i could not for the life of me remember any other bar scenes so 3 of these are from the same scene

Bungou Stray Dogs Event - 02/19/2017 Night

I’m posting this for the record, and for my feelings. ^_^ My Japanese level is not that high so I admit that I didn’t fully understand everything they said. Plus I only wrote what I remember, with a bias on my beloved top 4 seiyuu. ^_^ 

 This is the first-ever seiyuu event I have attended. I only came to Japan last year, but did not get to attend any last year. I love Bungou Stray Dogs in itself; with the addition of the seiyuus I really fell into this fandom hard. My top 4 seiyuus are here: Miyano Mamoru, Kamiya Hiroshi, Hosoya Yoshimasa, and Taniyama Kishou. So when the event was announced with these 4 present, I immediately ordered the DVD (where the lottery ticket for the event was enclosed; thank God I won!!). 

文豪ストレイドッグス 迷ヰ犬達ノ宴 其ノ弐

The event started with a VTR of chibi characters featuring John and the members of the Armed Detective Agency. John wants to join the event since he’s free as the Guild is already defunct. Dazai causes ruckus and all.

Screen mode then appeared performing “Reason Living.”  I really like the lyrics of this song because it’s basically about the stray dogs T.T 

The VTR then introduced the anime cast with their respective seiyuus who were in the event. Important note: loudest fan screams for our beloved Chuuya

Uemura Yuuto - Nakajima Atsushi 

Mamo - Dazai Osamu 

Hosoyan - Kunikida Doppo 

Kamiyan - Edogawa Ranpo 

Toyonaga Toshiyuki - Tanizaki Junichiro 

Ono Kenshou - Akutagawa Ryunosuke 

Kiiyan - Nakahara Chuuya 

Kawanishi Kengo - John 

They did the usual introductory greetings with Uemura opening with, “Yokohama he youkoso” (Welcome to Yokohama). Mamo, being Dazai, joked that he’s looking for a beautiful woman who can commit suicide with him to which the crowd excitedly responded to. (Suddenly everyone wanted to commit suicide) Toyonaga, as expected of Tanizaki, was talking all about Naomi. Kenshou shouted “Yatsugare wa?” then pointed the mic to the audience, but got no response. :D He said people were supposed to reply, “Akutagawa.” And so he repeated then we gladly responded. Kiiyan, imitating Kenshou shouted, “Yogerecchimatta” which got a loud “kanashimi ni” from the audience. (Oh I can really feel how much Chuuya is loved

Scenes, personally chosen by the anime/manga staff, were then played on the screen followed by comments from the cast. 

*Armed Detective Agency scene: Kyouka welcome party (Aw. This is really a heart-warming scene for the last episode because of everything they’ve all been through) 

The cast commented, “Aw..Kawaii.” With regards to the scene where Kunikida scolds Atsushi and Kyouka, Hosoyan shared that most of the lines were just adlib. It happens quite often during recording where for instance, there are only three lines in the script then he has to improvise by himself what follows. It was quite a task as the lines had to be interesting but it made him really do his best. (Ow Hosoyan, I’m so proud of you for being interesting

*Port Mafia scene: Mori, Chuuya, Kouyou drinking wine scene. 

“Ah so this is what happens when these 3 get together” – thought Kiiyan 

*Soukoku vs Lovecraft scene - from “Yacchimae, Chuuya” (Finish him off, Chuuya) to “Warui yatsu no teki sa” (the bad guys’ enemies) 

Ok of all the anime aired in 2016, this is my favorite anime episode of 2016. I’m just so happy that I got to watch it together with this beloved people. T.T Mamo was laughing at Dazai’s “Sono tsumori datta no kedo omoshirokute miteta” (That was my plan but it was interesting so I watched) Kishou tells Mamo, “Chanto okuritodokero yo, aibou” (Send me off properly, partner) Omg my feelings. Mamo and Kiiyan as Dazai and Chuuya being “sweet” calling each other aibou (partner) T.T They talked about how complicated Dazai and Chuuya’s relationship is. Comparing it to how Dazai teases Kunikida just for the fun of it, but with Chuuya it’s not just like that. They really just can’t stand each other? Lol. My soukoku feelings.

*Shin soukoku vs Fitzgerald scene

Audience and cast laughs at the sight of Atsushi being “dead” when he was thrown off Moby Dick with his eyes turned all white. 

Then ofc, everyone likes the “JINKOOOOO” scene when Akutagawa yelled and saved him. Uemura comments how this is such an intense scene plus the music scoring does well to complement the scene. Kenshou shares how he wanted to have the “JINKOOOOO” yell taken/recorded a number of times to get the best cut. Kamiyan was asked for a comment and as Ranpo, he says that he didn’t really have any battle scenes. So he could only watch how the others act on the scene and comments, “Ah, taihen sou da na” (Ah, must be tough for them”) 

*Guild scene: first appearance where they left the Mafia and Agency members “dead” in one attack. 

Again everyone laughs seeing Atsushi’s eyes all-white again. Someone (I forgot who sorry) commented that this protagonist just dies quite often. :D Mamo imitates Lovecraft’s voice, “nemui” (feeling sleepy) and other lines which he just went on doing for the rest of the night (and he did a great job ofc, I can almost believe he’s the one who voiced him lol) 

The cast leaves the stage. While the next set is being prepared, VTR plays with chosen scenes from the Kuro no Jidai (Dark Era). Ango’s seiyuu, Fukuyama Jun appears on video to comment. (I’m sorry Junjun spoke really fast; I had a tough time understanding what he was saying at all) What I remember is that he wished people should at least be kinder towards Ango. ^_^ One scene was where Odasaku, Dazai, and Ango gathered for the last time to drink in the bar, where Ango wished that sometime in the future, when their lives get better and peaceful, the 3 of them can get together once again for a drink - to which Odasaku interrupted and didn’t let him finish his sentence. 

