i could not ship something weirder

“Itsuki has certainly become very human.”

It’s not a particularly deep observation, but when rereading the manga raws (I do this too often, someone stop me >>) I noticed the particular “word” in Japanese that the Legislator used that was translated to “human” in this sentence.

I finished the post and this got hellishly long, so under a cut it goes. (also rambly)

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Would anyone actually commission me if I were to begin offering something like that?

An opportunity for me to travel has opened up, and while I COULD probably make it work with my current income, it would be a helluva lot easier with a little extra money.

I’d pretty much write anything. Ships, reader inserts, etc. I’m very kink friendly, and will attempt to write just about anything, even some “weirder” things. Y'all have seen the way I write, and it would be full length fics, not just drabbles.

Please either reply to this post, or send me a message. I’m very serious about this, guys.

Thank you so much!