i could picture this

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yamaguchi is in this dance cover group thing and one time tsukki comes to see his performance and blushing all the time looking at yams with pastel colored clothes dancing to OMG and GFRIEND. -space anon

I could picture Yams being talented in all types of dance, whether it be hip-hop or ballet THIS BOY IS NIMBLE AND HE HAS RHYTHM

- mod ri

As we’re almost at 700, we thought it’s been overdue to post a “picture” of us.

(we’re not showing our faces just in the slight chance someone we know, finds this blog)

Guess who’s who?!

ps i’m really proud of the red aesthetic on our mobile blog

My thoughts

So I can’t sleep so seeing as everyone else gave their thoughts on ‘just friends’ I thought I should as well. I think this should go without saying but spoilers ahead.
Now let’s get right to it, I will admit, I was sad for Star, very sad, but Jackie isn’t a bad person and Marco is happy for her. Because of that, Star is sacrificing her happiness for her best friends happiness. And to be honest, what alternative does she have? Or does she think she has? We technically still don’t know how Marco feels about Star (from the live chat either he thinks of her as a very good friend or is in denial or doesn’t want to say that he loves her for whatever reason) so she can’t gain anything by telling him how she feels right now. The downside, jealousy isn’t that much of a choice for some so it is effecting Star rather harshly and if I could get the picture I would show you. She is hurt because she can’t do anything, she is (at the moment) in a no win situation. Marco is happy and Star doesn’t want to risk that by trying for a relationship that she might not even be able to get when he is happy with who he’s with … at least for now. Thing is,Marco said it himself, he doesn’t know if he likes the image of Jackie or for who she really is, they might break up mutually if they find that they don’t feel that way about each other. Marco sure didn’t know what Love really was, that’s for sure. There are many things that could happen that lead to Starco eventually … or not. But that is all for now, my shipping heart can now rest easy now that that weight has been lifted from it. Good night everyone. See you in the morning!

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lmao ok so i'm an artist and i noticed that the dwt merch is just.... rly bad. like, they just rectangular images of her face plonked on plain t shirts and sweaters costing $55. i left a comment on her post with the merch just like girl, pay me to design u some better ones. found out later that one of her close friends designed them. 1. oop, hope she didn't see lol 2. girl gotta not hire her friends to do jobs they can't do

At the risk of criticizing yet another aspect of the tour…. Her merch IS awful. Like, the bunny and everything is fine but there are too many pictures just printed on clothing like, I could get a better (or the Same!) picture of Ariana and have it digitally printed onto a hoodie for half the price. Nothing is stitched or embroidered in any sort of unique way. If you’re gonna digitally print everything… please at least use a transparent picture so you’re not just printing a black square onto a white T for gods sake. 

The give zero fucks hoodie is probably the best thing on that list and a wide variety of audience members just dont want/it’s inappropriate to have the word FUCK across their chest( eg, kids/her majority audience). Get it together, it’s not hard to choose better designs to have mass printed. 


*mew mew* In two hours I will drive home for nearly two months and associated with this I will not being able to look at tumblr as regulary as I do when I’m in my student’s flat. There will be days, when I’m not posting something or answer to anything you sent me. But I will fetch later when I have internet again (mostly at the end of the week).

So if you have something I have to take a look at tag me please. That would contain e. g. Karl Brandt sitting at the beach, Karl Brandt smiling and/or dancing, Karl Brandt sleeping, Karl Brandt strokes his hair *melts* or to say it clearer: everything that belongs to my man.
A wonderful ear with a Erich Hartmann is also an acceptable gift.

Wish me luck for the Carnival party (if I get a nice picture, I could show it) an we will listen to each other later! I wish you the best, my dear followers ♥


Moonlight directed by Barry Jenkins, 2016

I saw this movie early this afternoon and I can only advise you to go watch it if you haven’t yet. I can’t stop shivering since. I know La la land is the great favorite for the Oscars, and I was in love with that movie when I watched it a month ago but I mean, even if it’s way more than a straight, white, musical comedy (aesthetic is incredible) it would be just amazing if Moonlight could win the Oscar of the best picture … I mean, there’s everything we need in this movie, everything we’re not used to see on our screens. I could feel the discomfort of some people, and that’s the kind of movie we need to accept the fact that homosexuality can be represented otherwise than in its usual stereotypes, to accept and normalize the absence of white people in our films, posters & ads. I really cross my finger for Sunday night … !

Build/Buy Mode

I had over 40,000 files of build/buy mode CC on my old computer! :O Now that I’m on my new one I’d like to start over and organize everything properly, but… whoa. I already spend several hours most days doing something sims-related so this could get crazy!

I always see such lovely pictures and CC it really makes me want to start decorating again.

i found a new cryptid, @prismablast helped me figure out a name 

it’s called “boxman”

i managed to wrestle it to the ground but it got up before i could get any great pictures

i managed to snap a few more pictures, this is the best one

now you may be thinking, “that’s just Blaidd’s little brother walking around in a box…” BUT! it’s not! 

i would know

have faith in me please

Yuri on Ice x Ciel in Wonderland ( •᷄ὤ•᷅)?

I don’t know what this is… but I know for sure that I want to thank you all for your love and your support!