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Deepest darkest secret

For @snowbaz-feda day 25. Soulmate AU where you’re born knowing your soulmate’s biggest secret (not my idea, I found it on a post somewhere).


My soulmate is the Insidious Humdrum.

At first I thought I was actually going to fall in love with the Insidious Humdrum, which confused the hell out of me. Is it even human? (Then again, I’m not human, either.) How could I fall in love with a supervillain, something that was trying to suck all the magic out of the atmosphere, trying to end us all? I dreaded the day I’d find my soulmate.

Then eventually I figured out that I wasn’t going to fall in love with the Insidious Humdrum itself, but rather that the Humdrum might not be exactly what we all thought it was. The boy (and it would be a boy; I was sure of that) might not even know it himself.

And then, when I was eleven years old, I met Simon Snow, the Chosen One. Nobody else had as much magic as he did. He was different; he was expected to save us all. He had to be connected to the Humdrum, somehow.

Still. He clearly wasn’t the Insidious Humdrum, I told myself, seeing as he was the one meant to kill the thing. Besides, we hated each other. He was a clumsy, useless idiot who could barely tie his shoelaces let alone cast a spell, and who knew nothing about magic. He could never be my soulmate.

Then, in fifth year, it all became abundantly clear.

I was in love with him. (I still hoped he wasn’t my soulmate.)

Not sure if this is really a stim but if you’ve been listening to auditory stims for a while and it all just starts sounding like noise and giving you that weird gross feeling on your ears just blast hard music (rock, edm, metal, that stuff) if you’re using headphones and not sensitive to sound. It’s like a palate cleanser for your ears and if you have good headphones you can also pick up that bass which is The Good Stuff.

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yo, could you please write a fic for your prompt "Lance cuts his thighs when he's upset. Keith's caught him on multiple occasions and has never said anything" I wanted to write a fic for it but tbh it'd probably be a mess. Anyways, thank you for your wonderful stories and all the things you post !!!

I’m not exactly sure if that is my prompt or if it’s similar to one i have ;~; It sounds like something I’d write though, So i’ll gladly write it for you either way. I’m glad you enjoy my writing and other posts.. I hope you enjoy this one as well {I’m writing for the first time on my laptop since getting this tumblr, so there might be a few grammar errors and mess ups.) 
{TW. There will be self harm in this, obviously}


Lance wasn’t sure why Keith never brought up his “habit”. He knew that he knew. Keith had walked in on Lance doing it multiple times. He just told him what he needed to and left. Despite Lance thinking that it was because Keith didn’t care it was because Keith wasn’t sure what to say.

Keith wasn’t the greatest with comforting anyone and trying to make them feel better. He just choked up and wasn’t sure what to say because he didn’t move instinctively like he did when fighting or making decisions. He just couldn’t understand what to do. 

It went on like that, Keith not saying anything about Lance’s “habit” at all. At times he would give Lance a comforting touch and then left, unsure of what else he could do for the Blue paladin. 

One day after a stressful mission Shiro had raised his voice with Lance, snapping under pressure. Lance deflated at his leader’s words. Numbly he walked to his room as his fingers itched to dig into his thighs to feel the soothing release of endorphins. Keith knew, he knew what Lance was going to do. 

Quietly he followed Lance to his room and waited outside the door, heart pounding in his ears as he thought. He contemplated going in with confidence and pity, but that would make Lance worse. Sighing he settled on the idea of just being himself and showing how much he cared for the blue paladin. 

Slowly he raised his hand and knocked. He slid the door open without any acknowledgement and his heart broke as he saw Lance. The blue paladin wore a look of pure sadness and heartbreak. Keith shuffled over and sat down next to Lance. Quietly he wrapped an arm around his shoulders. Without hesitation he pulled him into his body, ignoring the blood that stained his jeans.

“If you need help, come to me, I will help, no matter the condition or the time. Just call me seriously if you need me. No mullet, or jokes, just call me keith if you need my help. That way you can keep it secret if you don’t want anyone else to know. I won’t talk about it first, You can open up to me about it or not. I will help you either way,” Keith said with as serious and gentle tone. 

Lance whimpered into Keith’s warm side. Quietly he pressed into him and sighed as the cuts began to clot as to begin the healing process. He sighed into the warmth of Keith, wondering why this hadn’t happened ever before. He needed this touch, this attention, to show him he wasn’t alone completely. It made his mind so much better and his health improve. He sighed sweetly and clung to Keith’s side as the red paladin’s heartbeat began to lull Lance to sleep. 