Miki Shinichiro, seiyuu of Mimic’s leader, also gives a video comment on his scene vs Akutagawa, and vs Odasaku. 

Luck Life live came in next with “Namae wo yobu yo” and “Kaze ga fuku machi.” Oh I really, really love the last one. You know the feels you get every week when the instrumental intro of the Kaze ga fuku machi starts to play in the episode’s ending?? T.T Vocalist PON shares how he thought carefully on writing the lyrics, considering the characters’ feelings and experiences like how many things have happened, the cherishing of the important things, and the existence of important “nakama” (comrades) around you. 

The seiyuu cast went back onstage to play a game called, “Busou senta shiken” (Agency examination). Basically they have to answer the emcee’s questions about BSD. Besides the correct answer, points will also be given to those who give answers deemed interesting aka “omoshiroi pointo.” School desks, chairs, sketchpads, and pens were prepared and set up. While everyone behaved and took their seats properly, Mamo proceeds to lie down and strike a pose on top of the desk while ofc Kiiyan also does his own. (these two!!! :D) When they took their seat, Mamo began sketching something on his pad, even without any question from the emcee yet. Kiiyan does the same thing. (someone please stop these two from being dorks!! :D) After finishing, they showed their sketches which turned out to be Toyonaga’s portrait. Mamo won what suddenly turned out to be a “contest”, as Toshi imitated his face on Mamo’s masterpiece. (Toshi then used this as his Twitter icon after!) 

Question: How many times did Akutagawa said the word “jinko” from eps 17-24 (if i remember the ep coverage right) 

Uemura and Kenshou answers more than 10 times, more than the other cast’s answers. So the VTR played and we started counting. The answer turned out to be 9 times. (Personally I thought it was more tho) No one got the right answer! Kamiyan answered 6, then quickly turned his answer upside down to make it appear as 9 lol. He got the omoshiroi points as a result. Hosoyan and Toshi got points for getting close to 9, answering 8 and 10 respectively.

Next: Draw the doll that Q carries with her. 

Hosoyan’s was shown first which turned out to be the typical Japanese girl doll. (ok I did not expect that from you Hosoyan XD) Mamo was next which showed Koitsu, you know, his beautiful character doodle. Kamiyan, as expected of him, drew a cat. Toshi drew Mamo’s portrait. Ok we’re not getting serious answers here. Kiiyan worried about the trend saying that the order of showing the answers was wrong because his would then seem boring. (Ok now I did not expect that from you Kiiyan XD) Kiiyan and Kenshou showed theirs at the same time. They did draw what the doll seems to be like getting an “Oohh” reaction from the crowd. In the end Uemura’s turned out to be the most similar. The others got omoshiroi points tho lol. 

And wait, an important shocking revelation: Mamo voiced the doll, as in that crazy laughter. He said it himself but because it’s Mamo I’m not sure whether he’s joking or not XD I was waiting for him to say, “Uso da kedo” (It’s a lie, though) as in Dazai, but he didn’t so maybe it’s true. He can do anything ok :3 

Question: Fill in the blank. One word from Chuuya’s chant in awakening “Corruption.” “Nanji, inutsunaru ____ no kyoyou yo. Aratamete ware wo mezamasukoto nakare.“ 

Ofc Kiiyan knows the answer but ofc he did not give it away. I don’t know if that’s really the case but nobody seemed to know the right answer. They just answered random words. Kiiyan answered, "バラス” (barasu). Mamo gave a long random group of words (idk if i just didn’t understand the meaning or they had no meaning at all XD) Kiiyan, as Chuuya, performed the chant, using his and Mamo’s answer lololol. Kamiyan answered Miya-no; Toshi answered O-no. Kiiyan did not want to chant with their answers lol. Meanwhile Hosoyan looked seriously troubled thinking of an answer (maybe it was hard to think of smth interesting this time lol) In the end no one got it, which is actually “oujoku” (Corruption) 

Now this is one of the best parts of the event: Kiiyan did the chant. Like OMG I’m crying I heard him voice Chuuya LIVE awakening Corruption. All my feelings T.T I just want to mention that of all the characters that Kiiyan has voiced, Chuuya is my favorite T.T And I really really love his voice as Chuuya. And I heard it live. Ok I’m not okay T.T 

Last, draw the pattern of the tail of Poe’s pet raccoon. 

Toshi drew the whole raccoon nicely (for real) but the tail was only partly shown (even tho that was the point of the question!) Kiiyan just drew a circle lol (Kiiyan it’s a raccoon, not a bunny ok). Kamiyan drew two long tails (why two Kamiyan why) Again Hosoyan was seriously drawing his, he even changed his first answer. When done, he was trying to get the emcee’s attention for him to show his answer by hesitantly raising his hand; but the emcee was busy looking at others’. So he just gave up and kept silent. (Oh precious Hosoyan baby let me protect you from this cruel world) Everyone has shown their answers except Hosoyan. The emcee (really forgetting or bullying? Hosoyan) was about to announce the correct answer, but the audience shouted “Hosoyan!” (I shouted really loud you cruel emcee), and so his answer was shown. In the end he got the correct answer!! Yey! Alongside Toshi tho. 

