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Lol, u spicy. That you for the Spanish prompt, especially this. I feel like my Latine expertise would reach it full potential if I wasn’t monolingual 🙃!-Admin Coran, Have A Nice Day! ♥️


  • Hunk is insatiably curious. That’s what his mom described him as when showing Lance baby photos of 2 year old Hunk in an oversized Shrek shirt with a rock nearing his open mouth. Then when her itiiti at age 5 sat on the living room floor with an advanced history book on his legs and mind working hard to understand the paragraphs of textbook jargon.
  • Later in middle school, Hunk with a smile full of braces, holding up a first place ribbon for the science fair. Lance is photoed struggling to use Hunk as an armrest, holding up a 7th place certificate.
  • Lastly, a new picture of Hunk holding up his acceptance letter from the Garrison, his infamous smile and his mother hugging him tightly, caught mid-laugh with happy, thick tears running down her soft face weathered over the years.
  • This translated over to languages. He learned Samoan quickly at a young age, than English as a second language. When Hunk went over to Lance’s house and heard the rapid fire and lively Spanish being thrown around with ease, the engineer grew wide eyed.
  • Lance helped him happily, excited to share something with his childhood best friend. Knowing Lance, flirtious phares and some curse words were top of the list. Now Hunk is semi-fluent, due to Lance talking about others and hanging around with his family often.
  • So excited when he finds out you speak Spanish!! He loves to hear you talk in Spanish, especially if it’s a different dialect.
  • One day, you two are in lounge, your boyfriend laying across your lap with heavy eyes closed and low murmurings. You run your hand through his soft, dark hair as he holds your other hand, rubbing his thumb over your skin.
  • “Hey, can you tell me something sweet in Spanish?” He asks, allowing you to catch a glimpse of his topaz eyes.
  • You chuckle, looking up with a slight smirk “Yo quiero comer tu culo, mi amor.”
  • Behind you, Lance erupts with rib hurting laughter. He had sauntered in a few seconds before and saw the whole exchange transpire.
  • Hunk had shot up, sputtering out a laugh and face growing red, all his tiredness disappeared with embarrassment and amusement.
  • “¿No sabías que Hunk sabe español guey?” Lance chokes out, wiping a tear from his eye.
  • You look around, even more stunned and confused than a Pokémon hit with confusion. “Hunk, you know Spanish?” A whisper leaves your mouth.
  • The laughter dies down, and Hunk turns around, knees planted against the couch and hands pressed near them. He leans close and smirks, “Claro que si, sucia/o.”
  • With that, Hunk lets out a giggle and shied away as Lance coughs with surprise.
  • You are left pleasantly (?) surprised with a burning face.


  • Monolingual brosephs over here 🤙
  • The moment he hears Spanish leave your mouth, he becomes highly impressed. Maybe a little jealous that you have such great control over a different and varying language, but 94% impressed.
  • Training was a big part in Keith’s day, but you were a bigger part in his life. So how does one combine the two?
  • “I can’t go on!” You croaked dramatically, falling against the cool, alabaster white floor. Drops of sweats traced your face as you attempted to breath steady.
  • Keith gave a chuckle, squatting down to place, siting criss cross apple sauce.
  • A sharp tap on your arm caught your attention. Keith handed you a water bottle which you took greedily.
  • “Gracias mi corazón.” You said after downing the cool water. You could feel how it traced throughout your chest and wished for more.
  • Keith hummed, looking distantly. He took sips of his drink even though he was as tired and sweaty as you.
  • “Tell me something sweet in Spanish.” He said with an oddly quiet voice.
  • “What?”
  • He didn’t respond for a moment. As you opened your mouth to ask again, he said “You just always say thanks and curse sometimes, but never anything sweet.”
  • The Black Paladin let his head hang down, fingers rubbing together as if trying to make fire spring forth.
  • Lifting yourself up, you lean against Keith, placing your hand on his forearm. “Yo quiero comer tu culo.” You whispered, face wearing the mask of an angel, though your words were devious.
  • Keith faced you, a blush hitting his face as a smile grew.
  • You leaned close, hands looking for each other.
  • “SHUT UP! YOU REALLY PLAYED HIM LIKE THAT??” A voice blasted through the still air of the training room.
  • Pulling away from one another in embarrassment and surprise, you could see Lance in room over head.
  • Dread filled your body as his snorting filled your head.
  • Keith was far too embarrassed to fully comprehend what Lance meant and pulled you out of the room.
  • Now you had to bribe Lance to keep his clam like mouth shut.


  • “Pidge, keep an eye on your right.” Your voice crackles over the voice comms. She snickered, pushing her Lion to speed up faster, leaving Lance behind her. “Don’t worry, this radar I put in will let me know if there’s anything near by.”
  • “Just watch your side cabrona.” You huffed, crossing your arms from inside the Castle. Coran looked over and snorted, reminiscing on his better days with Alfor.
  • “Hey, here’s an idea.” Pidge said with a mocking tone. “ You could say something nice and sweet to your girlfriend instead.”
  • “Hey, here’s an idea as well,” Lance cut in obviously annoyed by the joking couple, “Stop making me want to throw up.” You can practically hear the way his eyes roll and mouth being pulled down in a harsh scowl.
  • A deep smirk ran across your face as your lips leaned in close to the microphone on your headset. In a voice sweeter than honey, you said “Yo quiero comer tu culo.”
  • Silence filled the air.
  • Pidge scrunched her eyes together, trying to figure out what you meant since this wasn’t your usual sweet talk.
  • Coran, however, closed his hands into fists and stared at you with an open mouth, wide, shocked eyes, and face turned boiling red. You had forgotten that the Castle changes the language so diplomatic people can understand each other better.
  • Lance broke the silence with a sputtering laugh caught in his chest. “You really did NOT just say that.”
  • Pidge looks around though neither of you are there in the Green Lion, and asks “Say what?”
  • Now the both of you are cackling, but Coran feels the heat cover his face and just shakes his head.
  • “What? What did you say!?”


