i could not resist it

So I saw this absolutely adorable drawing by @taluhkk and could not RESIST papercrafting it. It was so much fun, too! Though it looks like there are some bits that need a little extra glue if the shadows are anything to go by. (And once again photos are terrible, but the paper is glittery silver/white so it’s much cuter in person, promise)

Usual not for the whole strip club theme but in this case I just could not resist.
Remember the first Johnny test episode where Johnny got turned into a teenage girl? Well I kinda like to imagine what would have been if this scene ended up somewhat different.

Also another exception cause I usual don’t like to draw dad’s is this kind of situation… not a DILF kinda guy, thats why.

Some Nincobra headcanons

so i saw one post about headcanons, and i could not resist about making sums about my otp, so be prepared

°The thing about Kid cobra covering his whole body is because he is a snake, and he is afraid of people discovering he and judgin it, the only persons that know he is a snake are his close ones and Ninjara, who supports he in all the ways possible

°As saw in another headcanon post, i like to think that Ninjara has anxiety, because he is not the popular one, or just doesn’t good whit fans, so when he has panick attacks, Kid cobra takes him to a calm space so ninjara can be calm

°Kid cobra asked Ninjara to be his boyfriend in mid of a stream. As result, Ninjara didn’t expect it so it was all red faced, when Kid cobra asked him is he was ok, Ninjara just say’d yes.

°The first time that Kid cobra brought Ninjara to snakeboard, ninjara thinked that the snakeboard whas a type of table, so when he saw Kid cobra at the top of it, just asked why he was in the top of a table, then Kid cobra had to explain him that was the snake board

°Ninjara is always up to teach tings to Kid cobra whenever he wants, or needs, and Kid cobra knows this, so he is every time asking he weird questions because he loves the intelectual side of Ninjara

°Ninjara sometimes thinks how outgoing is Kid cobra, and how he actually wants to be less-reserved, but he can’t because, everytime he tries just gave up and just keep reserved.

Animation - Full body Lipsync

A little @theadventurezone animatic i did of the good boys down at the Chug n’ Squeeze for my animation class.

Most YA Novels VS Sarah J Maas Novels
  • Katniss: I'm really not that pretty.
  • Peeta: Your so beautiful.
  • Tris: I'm not pretty.
  • Four: I love your haircut, and you're gorgeous to me.
  • Clary: I'm not beautiful, or pretty, I'm just cute.
  • Jace: You're the most beautiful girl I've ever laid eyes on.
  • Aelin: I'm the most stunning being to ever grace this freaking planet.
  • Rowan: Yeah babe, even the bakery down the street heard you yell that.

@arealcharmingprincessI refuse to believe Peggy Carter wasn’t appointed a Dame Commander of the Most Excellent Order of the British Empire by her close friend Queen Elizabeth II because she damn well deserves it for her service to the country, for saving the world more than once, and scaring Hydra for seventy years until she retired.

this guy realllllly does not like being called short.


Ken was born to be L♡VED £2   

↳ P.S. I love how their heads naturally turn in his direction and their gazes are fixated on him. This is true love ㅠ.ㅠ