 The results came out: Winner - Hosoyan!! 42.5/100 Hosoyan was surprised himself, saying he had no idea how when he only got the last one right. Turns out the omoshiroi points also helped. Mamo commented on how low the highest score was lol. Hosoyan was awarded a bottle of wine and a certificate. Oh how happy Chuuya would’ve been if he had won. Anyways Hosoyan also likes wine. Kiiyan commented that it was nice that Hosoyan won the certificate which has “合格” (goukaku, success/eligibility) written on it as opposed to being called Ningen 失格 (shikkaku, ineligibility) earlier :3

The second part concludes. Then a VTR of the Kuro no Jidai was shown again. This time Suwabe Junichi, Oda Sakunosuke’s seiyuu, appears. He commented on how good the anime graphics were esp in the fight scene of Odasaku and the Mimic leader. 

He wanted Odasaku to have stayed more (like we all do) but understands that the present Dazai would not have been who he is if not for what happened to Odasaku, which we also understand (but still this hurts right :() Odasaku was a character that really left a great impression and he was happy to have been able to play the character even just for a short time. 

It’s finally GRANRODEO’s live with “Trash Candy.” The crowd went wild but my world stopped spinning as I just stood there staring at Kiiyan. I was savoring the moment as I finally heard the most beautiful singing voice in the planet live. I was thinking how blessed I am for being able to to see Kiiyan as a seiyuu, and as GR’s vocalist, in one event. And oh, it was Val-san’s last performance with GR. How ironic as it was just my first. :( 

I was not prepared for this but after GR, the emcee announced that it was already time to say goodbye. The cast and the bands appeared onstage for the last time, saying their words of farewell. Kiiyan was glad to be able to take part as a seiyuu and as GR’s vocalist in this anime. Screen mode’s vocalist, Hayashi Yuu, likewise also took part as a seiyuu (Tachihara’s). Luck life went on to promote their upcoming live :3. Hosoyan shared how acting in BSD has challenged him to do his best more. Kamiyan wanted to keep doing Ranpo. Uemura was ofc the last one to speak, and this kid really did say such heart-warming thanks and message. This is his first main protagonist role, and he’s being surrounded by such senpai-s. Mamo also shared that when the cast was announced, the director told him, “Uemura wo tanomu” (I’m leaving Uemura under your care). He felt so much of being a senpai, reflecting how far he has come right now. He has also witnessed how the two, Uemura and Kenshou (Atsushi and Akutagawa alike) has grown well throughout their experience in this anime. 

It was goodbye and all but two letters addressed to Uemura and Mamo arrived. The letters were in black-colored paper, with their names written on it. Mamo commented that he doesn’t like to receive such letters and thought that he had heard such a thing before XD (Hello Yagami Light) 

Turns out they contain special announcements. Uemura announced that a stage play adaptation has been decided, which received a great response from the crowd. 

Last is Mamo’s as the screen projected the movie poster. And there was nothing but loud cheers. IT’S A MOVIE. And it’s a new story. And most importantly, it’s SOUKOKU. Ok let me process that. Let me cry. T.T Kiiyan imitates Chuuya’s pose in the poster. They then apologized to Uemura and Kenshou for “overtaking” their kouhai-s when just a while ago they were talking all about them lol. 

Now it’s really time to go. 3 Uemura led everyone as he shouted “Bunsto” to which everyone, audience and cast, responded with an overwhelming, “DAISUKI!!” then the confetti fell from above. Whoa. Such a beautiful sight

Lastly, VTR appears with chibi Dazai asking the audience who wants to commit suicide with him on the way home. Ok everyone volunteers. Atsushi, Akutagawa, and Chuuya appears stopping Dazai from his attempt. Atsushi was ordered by Kunikida to go home with Dazai to prevent Dazai from causing harm. Akutagawa eagerly volunteers to go home with his senpai but got rejected (cruel Dazai lol) Chuuya was being tsundere but prevents Dazai from doing anything else. Ok this is Dazai’s harem. That’s how it is but then again, Dazai failed to find a beautiful woman willing to commit suicide with him. ^_^

Photos and screenshots from Official accounts (Twitter/Blog):

And in celebration of the movie project and 200k++ Twitter followers, they gave us these precious present:

This post got longer than I thought. And forgive my inconsistent grammar; I just kept on writing with little proofreading. ;)

Anyway, this is such a happy event. I’m forever grateful for this opportunity and I’m glad that this is my first seiyuu event ever. Looking forward to more and more events in the near future!!!!!!!!!! ^_^

The End Of The Line

Part one of two.

In this theory I’m going to try and unravel the notorious Mary Drake and her family. Since she has been a very big part of 7A and is likely to remain relative to our endgame, I wanted to try and dig deeper. 

Who is Mary Drake, who are her children, who is Bethany Young, and who is A.D.?


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Mary Drake had at least three or four children while she was in Radley and they were all adopted through closed adoptions conducted by Steven Kahn and Jessica DiLaurentis, Mary’s twin sister and POA. 

  1. Charles Drake
  2. Melissa Hastings 
  3. Bethany Young (?)
  4. Spencer Hastings

(In part two I will discuss further why I put these names on the list)

Since Dr. Cochran says, “I dealt with two of her babies” instead of “I delivered her two babies” I’m lead to believe that Mary had more than those two, possibly three or four in total if she had a set of twins. Especially since in the files that the Liars discovered they found the birth information of the second born child, and on that file it states “no complications due to prior birth”. But Dr. Cochran tells Spencer and Aria that the second child he delivered was a fighter, implying that the birth may have been difficult. This means that the second baby born and the second baby he delivered are two different babies.