“Sleep well Blue,” Keith whispered fondly as he smiled at the sleepy boy. 


Oh boy, I didn’t know if you wanted all angst and stuff. So I made it a bit fluffy. Fluff and Angst for Lance are my weakness and when all else fails I go straight for the fluff. I hoped you liked it. I wasn’t sure where to go from the prompt completely if I should do what i did above or just let Lance suffer. But I wanted Lance to be a bit happy for a little bit T_T

Tropetastic Tuesday #8

Hey guys, so as @thegreyhenley said I’m going to be looking after the baby for a little while, so hopefully I can fill those lovely shoes okay. For this week we’re going a little Freaky Friday with a popular trope. The prompt is…

Body swap - 2000-5000 words. This can be taken in many interesting directions. They could be switched via a dream, some form of magic, glitching realities or something else - with humourous or smutty results. 

Some great examples of what you can do with this are:

Play the Part by @loudspeakrSwitched by @arel-rhink and
The Rabbit hole series by @whilhelminaprince 

Post your stories here on Tumblr with the tag #tropetastictuesday8 and add it to the collection on AO3 by 11:59 p.m. PST on Sunday, April 30. A wrap up will be posted on Monday, May 1 an hour after GMM.

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How are you doing Peko? Feeling better?

*arrives at the beach and walks slowly where Peko is sitting before sitting next to her* Yo.


Are you okay?

What do you mean?

Well I don’t know but ever since we talked with Koizumi you’ve been a bit strange…Pensive. I often see you alone here and lost in thoughts…


Sorry if I’m overstepping your boundaries or something. I just wanted to tell you that you could confide in me if you have a problem…But you don’t have to of course.

No, I-I think I want to.


You are right, ever since we had our talk with Koizumi I’ve been thinking about it.

When I heard you say all of those things to her it made me realize other things that I hadn’t see until then. And I needed time to think about it.

“Other things”?

Yes. I’m ashamed to admit it but when I killed Koizumi I might not have done it solely for your sake.

I think, deep inside me, I also have this same anger caused by the murder of the young mistress. And I think that it’s this ugly feelings that also made me not stop you from doing that when I knew it was a wrong decision.

I didn’t even notice my own feelings until I heard you say yours to Koizumi. If I had done it before I might have been able to stop you back then. It’s my failure.

Isn’t that good?


I mean, I don’t agree with the fact that it’s your fault and all but…Isn’t it great that you are able to understand your feelings now? Because of my family you had to supress everything you felt to the point where you don’t understand it anymore. So I’m happy that you are slowly understanding yourself more, and I want it to continue even if it’s about bad things at first.

Sorry, I guess that’s pretty selfish…

A bit.


But I’m still glad to hear you say that. Thank you.

S-Sure, you know you can talk to me anytime you need to.

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Hi! Could you do INTJ & INFJ friendship Ravenclaw headcanons? Thanks in advance.

Thanks for the ask! This is my first ~friendship~ headcanon, luckily i’ve already done posts for both of these (INTJ and INFJ) so I have something to work with! Enjoy!

- The main difference between them is the T/F trait (thinking/feeling), so INTJ is more logical while INFJ is very feelings 

- But that doesn’t mean INTJ is a stone cold logician! They are very passionate about what they think is right because they’re always right shh

- They bond over the fact that they both have a distinct moral compass and want what is right!

- Hogwarts professors fear them tbh

- INFJ: I think I’m gonna buy this bejeweled silver quill!                                         //INTJ: I was thinking the other day… why are quills still a thing? Like, why??            INFJ: Oh lord, not this again. WHY MUST YOU RUIN MY PLEASURES?

