i could only find low quality videos i was so mad

You Should Have Told Me

Prompt:Dan and Phil are sharing bed and cuddling while they sleep one of them wets the bed.”

Dan or Phil has LBS (light bladder syndrome) and they are out shopping or in town or something and they have an accident and the other has to clean them up and take care of them because they’re embarrassed and its all FLUFFY :)”

Summary: Dan is visiting Phil for the first time (2009). Dan suffers from LBS, but doesn’t want to tell Phil. He wets the bed at doing the night and is really embarrassed, but of course can’t help it because it’s an illness. Phil is of course sweet Phil and don’t mind.(Because I’m doing two prompts in one I’m letting him have another accident while going out with Phil. okay.)
A/N: Wrote as a part of the LBS series.
Genre: Fluff, chronic illness.
Warnings: LBS
Words: 3.201

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alright, so I posted this video called *Your dating “preferences” are discriminatory* about how saying you would never date a trans person, a fat person, or a disabled person is probably discriminatory and based in prejudice rather than genuine preference.

the response has been overwhelming negative after several large anti-feminist youtubers made response videos.

my argument has been ignored, misconstrued, and strawmanned more than i ever thought possible. so i took some time to write out a response.

i tried posting that response on YouTube, but my comments kept disappearing even though I was just commenting on my own video??? I guess YouTube thought it was too long or something. So I’m posting it here as an image so that I can comment on the YouTube video with a link and direct people to the image.

so that image is what is above. you can right click on it and select Open image in new tab to read the full thing (sorry it’s low quality idk how to fix that), or click the Keep reading below, or read it on imgur.

Oh, one more thing that isn’t included in the image or below the Keep reading:  Another example that @queerqtpie brought up to me recently was the comparison of color preferences. If you survey people today, girls tend to prefer pink and boys tend to prefer blue. Does that mean that girls inherently have some innate drive to like pink, and boys for blue? Of course not. There are external culture and social factors that contribute to those preferences. Those preferences still exist, and they are obviously allowed to have them; it’s not bad for a girl to like pink or a boy to like blue. But it’s not inherent, innate, and unchanging. And it would be ridiculous to get offended at the idea that color preference might be externally influenced because we’ve seen through history that blue hasn’t always been associated with boys, nor pink for girls (they used to be reversed). Folks with these preferences may not be able to immediately control which color they prefer, but if they can be aware that their favorite color isn’t an innate unchanging thing (and in fact might have been influenced by very arbitrary societal gender rules), it might help them to enjoy other colors more at some point in the future.

Okay, now go ahead and read the thing if you want:

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i think it’s time for my non-required opinion and bare with me ‘cause I am so MAD you cannot even imagine