Spencer is the youngest. 

7x08 vs. 7x07

The Drake family is the family from the Dollhouse. 

Mary Drake, unknown Mr. Drake (looks like Peter Hastings, no?), Charles, Melissa and baby-in-the-womb Spencer. (Notice the hand on the mothers stomach, like she is pregnant)


Bethany Young stole her childhood best friends story - Charles Drake / DiLaurentis. She didn’t want to get caught by the Liars so she created the perfect web of lies that would be nearly impossible to dissect.

Bethany suffered from Intermittent Explosive Disorder and with that she also created many different personalities, one of them being “Cece Drake”. Cece and Bethany Young had the same diagnosis, and that is mighty convenient, eh? Dr. Jekyll and Hyde?

Intermittent Explosive Disorder:  “A behavioral disorder characterized by explosive outbursts of anger and violence, often to the point of rage, that are disproportionate to the situation at hand.”

“The discovery of Bethany Young’s body brings up more questions than it answers. While details are scarce on Bethany Young, we know that she was a highly troubled teenager who likely suffered from severe behavioral episodes that may have been violent.”

Bethany Young = Cece Drake.

Bethany met Charles when they were kids in Radley Sanitarium and they became quick friends, allies. Together they wanted to create an escape from Radley and start new lives, all with the perfect plan and story.Charles was going to help Bethany fake her death using Alison’s body and together they were going to run away and start over. Be new people.  

This is where I believe they came up with the idea to switch places. To literally assume one another identities to confuse the doctors and everyone they know, as some type of game. 

(Like Bethany literally switched lives with Charles and became Cece Drake, which is why Charles was thought to have been transgender. And Charles switched with Bethany and became whom I would call ‘A.D’)

Bethany liked to “switch places” or adopt the personalities of multiple people, in fact. First Charles and then Alison. A pattern. 

Remember when Bethany as Cece Drake and Ali switched places, and she went back to Radley disguised as Alison DiLaurentis just to scare Jessica? We hear about this in 4x11 in a flashback.

Then Jessica tells Spencer and Hanna about Cece Drake pretending to be Alison at Radley once, where she met Dr. Palmer who was a psychiatrist there.

This makes a connection between Cece and Dr. Palmer. And Dr. Palmer told Toby Cavanaugh to be careful of the toxic blonde girl, which was declared as Bethany Young.  

- The 4x11 flashback -

(Notice how Mrs. DiLaurentis says that Cece Drake is not her daughter. Because Cece Drake is Bethany not Charles, and Bethany is not Jessica’s daughter, but more than likely her niece since “Auntie Jessie”) 

I feel as if Jessica would have said something different if Cece was the little girl she was buying yellow dresses for all along. Jessica saw Charles as her own child, and she even says this to her sister Mary Drake in a flashback scene in 7x07 that was set back in season four.

Jessica: “Come on Mary, pull yourself together.”

Mary: “How could you be so cruel? I just found out that my child is dead. I left him in your care.”

Jessica: “And I gave Charles the best life that I could, Mary. I loved him with all of my heart.”

Mary: “How did it happen? I need to know. I need answers. Please, tell me.”

Jessica: “It wasn’t my fault. I gave him everything that I could.” 

And then she says, “You are not the victim here. You gave birth, but he was my son. Don’t ever forget that.”


Charles Drake DiLaurentis is A.D. Whomever they are, they are without a doubt in my mind our big bad. The ultimate play-caller. In my opinion the identity of Charles remains a mystery and will more than likely be the final twist coming in 7B. Charles is a man - and is not Cece Drake. 

Troian Bellisario who plays Spencer is 5′7″ and Vanessa Ray who played Cece Drake is only 5′4″ so this cannot be her as Charles. 

(Julian Morris who plays Wren is 5′11″ and so is Ian Harding who plays Ezra.  I understand that this could be literally any actor or staff member in this costume acting as ‘A’ but… I felt the significance and the familiarity that Spencer did in this scene, too. This was Charles.)

Originally posted by kristinflanagan

Now, given what I said earlier about how it is possible that Bethany and Charles switched lives when they were children…. 

Did Bethany somehow weasel her way out of Radley by pretending to be Charles? According to the Radley files Charles was taken out of Radley when he was sixteen, but was that actually Bethany? Did she “transform” into Cece Drake and go back to High School?

Is that why Charles was seeking revenge? And is that why he kidnapped the Liars and threw the dungeon prom, which was recreating the prom he would have had? Was he somehow connected to the N.A.T videos or did he just watch them all of the time, leaving him to feel like he knew the Liars?  (Just like us? Just like EzrA?)

Could Ezra be Charles?

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What do we really know about Ezra Fitz, other than the fact that he comes from a rich family named the Fitzgerald’s? 

Is it possible that he was at some point adopted again by them? Is he Charles? 

Hint #1 : The Painting 

3x18 vs.5x03

Lyle and Frances Springer - Alison and Charles’ grandparents? (Plot hole?)

Hint #2 : Mrs. Grumwald

This is right before we learn that Ezra was the “Board Shorts” Alison wrote about in her diary, and that he is the one who she was dating the summer. We know Ezra is Board Shorts because Ali describes him in her story and states that he is eating boysenberry pie and “Board Shorts Ale” beer. 

In 4x18 Spencer goes to the bar she thinks Alison is talking about in that same story which is called The Hart and the Huntsman. To her surprise, she finds Ezra sitting there eating a piece of boysenberry pie.

Was Ezra also the same boy Ali was afraid of, the one that would kill her if he knew she were possibly pregnant?

