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lol i bought some of my own prints from society6 just to check their print quality ((because i’ve been getting so many requests about uploading my art so people could get them as prints but i wanted to make sure that the quality was nice)) – was a bit surprised at how the different the colors were – they were very faded and yellowish (so i pulled out the mini comic prints) ;; the magazine mockups were a bit dark but i think it’s okay *__* i still kinda liked the prints from the local shop better ((the family portrait prints are so smooth when printed large AAAA so happy)) :0 anyway i left the magazine mockups in society6 so idk

these are terrible phone photos im sorry i was in a rush hahaha

Cute Things About Kim Taehyung We Seem To Forget

• He’s afraid of bees
• He facetimes with his family and asks them to show him Soonshim [his dog]
• He likes big lions
• He also likes big dogs
• He tagged his photo with #DoubleEyeLidLineCaught because it kept appearing in his pictures
• He takes pictures of his parents when they’re happy.
• He went “On a date” with his parents
• He let the members who didn’t have funny photos of him quickly take funny photos so that they could upload them on his birthday
• “Oppa is superman”
• He calls his fans “Our lovelies” “Lovelies” “My lovelies” and occasionally “My pretties”
• If you put Tangerine and V together it’s Bbyoul!
• He wanted a love like Titanic
• He asked his mom how his fashion was
• “Ostrich-hyungnim”
• He puts ramen packets on his McDonald’s
• Bighit said his weakness is Trot and that he gets increasingly excited
• He took a picture of the members and then drew leashes on all of them
• He played crossy roads and tried to get a score of 601 for his fans but could only get to 456
• He threatened to draw nipples on Jimin’s hiphop monster
• He called himself “The captain of 95z”
• He called Jungkook and J-hope his daughters
• His black T-shirt, the one he cut a hole strait down the back was requested by a fan, he replied with “Chosen”
• He cuddles things when he’s sleeping
• He’s always trying to improve his English
• He watches Anime
• TaeTae Magazine
• He said that fast food makes him happy
• He talks and kicks in his sleep
• His stage name could have been Six or Lex but he chose V for victory
• He cried watching Miracles in Cell No. 7
• He got spit at by a Simpanse monkey at the zoo when he was little and that’s why he went back to the zoo asking the monkey’s “was it you” on his one tweet.
• He wants to name his kids Taekwon and Taeguk
• He doesn’t like wearing shoes
• He read his first fan mail over and over and over

I could go on forever, all in all my sunshine is the cutest. ♡


 IT IS DONE!! I didn’t know what to draw so I doodled every human Bonnie I could think of, from either friends/mutuals or just really rad people in general

i was going to include mine but it looks like tumblr only lets you upload ten photos at a time! but who needs him tbh

 bonnies, starting from the top left, belong to @coulsart, @fazbearsquad, @blasticheart, @holioca, @ak-tastic, @chica–the–chicken, @condesky, @fnafcrew–askcrew, @wheatu, aaaand my sister @puddin-draws

 if i got anythign wrong fell free to kick me lmao

also sorry for the quality i dont have a scanner and it is dark

MysTROLL Messenger AU!
  • MC is a girl but manages to trick the RFA members (this doesn’t include Luciel because HE SEES ALL) into thinking that she’s a guy. All the members are now very confused and are questioning themselves. Chaos ensues the day of the party. Bonus points if MC and Luciel decide to team up and troll the rest of the RFA members together.

  • MC tells Unknown they’re at Rika’s Apartment as they walk into the police station.

  • MC is fluently bilingual (or multilingual) and converses with the RFA members in a language other than Korean (English maybe?). Watch as the RFA members desperately try to communicate with their newest member because wow! A foreigner!. Yoosung is trying his best to pick up on his English but realizes that he has to rely on Noogle Translate and you know how those are. I feel like the only exception could possibly be Luciel and Jumin for this.

  • MC teasing them RFA bois with occasional *RARE* photos of themselves. Like, the pictures uploaded are blurry or out of focus. Maybe they’re just very random glimpses of something miniscule, like the pen MC likes using or even a cropped picture of their socks or even eraser shavings on a desk or a strand of hair and… THE BOIS GO SO CRAZY LIKE OMG STOP YOUR RAISING TESTOSTERONE.

  • MC is also a top hacker and when Luciel finds out why he’s been seeing cats dance all over the RFA chatrooms (much to Zen’s dismay and Jumin’s surprise), the two start a hacking war (also they secretly team up to find Unknown and go undercover missions while pretending that MC is a damsel in distress but in reality SHE HELPED REWIRE LUCIEL’S ALGORITHM WHEN THE HACKER TRIGGERED THE BOMB IN RIKA’S APARTMENT BAM ULTIMATE HACKING COUPLE).

Feel free to add onto this!