  • The dining room was spinning. Your nostrils filled with the scent of some fancy cologne he borrowed from Lance. His robotic arm held the small of your back, while the other held your hand against his chest. Eyes closed, Takashi Shirogane nuzzled into your shoulder as you did the box step around the dimmed room.
  • Music played like a hush through out the air. Your feet would crash into each other, leading to sheepish giggles.
  • Occasionally Shiro would whisper sweet nothings in to your ear, both in Japanese and English. He slows, before asking you for a few sweet words in Spanish.
  • You giggle, intoxicated by the scene of it all. The romantic dinner, impromptu dancing, the feeling of complete love growing in your chest.
  • “Yo quiero comer tu culo.”
  • Then a third voice cracked in. “I would leave that sweet talk for the bedroom.”
  • Spinning around, you saw Lance in the doorway of the dinning room, a bowl of green, jiggling, gunk in hand. He was wearing his delicate robe and face mask, but that damned smirk never changed.
  • Shiro towered behind you with a perplexed look. “ What do you mean?” His voice rumbled, but his was more curious than angry.
  • You shook you head as inconspicuously as one could, eyes pleading for Lance to keep his mouth shut, for once.
  • “They were talking about eating yo-”

  • The night before was a blur. Lance was walking around, rubbing his jaw where a spoon sized bruise formed and giving you dirty glares.
  • Shiro on the other hand grew red catching a glimpse of you or hear your name, making the others wonder what had happened.
  • Needless to say, the rest heard and it become a not so inside joke within the group.
  • It wasn’t too bad afterwards, expect when some began coming to you with questions.
Not A Bad Thing ~ Part Two

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Fairy-tale & AU Series Index

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I let Jang Mi drive this time, while I sat in the passenger’s seat looking over the terms of our contract. Wow, they weren’t joking. It was a thick packet which spoke on how inappropriate pictures that would ruin their image must be destroyed. It also speaks on personal space and so on.

“Wow,” I mumbled, “These guys are a big deal aren’t they?” I was speaking to myself, but I didn’t miss Jang Mi snicker beside me.

“You finally get it huh? They are big deals! What’s even a bigger deal is that Sehun is interested in you. It’s only been 4 days since the party and he’s tried to reach out to you like 4 times.” Jang Mi’s eyes stayed on the road but her smile didn’t flatten.

“I just want to do my job,” I whined, “I didn’t expect them to want us to work so quickly. If anything, Mr. Oh had something to do with it.”

“He probably wants to see you again.” She stated. All I could do was roll my eyes. I read over the contract once more as Jang Mi pulled into the parking garage of the tall building that towered over us.

At the very top of the building it read ‘EXO Inc.’ in bold dark blue words. While Jang Mi searched for a parking space in the crowded area, I took the contracts, which we had already signed, and placed it into the folder, along with the extra copies we made. I grabbed the folder in one hand, taking my phone out of my pocket with the other.

I checked the time and saw that we were not running late. That’s a relief, but for some reason…I feel tense and uneasy. I sighed, before shoving my phone back into my pocket. 

I leaned back in my seat, watching as Jang Mi backed up into a small space on the second level of the garage. As she turned off the engine, she handed my key back to me. I took my seat belt off and opened the car door, stepping out. I closed the door before opening the door to the backseat.

Jang Mi did the same thing, and we both grabbed our backpacks with our gear. The pictures for today are commercial, so basically a photo shoot. I was looking at the contract, and it made me realize this isn’t a one step project. This could space out to a month or two.

 Jang Mi was excited, while I wasn’t sure how I felt. As I shoved my car keys into one of the smaller pockets of my backpack. After putting the bag over my shoulders I shut the door. I could hear Jang Mi groan she realized all the walking that would have to be done to get off the second floor of the parking garage.

Even though Jang Mi complained the whole way, we were soon in front of the tall building. Men and women in suits were entering and exiting the building at a fast rate, all of them looking stressed and tired. Ugh, I always knew work like this wasn’t for me.

Never thought Sehun would be part of something so big. I was hoping things would be like the movies. The bully ends up somewhere awful in life while the person he bullied is doing well. A part of that is true. I am doing well, he’s just doing…better.

He promised to explain why I’ve been an emotional mess around. I don’t know what to expect. It’s trauma, isn’t it? It’s probably trauma.

Still, in my mind, it’s a sick joke from God to have me cross paths with Sehun. I don’t care what he has to say to me, and I am not trying to make any lasting impressions. I don’t want a friendship out of this either. We strolled inside, ignoring the curious looks from the passing people.

 We entered the lobby which had a high ceiling. Half of the wall on our left was glass, giving a clear view of the people walking up to enter the building. Jang Mi looked at me for guidance and I simply nodded towards the front desk where 3 women sat, looking occupied with some documents.

We walked up to the desk, waiting for them to show us some sort of attention. They kept their eyes on the papers in front of them. I clenched my teeth as one of the women glanced up at us but made no effort to assist us.

It is eight in the morning, I am not going to put up with this.

“Excuse me,” I spoke a bit loudly. Still no response. I scoffed.

“Excuse me!” I yelled, this time hitting my hand on the desk. All three of them looked up, feigning fake surprise.

“Yes, ma’am?” The one with brown hair spoke.

“We have an appointment with Mr. Oh.” I stated our business, “Yet, we aren’t sure what floor or room we are supposed to be going to.”