Hint #3 : Aria Montgomery

5x03 vs. 7x07

In the “A” closer we see A.D. save Aria’s file, and burn Noel’s….

I’m not saying Ezra is 100% Charles or A.D., I’m just saying that he is still a very strong candidate. 

The writers can go two directions in my eyes - EzrA or Doctor Wren and Melissa. One of them HAS to be A.D. or working for/with them. 

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There we have it. Part one of my last Pretty Little Liars theory ever. 

7 years and 4 “A” suspects later….. who is it going to be?

Stay tuned for part two! xx

anonymous asked:

Can I have a request? Since I'm in love with Descendant Of The Sun nowadays. Can I request any scene (or maybe episodesㅋㅋㅋ just kidding ) from the DOTS with Jungkook? ㅋㅋ Thank you ♡♡♡ Its okay if you dont want to.ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

Hey anon! First off , I’M IN LOVE with your request , since I’m probably the biggest dots fan out there x)!!I really hesitated which scene would be best to remake and I chose one, but I”ll probably remake many other scenes from dots featuring Kookie as Yoo Si jin :) so thank u for giving me this brilliant idea !! Also u can request the scenes u want and I”ll make them <3 tbh I didn’t knew how to portray kookie as a soldier, so I made him a bit cockier and more playful than Yoo Si Jin would be, cause…idk , doesn’t jungkook seem more mischievous than the Captain? haha…anyways I hope you’ll like it :)

Genre: romance/Comedy
Pairing: Jungkook/You
Length: 1620 words
Summary: A remake of a scene from Descendants of the sun, Featuring Jungkook as Yoo Si Jin and You as Kang Mo yeon

Jeon Jungkook was a dangerous man with a dangerous job.  Who would’ve ever thought you’d actually fall for a man like him? He was  like a blessing yet like a burden that randomly came to you.

He fell at first sight when you met at that hospital back then in Korea and you did reciprocate his feelings for you. You remember how he left you at the movies without telling you the truth about his identity. This was the moment you thought , this man was different and maybe not a match for you. Sure you liked him , but what about his occupation? His occupation was what stopped you from walking forward and being his girlfriend. What if he suddenly never came back?

You got the chance to meet him again in Uruk .God only knows if it was destiny or fate that put you to meet him another time.Your CEO sent you to greece to volunteer along with your med team, while Jeon Jungkook was sent there on a peacekeeping  mission.You still remember when how he picked up your scarf to give it back back to you.

He was a soldier that risked his life to save people.He was like a shield and a weapon at the same time.He protected people , but he also killed when it was needed.

You were not going to talk to him and that was for sure, you didn’t want to start something with this man, when you already knew that you both were from different worlds

You were walking around the beauty of ruins in Urk, giving out bars and food to those poor children that were eating dirt. You were somewhat very concerned about the health of these poor kids, to the point where you crossed a territory that you shouldn’t have had crossed.

As jungkook was doing his rounds he got to see that you were there illegally giving out food to those kids on an illegal space

“ What are you doing here?”, Jungkook jumps on the fence to the other side “ Don’t you see the signs? It’s forbidden to go here”

You turn around to look at him before noticing the sign, but you were still quick to response

“ I was just giving out food to these poor kids “, you replied “They were starving to the point where they were eating dirt”

“Oh..”, he nods “ Well, now that you’re done, we should get going before you get caught”, he replies before pulling you with him

“hey…wait!”, you get pulled along with him

“Do you still have business there, Dr.(Y/L/N)?”, he turns around “ I’m telling you, we’ll be in trouble if we stay there”

“Ok ok, lets go”, you only sigh in response

As you reach the other side of the fence, you start walking your way till you your hear a metallic sound by one of your steps. By reflex you stop on your tracks and you turn around to look at jungkook

“ DON’T MOVE”, Jungkook warns behind you

“W-What’s wrong??!”, you exclaimed

“ You just stepped on a mine!!”, he replies “One step aside and you could explode! SO DON’T MOVE!”

“A-A m-m-mine??!! “, your eyes rounded “ What am I supposed to do then?!”

“ Just STOP MOVING!” He looks at your feet “ I’ve been in the army for quite long, but I don’t remember being taught to disassemble  a mine”, he scratches the back of his head cutely” Do you have any idea of how to do it, Dr.(Y/L/N)?”

“ARE YOU KIDDING ME RIGHT NOW??!!! THEN WHAT HAVE YOU BEEN DOING IN THE ARMY!!! You’re the soldier here!! “, you shout

“ Of course I am “, he nods “ But that doesn’t mean that I’ve been taught to do this..”


“ I mean…I’ve trained in the past too…”, he scratches the back of his neck “ But  was this part of my training?”, he tilts his head cluelessly

“Why are YOU ASKING ME??!”

“… I mean, i could always try to disassemble it…but I never actually done it, before”, he  replies before squatting down to the level of your legs


“Have you ever seen a man on duty , backing up? As a man and as a Soldier, I’ll try my best to save you”,


“ I’ve seen a few people walk on mines in the past and from my experience, they usually can’t seem to survive most of the time”, he tucks his hands in his pocket “Whether I try or not , It’s not like It’ll actually change something”

”Are you saying that I’m about to die here?!!” you start to freak out “What am I gonna do ?!”

“I don’t know…”, he walks around you till he leans close to your face “What should you do?”, he tilts his head before walking a few steps away

“ YAH , YOU JERK!!! Where do you think you’re going?!!”

He suddenly turns around with that slight mischievous smile on his face, just why did he had to be so immature , when you were about to die here!

