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Hello Tumblr this is my first post. This is a 3D-model I made of Jhin’s gun from League of Legends. It was a huge challenge and I learned tones about 3D modeling from working on it. I honestly don’t believe I could have done it even a week ago but here I am now. Shoutout to my friend @fourth-times-thecharm for giving me lore and composition insights into what Whisper is and how it works on a deeper level then just being a gun. I look forward to posting more stuff like this on here.  

me: i feel like guy represents one of the many ways to view being nonbinary as he keeps his pronouns and name bc comfort but still accepts that he doesnt feel necessarily alligned towards masculine and works to express himself in ways that are comforting to him and that allign better with his gender

my anxiety after perusing several callout blogs for bad tumblr users: you designed this character he 100% could have changed his pronouns and become better nb rep plus you refer to him as a he and man so strongly that you barely mention or bring up thats hes nonbinary while also put him in skirts and dresses so obviously you ignore that hes nb until its relavant and you want to draw him in dresses.


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Im having a bad day

Ah anon I’m so sorry to hear that! Bad days suck )=

I’m probably too late with replying to let you see my answer but I’m going to try and give some tips anyway. Maybe you will see them or someone else can use it

  1. Try to put whatever it is that makes you feel bad into words. Write it down, talk about it to a friend (I am a friend), tell someone on tumblr, hell, you could even just talk to your pet about it. Talking can make you realise that you might not need to stress so much, it puts things in perspective.
  2. Cry. Personally, I am not much of a crier (I’m dead inside) but sometimes I wish I was because nothing reliefs you more than a good solid cry. If fact, tears release stress hormones so crying will actually lower your stress levels and calm you down. Do try to keep it within a resonable amount though, hyperventilating isn’t going to get you anywhere
  3. Do something fun. By which I mean eat something nice, watch a fun movie (FUN movie, not sad), listen to cheery music, look up “lesbian weddings” on google pictures (that’s what I do when I’m sad)
  4. Sleep. Either go to be early or take a 20 minute cat nap. Just lying in your bed resting counts too. Sleeping is a good way to restart the day 
  5. Drink tea. Curl up with a nice book/film/fanfic/pet and wrap your hands around that nice warm mug of savety. Don’t drink coffee, that will only keep you up at night, which interferres with point 4
  6. Hug a friend. Okay, I’ll admit this is super shit advice if you don’t have friends to hug (though in that case I can always give you a firtual hug. I love hugs), but if you do it really helps. You don’t have to explain everything to them, just tell them that you need a hug. Most people will understand, we all feel like we need a hug sometimes
  7. Lie down on the floor and relax. Note that I did not say lie down on the floor and have an existential crisis, I said relax. The hardness of the floor can help ground you and put things in perspective. When you lie down you could try to empty your mind,or try point 8
  8. List everything that you did well that week. Things you’ve acomplished. If you feel like this more often you could try keeping a list of things you’re proud of/that made you feel good so you can save that positivity for later. Your brain is wired to focus on the bad, but it shouldn’t be because you did so much good stuff! You should be proud of yourself.
  9. Things will get better. Just say that to yourself. Keep in mind that you might feel bad today but you’ll feel good again tomorrow.
  10. Get away from toxic people. If there are certain people who keep saying things you don’t like (Using the word gay as an insult for example) then don’t go near them, especially not on a bad day. You don’t need people like that, you deserve better
  11. Go for a walk. Get some fresh air, let the sun warm your skin. And in case of bad weather/living in a polluted city, you could watch a nature documentary. Might sound stupid, but the voice of david attenborough can cheer up almost everyone. Plus animals are cute

I hope this helped! And if you have bad days often, or if you think you might have a depression, seek help! If you have a broken leg you go see the doctor, so if you have a problem with your mental health you should do the same. 

In fact about half of the world’s depression are caused by a hormonal disbalance, which means it doesn’t have to be triggered by a bad event. Don’t think that just because your life is pretty okay you can’t be depressed. Leading a healthy life sometimes doesn’t stop you from getting cancer either. Sometimes you just have bad genes. And there is no shame in asking for help, only courage!