The woman looked us up and down, clearly wondering what business we had with Mr. Oh. It’s not because of what we’re wearing, is it? I am pretty sure that we dressed well. I glanced down at my outfit. I wore navy blue straight legged pants, that almost seemed like the bottom to suits for women. I topped it off with a cherry red blouse and a blazer that matched my pants. My hair was pulled back, to keep it out my face.

My shoes were heels that Jang Mi convinced me to wear. She said we should look professional, which I agreed with. But, there was the one time I didn’t want to wear heels. Sehun might think I’m dressing to impress him, and that’s not the case.

“An appointment?” The female repeated.

I nodded, “We are the photographers from Moment. Y/N and Jang Mi.”

She typed something into the computer and looked back up with a strained smile, “Yes, it says so right here.”

After showing her our ID, she informed us of where we were to go. We walked to the elevator, lugging our gear with us. Jang Mi pressed the button and we stood there waiting. The elevator door opened many times, floods of people joining us and exiting the next stop. Once we got to the floor, we were meet by a hallway. The door directly across from the elevator was the door that we were supposed to enter.

I stepped out the elevator first, twisting the doorknob and opening it. I peeked my head in to see a photo shoot set up. The backdrop, the computer, the lights and all that. On the farther side of the room was a large curtain that was pushed back so I could see what was behind it.

There stood 3 women who seemed to be stylists because behind them were racks of clothes. Also, there were 3 people to assist us with the photos.

These guys went all out. The assistants and stylists all came to greet us. I was completely surprised. We all discussed what the goal of today was, along with what we need to do to work together well. Jang Mi and I started setting up everything. Luckily one of the assistants brought some super loud speakers. I plugged my phone in and set it on my regular photoshoot playlist.

Jang Mi and I began to set the cameras up, and putting the together. This time we brought about 4 camera bodies and 5 lenses, along with flashes and diffusers.

After getting the cameras set and connected with the computer, the only thing that was left was the subjects themselves. I started aimlessly walking around the big and spacious room. That tense feeling was still sitting on my shoulders. I suddenly noticed a table of food, that I swear wasn’t there before.

I grabbed a fork and used that to get a piece of melon from the big bowl of fruit salad. I just keep picking up the bits of fruit and eating them. I’m not sure how much I ate, but I was focused. That’s when I felt my shoulders relax and the tense and unsettling feeling disappeared. I exhaled, and it felt like I had been holding my breath this whole time.

What could it be? Is it…is he here? As If he heard my question, I felt a presence behind me.

“Wow, you love fruit don’t you?” He snickered. I spun around to see the almighty Oh Sehun standing there. He stood in a crisp suit that was missing a tie. His black hair was slicked back with a nice side part to it. He wore an expensive looking watch on his wrist.

“Fruit is delicious,” I mumbled before turning my back to him once again to get more fruit. He moved from behind him and was standing beside me this time.

“You haven’t been answering my calls.” He stated, taking a water bottle in his hand. I chewed and swallowed the piece of watermelon that was in my mouth

“Well, of course, lover boy, it wouldn’t be any fun if I just give in, now would it?” I teased. I turned to look at him, and his eyes were already on me. My heart was starting to race again, and it’s almost like he could tell. A small smile pulled at the corner of his lips.

“Y/N!” Jang Mi called, I turned around to see her standing there with a smirk on her lips and one of our cameras in her hands.

“I’m sorry to interrupt the flirting, but we need Mr. Oh for the photo shoot.” She giggled and the other men were standing behind the backdrop, chuckling along.

Sehun started walking forward, paying no mind to the teasing.

“We were not flirting. I was just eating fruit.” I answered, trailing behind the handsome business man.

“Oh, is that what kids call it these days?” She sneered. I playfully hit her shoulder as she laughed.

Jang Mi will be shooting for the group and pair photos, while I will work with the individuals. I stood at the computer as she took the shots. Damn, some of them are so stiff. After some shots, Jang Mi told them to stay where they are.

She walked over to me and nearly whispered, “How are we supposed to get rid of their cold image if they are taking photos like that?” I sighed, thinking for a moment.

Jang Mi is only supposed to be my assistant. I guess I’ll probably have to take over for this whole shoot. I assured her that it wouldn’t be too much work for me. She handed me the camera and I walked towards the men who stood there with serious looks on their faces.

I inhaled and exhaled.

“Okay,” I began, “We are trying to get rid of your stiff and cold image. To do that…you can’t look so stiff. Relax! Your shoulders are so tense and your smiles and so strained!”

All the men looked at me a bit confused. I guess that they are too used to just regular business photos. Their natural smiles at that party were s carefree, but when told to smile…it looks so rough. The only person

“Here, if I relax maybe you’ll relax,” I said. I gave the camera back to Jang Mi and took off the blazer I had on, revealing my short sleeve red blouse. I also took off my heels leaving me barefoot. I tossed the two things aside earning some chuckles from the men standing there.

I didn’t mess the way Sehun smirk. I walked towards the men, stopping for a moment.

“Is it okay if I fix your clothes a bit?” I glanced behind me at the stylists. They didn’t seem to care much so I moved forward. I started making adjustments to their outfits so they didn’t seem like stuffy businessmen. When I got to the last person, it was none other than Oh Sehun.

He stood there in a full suit. It was a lot different from the outfit he was wearing when we were standing by the food table. They also put this ugly green tie on him. I couldn’t stop my face from scrunching up as I stared at the ugly tie. He snickered at my reaction, causing me to realize I’ve been standing there gawking at him.

“Take off the suit jacket,” I ordered. I sounded out of breath as I spoke and I don’t know why.  This sort of feeling was bubbling up in my chest as I stood in front of him. He took off the suit jacket and handed it to me. I took it and tossed it to the side, making sure it wasn’t gonna be in the picture.

He stood there looking at me for more instruction. Wow, his shoulders are really broad.