“Did you just called me a Jerk , when I’m the only person around that is able to save you?”, he quirks up and eyebrow “Whoa…it’s my first time seeing someone insulting me, when I’m supposed to be their savior “

“Can’t you see that I’m gonna die here?! ISN’T IT YOUR JOB TO SAVE ME, SINCE YOU’RE A SOLDIER??!!”,you exclaimed

“ Of course, it’s my job to save kids,old people and beautiful women “, he walks up close to you “ But…are you supposed to be one of them ?”

“ Hey!Do you think this is time to talk about this when I’m about to explode!”, you hit his chest with your fist and he chuckles

He closes the space between you and him with no warning and you seem to get flustered and afraid of exploding at the same time

“W-What are you doing, now??!!”, you exclaim as he moves your feet with his own to step on the mine instead

“ I’m stepping on the mine to save you”, he sighs before staring at you “ Isn’t that you wanted?”

“Yah! who told you to step on it!!!Why did you do this?!!”, you freak out even more

“I’ll just explode instead of you” , he replies as if it was normal shit

“Who will explode??!! NO , I never asked for you to explode instead of me!! WHY DID YOU DO SUCH A THING??!! THERE MUST BE A WAY TO SAVE BOTH OF US”

“ah..just stay still, or we’ll really diel”, he grabs your arms

“WHY DID YOU DO IT, YOU IDIOT?!”, you hit his chest in despair

“Did you just called me an idiot? Whoa…now I feel hurt…I even tried to save you”, he sighs as he stares at you through his black bangs

You kept on hitting him, till you lost balance and he caught your arm while you both fell on the ground. You held tightly on the fabric of his uniform as you thought it was gonna explode and both of you were gonna die together.He , on the other side was laying comfortably on the ground as he brought his arm  behind his neck to even get a more comfortable position.you lifted your head from the crook of his neck to look at the surroundings that seemed intact. No explosion whatsoever ,but your heart felt like exploding.

“YOU’RE CRAZY”, you smacked his arm as tears were threatening to fall from your eyes “ Why did you do such a thing??! Really…YOU DUMB IDIOT”, You stood up

As you got up, Jungkook was able to see your face and your tears and his smile immediately got wiped off his face as he wore a more serious expression.

“Hey..I didn’t mean it that way…i just playing around…I–”, he grabbed on your wrist and you shrugged his hand away

“ Don’t follow me , don’t talk to me! I don’t wanna see you or your face”

He walks in front of you as he tries to block your path

“I’m sorry!”, he says and you try to walk the other side but he blocks you again “ I just wanted to play a little prank… I never thought ,It’d get so serious! I’M VERY SORRY”, he stares at you with his puppy looking eyes “I’m serious, I won’t do it again…I’m sorry

You roll your eyes and plan to walk away till he raises his hand to salute and you turn around to look at the  flag that’s been raised .You put your palm over your heart as you stare at the flag.

It wasn’t long before Jungkook’s talkie walkie was activated

“Big boss, we have reported a suspicious vehicle near the cliff  ”, the voice on the other side seemed to be saying

“I’ll get there as soon as possible, over”, he replies “ Tell Wolf and Snoopy to buy time , while I’m coming”, he pauses before adding “Power of unity”

“I gotta go…”, he looks at you with those same puppy eyes he does each time he feels scolded by you “ Get back safely”, he put his hand on your shoulder, before leaving

Jeon Jungkook , he was. The soldier that stole your heart and was silently breaking it into pieces each time he made you worried about him

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Stephen @ COH2

My first interaction with Stephen (ever!) was a solo photoshoot. And I was nervous as hell! I look like a deer in the headlights in the photo, confirmed by my sister when I showed it to her:

I was shaking for minutes afterwards! I honestly didn’t think I would fangirl that hard, but the man is just intimidatingly and devastatingly attractive in real life. But so nice! He had a smile and a ‘Hello, how are you’ for every single person in line. 

Next up was a lounge with about 12 people, where I managed to snag a spot right next to him. He was just as charming and engaging there. He asked us where we were all from, then let us fire questions at him. Let me tell you, the man is a pro - he knows just how to answer something without giving things away! No real spoilers to be had, beyond confirmation of what many of us have been speculating:

Though a couple of things he said were interesting (but super vague). 

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Ok, so I’m still in complete shock and awe about the whole experience (I met Dianna!), and I’m thanking my lucky stars for granting me the opportunity I got tonight, but I’m going to try and write as much about McQueen and Dianna as I can with my pounding heartbeat and fumbling fingers. 

I’m going to do this in list formatting because forming sentences and paragraphs seems like a foreign concept right now haha. If you’re not up for any spoilers about the play, I wouldn’t read further, but honestly I don’t think I’m going to give away all that much. I’m also sort of making this post for myself just to collect my thoughts and remember things! Ok, here goes!

1. Dianna was amazing. I expected her to be good, but she showed an immense amount of talent on that stage, and she made me feel things I didn’t expect to feel during a play about Alexander McQueen. 

2. She wears the wig throughout the entire performance–at first it was very odd, seeing her as a brunette with a bob-like hairstyle, but Dianna can pull of anything and within the first few minutes I forgot about her being blonde at all (almost!). 

3. Dianna is TINY! She’s the same height as me, which I knew, but it’s so different from seeing her on screen where she seems larger than life, if you know what I mean. Her waist is so small and she’s dainty and I think there’s a moment in the beginning of the play where McQueen calls her “fragile.” She’s adorable. 