Stay save my friends! And feel free to send me a message or ask when you feel down. I’m not an expert on this area (pretty neurotypical) but I can always try and help, and I can always listen if you need someone to talk to

And if you want to read a nice fictional book about teenage depression (that originated in stress and bad luck, aka the bad genes I talked about) the you might like It’s kind of a funny story. Brilliantly written. 


MEGA THANKS to @hastalalaterkeith7152 for sending me quotes from the vlog so I could write this without internet and also motivating me

“I think it’s dumb.”

“Well of course you would, mullet,” Lance retorted.

“I’m just saying, there are better things we could be doing,” Keith fumed.

Lance raised an eyebrow. “Like what?”

“Hm, I don’t know, maybe trying to find Lotor?”

“Okay, that’s enough,” Shiro interrupted. “We haven’t found any trace of Lotor, so in the meantime, why not strengthen the coalition? It will be good for our allies to know more about their ‘defenders of the universe.’”

“Exactly,” Lance said. “So, Keith, get your butt in there and make a vlog!”

“I don’t even know what that is.”

Lance groaned. “Come on, mullet, it’s not rocket science. Vlog. Video. Log,” he drew the words out, one at a time. “Like a journal, but as a video.”

“What am I supposed to say?”

“Anything you want,” Shiro said. “Just be careful not to give away sensitive information, in case these ever get into the wrong hands.”

“Right. Sounds easy,” Keith muttered under his breath. Why couldn’t somebody else go first? That would make it easier. So far only Coran had done it, and Keith had learned from experience not to follow his example when it came to film making. But Pidge, Hunk, Allura, and Coran were all working on castle upgrades, and Lance and Shiro had a one-on-one training session planned. That left Keith to sit alone in what Coran had deemed ‘the recording room,’ talking about himself. Something he’d never been particularly good at.

“Hey, man, take it easy,” Lance said. “No need to cry over it.”

“I’m not,” Keith said, confused.

Lance groaned again. “It was a joke.”

Of course it was a joke. Lance always made jokes. And they always flew right over Keith’s head.

“I’m not going to cry,” he said in frustration, after the door to the recording room had slid shut behind him. He sat down. Took a deep breath. Turned on the camera.

“I’m Keith, the pilot of the black lion…what should I say?” he asked. “I’m a paladin. I fly the black lion. I-I said that already, see that’s why I’m bad at this. What else am I supposed to tell you? Okay, um, I guess I’m part Galra…”

After stammering through an introduction, finding words seemed a little easier. Whenever they visited planets, people always seemed most interested—or disgusted—to learn about his heritage, so he opted to talk about that for a little while, pulling out his knife to try and bring up the memories of the trials. Then he remembered what Shiro had said about sensitive information. Maybe talking about the Blade’s secrets wasn’t such a good idea.

Keith paused, staring down at the knife, at his reflection in the shiny, rare metal. “I guess being part Galra is a big deal. Might explain why I was never really good at…connecting with people.” He thought back to the events on Arus, how Lance had tried to teach him some sort of team chant. He still thought it was dumb, not as dumb as this video, but still dumb enough. He said as much, and before he realized what he was doing, his face was heating up and he was raising his voice in anger. Why did he have to get angry so easily?

“I am so sorry,” Keith said, remembering all their allies would be watching this. He leaned back, closed his eyes to calm down. “I am so sorry, I guess…I have a bit of a temper, so…”

Words were becoming hard again. Sticking to his heritage, Keith realized, might also not be the best idea. He didn’t know enough to talk about it with the ease he’d like. And not knowing was making him angry. Not knowing where he came from. Not knowing where his mom went. Not knowing why she left.

Words were hard, but for some reason Keith couldn’t seem to make them stop coming out his mouth. Emotions were rushing out, and he couldn’t keep them bottled up anymore, but this wasn’t the time or place. There was never a time or place for the leader of Voltron to break down.

Breathing was getting hard, too. He felt tears coming, sniffled once, and frantically thought of a way to cover this up. But it was too late. He’d spilled his guts and now everyone was going to know, the team was going to know, the allied planets would know, the universe would know that Keith Kogane was just some scared little kid lost in space.

