yet. You were worried sick about him, knowing that at the state he was at right now, he could do anything. He had just lost Peggy, you wanted to be there for him but you knew you needed to give him his space. You didn’t coddle him, you simply told you that you will always be there for him and then he left. You were waiting in his bedroom, drinking as many cups of coffee you needed to stay awake.

You were reading a book when you heard loud thud coming from outside your room. You set your book down, walking out of the room and saw Steve throwing things. He was still grieving. Peggy was the love of his life, you knew that you could never replace Peggy and you never tried to. You were madly in love with Steve, he knew that but he just couldn’t love you the way that he loved Peggy. You understood. “Steve.” You said, he dropped the vase he had in his hand. “Come on Steve, it’s late. You need rest.” You knew that he had some of Thor’s weird drink, you knew he was a little drunk.

He just laughed, grabbing a book, one of your favorite books and threw it a few feet away from you. “Steve.” You picked your book up, holding it close to your chest.

“You need sleep, it’s late and you could wake the whole team up.”

“No, leave (Y/N). Go be with Bucky.” His statement making you choke on air.

“What the hell are you talking about Steve?”

“I know I can be quite clueless sometimes but I know you and Bucky are sleeping together.” He threw another vase, this time on the wall near your face. “I mean what the hell (Y/N)? Out of everyone you choose my best friend? The fact that you were sleeping with someone alone still never ceases to blow my mind.”

“No, the fact that you even thought that I was cheated you makes me want to strangle you. I mean, are you thinking straight? No, you are drunk and you aren’t thinking straight.”

“I’m not drunk, I didn’t drink anything.” Steve mumbled.

“I mean, do you really think that I would cheat on you?” You asked, clutching the book even tighter to your chest. “I mean I know that this relationship has been rocky but I would never cheat on you.”

“Stop lying,” He groaned. “I know. You and Bucky have been spending a lot of time together, you two are really close. Anyone could see that you two have a thing.”

“Steve, what the hell? Are you even listening to yourself. I love you-”

“But I don’t love you.”

You felt like the air was knocked out of you, you felt dizzy. You had come to terms with it a while ago, hearing it come out of his mouth made it worse. You nodded, walking away from Steve, throwing your book on the ground. “Just so you know, Bucky and I were kept at Hydra together. He was the only person there, we helped each other. Hope you’re happy.” You walked out, running into everyone else. They all gave you a sympathetic smile, you pushed past all of them, walking into your room and slamming your door.

When that happened, you didn’t leave your room for almost a week. You rarely ate, you didn’t leave your bed, you left your door locked and ignored everyone who knocked on the door.  Natasha finally kicked your door in, walking to you and yanking you out of bed. She forced you to shower and the two of you walked into the kitchen, she made you some breakfast and stood there and watched you eat it. You didn’t say a word the entire time, you didn’t look her in the eye and didn’t look at anyone else while they walked into the kitchen and made some food.

You spent a lot of time avoiding Steve, you didn’t hang out with the whole team on free days, you would only spend your time with Wanda and Natasha. They knew not to ask you anything, they just stayed with you as you all hung out in your room. You walked out of your room one day, you were getting hungry and decided to get some food. It was your road to recovery, eat right again and slowly start hanging out with the team more.

You dug through the cabinets, trying to find your secret stash of chocolate that you kept in one of the higher drawers. Someone cleared their throat, making you jump and almost fall on your butt. You looked and saw the one person you were trying to avoid until you were ready to talk.

“Do you need help?” He asked, you looked back up at the cabinets giving in. You gave him a nod, he walked over to you and grabbed your chocolate with ease. “Don’t worry, I won’t tell anyone.”

You gave him a quick nod, dashing out of the kitchen but being stopped by a hand tugging at your wrist. “I’m an idiot.” You didn’t look at him, just looked at the ground not saying a word. “I’m an idiot, I was grieving and I didn’t know what to do. I freaked out. I did and said things that I didn’t mean. I miss you, I miss you so much (Y/N) it hurts. I was stupid and I hurt you. Please forgive me.” You felt tears start clouding your eyes, you looked up at Steve who already had tears rolling down his face.

“I didn’t mean what I said, I love you. I have loved you ever since I laid eyes on you. I love you so much.” He whispered, tears slowly fell down your face as you continued to look at Steve.

“I love you and I miss you so much Steve.” He walked up to you wrapping his arms tightly around you, you laid your head on his chest as you still continued to cry.