Y/N, focus! I shook my head slightly as if shaking off the thoughts.

“Open some of the top buttons of your button up,” I said. He did so, opening the first few buttons of the white button. I also had him open the buttons on the wrists of the shirt, before folding and pushing up the sleeves a little bit to reveal some of his forearms.

I sighed before taking a step back to look at all the men in front of me.

“Much better,” I mumbled,

“I agree,” Minseok said, “This seems a lot better than those stuffy suits.”

I nodded, walking towards Jang Mi who had the camera held out to me. I took it in my hands and started taking the photos once again. Things were looking better. Their way of posing was pretty awkward at first, but then they started to chat among themselves as I shot the pictures. It comes off well. I captured the laughs and the interactions between them all. I couldn’t help but laugh along.

“Please Jun, stop with the bad jokes.” Jongdae groaned while Junmyeon laughed at his own jokes. He said another joke and busted out laughing while the others rolled their eyes. I made to sure to capture all those moments.

“Hyung, you’re not funny.” Sehun voiced scratching the back of his head.

“Oh please, I’m totally funny. Let’s ask Y/N. Y/N, are my jokes funny?” Everyone has focused on me once again. Although it was Junmyeon who asked the question, my eyes were on Sehun. He stood there with his hands in the pockets of his suit pants, waiting to hear my answer.

“I think the jokes are funny,” I answered honestly.

“See! Y/N thinks I’m funny!” He turned towards Sehun, who stood about 2 people away from him.

“Y/N also inhales fruit like it’s oxygen so maybe you both are just freaks,” Sehun replied, running his fingers through his hair.

I flinched at the word freak. I felt an uncomfortable ping in my chest. I tried to play it off.

“Hey,” I protested, “Fruit are delicious! There’s nothing wrong with that.” Although my retort was serious, Sehun gave that a smirk. That same smirk he showed in middle school and high school. While the others laughed at my protest, flashes of middle school Sehun appeared before me again. Those hateful eyes, which seemed to burn right through me.

“Oh please! I’ve never seen anyone inhale food like that. You gotta be some type of freak.” His tone was light. He was clearly teasing me and didn’t mean anything by it. But there it was. That word again.


As if it was a reflex, I took a few shaky steps back. The fear I used to feel back in those days was suddenly taking me into its grips.

“Ugh, it’s lens freak! Don’t get too close! She might rub off on you!”

“Lens freak!”

“Lens Freak!”

“Freak! Stay back!”

“Y/N?” Sehun’s voice was now drenched with concern. My grip on the camera tighten and my gaze met the floor as tears began to burn my eyes.

You can’t do this Y/N! Not here!

“Y/N?” This time it was a different voice. It was Jang Mi who stood behind me. I took a few more shaky steps back before bumping into Jang Mi who looked on with worried eyes.

“Sorry,” I said, looking up to meet the worrisome gazes of the nine men before me. I quickly wiped the tears that were brimming in my eyes.

“Sorry, sorry.” I kept repeating. Ugh, this is so embarrassing.

“I think you should take a break. I’ll take the individual photos, so you just take a seat.” Jang Mi said taking the camera out of my hands. Before I could even protest, Sehun was walking towards me. He placed his hand on the small of my back, leading towards the further end of the room.

I was so shocked by his sudden concern. My eyes met Jang Mi’s, who was also confused. His touch isn’t bothering me like I was expecting. It’s sort of…comforting.

“Just have a seat.” He whispered into my ear. One of the stylists brought a chair near the food table. I sat down and sighed.

“I’m fine,” I argued, “My mind just wandered somewhere.”

“Where on earth does your mind wander for you to start crying like that? I’ve never seen someone look so scared in my whole life.” He sounded like a parent lecturing their child.

“Just stay there and eat all the fruit you want.” He instructed. My brows furrowed and I was starting to get a bit angry. I felt like he was ordering me around.

“Mr. Oh, I am feeling well, please don’t worry.”

“Well, I can’t help but worry.”

My eyes narrowed at him in confused, He stood towering above me, his hands in his pockets once again. His eyes stayed on me like he was worried I would get up and disappear.

“Why? Why are you so concerned when it comes to me?” My voice dropped to almost a low whisper. My eyes moved to the scene behind Sehun where the individual shoots began.

 It was Kyungsoo who was up. The other 6 men were walking towards the curtain placed in the back area of the room, so they could do outfit changes. Jang Mi was doing very well behind the camera now.

I looked back at Sehun. He took his hands out of his pocket and crossed his arms over his chest.

“Y/N, I know things are confusing…but I will explain everything. I’m new to all this and I am not sure what to do. I have a meeting after this shoot. It’ll take about 2 hours. If we could meet up then, I’ll explain everything.” He said, looking down at me.

“We’ll be there too.” I looked to my left to see Jongin, one of Sehun’s brother that I haven’t heard speak much.

I looked between the two men before nodding, “Okay…I just want to figure this thing out so I can move on with my life.”

“Move on with your life?” Jongin questioned looking at Sehun for an explanation as if he would have one.

“I’ve made it clear to Mr. Oh that I do not wish to do more than business. I don’t have room in my life for anything other than my photography.” I said. I watched a strange expression come onto Jongin’s face. It almost looked like he was disappointed or even worried about something.

The rest of the shoot went pretty well. Both Sehun and Jang Mi refused to let me even touch the camera, so I watched on. I gave Jang Mi a few pointers, but that was really all I could do. It finally came to the last individual shoot, which was Sehun’s.

I took a seat near the food table as Sehun did his shoot. Of course, we met eyes every once in awhile.

“Y/N.” Someone called me. I looked towards the voice to see Chanyeol and Baekhyun standing in their suits once again. It’s like every time I make eye contact with them, flashes of middle school show up in my mind.