- INTJ reminds INFJ to stop working for the ~greater good~ (aka their report on bowtruckle endangerment) and get some sleep once in a while

- INFJ reminds INTJ to chill and not get so worked up about their loss in wizard chess

- When they decide something is wrong and address an issue, you’d best run and hide because they will win

- Between INFJ’s persuasive skills, passion for altruism, and creative approach to problem solving…

- And INTJ’s logical reasoning, steely determination, and quick thinking…

- A lot of changes have been made to Hogwarts policy since they arrived

- INFJ loves INFJ because they have the logical intelligence (and love for their friend) to help people see past toxic emotional situations

- INFJ: I don’t know, I really do like him, but he lies so much and never spends time with me… what should I do?                                                                           INTJ: Are you kidding? CLEAR YOUR HEAD AND LEAVE THAT B*TCH

- Without INFJ’s guiding ways, INTJ might murder someone tbh (or get themselves murdered accidentally)

- INTJ: My potions professor said that it’s okay to use love potions on witches but not on wizards. I prepared a 20 page essay which I will deliver to him through a Howler. He will now die via verbal assault.                                             //INFJ: Not that I don’t love the sentiment, but maybe we could tone it down a couple hundred notches? Take a deep breath pls??

- They’re both introverts, so they bond over a mutual need to hole up in their dorms and hide for a couple years hours

- They balance each other out perfectly :’) #ravenclawsquad

Send me an ask requesting headcanons/aesthetics!

Why Phandom?

Why is it that whenever I come on tumblr, ya’ll are screaming and anxiety ridden about something dnp said. Not meaning anything bad by saying this but my god, I come onto this website and only see 

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It’ll all be ok peeps! Whatever they post, it’s all gonna be fine, no worries :) If anyone wants to talk, feel free to message me. :)

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Hey, could you please tag those asks as r/ape implement or something like that, please? They're Really suggestive and even though Lendy is resisting it's still against his will and for some people, it's terrifying for those who lived it

(( On it. I’m a victim myself. This is just shit posting though, don’t take this stuff too seriously, okay? ))

Wowza! So close to 2,000! I never thought the blog would grow this big, and certainly not this fast.

Since I missed the 1,000 followers milestone, I was thinking of doing something special to commemorate the occasion! … but I have no idea what. Would this be something you’d be interested in? I could do a Q&A, a face reveal, or something else if you’re not particularly interested in me myself, lol.

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I have an appointment with a gynecologist soon, but I am very anxious about it. I have been sexually abused and have a hard time with intimacy and touching in general. This is my first time and I know I am not going to be in danger, but I know my body remembers and can react to past traumas. I don't want to get too emotional and cry or get distant and push myself from reality. I hope it makes sense. If you or anyone have advise I would be so thankful! This is my first time so anything can help!

Posting in case anyone has some advice!

I know it might be kind of weird but do you have a close friend or family member that could be there with you to hold your hand or something if that would help you? (I get scared with ophthalmologists specifically because of a bad experience and I know I’d love to have someone there with me)

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Someone asked Cor about the focus on the air shaft in the last couple of chapters, first in 121 when Kaneki is talking about the OEG and then in 122 when Touka is directly looking at it, so she mentioned the possibility of a camera or something like that (it could also explain Mutsuki's flawless timing) and it really sounds possible that someone is spying Kaneki like that, but the only question I have is when and who put it there if the shop is full most of the time, what do you think about it?

I am reblogging @coromoor ‘s answer for reference in the next post, since I just got to read it based on your suggestion.

I have been wondering about the clowns lately and discussing them online with some friends, mostly on Twitter. I talked to Cor today, in fact, about Yomo and Uta and how we are not sure what came of their relationship, as they used to be close in the past (even implied during :re)

I am not sure if the cameras are really there or if someone is really spying on them, and why. The reason why I am stating this is because, in my thoughts, it is obvious where Goat is. Nico visited :re unexpectedly, as if he already knew that they are there. It is only natural he’d know because he knows Yomo. Uta knows Yomo too and has been shown to visit :re regularly. If that is the case, and if the Clowns/Furuta’s target is to eliminate Kaneki and co., it would have been already done. This is why, whoever is spying/installing cameras, is probably only interested in keeping an eye on what the crew is doing, rather than attempting to kill/dispose of them. Because of this explanation, I don’t see Mutsuki being behind this. I think Mutsuki’s timing is justifiable seeing that he just gained a reason to visit :re (having a picture of Touka and probably using the wedding as a pretext to inspect what is happening between Sasaki and Touka). 

Back to the clowns, it is clear that no one is safe from being deceived by Uta’s ability to shift-shape/disguise as people. I am not sure how possible it is for Yomo to sense Uta’s presence, or if that is possible for Hirako too (highly unlikely). In a sense, Uta is capable of doing whatever the hell he wants since he has the ability to enter :re and converse with goat members while being disguised as one… or even as a regular customer. 