“I'm—I’m outta here! Get me outta here,” he muttered, getting to his feet. “I'm—I’m outta here!”

He couldn’t do it. He couldn’t pilot Black, he couldn’t lead Voltron, even with Shiro back, hell, he couldn’t even make a damn vlog, whatever the hell that was. It was frustration more than anything that made him yell, “I said I wouldn’t cry!”

Keith stalked out of the recording room, the colours of the hallway swirling together as tears blurred his vision. It occurred to him that he’d left the camera on, but he didn’t care. He just needed to be alone. He was already alone. He was always alone. He was a loner. Right now, he needed to be alone somewhere safe from discovery.

He stumbled into his bedroom. He was dizzy, he couldn’t walk straight, he couldn’t think straight. He didn’t want to be here. He didn’t want to be a leader. He didn’t want to be a paladin. He just wanted to be home, alone in his cozy little desert shack, back when he liked being alone, when it was easy to pretend he didn’t care about his parents, when he had no idea that he was an alien.

Keith was really crying now, hot, messy tears dripping down his face. The armor that encased his shaking body was too tight, too constricting. He fumbled to get it off, piece by piece, fingers slipping over the smooth surface as he trembled with sobs, until eventually he gave up and sank to the floor. He was all alone. Nobody wanted him. Nobody cared. Why would they? All he’d ever done was push them away.

He wasn’t sure how long he stayed like that, crouched in the middle of his room with his head in his hands. Surely there were better things he could be doing right now. Like trying to find Lotor. Or training. He could’ve taken down the gladiator at least twice by now.

The sound of the door sliding open was barely audible. Just a gentle whoosh, a whoosh Keith had heard many times before. He didn’t pay it any attention, even as someone walked into the room and knelt beside him. He felt a hand on his back, rubbing up and down, slow and gentle, heard soft words being murmured in his ear. He tried to focus on that.

“Hey, Keith. Hey, it’s okay. Shhh, it’s okay, Keith, you’re alright.”

Keith swallowed hard and steeled himself to meet the kind pair of blue eyes that looked down at him.


“Yeah, buddy, it’s me,” Lance smiled worriedly. He brushed tear-soaked bangs from Keith’s face. “Can you tell me what’s wrong?”

“I—” Keith froze. That was just the problem. He could never bring himself to open up. He never told anybody what was wrong. No matter how hard he tried, he couldn’t seem to take down all the walls he’d spent years putting up.

“It’s okay,” Lance soothed. “You can talk to me.”

“No, I can’t!” Keith cried, much louder than he’d meant to. Lance flinched. “Can’t you see that I can’t talk to you? I can’t talk to anybody! I’m no good at it. I can’t connect with people, I can’t open up. Nobody likes me, and I try so hard, but I can’t make people like me because I always push them away and I don’t mean to but it just happens because I don’t know how to do it any different and then I’m all alone but I don’t want to be alone anymore but I can't…I just…I can’t.”

“Keith.” Lance’s strong, steady hands found Keith’s shoulders. His voice was soft, caring. “What are you talking about, man? You’re not alone. I’m right here. I’m always here for you.”

Keith wiped viciously at the tears stained on his cheeks. He didn’t say anything. He didn’t know what to say.

“Let’s get off the floor, huh?” Lance suggested. Keith nodded. Lance guided him to his feet and helped him take off the pieces of armor he’d missed. Keith tried to do it on his own, but he felt so clumsy and useless he ended up just standing there while Lance reduced him to the black bodysuit that was underneath all their armor.

Lance sat them both down on the edge of the bed, keeping an arm around Keith’s shoulders. He was still warm and a little bit sweaty from training, but Keith didn’t care. It felt good, Keith realized. It felt good to be close to someone and have them look out for you.

“We all care about you, Keith,” Lance said. “You do know that, right?”

“I…” Keith paused, “don’t know.”

“Well, we do. All of us. And yeah, okay, I guess your people skills could use a little work, but we know you’re trying. You’re part of the team, Keith. You’re family.” Lance squeezed his shoulder, smiling. Keith looked at him uncertainly. “What is it?” Lance asked.

“I’ve never had that before,” Keith admitted.