4. She starts off wearing this really cool outfit (it’s supposed to be like modern-ish London so it’s a bit punk-y). She’s got on this miniskirt with black tights and converse sneakers and a teeshirt with a sweater over it. It’s really cute on her. Later on in the play her outfit changes to a dress that McQueen creates for her, and she’s elegant and stunning and so very Dianna. 

5. She says “fuck” a lot. 

6. There’s a scene where Alexander McQueen is making Dianna’s character (Dahlia) a dress, and he says “take your top off.” And she does. So she’s standing there in this little black bra and her skirt and she’s vulnerable and nervous and it’s the most I think we’ve ever seen of her (aside from the pictures of her in a bikini from an old photoshoot and one of her earlier TV spots). You could see her tattoo, which they didn’t coverup at all (the letters are smaller than I’d imagined). And she’s got the cutest stomach :)  

7. She cries a lot. The play dealt with some very intense, very serious topics–depression, suicide, self-harm, and I found myself crying through a lot of it as well. If you are sitting close enough and you look at Dianna’s arms, you can see red cuts all along her wrists and forearms. No one brings it up until near the end, but I noticed the second she took her top off, and I had this immediate reaction where my entire body clenched up and my heart sunk and tears started pouring out of my eyes. It was hard to see scars on Dianna’s wrists because at that moment she wasn’t a character. I was looking at Dianna and it was hard for me to see, given my own relationship with self-harm. Then I started thinking about Quinn, and suddenly, for those few moments, she was Quinn, and there was just SO much emotion. I left the play feeling very very affected, and honestly pretty triggered–so just a heads up for anyone who may be sensitive about that kind of thing.

8. It was not hard at all to separate Quinn from Dahlia–they are very different characters and it was exciting to see Dianna stretch her acting muscles and play something different. Of course there were moments where I would smile because she would do something that was just so very Quinn (when she was crying for one, and some of her facial expressions I could pinpoint to moments in Glee when she had the same expressions, some words, etc.) But overall, it was very cool to see her so differently. 

9. Dianna is in just about every scene, save for maybe one or two. There’s a scene where two characters are talking and she’s off in the corner “sleeping” and I couldn’t take my eyes off of her the whole time. But other than that scene were she doesn’t say anything, I think she’s really only gone for about one other scene. 

10. Dianna sings! And dances, too. The play opens with Alexander McQueen in a room, and all of a sudden from the background you can her Dianna’s voice singing before she appears on stage. She’s singing Billy Joel’s “She’s Always a Woman,” and she sings it a few times during the play. 

11. I think she’s developing a bit of a British accent, though that could be just her Bay Area accent melding into her character. She plays an American. 

12. Her face is kind of perfect. 

13. Aside from Dianna, which is primarily why I went to see the play, I truly enjoyed the production as a whole. It was inventive, creative, emotional, moving, and very well-done. I’m excited to see it again and get more out of the plot line (because honestly this first time I was keeping my eyes peeled on Dianna). I knew very little about Alexander McQueen going into this, and it’s certainly sparked my interest. 

14. There is no love interest for Dahlia. It was SO refreshing to see Dianna in a role that didn’t revolve one single bit around a romantic relationship with a man. 

15. There’s one line where she yells “I LOVE women!” and it wasn’t meant to be taken at all in any gay context, but I chuckled all the same. 

16. After the show ended I went out into the lobby and waited around for maybe five to ten minutes with a few other people who were there to see Dianna, and then she came out wearing a simple black dress and her cheetah-print fuzzy coat. Her hair was back to normal and I have no idea how it could be so perfect after being in a wig for an hour and a half. But she was stunning, as always. She stood talking to her costars for a while and then went to the bar to order some drinks. I made friends with a few of the girls who were waiting alongside me, and we all ordered drinks as well. 

17. Dianna came over after a little bit, she knew we were waiting for her and she was generous with her time. There were a few guys who came in as she walked over to us and were kind of obviously just there to get her autograph and leave (probably to sell them because this one guy had 4 pictures for her to sign). They were kind of getting in our way and Dianna turned to them and said, “I’ve got to take care of these guys first, because they actually saw the play and we’re technically not supposed to sign for anyone who hasn’t seen it,” and she turned back to us and was all smiles and “thank you”’s and she signed every single persons poster and took pictures with everyone. She kept asking “is that good? Anyone else?” because it was clear that she was very tired, but she didn’t want anyone to leave unhappy, so she took the time to do whatever each person asked of her. Everyone got a picture with her and whatever they wanted signed. After that she hung around the tables of her costars and a few other important-looking people for about fifteen more minutes and then she left the theater (she was the first to leave), and got into the backseat of a white car and drove away. 

18. I feel like the luckiest girl on the entire planet and I can’t wait to go back. 

Slaykwan, King of Karaoke

Omg hi admins! Congrats on 1.1k, you guys deserve it <3

okay here’s my entry for the “You Write: Drabble Game” with my lovely boo. I will admit I died multiple times writing this bc fLUFF (but I’m lowkey romance trash so it also brought me to life)

Hope you like it! also I hope it isn’t too long

Seriously, things like this just didn’t happen in real life.

The situation you currently found yourself in should have been a scene in a movie. Case in point:  you were standing on a crappy makeshift stage made from stacked wooden crates, with a microphone clutched in your hand like a dagger and your mouth pressed into the thin line which formed your trademark ‘ready-to-kill’ look (your best friend Jihoon’s voice conveniently chose that moment to remind you that that was not how you were meant to hold expensive audio equipment). All your shyness – seriously, where had the quiet person drinking sparkling water alone gone? – was thrown to the wind as you engaged in a fierce staring contest with the random, but admittedly attractive, guy who shared your stage at your co-worker Seokmin’s annual Christmas Karaoke party.