  • first of all, ARE YOU KIDDING? Like, is it even a video??? They spent like 20 minutes walking on a pier and that’s it. The Wellington camera would have done a better job for god’s sake. Are they all trolling us? Is this a JOKE? Of course it’s a joke to them, they believe this fandom is gonna love it regardless just because all they want is a close up of them looking randomly sexy and that’s it. LIKE HELL MY DEAR PEOPLE WHO ARE EVEN PAID TO PRODUCE A THING LIKE THAT ONE!! You have to understand that the fandom grows with the boys, and yes there is a part of them which still get excited just because they breathe but One Direction is not 16 anymore. They are growning, they have grown up so MUCH and you have to follow their growth. Most of the fans have grown up with them so PLEASE SHOW SOME RESPECT for the people who give away their blood to support this band and actually PAY for your monthly salary even if you don’t deserve ONE COIN. 
  • I think it’s time for Ben Winston to move to some other artists. Maybe Rebecca Black needs another video. Go Ben, go PLEASE.
  • The whole video is them walking in a pier morphing into each other and then….Niall does a cartwheel. In the middle of a sad video who talks about lovers who conquer all and win over everything. And they reconnect with their bodies like can you get what I am saying????? ANYTHING OF THAT VIDEO MAKES SENSE from minute 0:00 to minute 4:00.  As if the whole video wasn’t sad enough and the song wasn’t the worst choice EVER for a single, especially in this season of the year. 
  • It literally looks like they take them, put them more or less together (because they can’t even walk together anymore so probably it’s all photoshop magic of single frames, I wouldn’t be surprised) and then Ben thought 'oh, let’s put Niall doing a dumb thing, Zayn and Liam hugging because of course they can, Harry close up so people gonna get horny and Louis playing football they are gonna love it!!! LIKE ARE YOU FUCKING KIDDING MEEE???????? 
  • Okay sorry for the capslock but it makes me so MAD because this band is the most powerful band in the world thanks to THE FANDOM, which is bad or good or whatever you judge but it’s the most powerful fandom EVER and these boys are so LOVED and have so much potential that they could have done ANY KIND OF VIDEO and I say A - N - Y. Literally ANYTHING could have been better than this crap. Because it is. I don’t care how good Zayn looked, how cute Harry was in the cold, how long Louis’ hair are, this is not what makes quality music videos, this is not what the band is about. These are details of the whole, a whole which is being milked for their public persona and nothing else. The video is crap, the song is a beautiful song but not meant to be a single and their team keep thinking we are accepting everything just because it’s One Direction branded so who cares if everything is SHIT, they are gonna buy it anyway!
  • They are sinking this band and it’s going low low low low and one day nobody would care anymore because 'who cares, the videos sucks just like the pr team and everything surrounding the band’ and the victim all this mess will be the boys and only the boys. Of course. Which is a pity because these guys are all equally lovely and talented and if only they had the right team behind they could be EVEN MORE than the Beatles. 
  • The video has no sense, no plot, no animating skills, anything. I could have done something better with my iphone camera. I SWEAR. And yet they keep asking Ben Winston to film their clips. Once again, you know why? They don’t CARE. They don’t care about us, about the band, they don’t care in general. The 1D formula still work? Then why changing? Why improving? Why doing an effort to thanks the fans for the support? HELL NO! Let’s carry on with the shitty videos, it’s not that the fandom deserve a good one every time!!! 
  • Okay, rant’s over. I could go on and on forever but it’s better if I don’t add anything else.
  • The only good part is Harry and Louis morphing into each other. I bet they wanted to delete that scene and cut the whole song because GOD FORBID THEY TOUCH. 
  • And I will be dreaming forever about a perfect video of Through the dark with a plot that made sense and perfect frames of the boys in the countryside singing with each other about being strong and find a way to see the light like they did when they decided to follow their dreams and apply for a talent show. Yeah. Keep dreaming Anna. 
1x03 "We Shall Overcompensate" - Episode Recap

If I got a dollar for every time this show makes me smile like a goof, I’d probably have made more money in 20 minutes than I do with my entire monthly paycheck.

I know, I know, the show is problematic at times and it’s impossible to please everyone, but it just makes me feel so many things and well, I’m allowed to let my heart win over my brain for once, eh?

I mean, when you have an episode starting in a bright and sunny school lawn, with Amy and Karma being adorable together, how else do you expect me to feel?

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1989: Just Grab My Hand and Don't Ever Drop It

Welcome to New York

Favorite lyric: Took our broken hearts, put them in a drawer / Everybody here was someone else before

This song isn’t a State of Grace level album opener, but it sets the tone just the same. I was really looking forward to this song and thought it could be my favorite on the album. It turned out to be my 22 of 1989. I had such high hopes because I want to move to Nashville next year and feel the same about that city as Taylor does about New York. It’s so joyous, I’m happy she has found home. There are elements of the vocal production that hold me back from full-on loving this song. I really can’t think of anything to legitimately criticize, but on an album of stand outs, I’m just not 100% feeling it. Having said that, I still jam to this because how can you not. (#14/16)

Blank Space

Favorite lyric: Cause we’re young and we’re reckless / We’ll take this way too far / It’ll leave you breathless or with a nasty scar

I had no idea what to expect of this song. I was excited. I was worried. What if people didn’t get the irony? After hearing it, I don’t even care if people don’t get it because it’s pretty damn flawless. This is a first in a long line of Max Martin & Shellback successes on this album. As much as I love We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together and I Knew You Were Trouble, I was not a happy camper about them being so involved with this album. Here I am eating my words because they stepped up their game. Everyone’s favorite unoriginal joke is that she should write a song called Maybe I’m the Problem and this song is literally her laughing in their faces and I LOVE IT. Even when she slips into the media-created character of the same name, she STILL sounds like a normal person. Or maybe my friends and people I’ve known over the years also just happen to qualify as “insane”. I cannot get over how even though the subject of this song would seem like something unrelatable, it’s sprinkled with lyrics where you’re just like YES. I support this song so much. (#10/16)