I tend to prefer this explanation over the one provided by Cor simply because I am not sure how Mucchan would be able to bug the place. Beyond that, I am not sure or that convinced by my own explanation … since I, personally, do not understand the clowns’ motives. We have been led to believe that the clowns are tools for Furuta, however, it is highly likely that they have their own motives and that they are the ones toying with him. Of course, it can also be that both parties are in agreement but they work separately. For these reasons, I am not sure why the clowns would be interested in keeping an eye on Goat. Perhaps it’s just out of curiosity and as a constant safety check.. I am just a bit unsettled by this explanation. I don’t want to take the clowns’ alliance for granted, and at the same time, I can’t negate it. 

Would you find it useful if I tagged all our posts with links and references with a tag like “references,” “sources,” or something like that so you can find sources on a topic super easily? Like, say, if you need a source on why dieting is bad, you could scroll through this tag and gather all the sources we’ve posted on the topic so you don’t have to ask us to do it or try hundreds of search terms to make sure you get all we have?

Would that be of use to people or no?

Keep in mind, we have nearly 4,000 posts on this blog. It’ll be difficult for me to go through and tag then all for you. But I can if you thinkit would help.

What if we had a “resource” or “link” page or something that you can access on your pc whenever you go to our blog? Would that be helpful? We’re already going to add an FAQ page and About the Mods page, so would a resouce page be a good thing to add too?

I’d love to hear your thoughts!

-Mod Bella

RQ4 THEORY #1: Anabel x Jon

Hey guys!
I’ve been making some theories about the next book in my head and I decided to post them here.
The first one is about Queen Anabel, grandmother of the Calore brothers. Do you remember when she met Mare? She said something that is bothering me:
“I wish I had met you before (…) Maybe then I could understand why my grandson threw his kingdom away for you.”
First of all: When? When did Cal threw the kingdom for Mare? That’s right: Sadly, never. At least not really. By the way, Anabel was counting with this by the end of King’s Cage. She was certain that Cal would choose the crown. And she was right.
So why did she said that to Mare if she knew that it was a apparently no needed lie? Better: What is she really planning?
Ok, here begins the insanities:
What if Anabel is communicating with Jon? I doubt that his role in the story has already ended. After his escape, he just disappeared.
Are you understanding what I’m saying?
Think about it: It’s not impossible. We barely know her. What is she planning to do with Cal as Norta’s King? Which side is she? Is she rooting for Samos, for Montfort, for herself…? Victoria already said that Jon is on his own side. Is Anabel too? Maybe Anabel knows the future, or at least part of it, thanks to Jon.
Maybe Cal is going to give up? Maybe Anabel already knew it a long time ago? Maybe the plan has never been Cal sitting on a throne?
I’m probably wrong, but still…
Maybe something is right.
Okay, that was more a reflection than a theory, but maybe that’s better than nothing.
What do you guys think of it?
Oh, and sorry for my english. English isn’t my first language :’)

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Whos Dina Ali? Could you put a link or something for that I can read about it? :0

When I have the chance here in a bit, I will be making a post about Dina Ali and the problems (very sick, awful problems) taking place in Saudi Arabia. I want to bring as much attention to this very important topic as I can. I hope you guys can spread it! This story has broken my heart and made me very upset. I can’t stop thinking about it.

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David, would you please give me someone for Superman to kill already. I'll take anybody. Even Terra-Man.

Well jeez, Doc, fine if you’re gonna be like that about it. ‘ol blood-’n-guts Shaner at it again, everybody. 

Let him kill another dang Zod - they pack those guys together like sardines, we can spare one or two. He never got around to axing the post-Birthright pre-Infinite Crisis Zod we saw in For Tomorrow as far as I’m aware, he can tearfully rip his head off to save a puppy orphanage or something. Failing that, if there’s any villain whose cunning and might could tax him physically and morally to an extent that he would be forced to break his most sacred oath, I agree that it would probably be Terra-Man.


Ok i saw this on Instagram and i believe someone originally posted something about it on twitter, so credit goes to whoever post i saw it on. but in the first pic when Alex is punching the ‘glass’  on the inside it is her reflection, but in the second pic from the outside you can see in. it may just be the camera angle and the fact its underwater, but could it be that the thing Alex is in is made up of 2 way mirrors. so people can see in, but Alex might not be able to see out. if this is the case, the scenes may become more distressing.