“I love you.”

Merlin’s beard, but this caused some questions didn’t it?  Well I hope you won’t be disappointed to know that you’re all right- might not all have magical properties now but they all have it in their background.

Manatees, see, happen to make wonderful pets to their indigenous mermaid populations.  Tends to keep the drownings of muggles down too.   One would only need visit India to find out the truth behind elephants.  

Cats, well, even the Egyptians knew what they could do.  Best keep them happy, as well as their close cousins, Kneazles.  As for dogs, you really think you could have a species with as much variation and such devotion to humans without a bit of magic involved?  

Truth is, a lot of your muggle animals have had wizarding intervention at one point or another.  It’s our world too you know.  We just attempt to keep the most magical and slightly more dangerous ones a little better hidden, if possible, for the creature’s safety.  Um, and the muggles’ too.


cheaper ones, that is! I’ve been really needing some extra money hahahahaha help me

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I Missed You (Lin x Reader)

Word Count:1,367

Warnings: Swear words, Pessimism, Hospital, Surgery, Fluff

Authors Note: To the person who requested: I hope you feel better soon, and I hope this is what you were looking for. Definitely not my best work, but I’ve been working on this for hours so I think this will be the best it gets :) REQUESTS ARE OPEN SO PLEASE REQUEST YOUR PROMPTS. I ALSO LOVE HEARING FROM YOU GUYS SO PLEASE GIVE ME FEEDBACK. 

Request: Could you please write a one shot where the female reader needs an emergency surgery and Lin kind of helps her through it. I’m in the ER right now and I would really appreciate it. Thanks a lot :)