Favorite lyric: A long drive, could end in burning flames or paradise

Mike Meadows was right. I literally want to go solve mysteries when I hear this song. You think I’m kidding, but I’m not. Like Blank Space, this song is just straight up fun—well, it feels like casual fun, but it’s unexpectedly deep. Long drive, could end in burning flames or paradise is so important. It’s so simple, but so raw. Any relationship is a long drive that you hope leads to paradise, but could just as easily crash and burn along the way. We’re only 3 songs in and Taylor has never been more self-aware. As with Blank Space, the fact that I like this song so much and it’s so low on the list is a beautiful thing. (#13/16)

Out of the Woods

Favorite lyric: Remember when we couldn’t take the heat / I walked out, I said, “I’m setting you free” / But the monsters turned out to be just trees / When the sun came up, you were looking at me

When I first heard this song, I literally died. Can Jack Antonoff produce Taylor ALL THE TIME? Up until this point, I couldn’t imagine Out of the Woods not being my favorite on the album because it’s half classic Taylor and half brilliant pop song. Part of the brilliance lies in the simplicity of the chorus. How has nobody thought of this before? She’s so good at making songs sound like the emotions behind them. I’ll never be over how the sound of a frantic heartbeat builds to the bridge. That heartbeat shows up other places on the album, too, but it’s most effective here. I’m so happy that this song has been such a hit. (#7/16)

All You Had To Do Was Stay

Favorite lyric: The more I think about it now, the less I know

I walked into this song with all kinds of potential problems. A track 5 co-write with Max Martin had me straight up angry. I mean, the nerve. I was also wary of the vocal manipulation I’d heard about. I’m starting to realize that I always feel the opposite of how I thought I would. I love, love, love this song. It’s so catchy and makes me want to flail around like an idiot during the chorus. If it’s not going to be a single, then someone owes me a detailed explanation. Seriously. I always gravitate toward slow/sad/dark songs when I’m making any sort of all-time favorite list, but All You Had To Do Was Stay is a shining example of the kind of pop song I scan the radio for and rarely find. (#6/16)

Shake It Off

Favorite lyric: It’s like I got this music in my mind saying, “It’s gonna be alright”

I appreciate the sentiment of this song. It’s something we can all apply to our lives. Even though I prefer cinematic music videos, this is one of my favorites she has ever done. I’ve used music, especially hers, time and again to get past the rough stuff and that lyric just hits you because it reminds you that this song isn’t as carefree as it sounds. (#16/16)

I Wish You Would

Favorite lyric: I wish you knew that I’ll never forget you as long as I live

This lyric leveled me. You don’t just go around saying this to all your exes. It’s serious. She nailed the delivery, too. This is so 80’s, another homerun with Jack Antonoff. I feel like I’m in the middle of a movie and I need it to end where they run into each other’s arms in the pouring rain. It’s crazy how hopeful this song feels even though the emotion behind it is so damn sad. As with I Almost Do, this song is so vulnerable and it’s rare for her to explicitly sing about wanting someone back. Normally she’s sad or mad or both and has too much pride to say she’d put it all aside if he would just come back. I just love this song, ok. (#8/16)

Bad Blood

Favorite lyric: Band-Aids don’t fix bullet holes / You say sorry just for show / If you live like that, you live with ghosts / If you love like that, blood runs cold

This song is everything to me. I needed this song back in 2010. I would have loved nothing more to blast this 24/7 and say everything I never said to my roommate/ex-bff. Every song on this album is new territory for her, but this one is probably the most different. I love angry Taylor SO MUCH. There is absolutely no way to argue with anything she says in this song and it makes me want to drag her along anytime I need to confront someone for being shady. I can’t wait to see this live. (#9/16)

Wildest Dreams

Favorite lyric: My one condition is / Say you’ll remember me / Standing in a nice dress, staring at the sunset / Red lips and rosy cheeks / Say you’ll see me again even if it’s in your wildest dreams