“You’d better get used to it,” Lance chimed. “Because we’re not going anywhere. We love you, man.”

“I love you too,” Keith managed. He was tearing up again. Lance pulled him in for a hug, and Keith went with his instinct to hug him back. Things weren’t great, but with Lance here, they were better. Speaking of which…

“How did you know to come find me?” Keith asked.

Lance ducked his head. “I, uh, kinda saw your vlog. You left the camera running.”

“The vlog,” Keith moaned. “I don’t know what I was thinking, saying all that stuff. And now the universe is going to see it. What do I do, Lance?”

“Don’t worry about it. It hasn’t been sent anywhere yet, and I’ll bet there’s a way we can delete it. And we could make a new one.”

“I don’t think my second time around will be any better,” Keith frowned.

“We’ll do it together,” Lance grinned. “We’ll call it ‘Get to Know the Two Bravest Paladins of Voltron!’ Razzle dazzle, right?”

“Yeah,” Keith chuckled. “Razzle dazzle.”

I could be blunt and use profanity to explain my point, but somehow I think there have been plenty who have done that and it’s always so much easier to ignore them when they do.

Here’s just a few reasons why my experience with the tumblr mobile app on Android specifically is such a -_- experience:

1. Images tend to be grey squares most times. If they aren’t, then they either don’t load correctly, stop existing altogether, or are impossible view fullscreen.

2. Tagging is… Tedious now. It looks nice and the aesthetic is obviously the focus, but the functionality of the tags before this update… Well, it’s missed.

3. There’s an inconsistency with how the reblog or make a post function looks depending on the type of post you’re making. This makes the app look half-assed and chaotic.

5. The labelling of blogs that deal with specific topics like sexuality, rape survivors and such as automatically NSFW and blocked to under 18s… How very backwards thinking of you that is. Perhaps that was a coding error, I don’t quite know, I just know the impact it’s had and how it’s viewed by others.

6. Reblogging posts on the mobile app is tedious and laborious. It would be nice, since this is a touchscreen app, if you had something similar to how Facebook has a ‘share’ option on its posts that give you an option of immediate share or to add something first. Of course, with the tagging system this sort of thing would be different, but there are add-on kits for tumblr desktop that make this possible. If something like those add-ons could included in a future update of tumblr mobile… I imagine people would enjoy the app more.

These are but a few of the issues that I have with tumblr mobile and while I cannot speak for every one of your users and bloggers, I daresay I’m not alone in my opinions and feelings on the mobile app. Hopefully, in the future, this response may have a positive impact on the functionality of the tumblr mobile app.

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Hello loves!! I don't know if tumblr ate my ask or I missed you answering(or your in the midst of answering. If that's the case then kindly ignore this) I was wondering if you had any height difference fics? I looked through the tags and didn't see one for that so if you could recc some that would be fabulous :) P.S do you guys like bts??

i dont believe any of us listen to kpop (i personally dont think i could because i have a strong love for lyrics and i dont know any korean :(( also often lyrics change in translation so it doesnt quite work, idk, dont get mad at mee) - Karri

Don’t Make Me Come Up There by swablurb (4/6 | 6,717 | Teen And Up)

The five times Keith finds himself looking up at Lance, and the one time he doesn’t.

mimoso by klancerista (1/1 | 4,272 | Explicit)

Lance liked to believe that the previous times he had fallen in love were a lot like pouring honey—slow and saccharine sweet with plenty of patience. Falling for Keith was none of those things. It was instant. It was so much like striking a match; a collision. And once it began there was no clear end in sight.

Breaking down tumblr and popularity.

For anyone who cares, 

How many followers you have means jack fucking shit, nothing. 

I was more popular 30 thousand followers ago

And for anyone who wants to use this platform to build a following, its the worst platform you could possibly choose. If you do build a following on this site theres a chance you might see it through and it will work out, but in my opinion and experience, you’ll be disappointed.

However, this is still a great place to find a community and make friends. And i think many people will say thats why they’re here (though I imagine theres some people who aren’t being honest and really want the attention and popularity). But for those of you who look at someone with a thousand, ten thousand, 20, 30, 50+k and see that as a amazing thing. In my honest opinion it wont make you more happy or more popular. It might emulate the feeling but it really doesn’t matter. Making friends and being apart of a community of like minded people however, will.