I showed them a strained smile before looking towards the photo shoot.

“Have you worked for us in the past?” Baekhyun suddenly questioned.

“No, why?”

“It seems like you have such a dislike for Sehun. From the moment you met him, so I was wondering if you’ve worked for him in the past? Maybe he said something to get on your bad side?”

I shook my head, “That’s not possible.”

Chanyeol nodded and agreed with my words, “You’re right it’s not possible. Cause if you had met before, he would have already mat-”

“–But anyways,” Baekhyun spoke urgently, “We have to head back to work. We are looking forward to working with you. We hope this project turns out well.”

After the shoot ended, Sehun changed back into his suit while I helped pack up some things. Jang Mi and I started putting our camera gear away.

“Let’s stop by the tech place a bit, After I drop you home, I’ll have to come back here,” I explained.

“You’ll have to come back here?” She raised an eyebrow at me. A knowing smile appeared on her lips and all I could do was roll my eyes.

“I have some things to discuss with Mr. Oh.” I tried to add casually.

She spotted what she was doing to grin, “You got some things to discuss? Sounds steamy. Is he gonna bend you over his desk and have his way with you?”

I opened my mouth to shut her down but someone from behind beat me to it.

“It’s a bit too early for that don’t you think?” I spun around, totally horrified.

“Those were her words, not mine! I am not expecting to be bent over your desk.” My words jumbled together and my face was growing hot.

“It’s fine,” Sehun assured me, “I just wanted to say goodbye before going.”

My eyebrows shot up at the almost shy man in front of me. Are we really sure this is Oh Sehun?

“Oh,” the surprise who clear in my voice, “okay. I will see you later.”

He nodded, before saying a small goodbye to Jang Mi and leaving the room.

“Wow, he is smitten with you.” Jang Mi said, “he’s like the heart eyes emoji every time he sees you.”

“I guess so.”

“I think you should give him a chance. At least get to know him, and if you don’t like him then let him down easy.” Jang Mi suggested. I bit my lip as I thought. He seems like a different person now, but I don’t think it’s healthy for my wellbeing to be around him. He brings up too many memories from the past.

Despite that, something in me has an urge to be near him. It feels like I’m having some type of internal battle.

“What am I getting myself into?” I said as the elevator doors open. This is the highest floor which has the lounge for the CEO of the company. When the elevator doors opened, I was greeted by a tall bulky man who seemed to be security.

“Y/N, they have been waiting for you. Please follow me.” He spoke in a deep and booming voice. He started walking down a hallway with dark gray walls and beautiful lights that led the way. It was pretty dim and reminded me of the hallways in a bar or club. There were multiple rooms we passed in the hallway, but soon the hallway came to a big open area with couches, a big flat screen TV, and a bar. There the 9 men talking and chatting.

My eyes found Sehun right away. He stood near the furthest wall, which was basically a big window looking over the sunset.

“Y/N,” Chanyeol said as I walked in. The guard left, leaving me to fend for myself. Sehun who’s back was to me, spun around when Chanyeol said my name.

He smiled, and I returned the gesture.

“So,” I feel a bit awkward, “you said you were gonna explain some things?”

“Yeah, of course.” He said before taking a seat on one of the couches. I walked over, sitting down next to him, but leaving as much space as I could without drawing attention to it.

“So umm…” Sehun started, “please have an opened mind, it may seem like a bit much.” I nodded my head, wondering what this could be about. I looked around at Sehun’s brothers and realized they were all watching me closely, maybe watching for my reaction? They all seemed very serious as well.

The atmosphere was so tense I laughed to ease it, “Come on, just tell me! You guys are freaking me out.”

Sehun sighed, “We are wolves.”

I blinked at him a bit confused, “Wolves? Wolves when it comes to business?”

Sehun shook his head, “No, we’re actual wolves.”

My brows furrowed as I tried to understand what he was saying, “Like you shift into wolves when there’s a full moon?”

Sehun snickered, “Not during full moons, but yes.”

I chuckled, “Are you being serious? Wolves? Really?”

Everyone in the room nodded, not a single trace of a laugh on their face. They’re serious. Should I just play along with this? Yet, if it’s a joke…why does it feel like I’m accepting it so easily?

I sat there trying to piece my scattered thoughts, “O-okay…what kind of wolves are we talking about? Like Teen Wolf type of wolves or big Twilight type of wolves?”

Sehun cocked his head to the side at my question, “I would say the Twilight type?”

I’m pretty sure my jaw had dropped as I stared at him. A wolf? Really? Is this some type of joke. As much as I wanted to leave, I wanted to know what this had to do with me.

“Every wolf has a mate. A wolf’s mate is someone who he is destined to be with. Their love and bond is something humans probably could never even understand. A wolf knows his mate the second he lays eyes on her. She becomes his everything and someone he’s set to protect.” Minseok said from the couch across from me.

“Okay…” I spoke slowly, “what does that have to do with me?” I asked. The room became that awkwardly quiet again. My eyes moved to Sehun who’s eyes were already answering my question. I looked towards the others, a nervous laugh escaping my lips.

“No, no, no. Please don’t tell me, I’m Sehun’s…mate?? That’s not possible. You guys are wolves, okay great, cool. But I’m not Sehun’s mate. There must be a mistake.”

Sehun shook his head, “There’s no mistake Y/N.”

“I thought I made it very clear that I don’t want any type of relationship with you. I don’t even want a friendship.” I exclaimed.

“I made that very clear, and now you’re telling me I’m his mate? Am I destined to be with him? I don’t believe any of this!”

This doesn’t make any sense? He made my life a living hell in my teenage years…was I his mate then? If I was his mate why would he treat me that way?