It happened unexpectedly and quite quickly. Also at the wrong time. Luck was never on your side, and today life decided to throw a big boulder on top of you that crushed you flat. Life was a bitch. You had decided to take a vacation to NYC by yourself to enjoy some time you had off of work. Your idea of a relaxing time off was cut short by an emergency surgery you needed to have. So now you sat in a hospital bed waiting for everything to happen with nobody next to you. “Miss, do you have anybody that you would like to come over before your operation?” a nurse asked. Your operation was going to be in a few hours, and all of your family and friends lived on the opposite side of the country. You knew they wouldn’t be able to make it, and that was a fact. You knew one person in the entire state of New York. Lin. and you hadn’t talked to him for many a years. Last time you saw him was in college. You guys had been best friends, but eventually drifted apart as he went into theater and you headed towards writing. You remembered him giving you a note at graduation with his phone number and a note that said: ‘if you’re ever back in town, call me.’ You had put the number into your phone but never had the guts to call him. That was 10 years ago. You wondered if he still had the same number as you pulled out your phone.
Lin pulled out his phone as he sat in a cafe. ‘Unknown number?’ he thought as he pressed the green button. “Hello?” he asked.
Your heart jumped to your throat, he sounded the same as he did 10 years ago. “Um, HI? Lin?” you said trying to be calm. “Who is this?” he questioned. “So this is going to be really awkward, I don’t even know if you remember me…” you rambled “Y/N?” he said. Lin’s heart skipped a few beats. He was flushed by the countless memories you two shared in college. Every party you two went to, drunken kisses you two shared (which you did not remember *YiKeS*), and his feelings which he had harbored towards you. “And to what do I owe this pleasure to?” he asked a smile spreading his face. “Remember when you gave me that note at graduation? Well I’m back in town… “ you began slowly. “You’re in town?” He questioned. “Yeah and I was wondering if you wanted to meet?” you asked. “When?” “Does right now work?” you asked hurriedly. “Now? Yeah that works” he responded packing all of his belongings back into his backpack, getting ready to leave. “Where are you?” He asked heading out of the cafe trying to catch a taxi. “In the hospital…” you said hoping he wouldn’t back out. “I’m headed there right now” Lin quickly said. When he thought you had hung up, he whispered into his phone “I missed you.”
A few minutes later a familiar person walked through the doors of your hospital room.”Lin!” you exclaimed feeling comfortable around him already. “Y/N!” He said before he realized you were in a hospital gown. He hurried over to you, “Are you ok?, What happened?” he asked. “It’s nothing,  just needed a surgery” you said smiling masking your emotions. Your friendship picked up just where it had left off. He pulled out a chair to sit next to your bed. A few hours must have passed because the nurse walked in. “Mr. Miranda, you have 5 minutes left” she said before walking out. That was when it hit you, you were actually going to have to do this. Lin must have sensed something because he pulled you into a hug. In his embrace you lost your hold on your emotions and began to cry. “Shhhh, Y/N it’s going to be ok, you’re going to be ok” he whispered in your ear, stroking your hair. You pulled yourself together enough to look at him in the face. In this moment Lin made a snap decision, something he had wanted to do for 4 years, and regretted not doing for 10. He used his hand in you hair to bring your face closer to his, and softly placed his lips onto yours, uncertain. Before you could react or say something, the nurse returned and said his five minutes were up and ushered Lin out. You looked at him with wide eyes as he walked out of your room with a beet red face. He had definitely distracted you from your surgery, as your last thought before fading into the powers of anesthesia was Lin.
You woke up in your hospital bed, back in your room. You looked around and saw 20 ‘get well soon’ balloons scattered around your room with a few vases of colorful flowers. Confused, you looked around for a card or some type of addressed item. Your eyes landed on a small post it note stuck to your bedside table. ‘If you’re ever back in town, call me.’ it said. You suddenly remembered all of the events previous to your surgery. You frantically reached for your phone, also by your bedside, and began calling Lin. When he picked up you didn’t actually know what to say. A minute went by of complete silence before you finally broke it. “Lin, I need you” you whispered almost inaudibly. At that Lin was already on his way to the hospital.
He walked in sluggishly not knowing what to expect. When he arrived you smiled up at him slightly. He shuffled his way over to you. “Lin…” you began, your voice raspy. Lin reached for a cup of water by your bedside putting it up to your lips. You gratefully accepted, and took a big gulp. You swallowed before you continued “what happened yesterday Lin?” you asked. He looked at your fragile state before sighing. “I- I’m not quite sure Y/N.” he managed to get out before looking down at his hands. “Yeah, me neither. If you’re gonna kiss me, might as well do it right” you mumbled. His head shot up to look at you. “Shoot, did I say that out loud?” you asked turning red. He answered you by moving a hair out of your face, and leaning into you. This time he added just the right amount of pressure, his lips moving in sync with yours. His tongue brushed against your bottom lip and you opened your mouth slightly letting him come in. Soon enough you went up for air. Panting from the heated kiss. “Was that better?” he asked, slightly chuckling. “Much.” you said, blushing.
He stayed by your side until you were emitted from the hospital, coming by every break he had. “Lin, you really don’t have to come every day” you said looking at him walking into the room. “Wow, and I thought you enjoyed my company.” he said jokingly, putting a hand over his heart. He walked over and pressed a kiss of your temple. “Besides, I come here to check out the cute nurse, not you” he said smirking. You swatted at his arm laughing. He stayed with you until he was called back to work.
You were out of the hospital in no time. Thanks to Lin’s company, time seemed to fly. Today was your last day in New York, and you decided to to out for dinner with Lin. You were outside of your Hotel room Lin following behind you, insisting you got back safe. You turned around after you opened the door. He handed you a small card with his hand writing on it.
‘If you’re ever back in town, call me.”
You smiled and looked up at him. “I hope it doesn’t take another 10 years” he said rubbing his neck, a smile playing with the corners of his mouth. You grabbed him by the collar and pushed his lips onto yours. When you parted you replied “It won’t, I can bet you that.” He turned to leave when you called out to him. “Oh and Lin, I missed you too.”

Whats up Doc?

Fandom: Law and Order SVU

Pairing: Dominick “Sonny” Carisi x Reader

Summary: Imagine Carisi doing anything he can to see you during a case..

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“That might be enough for a warrant.” Liv said. 

“I’ll go and see if I can put a rush on the DNA, lieutenant!” Sonny volunteered, a bit too enthusiastically. 

“We don’t really need the DNA right now Carisi, we have the witness statements.” 

“Better to be safe than sorry.”

“You really don’t need to do that Carisi..” Liv said but he was already up and heading for the door. Benson looked at the rest of her squad curiously, hoping maybe one of them could have the answer to the junior detectives strange behavior. 

“Melinda is on vacation. And has a pretty young doctor subbing for her.” Fin smirked. Liv smiled and nodded in realization. 

 "That’s right, I forgot.“ She said. 

 "Carisi didn’t.” Rollins pointed with a grin. 

Sonny waltzed into your office trying to look as cool as possible. You grinned when you noticed him. You were hoping it would be him that came to collect the results and was glad when you were right. Working as a medical examiner meant that you crossed paths with the police a lot. And since your old mentor only trusted you to take over her lab, you were able to meet one very attractive detective. Most of the time he would be the one to come down but there were times when you had to go up and when you did you made sure to at least see sonny. 