How great of bros must all those skaters be though? They are at the GPF banquet and Yuuri gets drunk af and starts pole dancing. He’s so drunk he forgets it all the next day and does not find out about it for a year.

There were probably over 100 people there, with phones, taking pictures, and yet none of those pictures ended up on Instagram.

These do not look like the faces of people who are just going to quietly sit on these photos. They all look completely ready to upload them because this whole thing is hilarious and amazing. But they don’t.

I can just imagine Chris and Victor going around to every person and being all “You gonna post it? Even gonna think about posting it? Give me your phone, we’re deleting them. This is private.” Maybe Yurio even helped by glaring at people while they deleted the pictures.

Imagine how freaked Yuuri would have been to wake up to those photos the next day. It could have wrecked him. But NONE got out. There’s no way that many people would have respected his privacy without some persuading.

Bonus: Question, who got Yuuri back to his room? Did they call Celistino? Did Victor and Chris take him there? Imagine Victor carrying him back and putting him to bed. Ahhhhh!

It wouldn’t be so battered if he didn’t carry it around everywhere, Scott says. John thinks he should get it converted to hololight and uploaded to his wrist comm, for safer keeping - so that he could leave the paper version in his room. Gordon swears he wouldn’t have gotten it soaked if he’d known it was there before the shove in the pool. Alan just scowls, when he sees Virgil take it out of his top pocket and hold the little photo close to his heart; he’s just jealous because he doesn’t remember her all that well.

So @sparkwithinme​ mentioned that Virgil looked the most like their Mom and I started doodling <33

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for the art request, could you do pastel dan and punk phil cuddling please? <33

different style but I hope you like it! Thank you for such a cute request ;u;

Requests are still open but I will not get to them for a couple of days

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OK I AM CURRENTLY PROCRASTINATING so I figured I might as well upload these too. They’re photos. Too lazy and tired to actually scan them right now soooo here. MORE BLIND!ADRIEN AU GOODNESS @girlwithribbon, @laundromatic

Yeah, just some random scenes that could happen, might now, we’ll see. 

Some descriptions I guess:

-Adrien the piano prodigy

-Adrienette hugs (ALWAYS required)

- Tried redrawing/doodling that one Marichat scene in Evillustrator without Chat’s pupils. 

-Adrien getting too excited about something and accidentally knocking Nino in the gut (poor dude)

-Adrien listening to his recordings of lectures while Mari is reading from her notebook

-Nino glomping Adrien without warning. Of course he’d be a lot more startled and could even trip.

-Adrien taking notes using a Braille-writing device. I forgot exactly what it looked like but basically you punched holes into a piece of paper (I tried it once before)

-Finally, Marinette allowing Adrien to touch and feel her face…and he ghosts over her earrings ¬ v ¬

Ok back to studying!


Walking ~

This is fun coz you can mix and match who you want to be beside each other and it’s all gonna work X Drawn them in the most canon clothes I could muster.

P.s. I do not understand tumblr’s multiple photo upload thingy. 

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Usb anon: they were just speedpaints so they didn't involve as much work as other videos could have, but it still sucks because I was weeks ahead for my channel and I really looked forward to uploading one of them because I put about 7 hours into it.

Omg that DOES SUCK. I once accidentally re-formatted a camera on a trip to Costa Rica and lost 4 day’s worth of photos, and we were basically finished a portion of the trip at that point. We went to a wildlife rehabilitation center and I got groomed by an orangutan and all the pics were erased D: 


Touching its cover the enchanted book suddenly flew open with a rapid whirl!

Philippe quickly reached for my hand with a gentle firmness as pages from the books started rushing past us. The book then started to omit a gentle light that then flowed and filled the room. It’s contents revealed a world that only the two of us could behold.

Philippe’s eyes then met mine and with a sad smile he then proclaimed, “No matter the place you go or the danger we may face, I will always follow and protect you… My beloved princess.”

Wow well this uploading process was fun. *sighs sarcastically* My computer is so done… Scanning art now is becoming tiring for my computer… So I can’t even fathom digital works. Oh well more traditional ones I guess. I’ll also have to stick to photos as well to show them.

I hope you enjoy this! Happy reading my romantic friends! ;D


So, here’s a seller review for you.

DO NOT buy from angel-secret.

November 26, I ordered an Elsa cape +15 for express shipping from angel-secret on aliexpress. 10 day ‘processing time’ and 10-12 day shipping, I should have had it within 3 weeks. Two and a half weeks later, I get a tracking number. It saod it could take a few days for the info to appear so DECEMBER 21, I finally message them letting them know the tracking number doesn’t work. ” it will show up a little late the information! Don’t worry! ” January 5, tracking number still doesn’t work. Ask them for it again, or any other information before I file a dispute since buyer protection was running out. “I will extend 10 day to you and will resend if you agree ” I agreed. Buyer protection was extended. Reminded them I need the cape by the 20th. “Ok! I will send you tracking information tomorrow!” January 11 and I still have no tracking information and they closed the transaction. No more buyer protection, no more options for dispute. Then it got better, I lurked their Facebook in hopes of contacting them through there since they stopped replying on aliexpress and came across something interesting. Their new rapunzel fabric was mine.