The room was silent, so I decided to speak again since no one was offering words. Their eyes stayed on me as I thought things through.

“Have you been a wolf your whole life?” I looked at Sehun with pointed eyes.

I saw a flash of hope in his eyes since I was showing interest.

“Well, I knew I was going to become a wolf when I was younger. All of the pack were there as I was growing up…I didn’t have my first transformation till my junior year of high school.” He admitted.

“He’s what we call a late bloomer.” Jongin joke, causing Sehun to roll his eyes.

My eyes focused on my hands again. As much as I don’t want to believe this wolf thing…nothing in me feels like it’s a lie. They’re wolves…okay, but being his mate? That can’t be!

“So that explains all the weird emotions I get around you?” I asked softly.

He nodded, “Yes, that happens. Along with the desire to be near each other and the desire to touch each other. That’s also why there is a sense of relief around each other.”

My eyes stayed on my hands in my lap.

This mate thing can’t be that serious right? If I reject him…it won’t be that big of a deal. Then again, the way he spoke about the mate being a wolf’s everything sounds intense. I can’t do this! I can’t do this! I can’t have him in my life!

I shot up from my seat, standing on my feet. Sehun stood up also, looking on in confusion and fear.

“Y/N, whatever I did to make you dislike me, to the point that you don’t even want to be friends, I am sorry I apologize. Please don’t leave.” Sehun said.

“It’s nothing you did,” I lied, “I just don’t have room for other relationships in my life. Plus all this is a bit much don’t you think?” I turned around to leave.

“What about tense and stressed you feel when I’m not around?” Sehun started. I stopped walking as he spoke.

“The urge to be close to me, and the urge to touch me…those weren’t in your head you know? If you didn’t feel any of those things then look me in the eyes and tell me. I’ll leave you alone after that.” He requested.

I turned around to face him, and his brows were furrowed as he watched me. Rather than replying to his statement, I sighed.

“I need time. I need time to think. After I think a bit, I’ll come to you and let you know where I am with all this. Till then, please leave alone okay?” With those words, I spun around to walk away but a wave a dizziness suddenly hit me. I stumbled a bit. My hand went up to my forehead, cause my head was starting to ache.

“Y/N? Y/N, just sit down for a bit.” Sehun said. He set a hand on the small of my back and his other hand held mine as I tried to gain my balance. The room began to spin even more, and then I felt myself falling back slightly. I was caught right away, as someone frantically called my name.

“Y/N? Y/N? What’s wrong? are you okay?” That sounded like Sehun.

“Maybe she’s tired, or she worked too hard at the photo shoot?” That sounded like Junmyeon. I slowly began to lose consciousness, the voices around fading away.

The last thing I heard was concerned voices calling out to me, and the shuffling of people moving around me.


ankitsukai  asked:

SaruMi + ring, christmas/holiday, music, photograph, sunset, comfort, daydream, flower crown, letters, chains, soulmates, realization, glasses, falling, secrets (Sorry for so many, I just really love your writing)

Sarumi + Ring

“Hey Misaki,” Fushimi whispered as he slipped into the hospital room, eyes fixated on the still form on the bed, searching for some sign of change and feeling the familiar, bone-deep pain that came with the realisation that nothing had changed. “Misaki…”

    Quietly he followed the familiar path to the uncomfortable chair next to the bed, sinking into it with a groan before reaching out for the vanguard’s hand, hating how still and small it felt in his but still twining their fingers together. For a long moment he just sat there staring at their linked hands, before reaching into his pocket for the ring he had been carrying for weeks, hesitating as he stared at it…this was not how he had imagined this going, he had been waiting for the perfect moment, wanting to see Misaki’s eyes sparkling and to see his blush…but he needed to give the vanguard a reason to come back to him, a reason to live, and he took a deep breath before slipping it onto Misaki’s finger. “You have to come back to me…I want to hear your answer, I want to marry you…”

Sarumi + Christmas

   Fushimi came to a halt as he realised that there was something, or rather someone blocking the door to his apartment, eyes narrowing as took in the sleeping vanguard. Part of him was tempted to just turn around and go back to work, or to see if he could sneak in without disturbing Yata because he really wasn’t in the mood for an argument, but as he watched a shiver work its way through the smaller teen. Sighing he moved up the steps and crouched down in front of Yata, reaching out hesitantly to shake the vanguard awake, fixing a scowl on his face when the other teen stirred with a sleepy mumble.

“What are you doing here Misaki?” He asked, tone sharp as soon as he caught sleepy hazel eyes, and for a moment irritation washed over the vanguard’s face, but then he lunged forward and wrapped his arms around the startled blue. “Misaki, what the…?”

“Merry Christmas!”

Sarumi + Holiday

“Saru…” Misaki grumbled as warm arms tightened around him once more, pulling him flush against his partner, and he twisted so that he could peer up at Fushimi who was smirking at him…his breathing sped up at that expression, and he swallowed nervously. “I thought we were going to go out today…?”

“It’s my holiday,” Fushimi pointed out, leaning in to kiss the vanguard and playfully biting at the end of Misaki’s nose, chuckling when the vanguard yelped and turned bright red. “I think I’d much rather spend it right here…after all it’s been too long since I got to have you all to myself.” If Misaki hadn’t been blushing before, he certainly was now as he buried his face against the taller man, muttering insults under his breath but not protesting when he was pulled closer, and tilting his head to the side when Fushimi began to press butterfly kisses to the side of his neck.