You were going to kill Seokmin later; he had obviously thought it would be hilarious to drag the nervous, camera-shy you onto the stage to engage in a final death round against this- this singing anomaly. What the heck was his name again? Seungmin? Seungquack? Oh, right – it was Seungkwan, something you only remembered because he had sassed you before going onto the stage, bragging that his friends had dubbed him ‘Slaykwan, King of Karaoke’ in an attempt to psyche you out before you guys took to the mic.

Hmph. As if. You definitely were not intimidated by this cute, talented vocal prodigy with a devastating smile, five-octave range and Beyonce’s dance moves to boot.

His narrowed gaze was intense as his eyes roamed you, looking for any signs of cowardice or weakness. He was waiting for you to concede defeat, you knew, but he wouldn’t get it; being an introvert with a hugely competitive streak had its advantages, most notably in the way anyone you found yourself opposing had a tendency to underestimate you. Just like now.

“Play another song!” you growled for the fifth time in a row at Seokmin, who was manning the karaoke machine. He had been looking between you and Seungkwan with a slightly panicked look on his face – clearly, he hadn’t expected the battle to get this passionate – but at your demand, he jumped, looking sheepish.

“Are you sure?” he chuckled, sounding slightly nervous. “Maybe we should get someone else on the sta-”

“NO!” Both you and Seungkwan exclaimed at the same time, still staring at each other.

Really, the only universe in which this scene made sense was the one in which the two of you were the main characters in some cheesy rom-com drama, or maybe a Disney movie. This could have been High School Musical – if Gabriella and Troy had engaged in a ruthless six-song sing off, all for a stacked three-patty beef burger and a boosted ego.

Or not. If this was High School Musical, you two would probably be exchanging phones and punching in your numbers by now beneath a romantic night sky exploding with fireworks, but that was the last thing on your mind. Boo Seungkwan was going down.

Seokmin sighed. “Fine, but this is your last song!”

The first few twinkling bars of “All I Want for Christmas Is You” began to play, and you cleared your throat in anticipation. It wasn’t the song you would have picked, but you could bust out some Mariah if you were put on the spot. Unfortunately for you, Seungkwan’s eyes lit up like the nose on Santa’s favourite reindeer, and he raised his eyebrows at you as if to say ‘don’t even bother.’

“I don’t want a lot for Christmas, there is just one thing I need…”

You two began to sing, trading lines as the duet version of the song dictated on the wide screen in front of you. A slight blush crossed your cheeks as you progressed through the song; the way the lines were distributed made it a definite couple’s song, with each person singing their lines to their duet partner in a sweet Christmas jingle. Seokmin had given up on being annoyed at you two, and was now standing in front of you, trying to get you guys to do a ridiculous Christmas dance to no avail. A minute and a half passed, and you were feeling a lot more confident as you continued without making any devastating mistakes. Seungkwan had relaxed as well, and you even exchanged a fun, cheery (and slightly flirtatious on his part) look; there was no way anyone could resist the irrefutably festive vibes the iconic Christmas song elicited.

The song was almost ending now, and you both were getting completely into it, singing loudly with completely ridiculous smiles on your faces. It was a few seconds before you realised what was approaching, and suddenly, the competitiveness was back. Seungkwan was watching you with a slight smirk on his face, his face lit up in anticipation. The deciding factor for this song’s winner – and thus the person who would come out of this with a burger and unbroken pride – was coming up: Mariah Carey’s glorious high notes.

“Oh baby all I want for Christmas…is…YOUUU-”

At the same time, you and Seungkwan reached into your highest registers and unleashed your most ear-splitting falsettos. Surprise filled you at how effortlessly you managed to hit it – you hadn’t been expecting it to be that smooth at all – as well as at how well yours and Seungkwan’s voices seemed to meld and complement each other.

He’s such a good singer, you thought enviously as you held onto the note-

-and that was when Seungkwan’s voice cracked.


“I can’t believe my voice cracked,” Seungkwan moaned for the third time, sitting beside you with his head in his hands.

You rolled your eyes and pushed the plate with the other half of your monster three-patty burger – your prize - towards him. “Shut up and eat. If you can’t leave with in-tact pride, at least leave with a full stomach.”

He picked it up reluctantly and took a morose bite. “So much for Slaykwan,” he mumbled around his mouthful of beef burger.

You bit your lip, wondering if what you were going to say next was a good idea. It couldn’t hurt; he was attractive, surprisingly charming and, even if he rejected you, it wasn’t like you’d see him again until next year’s Christmas party. Plus, his dance moves were so ludicrous that you’d probably have a good laugh if you saw them in action a second time. “I’ll give you a chance to reclaim your honour, if you like.”

 “Really?” He instantly perked up. “How?”

“Karaoke here again. Seokmin’s New Year’s party.”

Seungkwan beamed and took another bite from his burger, this time much more enthusiastically. “That sounds nice, but I think I’d like to see you again before that. Are you free on Saturday?”

When you and Seungkwan got up to leave, pointedly ignoring Seokmin’s suggestive waggling eyebrows, it was dark. There weren’t any fireworks, but it didn’t make it any less sweeter when you said your goodnights and exchanged numbers. As you got into your taxi, he grinned.

“I’ll text you tonight, O Fair Challenger.”

“Don’t be cheesy,” you berated him, although you smiled.

It might have been a scene from a cheesy rom-com drama, but you had high hopes. They all had happy endings, after all.

Written by @bee-seokkwan

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