Along with scamming me out of my Elsa cape, they stole my rapunzel fabric print file from…somewhere…and are using it in their skirts. I’m so disgusted… I put hours into it and making it unique and something special to me and they’ve taken it…

I drew it out with a mouse on photo shop. It has wavy curves and uneven petals and looks a bit amateurish but I could recognize it like my own handwriting. This was something I created over hours…and they’ve taken it…

Along with inquiring about my 2 month old elsa cape order that I’ve never gotten a tracking number for, I asked about where they got their print and they claimed they drew it themselves on digital software.

Pretty sure their bodice is aimee majors ( which she sells on spoonflower ) and the skirt is mine ( which I’ve never uploaded anywhere other than spoonflower, where I’ve kept it private ).

I’m just so disheartened to have put so much into this project and make it uniquely mine and now the part I was most proud of has been stolen and offered to the masses…

Along with stealing my money.

Angel-secret is super dishonest and theiving…Please don’t support them…support artist integrity…

Editing original post to keep everyone in the loop:

Update#1…after taking up the issue with aliexpress customer service who said they’d contact higher ups and open an investigation, posting on their Facebook page and making this post, I finally got a tracking number…and guess what. They used DHL for express … a shipping service that always has customs ( I’ve never been hit with customs via ems, which is what I paid the 15$ express shipping for ). So now, when I should have had it in 20 days, I’m paying an extra $30, on top of the original 15, to receive it at all 50 days after my original order.

Update #2. They’re continuing to claim that they drew it themselves. Here’s a comparison of my file ( on the left ) against ‘theirs’.

External image

External image

They’ve also taken to fabricating stories about me. Please see my original order and our entire exchange vs their claims.

External image

External image

External image

If you continue to support them, that’s your own moral choice. No doubt their stuff is beautiful, but they are the ugliest company and people I have ever dealt with.

By the way, feel free to drop by their Facebook page and school a few people on their “disney owns it, they did nothing wrong, you shoulda watermarked it or expect it to be stolen” mindsets because frankly, I can’t seem to get the point across that wearing a short skirt is not an invitation for harassment.

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Mason Michael Harding, born at 1:30 AM on January 1st, 2017. My year is already starting off right. Ten little fingers..ten little toes..and a head of hair. Our beautiful, perfect thing and @lucyhale​ was such a goddess bringing him into the world. I don’t think I could be more in love with her if I tried. I’m exhausted, and my wrist is possibly fractured, but I’m a man in love and I can’t wait to see what else 2017 brings for me. It can only go up from here. Welcome to the world, Mason. We love you. We have been blessed. @halethegoose

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Dear Selectioners,

I’ve got an idea. I know there are quite many edits for Illea weekly, like covers, and pages for the characters. My idea is to make a whole magazine called Illea Alive (name could also be changed if there’s a better one) that comes out once in a month (that’s the goal at the moment, a I have a lot of work to do and not so much time) and that could have it’s own page where the magazine is uploaded. I’ll certainly do it, but I thought it would be much more fun if we could do it with more people, so if you are interested in it, either writing articles, doing research, adding photos, doing the layout etc. please message me here and tell me! I do not mind if I don’t know you at all yet, or if you just found my blog, it would just be nice to do it together (if you’re worried not having enough time, same here!)

Please reblog to spread it :)

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Did you use photoshop to make that summary of art? I draw but I'm traditional so I don't have that :/ but I'd like to do one before the year ends

yes i did! also, Photoshop CS2 is free to download, so you don’t have to spend a whole lot of $$$ for it :D I used this template

you could always compile photos of the artwork you’ve done over the past 12 months, and if you have a scanner or your computer can read an SD card, upload it to the computer and use photoshop to put it together c: or if not, you can always try resizing your artwork (either by using your computer photo editor or photoshop) and print them off, cut em out, and adhere it to a big posterboard!

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Hi, I'm kinda new to tumblr and i want to use this as kind of a platform to get more into photography. Do you have any tips about both tumblr and photography that you could give me?

Hmm…I guess that depends on if you want to take photos or if you want to look at/share photos that other people have taken. 

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Coming up to New York was the best Christmas gift I could have ever received but I never expected to leave with an even better gift. A gift that had always been right in front of me but I was too stupid and blind to see. I have always been thankful to call you my best friend but tonight on our last night here I am more than happy and proud to call you my best friend and my girlfriend. Thank you for being in my life @msbethanyanderson.

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