Sarumi + Music

   It had always surprised Fushimi that Misaki was still using the headphones he’d brought him, although some part of him had clung to the sight of them hanging around the vanguard’s neck…hoping that maybe just maybe, it meant that Misaki wasn’t trying to get rid of him completely. However, he was stunned to see the look of utter devastation on Misaki’s face the day the headphones broke, shattered when the vanguard had been sent tumbling off his skateboard during a skirmish with the Blues. Normally the rest of HOMRA had to tear the vanguard away, but today he had just stopped in the middle of the fight…mouth moving soundlessly as he stared at the broken headphones, before slowly lifting his head and staring at Fushimi for a moment, letting the younger teen catch a brief glimpse of tears in the hazel eyes before Misaki was gone, practically fleeing the fight.

   It was that image, the sight of Misaki so close to tears that found Fushimi leaving work early that night and heading to the store, debating with himself the whole way…it wasn’t like new headphones would fix anything, and these wouldn’t have the emotional value the others did so the vanguard might just toss them in the bin. It didn’t stop him buying a pair, or from leaving them on the vanguard’s door later that night when he was sure he was home…and it didn’t stop him from smiling to himself when he saw them around Misaki’s neck the next time they met, even if it was hidden beneath a scowl and a familiar insult.

Sarumi + Photography

    Fushimi had always scoffed at his partner’s obsession with documenting every part of their life, unable to see why they would need photos of them doing boring things like shopping or tidying the house…and they’d had more than one argument about it. Yet right now he was glad that Misaki had never given up, that his stubborn crow had taken snapshots of every aspect of their life, filling their hard-drive and numerous albums with the story of their relationship…because it was all he had left. He had long since run out of tears when he holed up on their bed, still mussed from where Misaki had forgotten to make it the day he had…the day he had…pain lanced through his chest, the grief deepening and his hands trembled as he reached for the albums he had been combing through endlessly over the last few days. There were so many moments, tiny things that he had forgotten…the way they had both ended up covered in cake batter the day Misaki tried to teach him to bake, Misaki catching him trying to feel all the Christmas presents…too many moments, and something shifted in his chest as he let his fingers ghost over Misaki’s face, tracing the familiar grin before a tear landed on the photo, blurring the image as a sob shook him. Misaki…

Sarumi + Sunset

“Come on,” Misaki urged, yanking on Fushimi’s hand and the younger teen reluctantly let him guide him along, trying to tell himself that it was easier just to agree…and not that he couldn’t resist those sparkling hazel eyes, or the bright smile as Misaki guided him out onto the rooftop. Fushimi growled under his breath, was this really what the idiot wanted to show him? Dragging him out a perfect winning streak at the arcade to go climbing on roof tops?”


“Look,” Misaki cut him off, seemingly unaware of his irritation as he gestured at something behind Fushimi and the Blue slowly turned…and his breath caught as he realised what the smaller teen was pointing at. The city was bathed in beautiful reds and oranges as the sun slowly began to sink beneath the horizon, and his irritation faded, because right now the world was bathed in Misaki’s colours and when he turned to look at the vanguard, it was too see the sunlight reflected in the bright eyes and he couldn’t help but reach out to twine their fingers together.

Sarumi + Comfort

    Yata sighed as Fushimi began to stir again, restlessly moving his head from side to side once more, hands clenching and unclenching in the duvet as his expression twisted into one of distress. Even before his fingers brushed the other’s forehead he knew that the fever had risen again and he growled under his breath, his boyfriend had made him promise not to take him to the hospital, but if it got any higher he wasn’t going to have a choice. For now, he would do what he could, reaching out to retrieve the cloth that had been soaking in a bowl of cool water, wringing it out and gently beginning to run it over feverish skin, washing away sweat and soothing the overheated skin.

“Come on Saru…” He murmured softy, jolting when weak fingers caught his wrist and managing a weak smile when he finally caught a glimpse of dark eyes. “Hey there…”

“Hey…” Fushimi’s voice was barely above a whisper, his eyes already drifting shut even as he leant into the cooling touch of the cloth, and his breathing evened out a moment later as he settled and Misaki sighed, smiling slightly as he reached in to press a small kiss to warm skin.

Sarumi + Daydream

“Damn it Misaki!” Fushimi cursed as he rushed across to where the vanguard was slowly sitting up, blinking in surprise at finding himself on the ground and then hissing as he moved, drawing the younger teen’s attention to the nasty grazes on Misaki’s knees. “What were you doing?”

“I was thinking…”

“Daydreaming you mean,” Fushimi retorted, the older teen had been distracted all morning and refusing to tell him what was bothering him…it was why he had suggested they go to the skate park, aware that skateboarding helped to settle Misaki when he was worrying about something. But now he was regretting the suggestion as he took in the blood on the pale skin, the pain in the hazel eyes that met his gaze for a moment before looking away again and he sighed. “Come on…let’s get you up so I can take a look at your legs.”

Sarumi + Flower Crown

   Fushimi blinked when something landed on his head, reaching up to brush it away, only to freeze when Yata grabbed his hands to stop him….and didn’t let go…

“What are you doing? And what have you put on my head?! The vanguard sighed at the suspicion in his voice, squeezing his fingers before letting go, allowing Fushimi to reach up and search his head…blinking at the feel of flowers beneath his searching fingers, gently lifting whatever it was and staring at it when it came into sight. “A flower crown? How old you Mi-sa-ki?” He teased, but when Yata went to snatch it back he held on, hastily dropping it back on his head before catching the vanguard’s hands in his own. “Leave it…”

“How old are you?” Yata retorted, but he didn’t make any attempt to pull away, instead twining their fingers together before leaning in to steal a kiss. “It suits you…”

Sarumi + Letters

   Fushimi cursed under his breath as he sent a box flying in his search for his PDA, immediately bending to retrieve it as he realised it was the small wooden chest that Misaki had always asked him to leave a lone, wincing as he took in the broken hinge. Damn… Gingerly he lifted it, wondering if he could fix it before the vanguard returned, but then it swung open and he froze, staring in confusion at the dozen envelopes hidden inside…all of them addressed to him in Misaki’s scrawl. Curiosity warred with caution, and in the end, it won out and he sank down on the bed, setting the chest aside before pulling out the top envelope, relieved to find that it wasn’t sealed and carefully opening it and pulling out the single sheet of paper from within. Misaki’s handwriting really was appalling, but he had become adept at deciphering it over the years and he scanned the letter, feeling an unpleasant weight settling in his stomach as he realised it had been written during their estrangement…Misaki had been reaching out to him, pleading with him to come back or for them to at least be friends, but he had never sent it…

“Saru where are…?” Misaki’s voice cut off abruptly, and Fushimi glanced up to find the vanguard stood in the doorway staring at him with wide eyes, colour draining from his face even as red rushed into his cheeks.