Not that anyone asked.

I recently hit 1.4k and I can’t thank you guys enough, yall are so amazing!!! But since I wanted to celebrate I’m doing blog rates and taking requests for icons, gifs, and headers :)


  • follow me maybe??
  • reblog this post
  • send an ask with a heart + whether or not you have a request for one of the things listed above
  • blacklist ‘justyce does br’ if you don’t want to see them

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Much Less Livid

First of all, before I go into anything, I want to offer my most heartfelt personal thanks I can muster to everyone who has reblogged, replied or personally sent myself or @tarot-dancer their support over the issue I posted about. In that time her stalker has ceased attacking her and as Neyuki herself recently noted on her blog, the person we suspected of being at fault shut down their Tumblr. I sincerely hope they’ve learned that their actions will not be tolerated and that their anger was misplaced to begin with, but I don’t want to harp on what is hopefully now in the past.

What I want to focus on more is that you all need to understand the impact your words and thoughts had on this situation. Without wishing to drown you all in details, I have seen Neyuki have to endure a lot of really bad things in the past and sometimes I have been the only person by her side trying to hold her up. It takes my breath away that so many friends and strangers alike took their time to come forward and show support in such a toxic situation. Whatever people wish to say about how the XIV community on Tumblr can be, I want this to stand as a testament to the fact we as a community as fucking rockstars and I will never lose that opinion.

I don’t want to drag this situation under public limelight any further than it has been. I make a conscious effort to not reblog or post a lot of things like this and I am proud to say this exception had exactly the impact I hoped it did.

Now, I’m going to go back to being an ask meme fightlizard blog and hopefully have no more need to post things like this. Once more, my gratitude goes out to everyone in the community who took the time out of their lives to support someone in need.

Thank you.

I love you allNow fight me IC i’ll cut you mate

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Hello!//waves// um so this might sound weird but could you/anyone else recommend me some mysme writing blogs that you like? It's okay if they post other stuff too!! Don't get me wrong, I still love you mama and read your things religiously but you know, different people write differently?? Yeah?? Sorry bye ily!!!

LOL you don’t have to be sorry? The more the merrier in this fandom, I would never be offended if you read others’ work…I READ OTHER PEOPLES WORK HAHAHAHA

Anyway YES MY DARLING. I’m on mobile but I have a big list compiled here
Also, look through the notes please because several other amazing writing blogs promoted themselves in there so this should keep you busy for a good long while! Happy reading!! 💕💕💕

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Any chance you have a master post of all your comics? I absolutely love them and want to read them all! :D please dont ever stop! You are amazing <3

The closest thing I have is my art tag. The comics are linked between them in description. It’s still a bit troublesome to follow, but if you have enough patience you could do that haha!


I should really do a master post.. At least with the link of first part of each comic, so people know where they can start from.

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Hum, weird thoughts. With all the disasters that had been happening lately, I started to think "there are a lot of people I know through Internet, I might not know their real names, but I do think about them when something bad happens". You're one of them, and it's just kind of awful to think that something can happen and there's no way I can get ahold of you by any other way but tumblr.

You know what, I actually think about this sometimes myself. It’s frightening to think that someone you see online every day could just disappear, and you’ll never know whether it’s because they moved on or because something terrible happened. I guess that’s the nature of the world we live in. So far eastern Canada has been lucky in that the only natural disaster we’ve faced is way too much snow *knock on wood* and I hope it stays that way.

In my case, I do have an email - chibi.doucet@gmail.com - which I have connected to my phone. I check my email like 25 times a day, no lie, so if anyone ever needs me and I’m not answering on tumblr, that is a great way to get a hold of me (I am slow to answer through email on a day to day basis, fair warning). I know that’s not much, but at least it’s something?

okay this is getting silly. I have managed to find myself on yet another “shemale” website. I only have Tumblr. one of you is taking my photos without my consent and putting them on websites I find reprehensible. this is disgusting. no one even asks me. if you want to use my photo that’s cool. ask me and let me say yes or no.

this makes me want to delete this page as my employer could find this and it could get me in shit.