 "Sorry to rush you but the lieutenant really needs those results.“ He said politely. 

“Already done.” You smiled, handing him the file. He nodded and left but not before hesitating as he reached the door. 

“Y/N.” Carisi called, walking into the lab with Rollins behind him at a normal pace, unlike Carisi who pretty much ran when someone mentioned you. “Tell me you’ve got something good for us.” 

“Good to see you too detective.” Melinda raised her eyebrows at the detectives self assured presence. Sonny stopped in his tracks as soon as he saw her, caught off guard. 

“Doctor Warner, how was Tahiti?” Rollins smiled, nudging Carisi on the arm so he might be a bit more polite. 

“Oh, yeah, right, sorry Doc I just thought you were-”

Doctor Y/L/N?” Melinda asked, raising and eyebrow.

“No I was gonna say still on vacation.” Carisi stammered, rubbing the back of his neck sheepishly. 

“Same thing Carisi.” Rollins snickered. 

“Wasn’t there something about a body?” Sonny asked, trying to get the attention off of him. The two girls giggled to themselves although Carisi’s gloomy aura was not un noticed. He was kicking himself the rest of the day, for being such an idiot and not asking you out sooner. And now that he realized it, it was too late and you were gone. 

 He smacked his cheeks, trying to distract himself from the stress he was feeling. He was going to stay late and hopefully bury himself in his work. He felt like shit and the mountains of paperwork in front of him was not really making him feel that much better. He grabbed his coat and left swiftly. 

Somehow he ended up in front of the coroners office. He wasn’t really sure how he got there, he remembered getting in his car and driving around but not to any specific place. He got out of the car, knowing what he had to do. 

“Doctor Warner,” He said, walking towards her as she packed up her stuff. Melinda said nothing but handed him a slip of paper with a Brooklyn address on it. 

“Y/N works the graveyard shift tonight.” She said, going back to putting her stuff together to go home. Carisi grinned at the good doctor. Melinda smirked, watching as he walked out of the lab with an extra skip in her step. 

You sighed, walking back to your office from the vending machine, snack and energy drink in hand. You gasped when you saw Sonny sitting in your chair. 

“Man this place is depressing.” He joked. 

“Well it is filled with dead people.” You responded, laughing. “What are you doing here.” You asked in disbelief. 

“I came to ask you out.” He said bluntly. 

“What?” You asked, surprised and confused. 

“Yeah well, now that you don’t work in Manhattan anymore I have no excuse to come see you. I figured at least if I ask you out, I would have an excuse again.” He grinned, making you grin back at him. 

“So ask me.” You smirked. Sonny stood up and walked over to you. 

“Will you go out with me?” He asked, his cheeks turning an adorable shade of pink. 

I think I finally got my head around what I really dislike about the blacklist right now (the list could be veeeery long but there was this one thing that bothered me more than anything else and I need to write it down).

I feel like the special intimacy that red and liz shared is gone. Since the first episode they shared that special bond, that exclusive closeness, that inexplicable pull and that peculiar intimacy that went beyond attraction that made their relationship so unique. Even if they fought (and they did) or hide things from one another (and god they did) you, as a viewer, had the feeling that, no matter what, they would have always find a way to get along eventually because they were meant to. Against all odds liz would come first for red and red would come first for liz!

Now it’s just different. They almost don’t work together anymore, and when they do (like in 4x06), she needs to say that it was because the stakes were too high, and not because she wanted to. I don’t get that feeling of unstoppability (is this even a word?) and invincibility when they are on the screen together anymore. The hard truth is that red still puts her first (see the “it’s elizabeth” from 4x08), but she doesn’t put him first anymore. If the lives of agnes, tom and red were in danger, she would save agnes first, than tom and maybe, if there’s still time, red. And that transcends the fact that she is a mother now, it has more to do with the fact that she doesn’t trust him anymore, with no real reason to do so. It feels like they aren’t travelling on the same street anymore, but on two different roads that sometimes intersect.

