i could only fit 10 images

Counterpart of my previous Abelas Tarot card, this time theme “The Chariot” and it suppose to be an artistic freedom vision of a possible romanced Abelas companion card concept.

I loved working with my colour palette here a lot - and hope you all enjoy the outcome!

As a possible romance idea I always imagined him someone very loyal - someone who would take a relationship very seriously. Opens hard and keeping distance - forgot how to really feel real feelings beside the duty he had as a sentinel the way to his heart would be difficult and rough - but once his trust and respect is earned he would treasure the only one he let close after so long as a “person” to himself. 

I know this just a speculation since we do not know more of him then 10 minutes of talk - but I have this impression of the character. Now you can imagine it the way you like - this is just my version and I created this image to fit how I think it could be - so sorry if you had something else in your mind! :>

ps: sorry for the Abelas overflood, I just ways too inspired - I promise will do others as well.. I planned originally a dread wolf work too but.. huh. I need days to be 72 hours long :D