I would love to post photos of my body to document my transition but I can’t as I know they will end up next to some video of a woman sucking a labrador’s dick on one of your shitty, fetish blogs and, heavens forbid, on a porn website.

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Hi Emma! Let me start this off by thanking you for all the tips and printables! ♡ Ok, I don't know if someone has asked you this, but do you know any tips on improving poetry skills? Or can you suggest tumblr poets? Lastly, what tags to use to widen the reach of my posts (which are mostly literary). Thank you! I hope this isn't much of a hassle. 😄

Helloo! Thank you so much for reading and using them :-) I don’t really have any personal tips since I’m so terrible at those kinds of creative fields - I wish I was good with words :’-) I do have a tag on @studyblrmasterposts for poetry, you can see it here. I don’t follow any poets but I know the ‘poets on tumblr’ tag is constantly being updated so you could probably find some through that. If anyone does have suggestions, please link them! As I mentioned, ‘poets on tumblr’ or ‘writers on tumblr’ would be good ones to tag with. I’d also go with ‘poem’, ‘poetry’, ‘writing’, ‘my writing’, etc. It would also be good to tag them with either your name, other blogs tracked tags xx

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Mini pumpkins? Holding hands? Fuzzy socks? love your tumblr btw :)

Mini pumpkins: How do you decorate for fall/Halloween?

That’s interesting. In my country, Halloween doesn’t exist. It’s not in our tradition, since Italy is a catholic country. Btw, I have a beautiful pumpkin candle, and now my house is full of green and red apples. The wooden table in the dining room is covered by a Golden velvet tablecloth, and also the cushions on the couch are Golden-orange, 

Holding Hands: Do you believe in soulmates?

It could sound naive, but I do believe in soulmates. I met mine 10 years ago and we’re still together. He is my heart, seriously, I’m waiting for the proposal ;)

Fuzzy Socks: How do you spend a night in in the fall?

That’s easy: hot drink (i love chamomile tea before sleep, it is relaxing), a cozy blanket and I’m ready to do a Harry Potter movie marathon! 

Thank you so much! 

duscaenorange  asked:

1, 4, 7, 9, and 14 (any fandom) for the salty asks? :D

Thank you :D I answered 9 here :)

1. What OTPs in your fandom(s) do you just not get?

All the incestuous ships, or the abusive ones between the a protagonist and an antagonist. It’s possible to truly hate someone, without sexual tension or toxic tomantic/sexual feelings for them. My main example is the ones with Ardyn in FFXV. No one in the main characters could have a normal relationship with him. He’s a vilain, he’s a bad guy, and he hurts them during all the game. Same for FFVI’s Kefka. It’s a huge no for me. 

4. Do you have a NoTP in your fandom? Are they a popular OTP?

Too popular for my taste ? LOL Yes I do have NOTPs in my fandom, and I block the tag on Tumblr so I don’t see them because they annoy me too much. Some of them are popular and others aren’t. These include the incestuous ones and the protagonist/antagonist ones, but I have also some ships I don’t understand, like when two people have known each other for a very short period of time (a few days or 2-3 months, you can’t really fall in love that quickly).

7. Is there anything you used to like but can’t stand now?

No, I tend to keep my ships :P

14. Unpopular opinion about your fandom?

I think Tumblr is a website for positivity, so when you don’t like a character, a ship or a video game please… keep your opinion for yourself. It’s just so annoying sometimes to read the tags or the comments on my own edits because people complain about the ship or the character -.-

Salty Ask List


This is from my walk in Newport the other night… I think it was Tuesday.  I’m not a person who is afraid of spiders… Seriously.  I pick them up by the web, or trap them underneath a cup, and then I *escort* them outside.  I never kill them. 

BUT I saw that guy about a mile into my walk and was done.  I didn’t want to go further and see what else could be ahead.  

On my way back, all the things (I have NO IDEA what they were) under the bridge came out and started flying everywhere.  This walk was treacherous!  It will be awhile before I want to do this lake route again… but the sunset was beautiful!