I’d really like to hear others opinions about this matter because I’m still trying to understand it and maybe I’m the only one who feels this way…

hey 👋🏻, i know this is a rough time of year for a ton of people, but if you’re able i could really use some help. my paypal is @ noraadanielle@gmail.com

im away from my home 🏡 right now due to a scary situation with a roommate and this means ive had to take a month off of work already, and i will almost definitely have to take off all of next month too. im stuck in a very small, very Trump town with literally no way of making money while i’m hear, all while having to pay rent @ a place i cant even go to right now.

like i said, i know lots of people are hurting, but if you can spare it, anything helps :) thnks my friends

headcanon that harry and draco are super in denial about their feelings for each other so they constantly snap at one another and yell and do anything to get a reaction from the other but during the tri-wizard tournament it kinda stops because draco is actually really scared about harry going through these tasks i mean, they’re meant for wizards way more advanced and even if he did defeat voldemort when he was one, he could be seriously hurt. draco doesn’t make the “potter stinks” badges and instead talks to harry and tells him to be careful but all harry does is give him a weird look and walk away because shit, he doesn’t need this right now. however though instead of ron being the one that is at the bottom of the lake for harry, it’s draco, and it’s a total blow to the stomach, because obviously hermione must be down here for harry, and he tries to untie the rope holding hermione down but the merpeople wont let him and they try to attack him so he backs off. but okay, cho must be for harry because he doesn’t know the other girl except that she’s always near fleur, but the same thing happens when he tries to get cho and by this time hermione is gone and cedric is taking cho, and all that is left is draco and the girl. fleur is no where to be seen and theres only draco and this small girl in the water now so harry accepts the fact that draco is tied down here for him and unties him easily and still saves the girl after harsh attempts at being hurt by the merpeople, and the only thought in his head is that draco is the thing he’d miss most.

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Can I get a 2 and 72 with Spencer? Thank you!

2.  “Hey, hey, calm down. They can’t hurt you anymore.”
72.  “Just smile, I really need to see you smile right now.”

“Anything else you’d like to say?” the burlier of the two said.  His voice was deep and menacing, and his partner wore a terrible smirk.  

“Please don’t do this,” the woman said.  Tears were springing from her eyes.  “I have a daughter.  Please!”

“You’re really starting to get on my nerves, with all this bullshit about ‘family’.  Eddie, shut her up please,” the scrawny one said.  He was obviously the leader, you could tell that much.  

With your hands tied behind your back, it was difficult to move.  Struggling against your restraints, you tried to scream, but the fabric that had been tied around your head and shoved into your mouth muffled it.  You looked away as ‘Eddie’ did what he was told to do.  With two shots, the woman was out.  Tears were streaming now from your own eyes.

“That one too?” Eddie asked his boss.  

“No, no.  I want to have fun with the agent,” the boss said, walking over to you.  Without warning, his foot collided with stomach, the pain shooting through your body.  Now laying down, your face smashed against the hard concrete floor.  You could feel the blood dripping down your face.

“So how did you out of all of you pig friends find us?” he asked teasingly, kicking you again.  “Oh yeah.  You didn’t.  We found you.”  Another kick.

The room was hazy, but there was no mistaking the sight of your boss behind Eddie, your boyfriend two steps behind him, a worried look on his face.

“Thomas Finnegan,” Hotch said, his voice carrying throughout the confined area.  “Stop what you are doing.”

Thomas’ face didn’t falter, he didn’t turn to face your coworker or boyfriend.  He continued to look down at you.  Eddie on the other hand, seemed a bit startled by the new company.  He raised his hands in surrender.  Morgan shot through the door, cuffing the burly man.

“We can make this easy Thomas,” Hotch said, his gun trained on the man.  

You looked up to meet his eyes, practically daring him.  You saw the gun, knew he had it.  One move and he was dead, and you didn’t mind that.

“Try me,” he said, raising his gun to your head before a shot rang out and he fell to the ground.

Tears continued to free flow out of your eyes, your cries still muffled.

“Y/N,” Spencer said, rushing to your aid.  He untied your wrists and muffle, pulling you to him in a warm embrace.  You clenched his shirt, sobbing into the fabric.  “Hey, hey, calm down.  They can’t hurt you anymore,” he said into your hair, kissing your head over and over again.  “You’re okay, baby.  You’re okay.”

“Thank you,” you said against his shirt.  Your arms snaked around his neck, trying to get him infinitely closer to you.

Just smile.  I really need to see you smile right now,” he said, holding you away far enough so he could see your face.  You met your eyes with his, unable to bear a smile.  “We have cookies and cupcakes back at the station that have your name all over them,” he tried.

