i could pee on this and other poems by cats

When It Comes To Furry Muses, Cats Are For Brevity And Dogs Are For Books

Ernest Hemingway once said that a cat has absolute emotional honesty: Human beings, for one reason or another, may hide their feelings, but a cat does not.

So Hemingway might have appreciated Francesco Marciuliano’s best-selling book, I Could Pee On This: And Other Poems By Cats, a collection of poems written in the very forward voice of a feline. The book became something of a phenomenon when it was released in 2012 and was followed by a book of dog poems. Here’s a taste of Marciuliano’s cat wisdom:

You can’t hold someone who wants to leave
You can’t clutch a memory as if it were today 
You can’t take an insult close to heart
You can’t grasp for glory from your chair 
You can’t seize life thinking only of loss
And you can’t grab a laser pointer dot on the wall
No matter how much you try.

onceuponachatte: 10 Books That Have Stayed With Me

I Am Malala- By Malala Yousafzai

A Child Called It- By Dave Pelzer

The Book Thief- By Markus Zusak

◦ The Scarlet Letter- By Nathaniel Hawthorn

◦ The Help- By Kahtryn Stockett

◦ Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s StoneBy J.K. Rowling

◦ Pride and Prejudice- By Jane Austen

◦ The Great Gatsby- By F. Scott Fitzgerald

◦ I Could Pee On This: And Other Poems By Cats- By Francesco Marciuliano

◦ The Secret Life of Bees- By Sue Monk KIdd