Sarumi + Chains

   Yata groaned under his breath as he came too, head pounding and the sharp pain that accompanied each breath telling him that the blurry memory of a knife catching his side wasn’t his imagination and for a moment he tried to sink back into unconsciousness, at least it didn’t hurt there. However, as he moved slightly there was a strange rattling sound and a feeling of his stomach flip-flopping, and a sudden uneasiness had his eyes creeping open…wishing he hadn’t as he took in the unfamiliar room, and the fact that he was suspended off the ground, feet barely touching and he shifted again, whimpering as it tugged on his injuries.

“You’re awake.” The voice startled him, and he blinked, clearly his blurry vision just enough to focus on the strain that he had been fighting earlier. “I thought I might have killed you.”

“Sorry to disappoint you,” his voice was weaker than he liked, and he growled under his breath when the man smirked at him…he reminded him painfully of Fushimi, and Misaki felt a jolt at that thought before he shook his head…no, Fushimi was many things, but he had never truly tried to kill him and right now Misaki would give anything to see the Blue, even if it meant owing him for saving him. Saru…now would be a really good time to show up…

Sarumi + Soulmates

    Fushimi wondered just what had possessed the higher powers to give him a soulmate like this…to be honest a small part of him had always hoped that he wouldn’t find his, it seemed like more trouble than it was worth…it was more trouble than it was worth, he corrected as he glanced at the man currently sleeping in his lap. Rather than introducing himself like a normal person, the smaller man had literally thrown himself into Fushimi’s life…charging into a fight to protect him, and getting himself hurt in the process, managing to blurt out his name before passing out and leaving the startled Fushimi to deal with the strain and his own personal complication. Part of him had been tempted to call for an ambulance and let others deal with the idiot, but something had stopped him…which was why he had ended up back at his flat, with a stranger in his lap, blood staining both them and his sofa and a strange warmth flooding through him as he studied the pale face.

“Why is it someone like you…?” He whispered, hesitantly reaching out and ghosting his fingers over the others face, wondering what was going to happen when he woke up…would he be happy? Annoyed? Scared? Why…why are we meant for each other?

Sarumi + Realisation

  It felt like he couldn’t breathe, couldn’t move, couldn’t think…unable to do anything but watch as the Blue King disappeared into the distance, leaving nothing but his voice and the words that had just shredded the image he had of the older man…of Fushimi. The dull ache in his chest that had been constant companion from the moment the younger teen had left HOMRA, burning their friendship along with his tattoo, flared to life…a sharp pain that had Yata clawing at his chest, eyes burning as realisation washed over him. He had actually believed that Fushimi could have betrayed the Blues and he’d been wrong…how many other things had he been wrong about? How much of the situation between them was his fault?  He closed his eyes, every interaction they’d shared since Fushimi had left HOMRA flashed through his mind, Saru…. why didn’t you tell me?

Sarumi + Glasses

   Yata’s heart was hammering in his chest as he hauled Fushimi to safety, forcing the other teen down as the trap that the Blue had triggered went off, covering him as rubble and flames roared through the air above them…fairly sure he could smell his hair burning. He could feel the Blue squirming, protesting and he pressed him down, not trusting that there wasn’t another trap ready to go off…and not wanting Fushimi wondering around blindly again and setting something else off.

“You really need to get contacts…” He growled when he finally deemed it safe to move, rolling over and blinking as he realised the warehouse was now minus a roof. “What happened to your glasses?” He had seen them on the blue’s face barely five minutes before, and yet in those five minutes he had manged to lose them and blunder into a tripwire.

“No idea…and thanks…”

Sarumi + Falling

   The blade had left Fushimi’s fingers, a perfect throw as always, but he knew that it wouldn’t be enough…it never was, and that was why they could fight like this, without hesitation because they knew that the other could handle it.  That was why it took a moment for him to realise that Misaki hadn’t moved in time…a moment too long…and another blade fell from suddenly nerveless fingers as he took a cautious step forward, eyes widening as he watched the vanguard lifting shaky fingers to the knife in his chest, hazel eyes slowly rising to meet his gaze.


   A shaky laugh escaped the vanguard, the sound so out of place in the situation that Fushimi physically flinched…hand trembling as he reached for the smaller teen, but it was too late, crimson staining the front of the cream top and then Misaki was falling and terror jolted him forward with a frantic shout.


Sarumi + Secrets

“Saru…” Yata’s voice trembled as he stepped into the room, eyes darting nervously around as he took in the hospital room, the silent machines that should’ve been keeping his boyfriend alive. His breath caught, and it took every ounce of strength he had to move forward on shaky legs, wishing that the others had come with him…whilst also relieved that there was no one there to see him as a sob shivered through him as he reached out to grasp Fushimi’s fingers, twining their fingers together and trying not to focus on the chilling flesh. “You promised me that there weren’t going to be any more secrets…Saru, you promised…so…” Why?! Why did this happen? Why didn’t I know where you were or what you were doing?