And just looking at him, the concern etched in his features, his hair looking a mess and his expression hopeful and frazzled, you couldn’t help but curl the corners of your lips up.  You love him so much.

“There’s that beautiful smile.”

YOU don’t understand the Electoral College

I promise, you don’t, even if you think you do. 


Here, PLEASE I BEG YOU, take ten minutes out of your life to understand ONE OF THE MOST IMPORTANT THINGS IN THE WORLD RIGHT NOW.

You REALLY REALLY should watch these, SHARE THESE with your followers, and HELP PEOPLE UNDERSTAND this institution that helps our nation select its president, why it is in place, how it works, and how it could affect the current election.

Oh, and these videos were published in May 2015, just a few days after Clinton announced that she would run, and over a month before Trump announced - so they were NOT created in reaction to this election. They are not politically charged. They are just info.


Contrary to what you probably think, what the media says, what politicians say, what Obama repeatedly says… 


This country has never been a democracy. The United States is a CONSTITUTIONAL REPRESENTATIVE REPUBLIC, and for very good reason. The founding fathers deeply feared the tyranny that a majority could hold over a minority, and wanted to avoid that at all costs by giving everybody equal power. 

If we lived in a pure democracy, the people of big cities would rule over (and have the power to fuck over) everybody outside of big cities, for example. People in big cities, who likely know nothing of farming or rural life, would be able to decide, on behalf of the entire rest of the country, what’s good for them, simply because they are clustered together.

The few blue areas in this map would rule over the overwhelming sea of red on this map. The founding fathers - along with millions and millions of Americans who understand how the nation is run - were very uncomfortable with that idea.

Because WE ARE NOT A DEMOCRACY, because the tiny majority cannot rule over the slight minority, THE POPULAR VOTE IS IRRELEVANT. It absolutely affects the results of the election, but it is ABSOLUTELY NOT the number by which an election is decided, and there is a very valid reason for that.

In addition to the prevention of tyranny, this country was built upon the principle that each STATE is its own sovereign entity in as many ways as possible, as well. With that in mind, you must understand that the presidential election - one of the only national votes - IS NOT a democratic popular vote. 

To make it more fair, not every state is given the same weight, because some DO have far larger populations than others. That’s why some states have more electoral votes than others. 

Each STATE, effectively, runs its own election, then the STATES vote.

But I can’t explain it half as well as those two videos. PLEASE WATCH THEM!

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You mentioned kisses being VERY rare. Can we we get a little fic for what the first kiss is like? Is it angry to prove a point? Is it sweet after a romantic spoiling date? Is it that the person of interest did something Dark needed and as a reward gave them a kiss? Take your time cause senior projects are literal Satan but little fic please!

You’ve never been more right about senior projects, ugh. Why do I need to do an 8-page paper AND create a tangible product AND a powerpoint AND log 30+ hours working on this thing, 10 of which with a mentor, stop this. I’m not even gonna be a chiropractor, it was just the most convenient thing.

To be honest, the first kiss depends entirely on the reader and their attitude, but I certainly like the idea of a really sweet one. That’s just my mood right now. I hope you enjoy!

You were glad to go on dates with Dark. He was as sweet as could be and always insisted on seeing you to your door. You had been on plenty of dates by this point. In fact, you had been dating Dark for… how long had it been now? Three months? That sounded right.

Yet the most he had ever done with you was hold your hand. It was cute in its own way, but more than once when you had almost leaned in for a kiss, Dark seemed to leave. His timing was awful. 

It frustrated you a little bit. It had been long enough, but still it had never happened. It wasn’t much, just a kiss. At this point, you’d even settle for a rather chaste peck on the cheek.

This date marked the three-month anniversary (you think) and it was going great. You ate out at your favorite restaurant and Dark presented you a lovely bouquet of red roses.

You stood in front of your door, smiling happily. “Thank you for the lovely time tonight, Dark. I had fun!”

Dark smiled back politely. “I’m very glad to hear that. Oh, but before I leave, I have one more thing to give you.”

Before you could ask what it was, his lips met yours. It was just a moment, but it was a wonderful moment. It was nothing much, but considering his track record of not kissing you, it was very surprising.

Dark chuckled. “You look stunned.”

You blinked a couple of times before grinning like a fool. “That was possibly the one thing that could’ve made the night better.”

Dark glanced at the watch on his wrist. “I really must be going. Have a good night.”

You nodded and went inside, not seeing the strange grin on Dark’s face as he took his leave.