The chorus is so heartbreakingly beautiful. This song is nothing like what I expected based on her description of it to Rolling Stone. Taylor does Lana better than Lana herself. On the real, though, this song is not in any way, shape, or form a Lana ripoff. This style of song is exactly what I’ve pictured Taylor doing and I could listen to an entire album of this. It suits her voice so well. Productions props again to our Swedish friends I was doubting for so long. Also, her confidence deserves all the applause. (#5/16)

How You Get the Girl

Favorite lyric: Remind me of how it used to be / Pictures in frames of kisses on cheeks / And say you want me

I could never completely dislike a Taylor Swift song because I always find redeeming qualities. This is 1989’s Stay Stay Stay. Unlike that song, it at least flows with the story of the album. It’s cute and reiterates how simple things could be if people didn’t make them complicated. There’s nothing wrong with it, it just sounds out of place on the album. I need this song turned into a rom-com. (#15/16)

This Love


I’m still alive, but I’m barely breathing. I can’t put into words how I feel about this song. I feel it on a cosmic level. It’s my SBT of 1989. I just want to wrap myself in this song and never let go. I don’t completely know what that means, but I do know that she sounds beautiful; the lyrics are beautiful; the production is beautiful; everything is beautiful when I listen to this song. (#1/16)

I Know Places

Favorite lyric: They take their shots, but we’re bulletproof / And you know for me, it’s always you / In the dead of night, your eyes so green / And I know for you, it’s always me

High fives all around. I LOVEEEEE dark Taylor. This song is unreal. As with This Love, I have a zillion favorite lyrics. This also needs to be a single or I will be knocking on some doors. I cannot wait to see this live. I cannot wait to see all of these songs live, but this one is going to be epic. I can feel it. (#4/16)


Favorite lyric: When I was drowning / That’s when I could finally breathe

This song hit me like a ton of bricks. I just sat there with tears streaming down my face. It’s so simple, yet so profound. We can all relate to this feeling in one way or another. I once again appreciate so incredibly much how she can take something specific to her and make you feel like she wrote it for you. (#2/16)


Favorite lyric: I should have slept with one eye open at night

I love this concept. It’s such a great song and doesn’t feel like a bonus track. I don’t why I can’t think og anything to say about this song. I love this lyric because I think it speaks to the bigger problem how she has millions of people involved in her life and she has so many people just waiting to take her. This relationship is an example of where they won and she feels like even though it was really out of their control, she could have done something different to change the outcome. Also, We found Wonderland, you and I got lost in it makes me SO emotional. (#11/16)

You Are in Love

Favorite lyric: No proof / Not much / But you saw enough

This is literally what true love sounds like. Nobody should ever bother writing another love song because this is it. This is all we need. (#3/16)

New Romantics

Favorite: You wait for trains that just aren’t coming

This song. These are the best bonus tracks ever because they don’t feel like bonus tracks. They’re real tracks that they forgot to put on the album, but they had already printed everything so they decided to just say they meant for them to be bonus tracks the whole time. That train lyric gives me SBT feels and that’s the quickest way to my heart. This song feels like it had to battle with Blank Space for a spot on the album. Here she is again being extremely self-aware. Such a good sound for her. (#12/16)


Taylor was not exaggerating when she said this is her most sonically cohesive album. It’s also her most lyrically cohesive with themes and words popping up in multiple songs. I love that because she has always been known as an album artist, and this just drives that home. I don’t think I have ever heard such a masterfully executed pop album. This is what every pop album should aspire to be. In the dark days between Red and 1989, I was so worried about a Max Martin-helmed Taylor Swift album. I couldn’t imagine how they would be able to make a massive pop album that was still classic Taylor. As I said before, I just need to stop worrying from now on because I had literally nothing to worry about. This is next level. Taylor has been wearing her heart on her sleeve since we’ve known her, but we have never seen her this self-aware and confident. 1989 is triumphant, like she is standing on top of the world, heartbreak be damned. This is truly her rebirth.

My picks for singles: Blank Space, All You Had To Do Was Stay, Bad Blood, I Know Places

Grammy 2016 performance: Clean