i could only pick ten


It is complete. Because of the restrictions of Tumblr’s picture posting, I could only make ten of these to post, so I decided to pick one person to sort of represent difference facets of video game development and the community. A few things to note: I combined Barabra, Suzy, and Lindsay because I didn’t want to just pick one as the face of the entertainment side of gaming, but I they produce different content than iHasCupquake so I wanted them to have their own image, so I decided to combine them. For developers and creators I tried to also display the games most commonly associated with them or their most recent games. For Mira Shimazaki, there are actually few pictures of her and none big enough to fit the full size image. She seems to speak and represent herself through her work, which is awesome, so used Bayonetta as her full picture since that’s who she’s most famous for. 

Obviously there are a lot more women than this in the gaming community in all capacities. They work on all levels and in every avenue, and you can see here, it ranges from independent work to multi million dollar affairs. But I hope you guys enjoy this either way. Here is the link to the original post which includes way more amazing women.